A Christmas Wish

  • Posted on December 20, 2021 at 3:06 pm

By Amanda Lynn

Jolene Greer had a problem. She wanted to have sex…with a girl. For her, that was a problem, and the eight naked girls in the room with her were not helping matters any.

The shower at her school was a large open room with a dozen shower heads, divided evenly between opposing walls, and offering zero privacy. Jolene knew all these girls as they’d all been going to this school together for the past six years, and were all part of the school’s volleyball team. Today was the last day of school before the Christmas break, and Jolene had been seeing the other girls naked three days a week since September, and as time passed, she found herself looking forward to the after-practice showers.

Oh, man! Get a grip, Jolene! The 12-year-old scolded herself as she took one last inconspicuous peek at the naked wet bodies around her before turning to the wall. With a sigh, she stuck her head under the spray, enjoying its warmth. The tingly feeling between her legs was nothing new, beckoning for her to touch.

She fondly recalled the day, about two years before, when a new and exciting world was revealed to her thanks to a washing machine with an unbalanced load of towels. The machine had been thumping and banging as if possessed, and she figured she’d sit on it to keep it still. What she had not intended was for one corner of the vibrating appliance to press directly against her jeans-covered clit as she climbed on. She’d been momentarily stunned by the sudden sensation, and it had taken no more than 10 seconds to send poor, unsuspecting Jolene into a world of orgasmic bliss.

A twinge of pleasure shot from her clit, bringing her back to the present with a jolt. Opening her eyes, she glanced down and found her lather-covered hand between her legs, moving a bit slower than it should have been in this situation. Oh shit! She quickly moved her hand up. How long had she been doing that? Surely not long. She’d just been cleaning herself. Perfectly normal, right? Jolene glanced from left to right. The girls standing under the showers adjacent to her seemed not to have noticed.

Jolene quickly finished her shower, dressed, said goodbye to her teammates, and headed home. The walk was not far, but it gave her time to think. The incident with the washing machine had led her to some self-exploration in the privacy and comfort of her own bed. She’d touched herself, gently toying with her clit, experimenting until she’d found the perfect technique. That first intentionally-induced orgasm had already been amazing, but the following ones had just kept on improving as the days went by.

Arriving home, Jolene was surprised to find the door locked. Usually, her mother would be home by now, but it wasn’t that exceptional for her to be out either, so Jolene shrugged and retrieved the key from her backpack to let herself in. A note on the kitchen table informed her that her mother had gone to the grocery store and would return around 4. Her father, she knew, wouldn’t be home from work until at least 5:30. That meant she would have the house to herself for another hour.  Making her way to her room, she stripped out of her school clothes and sat on her bed.  “Best make use of this opportunity,” she said to the room, grinning to herself.

She flopped back and stared up at the ceiling, replaying what had happened in the school shower earlier. The familiar tingle between her legs was back in an instant and she let her hand slip beneath her underwear in answer to its call. Back in September, when Jolene had first joined the volleyball team, she’d been pretty nervous the first time she’d showered with all the other girls. They had all been a bit shy, really, but soon got used to each other’s nudity. Jolene noticed something else happening when the showers became routine, though, something she hadn’t expected. The tingle she felt in bed at night when she touched herself was happening in the shower when she looked at the other girls. Watching their wet, naked bodies excited her, made her want to touch herself. Being the smart girl that she was, it didn’t take long for Jolene to put two and two together and come up with Holy shit! I’m gay! Since then, thinking about her naked teammates had become a regular part of her fantasies when she masturbated, along with a favorite celebrity or two.

Now, she was swirling her fingers around her sensitive clit. Dipping through her folds down to her entrance, she brought fresh arousal back to her clit. Knowing she was home alone added an extra level of excitement to her fun. Feeling like she could really go wild, Jolene rubbed her pussy harder and faster, making no attempt to mask her sounds of pleasure in any way. She pictured the girls in the shower, groaning as she pushed the middle finger of her other hand into her vagina. Imagining that the finger belonged to some other girl pushed her over the edge. Her hips thrust skyward, and she cried out.

“Yes!” Her voice sounded very loud in her ears, but she didn’t care. The orgasm crashed over her, followed in quick succession by three lesser but equally pleasurable aftershocks. When it was over, Jolene let her body relax, lying still as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Damn, but that felt good, she thought. Thinking about another girl fingering her had really done the trick!

She badly wanted that to happen. She wanted to have sex with a girl. Over the past few months, the idea had taken root in her mind, and now she found herself thinking about it all the time.

She sighed, knowing it couldn’t happen. Both of her parents have made their views of homosexuality quite clear. Though their occasional bigotted comments had never been meant for her ears, she had heard them and understood all too well what would happen to her if she ever “turned gay.” Living in a very conservative town in a very conservative county didn’t help matters any.

Jolene glanced at the clock on her nightstand. The glowing red numbers read 3:35. She groaned as she got up and made her way to the bathroom. She needed to wash the smell of sex from her body before her parents got home. On her way, she made a silent wish, the same wish she’d made a hundred times before, for the chance to be with another girl, even if only for a short time. She sighed once again, knowing it wasn’t likely to come true.


Christmas Eve

Jolene couldn’t sleep. She was too excited for Christmas morning to come. Even hiding under the blankets with her iPhone and masturbating to videos of Wynter Storm, her new favorite lesbian porn star, hadn’t helped. Jolene had come twice already, which should have been enough to knock her out, but no. So, she lay there looking out the window, watching the moonlit snow slowly fall.

Jolene had accidentally found the porn site featuring numerous lesbian videos while doing an innocent search for material about lesbian sex. She was shocked at first but it didn’t take that long for her to be drawn in, and soon enough she was like a kid in a candy store, sampling everything that was on offer on the tiny screen of her phone. The women in the videos ranged in age from barely legal teens to mature women, and they performed scenes from simple solo masturbation to full-blown orgies with multiple women. As far as Jolene was concerned, she had hit the jackpot. She was thankful that her parents never checked her browser history, though she was still careful to clear it after each visit. They’d never even warned her about visiting taboo sites—surely they knew about them, they both had cell phones—but she supposed they still thought of her as an innocent little girl. If they only knew.

