Just This Once

  • Posted on November 17, 2021 at 4:14 pm

Note from JetBoy: Readers, I’m tickled pink to welcome the highly esteemed and thoroughly stimulating erotic fiction of eloquent delinquent back to Juicy Secrets. He’s written quite a bit since his last post, and we intend to showcase the lot of it here. Here’s a morsel to whet your appetite…


By eloquent delinquent

The best part was the quiet, Sharon thought as she lay suspended in the hot, fragrant water of her bath. She’d read about isolation chambers in college – pods that sealed the person within from any outside stimulus – and in her house, this tub, at this time of night, was as close as she was going to get. Close enough, she figured, sinking deeper into the embrace of the bathwater, this is heavenly.

It wasn’t like she didn’t love her life – Sharon was still proud she’d left her philandering husband, and she adored her daughters Hayley and Beth – but she still treasured these calm, luxurious moments. The girls weren’t difficult, but they were very busy, and the administrative work she did to keep them all comfortable had its inevitable stresses. This little evening window when the girls were entertaining themselves with TV or games was the best she could manage for herself. But here, all that seemed to vanish, dissolving into the hot water, carried away by the steam into the peaceful silence.

She felt her senses rising, filling the calm. Hearing the slight slip and slop of the water, head filling with the wildflower scent of bath salt, closing her eyes and following the slow rhythm of her breathing. And, as always, Sharon became aware of her body, seeming to melt into the pleasure of the bath, savoring every soapy caress she gave herself. And after rinsing, her hand inevitably trailed down beneath the water, settling on her aroused cunt. She languidly stroked her sex, letting the urgency build, no need to rush…

Hayley found herself moving before she’d really made up her mind. As she reached out to push the bathroom door wide open, she realized that acting this way really wasn’t that new to her. And of course, she felt a pang of guilt, knowing that Mommy was having special quiet time in the bath, but she couldn’t stop herself. She was done with peeking – she had to know, to be part of it.

With her eyes closed, Sharon’s first hint of her sanctuary being disturbed was a sudden swirling of cool air among the steamy. She never heard the knob turn, and why would she? Sharon always left the door open just a crack to let some of the steam out. She startled, stiffening, her fingers froze where they were stroking her cunt. She knew from the sound of bare feet hitting the floor that it was her eight-year-old before she even opened her eyes.

And then there she was Hayley, with the same dark hair as her mother, standing close in her thick terry bathrobe, with a nervous smile on her face. Her daughter suddenly seemed very tall, and Sharon felt very naked. Could the eight-year-old see her mother’s hand nestled on her pussy? Now that she’d barged in, Sharon felt pinned.

The mother had to clear her throat to find her voice. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Um, yeah. Okay.” That strangely beguiling smile never left Hayley’s face. Sharon was aware of her daughter’s eyes roving all over her nude body in the water, and the sense of being the object of such a curious, hungry gaze left her with a queer, disturbing feeling that wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

“I’m having my bath, Hayley,” Sharon stated the obvious. “Is there something that can’t wait?”

With a slight shake of her head, the girl simply asked, “Is it nice?”

Sharon felt herself caught in another way. Was what nice? Was Hayley looking between her legs? “You… you mean the bath?”

“Uh-huh,” her daughter replied, nodding with play-acted innocence. “You take one almost every night. It must be nice.”

“It is. But part of what makes it so nice is that I have some privacy.”

“Um. I know Mommy. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bug you.”

“It’s okay, honey, just… What’s going on?”

Hayley bit her adorable lip before she could manage, “I wanna get in with you. It seems so nice.”

Sharon surprised herself when she found herself asking, “Where’s your sister?”

“She’s already in bed, reading that book again. She might be asleep already.”

The mother knew she was letting boundaries slip. If she ever wanted to keep this time private, she should send Hayley packing right now. But instead, she felt her fingers twitch against her cunt, sending a shiver of joy through her. Sharon was surprised again as she relented, saying, “Okay, but just this once.”

