“Special Spots” and “Turn-offs”

  • Posted on July 6, 2016 at 2:34 pm

Cheryl Taggert asked…

What are your “special spots” and “turn-offs”?

It’s been a while since someone posted any new topics here, so I thought I would do the honors. I’ve been thinking about those places on our bodies that feel the best when touched, kissed, or otherwise stimulated. The big question for this forum entry is what kind of physical stimulation turns you on the most? What turns you off?

Now, I am a woman and it goes without saying that the entire area encompassing my vulva is one major erogenous zone. Therefore, let’s try to narrow that area down some for the purposes of this discussion. I know almost nothing about the penis, but we ladies can get very specific about what feels good down there, and what is more “meh” when it comes to pleasurable sensations around the genitals. For that particular area, try to describe what specifically feels best to you. You will see what I mean below in my response.

Gentlemen, you are welcome to participate as well; however, please, no dick descriptions that you hope will “turn us on.” The three owners of this site are not turned on by penises. If you find someone on here who is, by all means enjoy exchanging emails with each other. If you’re talking about an area of the penis, just tell us about that area and how/why it turns you on to have it stimulated in some way. While I have no sexual interest in penises, I wouldn’t mind knowing a few things about them to incorporate in my writing when a man is involved. (I’ve included hetero sex before, with few references to the man’s penis and what specifically is being done to or with it beyond the obvious.)

However, even more important for the sake of this discussion are those other areas. What is that secret place that drives you wild when your lover pays some attention to it? What comes next in the hierarchy of erogenous zones for you? For example, I know some people really enjoy having a foot rubbed, licked, their toes sucked, etc. Other than liking a good non-sexual foot rub, that’s not my thing, but I’ve had girlfriends in the past who do like that, and I’ve always been happy to give those girls pleasure, as long as their feet were clean. So what is your “special, non-genital spot”?

This brings us to part three of this informal survey. What are the things that turn you off? I’m not talking about things that you just aren’t interested in. I’m talking about things that, when you read about them, you either skim down until that scene is finished, or you close that story (or whatever you are reading) immediately and search for some “better” reading material.

Here are my responses to get things going:

  1. I am a clit girl. Some girls like the feeling of having their vaginas filled or at least having something going in and out of it. While I do enjoy that, it is my clit that gets me off. I enjoy g-spot stimulation, but even that is actually stimulating the clit. That area is basically the back side of the clit, which extends from the surface into the female body. But touch my clit directly when I’m really turned on, and it can feel as if I’m going to jump out of my skin. My clit is not one of those that people might even remotely call “big.” The visible part of my “lady” is about the size of a baby green pea, if that. She’s really like a tiny pearl. She has a tendency to remain hidden in her little blanket of skin until called out to play. Yet, she is very sensitive when I am turned on.
  2. Lisa knows that I have a soft area on my neck below my earlobe that, if she kisses and licks it, will turn me into jelly. I actually call it my “neck-clit.” Oddly, the area beneath my right earlobe is more sensitive than the area beneath my left. My nipples are also very sensitive (like most girls, I suppose), and so is my butthole. I’m not into having anything “rammed” up my butthole, but I do like a finger gently inserted, and when I’m clean, I love to have it licked and kissed. The area between my vagina and butthole is also sensitive. Lisa enjoys licking me on my butthole and in that area between my vagina and butthole, but only if I’ve showered or cleaned the area immediately before we make love.
  3. My biggest turn-offs usually involve scat. While I am okay with peeing on someone as long as the person being peed on enjoys it, it’s not my biggest turn-on by any means. I’ve included it in stories because it does intrigue me somewhat, but mostly I’ve included it because I know many readers enjoy that aspect of sex. I don’t hate it, but it’s WAAAY down my list of turn-ons. Poop in sex is a total turn-off for me. I find that if it is involved in a story, I will move on to a different story, not just skim down. I also do not like the idea of drinking pee. I recall a story that I wish I’d never read. It involved some young girls who had sex together, which was well-written, but afterwards they did something that turned my stomach. All I’ll say is it involved a toilet bowl. I won’t disgust those who are like me by going beyond that. Just recalling it to write this turns my stomach. I am also turned off by forcing or manipulating someone who is unwilling into sex (though reluctant is just fine), as well as someone causing physical or mental pain for another person either during sex or otherwise. There are more, but I will leave it there for now.

So, what are your answers to the three questions here? What are your thoughts about my answers?