Jolene sighed, rolled onto her back, and opened the browser on her phone. She was seriously contemplating an attempt at another come when she heard a sound from downstairs. She froze and listened.


There it was again. Could it be…? she wondered. Cautiously, she slipped out of bed and put on the nightgown she had shed earlier, during her masturbation session. Not bothering with the panties, she tip-toed to her bedroom door and put an ear to the wooden surface. She listened intently. All seemed quiet. No, there was a faint sound of rustling…paper?

Jolene held her breath and eased the door open, praying it didn’t squeak as it often did. When it had swung wide enough without any sound, she exhaled and stepped into the darkened hall. She paused for only a moment then crept to the top of the stairs, passing her parents’ bedroom door, their snoring audible from the other side.

The glow of the blinking lights on the Christmas tree illuminated the room below in many colors. A large shadow fell across the floor. Something or someone was in front of the tree, blocking its light. A thought struck Jolene and she looked back at her parents’ room. If they’re both still in bed, who’s that downstairs? Maybe it is Santa after all! She had to find out. Her friends made fun of her for still believing in Santa, but she just couldn’t accept that Christmas magic was entirely fake.

With deliberate movements, Jolene inched her way down the staircase, being careful to step near the side of each step where it was less likely to creak and alert whoever was down there. The possibility that the intruder could be dangerous never even crossed her mind. At the bottom of the stairs, she padded closer to the living room then froze.

Near the tree, a figure was taking parcels wrapped in colorful Christmas paper from a velvety sack that seemed much too small to hold what she was pulling out. She? Jolene’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as she studied the intruder.

The person was most definitely female. Long, slender, stocking-clad legs disappeared under a short red dress made of the same material one would expect from a Santa suit, and it was trimmed in white fur on the hem, cuffs, and collar. She even had a matching hat perched on golden blonde hair. The woman actually seemed rather attractive, and Jolene couldn’t help stealing glances at her red underwear each time she bent over to pull a present from the bag.

Jolene crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re not Santa,” she said, her accusation clear, though for some reason she couldn’t explain, she felt no fear and sensed no ill will from the stranger.

The intruder spun around, fumbling with the package in her hands and almost dropping it. “Huh? What?” she sputtered.

Regaining her composure, she looked Jolene up and down and pointed at her. “You shouldn’t be awake! Why are you awake?” Her voice squeaked as she spoke. The stranger reached up and touched a small amber-colored amulet that hung from a gold chain around her elegant neck. “Is this damn thing still working?” she muttered.

“I couldn’t sleep. And you swore,” Jolene said.

“What?” the strange woman asked, her attention snapping back to Jolene.

“You swore. Santa Claus wouldn’t swear.”

“I am Santa, and I didn’t swear,” the woman huffed. “Well,” she said after a short pause, “maybe I did. Sorry. But I am Santa.”

“No, you’re not! Santa is a fat man with a beard, and he wears a suit, not a dress,” Jolene countered defiantly.

The woman cocked her head and studied Jolene for a moment or two, her brilliant emerald-green eyes captivating, then she chuckled. “You’re sorta right.”

Jolene stared back and for the first time realized just how attractive this woman was. The red dress dipped low in the front, revealing creamy white cleavage, and even though she’d already had two orgasms tonight, Jolene was beginning to feel aroused again.

“What do you mean?”

“The fat man in the red suit is Santa Claus, but that’s not his name,” the woman said as she set down her bag and lowered herself onto a nearby armchair.

“It isn’t?”

“No. It’s Kris. Kris Kringle. Surely you’ve heard that name before.”

“Yeah. Kris Kringle, Santa. Same thing.”

“No, Jolene. It isn’t.”

The woman held a tablet in front of her now. Where had that come from? And how did she know Jolene’s name? The woman tapped on the pad for a second then continued. “Kris Kringle is his name like yours is Jolene Greer. Santa or Santa Claus is a job title. Like saying, Doctor Smith, or President Jones. In his case, it’s Santa Claus Kringle. Understand?”

“I’ve never heard anyone ever say Santa Claus Kringle before. Sounds silly.”

The woman chuckled. “Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? It’s more of a formal way to address someone. We seldom use it except in special ceremonies. Humans would never have heard it for sure. That’s why you won’t find it in any of the folklore or literature on the subject.”

Jolene studied the stranger as she pulled at her amulet then tapped on the tablet some more. “So, what’s your name?”

The woman looked up. “Me?”

“Do you see anyone else in the room?”

The woman snorted, and Jolene smiled at the sound. “My name is Aurora Dawn,” she paused and held up a finger, “sorry, Santa Claus Aurora Dawn, apprentice first class, at your service.” The woman beamed, bowed her head slightly.

“That’s a mouth full. Can I just call you Aurora?”

Aurora nodded as she tapped on her amulet again. “Sure. Not like you’re going to remember any of this, anyway. If I can get this damn thing working again that is.”

“Why won’t I remember? And what is that around your neck?”

Aurora held the glimmering object up by the chain to give Jolene a better look. “This is a QNPI or Quantum Neural Pacification Inducer.”

Jolene blinked. “A what? What’s it for?”

“Well, it’s supposed to keep humans from waking up while we deliver gifts to those who believe. But for some reason, it isn’t working on you.”

“Why do you keep saying ‘humans’? Aren’t you human?”

Aurora laughed. “No, sweet girl. I’m not human. We, all the Santa Clauses that is, are Fae.”