Bouncing a little with delight, the daughter practically threw her robe on the bathroom floor, and as Sharon moved to make room, her eyes lingered on her daughter’s body. She was growing so fast! She had these subtle curves she didn’t have even six months ago, and the nipples topping the immature pads of her breasts were so cute and hard! She noted the blush in her daughter’s cheeks, matched by (when she took a furtive glance) the pink surrounding Hayley’s demure hairless slit. It made Sharon wonder if her daughter ever felt arousal.

The thought gave Mommy a kind of vertigo, teetering on the edge of something she shouldn’t think about. It’s because I’m so wound up I’m thinking like this, Mommy reasons. I wish I could’ve come before she got in here.

Taking a breath she didn’t realize she was caught, Sharon said, “Shut the door, don’t let the cold in.” When the eight-year-old spun playfully to obey, the mother found herself looking at the girl’s high, supple butt, feeling a pang of admiration. It had to be admiration, right? I’m checking out my daughter’s ass.

But then Hayley was placing a dainty pointed toe into the hot, sudsy water, and Mommy had her legs pressed against the sides of the tub to make room for her. At least the adjustment had allowed her to move that incriminating hand off her cunt. But as the pretty girl lifted her other foot to get in, Sharon found herself furtively, guiltily peering up between her daughter’s legs, spying more of her delicate pussy and the shadow of her soft ass cheeks obscuring her naughtiest place.

Her pulse suddenly pounded in her throat. Under the water, she jumped a bit as her fingertip grazed her own clit without her even thinking about it. How’d that get back down there?

The girl settled into the water with a sigh that sounded very sensual to her mother. Hayley loved the smell of Mommy’s bath, and just her mother’s presence here, where she always seemed so calm and nice. Mommy was always happy and relaxed after she had private bath time, and her daughter wanted to feel that way, too.

Hayley had another reason for going in there, a secret one she never told anybody. She liked seeing Mommy naked. She didn’t know why, really, it just made gave her this rush of happy feelings, left her breathing deep with her skin feeling all warm and nice and a kind of heavy feeling deep in her tummy.

At first, seeing Mommy undressed was an accident, coming into the bathroom too soon after she showered or wandering into her bedroom to ask a question. But now she did it on purpose, in secret, spying.

She’d been spying tonight even, just before she joined Mommy in the tub, watching through a crack in the door as she slipped off the robe, then ran the water all naked and kind of thoughtful, then slid into the steamy water. After a few minutes, she seemed to be doing something under the water, something that made her look like she was kind of dreaming.

That dreamy look made daughter feel crazy all of a sudden. She ran back to her room, shucked off her jammies, and slipped on her soft bathrobe. Her sister Beth had looked from her book and stared at her like she was crazy. Then she took a couple of brave breaths and pushed open the bathroom door.

And now she was in the bath with Mommy! She felt giddy but tried to act calm like her mother. Mommy could tell though, and since she faced her mother as she lowered herself down, she could see the indulgent smile on Mommy’s face. She smiled back.

Hayley slid down and down into the welcoming warm water that smelled so yummy, like Mommy cuddles. She kept going even after her butt bumped the bottom, letting herself settle until she was up to her chin. This required some arranging – her knees sloshed out of the water a little as she felt her feet run up the soft insides of Mommy’s thighs, and the girl moved her ankles up and over her mother’s legs. She ended up with a foot wedged between Mommy’s hips and the sides of the tub, sitting while resting back on her hands.

When Sharon saw her daughter in this position her cunt started to throb, begging for the caresses she was giving it only moments earlier. Through the suds, she got glimpses of her daughter’s parted thighs, her childish supine body. It’s almost like she’s displaying herself, she thought. Could that be true?! Or was this just an innocent, thoughtless posture?

Her feelings whipsawed inside her. These thoughts – these reactions – were bad, so bad. But she couldn’t deny they were happening. Sharon’s mind spun out excuses – it was because she’d been playing with herself, it was because she hadn’t had a real sex partner in god knows how long, it was that second glass of wine after dinner. But none of that changed the rising arousal she felt toward her eight-year-old daughter, splayed before her.

“Do you do special things when you get to have a bath alone?” Hayley asked.

