The Doll, Part Three

Looking at it lying atop the other sex toys, she thought her parents might beg to differ. She has definitely been misbehaving a lot more lately, and she thought there would be more misbehaving tonight once they sorted all of this stuff out.

Thinking about misbehaving, her eyes went to the keep pile, settling on the pink dildo. Again, she wondered if tonight would be the night. With her virginity only a technicality and with the promise of many pleasurable things intimated by Becca’s words in the shower, she thought it was bound to happen eventually and sooner rather than later.

Why not tonight, Lizzy thought, her eyes still on the smooth shaft of the dildo. When she couldn’t come up with a reason why it shouldn’t be tonight, her heart started racing. Her hands were shaking a little as she reached out and picked up the strap-on harness. She looked at it a while, then made up her mind. She set it on her pillow, then added the dildo.

Looking at the harness and toy on the pillow, Becca asked, “Starting a new pile?”

“Um, yeah,” Lizzy said

“For what?”

“Things we are leaving out for later,” Lizzy said, her cheeks flushed.

Feeling Becca’s eyes on her, Lizzy looked up and saw the robot looking at her curiously. Finally, Becca asked, “Are you sure?”

Taking a deep breath, Lizzy smiled at her and nodded, “I’m sure.”

“Why now?” Becca asked.

“Remember when we were in the shower, and you said you know many ways to pleasure a woman…” Lizzy said, trailing off as Becca started grinning.

Stealing a kiss, the robot asked, “Did I pique your interest, then?”

“Yeah,” Lizzy said, honestly.

Becca met Lizzy’s eyes, held them, and said, “Your first time should be with someone special.”

“My first time was with you, remember?” Lizzy laughed.

“You know what I mean,” Becca said, giving her a sour look.

“You’re my best friend,” Lizzy said, a little embarrassed, “I think you are pretty special.”

Becca looked at her a long moment, then favored her with a warm smile. With a tender kiss, she said, “You are pretty special, too.”

“Oh God,” Lizzy said, rolling her eyes and laughing. Still, she smiled back at the automaton. As awkward as the exchange had been, the sentiment behind it had been real.

“Let’s finish hiding this stuff,” Becca said, changing the subject.


Standing in the middle of her bedroom, Lizzy spun around slowly. The last of the things she had decided to keep was safely hidden away, and she was trying to see if anything showed. She thought she had done a pretty good job of hiding everything, but she still would be on pins and needles until Mrs. Nelson’s next cleaning day. That would be the ultimate test of her thoroughness.

Lizzy glanced at the clock and saw it was after one in the morning, but she wasn’t tired. After making up her mind to let Becca use the strap-on on her tonight, she has been almost jittery with nervous excitement. Her thoughts had chased each other around and around in her head as she wondered what it was going to be like. She knew there would be some discomfort when it happened, but the pleasure that would follow would be all that much sweeter.

Her distracted thoughts were the main reason she was double checking her job of hiding the sex toys and lingerie. She really didn’t want to get caught with them. She couldn’t even imagine how much trouble she’d be in. She didn’t know what level of punishment her parents had past grounding her, and she really didn’t want to find out.

“Satisfied?” Becca asked.

Glancing at her, Lizzy asked, “Do you see any of it?”

Becca embraced Lizzy from behind, put her chin on Lizzy’s shoulder, and said, “You did a good job of hiding them.”

“I hope so,” Lizzy said, with a little laugh, “I’d be in so much trouble if Mrs. Nelson found any of it.”

“Do you think she’d tell on us?” Becca asked.

“Well, yeah,” Lizzy said, laughing again, “and I wouldn’t even be mad at her for it. Girls my age shouldn’t have things like this.”

“I shouldn’t have asked for them to be sent?” Becca asked.

“No,” Lizzy said, snuggling back into Becca, “but since you did…”

Lizzy sighed as Becca kissed her neck. She shivered in anticipation as Becca’s hands slipped under her sleep shirt. They were warm against the bare skin of her stomach, then her breasts. A moan slipped past her slack mouth as Becca teased her nipples. The sweet torture brought her desire to life, her body responding to Becca’s touch.

