The Black Lingerie, Part Two

“Where did you go?”

Lost in thought about the strange black box, Erin didn’t realize right away that the question was aimed at her. Only when no one else answered, did she look up and see her friend, Ashley Connors, looking at her quizzically. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and offered the girl a sheepish grin.

“There you are. Thought I had lost you for good,” She said, grinning, “I was talking to myself there for a while.”

“Sorry,” Erin said, laughing, “Just thinking.”

Ashley was a spunky redhead- not kinky orange but a deep red the color of red wine- pale and beautiful in an elfish sort of way. She had big, effervescent green eyes and an up-tilted nose. While technically in uniform, she managed to look completely different than every other girl in the same outfit. It was one of her many talents.

She and Erin had been friends nearly as long as Erin has been in town. They were neighbors and were thrown together when their respective parental units became friends. Luckily, they hit it off immediately and have been besties since they were in diapers.

It was lunch time and they sat in the cafeteria. They attended a private school with a small membership, so they had the table to themselves

“About what?”

Erin considered telling her about the box and the dream, really wanted to talk to someone about it, but the last thing she needed was a patented Ashley Eye Roll. The story was hard enough for Erin to swallow and she had lived it. Even a friend as close as Ashley was to Erin might size her up for an ‘I love me’ sweater at the local sanitarium if she told her.

“Nothing important,” she said, then, “So what were you talking to yourself about?”

Ashley gave her an appraising look, then shook her head, “Nope. I’m not buying it. I know you too well. Something has you distracted, which tells me its big. I’m the easily distracted one, remember? So spill.”

“It’s just…” Erin said, desperately searching for something to tell her friend.

“Just,” Ashley parroted, then smiled, “You are horrible at this. I can see the wheels turning as you think up a lie.”

“Not a lie,” Erin corrected,  sighing, “Just something to distract you.”

“Now I’m intrigued. What’s the big secret? Catch herpes playing with yourself in the shower?”

Erin laughed, shocked, “I really shouldn’t have told you about that.”

“This is probably true.”

“It’s kind of weird. If I tell you, you’ll probably call the guys with the white vans and bug nets.”

“I promise not to have you committed,” Ashley said, leaning forward, “Now spill. The anticipation is killing me.”


Erin told her about the strange dream, about the girl their age wearing sexy lingerie, about the hidey hole in the closet and the black box inside, about the frightening ending to the dream and finally about finding out the hidey hole was actually real.

“I’m kind of regretting the promise not to have you committed, now,” Ashley said, then grinned, “You aren’t messing with me, are you?”

“No. It really happened.”

“And you had no idea the void existed before the dream?”

“You’ve hidden in that closet before,” Erin said, pointing at her, “did you ever see or suspect anything strange about that wall.”

“No,” Ashley said, getting excited, “Who do you think the girl is?”

“Said her name was Natasha Bronsky.”

“Sounds Russian.”

“I guess. She said some really strange things. Like she hadn’t spoken to anyone in fifty years, then admitted she was only twelve. Said she was both twelve and sixty-three.”

“Interesting,” Ashley said, “And you said she had a dated hair cut?”

“Yeah, like something out of a sixties movie,” Erin answered, then seeing the wheels turning in her friend’s head, “What are you thinking?”

“I think she was giving you clues to who or what she is.”

“Who or what?”

“I think she was a ghost, trying to make contact in your dream.”

“That’s-” she started to say ‘crazy’ but stopped when she realized it made sense, filled in a lot of gaps.

“And whatever is in the box,” Ashley went on, excitement creeping into her voice, “she wants you to find it. Maybe she was murdered and there is evidence. How creepy would that be?”

“Creepy, indeed,” Erin said, shivering.

“Did she seem distressed in your dream? Crying or sad? Anything that would indicate she was murdered.”

“No,” Erin said, shaking her head, “Well, not until the end but that was when the world started dissolving. I know that freaked me out more than a little. Up until then, she seemed… I don’t know. Excited to have finally spoken to me, for one. She was… sunny. You know what I mean? Happy.”


