Sheltering, Chapter 1

  • Posted on June 10, 2020 at 3:30 pm

Author’s Note: The exquisite stories on this site have given me countless hours of pleasure and splendid orgasms. I am grateful to its many contributors, most of all its co-founders. Your talents for writing erotica are peerless. Hearts and hugs especially to Naughty Mommy, who has delighted, awed, and inspired me with her symphonic works of mother-daughter love and lesbian incest.

This is a humble attempt to give back, my first effort at fiction since college. The story could not have reached this stage without JetBoy’s consummate editing and warm encouragement. He writes and edits at the highest levels. All faults, of course, remain my own. I hope you’ll find something in it to enjoy!


by Shy Mom

I wonder about the mother of every young girl I meet. How much physical contact do they enjoy in public? How much more in private? Maybe the juiciest secret of all is that, deep down, we moms harbor the same nurturing and naughty desires for our budding daughters, whether we have consummated them or not.

At thirty-four, I can still turn heads. I take no credit for being naturally blonde, but I do spin and swim several days a week to maintain an athletic figure. In tight leggings, which I love wearing, I’ve caught other moms wistfully checking out my ass. I show my small round breasts to advantage in extra-small sports bras. I think they compare favorably to those of many a teenager—though, from having nursed my daughters, my nipples are larger and longer.

I’m the mother of two girls, the blessings of an otherwise unsatisfying marriage to a college boyfriend. He seemed a handsome enough catch my freshman year, and we had frequent if not entirely fulfilling sex. At first, I felt like a goddess making him come again and again, but he didn’t seem to know or care if I ever got off. Usually, I didn’t.

In my sophomore year, a lovely sorority sister named Alyssa took pity and introduced me to vibrators. My solo sex life took off. I had never enjoyed so many orgasms. But sweet Alyssa didn’t just leave me fending (pleasurably) for myself. Taking me under her wing, she insisted on mentoring my masturbation sessions when she could. Her hands-on help, with and without toys, made me come harder and wetter. How could I object?

Eventually, Alyssa joined me and my boyfriend in bed. Thinking back, I suspect she did it more for me than him. We had sex without him on occasion, but I think the two of us would have fucked more often if she’d sensed (faithful girlfriend that I was) that I wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Our threesomes fell into a pattern. Like any guy, my boyfriend loved the idea but could never last very long. Two girls was probably more than he could handle—two blondes, certainly. Alyssa and I could easily dispatch his needs in minutes and devote the rest of our time to lesbian lovemaking. She always brought me to multiple orgasms with her expert pussy eating. In turn, I learned to savor giving as much as receiving, and to love the taste of cunt (a word I had never uttered before she made me beg to eat hers; it still makes me wet).

Alas, sisterly, sexy Alyssa! She graduated a year ahead of me and left for graduate school in the UK. We gradually lost touch as other lovers entered her life and marriage entered mine.

Fucking was never the same after Alyssa left our relationship. I could still make my man come quickly, but preferred my hands and toys to his cock. At first, my masturbatory fantasies were full of Alyssa, but the eroticism of those memories faded with time.

My husband gradually became more interested in watching sports than fucking me. Sex became even less frequent after Ashley was born, and practically non-existent after Olivia. I shouldn’t have cared, given how little fulfillment it gave me. However, like many women in my situation, I came to question my own desirableness. I worried that my sexy “girl parts” had become unsexy “mom parts.”

Fortunately and unfortunately, that wasn’t it. One day, I caught my husband sexting with a coworker. Another mom, just not the mother of his daughters. And as it turned out, they had been doing much more than sexting. I was devastated.

After the shock wore off, if not the heartache, I assessed the situation as dispassionately as I could and came to conclude that neither I nor the girls needed my husband in our lives. He had taken little interest in raising them, and I much preferred pleasuring myself.

Thankfully, the divorce that I demanded didn’t change my life with the girls or affect my sex life in any meaningful way. And with the alimony from putting my husband through med school and my own income as a third-grade teacher, my girls and I have managed to live comfortably as a single-parent family.

My girls. How to describe them without gushing? (Figuratively, I mean.)

Several years ago, strangers often mistook Ashley and Olivia for twins—both blonde, both slender, both endowed with sea-blue eyes that seem to sparkle with secret, shared delights.

At eight and ten now, subtle and increasingly less subtle differences have added to their distinct allure. Ashley is a couple of inches taller, with elven cheeks like mine, and chest and hips that have just begun the years-long metamorphosis into womanhood. Olivia still has cherub cheeks and a chest as flat as her iPad. Her pert butt remains the only rounded part of her prepubescent figure.