She was more than ready when one of Becca’s hands slipped down her stomach and into the front of the panties she wore. The first brush of Becca’s fingers against her bud sent a wave of pleasure through her young body. The first but not the last, the delicious pressure of Becca’s caress driving her young body wild. Her hips pushed against Becca’s hand eagerly, craving more of the lovely sensation.

“You keep that up, and you won’t get to play with your toy,” Lizzy said, her voice thick with excitement. She wasn’t kidding, either. Becca had her teetering on the edge of a climax, her toes hanging over the edge, already.

“I’m sure there’s more than one in here,” Becca whispered in Lizzy’s ear, her fingers moving even faster.

Caught off guard by the comment, Lizzy started laughing.

Her laughter became a moan as she thought about what the statement really implied and her heart started beating faster. The hour on the clock was late, but she thought it was going to be a lot later before they went to sleep tonight.

The thought of much more pleasure to come finished what Becca’s capable fingers had begun. Her knees almost buckled as her climax shook her, Becca kept Lizzy on her feet and held her as she lost herself in the lovely sensations washing through her.

Turning in Becca’s arms, Lizzy smiled at her and gave her a lingering kiss. Without breaking it, she hooked her thumbs in Becca’s panties, pushing them down. She got them to about Becca’s mid-thigh, then gravity did the rest. With one last kiss, Lizzy sank to her knees in front of Becca.

A moan escaped Becca as Lizzy’s tongue found her bud. Rolling her eyes up, Lizzy saw Becca’s face pinch in pleasure. Smiling, Lizzy returned her attention to what she was doing. The flick of her tongue had Becca’s hips moving, pushing her girlhood against Lizzy’s mouth eagerly.

Lizzy had to wonder how easy this came to her now, going down on Becca. A very short while ago, she’d have said they were crazy if someone suggested she’d ever do this to another girl. Maybe this has been in her all along, an inner lesbian that just needed the right nudge. She definitely took to sleeping with Becca pretty quickly.

Thinking about the dildo and harness on the bed, Lizzy thought, I’ve done a lot of things I never expected to do since Becca arrived. Like losing my virginity to another girl… um, both times.

Becca brought her back from her thoughts when she put her hand on the back of Lizzy’s head, holding her mouth to her writhing body. Getting the hint, Lizzy returned her attention to Becca’s girlhood. She kept her tongue moving, pushing the girl closer to ecstasy. She smiled as Becca’s fingers tightened in her hair and the girl’s little cries of enjoyment grew louder. Lizzy didn’t let up, kept teasing Becca’s bud until she couldn’t take anymore. Becca suddenly cried out, her body pulling away from Lizzy’s mouth as her orgasm had its way with her. Smiling, Lizzy ran her tongue over Becca’s very sensitive bud, making the girl gasp and her hips jerk.

Getting to her feet, Lizzy wrapped her arms around Becca’s neck and kissed her. She smiled at Becca when she pulled back, asked, “Why are we still standing here?”

Looking at the bed, Becca laughed, “I don’t know.”

Lizzy took her hand, led her to the bed. Before lying down, Lizzy finished what she had started, removing Becca’s sleep shirt. She held her arms up so that Becca could do the same to her. Her panties joined the shirt on the floor. Naked, she stretched out on the bed and pulled Becca into her arms when the robot did the same. Their lips met in a heated kiss

Becca gently rolled her onto her back without breaking the kiss. Something was poking Lizzy in the back, distracting her. Finally, she had to break the kiss and reach behind to see what it was. It was the dildo, displaced by their passion. The automaton’s eyes went to the dildo, then met Lizzy’s.

“Do we still need that?” Becca asked, still holding her gaze.

Kissing her again, Lizzy put the dildo in Becca’s hand and said, “Yeah.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am,” Lizzy said, with a little laugh. When Becca looked at her a long moment, she said, “Really, I am… I’m just a little nervous.”

“I’ll be gentle,” Becca said.

Smiling at her, Lizzy said, “I know.”

