Staying in Touch

  • Posted on November 15, 2016 at 3:39 pm

By request, we’ve decided to add a specific place here at Juicy Secrets where our readers (and writers) can easily stay “in touch” with one another. Many of us have posted our email addresses, Twitter IDs, and so on, at various times in other locations around the site, but this will now be the one spot where you’ll be able to find everyone — assuming they want to be found, that is. Ask to be added to this list and post your desired contact information in a comment below, then we will enter it into the table. You can also request at any time to have your data removed, and we’ll do that as well. As a reminder, please do not post your actual full name. Thanks!

Please report invalid addresses by commenting below.

Member Name Email Address Instant Message ID Twitter ID Other (chat room, etc.)
3FingersNeat [email protected]
Alana [email protected]
Alice [email protected]
Aliciamom [email protected] aliciamom42 @aliciamom50
Alison [email protected]
Allie kik: allieloli
Ally [email protected]
AlyssasMom [email protected] littledarkdesires
Andy [email protected]
Ann [email protected]
Ashley [email protected] kik: ashkitty507
blackargyle [email protected]
Blu [email protected] Wickr: oxfordblu
Brian [email protected] Wickr: tboner46
CoupleMature [email protected]
Cromom [email protected]
Cynthia [email protected] Wickr: cynthia00
Dad4chat [email protected]
dansup [email protected]
David [email protected]
Dylan [email protected]
drew [email protected]
Ed [email protected]
Elise [email protected]
Elizabeth [email protected] Wickr:  justafuntxcple
eloquent delinquent [email protected]
Emily [email protected]
Emma [email protected]
Emma Cornwall [email protected]
Evan [email protected] @hidinginside1 kik: evankache
felicia [email protected]
Gray [email protected]
Greg and Sue [email protected]
Haley [email protected]
Holly [email protected]
Irene [email protected]
Jake [email protected]
Jamie [email protected] kik: jimmij68
JanieButter [email protected]
Jason [email protected] jason wood @jonescomp
Javauni [email protected] Wickr: Javauni
Jay Denton [email protected]
Jeanie [email protected]
Jeff [email protected] Kik: astro1971
Jen L Lee [email protected]
Jeni [email protected] jenikafka
JennaK [email protected]
Jessica [email protected]
JetBoy/Danny [email protected] 
Joe [email protected] 
John [email protected] 
Julie [email protected] 
Kacy [email protected] 
Karen [email protected] 
Kate [email protected] 
Katie [email protected] 
Kathy [email protected]  kittykat08512
Kay [email protected]
keiko [email protected]
Kelly [email protected]
Kelly Ann @kelly_a_lp_17
Kevin [email protected]
kraM [email protected]
Laurie [email protected]
Les Carr [email protected]
Lesley [email protected] Wickr: Lesley36
Lina Facebook
Linda [email protected]
Litka and Tim [email protected]
Liz [email protected] Wire: Blondone89 Wickr: blondone89
Lizzie [email protected] @lizzie22277 kik: lizzie22277
Lofftie50 [email protected] Wickr: Lofftie500
LoriMom [email protected]
Luv Sum [email protected]
Lynn [email protected]
Martyn [email protected]
Melissa [email protected] Wickr: Melissa37
Mike [email protected] @eldar_mike kik: mike_eldar Instagram, Snapchat: eldarmike3
Miss Phael [email protected]
MomAnne [email protected]
Myka & Sophia [email protected]
Nathan Riches [email protected] Wickr: Zakary1701
Naughty Mommy [email protected]
Nico Wickr: trancemellow
Nicolas [email protected]
Nicole [email protected] Kik: Nicoles91977
Nikki [email protected]
Numbers Wire:@6949212 Wickr:@uncle6949212
Olivia [email protected]
Passing Cloud [email protected]
Pretty Pink Taco [email protected]
Renea [email protected] Wickr: Renea37
Roughchik [email protected]
sally martyn [email protected]
Sammy [email protected] Story site
Sara [email protected]
Sara [email protected]
Sarah [email protected]
Scott [email protected]
Sid [email protected] @Sid26572060
Steve [email protected]
Sunnybunny [email protected] @amandashow8
Susan [email protected]
Tim [email protected]
Tom [email protected] Wire: keithieandy
Tommy [email protected] @mvtommy
Tonie [email protected] [email protected]
Tony & Beryl [email protected] Wickr: [email protected]
UncleJack [email protected]
Victoria [email protected]
Voyager UK [email protected] kik: SeadancerUK
Wil [email protected]
Yiru [email protected]
WingFingers nut [email protected]
Zeke [email protected] kik: Satanismyex

486 Comments on Staying in Touch

  1. Tony says:

    Please can you add my wife to my Member Name on the contacts list. Member Name now —Tony can you please make it to read——Tony & Beryl. Thank you so much she will be pleased 😀 x

  2. Nathan Riches says:

    Had to create a new Wickr as I forgot my password to the old one, so I am now Zakary1701 on Wickr

  3. sally drewett says:

    can you please add my wickr me contact …sallydrewett many thanks Sally

  4. Dylan says:

    Please change my member name from DJ to Dylan. I would like to use my real first name…..Thanks!!

  5. Lesley says:

    Hey I’m New..
    And love to be contact with anyone.
    My email is [email protected]

  6. Nico says:

    Love this place, long time leslita user.. Add me on Wickr at trancemellow. Would love to connect with some like-minded ppl.

