Home Alone, Part Two

She really couldn’t believe it was happening, again.

She must have impressed her parents by not burning the house down because she was being left home alone a second time. Her mother made her recite all the emergency numbers, plus both of their cell phone numbers, gave her a long speech about behaving like an upright young lady. It had been a lot to sit through, but they were pulling away now and she would have the house to herself.

When their taillights faded, she ran upstairs. Ever since they told her they would be going out tonight and that they were going to let her stay home by herself, the only thing she could think about was what was hidden in Rebecca’s jewelry box. All week, she kept thinking about how incredible it had felt, using the sex toy on herself.

By the time she reached the door to her step-sister’s room, heat had blossomed between her thighs. It made her laugh, flush with excitement.

She let herself into her sister’s room, went straight to the jewelry box. Lifting the tray out to reveal the hidden compartment, she smiled at the sleek toy. With a giggle, she picked it up.

Looking around the room, she felt a little put off by doing it here. It seemed kind of creepy to be playing with herself in her sister’s room. Last time, she had been caught off guard by how good it felt, had lost her senses and hadn’t noticed.

With the sex toy in hand, she went to her own room. She started to just lay on her bed and use the vibrator through her clothes, but decided it would be more of a thrill naked. Jittery with excitement, she quickly stripped out of her clothes, tossing them across the room in her haste. Naked, she flopped on her bed, giggling. It did seem more naughty like this and she kind of like it.

“This is so bad,” she said, grinning.

When she turned the knob, the vibrator came to life. She pressed it against her tender bud. The plastic was cool against her hot flesh. The buzzing felt as good as she remembered, sending chills working through her young body. She bit her lower lip and sighed. Her hips began to gyrate with a mind of their own.

The vibrator slipped lower and touched the opening of her vagina. She hadn’t meant to do it, but held it there when it turned out to feel really good. It made her moan and grab a handful of sheets. Her body seemed to be confused, wanted the pleasure, yet seemed to be trying to escape it at the same time.

I wonder what it would feel like inside of me, she thought, her back arching off the bed, if it felt this good on the outside…

Her hymen had been torn in an unfortunate fence climbing incident when she was seven. She had run screaming to her mother when she had hiked up her skirt and saw blood on the crotch of her panties. The woman had almost fainted at the sight of blood running down her thigh. A trip to the emergency room revealed the fence rail had taken her maidenhead.

The next day, she had worked up the nerve to see what would happen if she put a finger in her torn girlhood. It had slipped inside of her and she’d felt the warm, slickness of her core. It had felt weird but kind of nice.

Propping up on her elbows, she pressed the toy against her vagina, felt her body stretch to accept it. She gasped as it slipped deep into her young body, meeting no resistance. Her eyes wide, she stared at the thing sticking out of her. It felt huge inside of her, filling her up. Her girlhood flooded with her juices, easing the way for the toy to move.

“Oh, wow,” she moaned, laughing. She could feel the vibrations all through her body. The sensation was incredible, made her body writhe.

Slowly, she moved it in and out, moaning each time it bit deep into her. It felt so good, almost too good to bear. Her back arched and her head lulled loosely on her neck, her long brown hair brushing the pillow behind her. She clutched at the sheets with her free hand, looking for anything to keep her body from floating away on the waves of pleasure washing through her.

This is what sex feels like, she thought, thrusting the toy into her pussy faster, well, more or less.

“That feels so good,” she said, out loud. Her voice was just a breathy moan.

It didn’t take long for tension to creep into her body. She recognized the feeling from last time she did this and grew excited. It was going to happen, again. The incredible explosion of pleasure followed by the floating down.

Sure enough, her hips started bucking erratically, her stomach muscles clenching. She stiffened as she climaxed. The vibrating toy still deep inside of her tortured her spasming sex, made her come a second time before she could remove it. Stacked back to back, the orgasms shook her like a rag doll. It was so intense it startled a cry from her slack mouth.

“OMG,” she laughed, breathing heavily, “that was awesome!”

She felt wonderful, every nerve ending alive. Her whole body was tingling and she stretched like a cat in a sunny spot. For a long moment, she just laid there, catching her breath and basking in the afterglow of her orgasms.

Finally, she forced herself to get up. She laughed at how rubbery her legs felt as she turned the toy off and took it to the bathroom. She used soap and hot water to clean it up, grimacing when she wondered if Rebecca had been as fastidious the last time she used it.

Putting that disturbing thought aside, she let herself into her step-sister’s room to put it back. It wasn’t until she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror that she realized she was still naked.