Jolene sat on the sofa across from Aurora, keeping her legs together, mindful of the mid-thigh length of her nightgown and lack of underwear. “What’s a Fae?” She squeezed her thighs together, not out of modesty but to quell the familiar ache that was growing between them. Why was she getting so horny looking at this woman? Was it because she was so pretty? Or maybe because they were alone in the semi-dark living room, and it would be so easy to slip out of her clothes and…

“Fairies,” Aurora said, snapping Jolene out of the naughty thought. “You are probably more familiar with the Fairies from stories and TV. Tiny creatures with wings, flitting around and spreading that annoying dust everywhere.”

“Like Tinker Bell,” Jolene said. She grinned, thinking of the cartoon pictures she’d seen online. It was truly amazing what people would turn into porn.

Aurora nodded. “Yes, like Tinker Bell. She and those like her are called Lesser Fae. While those like me are called Greater Fae. Those are old terms that have been around for millennia, though, and no longer paint an accurate picture of our society.”

Jolene simply blinked, not understanding what the woman was talking about. Fairies? Really? Maybe she had fallen asleep after that last orgasm after all, and this was just a weird dream.

“Think of it like this,” Aurora continued, “the Greater Fae are like royalty. We have the magic powers, and are the rulers. The Lesser Fae are the common folk who don’t have powers. We’re all immortal, though.”


“We can’t die.”

“I know what it means. I just don’t believe it.” Jolene shook her head then pinched herself. “Ouch!”

“Why did you do that?” Aurora asked with a raised eyebrow.

“To see if I’m sleeping. This must be a dream. It can’t be real.”

“Oh, it’s real, sweetheart,” Aurora said.

Jolene’s clit was begging for attention, so when she saw Aurora getting distracted by her screen, she took the opportunity to casually slip a hand between her clenched thighs. Finding her aching center, she caressed it slowly, trying to be as discreet as possible. Damn, she couldn’t believe how horny she was. She’d never felt such an intense need before. She needed something to take her mind off it. At least until Aurora left. Then she would rub one out, right here in the living room if need be.

“So,” her voice cracked, and she cleared her throat. “So, how do you deliver presents to all the kids in the world in one night?”

“Temporal spume,” Aurora replied as if the answer was obvious.

“A what?”

When Aurora looked up, Jolene saw the corner of her mouth twitch, threatening to form a smirk. Yeah, the woman knew full well what Jolene’s hand was doing. She felt her face heating up.

“A temporal spume, or a time bubble if you like. We can wrap ourselves in this bubble and travel great distances in the blink of an eye. At least to the outside observer. To us, time outside the bubble appears to grind to a stop. That’s an oversimplification, mind you. It’s all very science-y and mixed with some Fae magic as well.”

“I see,” Jolene said as if she honestly understood what Aurora was talking about.

Aurora chuckled. She seemed to do that a lot, Jolene noticed. And it was damn sexy for some reason. Fuck, she needed to come.

“Also,” Aurora continued, “there are eight of us sent out on Christmas eve, working as a team, each traveling north to south to cover our assigned time zones. Plus, not all countries in the world celebrate Christmas like you do here. And in the countries that do, many people follow a different religion or just don’t believe in the idea of Santa.”

“I believe!” Jolene said with assurance.

“I know, sweetie. I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.”

Aurora’s focus was back on her tablet. She tapped and swiped and tapped some more, then let out a triumphant “Ah-ha!” that made Jolene jump in her seat. Another tap or two then the tablet was gone, tucked back into that mysterious pocket. She folded her hands in her lap and smiled sweetly at Jolene.

“Well, I feel like a fool,” she said. “It appears I missed a note by your name, and you are in fact supposed to be awake tonight. Though, that doesn’t explain why you’re awake without me making it so.” She paused for a moment as if pondering that mystery. “Oh, well. You’re awake now so no harm done.”

“But why am I supposed to be awake?” Jolene asked.

“Because of your wish, little one.”

“My wish?” Jolene said. She was confused. Had she made a wish? She didn’t think so.

“Uh-huh.” Aurora glided to the sofa and sat right next to Jolene. Once again, seemingly from nowhere, the pad was in her hand. “On several occasions, from what I see here. Most recently just tonight.”

The woman reached out to push a strand of Jolene’s long brown hair back behind her ear. The sensation of her fingers brushing against Jolene’s skin was the most wonderful feeling, and Jolene couldn’t help shuddering slightly and breathing out a soft moan.

“You wished for a lover, Jolene. A girl lover. I want to grant you that wish.” She spoke in a soft non-judgmental voice.

Jolene looked up, eyes growing wide. Her heart thumped in her chest. She had made that wish; many times, in fact. But how did this woman, this Fae, know? She swallowed, feeling heat spread on her cheeks and between her legs.

“I…um…I…” she stammered. Jolene was awash with emotions. Nervousness, excitement, lust, and some fear. But most definitely lust.

“Last thing you were expecting from Santa Claus, right?” Aurora brushed Jolene’s cheek with the back of her fingers, making her sigh again. “Do you find yourself being drawn to me, Jolene? Enthralled?”

“I don’t know what that word means, but I…” Jolene swallowed again, her mouth suddenly feeling very dry. “I do want to have sex with you. Very much.” The words were past her lips before she knew it. They were true words, though, even if she didn’t understand this growing attraction to Aurora.

“Yes, sweet girl. I know you do.”

“Are you doing this to me? Making me want you?” she asked with a tremble in her voice.

Aurora shook her head. “Making? No. Heightening your desires? Yes. But not on purpose.” She took Jolene’s hand in hers and caressed her knuckles with a thumb. “Humans are by nature attracted to the Greater Fae. Infatuated, really. Like you would be with your favorite actor or singer. There is also an enhanced sexual desire.”

“So… What I feel is real, but stronger because you’re here?”

“Yes. Exactly.”

Jolene looked down at the thumb stroking her hand and instantly had images of it stroking her elsewhere. A jolt of pleasure shot from her core, and she bit her lip to keep from moaning. After a moment, she looked into Aurora’s eyes and was lost in their beauty.

“Are we going to have sex then?” she asked meekly. Needlessly. Of course, they were, and she knew it.

“If it feels right in your heart and it is truly what you want.”