Becca gave her a tender kiss, then got to her knees and reached for the harness. Propping up on her elbows, Lizzy watched as Becca slipped the dildo through the opening and snapped it into place. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as Becca put the harness on, adjusting and securing the straps on each hip. Her eyes were on the dildo now jutting out from Becca’s lower abdomen. The whole time they were hiding the other sex toys, she had been imagining what it was going to be like to have it inside of her. Now that it was time to find out, she was a little scared. It was the smallest of the dildos, but it still looked pretty big from this angle.

She wasn’t scared enough to change her mind, though. Her excitement made her brave.

Leaning in, Becca gave Lizzy a deep, lingering kiss that stole her breath away. She was a little dizzy with desire by the time Becca pulled back from it to smile at her. That smile only made her want the girl more, a pleasant warmth spreading over her body.

Becca moved between Lizzy’s legs, running her hands down the insides of her thighs and pushing them open wide. She moved forward, until she was in position, the cool shaft of the dildo lying against Lizzy’s hot bud. Moving her hips, she rubbed the dildo against Lizzy’s bud, drawing a moan from her. Meeting Lizzy’s eyes, she said, “Try to relax.”

“Right,” Lizzy said.

“Take a deep breath,” Becca said, easing the dildo back and pressing it against the opening of Lizzy’s vagina.

Lizzy took a shaky breath, letting it out as a gasp as Becca pushed her hips forward. There was a sharp pain, then the dildo was deep inside of her. It happened so fast she barely had time to acknowledge the pain. She looked wide-eyed at where the shaft disappeared into her, a good four inches missing from view.

Becca was looking at her anxiously, her eyes worried as she asked, “Are you okay?”

“Um, yeah,” Lizzy said, looking up at Becca. Lizzy realized she had answered a little too quickly, so she took a moment to access how she felt. She was a little surprised that, other than a slight sting, she was indeed okay. Meeting Becca’s eyes, she asked, “Is that it?”

“That was the bad part, yeah. Did it hurt?” Becca asked.

“A little… Kind of a tug, then a sharp pain,” Lizzy said, then smiled at Becca, “not as bad as I thought it’d be.”

“I tried to be gentle,” Becca said.

“You were,” Lizzy said, trying to sit up. The dildo moved inside of her, and she gasped. Her eyes got wide, and she laughed, “Holy shit!”

“Are you okay?” Becca asked.

“Yeah,” Lizzy said, tentatively moving her hips, again. A moan escaped her, and she laughed again. Becca gave her a curious look, and this time she reached up and pulled the girl down to kiss her. Her hands ran down Becca’s back to grab her buttocks, pulling her forward. She moaned into Becca’s mouth.

Pulling back from the kiss, Becca grinned at her, said, “I guess you are okay.”

“God, it feels so good,” Lizzy said, blushing when Becca’s smile widened, “well, it does.”

Lizzy moaned as Becca started rolling her hips forward. She kept it nice and slow, letting Lizzy get used to having the dildo inside of her. Slow or not, each time the dildo pushed deep into her, it forced a moan from her slack mouth.

“A little faster?” Becca asked, meeting Lizzy’s eyes.

Biting her lip, Lizzy nodded. Becca kissed her deeply and, without breaking it, let her thrusts come faster, deeper. Lizzy did her best to kiss Becca back, but the pleasure washing through her was making it hard to focus. She finally had to give up.

Becca didn’t seem to mind, finding other places to kiss than her lips. Lizzy sighed as Becca kissed her neck, her collar bone. The girl’s hand roamed up Lizzy’s flanks to cup her breasts, teasing them until her nipples ached sweetly. The sensation seemed to meld with other lovely things that were happening to her until her whole body was a mess of happy nerve endings. It was almost overwhelming, too much for her young body to process.

She wasn’t surprised when an orgasm came on quick, her abdomen tightening in anticipation of that explosion of pleasure. She was ready for it, but the climax still knocked the breath out of her mid cry of ecstasy. A few seconds later when she could draw a breath, she laughed, “Holy shit!”

Smiling, Becca leaned in for a kiss, said, “I take it you like it.”

“A little,” Lizzy half purred, half laughed. The feel-good juices were flowing, and she felt as insubstantial as a dandelion puff. She thought she might blow away on a breeze of endorphins.