Jerked from her rationalizations, alarm bells rang in Sharon’s head. She had the door open just a crack to let out the steam – did her daughter peek in on her? “What kinds of things?”

Her daughter shrugged cluelessly. “I dunno. Something that makes you really happy? You’re always happy after you have special bath times.”

“Did you see me doing something just now?”

The girl shrugged again, wordlessly, but this time her face blazed red and her chin ducked under the water.

“It’s not nice to spy,” Mommy said sternly, but her heart continued to thump, the pulse echoing between her open legs.

“I didn’t mean to,” Hayley whimpered, “but you looked like you were having a pretty dream, I couldn’t help it.”

So she liked what she saw, Sharon thought, and that dizzy, thrilling feeling passed through her again. “Well, I guess that’s okay, just this once.”

Relief visibly washed over Hayley, and she smiled.

“Do you know what I was doing to get that pretty feeling?”

She sat up a little, curious, shaking her head.

“Do you ever touch yourself between your legs?”

Another shake of the head, this one much slower, eyes much wider. “You mean on my kitty?” An edge of disgust crept into her voice.

Her mother nodded just as slowly, thinking that her daughter had forgotten a lot since she was a toddler, when she often had her hand down her diaper and a cute, dopey smile on her face as she rubbed herself. The memory made her feel drunk with horniness.

So she told her, “Your kitty isn’t just for making pee. It also wants to make you feel good.” She moved her hand, squeezing and cupping her own breast, lifting the nipple clear from the water. “Your whole body can help you feel nice, but your kitty can make you feel pretty in a special, secret way. Sometimes that’s what I do here in the bath.”

Hayley was dumbfounded – she knew all about how doing secret naughty things could make her feel clever and special, but touching where she made pee? But that’s what she’d thought Mommy was doing, what she said now only confirmed her suspicions. And just then her own kitty felt very puffy, tender, and tingly, so she sat there, a tumble of confusion, and tried to figure it out.

“How?” the girl finally said, and Sharon felt her own sudden confusing rush of feelings – relief, excitement, shame, lust. Her daughter didn’t see this tumult, just blinked heavily as she added, “Can you show me?”

Mommy licked her lips and said, “Okay, but just this once.”

Giving her nipple an electrifying flick, Mommy’s hand slipped back underneath the water, trailing down her round tummy. She went slowly, hardly believing what she was doing, cautioning herself to stop, daring herself to go on.

Hayley was sitting up, ends of her dark hair trailing in the water, her gaze following Mommy’s hand. She reached out and pushed some bubbles aside.

Mommy asked her, “Can you see?”

She nodded, “Uh-huh,” even though it was wavy and hardly seemed real. That was Mommy’s naked kitty down there, so close to her own. It was pink and kind of open to something even pinker, and on the top was a little rectangle of dark thick hair. She vaguely wondered how it got to look that way. But mostly she was looking at Mommy’s hand, her own heart pounding as her mother’s fingertips actually touched around her grownup kitty.

This was so bad! This was a big naughty secret but Mommy was showing her anyway. She felt a huge surge of love for her mother, because suddenly she felt like a big girl, not just allowed to see Mommy naked, but to see her bad secrets, too.

Sharon shivered when she first smoothed over her labia. The pit that yawned in her stomach was half apprehension, and half yearning need. What she was doing with her daughter was so wrong – was it incest? – but at this moment in her heart it felt gentle and natural, a mother teaching her daughter an intimate joy. Some part of her mind rebelled, How can you think this way?!

But then she strummed over her throbbing pussy again, and the pleasure raced up her body. Her daughter, gazing raptly at her mother’s sexual display, noticed this shimmer and looked up to Mommy’s face with the slightest, wondering grin.

“Is it good?” she asked.

“Mmmm,” Sharon sighed in reply. “It’s yummy. And see? You just lightly touch and stroke your kitty at first, giving yourself these little shivers. Your kitty will tell you when it wants more, and then you can make it feel hotter and wilder, or you can just tease it, and make it tell you louder inside what it wants. It’s called playing with yourself for a reason.”