“It is,” she said. “I just figured my first time would be with someone my own age, not a girl Santa. Geez, that sounds weird.”

Aurora chuckled as she traced a finger along the length of Jolene’s arm. “If that bothers you, you could pretend I am someone else…maybe Wynter Storm. You do seem to be rather fond of her videos.”

Jolene’s eyes widened and her face flushed. “How…?” she mumbled.

“You know how the song goes,” she said then sang the verse. “He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.”

“And you know when I’ve been…” she trailed off, her face still warm with embarrassment.

“Masturbating? Yes. But it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, sweet girl. Everyone does it. Even your parents do it.”

“Eww! TMI!” She screwed up her face at the thought.

Aurora barked a laugh. She must have seen the concern on Jolene’s face at the sound, and said, “It’s okay, Jolene. Your folks won’t wake up. A bomb could go off and they would be none the wiser.”

“Fae magic?”

Nodding, Aurora rested a hand on Jolene’s knee and slid it upward an inch or two. “Do you want to go up to your room or shall I make your wish come true here on the sofa?” she asked. Her voice was soft and seductive.

Jolene sucked in a breath as the Fae’s hand wandered further up her leg. “H-here is okay, I guess.”

She watched as Aurora leaned in, the movement feeling like it was in slow motion, then she closed her eyes as full red lips brushed against hers, moaning softly at the velvety caress. The woman’s mouth was soft and moist and oh so inviting, and Jolene reveled in the sensation. She hesitated for a second when the tip of Aurora’s tongue played against her bottom lip. This was a new and exciting step, maybe even a little bit scary. But she wanted to experience it.

Parting her lips, Jolene poked out her tongue and instantly met with Aurora’s. Her body tingled with arousal as the Fae woman began exploring her mouth. Soon though, she started moving her tongue in response and found the sensation positively thrilling.

“You like that?” Aurora asked when she finally broke the kiss, quite some time later.

Jolene nodded, looking into those gorgeous eyes. They were mesmerizing, the little flecks of gold in her iris seeming to move and sparkle all on their own. “Yeah, that was great,” she said haltingly, needing a moment to catch her breath. The presence of Aurora’s hand on her bare hip had not gone unnoticed and wasn’t helping at all to calm her racing heart rate. She found that she didn’t regret one bit her decision to not put her underwear on before coming downstairs.

“Yeah? I’m glad you liked it.” Aurora smirked knowingly and guided Jolene onto her back before leaning in for another kiss.

With her attention focused on the dance of their tongues, Jolene didn’t notice Aurora pushing her shirt up far enough to expose her chest until the Fae stopped kissing her mouth to take a nipple between her lips instead. Her state of undress now very clear, Jolene felt a deep blush creep over her skin, halfway between embarrassment and arousal.

“Can I take this off?” Aurora asked, gently pulling at the shirt. Sensing Jolene’s trepidation, she seemed to decide it was better to lead by example. Aurora stood, and with graceful movements, undid her dress and let it drop to the floor.

Jolene’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she watched Aurora pull off her boots and push her red undergarments down her long legs. When she stood straight again, Jolene took in the sight of the naked Fae. Flawless skin, supple breasts, a flat belly with a narrow waist, and a small, trimmed patch of blonde hair just above her slit. The view took Jolene’s breath away. “Oh, my,” she whispered.

Aurora stepped forward and gripped Jolene’s shirt again, pausing as if waiting for permission. When a nod of consent was given, the Fae pulled it up and off in one gentle motion.

Jolene’s breasts were small, tiny compared to Aurora’s, and when she lay on her back, she was as flat as a boy. Now completely naked, Jolene fought the urge to cover her chest and pussy with her hands. Instead, she lay still, her eyes locked on Aurora’s face as the woman reclined beside her. There wasn’t much room on the sofa but that didn’t seem to matter. Jolene pressed herself against the back of the sofa as Aurora lay on her side next to her.

Their mouths met once again in a slow sensual kiss and Aurora’s hand soon began to explore. Jolene was unsure of what she was supposed to do. She couldn’t even believe that any of this was happening! Here she was, in her living room on Christmas eve, lying naked on the sofa, with a beautiful and equally naked woman who was about to make love to her. Surely, she was dreaming. But the tongue in her mouth and soft hand caressing her chest told her otherwise.

“You okay?” Aurora asked. Her voice was soft.


Aurora kissed her lips once more, then kissed a slow path across her cheek, down her neck, along her collar bone, and to a nipple. Jolene stiffened at the contact but just for a second, surprised at how sensitive her nipple was. As Aurora flicked her tongue over the erect nipple, Jolene explored the incredibly soft skin of the woman’s back. She wondered if the rest of her was just as soft. Would she get the chance to find out?

Jolene moaned when Aurora sucked the nipple into her mouth. Simultaneously, she could feel the woman’s hand make its way down her body, pausing a moment to play with the sparse patch of hair on her mons.

“I’m going to touch you down there now. Is that okay?” Aurora asked.

Jolene nodded quickly. There was nothing she wanted more at that instant. When Aurora didn’t continue, she realized the Fae couldn’t see the nod from that position. “Yes,” she whispered hoarsely instead.

Her body shuddered and her back arched off the couch when the woman’s slender finger brushed over her clit, the intensity of the sudden pleasure coursing through her taking her by complete surprise. It perhaps wasn’t the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had, but it was an orgasm nonetheless, and absolutely the quickest. Was this more Fairy magic somehow, or had she really been that turned on?

“Well,” Aurora said, holding a finger up for Jolene to see, “you’re absolutely soaked.”

“I’m sorry.”

Aurora chuckled, then took a moment to meticulously lick her finger clean. “You’ve nothing to be sorry for, sweet child. But this sofa is just too small and won’t do at all.” Aurora quickly stood, and scooped Jolene up as if she was no heavier than one of the sofa pillows, then headed for the stairs.