“Weird,” Erin parroted, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

“When have you ever heard of a happy ghost, murdered or otherwise,” Ashley asked around a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

“My supernatural experience is pretty limited, Ashley. I don’t even watch scary movies, remember?”

Ashley snorted, then laughed, “Hey, I warned you that movie was creepy.”

“I had nightmares for a week, thanks to you,” Erin said, shivering, “how can you watch that stuff?”

“Luckily for you, I do. You might have a genuine ghost on your hands. Where would you be with out me?”

“Oh, man,” Erin said, her heart rate picking up, “This is really strange. Do you really think it is a ghost?”

“Makes sense if you are willing to accept it was more than just a freaky dream,” Ashley said, her beautiful green eyes boring into Erin.

“The hole in my wall was real. So was the box,” Erin said, running a hand through her hair. It was a nervous tick of Erin’s and both girls recognized it.

Ashley nodded, then smiled, “Good news is- Now that the girl has delivered her message… You might never see or hear from her again.”

“She wasn’t scary or anything…” Erin said, shrugging, “the whole thing was just….”

“Weird,” Ashley offered, laughing.

“For lack of a better word.”

“The supernatural is usually weird. I think it is a requirement.”

“I mean, I’m not worried about seeing the girl, again. As far as hauntings go, I think I drew an easy one to deal with.”

“Careful, you’ll jinx yourself,” Ashley said, winking at  Erin, “Better knock on wood.”

Usually, Erin would roll her eyes at her friend’s superstitious nonsense, but she couldn’t stop herself from wrapping her knuckles on the cafeteria table. She met Ashley’s gaze with a sheepish grin and a little shrug.

“Who is superstitious now,” Ashley laughed, shaking her head,


The day had taken an eternity to end, but school was finally out and Erin and Ashley stepped out of the car, finally home.

“Call me and let me know what is in the box,” Ashley said, heading for her house.

Her palms sweating and her stomach a twitching mess, Erin went inside, said hello to her mother, then went upstairs. Every step higher made her heart beat faster until it raced in her temple as well as her breast. By the time she made it to her bedroom, her legs felt like rubber bands, her knees weak.

She dropped her backpack just inside the door, then leaned heavily against it for a moment to gather herself. All day at school she had day dreamed about this moment, finding out what mystery the box held, but now that the time had come to actually open it, she was a shaky mess.

Steeling her spine, she went to her closet and pressed the three pressure points. She had secretly hoped nothing would happen, that she had just dreamed the hole in the wall. A pent up breath escaped her as the panel slid out of sight. She hadn’t even been aware of holding it.

It was gloomy in the closet but she could just make out the black box. Before she could lose her nerve, she muscled it out of its hiding place and took it to the bed. Sitting indian style, she pulled it in front of her and popped the simple latch. She hesitated with the lid still firmly closed, said a little prayer that no grisly body parts were inside.

“Amen,” she whispered, then opened the box.

All day she had imagined all the things that could be in the box, but the items inside never came to mind. Well, maybe the notebook, which looked like a diary, but the rest was a shock. She pulled a gauzy outfit out of the box, recognized it as the lingerie Natty had been wearing in the dream. Sure enough, there were the panties and the stockings, even the lace choker she had worn around her neck. Erin sat these aside, then took a curious blue colored glass object out. She gasped and blushed when she saw it resembled a penis, maybe four inches in length and as thick as a man’s thumb. A dildo, she believed. This joined the lingerie in a pile beside the box. Next, she flipped through the notebook, frowned when she realized the pages were filled with a foreign language she didn’t recognize. Still, it felt like a journal or diary to her, mostly because of how the entries were penned on the pages. The last thing in the box was a stack of old looking Polaroids held together with a ribbon.

Erin gasped again as she looked at the photo on top; it was Natty, naked and spread eagle on a bed. The image was in black and white and grainy but there was no denying what Erin was looking at. Although, she knew what to expect, it was still a shock each time she looked at a new Polaroid. They were all of a grinning Natty, usually erotically posed either naked or in the lingerie now sitting beside Erin.

