The Wild, Part Thirteen

“Do you two know how to ride?”

Standing in the horse stall, watching Helena saddle one of the horses, Michelle realized a flaw in Helena’s plan. Yesterday, when the woman said they’d be taking the horses, the phrase must not have registered in her brain. If it had, she would have spoken up that she had no idea how to ride a horse.

“I do,” Samantha said.

“Really?” Michelle asked, surprised. There weren’t a lot of horses in their town. Or any, for that matter. Michelle couldn’t think of anyone who owned one. She wondered where Samantha could have learned to ride one.

“Yeah,” Samantha said, then when Michelle gave her a curious look, “my Aunt Tammy has horses.”

“How about you?” Helena asked, pausing to look at Michelle.

“Um, no,” Michelle said.

“You two can ride together, then,” Helena said, then turned to the white and black horse in the other stall, “looks like you get the day off, Oreo.”

“Oreo?” Michelle laughed, then she noticed that the horse’s back third and front third were black and the middle was white. She laughed harder when she realized the horse did resemble an Oreo cookie.

“Nice,” Samantha said, grinning.

“This old gal,” Helena said, stroking the horse she was saddling’s neck, “is Sweetie.”

“Why Sweetie?” Michelle asked.

“Because she is a sweetie. As gentle as can be,” the woman said, returning to fastening the straps that held the saddle in place, “she shouldn’t be a problem for even a novice rider.”

“What about him?” Michelle asked, nodding at the horse that was already saddled.

“That’s Bucking Bill,” Helena said.

“Bucking Bill?” Samantha asked.

“When we were breaking Bill here, he kept throwing Allen,” Helena said, laughing, “Allen muttered something every time he got thrown that rhymed with Bucking Bill. Since we couldn’t call him that in polite company, we changed it to Bucking Bill.”

Michelle laughed at the implied expletive, wondering how mad a horse would have to make her call it ‘Fucking Bill’. She decided getting tossed to the ground a couple of times would do it.

“And you are going to ride him?” Michelle asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about him,” Helena said, smiling at her, “he’s a gentleman now. Just had to get used to the saddle, is all.”

“Okay,” Michelle said, nodding.

Helena checked her work, making sure the saddle was comfortably secure on Sweetie. Satisfied, she stepped out of the stall, closing the door behind her. To the girls, she said, “Let’s let the cows out for a while since we are probably staying the night at the tower.”

“We are?” Michelle asked, surprised.

“It’ll be late before your parents make it to the town I was telling you about,” Helena said, walking over to the cow pens, “trying to navigate the watchtower road at night would be ill-advised. It’s barely more than a dirt track that would be incredibly hard to follow in the dark. Hell, it’ll be hard in broad daylight. They should stay in town tonight and come get you in the morning.”

“Mom isn’t going to like that idea,” Michelle said.

Smiling, Helena said, “That’s why you are going to tell her.”

“Great,” Michelle said, sourly.

“You can call your parents after we let the cows out,” Helena said.

They put the cows out in the pasture, then returned to the cabin. Helena started making breakfast while Michelle picked up the phone to call her parents. Michelle stepped out on the porch to make the call. She didn’t need the privacy, just wanted to look out at the woods still softened by early morning fog. This place was so beautiful.

Sitting on the porch step, she dialed her father’s number. She frowned when she got a lack of service message. Hanging up, she called her mother. She sighed with relief when it started ringing.

Her mother came on the line after two rings, said, “Hi, sweetie.”

“Hey, Mom. How are you and Dad?” Michelle asked.

“Wrung out,” her mother said, with a little laugh, “the flight, then trying to find an SUV to rent… It took us a while to get on the road, but we are coming.”

“Helena thinks it’s going to be late when you make it to town,” Michelle said, then took a deep breath, “she thinks you should wait until morning to try the watchtower road.”

“Why?” Her mother asked.

“Apparently it’s not an easy road to take.”

“I’m sure we can manage,” her mother said.

“I think you should stay in town. Helena knows you want to come get me, but… I’ll be fine until morning,” Michelle said.

Her mother was silent for a moment, then sighed, “I’ll talk to your father. Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yeah,” Michelle said, laughing, “what’s one more night, right?”

“God, you and your father,” her mother said, with mock disgust.

“Speaking of Dad,” Michelle said, remembering the message she received when she tried to call him, “I couldn’t get through to his phone.”

