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by A.P. Gilmore

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2008 }

When it happened, it was a hell of a shock. It started with a loud noise from above, we felt ourselves falling, then everything stopped with a loud screech. There we were, my daughter Sophie and me, trapped in the elevator.

I had taken my daughter with me to work, intending to stop there on our way to the mall. Sophie needed some new clothes, and as I hadn’t had enough real quality time with her in awhile, I took the day off and made plans to take her shopping. But the office called up to ask me to sign some crucial documents, so I had to go in for a few minutes, bringing my daughter with me so we could head straight for the mall afterwards. I worked on the 27th floor of a building in San Francisco, a litigator for a very old and successful law firm.

We’d been there for about ten minutes while Sophie sat at my desk, surfing the net on my computer… then we left, ready for a nice lunch together.

We were in the elevator and heading down to the lobby when somewhere near the ninth floor a mighty shudder hit. I instantly knew that we were in the midst of an earthquake. Suddenly we were plummeting, and Sophie and I were screaming in terror.

We dropped nearly to the bottom before the emergency brakes kicked in, bringing us to a screeching halt that made my ears ring.

“Mom, what happened?” she cried. We’d both been thrown to the floor. I held Sophie close to me, and even though I had relaxed a bit, my daughter was squeezing me with all her strength. The emergency lights were on, so at least we weren’t trapped in the dark.

“I think that was an earthquake… must have been pretty big, too, to cause the elevator to fall like it did.”

“Are we g-going to die?” Her voice was small, fearful.

“Sophie, I won’t lie to you… we’re in a jam, but I have to believe that once people realize we’re missing, they’ll figure out where we are and find us. But… with everything that might have happened, people might be too busy to help others at the moment.  So try to stay calm. I know it will be difficult, but let’s be strong for each other. Okay?”

It was a lot to ask of a fourteen-year-old, but she finally nodded in agreement. “Okay, Mom. I — I’ll try not to be so scared.”

“So maybe while we wait, we should just talk — to take our minds off things,” I murmured.

“Okay, what should we talk about?”

“Anything… let’s start with school, how are things going with you? What’s new?”

Sophie shrugged. “Oh, nothing much. Melissa has a new boyfriend.”

“Hmm. Have you got a boyfriend?”

“Mom, don’t ask me that, it’s embarrassing.”

I frowned. This wouldn’t do — I wanted my daughter to feel like she could talk to me about these kinds of things.

Suddenly, I got an idea. “Imagine there is a book in my hand,” I told her.

She seemed confused, but nodded. “O-okay. So… what book is it?”

“It’s the invisible book of rules about what moms and their kids aren’t supposed to talk about with one another. While we’re stuck in here, honey, I’m going to throw the book away. So until we are rescued, we can talk about anything, and we both should answer honestly. Whatever happens in this lift, stays in this lift. Okay, Sophie?”

“Okay, Mom. Um, I haven’t got a boyfriend, ’cause the boy I liked is going out with Melissa.”

“That’s a shame, honey. Anybody else you like?”

“Not really… I’m just not into boys that much. Most of ‘em are pretty dumb. Maybe I should wait a few years.”

“Life is too short to wait for things to happen, though. It’s awful if, years later, you regret not trying to get what you want.”

“So… do you regret anything that way?”

I took a deep breath, nodded and spoke. “Claire Armstrong.”

“Who is Claire Armstrong?”

“When I was going to college before I met your father, Claire was my roommate… and my best friend.”

“So what do you regret about her?”

I took another deep breath. “Never telling her I loved her, that I wanted to have sex with her.”

Her eyes went wide. “You mean like… boy and girl sex?”

“Yes, sort of, but… well, you know how sex can be enjoyed by two people of the same sex, like a woman with another woman, right? That’s what I wanted with Claire.”

“So, you really were in love with her?”

“Yes, very much. We’d known each other for about six months when I realized I liked her as more than a friend… much more. I wanted to at least talk to her about my feelings, but, well… she had a boyfriend and I never got the chance to say anything. Then I met your dad, not long after that. We got married, and I never saw Claire again.”

“Hmmm. Is that your only regret?”

“Not really, but it has been on my mind for years.” I paused, lost in thought. Deciding to be completely honest with Sophie, I added, “I often think about what it would be like… to make love with a woman. Just to see if I’d enjoy it.”

“That’s really sweet, Mom. Maybe when we get out of here, you could find Claire and tell her how you feel.”


