Moonlight Dancers, Part Four

“One… Two… Leg sweep to deep bow… Nice work, ladies. Take five.”

“How’s it coming?” Kelly asked.

Coming over to where Kelly stood, Nadia said, “Vicky is a quick learner. She’s just about got the routine down already.”

“I thought she’d be a good fit,” Kelly said, happy to have been correct.

“She’s got some raw talent and a passion for dancing,” Nadia said, nodding, “I think she could make a career of it if that is a route she wants to take.”

“You mean if this is more than a hobby?” Kelly said, making the woman roll her eyes, “Not everyone is dedicated as you are, Nadia.”

“It seems like every time I’ve finally molded one of these girls into a true dancer, they discover boys and lose all focus,” Nadia said, sighing, “we lose so many good dancers to hormones.”

Laughing, Kelly said, “Kids grow up, Nadia.”

“I know,” the choreographer said, shaking her head, “which makes my job more difficult.”

“Think of it as job security – we’ll always need to train more girls,” Kelly said, patting the woman on the shoulder, “oh, hey… Don’t forget to get some measurements for Vicky’s costume. I need to get them to the seamstress as quick as possible if it’s going to be ready for the competition.”

“Already did it,” Nadia said, pulling a sticky note from her clipboard and handing it to Kelly.

Seeing it was an invoice number, Kelly smiled at her and said, “What would I do without you?”

“I shudder to think,” Nadia said.

Kelly was laughing as she walked over to where Vicky and McKenzie were grabbing some water and talking. They were all smiles as they saw her approaching, which made Kelly smile, in turn. Learning a new dance was a lot of work and could be very repetitive, so she was glad they were having fun.

Laura and McKenzie were partnered together often because they had good chemistry. Kelly hadn’t been sure about Vicky and McKenzie, but they seemed to be getting on just fine. She wouldn’t have been surprised if the older girl had given Vicky some grief- after all, the girls weren’t above a bit of hazing among the ranks- but McKenzie seemed to be taking it easy on her.

More importantly, they danced well together. There was more to dancing than just knowing the moves. A mismatched pair would feel out of sync even if their timing and execution were flawless. That wasn’t the case with McKenzie and Vicky, though. This was their first dance together, but Kelly would never have guessed that was the case seeing them practice.

“Ladies. How are we feeling?”

“Good. We’ll be ready,” McKenzie said.

“Yeah,” Vicky said, if a little less confidently.

“You’ve almost got it, already,” McKenzie said, catching the hesitation in her voice. Then, to Kelly, she said, “We’ll be ready.”

Her confidence bolstered, Vicky said, “We’ll be ready.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Kelly said, smiling at them.

Kelly left the girls to catch their breath and made her way around the main dance area. She saw a few problems- namely a couple of duos who weren’t as far along in learning their dances as they should be- but she felt pretty good about regionals coming up. She made a mental note to tell Nadia to focus on those who were falling behind.

Her circuit took her back to her office, and she stood in the doorway, looking at the computer on her desk for a moment. Groaning, she thought about all the emails she had to return, the invoices she had to file. This was the part of the business she didn’t like- the actual business part of it. She loved to dance and loved to inspire others to dance, but paying the bills was a pain in the neck.

Fighting off the urge to procrastinate, she sighed and sat behind her desk. She was babysitting Vicky tonight and wanted her evening free. That meant getting this paperwork sorted out before she left.

From behind her computer, she could see a sliver of the dance floor through the open door. She saw Nadia working with Vicky, and she had to smile. When Nadia had said she shuddered to think what Kelly would do without her, she had only been slightly kidding. Kelly probably could have managed without her, had before hiring the woman. The Academy had been a bit smaller back then, and they had a lot of new girls coming in. It was a lot to juggle, but Nadia helped her keep all the balls in the air. The woman really was amazing.

Looking back at her computer, Kelly found herself minimizing her emails and opening her payroll software. She pulled up Nadia’s tab, right-clicked in her pay column, and gave her a ten percent raise. Kelly thought about telling Nadia about the pay increase but decided to let it be a surprise.


Coming out of her office, Kelly saw Vicky on the main dance floor, practicing her routines. She leaned against the door frame, watching her dance. Vicky was so lovely in her white tights and leotard, her toe shoes strapped to her feet. So graceful and beautiful, Kelly could have watched her for hours.

“Everybody gone?” Kelly asked when Vicky noticed her watching.

“For about twenty minutes now,” Vicky said.

“Do you need a partner?” Kelly asked, pushing away from the door frame.

“You know the routine?” Vicky asked.

“If we weren’t so far behind schedule, I’d have been the one to teach it to you,” Kelly said, walking over to her.

“We are behind schedule?” Vicky asked, then added, “I almost have my dance down-“

Smiling reassuringly at her, Kelly said, “I don’t mean you. I think you impressed McKenzie with how quickly you’ve learned the dance.”

“I don’t have it down yet,” Vicky said.

“I was watching you earlier. You are about ninety percent there,” Kelly said, stretching her legs, “just need a little more practice.”

Smiling at her, Vicky said, “You know, when you said you’d help me with the routine, I didn’t think you meant actually dance with me.”

“What did you think I meant?” Kelly asked.

“I don’t know… Critique my performance?” Vicky said sheepishly.

“Your old instructor can still dance,” Kelly said.