Hayley found her own hand running up and down her torso, from her belly button to her neck. Her nipples were really hard, and gave a little warm whoosh feeling as she passed over them. She didn’t know why she was doing it, only that she needed to and it felt nice. “Are you just petting right now, or is this the teasing part?”

A devilish little smile came onto Mommy’s face that the girl had never seen before. It made her think that her mother might eat her all up, and that she might like it if she did. Under the water, her fingertips continued to trace and stroke and diddle. “It’s so much teasing. I was doing the petting before you came in… but you know that already, don’t you?”

Blushing so hard she could feel it in her hair, the girl gave a helpless giggle. Then she settled back down, entranced by watching Mommy’s hand play with her pink kitty. She hesitated, then blurted, “What happens next?” Immediately she regretted it, because as much as she wanted to see more, she never wanted it to end.

Mommy brought her fingers together, and nestled them onto her pussy. “At the top of your kitty, you’ll get a little bump when you’re excited and want to feel good. I’ve got the tips of my fingers over it right now.” She searched her daughter’s face, then looked down between her slender legs and swallowed. “I bet you have a bump there right now. Check and see.”

“Touch my kitty?”

“It’s okay. Just this once.”

Hayley found she couldn’t bear to stop her hand from petting the front of her body, so she leaned forward to free up the hand she was leaning on, and brought it around, poised over her naughty area.

Looking down into the water, the girl asked, “Can you see?”

“Yes honey, go ahead.”

“Right here?” her hand hovered just above her kitty. It was shaking a little.

“Down just a bit… There, just there. Feel around and see if you don’t touch your bump.”

She did as she was told, so aware of Mommy watching her do this. It made her embarrassed and excited at the same time – is that how Mommy felt? But then her fingertips bumped and nudged her kitty, and she forgot about anything but the sudden flood of sensations.

It was like she was two different people. To her fingers, her kitty felt so soft and tender and warm, even in the warm bathwater. To her kitty, her fingers were dancers shooting wild happy feelings into her middle with every unsure step. “I dunno,” she said.

“Oh come on,” Mommy chided affectionately, “don’t you remember how?”

Those words didn’t make any sense to Hayley at first. But as she kept lightly fondling her kitty, something happened. She had this strong, fuzzy memory of lying back on a padded table. She had no clothes on, the air was cool, and everything looked so much bigger. Especially Mommy, and in this memory she looked up at Mommy through her own parted legs, her little feet in the air, and her own hand eagerly rummaging between her legs, sending up sensations much like she was feeling just then, in the tub. And in her mind she saw Mommy leaning over as she did it, smiling sweetly, her big warm hand caressing the backs of Hayley’s chubby legs.

Could that have happened?! Was it a dream? She started and gasped a little, very confused again, and she tried to look closer at the memory. But it just kind of slid out of sight, and that was because her kitty was telling her to touch it some more. She thought Mommy said it that she was being funny, like in a story, but it really felt that way. She gazed down into the water at her naked kitty, and her hand there, looking more intently at what she was doing.

“That’s the spot, baby, push in a little. It’ll open and then you can feel inside.”

The girl hardly believed this, but Hayley pressed just a little and it’s just like Mommy said. The soft puffy sides pushed back and what was underneath felt hot and slick and so tender and delicate. Her kitty sent these waves of yummy feelings up her back, into her belly, depending on how she moved. Glancing at her mother’s hand, she inched up a little more toward the top.

An amazing hot feeling crashed through her, so crazy, so delicious! This little noise caught in her throat. Her fingers froze for a second, so surprised by the intense sensation, but then she can’t help but test it again, and it was there! Just as crazy, and maybe even a little stronger. She pressed and pressed, and slowly through the flashes of delight rocketing to every part of her, her fingers sent the message that they had found the bump. The bump was the feelings and the feelings came from touching the bump!

Her little mind blanked out, only able to feel, needing to touch and feel, so good and feeling better each time she touched it. Those feelings gave her a sense of climbing. But they got even more intense, her body quivered, her pulse raced, it felt like panic, like she was about to pee herself. It started off nice but now it was scary, too.