Jolene yelped in surprise and threw her arms around Aurora’s neck. She didn’t say another word, simply studying the woman’s face as Aurora made her way up the stairs and straight to Jolene’s room, as if she had done it a thousand times.

“Are you sure my parents won’t wake up?” Jolene asked as Aurora laid her on the bed.

Aurora shook her head and stretched out beside her. “Fear not, little one. They will not wake.” She kissed Jolene softly while pushing her legs apart.

As their tongues danced, Jolene felt the Fae’s finger circling her entrance. Her body was on fire. Sparks of pleasure shot through her with each movement of Aurora’s fingers. She thought that this was it, as good as sex with a woman could be, but when one of those long slender fingers found its way inside her, she knew she’d been wrong. Jolene’s hips pushed upward on their own, and a loud gasp escaped her mouth.

When Jolene masturbated, she usually just rubbed her clit or humped a pillow, but sometimes when she was feeling extra horny—usually while watching a Wynter Storm video—she would slip a finger into her vagina. The finger inside her now already felt even better than her own, but when Aurora crooked that finger up, she touched something inside Jolene, and the pleasure increased a hundredfold.

“Gaaa!” Jolene croaked, unable to form words.

With her finger held captive by the tightening of Jolene’s vagina, Aurora hummed contently and moved down to  lick Jolene’s nipples while her fingertip kept rubbing that blissful spot inside.

Jolene soon relaxed, allowing Aurora to slowly move the invading digit in and out of her vagina. Each time it went in deep, the woman made sure to press down hard on that special place that caused greater and greater waves of pleasure to wash over Jolene.

When Aurora finally withdrew her finger completely, Jolene frowned and let out a disappointed moan, but then watched in fascination as the Fae put the finger that had just been deep in her pussy into her mouth and cleaned the juices from it. Jolene wrinkled her nose. This was the second time Aurora had done such a thing now, and Jolene still didn’t understand why she would.

“Have you not tasted yourself before, little one? It’s quite tasty.”

“No,” Jolene answered truthfully. She had, on several occasions, covered her middle finger in the slick goo, but had never thought of tasting it. That just seemed…ick!

“I see. Let’s remedy that, shall we?”

Without waiting for a response, Aurora slipped her finger back into Jolene’s pussy, making her gasp. She wiggled the finger around a little, then withdrew and offered it up, hovering less than an inch from Jolene’s mouth. 

With the sweet scent of arousal tickling her nostrils, Jolene looked up into Aurora’s mesmerizing eyes. Should she really do this?

“Go on,” the woman coaxed. “You’ll enjoy it. I promise.” She smiled sweetly and touched Jolene’s bottom lip ever so slightly.

Jolene hesitated for a second more before parting her lips and letting the finger in. Instantly, she could taste it. It wasn’t revolting as she had imagined it might be, she was relieved to find. A bit tart and a bit salty, but not terrible.

“And?” Aurora asked.

She shrugged. “It’s okay, I guess.”

“Just okay?”

Jolene shrugged again. “Do you taste like that, too?”

“Why don’t you try for yourself?” Aurora rolled onto her back and spread her thighs to give Jolene access.

Wide-eyed, Jolene, stared at the very inviting pussy before her. Nervously, she reached out and touched Aurora’s sex. Heat radiated from the woman and her slit was just as wet as Jolene’s.

“Is this okay?” she asked as she marveled at the sensation, at the realization that she was touching another woman’s pussy for the very first time. Not just another woman, a fucking Fairy of all things. Aurora’s telling moan drew her attention to the woman’s face. Her cheeks were flush and her smile bright.

“Yes, sweetheart. It’s wonderful. Now, slip your finger inside.”

Jolene did as she was asked and was soon two knuckles deep inside Aurora’s sex. She noticed that the smooth walls of the woman’s vagina felt much the same as her own, though maybe not quite as tight. She moved her hand, slowly pumping in and out a couple of times before withdrawing.

Holding her hand up, she examined the Fae juices on her finger, gleaming in a ray of moonlight. Tentatively, she brought the finger to her nose and sniffed. A touch musky, but not so strong as to be unpleasant. Then, as Aurora watched with curiosity, she slipped the finger into her mouth. A taste not much different from her own registered on her taste buds. But there was also a sweetness to it as if the Fae’s juices had been laced with honey.

Jolene closed her eyes and slowly pulled the finger from her mouth. “Mmmm, yum!”

Aurora laughed. “That good, huh?”

Jolene giggled. “Yup. Tastes like candy, sorta.”

“Good. Now I want to taste you again, but this time straight from the source,” Aurora said.

Before Jolene could respond, Aurora pushed her onto her back, nudged her legs apart, and moved up close to her pussy. Jolene gasped in surprise at the suddenness of it all. She quickly pushed herself up onto her elbows to see what Aurora was going to do, only to drop back down immediately when she felt that warm tongue swipe up her slit and flick her clit. Her hips jerked and her head tilted back as she was overwhelmed by these new and wonderful sensations.

Aurora took her time, her movements slow and tender. Her tongue patiently explored every fold of Jolene’s sex, sparking up a myriad of little jolts of pleasure.

Jolene lay still for the most part, twitching now and again when the Fae teased her sensitive clit. Losing herself in these amazing feelings, she kept her eyes closed, her breathing growing ragged, then a loud moan escaped her lips when she felt Aurora upping the tempo. The woman’s mouth moved with increased vigor over her sex, her tongue darting around more rapidly, teasing her entrance. Jolene gripped the bedsheets tight when Aurora’s tongue dipped deep into her vagina, making her cry out again.

The pleasure washing over her was intense, magical, and unbelievably wonderful. She was squirming now, the blissful feelings becoming almost too much to bear, and when Aurora slipped a finger into her pussy, it was game over. The orgasm hit her with the force of a tsunami and lit up her every nerve ending with ecstasy. She arched and spasmed, then her world melted away into sweet nothingness.

When Jolene’s eyes fluttered open, Aurora was looking down at her, a smile on her face. “Welcome back,” she said sweetly.