Setting the pictures aside, Erin frowned down at them. Natty looked so happy in the photos, her grin as bright as the sun. She didn’t look posed, her posture relaxed. Erin was just guessing, but no one was making the girl pose like that. It seemed like she was a willing participant in the photo shoot.

Remembering the unashamed body language Natty had exhibited last night in the dream, Erin realized she shouldn’t be surprised by the photos. The girl was obviously comfortable in such sexy attire, had a sensuality about her that wasn’t affected.

“Why did you want me to see this, Natty,” Erin asked the empty room, getting no answer.

She secured the stack of photos with the ribbon, set them back in the box. They stirred a strange mix of emotions in her and she didn’t know what to do with any of them. She felt sad for the girl, obviously a victim of child abuse in spite of the smile on her face. That emotion made sense to her but she was also strangely jealous of Natty. She had this confidence, this magnetism that showed through even in the crappy photos. More than jealous, she had to admit she found her appealing in a way she couldn’t really put her finger on. She wanted to take the pictures out of the box and look at them some more, but it didn’t seem right to do so.

The journal joined the photos in the box, then the glass dildo. She hesitated with the lingerie, holding it up to get a better look at it. It was sheer and delicate looking, lacy and girly. It was so pretty, almost Victorian looking. Well, old anyway.

She started to put it back in the box, hesitated again. Glancing first at the door to the hallway, then at the tall mirror in the corner, she couldn’t believe she was even thinking about what had popped into her head. Unfortunately, once the thought had entered her mind, she couldn’t shake it.

Her heart racing, she ran to the door to the hallway, poked her head out. She could smell the mouth watering scent of the dinner her mother was making. Cooking, she’d be down stairs awhile. Erin’s pulse quickened even more as she softly closed the door.

In a rush, she stripped out of her school uniform, the skirt and button up shirt tossed in the general direction of the hamper. She hesitated for a moment, then her panties and bra joined the rest of her school clothes. Naked, she went to the bed, sat on its edge. The thigh high stockings were silky and stretchy as she rolled them up and slipped them on. They clung nicely to her legs, the nylon losing some of their opaqueness as fitted to her thighs and calves. The lacy tops stopped only inches from her groin. She stood up to admire her legs in the mirror, thought they looked less coltish and more attractive in black hosiery.

Hooked now, she had to try on the rest of the outfit . She fumbled with it a bit, but she managed to slip into the lacy thong. It was extremely skimpy, the front barely covering her young sex and the string back completely disappearing between her pale buttocks. The feel of the string there was a bit weird but not as uncomfortable as she would have suspected.

If the panties were a struggle, the top piece gave her fits. Finally, she was into it, the straps firmly on her thin shoulders, the garters hanging down unfastened. It had self bra that lifted her small breasts, gave her a hint of cleavage that she loved. The material narrowed at the waist, giving her more curves than she really had. Like it had Natty in the dream, the lingerie flattered her young figure, made her feel sexy.

The material was sheer and silky against her skin, managed to both hide and reveal so much of her twelve year old body. The lacy pattern and accent fabrics were very pretty and Erin loved it. Too bad she couldn’t show anyone.

Like everything else, it fit her like it was made for her. Apparently, Natty and Erin were the same size.

“Incredible,” Erin said, stooping to fasten the garters to the nylons. Finished, she stood up straight and admired herself in the mirror. The transformation was astonishing. The cute little girl was largely gone. She looked older, sexier. Her body looked completely different, more appealing. The lingerie was a miracle worker, lifting and flattering every inch of her.

“Holy cow,” she said, her gray eyes wide, “I’m hot!”



Ashley sighed in frustration, opening her eyes in the dark of her bedroom. After tossing and turning for what felt like an eternity, she was ready to admit sleep wasn’t coming. She was too wired, jazzed from Erin’s brush with the pint-sized, age-inappropriately dressed specter. Erin had called her a few hours ago to tell her about the box. No bloody knife or mementos from the scene of a murder, like she had hoped, but the contents still got the imaginative juices flowing. Lingerie in kid sizes, sex toys, journals in a foreign language, child pornography from another age…

It was almost too much. She had spent the rest of the evening reading about ghosts online, looking for something like what had happened to Erin. She found a bunch of stories about lost love ones leading living relatives to misplaced heirlooms or to their bodies. Printing out a few, she meant to take them for Erin to read.