Grinning, Vicky said, “I know. I saw you dance in the backyard, remember?”

“Be hard to forget,” Kelly said, laughing.

“You know,” Vicky said, her smile becoming playful, “we are the only ones here…”

“Seriously?” Kelly said, shaking her head.

“I’m just saying if you locked the door and we went into the back dance area, no one would see us,” Vicky said.

Kelly looked at her for a long moment, then had to say, “Why do I get the feeling this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about this?”

“You’ve never wanted to dance naked here?” Vicky asked.

“Can’t say I have,” Kelly said.

“Really?” Vicky said, sounding genuinely surprised, “the first time I saw you couldn’t see into the back room from the main dance floor, I wanted to.”

“I’m not sure I am as passionate about dancing naked as you are,” Kelly said, laughing.

“I can’t pass this opportunity up,” Vicky said, her eyes going to the frosted glass partition between the main dance floor and the back room.

“Fulfilling a dream, huh?” Kelly said, amused.

“Are you saying that if I went back there and started dancing naked, you wouldn’t join me? You’d make me dance alone?” Vicky asked, her eyes full of mischief.

Kelly has seen that look before. It was the one Vicky favored her with right before running naked from her kitchen and into her backyard. Sure enough, the girl grabbed her water bottle and her phone and walked toward the door set in the middle of the partition.

Watching Vicky pull open the door to the backroom, Kelly’s thoughts were on the night she danced naked under the stars with the girl. It had been exhilarating and freeing, not to mention incredibly erotic. The naughty thrill of doing something wrong and the chance of getting caught had been exciting, and Kelly had to admit she wanted that same rush, again.

Her heart beating faster, she said, “Shit. Let me get the doors… And make sure we really are alone.”

“We are,” Vicky said over her shoulder.

“I’m going to check, anyway,” Kelly said, thinking the last thing she needed was for someone to walk in on her dancing with a naked thirteen-year-old girl.

Her legs were a little rubbery as she locked the doors and turned the lights down everywhere except the back dance area. She walked through the rest of the building, checked the bathrooms and the small changing room. Her mind at ease that everyone but her and Vicky was gone, Kelly cut her eyes to the glass partition between the two dance floors. The frosted glass made it impossible to see any sort of detail in the room beyond.

Smiling, Kelly thought about Vicky’s penchant for dancing naked and how the girl had already scoped out the backroom. Kelly knew she shouldn’t be all that surprised after Vicky’s story of sneaking out of the house naked to go skinny dipping. The girl had tasted that same exhilaration Kelly had felt that night in the backyard and had developed something of a hankering for it.

Shaking her head, she walked over to the door, opened it. Inside, she found Vicky already naked, and she laughed, “Couldn’t wait until I checked we are alone?”

“I knew everyone was gone,” Vicky said, smiling at her, “I already checked.”

“You did?” Kelly asked.

“If I knew how to turn off the lights, I’d already have been back here,” Vicky said, the corners of her mouth turning up even more.

“Ah,” Kelly said, walking over to her for a kiss, “the light switches are in the gray panel near my office. The second from the bottom on the left is the switch to this room.”

“Second from the bottom on the left, got it,” Vicky said, hooking her fingers in the bottom of Kelly’s shirt, “I’ll remember that for next Thursday.”

Lifting her arms so the girl could remove her shirt, Kelly asked, “Planning on making a habit of this?”

“Probably,” Vicky said, on her tippy-toes to kiss Kelly, “assuming I have my dance partner.”

“Let’s see how this evening goes,” Kelly said, although she thought the allure of a naked Vicky would be a siren’s call she couldn’t resist.

Vicky knew it, too, because she smiled at Kelly and said, “I think it’ll be a habit.”

That smile got her heart racing, and Kelly’s hands were shaking some as she finished undressing. With her t-shirt on the floor, she glanced at the door in the partition. She kind of wished it had a lock, even though she never thought she’d need one before.

Laughing, Vicky said, “The doors are locked, the lights are out, and no one else is here.”

“I know. This is still crazy, though,” Kelly said.

Vicky hooked her fingers in Kelly’s shorts, pushing them down off her hips, and said, “If it weren’t crazy, it wouldn’t be as fun.”

Her shorts pooled around her ankles, Kelly couldn’t deny the danger would spice up the evening. Dancing with Vicky would have been fun, but doing it naked… She had a feeling that would just be the beginning of the ‘fun’.

With her sports bra and panties joining the shorts and t-shirt on the hardwood floor, Kelly was naked except for her toe shoes. If asked if she ever expected to be naked here at the dance academy, her answer would have been no. Even now, it seemed kind of surreal.

“You are all stiff,” Vicky said, her hands on Kelly’s hips, “loosen up.”

“This is just…” Kelly said, trying to find the right word.

“Awesome?” Vicky asked playfully.

“Not the first word I’d have chosen.”

Up on her toes, Vicky kissed her deeply, said, “It’ll be in a minute.”

The kiss helped distract Kelly from the fact that she was naked in her place of work. When Vicky moved into her arms, she found herself dancing with the girl. As they slowly twirled around and around, their lips met in a kiss that lingered long enough to have them breathing heavy.

Breaking it, Kelly husked, “I thought you wanted to practice your routine?”

“Right,” Vicky said, pulling back some, “we should probably do that before we have sex.”