Jolene swallowed. “What happened?” she asked, feeling the afterglow of the orgasm filling her body with pleasant warmth.

Aurora chuckled. “I dare say you had a very nice come.”

“It was very, very nice.” Jolene sighed dreamily. “I’ve never had one like that before. Then again, I’ve never had anyone lick me down there either.”

Aurora chuckled. “I’m sure I won’t be the last.”

“Do you need to leave soon?” Jolene asked. “I mean, you must have more presents to deliver.” She didn’t want Aurora to leave. There was a lot more she wanted to do with her. But she didn’t want to be selfish either.

“I created a time bubble around us, little one. So, we have some time.”

“Good,” Jolene said and paused a moment before speaking again. “Could…could I try licking you?” she asked nervously. The idea seemed both thrilling and a little intimidating.

Aurora smiled brightly. “Of course, my dear. I’d really like that, if that’s what you want to try.”

Jolene nodded. “It is.” Butterflies filled her stomach as Aurora leaned over and kissed her before rolling onto her back and pulling Jolene on top.

Their tongues danced together as the woman’s hands caressed Jolene’s back. Once again, she thought that this had to be a dream and that she would wake at any moment. But the warm mouth kissing hers and the full breasts pressing against her chest, already filling her with renewed lust, told her that she was wide awake. Surely no dream could feel this amazing.

Breaking the kiss, Jolene slid down, palming one magnificent breast, and taking the erect nipple of the other into her mouth. She gently sucked and explored the pebbled flesh with her tongue for a few moments, much to the vocal delight of Aurora, then moved south. She was nervous, and a bit scared. She wasn’t sure what to do, how to please this magical creature.

“It’s okay, baby. You’ll do fine,” the Fae said in a husky voice, seemingly in response to Jolene’s thoughts.

Jolene paused. How did she…? She frowned, puzzled, but set the question aside for now. That was hardly the first unexplainable thing that Aurora did, and Jolene had more important things to do at the moment.

Planting a trail of hot, little kisses down Aurora’s belly, she stopped at the small tuft on her mons. Jolene brushed her cheek against fine, soft hair, marveling at the silky feel. Seeing Aurora spread her legs in invitation, Jolene swallowed, then positioned herself between the Fae’s legs.

Aurora’s pussy was perfect, the skin flawless, swollen pink lips glistening with arousal, its scent intoxicating. The Fae’s erect clit was peeking out from its hood invitingly. Fascinated and curious, Jolene gently touched it with a finger. She smiled at Aurora’s moan, and traced a few small circles over the sensitive bud, then trailed her way down through the smooth warmth of the woman’s folds, finally pushing her finger in Aurora’s vagina for the second time that night.

“Mmmm, yes,” the woman purred.

Jolene pumped her finger in a slow rhythmic motion. Just watching what she was doing to this woman was making her own juices flow again. Juices. Yes. It was time to indulge. Jolene shuffled forward a bit and lowered her face to her partner’s sex.

She placed a kiss on each side of Aurora’s slit, then right on her clit, receiving an appreciative hum in response. Jolene sucked gently on the sensitive bud, then flicked it with her tongue, enjoying the taste. Giggling at how she made Aurora’s body twitch, she did it again and got the same reaction.

“You’re teasing me, you naughty girl,” Aurora whined playfully.

Jolene giggled again then pushed the flat of her tongue up the length of the Fae’s sodden slit, from entrance to clit and back again. Was she really doing this? Eating pussy like she had seen the women in her pornos do? Yeah, she was, and any shyness or trepidation she may have felt quickly vanished. She was right where she wanted to be. Her Christmas wish was coming true.

She continued lapping at the delicious cunt, increasing the tempo of both her mouth and her finger. Aurora was pushing her hips up in response, loudly voicing her appreciation.

“Yes, Jolene. Fuck yes!”

Jolene smiled at the curse word but didn’t slow down. She licked and sucked and fingered, trying hard to maintain contact as the Fae writhed beneath her. Then Aurora’s hand was suddenly on the back of her head, holding it in place as the woman pressed her sex into Jolene’s face and cried out.

Juices squirted from Aurora’s pussy, spraying all over Jolene’s chin and mouth. Jolene jerked back in surprise, taken completely unawares. She’d seen this occur a couple of times while watching porn, and thought it weird and maybe a bit gross. But having it happen to her wasn’t that bad after all, she found, and the little that got in her mouth was kind of sweet for some reason. It was over quickly, and Aurora soon relaxed and released her head.

Jolene sat up and examined the mess on the bed, wondering how she was going to get that cleaned up. She touched her chin, feeling warm liquid still dripping from it. Oh well, that was a problem for later.

She smiled, watching the naked Fae lying on her bed, eyes closed as she recovered, her ragged breaths slowly returning to normal. Jolene crawled up Aurora’s body and snuggled in beside her.

Aurora opened her eyes as she turned her head. “You’ve done that before,” the woman said hoarsely.

“Um, no, I swear!” Jolene frowned and Aurora chuckled.

“Well, you could have fooled me, little one. That was fucking amazing, what you did.”

“Really? And you swore again!”

“Yes. And sorry.” Aurora grinned at her. “Now, we have time for a bit more fun. Are you up for it?”

Jolene’s heart rate picked up instantly, and she stared wide-eyed at the beautiful woman. “More? You bet!”

Aurora got to her knees, pivoted, and lifted one of Jolene’s legs to drape it over her own. Shuffling forward, she positioned herself so that their pussies were touching, then she pulled Jolene against her and began rolling her pelvis, grinding their clits together.

An intense electric jolt flashed from Jolene’s core and spread through her body. “Oh, my!” She groaned and moved her own hips, quickly matching rhythm with the Fae. Both of them began panting as their tempo intensified, their sodden cunts slamming against one another. The bed shook and squeaked, its headboard smacking the wall with a loud thud, thud, thud.

