Staying in Touch

  • Posted on November 15, 2016 at 3:39 pm

By request, we’ve decided to add a specific place here at Juicy Secrets where our readers (and writers) can easily stay “in touch” with one another. Many of us have posted our email addresses, Twitter IDs, and so on, at various times in other locations around the site, but this will now be the one spot where you’ll be able to find everyone — assuming they want to be found, that is. Ask to be added to this list and post your desired contact information in a comment below, then we will enter it into the table. You can also request at any time to have your data removed, and we’ll do that as well. As a reminder, please do not post your actual full name. Thanks!

WARNING! Use at your own risk! Due to the nature of this site, you may be subjected to unwanted solicitations. It is strongly recommended that you use a disposable email address.

Once placed, contact information cannot be removed for 30 days.

Please report invalid addresses by commenting below.

Member Name Email Address Instant Message ID Twitter ID Other (chat room, etc.)
3FingersNeat [email protected]
Alana [email protected]
Aliciamom [email protected] aliciamom42 @aliciamom50
Allie kik: allieloli
Allison Collier [email protected] Story Link
Amy [email protected] Wickr: publicmoms
Ann [email protected]
Ashley [email protected] kik: ashkitty507
Ashley Wickr: ashbaby21
Beckybex [email protected]
Beryl [email protected]
Blkedelweiss [email protected] Wickr:blkedelweiss
Blu [email protected] Wickr: oxfordblu
Brian [email protected] Wickr: tboner4650
Brittany Wickr: bjones2148
Bryan [email protected]
Cam [email protected] Wickr: cam52000
Cecelia [email protected] Wickr: concunncece
Chritina Wickr: cjackson214
CoupleMature [email protected]
Cromom [email protected]
Cynthia [email protected] Wickr: cynthia00
Dad4chat [email protected]
dansup [email protected]
David [email protected]
Dean [email protected] Wickr: keepthepontiac
Donna [email protected] Wickr: donna72
Dylan [email protected]
drew [email protected]
Ed [email protected]
Elizabeth [email protected] Wickr:  justafuntxcple
eloquent delinquent [email protected] Wickr: elodel
Emma [email protected]
Emma Cornwall [email protected]
Emma W [email protected] Wickr: Welshhon
Evan [email protected]
felicia [email protected]
Girlwatcher Wickr:[email protected]
Greg and Sue [email protected]
Hazel [email protected]
Holly [email protected]
Jacqueline Jillinghoff [email protected]
Jamie [email protected] kik: jimmij68
JanieButter [email protected]
Jason [email protected] jason wood @jonescomp
Javauni [email protected] Wickr: Javauni
Jay Denton [email protected]
Jeanie [email protected]
Jeni [email protected] jenikafka
JennaK [email protected]
Jenny Wickr: JennyPlace
Jessica [email protected]
JetBoy/Danny [email protected] 
Joe [email protected] 
John [email protected] 
Julie [email protected] 
Justin [email protected] 
Karen Cypher [email protected] 
Karina [email protected] 
Kate [email protected] 
Katie [email protected] 
Katie Skinner [email protected] 
Kathy [email protected]  kittykat08512
keiko [email protected]
Kelli [email protected]
Kelly Kelly1995kell[email protected]
Kelly Ann @kelly_a_lp_17
kraM [email protected]
KristaN [email protected]
Lacy [email protected] Wickr: Lacylee4040
Leia Wickr: lesli35
Les Carr [email protected]
Lesley [email protected] Wickr: Lesley36
Lina Facebook
Linda [email protected]
Litka and Tim [email protected]
Liz [email protected] Wire: Blondone89 Wickr: blondone89
Lofftie50 [email protected] Wickr: Lofftie5000
Luv Sum [email protected]
Martyn [email protected]
Mike [email protected] @eldar_mike kik: mike_eldar Instagram, Snapchat: eldarmike3
Mindy Max [email protected]
Miss Phael [email protected]
MomAnne [email protected]
Morris [email protected]
MummyEmma [email protected]
Myka & Sophia [email protected]
Nathan Riches [email protected] Wickr: Zakary1701
Naughty Mommy [email protected]
NC Bright [email protected]
Nico Wickr: trancemellow
Nikki [email protected]
Numbers Wire:@6949212 Wickr:@uncle6949212
Paul [email protected] Wickr: dudeboston
Pegasus [email protected]
Pretty Pink Taco [email protected]
Raven [email protected] Wickr: raven808
Roughchik [email protected]
Russell [email protected] Wickr: engulfhersoul
sally martyn [email protected]
Sara [email protected]
Scott [email protected]
Sid [email protected] @Sid26572060
Simon [email protected]
Steve [email protected]
Stu [email protected] Wickr: simplystu
Sunnybunny [email protected] @amandashow8
Sylvie [email protected]
Tiffany [email protected] Wickr: foolishmortal!
Tim [email protected]
Tom [email protected] Wire: keithieandy
Tommy [email protected] @mvtommy
Tonie [email protected] [email protected]
UncleJack [email protected]
Urchance [email protected] Wickr: Chance4u2
VerityVioletViola [email protected] Wickr: violetyearning
Victoria [email protected]
Voyager UK [email protected] kik: SeadancerUK
Wil [email protected]
Yiru [email protected]
WingFingers nut [email protected]
Zeke [email protected] kik: Satanismyex

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  1. Simon says:

    Please add my mail address [email protected] to the address list for any contact.

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