“Just a little?” Becca teased.

“We are definitely keeping this handy,” Lizzy said.

“We didn’t find a hiding spot for the harness,” Becca said, easing out of Lizzy.

“Yeah,” Lizzy said, looking around the room, “we left it out to play with and forgot to save a hiding spot for it.”

“We can figure it out later,” Becca said, then with a playful smile, “do you want to try it out?”

With a coy smile of her own, Lizzy asked, “Is that your way of saying it’s your turn?”

Laughing, Becca started unfastening the buckles on her hips. When she slipped free of it, she leaned in and gave Lizzy a lingering kiss. Her eyes flashed when she pulled back and said, “I want you inside of me.”

Caught off guard, again, Lizzy burst out laughing. When she sobered up some, she said, “Wow.”

“Too raunchy?” Becca asked.

Lizzy sat up and kissed her, smiled as she said, “Just raunchy enough.”

Picking up the harness, Becca said, “Try it on.”

The harness turned out to be trickier than Lizzy expected. Becca had to help her with the buckles while she held it in place. How Becca had managed to get into on her own baffled Lizzy. Still, she had it on and smoothed into place.

“How does it feel?” Becca asked.

“Okay,” Lizzy said, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She had to smile and shake her head at the sight of the dildo sticking out from her lower abdomen. She thought, never expected to see that.

“It doesn’t hurt you, does it?” Becca asked, meeting Lizzy’s eyes.

“Um, I don’t think so,” Lizzy said.

Becca reached out and gave the strap-on an experimental tug. It didn’t hurt, but Lizzy’s eyes got wide as it put pressure on her still sensitive bud. Becca saw it and smiled, stroked the shaft. Lizzy laughed at the lewd gesture, but it was half a sigh of pleasure. The motion of Becca’s hand translated through the harness, felt surprisingly good.

Letting go of the dildo, Becca got to her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at Lizzy, expectantly. Lizzy moved behind her, lined up the dildo, and eased it into Becca. The automaton moaned as it slipped deep inside. Becca’s eyes flashed with excitement, and she pushed back on the dildo, taking it all.

Lizzy’s first couple of thrusts were awkward, strangely uncoordinated for someone as graceful as she was. Becca had made it look so easy, the sensual flex of her body practiced and capable. Lizzy felt like she was doing something wrong, even though Becca was moaning and sighing. Glancing at her reflection in the mirror, she saw she lack all the grace Becca had had when she was wearing the strap-on.

Finally, she had to ask, “Is this okay? Am I doing it right?”

“The harness takes a while to get used to,” Becca said, watching Lizzy over her shoulder, “you are too stiff. Move your hips, not your whole body.”

“My hips, got it,” Lizzy said, trying it. She smiled as she found her rhythm, the roll of her hips feeling like a much more natural movement. It felt kind of sexy, like she was dancing.

“Just like that,” Becca said, around a moan, “just like that.”

Smiling, Lizzy thought, I guess she likes it, too

Her pace increased as her confidence grew, her thrusts coming faster and deeper. Glancing at herself in the mirror, Lizzy smiled when she saw the sensuality that she had seen in Becca, and it made her feel sexy instead of awkward. She had to shake her head at the curious sense of pride that flooded her.

Well, if you are going to do something, you might as well do it right, Lizzy thought, trying to justify the sense of accomplishment she felt, and judging by the sound Becca is making, I’m doing it right.

Becca’s little cries of enjoyment were filling the bedroom. Even though they had verified that sound didn’t travel outside of her bedroom, Lizzy glanced at the door nervously. Still, she didn’t let up, kept her hips moving even as a new urgency crept into Becca’s voice.

Her cries grew sharper, ratcheting up in volume as she started to come. Lizzy thrust once, twice, three more times and Becca suddenly stiffened, then shook herself loose. The orgasm had its way with her, left her trembling as it moved on.

Becca eased off the dildo, stretching out on her back in front of Lizzy. Smiling up at her, Becca sighed happily and said, “I guess you got used to it.”

Laughing, Lizzy said, “It’s all in the hips.”

Becca sat up and kissed her, said, “Mm, I love your hips.”