We look forward to hearing from you! However, keep in mind that we reserve the right to edit your entry, or delete it entirely, should it move into an area contrary to our Terms of Use. Remember, we don’t want a blow-by-blow account of what someone did that felt great.

Hugs to all,


P.S. – Lisa, I expect you to log in under your own account and answer this. I LOVE YOU!!!!


33 Comments on “Special Spots” and “Turn-offs”

  1. rusty says:

    i had rather read a story about erotic interest that leads up to a sexual stimulation and satisfaction, with a pleasant ending rather than pages of sex, sex, and more sex!
    it’s the chase that stimulates me. not the fuck, fuck, fuck.

  2. deanna says:

    I was with an attractive girl that could only get off through G-spot stimulation. she reluctantly told me she had no clit while I was massaging her with my tongue. she said it was no use doing that and guided my fingers into her pussy. descriptively aiming my fingertips to her G-spot area she found. that sent her into shuddering climaxes.
    she really must have had a clitoris but it was so small it didn’t reach the surface for sensations, if the G-spot is part of the clit. she was driven to compensate for what she thought was an unfair abnormality by being sexually aggressive with both men and women.
    She freaked out her daughter, she told me by checking the young teen for a clitoris one evening. relieved that the issue wasn’t hereditary. she was so pretty that it shouldn’t
    have bothered her, anyway. I enjoyed her openness many times as a girlfriend and was
    happy to work around that particular issue. though I SO MUCH love our clits!

  3. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    I hope this turns into a good blether, as we say in God’s little country, especially among the girls. I’m not being sexist, I think of all of you as “girls till you are ninety” as my Gran used to say. I suspect more than a few will retreat to private conversations to explore this. Unfortunately, one of our more open members, outrageously so sometimes, Saapho69, has left us. She would have loved this subject, Cheryl.

    I must thank you, for starting this conversation. Why did no one think if this before? That, folks, is what good authors do, they make the intriguing seem blindingly obvious, and we love them for it.

    Anatomically we (men) are a simple sex, so nothing boring, but my turn on is, not surprisingly, mother-daughter, or woman-girl sex, and seductions are the epitome of enjoyment. (Naughty Mommy’s superstar Angela is my favourite character.)

    My turn-off is violence of any kind. I can’t do it physically, even when it’s requested and I can’t abide it in a story or a video. I like being kind and gentle, and I’ve found it has lots of benefits.

    Come on, girls, join in and tell us your secret desires!

  4. Evan says:

    I’m with poppabear for turn-ons in the literature realm. I also love reading about first-time experiences.

    As for my own personal turn-ons, the top of the penis ‘head’ (the glans) can be the most, but if it is the sole focus of attention, quickly becomes a turn-off. Rubbing the inside of the ‘shaft’ using the skin (not rubbing the skin directly) along with some head stimulation is the best for me. Yes, some prostate stimulation is awesome too – however, due to some medical issues and surgery, my prostate is now only accessible externally through the skin in the region.

    Turn-offs – well, ignoring me is a good one! Any sort of rape/force/BDSM stuff, or other fetishes like cutting, piercing, wax, etc.

    But yes – indeed awaiting to hear from the girls, ladies, moms, daughters and sisters!

  5. LisaMT says:

    Ok, ok! Sheesh. 🙂

    Here are my comments on this.

    Like my wife Cheryl I am a clit girl too, but I like something inside me more than Cheryl does. I can get off without it, but it makes it better for me. I have a number of toys and enjoy them all. I love having a benwa ball inside me too and having Cheryl lick me while its buzzing inside. If you’ve not tried that, you should. Its stupendous! Cheryl loves licking me, and I love having her lick me. She is really good at it. I’ve had some girls who weren’t all that great at giving oral. I know, you would think it was like super easy to be good at it but its not. Some girls spend too much time licking the labia and ignore the most important spot. I’ve been like, “Hey! You know where my clit is? Lick it!”

    Other areas I like are my butthole and boobs of course. But an area that lots of girls like but some don’t that really turns me on is inside my thighs just below my cunt. Like maybe an inch or two down from there. Its really tender and I love for Cheryl and Rachel to lick me there. We also have a friend in New Orleans who does threesomes with me and Cheryl. Cheryl made up a name for her so I won’t mention her name since I’ve forgotten the one she used. (She is SOOO careful about that stuff!!!) Anywho, I like for her to lick me there too. Another area is one Cheryl mentioned in her response to this. I am one of the girls Cheryl has had sex with that loves having my feet licked and stuff. I especially like it when my toes are licked. Another thing I like is when Cheryl pushes her thumb into my pussy and a finger into my butthole and licks me. Absolutely wild!!!