“He doesn’t have service in Canada on that old phone of his,” her mother said, then laughed, “he wanted me to cancel his camping trips for him, but I told him I’m not his secretary.”

Away from the phone, Michelle heard her dad say, “If I had a secretary, I’d have brought her and left you at the house.”

Laughing, Michelle asked, “I’m not costing Dad business, am I?”

“He only had the one trip scheduled, and I let him use my phone to cancel it. Everyone understood when he told them what was going on. He’s going to take them out for free when we get back,” her mother said.

“Okay,” Michelle said.

“Let me put this on speaker,” her mother said.

Her dad said, “Maybe I’ll let you take my place, Michelle. I could use a weekend off.”

“I’m sure Michelle is tired of being in the woods, Dear,” her mother said.

Smiling, Michelle said, “Maybe next time, Dad.”

“Michelle says we should hole up in town tonight and try the watchtower road tomorrow,” her mother said.

“Why?” He asked.

“Helena says it isn’t safe at night,” Michelle said.

Her dad was silent a moment, then said, “How long will it take you to ride to the watchtower?”

“We are leaving today… Staying the night at the tower,” Michelle said.

“Is that safe?” her mother asked.

Laughing, Michelle said, “About the safest thing we’ve done since we crashed.”

“God,” her mother said, sighing, “you and your father.”

“We’ll come get you at first light,” her father said, laughing.


“We’ll stop here and have lunch.”

Breakfast had only been a couple of hours ago, and Michelle wasn’t particularly hungry, but she was happy to get off the horse for a bit and stretch her legs. The saddle wasn’t big enough for her to ride behind Samantha comfortably, the back lip worrying at her backside incessantly. Not that Samantha looked much more comfortable. She had to sit so far forward, she was all but humping the horn.

Back on the ground, Michelle stretched her long legs, grimacing at how tight her thighs felt. By Helena’s estimation, they weren’t even halfway to the tower. She might not be able to walk by the time they made it there.

Seeing Michelle walking a little gingerly, Samantha said, “You look a little beat up, Babe.”

“The saddle is kicking my ass,” Michelle said.

“We can switch for a while,” Samantha said, then suddenly grinned at Michelle, “probably wouldn’t be a bad idea if you learned how to ride a horse… You should know a few things in case I get hurt or something and you have to take over.”

Recognizing her own words, Michelle laughed, “Smart ass.”

“She’s not wrong, though,” Helena said, pointing at Sweetie, “if there was ever a horse to learn to ride on, it’s Sweetie.”

“You think so?” Michelle said, looking at the horse tethered to a tree a few feet away. Sweetie was busy munching on some grass, oblivious that she was being talked about.

“It’s a long ride to the watchtower,” Helena said, shrugging, “might as well.”

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to learn,” Michelle said.

The three sat in a circle and divvied out sandwiches and bottles of water. Even Blue had her own goody bag. They were just four girls enjoying an early lunch.

Helena was looking at Blue curiously, then finally turned to Michelle to ask, “Did you notice Blue always stays upwind of the horses?”

“Um, no,” Michelle said.

“I wonder if she is doing it on purpose?” Helena asked, looking back at Blue, “Do you think she knows she’d spook the horses if they caught her scent?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Michelle said, reaching out and scratching Blue behind her ears. She smiled when the wolf laid her head in her lap.

Helena looked at them for a moment, then shook her head and laughed, “I think you are pulling my leg about just meeting Blue a couple of weeks ago. You two look like old chums.”

“We’ve come a long way from Blue wanting to eat me and me trying to shoot her with my bow,” Michelle said, smiling as she stroked the wolf’s head.

“You really faced down a pack of wolves with a bow you made out of a stick and your shoe strings?” Helena asked.

“Technically, I only faced down Blue,” Michelle said, a little embarrassed, “she ran the rest of the pack off.”

“Still,” Helena said, shaking her head, “that’s either the bravest or dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe both.”

Laughing, Michelle said, “Gee, thanks.”

“What in the world got you out in that clearing first thing morning?”

“I saw the wolf tracks at our old camp… I don’t know. I guess that was too close for comfort. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep knowing wolves were that nearby.” Michelle said.

“I guess I can understand that,” Helena said, then snorted, “I don’t understand why Blue back down, though. Even if she was smart enough to recognize the bow, her pack had you surrounded. All she had to do was keep your attention on her, and they would have done the rest.”