Sharon saw her girl, and after a moment of enthralled masturbation that turned the mother on more than she could admit, Hayley suddenly lifted her hand away from her sweet little quim. She looked up at Mommy, flushed, breathing fast, her eyebrows high on her forehead and a wild, uncertain look clouding her pretty face.

“You found it, didn’t you?”

“Um, hah, yeah.”

“Did you like it?”

“Kinda,” Hayley responded. She couldn’t say no, because even though it scared her, part of her wanted to go back right then and touch it some more. “It’s strong.”

“Yes,” Mommy agreed emphatically. She reached through the water with her free hand and gripped her daughter’s calf, rubbing from knee to ankle. “It’s okay, sweetie. Your kitty hides your strongest secrets, so you have to listen to it. You have to be ready to let you carry you off.”

The girl blinked in astonishment at her mother. That was exactly how it felt – like she was going to be carried off, not in control of the feelings any more. The feelings would have been controlling her. “Is that how it’s s’posed to be? Is that good too? Is that what you wanna do when your kitty tells you?”

Sharon gave that hungry smile again without knowing it, only seeing the thrill cross her daughter’s face. “That’s what you want to do.” And just saying it broke something loose in the mother, and she began to masturbate her aching cunt, purring to the girl, “I rub on my bump when my kitty tells me. I put my fingers inside myself when my kitty tells me. I rub it and let go and get carried away to the most special feeling of all, and when it’s over I feel so light and happy.”

“Happy,” Hayley echoed, but she’s mostly distracted by what her Mommy was doing. She was enthralled watching her grownup naked body while she rubbed down there, almost like hypnotized, feeling hot and still and antsy all at once. It was the way Mommy’s body rose and fell, mostly from her hips, it made the water roll through the tub. She felt little twitches in Mommy’s legs.

Mommy let go of her leg, putting that hand back on her big soft breast. The girl stared at Mommy’s other hand more – she was rubbing down there so hard, so fast, it made what she’d done to her own bare kitty look like baby stuff.

But the thing Hayley stared at most was Mommy’s face. Her eyes were closed, so she could look all she wanted and not be nervous. Her mouth was open just a little, her nostrils flared, and her breath was deep and kind of shaky, getting shakier. Every once a little noise would come out, like a grunt or a whine, almost like it hurt. Her whole face was kind of like that as she went faster and moved up and down more, like it was a pretty dream but it was like struggling too.

Hayley thought about how the bump had made her feel, and figured this would be what getting carried away looked like, happy and yummy and shocking and crazy all at once.

And as she thought that Mommy stiffened all over except for her hand, which was rubbing fast as ever. Her mouth opened big but there was no breath; her face turned red. Her legs trembled.

Just before Hayley could ask if she was okay, Mommy heaved and shivered and made these loud whimpering noises but she was smiling with her eyes pinched shut the whole time. Her body started to move up and down again, but it was harder than before, like each time was a big shudder – some of the soapy water sloshed out onto the floor. Those shakes came less and less, and they were softer each time, until she stopped. And then she seemed so lazy and relaxed, so very pretty. It’s left the girl more excited than ever, something so amazing and secret and beautiful.


Sharon opened her eyes to find her daughter’s stunned face peering back. The smile she meant to be reassuring felt drunken as she tried to make it, but the girl smiled timidly back just the same. Hayley looked around, casting about for words, and then asked, “Did… um, did you get carried away?”

“Ohhh, yes, sweetie, yes I did.”

Her daughter sat facing her, quiet for a long time. To Sharon, it looked as though the girl was just rocking gently, maybe a bit nervous about the spectacle her mother created just before. But for Hayley, it’s like there were waves splashing around her insides. Her hips and tummy were telling her to move in a way she wasn’t familiar with, and so she didn’t but the urge was so strong that she ended up rocking back and forth a bit anyway. And her kitty and her bump were talking to her, so loud that she couldn’t really think about much else.

So she blinked and squeezed her hands together and asked, “Could something like that… could it happen to me?”

“It will, honey, it will when you’re ready.”

