By Invitation Only, Part Two

  • Posted on May 13, 2021 at 2:04 pm

by Karin Halle

Much as I longed to make love to Louise, I found myself hesitating after that first passionate kiss. Could I actually engage in lesbian sex with a girl of thirteen I’d met less than two hours ago?

I’d shared pleasure with my daughter because it was her last wish before she died: to make love to a woman. It had proven to be a wonderful experience for us both, but I’d done some intense soul-searching in the process, grappling with my own uncertainty and guilt. I gave my sweet Larissa what she wanted, but the journey to that decision was anything but easy.

Tragic circumstances led me to make love with my daughter, but how could I possibly justify doing the same with Louise? She’s still practically a child, my conscience insisted. How can she know what she wants?

Clearly able to sense my inner conflict, Louise gazed up at me, “If you don’t feel up to it, that’s okay,” she said. “I understand.”

“It isn’t that I don’t want to,” I insisted. “After the way you made me feel, I very much want to make love to you. I mean, my God, you’re so damned adorable… and you want to, to be with me — I can see that….” Not knowing what else to say, I fell silent.

Louise smiled, but there was sadness evident in her eyes. “You can’t help but feel guilty, huh?” She knew I would be unable to reply, so she listed my misgivings for me.

“I’m only thirteen,” she said, “and you’re not s’posed to do stuff with underage girls. You’re not gay, and the only reason you did it with your daughter was because it was her dying wish. And it was a one-time only thing, right? Plus, you barely know me, and if that wasn’t enough, my mum’s in the next room.” Her face showed no expression as she added, “Is there anything else?”

When I said nothing, she held up her fingers to check off my objections, dismissing them one by one.

“Making love has nothing to do with age. I’ve got my period, so I can get pregnant… which means that I’m a woman, old enough to have sex. The age of consent is fourteen in lots of places, even twelve or thirteen, sometimes. Isn’t it weird that you can’t legally fuck in one place, but then you cross a border and it’s okay?”

Unsurprisingly, I had nothing to say to that, so one item was off her list and she went on to the issue of gender.

“Maybe you’re not into women, but you still did it with your daughter. That isn’t enough to make you gay – maybe bisexual, though. You had other reasons for making love to her than just sex. Isn’t that right?”

It was a direct question, but I don’t know whether she really expected me to answer. I remained silent, and another issue had been addressed and resolved.

“Okay, maybe we barely know each other… but that ought not to matter if you feel any kind of sexual attraction for me. In fact, couldn’t that make everything less awkward? And as for Mum being in the next room… I told you, my mother and I make love regularly.”

Louise stood up, waiting, in case I had thought of anything to say.

I had, but only more questions. “You and Alex — your Mum — how long have you two been.?”

Her smile became coy – whether it was genuine or an act, I had no clue. “Fucking? Maybe I shouldn’t say, but… more than two years now.” Even I could work out that simple arithmetic – she’d been no more than eleven.

“And… how many other women…?”

There was no doubting her sincerity because her answer sounded like a confession. “None.”

Somehow, that made things worse. “Then why me?”

The mask of maturity seemed to slip from Louise. “It’s like I told you before. I just… felt something when we first met. I knew it was meant to be… that you and I are supposed to be together..”

Thirteen years old, naked, and fresh from giving me a most amazing orgasm… and she suddenly looked like the kid she’s supposed to be.

“If you don’t make love to me tonight, you will some other time. It’s going to happen, Karin – I know it.”

She had already proven herself to be insightful to an almost uncanny extent, and I accepted that she was probably right about that too.

In the face of the inarguable logic of Louise’s arguments, and her certainty that we would become lovers sooner or later, I succumbed to her seduction.

To be honest, what really happened is that I gave into my lust for her. Sure, my concerns and objections had been genuine — but all I really needed was an excuse to salve my conscience.

Reaching out, I took Louise’s hand, gently drawing her down until she was lying beside me.

As I kissed her, I was careful to be gentle, conscious of how young she was. In the heat of the moment, it somehow slipped my mind that she was already an experienced lesbian, one who had taken me to an incredible peak mere minutes ago.

Clearly impatient with my careful lovemaking, Louise seized the moment — crushing her mouth to mine,  her tongue demanding entry.

I was stunned, thrilled to bits by this sweet, intelligent girl’s transformation into a tigress. But while I was happy to let her set the pace, I wasn’t about to let her take control. I figured that Louise’s mum had set a high standard when it came to the intensity of their lovemaking, and I was determined to equal or better that.

My tongue met hers, darting like a striking snake into my young lover’s mouth. Louise made a little squeaking sound that might have been surprise.