Oh, I might add that wisps of honey-blonde hair have begun sprouting around Ashley’s vulva, while Olivia’s remains bare as the day I gave birth to her. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Until this spring, I had never considered myself a pervert, much less a pedophile. The thought of lesbian incest had certainly never crossed my mind! My college threesome—more of a lesbian twosome—was about as adventurous as my sex life had gotten. But a lot of girls in college, especially in our sorority, developed a taste for their own sex and became lesbians at least until graduation, if not for life.

As for masturbation, I’d wager more women do it than let on. And I’d challenge any woman to stop once they’ve learned to make themselves come (and come again, and again) on demand.

My awakening to lesbian incest was serendipitous. It started, innocently enough, with masturbation.

The week after spring break, the suburban Catholic school where I teach had gone online for the remainder of the semester due to the pandemic. My girls attended the same school, so we were all three in the same boat. Sheltering in place seemed natural for us, as we’ve always loved spending our nights and weekends together as a family. Now we had even more time to ourselves.

Our days were filled with Zoom classes, online meetings and activities, lesson planning, and studying. Without after-school activities, we had evenings free to cook and eat together, and we enjoyed family activities such as board games, role-playing, or streaming TV before showering and going to bed.

I should say going to bed for the girls, who shared a room, but not for me. The last hours of the evening were “Mommy Time.” And so it was on the pivotal evening, at least until it wasn’t.

It was about two weeks into quarantine.  As usual, I showered, shaved, and lotioned myself all over, giving my naked sex a slather of cream and extra attention. I like to keep it baby smooth except above the hood, where I have maintained the barest strip of hair that’s a shade darker than my sunshine blonde tresses. I keep this soft strip just for me. I love how finely it garnishes the delights below.

I made an effort not to linger over my clit. Not yet.

To top things off, I massaged my breasts, then teased the tips of my enlarged nipples with drops of lotion and twirls of fingers. Before things got out of hand, I willed myself to stop, put on a skimpy black thong with a filmy front, and wrapped myself in a creamy silk robe that barely covered my ass. I loved how the cool silk brushed against my nipples—and how they were so clearly visible through the robe, tempting me with their twin promises of pleasure for the taking. And so I would.

I kissed the girls goodnight, then sat in bed to read a novel. Nothing naughty, just something to take me to a different place and time for an hour or so, long enough for the girls to fall asleep.

As I read, resting against the headboard of my king-sized bed, my robe parted around my legs. I instinctively reached down and lightly ran a finger up and down the front of my thong. The gauzy fabric slipped into my slit as the wetness seeped onto the tip of my finger. I dipped and sucked as I continued reading. God, I love the taste of my cunt.

After a few chapters, I put down the book. It was good, but no longer what I needed.

I was now rubbing my pussy through the sopping thong with my entire hand. My other hand teased my nipples through the silk robe, circling and flicking the hard tips.

My nipples stuck out like bullets, begging for more. I flung off my robe, sucked my fingers, and lathered my tits in saliva. Not enough. I reached inside my thong, scooped out a dollop of cunt juice and rubbed it all over my tits. God, I wished I could suck them. I gave my nipples sharp pinches. My cunt convulsed in a mini-orgasm.

I plunged my hand back under the waistband of my thong and slid two fingers into my pussy with a single thrust, up to the hilt. So wet. I withdrew my fingers and slurped up my cum, then penetrated myself again.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

I spread my legs, knees up, and closed my eyes. I began plunging my fingers in and out of my leaking cunt while my other hand played with my slippery tits.

I pulled my fingers out, straining my knuckles against the thong, then slapped them back in with the elastic assist. I did it again. And again.

My rhythm ramped up. The juices seeped out. Even my clit got soaked.

My clit. Engorged, pea-sized, it radiated pleasure with every wet slap.




“Oh fuck!”

I sped up.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!”

My furious thwacking filled the room. My words turned to screams. My hips buckled as contractions seized my cunt. I nearly ripped my tits off.


“Fuck me!”

“Fuck me …”

“Fuck … me … oh … fuck.”

One final, weak slap. “Fuck.”

God. That was good.

I left those two fingers inside my recovering pussy. I loved how they filled me while soaking up my heat and juices. I kept my eyes closed to luxuriate in the sensations still radiating from all my mommy parts.

Mommy parts. Thinking those words made my pussy clench. Mmm.

I finally released my fingers and licked them lovingly, savoring my taste and aroma. Then I opened my eyes and leaned over to get a toy from the nightstand.

That’s when I saw her.

Olivia. Eight-year-old Olivia, standing at the door, eyes wide, cheeks flushed.

I stared back, lost for words.

Olivia’s hands had worked the hem of her pink nightgown into a nervous bunch. Below the lifted hem, her innocent white girl-panties peeked out.