“What? Here?” Kelly asked, her eyes wide.

“Well, yeah,” Vicky said, like that should have been a given.

Kelly guessed she should have seen that coming. The last time they danced naked together had ended up being foreplay. Since their lovemaking had been a foregone conclusion at some point this evening, what with the anticipation that had built up all week, Kelly could see where Vicky could get the idea. Still, Kelly figured they’d be back at her place before they ended up in each other’s arms.

As crazy as being naked at work had seemed, having sex with one of her students here at the Academy was even crazier. She wished she could say the thought had never crossed her mind, but she never expected to ever really do it. It had been a private fantasy, so far-fetched she never thought she’d ever live it out.

Not so far fetched, after all, Kelly thought, meeting the girl’s eyes, it’s definitely happening.

Clearing her throat, Kelly said, “Practice first, then.”

“Yeah,” Vicky said, moving against her for one more heated kiss, before slipping out of Kelly’s arms.

It took all of Kelly’s restraint not to grab the girl and pull her back for another kiss. Shaking her head, Kelly thought, she did that on purpose. Got me all hot and bothered, then make me wait.

Taking a deep breath to clear her thoughts, Kelly got her head into dancing. Or tried to, only to have her thoughts turn carnal again as Vicky bent over and picked up her phone. The girl could have bent her knees and more modestly retrieved it, but she kept her legs straight and bent at the waist, giving a view to fuel Kelly’s fantasy. It was probably unintentional, but then again, the girl liked to tease Kelly. Whether Vicky knew what she was doing to her instructor or not, the sight almost ended their practice before it began.

This is why we don’t practice naked, Kelly thought, making herself look away, that and the parents probably wouldn’t be okay with it. Even if they were, this would be too much of a distraction.

“Ready?” Vicky asked.

Taking another deep breath, Kelly took position one and nodded. Vicky hit play on her phone’s media player, then hurried to get into place next to Kelly. There was a few measure lead up before the dance began, so she had just enough time to get set.

Kelly called out the moves as they danced, more for herself than Vicky. While she knew the routine, Kelly hasn’t practiced it like McKenzie has. The vocal prompts kept her in time and making the right moves. Considering she hasn’t danced it since she learned it from Nadia, Kelly thought she was doing just fine. Especially since she was also watching Vicky in the mirror that made up one whole wall. In teacher mode now, she barely noticed the girl was naked. She checked Vicky’s footwork, her timing, and form, all while dancing right beside her.

Vicky’s confidence wasn’t there yet, but she had the routine down. By the time they finished the song, Kelly felt pretty good about the girl’s performance in the upcoming competition. Vicky and McKenzie’s routine was one less she had to worry about. The girls would be ready.

“Nice job,” Kelly said, holding up her hand for a high five.

Grinning, Vicky slapped her hand, said, “You, too.”

“Told you your old teacher could still dance,” Kelly said.

“We dance pretty good together,” Vicky said.

“Yeah,” Kelly said, meaning it. Like earlier, she thought dancers who had good chemistry made for a better performance, and she and Vicky worked well as a team. Smiling at the girl, Kelly asked, “One more time?”

“Yeah,” Vicky said, walking over to her phone.

Kelly found herself holding her breath, waiting to see if Vicky would bend over like before. The display of flexibility had been incredibly sexy, revealing. Kelly still wasn’t sure if the girl had done it on purpose or not, but the effect was the same either way. Her eyes didn’t leave Vicky as she nearly folded herself in half to restart the song without picking up her phone.

Jesus, Kelly thought, her heart racing. Most of the dancers here at the Academy- herself included- were flexible enough to do what Vicky had done, but it didn’t lessen any impact. Again, she had to restrain herself from moving behind the girl, running her hands down her back to grab her shoulders to pull her up to kiss her. She knew that would be the end of their practice if she did. Vicky probably wouldn’t have minded, but Kelly wanted the girl to feel comfortable with her dance for the competition. She’d have to wait another four minutes and thirty-seven seconds, the length of the song.

Assuming I can focus enough to get through the routine, Kelly thought, shaking out her arms to get her head right.

“Ready?” Vicky asked without straightening up. Her finger was hovering over the screen.

“Ready,” Kelly said, even though she wasn’t sure she really was.

“Here we go,” Vicky said, hitting play on the track. She straightened up in one graceful unfurling of her body and ran to Kelly’s side.

Kelly took a deep breath, her body finding the first position. In the mirror, she watched Vicky do the same, the lines of her naked body round and soft. Dancing was sensual, even if the piece wasn’t sexual in nature. When the dancers were nude, it couldn’t help but be erotic. So much so, Kelly was having a harder time slipping into instructor mode again. As usual, Vicky was a distraction.

Like last time, she called out the moves as they danced, and she needed those vocal cues more this time. She didn’t even try to critique Vicky’s dancing, avoided looking at the girl as much as possible. Her concentration severely tested, Kelly was in survival mode, just trying to get through the routine so she could give in to the temptation that was Vicky.

Luckily, she has been a dancer for most of her life, and the routine Nadia had come up with worked so perfectly with the song that her body wanted to do it almost instinctively. That and the chemistry between her and Vicky let them get through the routine without missing a step, even when Kelly’s head wasn’t entirely in the game.