Eventually, she had forced herself to give up the hunt, to take a shower and go to bed. Even as she smoothed the covers around body, she had known it was going to be a while before the sandman came. She loved scary movies, books, the works. Especially ghost stories and now she was a part of one. Sure, she was a supporting character in this particular haunting, but dammit she was still in the movie.

She grinned in the dark, goosebumps prickling her arms. Her heart rate kicked up a dozen beats a minute.

“I’m never going to get to sleep like this,” she grumbled, turning on her side. Closing her eyes, she tried to clear her mind of ghosts. If she could just relax, then maybe sleep would take her.

There is one thing that always helps me relax, she thought, considering it. Once the idea was in her head, it wouldn’t leave her be.

Kicking her covers aside, she rolled on her stomach and reached under her bed. Her searching fingers brushed against the cool plastic and she grabbed a hold. Pulling out, she could just make it out in the gloom. It was a toy from the Harry Potter movies; a Nimbus 2000, a plastic replica of the broom Harry played Quiddich with.

She loved the Harry Potter books, liked the movies okay. As a gift for tenth birthday, her parents had bought her the Nimbus 2000. She really hadn’t had time to play with it at her party. It wasn’t until that night after her friends and family had left that she finally got to try it out. It made cool flying noises when she put batteries in it and started vibrating when she put it between her legs to simulate flying.

She didn’t know about flying, but she did know it had sent shivers through her ten year old body, the plastic shaft teasing her young sex. It had felt so good, she had forgotten about ‘flying’, just held it against her pussy. The vibrating awakened a heat at the core of her and, while she didn’t understand it, it was a pleasant feeling. It began to feel even better, her bud becoming increasingly sensitive. Her narrow hips had begun to gyrate on their own and her eyes had closed. She had bit her lip, reveling in the delicious sensations awash in her body. After a few minutes, she felt something change. It still felt incredible, but she sensed something welling up inside of her. She couldn’t explain the curious feeling but she felt like something was about to happen. Then it had. Her young body had clenched up and exploded with ecstasy. Her knees had given out and she had collapsed to the floor.

Taking the toy from between her shaking thighs, she had looked at it in wide-eyed amazement. Then she had pulled up her skirt to look at her panties. She gingerly touched her crotch, her hips jerking. Still very sensitive. Her fingers found something damp and she stooped over to look at the wet crotch of her panties. Frowning, she thought she might have peed herself. Smelling her fingers, she decided it didn’t smell like pee.

The Nimbus 2000 became her favorite toy, one she used A LOT. Her parents had grown tired of buying batteries, purchased rechargeable ones and a charger for her. Somewhere along the way, she had learned what she did with the toy was called masturbation and the explosion was an orgasm. She really didn’t care what it was called, only wanted that release that came with it.

Learning from Erin’s mistake about sharing too much, she had kept her real use of the toy a secret.

Now, she rolled onto her back and hooked her thumbs in her panties. She raked them them down her long legs and tossed them aside. A thrill worked its way up her spine, the one she got when she was misbehaving. Giggling, she found the on/off switch and the broom came to life. It buzzed in her hand and she giggled, again.

She pressed the vibrating tip against her young sex, the cool plastic finding her hot bud. It sent shivers through her and a soft moan escaped her. She closed her eyes, focused on heat awakening in her lower abdomen. As her excitement grew, so her breathing became fast and shallow, punctuated with wordless sounds of pleasure. Her narrow hips began to gyrate against the head of the broomstick, her body moving on its own accord.

Biting her lower lip to stifle the noises she was making. She had to keep quiet so not to draw her parent’s attention. It wasn’t easy to restrain the cries that threatened to rip from her. Her body was alive with screaming nerve endings that wanted the world to know their ecstasy.