She laughed, thought Caroline would be proud of her.

The toy went into its hiding place and she made sure the box was put back together the way it had been before she disturbed it. She looked around, didn’t see anything out of place. Turning to leave, her eyes fell on her step-sister’s laptop.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she sat down on the office chair in front of it. When she lifted the screen, she was surprised to see it wasn’t locked. Smiling at her good fortune, she opened her email, scanned a few messages. Nothing juicy there.

Bored, she opened her music folder. She had a peculiar mix of music on her computer, everything from Chopin and Mozart, to Janis Joplin, to Pantera, and everything in between. Riley knew her step-sister was into music, took piano lessons.

In fact, that was where she was now. It was the reason she couldn’t watch Riley while her parents went out.

She’d learned something about her step-sister, but it wasn’t particularly thrilling. Still looking for the dirt, she clicked on her VIDEO folder. There was only two files, nothing interesting. There was another folder, no name. Curious, she clicked on it. This one contained two folders, both without names. Intrigued, she clicked on one. It turned out to be an empty folder. Frowning, she backtracked and tried the other. This one had two folders as well, no label on, either one.

“This is weird,” Riley said, clicking on one of the folders.

It opened a file with two more folders, only this time they were labeled: VIDEOS and PERSONAL. The PERSONAL folder drew her eye but she made herself click on VIDEOS first. Inside, were dozens of videos. She clicked on one.

Her eyes widened at what she saw on the screen. Two young women were making out on a couch, their tongues in each others mouth. Laughing, Riley backed out of the video, chose another. This was more of the same, girls making out. She fast forwarded and saw they were more than just making out. Letting the video play, she watched the two girls writhing naked on the bed. She giggled, shook her head.

“My step-sister is a lesbian,” she said, her eyes still on the screen.

Seeing two girls in the throes of passion was an oddly sensual thing, she decided. The twisting and thrusting of their tight bodies was almost artistic, like an erotic dance. She ended up watching more than she had intended. Finally, she had blushed, wondered at her own interest as she back out of the VIDEO folder.

Feeling kind of bad for invading her sister’s privacy but unable to resist, she clicked on the PERSONAL folder. It contained several word documents and two videos. The documents turned out to be saved emails. These were the dirt she had been searching for, the words on the page making her blush at their raciness. This [email protected] and Rebecca were apparently lovers and liked sending explicit emails back and forth.

She opened the first video and gasped in surprise. Her step-sister was naked, stretched out on a bed. She was smiling and laughing at something off camera. Then someone passed in front of the camera, on pale buttock blocking the view for a moment. An equally naked woman joined Rebecca on the bed, their bodies coming together in a very intimate embrace. Riley couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her sixteen year old step-sister was having sex on film with a woman had to be at least in her thirties.

Embarrassed, she stopped the video, sat back in the chair. Her mind was spinning. Should she tell her parents about this? It definitely seemed wrong for a girl as young as Rebecca to be in a relationship with a woman that age. Illegal, even.

Morbid curiosity got the better of her and she started the other video. A naked Rebecca was sitting on the woman’s lap and they were kissing. It was a delicate, intimate moment. Riley realized, inappropriate or not, they loved each other. It was evident in the way they looked at one another.

Torn between doing the right thing and keeping her sister’s secret, she collapsed all of the folders, closed the computer. Rebecca had looked so happy in the videos, happy and in love. She never looked happy. Riley didn’t even know she could smile until she’d seen it in the video. It was a shame because it was a nice smile, gave her dimples.

Thinking about that smile, she knew she wasn’t going to tell her parents.

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2 Responses to Home Alone, Part Two

  1. Minnona Derice says:

    not going to tell is the right thing. Learning that sister was lesbian and the videos of her with an older was a real cool touch. When i was 14 i was fucking women in their 30s and some older. Best sexual lessons ever being with someone that knows what is perfect. i never thought about age and guess they didn’t care either