“… And deep bow with arms wide. Done!” Kelly said, straightening up, “Nicely done!”

“Yeah,” Vicky said, smiling.

“How do you feel?” Kelly asked, reaching for her water bottle where she had left it by the stretching rail.

Laughing, Vicky said, “If I can do the routine with you being naked, the competition is going to be a piece of cake.”

Kelly blinked in surprise, realizing Vicky was having similar troubles. Smiling at her, Kelly said, “Glad I wasn’t the only one distracted.”

“Like I said,” Vicky said, moving into her arms, “if I can dance under these conditions, the competition will be a piece of cake.”

“These conditions?” Kelly asked.

“Horny and naked,” Vicky said, playfully.

“I guess those aren’t optimal conditions,” Kelly said, smiling at her.

“Which is why I think we are done practicing,” Vicky said, kissing her.

Kelly’s frustrated desire got away from her, and the kiss deepened in a hurry. She wasn’t the only one feeling it, either. Vicky kissed her back just as excitedly, her hands roaming over Kelly’s back. Kelly thought the girl hadn’t been kidding about being horny.

Vicky suddenly slipped out of Kelly’s arms and sank to her knees in front of her. Kelly’s heart started racing as the girl smiled up at her. It was The Smile. It didn’t matter if it was mother or daughter- Vicky seeming to have inherited an exact replica of her mother’s- that smile never failed to get to her. It was playful and carnal and definitely meant for the bedroom. Or the backroom of a dance studio, it would appear.

She had a pretty good idea where this was going, but she still couldn’t believe it was happening here. That little private fantasy about sleeping with one of her students here at the Academy was actually going to come true. She hadn’t even bothered to put it on her bucket list because she had figured it was so far-fetched, but here she was about to check it off, anyway.

Vicky has helped me check off a bunch of boxes I never expected to check off, Kelly thought, still looking down at the girl looking up at her from her knees, come to think of it, she’s probably added a couple of boxes I hadn’t even thought of, too. Like dancing naked and having sex here at the Academy.

Pressing her lips to the inside of Kelly’s thigh, Vicky made her shiver, then sigh as the next kiss was higher up her leg. Just the two kisses- a little tease- then Vicky’s mouth found her clit, tasted the salty sweat on her skin. It was all the foreplay Kelly needed, dancing naked with Vicky having made her a horny mess.

The delicious wriggle of the girl’s tongue across that tender bud had her swaying a little unsteadily. As a dancer, she had strong legs and great balance, but with what Vicky was doing to her, she might as well be a newborn deer. It was partly the pleasure Vicky was awakening in her, but also a nervous excitement about doing this here. The adrenaline was flowing and, while she didn’t need to fight off an attacker or run away from danger, her senses were heightened just the same.

Catching a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror that made up one whole wall of the room, Kelly saw just what a state she was in. Her face was flushed from dancing and pinched in pleasure, her mouth slack. Her body glistened with the faint sheen of sweat she had worked up while dancing, her abdomen tightening in response to the lovely things Vicky was doing to her. Her ponytail had worked half loose from practicing the routine with Vicky, one lock of hair in her eyes. She was a mess but feeling too good to care.

Vicky suddenly pulled back to smile up at her, said, “Put your leg up on the bar.”

“What?” Kelly said, then her eyes went to the wooden rail that ran the length of the mirrored wall. Guessing what the girl wanted, she leaned against the rail and put her leg up on it. Meeting Vicky’s eyes, she saw this was indeed what she had wanted.

Getting to her feet, Vicky leaned into Kelly for a heated, lingering kiss. Her hand ran from Kelly’s ankle, over her knee, along the inside of her thigh to her bud. With her leg up on the stretching rail, Vicky had easy access, the swirl of her fingers sending pleasure coursing through Kelly’s body. Kelly moaned into her mouth as Vicky’s fingers slipped inside of her. With practiced ease, the girl found that magic spot that made Kelly glad for the rail pressed against her buttocks. She wouldn’t have trusted all her weight on one leg without it.

The lovely pressure of Vicky’s fingertips rubbing against her g-spot made it difficult to focus on kissing Vicky back. Vicky must have realized she was struggling because she moved on to kissing Kelly’s neck, her collar bone. Her free hand slid up Kelly’s stomach to knead one of her breasts, to tease the nipple until it strained under the attention.

Her lips close to Kelly’s ear, Vicky said, “This is how I fantasized about doing it here… your leg up on the rail.”

That whispered admission sent a shiver through Kelly’s body and she asked in a moan, “You fantasized about this?”

“Since the first time I saw you use it,” Vicky said, pulling back so Kelly could see her sexy little smile, “you were stretching, and I… well, I was probably staring. There is just something hot about a dancer using the rail.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, nodding. She knew exactly what the girl meant. When her dancers were stretching with it, she had to keep tearing her eyes away.

“I wanted you naked with your leg up on the rail ever since,” Vicky said, her smile widening even more as she leaned in and kissed her.

Her voice a little thick, Kelly asked, “What are you going to do now that you have me here?”

Vicky’s eyes flashed, and she said, “Mm… This.”

The girl sank to her knees, and her mouth found Kelly’s bud again. Vicky was looking up at Kelly, and she could see how turned on the teenager was by doing this to her like this. Her excitement only fueled Kelly’s, both of them feeding off each other’s reaction.