Her hand stole under the sleep shirt she wore and found her budding breast. Watching an R-rated movie that she was strictly forbidden to watch by her father, she had watched slack mouthed and wide eyed at the very graphic sex scene on the TV screen. The woman had played with her large breasts while bounding up and down on the main character’s lap. The actress had seemed to like it, so Ashley had tried it. She had felt kind of foolish at first, mainly because she hadn’t developed breasts, yet. All she had was these puffy nipples that had the tendency to grow turgid at inopportune times. Apparently, size didn’t matter, because the feel of her palm dragging across her rigid nipples had felt delicious.

Now, she teased her pink nipple until it ached sweetly, arching her back off the bed. Her other breast begged for attention and she cupped it, gently kneading the soft flesh. A moan escaped her, loud enough to make her wince, but not loud enough to make her stop. It felt way too good.

Her hands and the unintentionally perverted toy awoke the tension in her body and it stirred like a monster from its slumber. Her undulating hips grew erratic and her breathing came in sharp hisses as it prepared to rage through her. Then it exploded to life, crashing through her shaking body. She clenched up and cried out, couldn’t hold it in as she orgasmed. As she soared high, then floated down in the wake of the monster’s rampage, she didn’t care if her parents heard her. She was lost in the wonderful endorphin-laced, post climax haze.

After a minute or two, she came to her senses and glanced at the door to her room. It was still closed, so her cry must have gone unnoticed. Sighing with relief, she turned the Nimbus 2000 off and stashed it back under her bed. She found her panties and slipped back into them. Back in bed, she avoided the wet spot she had left, curled on her side and closed her eyes. After a few minutes, sleep finally came to visit her.


“You put it on.”

It wasn’t a question so Erin didn’t feel like she needed to answer. She was back in the room that was hers but not really. As last time, everything was so rich in detail, it could barely be called a dream. Natty was there, sitting on the bed with Erin standing before her. She wore a simple white night gown, this time. No lingerie.

Erin wasn’t sure how the girl would react to her trying on the lingerie. She still didn’t know why Natty wanted her to find the box. Putting on the outfit might turn out to be a serious insult to the poor girl. She might be reaching out for help and Erin was playing dress up. The lingerie was evidence of abuse, if nothing else.

“Good,” she said, smiling, “I had hoped you would. It’ll strengthen our connection, make it easier for us to talk.”

“You aren’t mad?”

“No, I’m not mad,” She said, smiling disarmingly at Erin,”I’m glad someone will get some use out of it. It is too pretty to just sit in a box. Don’t you think?”

“It is pretty,” Erin agreed, relieved she hadn’t angered the ghost. No flying furniture or other poltergeist activities tonight.

“How did it fit,” Natty asked, her eyes bright, “Pretty good, I bet.”

“Fit like a glove. Where on earth did you get it?”

“It was made for me by a man in Paris. It is a one of a kind,” Natty said, with a girlish little sigh, “Just a gift from my Love.”

“Your love?”

She nodded, then her eyes fell to the floor, “That is a depressing story, so let’s not ruin the moment with it.”

“Okay,” Erin said, sensing the incredible sadness in the girl.

“How did it make you feel?”

Erin hesitated, embarrassed, “It made me feel…Sexy.”

“And I bet you were,” Natty grinned, then, “Show me.”

“Show you” Erin repeated, raising her eyebrows.

“Let me see you in the lingerie,” Natty said, like the request made perfect sense.

“But I went to bed in short and a t-shirt,” Erin said, looking down at herself. She had chosen this sleep attire after the embarrassing first encounter with Natty.

“Yes, I can see that,” Natty said, laughing, “but here…Here, you can change your outfit as easily as changing your mind.”

“I can,” Erin said, dubiously.

“Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in the lingerie.”

Erin looked at the girl a long moment, trying to decide if she was messing with her or not. Finally, she sighed and closed her eyes, imagined the sheer bustier and nylons, the thong and the choker. Her eyes sprung open when she felt a curious tingle all over her body and she looked down at herself. They widened further when she saw she now wore the lingerie.

Natty clapped and laughed excitedly, “Nicely done.”

She really hadn’t expected it to work, so she felt very self conscious standing in front of Natty. She put an arm across her breasts and a hand over her crotch, painfully aware how inadequate her attempt at modesty was.