Jolene lay on her back, sweat beading on her face and her breaths coming quick. She knew she soon would be, too. Aurora seemed to tower above her, kneeling there, hips rocking with determination. Her eyes were closed, and her lips parted slightly, as she pulled at her pointed nipples. Jolene was mesmerized by the woman’s beauty and studied her intently. She wanted to remember this moment forever.

Aurora’s eyes opened, filled with lust and passion, and she met Jolene’s gaze. As if on cue, they both cried out at the same time as they watched each other. Jolene stiffened, once again being engulfed by the wonderful warmth of orgasm. She shuddered and sank back into the bed as Aurora’s movements slowed and stopped. Aftershocks rippled through her as the Fae woman untangled herself and joined Jolene on the bed, pulling her into a warm embrace, and kissing her softly.

They rested there, holding each other for several minutes while Jolene recovered from the best orgasm of her young life.

“Are you okay?” Aurora asked softly, brushing the hair from her face.

More than okay!”

Aurora smiled. “I’m glad.” Sitting up, she took a look around her, taking in the bedsheets stained with sweat and pussy juice. “Well, we’ve made quite a mess, huh?” Waving the palm of her hand above the sheets, the soft blue glow of Fae magic washed over the scene, and instantly the bed was back in perfect order, as if freshly laundered. “There you go.”

“Holy crap!” Jolene gaped. “I wish I could do that with my chores!”

Aurora gave her another smile, though there was a hint of sadness in it this time.

Jolene frowned. “You have to go now, don’t you?” she said, her voice trembling a little.

“I’m afraid so, little one.”

Jolene gave Aurora a firm hug. “I understand. But I wish you didn’t have to.” She held the beautiful Fae woman for a moment longer, then let her go. The two of them got up and headed back downstairs, walking hand in hand. They dressed, then Aurora took Jolene back to her room and made sure she was settled in her bed. Leaning down, she kissed Jolene one last time.

“Thank you,” Jolene said softly, “I’ll never forget this.”

Aurora pulled a device from one of her mysterious pockets and held it up. “I am afraid, sweet girl, that you will.” Before Jolene could reply, Aurora pressed a small button on the device. Science and magic worked together and in a flash of colorful light, Jolene was instantly in a deep sleep.


North Pole – later that night

Aurora shut down her sled, paused long enough for the high-pitched whine of the engine to dissipate, then stepped out. A quick glance up at the large status board on the far wall of the hangar told her she was not the last to get back. Angelica was still out, which wasn’t surprising, as she had a thing for human males and was probably granting all sorts of extra Christmas wishes.

Aurora shivered as she made her way across the cavernous hangar, being mindful of the small maintenance bots that scurried around the dozen sleds parked inside. Behind her, the large hangar doors cycled closed and the ceiling-mounted heat pumps whirred to life, quickly warming the cold arctic air that had rushed in with the arrival of her sled.

“Sparks!” Aurora yelled as she entered the tech shop just off the hall from the main hangar.

A head popped up from behind a workbench a few feet away. An Elf, one of the many Lesser Fae that worked at the north pole, pulled a pair of goggles from his face and smiled at her.

“Ah, Miss Aurora. A pleasure to see you. Did you have a good run?” The Elf stood no more than three feet tall. As usual, his green and red outfit was covered by a dirty, tan-colored welder’s apron.

Aurora held up her QNPI. “There’s something wrong with this thing,” she said.

“Oh? Are you sure? It’s highly improbable. You must have done something wrong,” Sparks said indignantly as he came from behind his workbench.

She glared at him. “Yes, I’m sure! A child woke up and caught me at the tree. And I didn’t wake her!” she snapped.

“Fine. Don’t get your panties in a bunch,” he huffed, snatching the device from her hand. “I’ll take a look.” Turning, he headed back to his bench then called over his shoulder, “By the way, the old man is looking for you.”

She raised an eyebrow. What the hell? she thought as she headed deeper into the complex. She crossed the huge assembly room, deserted now that Christmas Eve was drawing to an end and all the presents had been packaged and shipped for this year. There were lots of bits and pieces of scrap material scattered about on the workbenches and the floor. It would be cleaned up the day after next, for tonight was a night for celebrating another year’s hard work. Everyone would gather in the banquet hall. Fairies, Elves, and the Sprites too. There would be food, drink, music, dancing, and lots of sex as well. The next day would be spent sleeping it off. Luckily, both Lesser and Greater Fae could recover very quickly from any overindulgence. After that, it would be time for clean up, retooling of the workshops, and the processes for next Christmas would start again.

Aurora made her way up the grand staircase and stopped in front of a set of large double doors made of rich wood, inlaid with ornate carvings and gold leaf. She knocked.

“Come,” a deep voice beckoned from inside the room.

She lifted a hand and the doors opened inward by their own accord, then closed behind her on their own after she stepped inside. The old man, a Greater Fae who sat behind the large desk was indeed old. Ancient, even. Much, much older than any human being on the face of the Earth, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. He was heavy-set and sported a full white beard. His white, cotton undershirt covered an ample belly, and suspenders stretched over his shoulders. Even though Aurora couldn’t see them beneath the desk, she knew they were fastened to a pair of red pants. The matching red coat and cap that completed the ensemble had been casually tossed onto the leather sofa along one wall.

He placed a quill pen into its holder, adorned with a name plaque. It was made of polished Obsidian and the Fae’s name, Kris Kringle, had been engraved into it and highlighted with gold leaf. A gift from his daughter. He stood and stretched, then made his way over to a small bar cart.

“Aurora, my child. Please sit,” he said. He poured an amber liquid into two crystal tumblers, then handed one to her once she was seated in one of the pair of chairs in front of his desk.

“Thank you,” she said, taking the glass. “You wanted to see me, Father?”

“Yes.” He lowered his bulk into the chair beside her and took a sip of his drink. “How was your trip?”

“It went well. All presents were delivered. No issues with the sled. But you already know that.” She took a sip of her drink and studied his face over the rim of her glass. He looked concerned about something, but she didn’t know what it could possibly be.