I guess hers and my fantasy are both coming true, Kelly thought, realizing they were one and the same. Doing this here, like this, was their shared fantasy.

Already in trouble from Vicky’s fingers inside of her, the caress of her tongue against her clit had her hips moving with a mind of their own. She couldn’t have stopped pushing against the girl’s mouth if she had to. Vicky wasn’t going to let her, the girl driving her body crazy. The pleasure was relentless, Kelly barely able to draw enough breath to moan as it washed through her. Her fingers tightened in Vicky’s hair and on the rail behind her as tension continued to build up inside of her.

Her cries of enjoyment echoed in the open space, the weird acoustics bringing them back to her. Even over her thundering heartbeat in her ears, they sounded loud. They only got louder as Vicky pushed her closer and closer to a climax. She thought maybe she should try to hold them in, the dance studio book ended on either side by other businesses, but she couldn’t. She could only hope there was enough soundproofing in the walls.

With one more cry, she gave in to the pleasure pent up inside of her. She held onto the railing for dear life as the orgasm shook its way through her. Even when it subsided and left her trembling and gasping for air, she couldn’t unlock her fingers for a moment.

Getting to her feet, Vicky leaned into her for a kiss. Kelly put her arm around the girl’s neck, not letting her get away. Even out of breath, she wanted to kiss the girl so bad. Vicky didn’t seem to mind, wrapping her arms around Kelly. They were like this for a while, just kissing.

The leg that had supported her weight buckled a little as Kelly dropped the other one from the rail. She laughed at how unsteady she was, and she kissed Vicky again, said, “You did a number on me.”

“Good,” Vicky said, smiling at her.

“Your turn,” Kelly said, inclining her head at the bar. When Vicky started to mimic how Kelly had been, Kelly shook her head, said, “The other way.”

With her back to Kelly and facing the mirror, Vicky put her leg up on the bar. She looked expectantly over her shoulder as Kelly moved behind her. The girl sighed as Kelly brushed her hair aside to kiss her neck, then her lips. There was some heat behind it as Vicky kissed her back, the girl’s excitement not quelled by the brief interlude.

Kelly ran her hands up Vicky’s stomach, feeling her muscles tighten in response to her touch. Smiling, she cupped the girl’s small breasts. Vicky moaned thickly as her nipples stiffened under Kelly’s attention and ached sweetly. Her back arched as she pressed her breasts firmly into Kelly’s hands. Getting the message, Kelly took her time, happy to give the girl what she wanted.

When she thought Vicky was ready, she let one of her hands slip from her breast and trail back down her stomach. In the mirror, Kelly saw Vicky’s face pinch in pleasure as Kelly’s fingers found her bud, tender and ready. The swirl of her fingers brought a moan to the girl’s lips, and it slipped free, then another. Smiling, Kelly kissed Vicky’s shoulder. When the girl met her eyes in the mirror, Kelly saw just how much Vicky enjoyed the sensation. She kissed her shoulder again, then pressed her body against Vicky’s back. Kelly moved her hips in time with Vicky’s, rubbing against the girl’s buttocks. Anyone who couldn’t see where Kelly’s hand was would think they were still dancing.

“Is this a part of your fantasy, too?” Kelly whispered in her ear, pressing her lips to Vicky’s neck just behind her ear.

Shivering, Vicky said, “It is now.”

“I’m glad you talked me into doing this,” Kelly said, running her free hand over Vicky’s extended leg, her fingers gliding from her graceful ankle to her hip.

“Wasn’t hard,” Vicky teased, moaning.

Laughing, Kelly said, “I guess it wasn’t.”

“I’m glad you didn’t make me dance alone,” Vicky said, smiling at her playfully in the mirror, “or do this myself.”

“Do this yourself?” Kelly asked, then laughed when she figured out what the girl meant, “nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands.”

“Yeah, but it is more fun with someone else’s,” Vicky said.

No argument there, Kelly thought.

Still, she had to wonder if Vicky really would have rubbed one out if Kelly hadn’t joined her. It wasn’t at all far-fetched to figure a girl Vicky’s age had figured out the joys of masturbation, especially not one as experienced as she was. What she was wondering was if Vicky would really have done it in a public place.

This, in turn, got her thinking about the girl masturbating, and the mental images that came with it brought a flush heat across Kelly’s body. For some reason, she couldn’t shake the image of Vicky- back in her leotard and tights, even though she would have been naked- with her leg up on the rail and rubbing her young bud. Her back was arched, and her hips moving in time to her fingers. It was both sensual and artistic, a graceful dancer in the throes of passion.

Great, something else to fantasize about, Kelly thought, with an inward groan, as if she wasn’t in my thoughts enough as it is.

Hoping to finally get the image of Vicky masturbating out of her head, she returned her full attention to the naked girl in her arms. Luckily, Vicky’s lithe and lean body was more than enough of a distraction to break its grip on her thoughts finally. While her right hand was occupied between the girl’s thighs, she still had one free to explore all of Vicky she could reach. There was more than enough warm, smooth skin to hold her attention.