“Still shy, huh,” Natty laughed, shaking her head, “Come on. You’ve seen me in it, so it is only fair. Drop the arms, love.”

Erin made no move to do so. Laughing, Natty stepped closer, gently grasped her wrists and pulled her arms aside. She didn’t put up much of a fight, submitted to the girl’s will. Her cheeks burned as Natty looked her up and down, then spun her around for a better look. Natty’s eyes were hot on her skin, made her squirm, but she kind of like it. That sexy feeling she had gotten from modeling the lingerie in the mirror was back.

Natty released her arms and Erin didn’t cover herself again.

“Very sexy, indeed,” Natty said, her smile coy.

“Um…Thanks,” Erin said, both pleased and embarrassed.

Erin became aware that Natty was standing very close, only inches separating them. She caught the faint scent of lavender perfume the girl wore. Natty smile, gently brushed a rogue lock of hair behind Erin’s ear, her hand then resting on Erin’s neck. Suddenly, the space between them seemed even smaller and Erin wanted to pull away. She didn’t, met Natty’s eyes instead. When Natty’s lips met hers, she wasn’t surprised.

Natty pulled back, looked deeply into her eyes, “Was that okay?”

“It was nice,” Erin husked.

The girl laughed, touched her cheek tenderly, “I meant was it okay I kissed you. I won’t do it again if you don’t want me to.”

“Oh,” Erin laughed, her face reddening.

“Can I kiss you again?”

“Ummm…” Erin said, realizing she did want her to kiss her again, “Okay.”

Natty’s smile was coy and playful as she gently kissed Erin. The gap between them melted away and Erin felt her body pressed against hers. Like the kiss, she realized she didn’t mind this either. She was warm and soft, the smell of lavender even stronger.

“Is this your first time kissing a girl,” Natty asked, putting her arms around Erin so she couldn’t pull away if she wanted to.

She didn’t want to. She nodded, didn’t trust herself to speak. Her heart was racing with excitement. Like wearing the lingerie, this felt naughty and it kind of excited her.

“Do you like it,” Natty asked, smiling.

“Umm…yeah,” Erin admitted.

“Me, too,” Natty said, her fingers lightly caressing her neck,”this time, open your mouth just a little.”

“You mean, like a french kiss?”


Erin closed her eyes and parted her lips, couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had kissed Donny Housen on a dare, let him put his tongue in her mouth. It had been kind of weird in a good way, but it was a normal thing. Girls kissed boys like that. This was something else, a little strange.

Still, when Natty’s tongue slipped into her mouth, she didn’t pull away, caressing it with her own instead. Unlike Donny, Natty was a skilled kisser, her tongue teasing Erin into a deeper kiss than she had intended. It lingered until it left both girl’s breathless.

“Wow,” Erin husked, her breast heaving.

“Wow,” Natty repeated, raising her eyebrows.

“It means I liked it,” Erin laughed, forgetting about the language gap.

“Ah,” Natty smiled, “You are a nice kisser.”

“You, too.”

Their lips met again and their tongues danced. It grew heated and Erin felt dizzy, intoxicated by the scent of this girl and the feel of her pressed against her. When Natty’s hands slid up her sides and onto her breasts, she didn’t resist. Fingers teased her nipples until they ached sweetly and she moaned into the kiss. Her body responded to the touch, heat blooming deep between her thighs. Natty eased a leg between hers, her upper thigh pressing against her now sensitive girlhood. She gently rolled her hips forward, rubbing deliciously against Erin, who moaned again and arched her back.

She didn’t know what to make of her reaction to kissing Natty but she liked it. All of it. Even the feel of Natty’s lower abdomen undulating against her own. It felt incredible, like when she played with herself in shower.

Really without thinking about it, she reached behind Natty to grasp her buttocks through the thin nightgown, helped the girl grind against her. Natty giggled, continued to gyrate her hips in a slow, sensual dance that sent shivers of pleasure through Erin. She pulled the nightgown up and suddenly Erin had a handful of bare buttocks, the skin smooth and soft. The sleep shirt went up and over Natty’s head and she was very naked.