“I really don’t know why she decided to save me,” Michelle said, laughing when Blue lifted her head and licked her neck, “I got lucky, I guess.”

“I’d say you did, too,” Helena said, smiling at them, “you didn’t get eaten, and you made a friend. Pretty lucky, I’d say.”

They talked about the girls’ trip through the woods as they ate, and Michelle got the feeling Helena was researching the story was thinking about writing. Finally, Michelle had to ask, “Are you working on your story idea?”

“A little,” Helena admitted, smiling.

“Have you ever written a lesbian love story?” Samantha asked.

“Um, no,” Helena said, with a self-conscious laughing, “that’s the one thing I’m a bit worried about. I’m not sure how the naughty bits work when it’s two women, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem since my characters are two young girls. The romance part I can write and love- well, I figure love is love, regardless of who the two people are.”

“That’s a good line,” Michelle said, taking Samantha’s hand.

They finished the rest of their lunch, cleaned up their mess, then it was time to get back on the horses. Michelle stroked Sweetie’s neck, said, “Be gentle, Sweetie. This is my first time.”

Sweetie whinnied her understanding.

Michelle got on first, scooting as far forward as she could and lifting her feet out of the stirrups so Samantha could sit in the saddle behind her. She had a moment of apprehension as she picked up the reins. Helena assertations that Sweetie was a gentle horse calmed her nerves some, but the fact that the horse could easily throw her and Samantha didn’t completely leave her mind. It wasn’t that she was afraid of the horse, just respectful.

“Relax,” Samantha said, putting her arms around Michelle’s waist, “if you are nervous, you’ll make Sweetie nervous.”

“Great,” Michelle said, thinking that telling her not to be nervous because it’ll make the horse anxious wasn’t the best way to calm her nerves.

“You’ll do fine,” Samantha said, giving her a reassuring squeeze, “there’s nothing to riding a horse. Sweetie will do most of the work.”

“Ready?” Helena asked.

Taking a deep breath, Michelle nodded. She watched as the woman gave the reins a little flick to get Bucking Bill walking. Michelle mimicked the motion, and Sweetie started walking next to the other horse.

“Another flick of the reins lets Sweetie know you want to go faster,” Samantha said, then added, “or you can put your heels into her sides, but we probably won’t need to do that. This terrain isn’t built for speed.”

“Okay,” Michelle said.

“Use the reins to tell Sweetie which way you want to turn. Pull back on the reins if you want to slow down or stop,” Samantha said.

“That’s it?” Michelle asked.

“That’s it,” Helena said, smiling at her, “nothing to it, right?”

“I guess not,” Michelle said.

“There’s a little finesse to riding that comes with practice, but you know the basics,” Helena said.

“Four or five hours of this and you’ll be ready to come to Aunt Tammy’s with me,” Samantha said.

“Maybe we should see how it goes when I meet your parents before we start planning trips to other relative’s,” Michelle said.

“Right,” Samantha said, laughing, “at least you still have a couple of days until you meet my parents.”

“You don’t know each other’s parents?” Helena asked.

“We do, but…” Samantha said, squeezing Michelle a little tighter, “things have changed a bit.”

“True,” the woman agreed, smiling at them.

“Mom and Dad still think we don’t like each other very much,” Michelle said, laughing, “it’s going to be a shock when we tell them we are dating.”

“At first, maybe,” Helena said, patting Michelle on the knee, “they’ll figure it out when they see you two look at each other.”

“Yeah,” Michelle said, taking a deep breath, “you are probably right.”


“Why don’t you two gather some firewood.”

“Um, yeah,” Michelle said, rubbing her lower back. A couple of hours ago, she and Samantha had switched spots, and her back and legs were killing her. The rear lip of the saddle had done a number on her, again. Luckily, they had made it to the tower, and Michelle was glad the ordeal was over.

Michelle glanced around the rundown, single room shack. It had been gutted a long time ago, all furniture and equipment removed when funding was cut to the project but it wasn’t empty. At a guess, Michelle figured someone has been using it as a hunting camp and as recently as this past hunting season. There were fold-up camp chairs and cots, a cheap card table, and a hodgepodge of pans and utensils. Empty beer cans and a discarded box that used to contain 30-06 rounds littered the table.

Her eyes went to the cast iron cook stove in one corner. It looked incredibly heavy, and she doubted the hunters had lugged it all the way out here. She figured when the shack was abandoned, the stove was left behind for the same reason. It was just easier to leave it.