While she had just meant to distract herself from her own thoughts, Kelly’s hand as it roamed over Vicky’s young body turned the girl on even more than she already was. Kelly could hear it in the growing volume of her cries, could feel it in the tightening of her muscles in anticipation of her touch. There was a hitch in Vicky’s breathing when Kelly’s hand went somewhere she wasn’t expecting. It made Kelly smile because she knew there was something sexy about not knowing what your lover would do next. Kelly liked that feeling, the unpredictability of the moment, and she thought Vicky did, too.

In that spirit, Kelly suddenly slid her hand between Vicky’s leg and the stretching post, lifted it, and twirled the girl around. Vicky gasped as Kelly picked her up and sat her on the bar. Her eyes were wide as Kelly moved between her legs, again. Smiling at her, Kelly leaned in and kissed her deeply. While she had Vicky distracted with the kiss, she eased her fingers into her slick core. She found just how excited Vicky was as her juices ran down her fingers into her upturned palm, and the girl moaned into her mouth.

Kelly kissed her way down Vicky’s body until she was bent at the waist almost at ninety degrees by the time her mouth found Vicky’s bud. She thought it would have been an awkward position for most people, but the flexibility of a dancer came in handy sometimes. She still could have gone to her knees, but doing it like this played toward the little fantasy they were fulfilling. She had to resist the urge to get up on her toes, which probably would have been too much.

Her fingers still inside of Vicky teasing her g-spot and her tongue caressing her bud, Kelly had Vicky right at the edge of ecstasy. The girl had a death grip on the wooden rail, and she was leaning back against the mirror for balance as her hips pushed her girlhood against Kelly’s mouth hungrily. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slack, her face screwed up in enjoyment. Her cries of pleasure echoed weirdly in the exposed rafters overhead.

Vicky’s body suddenly seemed almost to be trying to escape the intense pleasure even as she begged Kelly not to stop. Kelly knew she was right on the spot, overloading Vicky’s nerve endings to the point that her body didn’t know if it was coming or going. With her back to the mirror, there was nowhere for it to go, which left only one option. Tension was building in Vicky’s thighs and abdomen, and Kelly knew the girl was going to climax. Then she did, her cry of ecstasy cut off midway as her whole body shook with it.

“Holy shit,” Vicky laughed, her eyes wide.

Smiling, Kelly straightened up to give her a kiss. Vicky wrapped her legs around Kelly’s waist so she couldn’t get away. The kiss lingered awhile, neither of them in any hurry to break it.

Kelly did eventually pull back to smile at her and ask, “Can you check this fantasy off the list?”

Vicky made a check motion in the air between them, making Kelly laugh. With a playful smile of her own, she said, “Doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it, again.”

“I’d be okay with doing it, again,” Kelly said, then snorted, “assuming our neighbors didn’t overhear everything.”

“We did get pretty loud,” Vicky said, sheepishly.

“A little bit,” Kelly agreed, kissing her, “let’s get out of here. I’m starving.”


“Take out?”

Smiling at Vicky, Kelly said, “Unless you want to cook.”

“Um, probably not a good idea,” Vicky laughed.

“We’ve got just about every option on this street,” Kelly said, stopping at a red light, “what are you in the mood for?”


“I can get down with some pizza,” Kelly said, pointing, “there’s a little mom and pop shop just up the street. Their pepperoni is… I don’t know what they do to it, but it is amazing.”

“I’m sold,” Vicky said, smiling.

Fishing her phone out of her purse, Kelly found the number to the place in her contacts. She placed the call and put it on speaker. When the line was picked up, she said, “Hey Gino. This is Kelly.”

“Ah, Kelly. You want your usual?” Gino asked.

Laughing, Kelly said, “I think I order from you too much.”

“Nonsense. I have kids to put through college,” Gino said.

“I figure I’ve paid for a least a couple of semesters already,” Kelly said, making both Gino and Vicky laugh.

“Little Cecilia wants to be a doctor, so…” Gino said, sounding like he was shrugging, “anyway, one large pepperoni?”

“Yeah,” Kelly said.

“It’ll be about fifteen minutes,” Gino said.

“We are almost there already. We’ll have to borrow your waiting area.”

“I’ll let Lita know. She’ll want to fuzz over you.”

“Be there in a minute,” Kelly said, hanging up. Feeling Vicky looking at her, Kelly offered her a sheepish grin and a shrug, said, “I don’t like to cook.”

“Gino sounds like he knows you pretty well,” Vicky said, amused.

“Ah, that’s just Gino and Lita. They don’t have customers, just friends,” Kelly said, fondly, “you might recognize Lita. She’s been to a bunch of our competitions.”

“Really?” Vicky asked.

“She danced some when she was younger,” Kelly said, pulling into the parking lot, “still likes to support the arts.”

As they walked through the door, they were welcomed by the lovely scent of fresh dough and marinara, melted cheese and Italian seasonings. It was like a cholesterol and fat-filled hug, one Kelly had to admit she craved too much. Pizza shouldn’t be allowed to be this good.

“Kelly!” Lita said, spotting them.

Kelly smiled as the woman came out from behind the register to give her a squeeze. Hugging her back, Kelly said, “It smells wonderful in here.”

“It always smells wonderful in here,” Lita said, sighing playfully, “which is why my ass keeps getting bigger.”

Laughing, Kelly said, “There’s nothing wrong with your ass. I hope I look half as good as you at your age.”

“Keep dancing, and you’ll be okay,” Lita said, then noticed Vicky, “Ms. Winters. I loved your dance at Regionals. Very passionate, inspired.”

