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  1. Dark and Dire says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your stories. Your style and writing is amazing. My favorite is Broken People. I think it always will be one of my favorites. Anyways, loving the Long Weekend and the Black Lingerie stories, all awesome.
    Look forward to the next chapter of any of your work.

  2. Canubob says:

    What a very exciting and joyous surprise it is to find this site! I’ve been bugging you for some time for more of The Wild (since ch-4) , and here are all of your stories to date. I feel like I’ve won the lottery! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I now have hours of prime erotic reading, (and other activities) to look forward to!

    • Nathan Riches says:

      Lol, I know, I have reread most of these at least 3-4 times since I found the site from juicy secrets a few months ago. Love the story elements, to the point where half the time I skip the sex scenes to get back to the “action” 😛

  3. Nathan Riches says:

    Hey Ebo, I know like most of us you’re probably busy getting ready for Christmas but I was hoping maybe you’d be able to give us all a Christmas present of a few chapters? Any one of your wonderful stories would do, although BLC or The Wild would be my preference. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Nathan Riches says:

    Just wanted to quickly check to see if you ok Ebo, havent seen any sort of update since SA Xmas part 2, bit worried that something might have happened to you. Hope everythings ok and you’re just busy with life.

  5. Alice Gee says:

    I’m with Nathan. Concerned if things are OK. Maybe you’re taking a break, maybe your literary juices have temporarily dried up but we, your fans, worry about you.

  6. ebo says:

    I’m fine, just extremely busy of late. It’s been hard finding keyboard time, but I’ll try to put something out this week.

    • Nathan Riches says:

      Thats ok Ebo, we know youre only human and life gets in the way sometimes, we were just getting a little worried cos itd been so long and not a peep.

      If you taking requests could we please have the next chapter of The Wild?

  7. Nathan Riches says:

    Just wanted to say I love the current home page picture (the two women together on the couch) Something about the butt of the one on the right just gets me, plus its just such a beautiful pic (and very much suggestive of the initial Henna Tattoo which started everything)

    • Violetta G says:

      I recognize the two girls in the gif on this site’s homepage (assuming it’s the same on.) They’re two adult performers called Caprice (the brunette) and Marry Queen (the blonde.)

  8. Nathan Riches says:

    Just wondering if we might be getting a present or two for Xmas? Been a while, hope everything going ok, know this time of year can be pretty hectic for some.

  9. Greg says:

    I gotta ask a couple things.
    1. Does anyone else have a hard time with the rating widget? Only works maybe 25% of time for me.
    2. Not to complain, well maybe I am, but I really hope you have some time for more chapters. Last chapter drought was too long for me! 😁
    I know your busy but you can’t get a guy hooked and leave him hangin!
    Thanks for all you do Ebo!

    • Fur says:

      It worked once and now it says I rated every story 5 stars which works for me but it also causes glitches every so often

      • Greg says:

        Yes, it says it’s 5 stars automatically but it doesn’t increase the quantity of 5 stars. I would have thought it might already know I’ve read all his stories a million times 😂😁 but it t does it on the juicy secrets site too. I just want people to know how much people love Ebo’s stories, so every vote should count. I’m glad it wasn’t just me though, thanks Fur!

        • No One says:

          It works for me… It shows the average rating by default, so yeah, Ebo’s stories will show five colored stars, but you can still click one of the stars to enter your own vote.

          • Greg says:

            I click on 5 because I think most chapters are a 5. It doesn’t change the number of excellent voted. I know this is silly but what’s the point of having the widget if it isn’t working right. I wonder if it’s an issue with doing it on a tablet instead of a laptop or desktop. I’ve gotten my complaints out of my system so I’m good! 😂😂

  10. Dark and Dire says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you, Ebo, had any favorite authors that you could recommend. I’ve read all of your work, most of it more than once, as and was wondering, after reading Always a Bridesmaid (for the third time <3), who your favorite author was? You are definitely my favorite!

  11. Eleven67 says:

    Thx 2 Corona i ended my project 2 save all the storys in different word-docs so i can read them in one block offline.
    Need 2 start with soccer mom 2-4 *lol*

  12. Zak says:

    So just wondering when we might get something new, seeing as how we’ve heard nothing since Halloween. Hope everything ok and you’re just busy.

  13. Greg says:

    Yes, please something new! Soon I will have memorized all my favorites! I hope you are doing well and we await your next chapter anxiously!

  14. Woody says:

    Just hoping Ebo is ok. Concerning to not see anything since October.

    • ME1166 says:

      I said same thing, who usually let’s us know if ok or not but there has been nothing. I hope ok also.

      • No One says:

        Ebo needs to approve comments before they show up publicly, so clearly he’s alive and well. Probably just busy.

        By the way, Ebo, Juicy Secrets began posting “recent” chapters of Home Alone (only chapters 1-8 were on the site before, since I guess that’s all there was back when they were posted some years ago), so you got some new comments over there for chapter 9 and a few on earlier chapters, if you care to take a look.

  15. ebo says:

    Hey, everyone. I’m still around, but my current living situation isn’t very conducive of writing the sort of stories on this site. In fact I’m writing this on my phone at work. Saw some comments with concerns about my well being, so I thought I should at least say I’m still alive and kicking. Can’t say when I’ll have a new chapter of anything up. Sorry everyone. Hopefully you all are staying safe and healthy.

    • Dark and Dire says:

      Woohoo! And thank you for keeping its informed! Things will get better.

    • Aussierules says:

      Glad you are doing well! While I appreciate the apology, I don’t think you need to apologize to us. I still check your site daily, always hoping there will be a new chapter waiting for me with one of my favorite stories. Selfishly, I hope you find the time and privacy to write again (and, soon!) but I will just have to be patient. Don’t give up your writing, Ebo! Your talent is greatly appreciated here! Stay well and good luck, please keep us updated occasionally!

    • brother_bethor says:

      Thank you for keeping us informed. I really do hope that someday you will find time and inspiration to write final chapter of The Wild, where the girls return to school. I’d love to see how they face their friends. <3

  16. Dear Ebo,
    Just for fun – alternative name for TBLC
    We are not sure if the Australian show “Neighbors” is shown throughout the US but Miri is a tremendous fan here and from it, she came up with a new name for TBLC – if you are aware of the program you too, might find her alternative name is funny – “Erinsborough”
    As we say, just for fun. Hope all is well,
    Love as always, Susy and Miri. xx

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