Mommy wasn’t getting it, so she stretched her arms out nervously and asked, “Could it happen now?”

It was Sharon’s turn to look stunned and blink. Her tongue felt thick when she replied, “If you want to.”

“But I don’t know how,” Hayley said. “Could you make me?” And then her gaze slid off to the side. “Sorry.”

That vertigo feeling was gone; Sharon was now in freefall. Her pussy, satiated just a minute ago, began to throb again with a fresh and eager appetite. For her little girl, for her body, for her dainty cunt, for her helpless bliss.

She reached up out of the water and cupped the anxious, pretty face of her baby. Some of the girl’s nervousness cleared, and she offered her mother a fragile little smile.

“It’s okay, baby,” she soothed, “you can want that. It’s naughty for me, but Mommy will rub you there, Mommy will make you, just this once.”

Hayley’s smile grew, knowing Mommy was going to help take care of her, and answer the demands of her kitty and let her think again. She looked down at herself, at her shaky, excited body, unsure what to do.

Forcing herself up a bit more into a sitting position, Mommy waved her daughter over. “Come here, baby. Turn around and lean back against me.”

There was a moment of movement and the water moved and sloshed and sounded very loud. Daughter noticed that most of the bubbles had dissolved, and just before she turned she could see Mommy’s naked body very clearly. She wanted to keep looking but then she was trying to sit and could feel Mommy’s plush boobies on her back and that was even better.

The girl didn’t really understand why Mommy kept stopping her from actually sitting on the tub floor or on her lap, but shifting her around until daughter perched kind of awkwardly with one butt cheek on Mommy’s leg, and the other one resting in between. She could feel the kind of prickly hairs from the top of Mommy’s kitty and the soft heat lower down against her behind, and she kind of liked that.

Sharon spent her time getting them into position, with her hips tipped back and her knees poking up out of the water. Her daughter’s sweet little ass was right up against her aroused cunt – already she could feel her own pulse down there – and she could still get to her baby’s adorable pussy easily enough.

Raising her arm out of the water, she said, “Put your hand over my hand. That’s right, like that, fingers on top of fingers. I want you to feel what I’m doing, so you can do it later if you want to.”

The girl turned; they were close enough that Sharon could feel the warmth of her daughter’s breath on her cheek. Hayley asked, “Will I get to have special bath time, too?”

“You don’t need to be in the bath for this,” Mommy answered, perplexing her daughter.

But there was no time to ask because Mommy was already lowering her hand into the water, toward Hayley’s kitty. Mommy’s other hand wrapped around her chest and drew her back, resting against Mommy’s warm, silky skin.

And then she could feel Mommy’s hand, and her own, sliding up her leg and then the sweet, ticklish feeling as she touched her kitty so lightly. At the same time she seemed to move a little under the girl’s butt, so Hayley went very still so Mommy could do what she wanted.

With Sharon’s first touch on her little girl’s smooth pussy, she knew she was a goner. Her hips flexed instinctively, mashing hot pleasure from the softness of Hayley’s young supple ass. Sharon was touching her, she was touching her daughter sexually, and as her fingertips smoothed up and down that dainty cleft she felt a flood of love and lust crash over her heart. So soft and tender in the warm water, she gently caressed and diddled, feeling her daughter relax against her, feeling her little fingers on top of her own, following her every move.

She placed a long, soft kiss on her daughter’s hot cheek, marveling at the way the maternal and the erotic were twining together inside her, were starting to seem natural… even beautiful. Hearing her daughter’s breathing deepen, feeling her adorable little body softly squirm against hers, it felt so right, to be sharing this with her.

And when the girl’s legs sagged open, Sharon knew she was ready. She pressed against the puffy edges of her daughter’s slit, parting them and revealing the hot exquisite petals nestled so tightly inside. That’s when Hayley began to mew and whine softly. Instead of watching her mother’s hand, her eyelids slid shut, her head lolling back against Mommy’s waiting shoulder.