It would be dark in an hour or so, and the temperature would drop with the failing sun. A fire would make the night much more comfortable. Whatever the reason for the stove still being here, she was glad for it.

“Come on,” Michelle said, offering Samantha her hand.

Outside, they found Blue curled up next the door. She lifted her head from her paws, then got to her feet when the girls walked by. The wolf fell in beside them as they started to look for some dry firewood.

Looking down at Blue, Michelle smiled. She realized she had fallen in love with two girls this last couple of weeks, not just one. From the moment Michelle decided not to loose her arrow, a bond between them had begun to grow. The things the Canadian wild had put them through had only cemented that connection. There was no denying the quirky wolf had found a special place in her heart.

Her smile slipped when she thought turned to tomorrow. She has been avoiding thinking about what would happen when her parents picked her up. She hadn’t wanted to think about the possibility of having to say goodbye to Blue, again. It had nearly ripped her heart out the last time she had to.

Coming to a stop, she sank to her knee. Eye to eye with the wolf, she said, “I love you, Blue.”

The wolf’s brilliant blue eyes didn’t waver from Michelle’s.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to leave this place,” Michelle said, swallowing hard past the lump in her throat, “my parents are coming to take me home.”

Samantha put her hand on Michelle’s shoulder, squeezed it reassuringly. Smiling up at her, Michelle covered her hand with her own. She needed the support.

Turning back to Blue, she said, “I can’t ask you to come with me. It would be selfish on my part.”

Blue continued to hold her gaze. Looking into the wolf’s beautiful eyes, Michelle felt a shiver of wonder work up her spine at the connection. She didn’t think Blue understood the words she spoke, but the message was being received, anyway.

“If you… If you want to come with me, that’d be…” Michelle said, a tear slipping down her cheek. Wiping it away, she said, “It would have to be your decision. I want you to come with me, but I can’t ask you to.”

“This place is amazing,” Michelle said, her voice thick, “I wouldn’t want to leave it if I were you. Hell, I don’t want to leave, either.”

Blue nuzzled her neck, and Michelle hugged the wolf for a moment. She really didn’t want to let go, but she forced herself to release Blue. Wiping her eyes, she said, “I wish you could tell me what you thought about all of this.”

Getting to her feet, Michelle gave Samantha a sheepish smile, said, “Sorry. I had to do that.”

Samantha hugged her, said, “It’s okay. I understand.”

“We better find some wood before it gets dark,” Michelle said, wiping her eyes, again.

“Okay,” Samantha said.

Michelle tried not to think about the decision Blue would have to make tomorrow as she picked up an armful of sticks and logs, but failed miserably. There was a very good chance she’d have to say goodbye to the wolf tomorrow. Even if Blue did want to go with her, she’d still have to convince her parents to take a wild animal home with them. Then there was the border crossing into the United States. Blue might pass as a wolf-like dog breed, but there had to be some sort of paperwork required to bring an animal into the States. A visit to a veterinarian for a series of shots for rabies and distemper, if nothing else.

With a lot of fallen limbs under the trees from the recent storm, it didn’t take them long to gather a couple of armfuls of logs and kindling. When they stepped into the shake with their haul, Helena looked amused.

“We are just staying one night,” Helena said.

“I guess we gathered too much,” Michelle said, sheepishly, “still better too much than not enough.”

“True,” Helena said, standing up, “let’s get some candles lit, then we can go up to the crow’s nest to watch the sunset. It’s got to be quite a view from up there.”

“Crow’s nest? Is that what it’s called?” Michelle asked, thinking about the lookout platform at the top of the tower.

“Maybe,” Helena said, laughing.

“It works for me,” Michelle said.

They lit some candles around the shack to push back the lengthening shadows. The sun was low in the sky by the time Helena fished a flashlight out of her backpack. They wouldn’t need it climbing the stairs to the crow’s nest, but coming back down it would be dark.

Outside, Michelle looked up at the watchtower. It was a metal behemoth, probably fifty feet tall at the peak of the crow’s nest’s roof. Steps wound up the interior of the structure, giving access to the ten-foot by ten-foot lookout platform. The crow’s nest itself was a six by six glass box in the middle of the platform.

Blue followed them to the base of the staircase, looked up at the steps, then seemed to change her mind. She sat down to wait.

“Are these steps safe?” Michelle asked, noticing rust showing through the paint in some places.