As we kissed, I put a hand to her conical breast. Her tits were absolutely flawless, putting me in mind of ice cream, of all things — a vanilla cone with a cherry on top.

I’d already made up my mind that if this youngster intended to play sex games, she’d have to run with the grownups. Grasping Louise’s left nipple, I gave it a pinch, then tugged it – not too roughly, just enough to make her gasp into my mouth, a hard shiver racing through the girl’s frame.

Shifting my attention to her other breast, I bent to take the tip of it between my lips, letting a hand trail down her body, over the soft belly and beyond.

As my fingers reached her baby-smooth mons, I sucked hard on her nipple, simultaneously flicking it with my tongue. Louise squealed and clutched my face to her chest. I could hear the frantic beatbeatbeat of her heart, so I figured I was at least equalling the high marks that Alex had set in bed with her daughter.

I slipped a finger into the narrow valley between her swollen labia, thrilled to discover how hot and juicy she was. No doubt about it, this thirteen-year-old nymph was primed and ready for action. Using my thumb to tease Louise’s clitoris, I slipped a finger into her cunt.

She didn’t need foreplay, not this time. That would come after she’d had her first climax. And if I had my way, it would quickly lead to a second one.

Her vagina was open, wet, and very tight. I pumped a finger in and out a few times before I curled it upward, seeking out the inner surface where her G-spot lurked. As I touched Louise there, I pressed my thumb firmly down on the clitoris, then gave her nipple a gentle bite.

Louise immediately went off in a wailing orgasm, her body bucking wildly. She wasn’t able to dislodge me, though, and I managed to keep pleasuring her until she was on the verge of coming again, blurting, “Holy fuck, holy fuck!” over and over.

Before she came too far off the boil, I shifted position so I was between her legs. Using my thumbs to spread the girl’s labia, dark pink and swollen with desire, I put my face to her wet pussy. I was gulping down her thick, sweet honey, trying to draw more out of her.

Focused as I was on the task at hand, it barely registered when I heard Alex’s voice. “Louise, kindly keep the noise down. I’m trying to sleep, and the neighbours probably are too!”

Louise breathlessly replied, “S-sorry, Mum. Oh God, oh God! Fuck, I’m… I’m… ”

She was bouncing around so much that I wrapped both arms around her thin, pale thighs to keep my mouth where it belonged – buried in her wet pussy.

I heard Alex sigh. “Guess I’m not getting any sleep until you two are finished. Don’t be doing this all night, okay?” I thought I could hear her padding away.

Wanting even more of my lover’s nectar, I drove my tongue into her cunt, using it as a scoop to get more. At the same time, I took her clit between finger and thumb, then gave it a gentle tweak.

That was sufficient to make Louise come again, and she was unable to stifle a cry of delight. That was when I heard Alex say, “My God… you two are so fucking hot together.”

Startled, I raised my head to see Louise’s mum standing nearby, watching us. All she wore was a skimpy pair of dark blue knickers, and her right hand was fiddling about inside them. She was watching me fuck her thirteen year old daughter, as cool as could be.

Never before had I had sex before an audience – let alone my lover’s mother.

Louise was panting heavily as Alex began to whimper, the woman’s eyes still riveted to us as she rapidly approached an orgasm of her own. It was a thrilling sight, especially knowing that she was reacting to the sight of her daughter and me getting hot and sweaty together.

Caught up in the moment’s rapture, Alex shuddered, swaying where she stood, still masturbating. She nearly lost balance at one point, but managed to right herself.

Now Louise was watching along with me as her mum’s ecstasy crested, then waned. Finally, Alex gave us a sleepy smile, then she padded over to where we lay, carefully seating herself on the bed. Raising her hand, she casually sucked at the glistening fingertips.

“That was sooo cool, Mum,” Louise murmured. “Love you…” She drifted into a contented yawn.

“I love you too, baby,” Alex said, patting her daughter’s bare hip.

I cuddled Louise’s sweat-drenched body to me, curling myself around her. She was already falling asleep.

“Well, good night,” Alex said, slowly rising to her feet. “Oh, and just so you know, Karin — tomorrow morning, it’s my turn.” With a wink, she turned and made her exit.

With a dozing Louise in my arms, I lay awake for a while, marvelling at this extremely odd situation I’d somehow stumbled into. I recall wondering how my poor lost Larissa would have felt about it. Maybe it was self-serving on my part, but I honestly believed that she would approve.

Not long after that, I drifted off.


As I began to awaken, I had a feeling of extreme confusion. I was in a single bed – how was that possible?

An image began to seep into my brain – the image of a naked body. It was a girl, slender and very young.