  2. Becky Thomspon says:

    So hot this part too, it once more made me remember the found memory’s myself and a older woman had when i was still in elementary school, i was only8yrs old then , but i liked it when a babysitter slipped her fingers under the covers one night after i went to bed she was 19 and lived only 5 or 6 houses away, so she was the one my parents always called, anyway i pretended to be sound asleep ,when she quietly like opened the door to my bedroom, and whispered like ,you asleep Becky???”””” i heard her okay , i was very much awake, and even secretly day dreamed about the time when maybe someone might touch me or explore more places too, i was curious as ever, after the girl next door walked home from school with me one day after school ,and we always walked to home through the wooded trial walk ,we took, it was a shot cut and went into the woods sorta, anyway ,this one day ,she called out to as i walked ahead of her ,Hey Becky “””, yea ,Wait up OK???, i stopped and waited ,she came up behind me sorta jogging like , and was sorta breathing hard from her quick run to catch up with me. Whats up she asked,in a little girl kinda low innocent voice ,as she smiled at me at the same time shes talking,>???I was confused at her question, and actions, expression wise? as well,she never acted as if she really cared who i was ever really she was a 7th grader at are school i was just going to be going into the third grade when school started next year. anyway i was 8yrs old and i discovered her motive real fast after she walked next to me about 5 minutes or so, Hey Becky csn i ask you a personal like question ,please and promise you’ll never say or tell anyone, so i answered her,as she said hey lets sit on the tree over there, the tree had fallen over and was a perfect like bench to sit on it was the right height as well, my legs touched the ground just right kinda, anyway as we started to walk that way towards the tree area,she asked me ,will you tell anyone if i quick like go pee Becky in a shy like voice and giggle like noise as well?, please she said ,begging like in her tone i remember pretty please Becky she asked one more time?,I wont ,and why would i anyway tell anyone you went pee out in the woods hey?, she turned her head as she looked at me ,and smiled ,i was just checking ,thanks hey i really gotta go hey ,,OK i said ,she asked me where would a good place be you think, no one can accidentally walk up, and see me or us hey??, I pointed that way towards a real bushy area in the woods, not that far from the tree she suggested we maybe sit on and talk or whatever. OK as i followed her thinking she wanted to go pee first, as she claimed to need to badly like???As i walked behind her, she said,hey will you be my look out Becky so no one will sneak up, or see me hey?//, Sure i said back ,she asked me kinda like are you sure this will not be somewhere anyone could see me pee hey.??, I think it will be fine i assured her kinda, as i still was behind her,as she walked a little bit more, i saw her take her left hand and reach the side of her school uniform skirt we all had to wear at are school, then still behind i saw her raise it a little higher yet, as she did the second time, she said i m getting ready so i dont pee on myself hey ,you know what i mean Becky she said, in a little school girl like innocent like way again to me ,as i couldn’t believe she now was turning sorta as she slowly stopped on the trial into the bushy area, and as she did so she asked if would be her look out kinda please, at she raised the other side all the way upward and turned around my way ,as she lowered her panty,s to her ankle’s now and ,I couldn’t help but look directly at her hairy pussy being displayed so proudly like,as i was looking she seen me starring for sure ,as she smiled a big grin this time, and said i sure have to really pee badly Becky, please dont tell anyone okay ??i promise i assured ,her,as she asked have you ever had to go to the bathroom while walking home through here ever Becky??, i was embarrassed as heck in her question, but i said yea i think so hey in a unsure and kinda maybe not voice back to her as i now looked to answer her new question to me about my pissing bathroom habits and stuff?, i saw her once more ,a lot clearer, and closer, to than the first flask look at her hairy pussy ,and parted legs ,as she knew and seen me starring like at her displaying her self, to start peeing ,as she claimed to need to super badly like,wow i couldn’t help but keep my eyes on her more so ,as i was kinda turned on by how much hair she had on her there, and i had to asks her,if i ask you this stupid question will you tell anyone i did.? ever hey,Whats fair is fair Becky she answered back now, even turned more to give me a better direct view sorta ,for sure i could tell no doubt i remember ,she knew for sure,??, I was now looking more intently like at her woman like older female body, and asked me whet i wanted to ask her hey?? Oh its stupid, it,s nothing i changed my mind ,im wont ask you ,because you will just laugh at me i bet??only laugh probably i answered her back in a embarrassed like innocent girl voice. But after i said that , i heard her start to really start to pee,it sounded like a huge amount, and really a large amount or stream ,as i turned her way to look again, it was hot ,seeing how big of a pee stream came out of her ,oh i never seen a older girl or woman pee like that, or have so much hair there too/./? Please i need to go masturbate myself and let this woman across the yard in her window se me doing it ,it naked me come real real quick ,knowing she is watching me? ,and had for along time ,after i caught her twice out side my bedroom window in the bushes up close to the screen, watching me ,email me at [email protected] if ya wanna play, and hear the second part ,or see pics of her .r me??? Luv Becky xoxoxox

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