“Just my hips?” Lizzy teased.

“I’m fond of the rest of you, too,” Becca said, laughed. Sobering up some, she met Lizzy’s eyes, asked, “Are you okay? With what we did?”

Kissing her, Lizzy said, “Yeah.”

“Thank you, Lizzy,” Becca said.

“For what?” Lizzy asked, giving her a curious look.

“For letting me be the one,” Becca said, almost shyly.

Feeling a burst of warmth for the robot, Lizzy hugged her tightly.


Lying in the dark, Lizzy smiled at the slight soreness between her thighs. She thought it might be worse in the morning. Still, losing her virginity hadn’t hurt as much as she thought it would and the pleasure that followed more than made up for the discomfort. She was glad she went through with it.

She glanced at the alarm clock, shaking her head when she saw it was almost four in the morning. Lizzy had wanted to keep using the strap-on, but Becca thought it would be best if they didn’t. She thought Lizzy should take it slow using it for a while. Ease into it, Becca had said. Although she had seen the wisdom in the statement, Lizzy had made a joke about it being the other way around. Lizzy had been a little embarrassed by her own joke, but it got a laugh from Becca.

They had traded toys for their fingers and mouths, the night’s festivities lasting long after the strap-on harness and dildo were put up in their new homes. It had been about an hour ago, exhausted and sated, they had finally called it a night. They had cuddled atop the covers, trying to cool down and catch their breath.

Eventually, they had crawled under the covers and turned out the lights. In the dark, Lizzy had closed her eyes to go to sleep, only to realize she was still wide awake. Free of distractions, her mind was like a dog that wanted to run rather than lie down so she could get to sleep. She wasn’t surprised; she had a lot to think about. Instead of trying to fight it, she let her mind off its leash. Again, she wasn’t surprised when it returned to sniff at the conversation she and Becca had in the food court at the mall.

Becca was right, Lizzy thought, smiling, friends don’t do what we just did.

Snuggling tighter against Becca, Lizzy wondered what her answer would be now if Becca asked what it would mean if they held hands. She wasn’t sure it would be the same as it had been earlier.

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  1. Andrew Mason says:

    Lucky thing I check back as often as I do! Another good chapter here, Ebo. A bit short on world building, but not every chapter can have the perfect balance of lore and sexy times. It seems that sometime in the future Lizzy and Becca will have to confront the fact that one of them is considered property, unless of course that’s not the case in this world.

    • ebo says:

      I was wondering if you all still checked this site. It’s been a lot longer between chapters than I anticipated, even with my hectic work schedule. I would have understood if you had moved on.

      Business is finally starting to slow down at the restaurant, so I’m shooting for a chapter every two weeks. That’s the goal, anyway.

      Andrew, you are right that this story has a lot of potential for philosophical debate. How much of it will end up in the plotline, I can’t say.

      • Andrew Mason says:

        As long as you might be posting, I’m gonna be checking. Not only that, I decided that your fan club needs a group name. I propose Ebophiles.

  2. Greg says:

    It’s a nice chapter, I kinda agree with Andrew on the lack of back story. I actually check every day for new content. I re-read the stories to get my fix of your stories. It really is the stories I love the most, and generally skip over the sex parts. Not that I don’t enjoy them as well, just read them too many times. I’m glad you will have more time for writing, I think you are an exceptional story teller. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep checking back as often as I can. I was just getting ready to send a note about missing your stories on a more frequent basis and here my wish came true! Thanks!

  3. Quinlan says:

    I check about every other day, hoping for new chapters or new stories. It’s good to hear that we should be getting to read more from you.

  4. Fur says:

    It was enjoyable but like the others I want more story to go with the sex. I’ll have to re-read this story as I’m not fully sure that this followed what I remember from the last chapter.

    I do check often for new stories but I’ve been looking for other stories to enjoy of the lesbian nature. It will be good to see more stories from you. As my work year is starting up it will give me something to look forward to.