“Probably,” Helena said, putting her weight on the first step. It groaned some but seemed solid enough. Bouncing on it to be sure, Helena said, “Seems okay.”

They climbed to the top of the stairs, emerging on the walkway that surrounded the crow’s nest. Michelle’s eyes widened as she looked out at the forest. Above the treeline, she could see for miles in every direction.

“Wow,” Samantha said, grinning at her, “it’s so beautiful.”

Putting her arm around Samantha’s waist, she said, “Yeah.”

From their spot at the railing, they watched as the sun lost its place in the sky to the encroaching night. It sank lower and lower until only a red band of clouds could be seen. Even that was lost as darkness claimed the sky. They stayed a while longer, watching as the stars came out.

Finally, Helena said, “It’s getting chilly. We better get the fire going.”


“Come on. Let’s go up to the crow’s nest.”

Nodding, Michelle threw back the sleeping bag and stood up. When she saw Samantha picking up a couple of the smaller logs, she smiled and picked up one of her own. Opening the grate on the wood stove, she poked her stick inside until caught nicely.

With the burning stick as a torch, the girls took the protesting stairs up to the top of the watchtower. Since the sun had gone down, the temperature in the glass bubble had fallen, and Michelle was glad Samantha had thought to bring the makings of a fire.

Taking the wood from the girl, Michelle noticed Samantha had something tucked under her arm. She started smiling when she saw it was the bearskin. She had kind of hoped she’d get another chance to make love on it before they made it back to the States and it looked like Samantha was thinking the same thing.

As Michelle started building a fire inside the little potbelly stove, Samantha unrolled the bearskin in front of it. Michelle almost burned her fingers when she saw Samantha starting to get undressed out of the corner of her eye. As the girl wriggled out of her jeans and pulled her shirt over her head, Michelle willed the fire to light faster. Even in the light of the single burning log they had brought from down below, Samantha looked incredibly sexy.

Luckily, the wood they had gathered was nice and dry and took fire quickly. Satisfied their small fire wasn’t going to go out, Michelle stood up and dusted off her hands. She smiled as she found herself in the arms of a very naked Samantha. Looking down, Michelle saw the girl’s bra and panties must have joined the rest of her clothes on the crow’s nest floor.

“Couldn’t wait?” Michelle asked, playfully.

“Just saving time,” Samantha said, hooking her fingers in Michelle’s shirt and pulling it up.

Raising her arms over her head, Michelle let Samantha undress her. It didn’t take the girl’s eager hands long to get her naked, her clothes tossed aside in a rush. Without a single thread of cotton between them, their bodies came together, and their lips met in a heated kiss.

The fact that her parents would be here tomorrow to get them was in the back of Michelle’s mind. Tonight was their last night here, and Michelle intended to make the most of it. She thought with the way Samantha was kissing her back that the girl was probably thinking the same thing.

Michelle wasn’t sure how long they stood like that, kissing and touching. A minute or an hour, she couldn’t say. Time always got a little fuzzy when they were together, but tonight the clock melted away altogether.

Eventually, she remembered the fire and the bearskin. Stretching out on the rug, Michelle pulled Samantha atop of her. The warm lick of the fire and the fur tickling her back seemed like an extension of Samantha’s caress as the girl’s hands ran over her body. Michelle shivered with excitement, her nerve endings crying out for more.

Her desire stoked hotter than the fire in the little potbellied stove, Michelle was more than ready when Samantha moved down her prone body, leaving a trail of kisses on her stomach. The caress of Samantha’s tongue across her bud sent delicious shivers of pleasure through her young body. Her moans and sighs joined the pop and crackle of the burning logs in the quiet crow’s nest. Samantha’s able mouth soon had her cries drowning out those other sounds. Her back was arched, and her fingers were clutching at the bearskin underneath her as she surrendered to the lovely things the girl was doing with her tongue and lips.

When Samantha eased her fingers inside of her, Michelle knew she was in trouble. The tease of her fingertips against that magic spot and the flick of her tongue was more than her body could handle. Her overwhelmed nerve endings were screaming for more, even as her body tried to shy away from the intense pleasure. Samantha grabbed her thigh, held Michelle’s writhing body to her mouth. She was merciless as she drove Michelle closer to ecstasy.

It all became too much for Michelle, and she felt her body tightening toward a climax. The pleasure of Samantha’s hot mouth on her bud and the inescapable pressure of Samantha’s fingers on her g-spot did her in. With one final cry, she lost control of her body as it shook with her orgasm. Her hips jerked like she was pitching a fit.