Louise! Suddenly, I was wide awake.

My little sex-kitten, however, was still very much asleep. No wonder – we’d fucked each other silly just a few hours earlier.

I slithered out of her bed, stretched my stiff limbs and padded my way to the kitchen, still naked.

Alex was already there, also naked, pouring a large glass of orange juice. She held up the bottle as an invitation.

I ought to have been embarrassed. I was face to face with a woman whose underage daughter I’d just made love to. I was also nude, and would normally have quickly concealed myself. But in this strange new world lesbian incest with underage girls was normal, my lack of clothing barely registered.

“Thanks,” I said, gratefully taking a glass of juice from Alex’s hand.

“I’m sorry about last night,” I began.

Alex raised an eyebrow. “Sorry for what?”

I pulled a chair from under the kitchen table and sat down heavily. “I don’t know – for having sex with your little girl, for keeping you awake… and anything else I might have done.”

She gave a merry laugh. “There’s no reason to apologise for fucking Louise – she wanted it, for God’s sake. Anyhow, I don’t believe you’re sorry at all.” She sat down opposite me. “As for the noise… well, you were a bit loud, but Louise was making the bloody walls shake.”

It was impossible for me not to chuckle.

“God, you really did get her off,” Alex said admiringly. Was she really complimenting me on how well I’d fucked her child?

“She must have fallen hard for you, Karin. I knew it when she asked you to take her picture. She would never let anybody photograph her like that, except me.” She paused, then added, “You do know that I brought you home so I could make a move on you, right? But Louise stole you right from under my nose.”

Something Louise had said came back to me. “She told me that we’re meant to be together, or something like that – as if it was already in the stars.”

“Don’t dismiss that notion. Louise does seem to have some sort of… sense for things. Not for seeing the future, as such – if she could do that, I’d have her picking race winners – but a… well, let’s call it a sensitivity to other people. When she says stuff like that, she’s more often right than not.”

Only a few days ago I would almost certainly have scoffed, but now it didn’t seem hard to believe.

Alex drained her glass, got up and placed it in the sink, then came back to me. “Come along, you.”

Stupid me, I looked up at her and said, “Huh?’

She gave me a grin that was practically feral. “I told you last night. My daughter may have nicked you from me yesterday… but it’s Mummy’s turn now, and I expect you to give me as good a fuck as Louise got.” She held out her hand to me, and I hesitantly took it.

Alex stood me up, plucked the glass from my hand and set it on the table. Then she kissed me.

I quickly realised that mother and daughter had very different approaches to kissing. Louise’s kisses were sweet but insistent, perfectly capturing the excitement of new love. She made me feel like the horny teen I once was. Alex kissed like a woman who knew exactly what she wanted: a hot, sweaty fuck. She was demanding, but sure enough of herself that she didn’t need to be aggressive.

When we finally drifted apart, Alex was wearing that bad-girl grin again. “Ready for more?” she purred.

“Lead the way,” I told her.

We travelled through the house to Alex’s bedroom. She didn’t bother with closing the door — just climbed onto the bed, drawing me down with her.

When we began to make love, neither of us took the lead. With Louise, first she’d made love to me, then I pleasured her. With Alex, though, it was a shared experience, taking and giving at the same time.

It was my first sexual experience with an adult woman. My lesbian history was limited, to say the least – I’d been with my virgin daughter, then I’d had the far more experienced Louise. As for Alex, it was clear that she knew what she was doing.

We soon found ourselves in a sixty-nine — but instead of using our mouths on each other’s cunts, we were indulging in a vigorous bout of finger-fucking, our movements growing more and more intense with each thrust.

It made no difference which of us began to peak first, because her climax fuelled mine and mine hers, and we came almost simultaneously, as if we’d planned it that way.

Afterwards, we lay in that same position, idly toying with each other’s still-tender pussy.

We shared a long, blissful silence, then Alex spoke up. “Karin, there’s something we need to discuss. It’s clear to me that my daughter really wants to be in a serious romantic relationship with you… and I feel pretty certain that you feel the same way.

“I want you to know that I’m fine with that, but… well, I’ll still want to make love with Louise, too.  She’s my daughter, after all.”

In the normal world, that statement would have been the height of irony. In Alex-Louise World, however, it was to be taken at face value.

“And I want to keep making love to you as well,” she added.

That seemed to make perfect sense as well — in Alex-Louise-Karin World, that is.

“Will you be able to handle that?”

My answer was immediate — although it surprised even me, just a little. “Alex, I can handle anything, as long as I have a home in Louise’s heart… and a place in her bed.”

“God, that is so sweet!” came a young voice.