I was horrified. How long had she been there? God, what had she seen? What had she heard?

And was that a wet spot on the front of her panties?

My next thought shocked me: I want to taste that.

On to Chapter Two!


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  1. NC Bright says:

    Love it. Please hurry with chapter 2 cant hardly wait to read it. Thanks a bunch.

    • Litka and Tim says:

      Please hurry and send us Chapter 2 ! The start of this story is so good and allows our imaginations to wander ,thinking of the pleasures that the second chapter will reveal to us

      Mother daughter love is so precious, sexy and intimate and we both love those stories so much.

      While we wait , we arouse ourselves by telling each other what we think will happen. Makes for a very hot afternoon !!!


  2. Toni says:

    Terrific…so sexy…can’t wait for more

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    YES! Great beginning, Shy Mom! loved the back story and the transition to the main character’s current predicament( she sure loves to say fuck a lot,as she enjoys her “mommy’s time”! )
    Nice ending for this chapter,also…left me hanging and hungering for more.
    Best of luck to you as an author here at Juicy Secrets, you’re in great company!

    Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia

  4. Tack says:

    Great start. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  5. Shy Mom says:

    Thanks so much for your kind comments! It’s thrilling and scary to have my first story posted, and I am relieved you like it so far! I promise more chapters to come. 😉

  6. Jay Denton says:

    Awesome start shy mom. I get the distinct impression you’re going to be a favourite of mine. I too love the cunt word, used in the right way it drives me insane.
    I can’t wait for the next parts, hopefully there will be a few

  7. Sally Drewett says:

    Lovely story shy mom eagerly awaiting chapter 2

  8. Mirza says:

    Really great and super sexy. Looking forward to more.

  9. kim says:

    Like all the others we love this first chapter. The pandemic had us wondering what sort of things some families might get in to. Great job Shy Mom

    Enjoyed the back story, and looking forward to the next chapter.

    Kim & Sue

  10. David says:

    Great story Shy Mom, hard to believe this is your first attempt. Great detail and enjoyed the back story. Looking forward to Chapter 2, to see where this goes!

  11. Shy Mom says:

    Thanks for the additional comments! I really appreciate the warm feedback for my first outing, and am glad you all enjoyed it, including the back story. It encourages me to write more. I hope you’ll enjoy the chapters to come! I’ve bogged down poor JetBoy with editing the next several while also eagerly awaiting his next installment of Ripples.

    Shy Mom

  12. Dylan says:

    Your first story is wonderfully amazing! I love the autobiography of the main character, or perhaps it was yours. It got all of us , the readers, calibrated to understand the mother of the two girls better. I loved the story and will look forward the read more chapters in the future. The theme of mom and her daughters potentially engaged in hot lesbian incest got my ‘juices following’. Lastly, the way you ended chapter one, was a bomb shell! Everyone will be waiting for the next part of the story.

  13. Sapphmore says:

    I can’t believe this is your first story, but I know where you’re coming from, both for the inspiration and Jetboy’s encouragement. It has excellent wordsmithery (if that isn’t a real word it should be) and I, like many others, am very much looking forward to following your tale. I also really like that you have started mummy’s foray into mother/daughter love with the youngest daughter.
    Looks like our community has found new blood and if Sheltering is anything to go by, we can look forward to more lovely stories.

  14. Jack says:

    What a delicious beginning! Can’t wait for thr next chapter! Thank you for sharing this terrific first story with all of us! Looking forward to reading much more from you, Shy Mom!

  15. Shy Mom says:

    I’m blushing! Thank you, guys, for the lovely compliments and encouragement.

    Dylan, I did draw some elements of the backstory from experience, so I care a lot for our heroine.

    Sapphmore, I am honored to meet virtually and be included in your company. Ripples has grown into one of favorite stories–the characters, relationships, and sex are so real and enjoyable. I hold out the fan hope that Addison’s Walk or Christ Church Meadow (favorite walks of mine in Oxford) might one day host an illicit tryst.

    Kim & Sue, you comment so often that I feel I’ve gotten to know (and like!) you both. Sheltering in place has inspired many fantasies.

  16. Keiko says:

    Love the story and am so glad you decided to write and share it!!!

  17. Joe says:

    Oh I loved how this story has started. Please, please bring more chapters. I can’t wait to hear how Ashley and Olivia get to experience their first orgasms.
    You write so well. There is nothing you need to have worried about any of us loving it so far.

  18. Ironic990 says:

    Wonderful! I know how much effort went into this, but please, please more!

    • Shy Mom says:

      Thanks for all the additional replies, Keiko, Joe and Ironic990. I’ve learned that it takes tons of effort to write characters whom one cares about and sex that is arousing, and lots of time and talent to edit. I’ve been working with JetBoy on drafts of subsequent chapters, and he has very adeptly nudged my ideas and polished my prose.