Erin looked down at her pale body, a little shocked at this turn of events. What was happening between them just became very real and Erin realized what they were doing. She and Natty were making out. Using the baseball analogy, they were rounding second heading to to third base.

Judging by the disappearance of clothing, Natty wasn’t satisfied with second base. Erin started to balk, unsure if she was ready or even okay with all of this. It was happening way too fast. Her body had a mind of its own and it was very okay with what was happening. Every nerve ending was singing, alive with desire.

“Are you okay with this,” Natty asked, sensing her hesitation. Her eyes searched Erin’s, a hint of a smile tugging at her lips.

“I… I don’t know,” Erin said, nervously, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“If I do something to make you uncomfortable, I’ll stop. I want to,” she said, placing a gentle kiss on Erin’s lips, “but if you aren’t ready, then we’ll wait. I want you to enjoy it as much as I will.”

Somewhat reassured that she could stop anytime she needed to, Erin smiled shyly, “I don’t want to stop but can we slow down a little?”

“Yeah. Slow is good,” Natty said, gently kissing Erin, “We have all night. And the next, if you want.”

Her hesitation melted away and Erin kissed Natty. The passion came back in a hurry, their tongues dancing frantically. Two bodies seemed to become one, all space between them disappearing. Erin thrilled to the feel of Natty’s hands on her back and buttocks, her breasts and belly. Taking her cues from the other girl, she ran her own over Natty’s soft body, testing the resilience of her buttocks, the swells of her small breasts. The skin was smooth and warm, felt incredible under her fingertips. Once she started touching, she couldn’t stop, exploring every inch of her.

“Come on,” Natty said, a playful grin spreading on her face. She took Erin’s hand and led her to the bed. Stretching out on her side, she patted the bed, beckoning Erin to join her.

Erin stretched out beside her and again the space between them disappeared. The kissing and caressing grew frantic as they became more and more aroused. Breathing became shallow and quick as excitement built. Bodies writhed with their own agendas, flexing and gyrating.

Gently, Natty pushed Erin onto her back, leaning over to kiss her. Then she kissed her chin, her collarbone, lower. She pulled the bustier aside, teased a nipple with her lips. Erin gasped, then moaned as her hot, wet tongue caressed the sensitive skin. Her back arched as the other girl played with it until it ached deliciously. Already very aroused, the heat between her thighs built to a fire of desire.

Abandoning the nipple, she left a trail of kisses down Erin’s stomach, little damp spots coloring the material of the bustier. Erin suspected where she was going but she still jerked when Natty’s lips touched her girlhood.

Natty got up and moved between her legs. Smiling down at Erin, she gently pushed her thighs open. Erin felt very vulnerable and revealed, wanted to slam her thighs shut but Natty wouldn’t let her, her hands still on her thighs. The other girl lowered her face to Erin’s crotch, her tongue finding the sensitive bud through the lacey panties. Erin gasped in surprise and pleasure, squeezing her eyes shut.

There’s another girl licking me down there, she thought, a little giddy with the excitement of being naughty.

The panties were pulled aside and Natty’s hot tongue caressed her clit, the sensation mindblowing. Hands release her thighs but she no longer wanted to close them. Little animal sounds escaped her as Natty pleasured her with her tongue.

“That feels so good.” Erin moaned, opening her eyes. She suddenly wanted to see what Natty was doing to her. Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched the girl. Her pink tongue slipped between the folds of Erin’s sex, found the tender bud. It flicked back and forth, sending waves of pleasure crashing through Erin.

She grabbed handfuls of sheets and arched her back, pushing her pussy into Natty’s face. The girl grasped her thighs, held her convulsing body to her mouth. Her tongue awakened the tension in her body and Erin knew what was coming. Her soft moans became sharp cries of ecstasy as she rocketed toward the explosion. Then she felt it, her whole body clenching then shaking itself to pieces. She collapsed back to the bed, gasping for breath and covered in a thin film of sweat. Feel good endorphins flooded her body and she felt like a feather floating on a breeze.