“Jesus,” Michelle laughed, giving her girlfriend a stunned smile.

Samantha crawled up and gave her a kiss. Putting her arms around Samantha’s neck, Michelle pulled the girl down atop of her, again. The kiss lingered a while, intensifying with each caress of their tongues. Michelle’s orgasm hadn’t lessened her desire at all, and Samantha hadn’t yet tasted that sweet release.

We need to remedy that, Michelle thought, rolling them. She started to reciprocate what the girl had done to her, but she paused with her lips pressed to Samantha’s breast when she saw the girl fumbling for something behind her. She laughed when she saw the improvised strap-on in Samantha’s hand.

“Use this,” Samantha said.

Taking it from her, Michelle asked, “When did you grab this?”

“When Helena wasn’t looking,” Samantha said, grinning, “it’s been stuffed under our sleeping bag since dinner.”

“Seriously?” Michelle said, laughing.

“What,” Samantha said, mischievously, “I wanted you inside of me.”

“Wow,” Michelle said, amused. She gave the girl a deep, lingering kiss, then stood up. Stepping into the bikini bottom, she smoothed it into place. She saw Samantha looking at the handle jutting out from her lower abdomen, saw the girl’s eyes flash with excitement.

I guess she really does want it, Michelle thought, crawling back onto the bearskin.

Michelle was a little surprised when Samantha urged her to her back. With the fur once again tickling her back and buttocks, Michelle watched with interest as Samantha got to her knees and threw a leg across her stomach. Straddling her hips, Samantha eased down onto the chisel handle, using a hand to guide it home. The girl moaned as it slipped deep, her eyes widening as it filled her up. She sat astride Michelle a moment, getting used to the feel of it inside of her, again. When she was ready, Samantha began to move up and down on the improvised dildo, each pump of her hips pushing a moan from her slack mouth.

The flex of Samantha’s pneumatic body drew Michelle’s eyes, and the girl was mesmerizing in the flickering light of the fire. The flames accentuated the curves and planes of Samantha’s lovely body, heightened the girl’s already considerable sensuality until Michelle couldn’t look away.

The interplay of shadow and light across Samantha’s taut stomach and bouncing breasts as she rode the dildo stimulated a primitive part of Michelle’s mind. Making love by firelight spoke to her animal side, something she had learned about herself during these weeks in the wild. She wondered if it’d be the same under artificial light. She doubted she’d want the girl less if the light came from a bulb and not an open flame. Still, she thought laying with Samantha by a fire would always have a special spot in her heart.

Her hands were jealous of her eyes. Michelle ran her hands over Samantha’s thighs and stomach, up to cup her breasts. The girl’s soft skin and taut muscles thrilled her sense of touch the way the flex of her hips had drawn her eyes. The more she explored Samantha’s lovely body, the harder it became to stop. Like a drug, she was addicted to Samantha, high on her.

Michelle wasn’t the only one excited by her touch. Samantha was biting her lip and trying to keep quiet, but she wasn’t having any luck. Michelle’s hands on her body, and the chisel handle turned dildo inside of her had her little cries of pleasure filling the crow’s nest. Those little animal noises of enjoyment only grew louder and more urgent the fast her hips moved. Michelle thought she was going to make herself come.

The thought barely had time to pop into Michelle’s head when she saw Samantha start to lose control of her body. Michelle helped finish her off, pushing her hips up once, twice, three more times. It was all it took, and Samantha lost herself to the pleasure washing through her body. She sat astride Michelle for a while, careful not to move.

Brushing her hair out of her eyes, Samantha gave Michelle a dazed smile and said, “God, I love this thing.”

“Do you think we can smuggle it back to the States?” Michelle asked, playfully.

“If not, I’ll just have to make another one,” Samantha said, leaning in and kissing Michelle.

Laughing, Michelle said, “Your dad’s going to be wondering where all the handles to his tools went.”

Samantha kissed her one more time, then said, “I might have a better idea.”

“What’s that?”

“Mom sells ceramic knickknacks,” Samantha said, easing off the handle and stretching out next to Michelle, “she makes her own molds. I help her with the larger ones.”

“Okay,” Michelle said, wondering where Samantha was going with this.

“She also made me some devil horns out of silicone for my Halloween costume.”