My head jerked up like it was on a string. Sure enough, Louise was standing in the doorway. Needless to say, she wasn’t wearing a stitch. I was beginning to forget what she looked like with clothes on.

“How long h-have you been there?” I gasped. Apparently this mother/daughter pair not only enjoyed making love with one another, they also liked watching each other having it off with someone else.

Louise snickered, then declared, “Hey, at least I waited till you guys were done!”

Alex and I shared a glance, then we burst into laughter. Louise took advantage of our mirth to edge her way into the room.

“Mum?” she began, wearing a wistful expression. “Can I please cuddle with you guys now? If you’re finished, that is.”

Little minx, I thought.

“Silly girl,” Alex replied, gazing at her child with adoring eyes. “You know you can always get in bed with me, sweetheart. No matter what! But right now, we have a guest.” She turned to me. “What do you think, Karin? Want to make room for this sexy brat?”

“Hey! I’m not a brat!” Louise mock-scowled.

“Oh, the more, the merrier,” I answered, raising the blanket to welcome our young guest. “In you get, my sweet.”

“Cool!” Louise squealed. Clambering into position between us, she steadied herself by resting a hand in the middle of my chest. No sooner had she touched me, than she flinched as if she’d just received an electric shock.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Alex asked.

“Whoa… I had this, this funny feeling. It went all the way up my arm and into my chest,” the girl answered.

“You’d better not be having a heart attack, young lady,” said Alex.

“You know what I think, Karin?” Louise said, capturing me all over again with those deep blue eyes. “It was your daughter. She was connecting your heart to mine.”

I felt a surge of warmth that seemed to illuminate me from the inside. Drawing Louise to me, I kissed her tenderly. “You know, I’m sorry you never got to meet Larissa… something tells me that she would have loved you.” I kissed her again. “Almost as much as I do.”

“I love you too, Karin,” Louise whispered, nestling into my arms. Her steady breathing told me that she would soon be asleep. I felt Alex’s lips brush my cheek, then she too settled down.

Me, I lay still and quiet, cuddling my new lover, too much going on in my head to even think about sleep. Instead, I lost myself in memories of Larissa. Now, though, they didn’t hurt so much.

The End 

Author’s Note: As always, I want to express my gratitude to JetBoy for his suggestions to better tell the story. His support and encouragement are also sincerely appreciated.


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  1. lofftie50 says:

    simply wonderful

  2. David says:

    What a beautiful end to this story Karin! The love making scene between Louise and Karin was so intense and well detailed as was with Alex later then next morning. Sorry to see this one end but my imagination will carry it on.
    Thanks to JetBoy for helping you with it also.

  3. Lakeisha says:

    Beautiful ending💝

  4. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Very lovely story, Karin!

    A quite exciting and different follow-up to part one. The sex with impish Louise and then with her Mum, Alex, the next morning was so delicious!

    These few lines below, put such realistic images in my mind…just wonderful.

    …”Mum?”, she began, wearing a wistful expression. “Can I *please* cuddle with you guys now? if you’re finished, that is.”

    *Little minx*, I thought

    “Silly girl,” Alex replied, gazing at her child with adoring eyes. “You know you can always get in bed with me, sweetheart. No matter what! But right now, we have a guest.” She turned to me. “What do you think, Karin? want to make room for this sexy brat?”

    “Hey!, I’m *not* a brat!” Louise mocked-scowled.

    “Oh, the more, the merrier,” I answered, raising the blanket to welcome our young guest. “In you get, my sweet.”

    Wow! so good! “The more, the merrier”, indeed!….delicious writing as this, really brings it home for me. Great writing, Karin.


  5. phil says:

    Beautiful story and ending.

  6. Erocritique says:

    I can’t help but feel that Larissa spirit somehow facilitated the events that led to Karin connecting with Louise and Alex. Louise seemed to sense Larisaa’s wish for Karin to be loved by her and Alex so Karin wouldn’t be lost and alone in a world without her loving daughter. Such an interesting premise that went far beyond random coincidence. A beautiful set-up, and an excellent delivery. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Captain Midnight says:

    This is so sweet.

  8. Beryl says:

    Beautiful story Karin, really fantastic ending left me with lots of gorgeous thoughts to stir my imagination into lovely fantasy’s.

  9. Elab says:

    Our loved ones, though gone, come back to us in many forms to let us know “they are always with us”! This proves that theory, and in a very lovely wonderful way. Karin was loving Louisa “through” Larissa, and the manner in which it developed and continued, was so sensuously written. Then to be welcomed into the fold of Alex and Louisa, is truly a fitting and very enjoyable ending.

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