  7. Cynthia says:

    Love this site
    I’m quite shy about my new found hobby but shoot me an email if you’d like. [email protected]
    I see everyone is in wickr so here’s my add cynthia00

  8. Lesley says:

    Can please add my wickr too.

  9. Numbers says:

    Hello, loving the story submissions. Keep em’ coming!
    Please add me to the contact list.
    I’m a guy, always open to chat, on topic or just about what your doing at the moment. Open minded friends really… that’s what I’m about. Points if your from Portland.
    You can reach me here:
    Wire: @6949212
    Wickr: @uncle6949212

    I don’t check mail often so if you email don’t think I’m dissing you if I dont reply right away.
    Many thanks…

  10. sallydrewett says:

    hi is anyone having trouble accessing Lesbian Lolita site from the link on here

  11. sally drewett says:

    hi could you please change my wickr contact to sallydee56 many thanks

  12. Myka & Sophia says:

    Been away to long … back now … please note and change our contact email to [email protected]
    Many thanks from us both and glad to see all is well here 🙂

  13. Myka & Sophia says:

    please add my better half … new email address [email protected] …. sorry for trouble caused.

  14. Melissa says:

    Please add my Wickr: melissa37

  15. Becca says:

    Hi everyone:). I’m Becca, love the site nice not to be alone ❤️ If you want to add my email it’s [email protected]

  16. Albie says:

    Hey, I’m Albie! I have loved reading the stories for a while. Happy to be here and not alone. I’d like to add my email and am fine with chatting. [email protected]

  17. theflash says:

    do anyone write about cheerleaders gymists and flight attendants or any site for stories on these

  18. Becky B says:

    Please remove my information from the list. Thank you!

  19. Nikki says:

    Nikki, [email protected], add me please. Trillian

  20. Alana says:

    I love the stories here. I appreciate all of the women who have shared their true (secret) stories and (even more secret) fantasies. Please add me to your email list. I’m open to chat. Not really into incest, but I love women who encourage younger girls to “go lesbian”. And to show it off, especially as young models! My address is [email protected]

  21. jayr says:

    i used to write under the name of telleroftales, and had work published on the original lesbian lolita site, its been quite a while since i have written anything in this genre, (my writings are more adult inspired now,), but it’s still nice to look in from time to time, and i must admit, i am tempted to pen something for submission.
    if anyone has read megs mum, and the subsequent stories, i would be thrilled to hear from you.
    my email address is [email protected]

  22. sally drewett says:

    hi can you please remove [email protected] from your alerts list
    many thanks

  23. ken says:

    the list is in bad need of an update most e-mail no longer work

  24. theflash says:

    Just want to say this is a great site Keep it going

  25. lofftie50 says:

    thanks for adding me to the list

  26. blackargyle says:

    Hey, I have loved reading the stories for a while. Happy to be here and not alone. I’d like to add my email and am fine with chatting. [email protected]

  27. yungluv says:

    Why on earth would folk take time to post contact info here, say the want to chat, take the moderators time to post the info then when you contact them never reply? 24 e-mails sent not one reply!

    • kim says:

      because most here that say they are female are not they just want to get contacts by pretending to be a female, then someone contacts them to chat and right away you get the question ” do you have kids?” if you say no you don’t ever hear back and if you say yes they want “certain” pics of your kids ( we all know what those are!), if you do get someone to chat and you just want to chat nothing else you never hear back

  28. Blu says:

    Hi everyone:). Been reading for a while and thought I’d get in touch. I love the site nice not to be alone!! If you want to add my email it’s [email protected]. I also have Wickr Oxfordblu. I’d ❤️ you to chat with me sometime…

  29. Leigh says:

    This pretty cool I cant have my email here because my full name is used.
    I really would love to talk to others. Have a nice everyday.

    • Sapphmore says:

      A good tip for you – create a new email account with a pseudonym. Like I suspect many visitors to this site, my name here, Sapphmore, isn’t my real name.

  30. Keiko says:

    Hi everyone: can you please update my email to [email protected]? And what is this Wickr think everyone is adding? Thanks!!! (PS JetBoy working on a two part story I wrote which will be published soon I hope. I am so proud!!)

  31. jim says:

    i question the “secure” part

  32. Keiko says:

    I’m so glad I updated my email… it’s so nice to see a few like minded women have contacted me… I’m so so glad to be part of this amazing community… thank you!!!

  33. Emma Cornwall says:


    Can I change my email address please! Have move to protonmail
    [email protected]


  34. Abbie says:

    This site has given me so much pleasure and taken away my feeling of loneliness. The stories are great and there is so much to each of them that goes beyond the dynamic that we the reader love to read about. Many stories are so much deeper in content.

  35. drew says:

    Please change my e-mail address from [email protected] to [email protected]. Thank you! would love to chat with anybody amenable to do so.

  36. Javauni says:

    Hey please add my contact as well [email protected] and javauni on Wickr. Ive been on sites like this for years on and off and i just like the idea of sharing with someone who understands. Im a 24 year old woman & ive known for many years my interests but its nice to see others in the same boat. Feel free to msg me

  37. Renea says:

    Hi, I been reading and enjoying the stories immensely, I’m a lesbian mom also I would definitely like to be added to the list for likeminded lesbians aswell thank you so much

  38. nicolas says:

    please add my e-mail [email protected] , thanks

  39. Brian says:

    Hi,please update my wickr to tboner462….thanks so much

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