Mommy’s touch went places Hayley never imagined, these feelings soared and flashed through her. The girl couldn’t resist the wild sensations of pleasure, didn’t want to, she felt herself melting into her mother’s luscious touch between her legs. Her body gave her that urge again, and this time she didn’t fight it, and suddenly she was rocking her hips kind of like how Mommy did, up and down, pushing her kitty into her mother’s clever fingers, which only made it feel better.

And even as those crazy feelings began to rise, as Mommy rubbed her joyous little bump as part of her play, Hayley just surrendered, knowing Mommy loved her and wouldn’t let this amazing joy turn bad.

Her daughter’s instinctive fuck motion humped the girl’s ass into Sharon’s increasingly heated pussy, and the mother was able to gauge the eight year old’s natural need from it. She adored her daughter even more at that moment, knowing the brave little thing was letting the sexual feelings move through her, letting her body awaken to the joy of erotic passion.

Sharon played with her clit, and the entrance to her vagina, and the tenderness of her tiny labia, letting Hayley’s feelings climb without overwhelming any of them, encouraging her to the peak of her excitement without forcing it.

And the girl did climb – oh, how she rose! Sharon felt her gyrations get faster, stronger, frenzied. She pulled tight to keep the girl’s lithe body from writhing away, her little butt humping against Mommy’s grateful cunt like she knew what she was doing. Sharon pushed up into her own steadily wilder rhythm, letting it carry her up, too, their desperate hips causing the water to slop around the tub.

Hayley started to gasp and coo and whine, and she couldn’t help any of it, was nearly mindless, just a body with Mommy playing at its center, and she was filling up with delight, filling up, up…

“I love you, sweetheart,” Sharon breathed into her daughter’s neck as she began to lose control, actively fucking her daughter’s butt cheek, circling in on the girl’s clit as her own began to sing.

“Ooo, ooo!” Hayley cried as the great panicky feeling swept closer, but it felt so good, she was so full of excitement it didn’t matter if it was scary, only that she kept being touched, only Mommy rubbing her kitty…

Suddenly her whole little body went tight – she was too full of joy, there was nowhere left to go. She made a few loud whimpers before she managed, “Mama! Mama!” like a little baby, and then she felt her tummy clutch and all this electric bliss rushed out of it, through her, everywhere, she was made of this, her whole body was Mommy rubbing her kitty.

Feeling her little daughter come, straining and quivering and jerking with the passion of it, moved Sharon deeply. Even as she felt the girl’s hot pee jet out in the throes of her climax she kept lovingly diddling her.

Seeing the girl’s pretty face bloom in ecstasy, Sharon had never felt happier for her daughter, never felt that they were closer or had ever shared love as good, as primal, as this. The sheer joy of knowing that it was incest that brought them here, sparked the mother’s second orgasm, and she rolled through it, nuzzling her daughter’s neck while the girl wound down from her very first orgasm.

They both sank into the water, languidly and sleepily, and Sharon only noticed then that it was starting to cool. She roused her daughter, who blinked open her heavy eyelids and chuckled.

“You made me carried away,” Hayley said in a syrupy voice.

“Yes, and you were so pretty, baby.”

“I felt really really pretty. It was okay that it was a little scary.”

“I’m so glad you liked it,” Mommy said, and kissed her again on the cheek. “Come on, let’s get out before we get all pruny.”

They climbed out on wobbly legs, using each other for support. Daughter ended up sitting against the edge of the tub as Mommy opened the drain and got them both towels.

Sharon dried herself vigorously, loving the feeling of the rough terry cloth against her tingling skin. After ruffling the towel through her hair, she looked down at her daughter, who held her own towel listlessly in one little hand. The other was lightly petting between her legs, looking down at her own hand as it curiously stroked there. Hayley hummed.

“Let’s get you dry, honey,” Sharon said, plucking the towel away from the girl and fluffing her over her head, shoulders, and back. As she moved to towel down the girl’s front, Hayley moved her hand away from her quim, but by the time the mother finished, it was back again. Have I created a monster? she wondered.

Part of her hoped she had.

“You said you don’t have to do it just in the tub,” Hayley finally said, still lightly touching her kitty. It tingled and felt tender and welcomed her soft touches.