  5. Hello this is Miri.
    Dear Mr. Ebo, Susy has taken me to Spain again and if I do not poke any more the needle knitting down my plaster then we will stay for the week extra. I think she is good to me and would let us have the next week because she loves me but we had to come home early because some nasty people had broken into our garage at Wilderbrook. Philip was very lucky being for a service at the garage. They might have hurt him or stolen him away. Even though Susy brought me home before time I am very very happy and Susy will tell you why.
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    Susy writes.
    I felt bad bringing Mireille home early but at least she was very happy, I tell you why at the end but at least we had the nice surprise, Dolly 3 awaiting us.
    We loved this chapter. Possibly because we knew it was coming – it had to – for the sake of completeness as does a – possible – involvement with Ms Golden. Miri thought Becca very kind and gentle with Lizzy who, since Becca had awoken her desire, not just for sex but sex with the female form, really can’t get enough. That neither of them has spoken of love, we wonder if it’s an emotion Lizzy will feel toward her partner. Whether or not Becca is capable of such emotion remains to be seen/written. We are certain Ebo, you can write of a “love” that she has but is a robot capable of such things. Isaac Asimov would say yes, as he wrote about one (a positronic robot) called Dors who fell in love with a man, Hari Seldon. There is an analogy between TD and TPLD. Miri saw it and after mentioning it to me, it seemed very true. In the former we have Natty (possibly in love with Erin – despite her saying there could never be an, us) and Erin at one time in love with Natty. A union doomed to eventual failure due to the continually widening age gap. Here in TD we have a similar scenario, Becca, always 12/13 and Lizzy 13, who will continue to age. So should one or both fall for the other the relationship could/would be doomed to failure?
    However, back to virginity losing. Lizzy was extremely lucky in not finding the trip up to womanhood too painful. Miri suggests, that she, like most of we girls, work themselves up (Miri says “into a frizzle”) through listening to all sorts of tales. Lizzy seemed nicely surprised that the pain she felt, was a brief sting and then it was gone, masked by the wonderful sensations she was feeling. This leads us to say that, no matter how many times you write about love making Ebo, you always try – and succeed – in making each loving episode fresh and interesting, both emotionally and erotically. This is testimony to your consummate skill in the consummation. He he.
    Not much more to say except, it was well worth the wait: you have nothing to apologise for Ebo and we look forward to the next, whatever. As to the lack of storyline mentioned by the boys, we girlies thought it was ok to devote basically, the whole chapter to losing Lizzy’s virginity. You boys perhaps don’t realise what a big venture it can be for us. Much more traumatic than a boys first time.. Try being circumcised on or before your first occasion.
    What’s next? Some of us will want Doll4, others, Wild 12 and Miri and I admit to a large soft spot for Erin and friends. We are, however, in complete agreement with Andrew, we fans should have a name, Ebophiles, does seem to fit the bill – what about Ebocentrics or Team- Ebo. Eborites, we could go on. The Ebophiles from Nattyville. Everybody, have a go. Oh! the good news, I’ll let Miri tell you after all.
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    • Andrew Mason says:

      The announcement of your upcoming nuptials isn’t exactly a surprise, but is welcome nonetheless. May you have many happy years together at Wilderwood and elsewhere!

    • Fur says:

      Congrats on finally admitting how much you care for each other Miri & Susy.

      My job is almost always fun it’s just 2 days a week rather then my winter hours of 1 day every other week. And because you will want to know I work at Fort Bridger as a curatorial assistant. (Labor Day weekend is the best time to visit)

      Honestly I did enjoy the sex and the lose of the virginity really did deserve its own chapter. My issue was I forgot it was next in the story and Ebo I just expect more stories from you I don’t care what story it is.