“You came,” Natty said, smiling down at her. Her face was damp and wet around her lips, her hair a mess. She looked beautiful.


“Had an orgasm.”

“Is that what the explosion is? An orgasm,” she asked.

Natty smiled and nodded, “Yeah.”

“Then yeah, I had an orgasm,” She laughed, brushing the hair out of the girl’s face, “you are pretty good at that.”

“I’ve had some practice,” Natty said, crawling up to give Erin a sweet, lingering kiss. Her bodyweight settled onto Erin, their bodies pressed together.

It’s my turn, now, Erin thought, I have to do that to her.

She put her arms around Natty and rolled them until she was on top. She kissed her deeply, passionately. Natty responded, kissing her back. Then, gathering her nerve, she kissed the graceful curve of her neck, her shoulder. Lower to the swell of her breast. She teased a turgid nipple, mimicking what she had seen Natty do to her own nipple. The sigh that escaped Natty let her know she was doing something right, so she kept doing it. The sigh became a moan and Natty put a hand to the back of her head to hold her there.

Leaving a trail of moist kisses down Natty’s stomach, she came to her girlhood. She hesitated, looking at the soft pink folds with trepidation. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to but that she didn’t know how. Natty had admitted to having lots of practice but this was virgin territory for Erin.

No pun intended, she thought with a grin.

“Umm…You are going to have to help me.” Erin said, sheepishly, “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Natty gave her a reassuring smile and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips, said, “See this little hood. If you tease that with your tongue, my clit will become sensitive.”

Erin lowered her mouth to her sex, found the hood with her tongue. Natty sighed and squirmed as she ran it over the tender skin. Her reaction was encouragement enough and Erin set to it with enthusiasm. She heard Natty’s breathing quicken and knew she was doing something right. The girl’s hips began to gyrate, pushing her sex against Erin’s face. Erin grasped her thighs, holding her close.

“Yeah, just like that, Erin,” Natty husked, her head tossing, “Just like that.”

Taking pride in the other girl’s enjoyment, Erin continued to massage the tender bud with her tongue. Soft moans became sharper cries of ecstasy. Keeping her pussy close to her mouth became a challenge, her body writhing out of control.

“I’m coming! I’m coming,” Natty hissed, her hands on the back of Erin’s head. Then she stiffened, her thighs clenching around Erin’s head.

Erin could feel the flutter of her vagina against her face, her lips still pressed against her pussy. It was an odd feeling, both exciting and weird.

Finally, Natty’s thighs released her and she looked up at the girl. A sated smile spread on her lips, “Thank you, Erin. It’s been so long since I’ve felt that. Far too long.”

“I did okay,” Erin asked, feeling like a student waiting for her grade.

Natty sat up and kissed her deeply, then, “You were great. A natural.”

Pleased, Erin grinned, “Thanks.”

“Are you still okay with what we did,” Natty asked, gently caressing Erin’s cheek, “I want you to be comfortable with it.”

Erin laughed, “I liked it. Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t believe I did any of this, but I liked it.”

Natty smiled.

“I made out with a girl,” Erin laughed again, shaking her head in amazement.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe next time, I’ll teach you some more,” Natty said, laughing at her excitement.

“Next time,” Erin asked.

“It is up to you but I’d like to do this again,” Natty said, meeting Erin’s gaze.

“I think I would, too.”

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  1. Fur says:

    I’m still addicted to the stories. They are still some of the best I’ve read and I feel like you’ve add some bits to these stories sense I last read them Ebo. Of course it could be my strange photographic memory of words skipping parts again.

    • ebo says:

      I’ve been trying to go back and tweak some of the older stories. Not change the plot, just fix a few grammatical errors, punctuation and that sort of thing. I could have been a bit more thorough with the original proof reading before submitting the stories to Leslita, it would seem.

  2. Minnona Derice says:

    Erin having her first lesbian experience with a ghost seems hot. Is the sex supposed to be actual or is she just dreaming masturbating? I thought Ashley’s adventure with that toy was fascinating. I notice others calling the site “Leslita” instead of “Lesbian Lolita” so guess that’s a common practice

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