    My biggest turn off when it comes to sex is just like Cheryl’s, I don’t like poop, though I am fine with pee. I guess its because pee is sterile and poop isn’t. I have been peed on by my sister Rachel when we were teenagers. It was just something we tried. And I’ve peed in my pants before just to feel what it’s like, and I actually kinda like it, but I don’t do it in public of course. Well, I know some people do but I don’t. I like being watched too, no matter what it is I’m doing. Oh, yeah. This is about turn offs. Sorry. I also get turned off by people who think they’re better then everyone else, especially religious people who think the rest of the world is going to hell and they are like chosen by God to correct everyone else. I’m not better then anyone.

    Okay, Cheryl. I did it. 🙂


  6. LisaMT says:

    Oops. Forgot a turn on. I love to be spanked. Not too hard but enough to make my butt red. Those jiggles are awesome!!!

  7. Like Cheryl and Lisa, I’m a clit girl too. I enjoy penetration, but mostly with fingers and tongues. I don’t use dildos much. Sucking my clit, however, or licking it or kissing it or doing just about anything else with it drives me wild.

    The other thing I absolutely love (as you may have been able to tell from my stories) is having my nipples sucked. I swear I can almost come from that alone.

    Um, but let’s see, special spots? My belly is one, believe it or not — the area just below my navel and just above my mound. Graze your fingers lightly over that and watch me tremble with arousal. And also my underarms. Touch me gently or kiss me there… ooh, yes, do it again, please. 😛

    I don’t like being tickled, though, or spanked. That’s a turn-off. Scat is definitely a turn-off for me, too, both pee and poop. I’m not big on anal sex. And anyone being mean. I don’t really care for domination porn or anything like that.

  8. Leon says:

    I’ve always found fingernails down the spine to simply turn me in to mush! I love my toes sucked/nibbled, ditto the ears and neck 🙂

  9. Gemma says:

    Definitely a neck clit girl lol

  10. Debbie says:

    I adore being licked between my peehole and my clit. It makes me shudder just thinking about it

  11. Peter says:

    What do back massages do for you ladies? And how should a lover do them? I used to give back/neck massages and did well by a couple of girlfriends. And are there sensitive spots on the legs and abdomen and neck that send flutters through you? And, to be honest, I’ve never received a back massage, only given them.

  12. Debbie says:

    When I was young I had ballet class three times a week and massages were a regular part of our routine, both before and after a show. The instructor really knew what she was doing and I can remember having feelings that surprised me. Nothing has ever come close since.

  13. sue says:

    I had asked Kim to respond to this,for my own reasons, and she said only if I went 1st , I put if off a long time but here goes.

    1.my clit. play all around my vulva I love it,but when you hit my clit the fire works start.

    2. my ear lobes, yeah I love,love bites on my ass,sucks on my nipples, kisses on my neck, but to really jump start me those nibbles on my earlobes just get my heart pounding for some reason.

    3. poop,pain,and nasty mean sex will make me skip ahead or go to another story.

  14. kim says:

    my clit but a lot of times I love something in me, being bi once in a great while that means a hard penis, but mostly a dildo, or those times I can get Sue or another friend to wear a strap on.

    watching, being watched, getting Sue or another of our friends to strip for me and masturbate, or them asking me to do that really turns me on big time.

    same here, no poop, no pain, no mean stuff.

    did I mention I like to watch?

  15. DaughterLover says:

    My special spots: nipples (big time), clit, anus, and the base of my neck next to my collarbone 🙂 Using lips, tongue, or fingers. Toys if I’m REALLY excited. Play spanking can also be a big turn-on if I’m in the right mood (I’m usually the more dominant partner).

    I get the most enjoyment from giving all of the above, rather than receiving. I can happily spend all night doing nothing but making my lover a quivering puddle of joy 🙂 ESPECIALLY (in my fantasies) if that lover is a young girl 😀

    Turnoffs: Physical or mental violence, anything non-consensual, pee or scat. And male penises – no offense to men intended, I’m just not interested in their willy 🙂

    • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

      You, Daughterlover, would be a woman after my heart, if I were a daughter.

      Aaaah! Shame!