Mommy knelt and started toweling the girl’s legs, starting at her foot and working her way up. “That’s true,” Mommy said, “but it always needs to be done in private. It’s a secret, especially for little girls.”

Hayley grinned sweetly. She liked that Mommy let her have this secret, and she liked how Mommy opened up her legs while she was drying them. Now Mommy could see her having her secret, as she kept petting her kitty right in front of her. It made her feel good when Mommy looked at her naked; she wondered if it was as much fun for her as when she looked at Mommy naked, like she was right then.

“So, if I wanted, I could do it here, too,” Hayley said. Mommy was on her knees, between her legs, right at her eye level, and the eight-year-old looked frankly at her.

Then Mommy did something funny. She set the towel aside, wrapped a hand around each of daughter’s slim spread thighs, and bent down, and down, until her head was right between her legs, almost touching her sweet spot. Seeing her so close, Hayley drew her hand away.

Mommy looked up at her with a naughty look in her eyes. She bent even closer, licked her lips, and when she murmured, “Just this once,” the girl could feel her breath on her bare kitty. She gasped at the thrill of that warm breath on the tenderness of her sex, but when Mommy’s wet tongue followed just a second later, Hayley cried out in a way she never had before, tangling her fingers in her mother’s dark hair.

The End


15 Comments on Just This Once

  1. Bryan says:

    Ok a couple things 1st I loved this and 2nd welcome back ED me being a big fan of a couple of your stories I’ve been holding out hope that you’d come back and possibly resume writing and maybe even restarting and maybe even completing some older stories

    • Eloquent delinquent says:

      Thanks for the comment, I hear you and you’re not the only one saying these things. It’s a big commitment but I’m definitely considering interspersing new material with going “back to the well.” Don’t count on anything too soon, my smut-writing time is quite limited.

  2. Kim & Sue says:

    A morsel to some, a banquet to us. Wonderfully done, and though we think she may be younger, the other sister could also be older as well. We came more than ‘Just this Once’

    If you add to something old, or give us something new, we are glad to see more of your writing no matter what you offer up.

    Thank you.

    • Eloquent delinquent says:

      You’re quite astute, Hayley’s sister Beth is two years younger! That detail didn’t quite make the edit, though.

      What naughty ladies you are! I’m glad you enjoyed it so, um, thoroughly – hmm, ‘More Than Once’ would be a great title for a sequel…

  3. Keiko says:

    As usual, I could not make it through the whole story without errmmm… “getting carried away”… “get the pretty feeling”…

    Such sensual beautiful gorgeous writing!!

    Thank you!!!

  4. Iceman says:

    Just as your name implies. All of your stories are “Eloquently Written”. They start soft and slow,building up higher. Make readers like me not wanting to stop hoping for more. When you get to the end I find I keep wanting more and more. I hope you stay with this sight and keep us readers entertained. ThAnk you please keep writing.

    • Eloquent delinquent says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, I appreciate it.

      I started in this niche in an effort “to be the pervert writer you wish to see in the world” and now I’ve got a taste for it. I hope in the months and years ahead to brighten your life with my filthy smut.

  5. Anna says:

    Enjoying your stories not only on here but on Leslie’s aswell.

  6. Jay Denton says:

    Mmmmm, I loved this one so much ED. It was perfectly paced and had an amazing crescendo. I know my friend Nikki will love it too. Thanx 💋

    • Eloquent delinquent says:

      What a kind comment, thank you!

      Oh yes, please, spread me around like a disease. I want to corrupt as many eyeballs as I can

  7. Steve says:

    This is not the way this story should end it should carry on and tell the whole story.

  8. David says:

    Wow E D, what an erotic story. I have always thought that mother/daughter sex was the hottest thing ever and this story was no different. I was very erotic and well written and detailed. The tub idea was a great idea. The daughter peeking and then joining and mom teaching her was so hot. Then when mom took her daughter on her lap and made her cum it was amazing and only made better when she was drying her off and went down on her at the end. What and amazing ending and I only wish there was more, but my imagination can take it anywhere I want. Thanks again E D. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

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