  6. Miri wanted to us to read this epi. once more – so we did.
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    I was extremely anxious that our future was not based on the rebound from, my losing Jen and Mireille’s girlfriend (with whom she was in love) leaving the UK.
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    Well back to Dolly 3. Firstly, it’s extremely touching that in this epi. Becca is accorded the distinction of being a girl. A telling remark on her likeness to humanity.
    The girls loving and cuddling had us talking and thinking and after some thought on the topic, we have a general observation about some of the characters and what seems more natural for them. Sparked off by Lizzy and Becca’s loving, it has to do with cuddling. Before saying what it is, we will ask this question of you. From reading our comments, do you think it more natural for me to write that I cuddle Mireille, or she cuddles me? I’ll be honest, I love cuddling Miri – just as I did Treasure).
    To Miri and I, it seems more usual AND natural that in TPLD: Erin cuddles Ashley; that Mindy cuddles Sarah and in TW, that Michelle cuddles Samantha; Admirer/Dance, that Bethany cuddles Addie; White Stockings, that Jamie cuddles Eliza and in The Doll that Becca cuddles Lizzy (first cuddle in Dolly1) and so on. We are not saying that any one character is more dominant than the other – it’s just the way events seem to have turned out. White Stockings is perhaps a little different because of the age difference. Anyway – just our thoughts.
    Another observation of Miri’s (very astute I thought) is about the girls with whom you have gracing your home page, the pictures are always tasteful, even genteel and the second photo – to the right of “What’s New” could be, the blonde, Erin and the red hair, Ashley (looks like red hair). What say you all. That’s all for now, love as always, Susy and Miri. Xx
    PS The nice policemen have caught the nasty men who invaded Wilderbrook – caught them red-handed in another garage down the road. I wanted to beat them, Miri has been walking around the garden cheering all day.

    • Fur says:

      No I don’t look like Jim Bridger though I’m related through his daughter Virginia Bridger Hahn (the Hahn was family). I’m in under the wolf

      Honestly I’ve never thought about the cuddling but you’re view makes sense. Do you think height makes a difference in that too?

      I’m glad the thieves were caught and I hope your stuff is returned.

      “If it’s true love you will fall in love and marry again” according to a friend of mine. Of course he keeps telling his wife “just don’t bring him to the funeral”. So I do honestly believe you were both meant to be together and that you meet and feel in love at exactly the time you ready to.

    • Andrew Mason says:

      Agreeing with Fur here. I love my wife more than I’ve ever loved anyone before, and I’d be absolutely devastated if something happened to her. I also know for sure she’d want me to find someone else. I’d be thrilled to do as well as you two have!

      Life is for the living. It’s terrible that Jen is no longer with us, but I’m quite sure she’d want both of you to be happy, and if being together is what makes you both happiest, I’m pretty sure you’ll get nothing but a hurrah from our dear departed Jen.

  7. Eleven67 says:

    Dear Susy an Miri. I’m everytime happy, reading your very long comments. Since i’ve started a training as a driving instructor, and in Germany this is a very specific and hard job, i have very less time reading all here, but in my mind and heart i’m with you.

    Ebo, this is another nice story to enjoy. small comment, but said all. Hope for the next episodes to all other.

  8. THE DOLL 3.
    Dear Ebo,
    With your kind permission, for Fur, referring, before moving on, to your Fort Bridger comments, Miri (at her comical best) wondered if (nice Fur) had been a salesman having read that Fort Bridger, was originally a “Fur” trading post. He ha. Now mentioning the ease with which I can pop Miri over my knee in comments above, is testimony to her weight (or the lack of it) and just as significantly her size – her 4’11” brings us to your comment Fur, about size when cuddling: Jen’s tiny, child-like frame and Miri’s being only 4 inches more, led my 5’8” frame to cuddle them both, so in our respect, the taller always cuddling the shorter lends considerable, spot on credence to your suggestion about size. We had a look at your photo Fur and Miri smiled asking me if I think one of those people could be Fur, we both giggled.
    Further to your later comments above, Andrew and Fur, you make us both very happy for us to grasp love and fortune when it presents and to marry also: you are definitely correct, indeed, we are both very, very lucky. Andrew, as testimony to your particular thoughts regarding Jen being happy for us, here is a section of darling Jen’s will. It was basically an undated note which outlined the wishes of my wonderful departed wife.
    “Please darling Susy do not be upset for me for too long my love and if you meet someone who is nice and you want to be with them for all your life – then you can love her and you have my blessings. I think that is all Susy until we meet again in heaven. Lots and lots and lots of love, your Treasure xx”
    Yes, it made me cry and Miri also when I showed her Treas’ “will” and also affirmed, even in death, Treas’ generous and caring nature.
    Thank you also Eleven67 for your thoughtful comment.
    In the meantime a final brief note on Dolly 3. This surfaced after Miri had asked me if I thought that the Asimov robot, Dors, I mentioned in our previous comments really fell in love with Hari Seldon. If my memory serves, I recall their getting married after Dors realised the dynamic between her and Seldon changed.
    In the same way, both the girls must realise their relationship has changed. Lizzy’s feelings have her admitting that Becca is now a major part of and influence in her life and declaring:- “You’re my best friend,” and “I think you are pretty special.” and in answer:- Becca favors her with a tender kiss, and says, “You are pretty special, too.” It is tempting to think that Becca was merely stating what Lizzy would have wanted to hear – in fact what we all would wish to hear in answer from someone to whom we have just declared our love. Becca’s answer, perhaps took Lizzy by surprise not having been in such a relationship before, hence her “Oh God!” reaction but she would know “the sentiment behind it had been real.” It will be interesting to see who first expresses their love before this super story concludes and thanks once again Ebo for a wonderful story. Love as always, Susy and Miri xx Members of the Ebophiles movement.
    PS. Fur, we shall eventually get our stuff back from the robbery when the court case is over – until then the police are using it as evidence. S