      As a longtime lurker on this site, I would encourage all readers to leave kind comments for chapters that you enjoyed. They reward both author and editor for their sweet labors. How about this–if it made you come, share a comment! 😉

  19. Naughty Nerd says:

    Whelp, although the theme of the site is women with younger girls, I already got greatly excited by the masturbation scene alone. Looking forward to the excitement her young daughters might bring!

    In the meantime I will explore the other stories around here

  20. Helluva great start to what i hope is a long story, Shy Mom! If I had mommy parts (great phrasing, btw), I hva feeling there would be a puddle of slick mommy juices on the floor under my chair! Keep up the good work!

  21. Alicia says:

    OMG! I love you!

  22. Sapphmore says:

    I have a request … of the anonymous person who rated this story awful. I’m sure many devotees of Juicy Secrets would welcome a story from you showing us all how to write a proper erotic tale. You’ve clearly spotted something we’ve all missed, so I’m sure we’d welcome your expert critique as well as your own submission. Or perhaps you’ve already submitted a story, in which case, please let us know the title so that we may savour your literary genius. It’s fine if you don’t like a story, but please tell us why so we can address it.
    Sorry for this little rant (I don’t have the tact and diplomacy of Jetboy), and apologies especially to Shy Mom. I hate to see injustice and it’s hard enough for Jetboy, Naughty Mommy, Amanda Lynn and others before who encourage and nurture new talent, without nameless critics who don’t have the courage to specify exactly what it was that was so awful and put their name to it. The thing is, us fledgling authors would truly welcome feedback on what readers didn’t like, be it the style, content, grammar, believability of characters, descriptions of the sex or even chapter length.
    So to any new authors, don’t be discouraged and keep writing. Be assured that with someone like Jetboy editing, if it wasn’t good enough to be here it wouldn’t be.
    In the meantime, I’m just about to savour chapter two of this marvellous tale.

    • Purple Les says:

      I understand. I’ve seen the one awful come up for a lot of stories here. Thankfully this story has so many positive votes, (Shy Mom, your story is great)that it doesn’t even register. But it does hurt ratings for other stories with out so much crowd support.

      I agree with Sapphmore, if you dislike or like a story, even a brief comment is helpful. If you don’t like the subject matter, well this is not the place for you.

      I like to think that it’s someone who simply doesn’t understand the rating system and hits the awful thinking it means excellent.

    • sharky says:

      This is simply what happens when you have a rating system like this one. If you don’t want anonymous low ratings, then institute a rating system that prevents them. Otherwise, it’s unreasonable and unseemly to attempt to hold someone accountable for it. They are under no obligation to explain or justify their rating; the very system we have in place is designed to reflect THEIR experience, too.

      • sapphmore says:

        I agree with the point you are making, and have no issue whatsoever with some readers not liking a story, nor if they choose to rate the writing anonymously, and would not hold anyone accountable for their opinion. As anyone could see from previous comments I’ve made, it would be foolish of any author to think they could please all the people, all the time. I have received my share of low ratings but unless they tell me what they didn’t like, I can’t improve so I pay them no mind as I can’t fix what I don’t know is broken.
        But in this case, a story has garnered one of the highest percentages of high ratings I’ve seen on this site, with 130/133 rating it excellent or good. I suspect I’m not alone in thinking that the lone awful rating that seems to pop up with some regularity on stories that the vast majority of readers rate very highly and that also do not have a spread of ratings, is perhaps the work of someone whose submission was rejected.
        It could be a ‘marmite’ thing, i.e. you love it or hate it, but if you hate so many stories, why read them?
        Anyway,I’m saying no more on this.

        Happy reading

        • Shy Mom says:

          I appreciate your response, Sapphmore!

          I wonder whether a small minority of readers just want to get to the sex and do not enjoy the slow burn. Or perhaps a few do not appreciate the mother-daughter bond that makes this story – and the sex – special for me.

          If that’s the case, there are plenty of other stories on other sites that would appeal over those offered here. It’s not the kind I want to write, and I’m grateful it’s not the kind you’ve written either.

          Glad you’ve enjoyed this story, and I hope I can continue to please you and many other readers with the coming developments.

  23. Shy Mom says:

    Sapphmore, thanks so much for your kind, gentlemanly defense. This being my first story, I had no idea how good (or bad!) it would be, and am relieved that many have enjoyed it and commented so positively. It is especially meaningful to receive warm encouragement from established authors like you and Purple Les, whose work I have enjoyed tremendously as well. Much appreciated!

  24. Sid says:

    Just found this story. OMG. Absolutely amazing.

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