“Thanks, ma’am,” Vicky said, a little shyly.

“Now don’t start with that ‘ma’am’ stuff,” Lita said, with a look, “Kelly had me going with that ass comment, but if you start calling me ma’am…”

“Sorry,” Vicky said, laughing.

“Let me check on your pizza,” Lita said, disappearing into the back.

“I have seen her at a couple of competitions,” Vicky said.

“You’ll probably see her at more, too,” Kelly said.

Moving a little closer, Vicky asked, “How old is she really?”

“Fifty-two,” Kelly said, laughing when Vicky gave her a sour look, “Seriously. I wasn’t kidding when I said I hoped I looked as good as she does at her age. Five kids, three grandkids, and two decades owning a pizza joint haven’t put a scratch on her.”

“Wow,” Vicky said, shaking her head in wonder.

Coming back, Lita said, “Gino says ten more minutes.”

“Perfect,” Kelly said.

“Can I get a picture for the wall?” Lita asked.

It took Vicky a moment to realize that question was aimed at her. Raising her eyebrows, she asked, “What?”

“Look behind you,” Kelly said, smiling.

Vicky looked over her shoulder, then turned all the way around when she saw the corkboard full of pictures. She glanced at Kelly for an explanation.

“We come here after finals,” Kelly said, looking at all the pictures of smiling dancers, “it’s become a tradition.”

“Thanks to Kelly, we get a lot of business from her girls,” Lita said.

Laughing, Kelly said, “I might have told one or two about this place.”

“This is your first time, so…” Lita said, holding up her camera.

Nodding, Vicky said, “Um, sure.”

“Say ‘cheese pizza’,” Lita said.

“Cheese pizza,” Vicky laughed, then blinked as the flash went off.

Lita’s camera was a newer model Polaroid. When the picture popped out the side, she brought it over to show Vicky. As the girl looked at it, Lita produced a Sharpie. She held it out to Vicky. When the girl just looked at the marker, Lita said, “Would you sign it for me?”

“Sign it?” Vicky asked.

“Lita’s second job is selling autographs on eBay,” Kelly said, laughing as the woman gave her a dirty look, “I’m kidding, but she probably could. A lot of the girls on that wall have gone on to successful dance careers.”

“Really?” Vicky asked.

“I can vouch for a couple of them,” Kelly said, then snorted, “although I really can’t take the credit. They were already amazing dancers when they came to the Academy.”

“Your academy is still new, Sweetie,” Lita said, putting her hand on Kelly’s shoulder, “plenty of time to take the credit.”

Laughing, Kelly said, “I guess so.”

To Vicky, Lita said, “Would you sign it for me?”

“I doubt I’ll ever be famous,” Vicky said shyly.

“Nadia thinks you will,” Kelly said, smiling at her.

“She didn’t say that,” Vicky said.

“She did,” Kelly said, laughing, “she said you could make a career of dancing, unless you start noticing boys. We lose a lot of good dancers to hormones, she said.”

“Sounds like Nadia,” Lita said, smiling and holding out the marker, again, “would you kindly?”

Taking it, Vicky signed her name to the photograph. Handing the marker and the Polaroid back to Lita, Vicky watched the woman find an empty spot on the corkboard.

Kelly put her hand on Vicky’s shoulder, said, “You are going to make Lita a lot of money on eBay someday.”

“Hush,” Lita said, giving her a look, “I’ll get your pizza.”

Alone again, Vicky asked, “Do you really think I’m good enough?”

“I do,” Kelly said, then a little quieter, “as long as you don’t get distracted by the girls.”

“Or one hot dance instructor?” Vicky asked, grinning at her.

“Especially one hot dance instructor,” Kelly said.

“Can’t make any promises there,” Vicky said, the corners of her mouth turning up even more, “you remember what happened earlier.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, then straightened up guiltily as Lita came back to the counter with their pizza. Her hands were shaking as she fished her credit card out of her purse, even though there wasn’t any chance Lita could have overheard her and Vicky. She hoped Lita didn’t notice as she swiped it to complete the purchase.

“Alright, Ladies,” Lita said, smiling as she passed the pizza to Kelly, “enjoy.”

“Oh, we will,” Kelly said.

When they were out in the car, Vicky said, “This smells so good.”

“It tastes even better,” Kelly said, starting the car.

The car smelled like pizza the whole way home, and Kelly was trying not to drool on herself. If she was alone, she might have eaten a slice as she drove. She was still contemplating it, trying to decide if Vicky would judge her for it.

She was pulling into the driveway when Vicky suddenly laughed. Looking at her, she asked, “What’s funny?”

“I was just thinking… Mom got a hundred and seventy dollar steak, and I get a pizza,” Vicky said, as she undid her seat belt.

“Well, your mom bought, so…” Kelly said, smiling at her, “she would have gotten Olive Garden if I was buying.”

“I would be alright with Olive Garden,” Vicky said, getting out of the car.

Catching something in the girl’s tone, Kelly asked over the roof of the car, “Vicky?”

“I guess I’m a little jealous Mom got a date, and I don’t,” Vicky said.

“It was your idea,” Kelly said, closing her car door.

“I know,” Vicky said, waving it off.