    • Lex Cortland says:

      I should hope you get your stuff back! My family was robbed when I was a child. The police caught the robbers still with our stuff, but they kept it, to pay for a new cappuccino machine for the station break room, I suppose.

      And that’s how the police hereabouts stole a child’s toys.

  9. Our Dear Ebo,
    Susy says
    A big thank you from Miri and I – and we shall include your host of enthusiastic and devoted readers – for your continual dedication in writing stories and servicing the comments made by us all. Thanks also, to Lex and Fur for their recent hopeful thoughts regarding the return of our stolen property.
    We are not certain of its worth but we have a letter from the police, listing our property and stating that we will have it returned once the court case is over. (sometime late July or early August) We shall keep our fingers crossed for one item in particular – a little cuddly doggy. Hopefully Lex, our local police already have a coffee machine and are not desirous of a new tea urn or anything else. We will report again on this later in the year. Anyway, to other matters whilst we are awaiting our next wonderful offering from you dear Ebo and you know, one of the more enjoyable aspects of the wait, is wondering what the next story/chapter shall be.
    Now, I can’t recall if I mentioned this but a while ago, my darling Miri said she wouldn’t mind a doll like Becca. I must have looked suitably indignant, because she went bright red and hugged me declaring, “not for love making dear Susy, just to play with”. That was back in February before her birthday, so, amongst other birthday gifts, I gave her an Itty Bitty Boo Doggy – the unicorn and around her neck I fastened a pretty pink bow with the label, “my name is Becca”. I don’t know if you guys are aware of the range of Itty Bitty Boo doggies but there are loads of them and now my darling Miri is driving me bonkers – and I do mean bonkers. I confess it’s my own fault for having giving her the gift in the first place. It has not replaced teddy but sits on her bedside cabinet – now with a tribe of others. Since her birthday, Miri has been using some of her weekly pocket money to buy a different doggy, most weeks and she has given all of them cute names – all harvested from her favorite Ebo stories. Before story time, Miri talks to them all to ensure they are listening and during the story, she often pauses to make sure they understand. She is only teasing me – but – I do wonder. Especially when she trots out statements like, “Erin, Ashley, are you paying attention?”
    The little cuddly doggy I mention above, who was stolen, is “Mindy”. Initially, Miri was heartbroken but felt considerably better when she was listed in the letter from the police. She had been in the garage watching Miri sort out a load of clothes for the local orphanage and inadvertently, had been left there. Our cleaner, whom I rang when we were in Spain, had not yet brought Mindy back inside.
    Darling Miri and I continue to be very happy with each other and our life together. I never thought for one minute that I would find another love but as you say, Fur and Andrew, we know our dear departed Jen is in heaven cheering and happy for us. At the end of the month we shall be going back to Spain, hopefully until the end of June and during the time, Jen’s and Miri’s parents are coming out to join us. We shall all have a wonderful holiday. Until next time, love as always Susy and Miri. xx

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