Raising her eyebrows, Michelle asked, “You were the devil for Halloween?”

“A sexy devil,” Samantha said, blushing when Michelle laughed, “anyway, Mom has really sensitive skin. Regular silicone would have broken her out, so she got some special hypoallergenic type.”

“Is that important?” Michelle asked.

Grinning, Samantha said, “It’s body safe. It says it right on the container.”

“Body safe?” Michelle said, then her eyes got wide, “Oh. You mean…”

“Yeah,” Samantha said, her smile widening, “I can make us the real thing… Well, the real fake thing.”

Looking at her girlfriend, Michelle said, “Why do I get the feeling you already thought about this?”

“As soon as I saw the words’ body safe’,” Samantha said, laughing.

“Your Sharpie would be so jealous,” Michelle teased.

“Shut up,” Samantha said, shaking her head.

“Halloween was like eight months ago,” Michelle said, meeting Samantha’s eyes.

Shrugging, Samantha said, “After Bianca broke it off with me, I didn’t need it as much. It’d be a lot of work to make. I’d have to make a model out of clay, cast in plaster, make a plastic mold, then make the dildo itself. Then there’s the fact I’d be grounded forever if I got caught with a dildo. Or using Mom’s stuff without her permission for that matter.”

“Do you think it’s worth getting in trouble over?” Michelle asked.

“Oh yeah,” Samantha said, grinning, “definitely.”

Laughing at her enthusiasm, Michelle said, “Okay.”

“Hey,” Samantha said, giving her a look, “I’d be doing it for us.”

Michelle leaned in and kissed her tenderly, said, “And I love you for it.”

“Uh huh,” Samantha said, pretending to be hurt.

Kissing her again, Michelle pulled the girl close. Samantha came willingly enough, and the heat behind the kiss started to build. Both girls had had an orgasm, but their desire was far from extinguished. Michelle thought it would be quite a while before either of them was ready to call it a night.


Her breathing finally under some sort of control, Michelle turned her head and smiled at Samantha. When the girl smiled back at her warmly, Michelle said, “That was so good.”

“It might be our last chance,” Samantha said, her smile becoming playful, “for a while, anyway. It had to be good.”

“We keep saying it’s our last, then we get another one,” Michelle said, her smile widening as she thought about the ‘last time’ in the barn, then the ‘last time’ in the shower.

“True,” Samantha said, laughing.

Sighing contentedly, Michelle said, “I’m not complaining though. I could get used to this ‘last chance’ sex.”

“Me, too,” Samantha said, rolling on her side and giving her a kiss. Pulling back, she met Michelle’s eyes and said, “Promise me something.”

“What?” Michelle asked, smiling at her.

“That we’ll always make love like it’s our last chance.”

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8 Responses to The Wild, Part Thirteen

  1. Nathan Riches says:

    Wow, drawing things out much? :S 😛 Not exactly complaining… oh who am I kidding? Cmon, we need more than just a little filler please? Dont get me wrong, Im glad we got anything at all I was just kinda disappointed at how short it was is all.

  2. Andrew Mason says:

    That last line was perfect. Another nice chapter there, Ebo.

  3. Greg says:

    Thanks Ebo, I was really happy to see this chapter! I love this story and I reread the old chapters just yesterday. I’m oh so happy every time I see something new from you! Now we are right on the edge of seeing how things will be for the girls and you can’t keep us waiting too long! I know you have a life away from here but we are more rabid than any wild animals! 😆😆

  4. Eleven67 says:

    And another perfect art of this beautiful Story. You’re perfect in keeping the audience thrilled.
    Looking forward for the next part.

  5. Fur says:

    Thank you for another story Ebo, but I have to agree with Nathan.

  6. No One says:

    A fun enough chapter, but it’s true that it didn’t do much to move things forward and felt a little like filler. That last line is great, though!

    I’m worried about Blue. It would be great if she could come along with the girls, but I’m not sure there is a believable way to make it happen.

    Also, will Michelle and Samantha get royalties if Helena’s new novel is successful? 😉

  7. Pakar says:

    Your stories are some of my favorites. The Wild has only interested me more. I look forward to the next chapter and only hope it continues!

    My favorite part in this chapter was the below line
    ” Still, she thought laying with Samantha by a fire would always have a special spot in her heart”
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Lex Cortland says:

    I wanted to bawl at that scene with Blue! Saying goodbye to such a good friend is the worst!

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