Still looking at her, Kelly tried to read her expression. She didn’t think Vicky had changed her mind about Kelly dating her mom. Curiously, the read Kelly got was that the girl wanted to go on a date of her own. She figured if she was thirteen and sleeping with a thirty-year-old, she probably want a date, too.

Closing her car door, she smiled at the girl and said, “Let’s go inside.”

“Yeah,” Vicky said, carrying the pizza.

“What kind of clothes did you bring with you?” Kelly asked, slipping her house key into the lock.

“Clothes?” Vicky asked, then shrugged, “my school uniform… Some shorts and a shirt to sleep in-“

“Probably not going to need them,” Kelly said, laughing as she opened the front door to let them inside.

“Mom was in the room, so I thought I should pack something,” Vicky said, setting the pizza on the counter in the kitchen.

“Ah,” Kelly said, nodding.

“Why did you ask what I brought?” Vicky asked.

“If you had brought something to wear, we could have gone out,” Kelly said, grabbing some paper plates from the cabinet and some paper towels from the sink.

“Out?” Vicky repeated.

Smiling, Kelly said, “Bring something cute next Thursday.”

“Why?” Vicky asked.

“We are going to Olive Garden,” Kelly said, smiling at her.

“Really?” Vicky asked, her eyes wide.

“Maybe see a movie-” Kelly said, but the words were cut off as the girl hugged her excitedly.

A little sheepishly, Vicky pulled back to smile at her, said, “Sorry.”

“If only all girls got as excited about Olive Garden,” Kelly teased.

“I’m a cheap date,” Vicky said, then her eyes got wide, “I’m a cheap date!”

“I guess that’s something to be proud of,” Kelly said.

“I mean… Is this… Is this really a date?”

“What do you think?”

“I’m technically not allowed to date until I’m in high school,” Vicky said, a little warble of excitement in her voice.

“So you don’t want to go?” Kelly asked playfully.

“Of course I want to go,” Vicky said, kissing her, “my first date.”

“You and Alexis never went on a date?” Kelly asked.

“Not really. We were friends, so…”

“Doesn’t count,” Kelly said, nodding, “that was true of your mom and me, too.”

“So Friday was your first date?”

“Um, yeah,” Kelly said, then laughed, “better late than never, I guess.”

“Any plans for the second date?” Vicky asked.

Kelly looked at the girl for a long moment, trying to gauge how she felt about Kelly and her mom having a second date. Curious enough, Vicky seemed okay with it. Again wondering at this strange love triangle she has found herself in, Kelly said, “We talked about getting a couple of drinks on Saturday.”

“That means Mom will be in a good mood Sunday,” Vicky said, grinning.

A little embarrassed, Kelly said, “Probably.”

“She’s been walking around the house, humming to herself all week,” Vicky said.

“Speaking of which,” Kelly said, remembering the alarming conversation she had with Becky, “your mom knows about you and Alexis.”

“Knows about us?” Vicky asked, then her eyes got wide, “you mean…”

“Yeah. All of it,” Kelly said.

“How- how do you know?” Vicky asked.

“It came up,” Kelly said, figuring the girl didn’t need to know she and Becky were naked when it ‘came up’.

“She never said anything,” Vicky said, frowning, “if she knew, then why did she let Alexis stay over all the time?”

“I might be to blame for that,” Kelly said, grinning, “she remembered how much fun we used to have… and Alexis was a good kid, apparently. She said she didn’t see any harm in it.”

“Really?” Vicky said incredulously.

“You were never grounded, right?”

“Well, no,” Vicky said, then met Kelly’s eyes, “how did she find out? Did she tell you?”

Laughing, she said, “You weren’t as sneaky as you thought.”

“Oh God,” Vicky laughed.

“On a more alarming note, your mom knows you are sleeping with someone new,” Kelly said, making the girl gasp, “she noticed you weren’t bummed out as much like you noticed she was walking around humming.”

“And I’m still not grounded?” Vicky asked, clearly amazed.

“She’s still waiting to meet this new girl of yours,” Kelly said.

“Oh,” Vicky said.

“She also knows you have a bit of a crush on me,” Kelly said.

“But not that you are the ‘new girl’?” Vicky asked, meeting Kelly’s eyes.

“I don’t think so,” Kelly said, shaking her head, “but she’s way too observant for my comfort.”

“Yeah,” Vicky said.

“Let’s eat, then grab a shower,” Kelly said, then grinned at Vicky, “you’ll just have to pretend to be a mopey teenager tomorrow.”

“Won’t be easy, I’m sure,” Vicky said, stealing one more kiss before opening the pizza box.

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    Hey, everyone. Finally managed to find some time to write. I’m going to try to squeeze in a few chapters here and there. Can’t say how regular they’ll be, though. Hopefully it won’t be five months before I post something else. All of you who still check this site, you are awesome. Just wanted you to know that.

  2. Andrew M Mason says:

    What I found really interesting about this story is the way it transitioned from rising action, to (more than one) climax, to falling action. Textbook storytelling.

    Two small notes: the rail around the perimeter of a dance studio is called the barre. Also, whenever you described your characters as unclothed, you used the word naked. When they moved to the back room Vicky took off her clothes and became nude. Kelly was naked. The difference is power and comfort. I shower nude. A knight in a fight without their armor is naked. Unclothed makes no reference to power or comfort.

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    Happy to see you back. Thanks!

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