“Yes. You are correct,” he said. He took another sip then continued. “I see from your flight log that you stopped at the home of Jolene Greer.”

Aurora cocked her head and looked at him. “Yes.” It was strange for him to comment on something like that. Why would he care about a little girl from a small midwest town? What had happened between her and Jolene that night was not something out of the ordinary either, so that couldn’t be the issue.

“And she was awake and walked in on you while you were unloading gifts.”


“Did you not find it odd that this happened?” he asked.

“I did. I tried to troubleshoot the problem as per the regs, but then I realized I was actually supposed to wake her up anyway, so I figured there was no harm.” She took a sip of her drink and enjoyed the soothing warmth of the liquid as she swallowed, then continued. “I put her to sleep and erased her memory before I left, and I gave my QNPI to Sparks to run a diagnostic upon my return.”

Kris grunted and nodded his head. “I see. I doubt that Sparks will find anything amiss with your QNPI. So, if that’s the case, why do you think young Jolene was not affected but her parents were?”

Aurora mulled this over as she took another sip. The QNPI was designed to affect humans. To keep them asleep while the Fae did their work. Humans. Jolene’s parents are human, so they slept. Jolene didn’t stay asleep because…

Aurora’s eyes widened. “Jolene is…Fae?”

The corners of Kris’s mouth lifted slightly, then fell back down. “Very good, Daughter. But only half-Fae. I had hoped that she would have taken after her human mother and that her Fae genes would remain recessive.”

“But I thought that it was impossible for a Fae to impregnate a human or vice versa.”

“Impossible, no. Extremely unlikely, yes. The odds are something like a one in 10 billion.” He paused for a moment, studying his glass. “I guess I was that one.”

“You?” Her mind raced, trying to make sense of what she was hearing. “Are you saying you’re Jolene’s father?”

He nodded without a word.

“You’ll need to explain this…Does Mother know? Does Jolene’s father know? Her human father.”

He held up a hand. “I will explain. Yes, your mother knows, and no, of course Jolene’s human father doesn’t know. That would be dangerous.” He took another sip, a much larger one this time. “13 years or so ago, Marsha, Jolene’s mother, was engaged to Greg, Jolene’s human father. Now, this is where it starts to sound silly.”

“Silly? How?”

“Marsha was still a virgin.”


“Well, she didn’t want to be. She wanted to have sex with someone else before committing her life and body to one man.”

“So, what was the issue?” Aurora asked.

“The same one that Jolene had, sort of. Small, very conservative town. Any sort of indiscretion on her part would be scandalous if made public. In her mind, the risk was too great.”

“So, she made a Christmas wish,” Aurora said.

He nodded. “She made a Christmas wish. The route I was doing that Christmas Eve brought me to Marsha’s house. I woke her. Explained about her wish and who I was…”

“And you had sex with her.”

Lots of really good sex!” he said proudly.

“TMI, Father, as the human children say.”

“Right, sorry.”

“So, what does this mean then?” Aurora asked.

“Other than you had sex with your half-sister? Well, hopefully, nothing.”

“You’re right! I did.” Aurora giggled. Incest among the Fae was not taboo as it was among humans. Generally, it happened between siblings, with cousins, or with aunts and uncles. Sometimes it even occurred between a parent and child. But even though it wasn’t frowned upon, it was still rare.

“You mentioned you were able to put Jolene back to sleep and wipe her short-term memory before you left. Right?” Kris said.

“Yes. Tucked her in and double-checked. She should wake tomorrow remembering only fragments of a wonderful dream, and then even that will quickly fade to nothingness. She’ll feel sated, and…well, maybe with some parts of her anatomy tender and damp, but she won’t know what happened in her ‘sleep’,” Aurora said, feeling a pang of regret.

“Good, good. Then there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“What problems could there be if she did remember?” she asked as she returned the empty glass to the bar.

“She may come looking for you one day. May find out she is part Fae, and that Santa Claus is her father. That could cause all sorts of problems. She’s not one of us. Doesn’t know our ways. And that could pose a real threat to our security.”

Aurora hummed. “Good thing she won’t remember then.”

“Good thing indeed,” he agreed.


Christmas Morning

Jolene stretched and yawned. The sounds of Christmas carols were coming from downstairs, making Jolene feel excited and giddy. She swung her legs out of bed and noticed an unexpected sensation. A pleasant ache between her legs. She lifted her nightshirt and slipped a hand into her panties. Her pussy was sticky and tender. She raised an eyebrow as she tried to remember. Videos of Wynter Storm. Masturbating. Then…then something.

“What happened after that? she whispered to the room.

She pulled her hand from her underwear and brought it to her nose. She sniffed. The usual scent of arousal touched her nostrils. Musty and strong. But there was something else. She took a deep whiff, breathing it in. There was a sweetness to it.

Then, as if a curtain was drawn back, it all came rushing back. Yes, she had masturbated, twice. Then she’d heard a sound and went downstairs to investigate. A person by the tree. A woman. Aurora. She wasn’t a woman, though, she was a…a Fairy, a Fae.

They’d had sex, made love. A magical being of great beauty had made love to her and had given her immense pleasure, several times. It had been wonderful! Her Christmas wish had come true. She remembered it. Remembered it all. Even though Aurora had told her she wouldn’t remember, she did.

She replayed the events in her head until a knock at the door snapped her out of it. Her mother poked her head in and smiled at her. It was probably a good thing that she did at that moment, too, because Jolene was already feeling her arousal flowing anew between her legs. If her mom had come in just a couple of minutes later, she might have found a very different scene.

“Morning, sweetheart,” her mother said cheerfully. “Time to get up. I think Santa came last night.”

Jolene smiled brightly at her. She sure did, Mom. And I did too! Jolene thought as she stood, grabbed her robe, and made a quick stop to freshen up in the bathroom, before heading downstairs to open gifts with her family.

The End



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