      Like everyone else I can see where you must be a wonderful lover. The are lucky, lucky girls.

    • sue says:

      yeah making someone cum is the best,thanks for bringing that up. I like that too.

      • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

        Nail on the head, as usual, Sue.

        It’s what I have always liked best about lesbians, lesbian love and lesbian erotica, and, on those rare occasions, this ol’ man likes doing that too.

  16. Bobet says:

    Hello and hope I after this first post, I become a regular member of the Forum,
    All the stories here, drive me to distraction, my day is full of erotic lesbian thoughts, no girl/woman I encounter can imagine what is going through my mind, or can some really read my thoughts, (If only)
    I was about six yr old when I first realised girls and women made me feel tingles in my lower tummy, especially when they held me close in a hug, and investigation of that area, soon had me touching my pussy and finding it was exciting and made me feel good. I found the smell of my fingers after playing down there was the most wonderful smell I had encountered, and I found it not unlike some ladies, who I hugged when my head/face was buried into their lower belly, my arms around their thighs.
    This made me a constant hugger, any chance I got I hugged and sniffed deeply, and an older cousin was my favorite girl to hug. She was 14 and noticed I always buried my face in her crotch and one day she asked me if I did it to feel her legs, and I said no it’s because of your smell, THAT was the start of a lifetime of girl/girl Lesbian existence for me, and long may it last. I’ve had a great number of lovers and only once ever got close to a heterosexual experience, so my knowledge of men boys penis’s are nonexistent, and I don’t think that will change.
    Your site has gave me hours of reading pleasure, and I hope it will for the future,
    I have wanted many times to write down my past encounters and reading here has spurred me on and I will start soon keeping a Folder in Word and recall all those years of excitement fun and love, not to mention a few panic stations lol
    Thanks again for like minded ladies,
    Regards Roberta (Bobet)

    • Debbie says:

      Welcome Roberta! Reliving first and past experiences is wonderful and there’s nothing better than sharing them with like minded ladies. I’m looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  17. Julie18 says:

    Hmmm so like many I can orgasm nicely just from my clit but i really do love the feeling of my fingers deep inside.
    something that really makes me excited is just lightly running my fingertips across my belly and down my arms. the sensation sends tingles throughout my body and is amazing for non genital stimulation.
    On a weirder note, i’ve umm spanked myself (on my knees on my bed) i’m sure not as good as someone doing it to me but i did enjoy it quite a bit.

  18. Nathan Riches says:

    So, uts been a while but I THINK I can remember my turnon spots :S 😛

    1. Probably the biggest turnon for me is having my ass played with/penetrated (I explored bisexuality for a while until I realised I wasnt interested in the men, just their cosks in my ass 😛 Not saying I wouldnt let a guy jave a go again, but there’d need to be at least one nice soft woman there too :P) Its just a nice, albeit kinda weird feeling having something up there.

    2 Touch. I am an EXTREMELY tactile person, so any sort of touch can get me going, especially anything loving and gentle, eg, running hands through my hair, etc. I am a serial cuddler, especially after sex, nothing better than coming down from that high while snuggled up to a warm, soft female body.

    3 Much like Cheryl, Scat is a MASSIVE turnoff. I get some people find it arousing and thats fine (some people find the idea of being turned on by a little girl disgusting) Its just something that makes me feel ill

    4 The other of my turnoffs is excessive BDSM. A little light spanking or Dom/Sub is fine, but when the whips and nipple clamps come out, Im gone. For me its just the idea of causing pain to someone I care about is abghorrent, even if its something they enjoy

    I could go on but those are the main ones.

  19. rsussna says:

    I love this site and the discussions.
    Linda F. was one of my first girlfriends at 16. She was rich, gorgeous, dumb, and sexually very active. The first time we were sexual I touched her breast, the nipple, and she orgasmed. She came in deep, heavy breaths and shook all over. We went down on the rug but her parents walked in on us. End of Linda for me, as I got thrown out.
    As for where I like to be stimulated, it is my anus with the prostate the target. My wife of many years now stimulates my ass, massaging the outer opening, perineum, and my prostate giving me better feelings than the penis. She loves playing with my penis head and viewing it is the best, and this is the only way she arouses.
    She has a tiny , hidden clitoris deeply hidden inside which I have aroused for her with a finger for decades. It is her only way of becoming aroused, and I find many women have similar, hidden clits. She also loves for me to lick and suck it.
    BTW, we are in our 80’s and still going.

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