She nibbled at her lower lip for a moment, then spoke. “I had a dream like that… about, um, being with Melissa, not so long ago. I was kissing her and… and stuff.”

I was intrigued, especially after what I had just told her — and, truth be told, a little aroused. “So… what happened? In your dream, I mean.”

“Well I had gym class that day… and I just happened to get a real good look at Melissa in the shower. She’s really pretty, Mom, and she has a nice body.” She paused. “So, um, that night I dreamed of her naked… and I was naked too. She came up and kissed me… and we kinda, well, touched each other.”

I nodded. Goodness, my daughter was having lesbian fantasies. I’d been interested in that kind of thing since I was a junior in high school, so I could relate to Sophie’s feelings. That included my girl’s attraction to her best friend Melissa, who was a major cutie.

Carefully I asked her, “Do you think you might like girls?”

“I don’t really know, I never knew girls could touch each other like that.” She thought for a moment. “I like girls better than boys, I think.”

“Hmm. You could like girls sexually. Maybe you should experiment with a girl sometime, make out with her a little bit and see how it makes you feel.” Deciding to throw restraint to the winds, I asked Sophie, “Do you masturbate?”

She blushed furiously, but managed to keep her cool. “Yeah, s-sometimes… why?”

“Well, if you like thinking about girls much more than boys when you touch yourself, then that’s a strong sign that you were meant to have a female lover. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, honey. We all want a romantic partner who can make us feel warm and tingly all over… and sometimes a woman simply needs to be with another woman.”

“Do you get that feeling with Dad?”

“Not really. He’s a good man, though, and I do love him… but I guess not completely.”

“Maybe you like girls more, Mom.”

“Maybe I do, honey. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, that’s true.”

She paused, then shyly asked, “Do you like to masturbate, too?”

Ordinarily, this would have been an awkward subject to talk about with my daughter. Right then, though, I was feeling anything but uncomfortable. In fact, I was actually getting wet from all this sex talk, especially now that I was remembering Claire.

“Of course I do, honey. Why do you ask?”

“I… I’m feeling all tingly and excited, Mom, and… well, I’d kinda like to, um, do it now. Touch myself, I mean. Can I, please?”

My heart began to throb with excitement. “S-sure, baby, you can… remember, we threw out the rule book for now, so go ahead. Make yourself feel good.”

Sophie unfastened her jeans, began to tug them down, then stopped, gazing shyly at me. “Do you want to touch yourself too, Mom?” she softly said. “You… you could if you wanted.” She blushed, suddenly unable to meet my eyes. “I’d, um, like to watch.”

I couldn’t believe what my daughter was saying, but I’d be lying if I said that the idea didn’t seem strangely inviting. “Why would you want to watch me masturbate?”

“Because… well, it would be really hot, Mom… you’re still t-totally sexy, you know… and I like the idea of, of d-doing that with you.” She giggled. “I want to with Melissa, but I’m afraid to ask her.” She gave me the sweetest smile. “Please, Mom?”

God, I knew that this was totally out of bounds… definitely not the sort of thing a mother should do with her daughter. But part of me was incredibly excited by all this, and I wanted so badly to get myself off. I made a decision.

“Okay, honey, I’ll masturbate with you… I can watch you too, right?”

She eagerly nodded as she took off her jeans. I figured that she’d just touch herself inside her panties, but Sophie slipped them off, too. Now naked from the waist down, she sat back and spread her legs as I studied her.

I had a lovely view of her pussy. At fourteen she seemed very nicely developed, with a light tuft of honey-blonde pubes. As I tugged off my own panties, I found myself wondering what the rest of her body looked like.

As she began to gently touch her pussy, I pulled my skirt up to my waist so Sophie could see my naked cunt. She gazed wide-eyed at it for a moment, then smiled at me as she cupped her vulva.

“You have a pretty pussy, Mom,” she cooed.

“Yours is beautiful too, angel,” I sighed as I began to fondle myself.

The elevator was quiet, except for the soft coos and moans we both began to make — and, soon enough, the wet sounds of our pussies as our fingering grew in intensity. I slipped two digits inside myself, just as my other hand began to unbutton enough of my blouse for me to slide a hand inside and caress my throbbing nipples.

Sophie copied me, reaching beneath her t-shirt to touch her own budding breasts. I was really turned on now, and removed my hand from inside my top, slipping it between my thighs to tease my clit while I fucked myself with the other hand — fingers pumping in and out in time with my heavy breathing.

Watching Sophie pleasure herself was just about the hottest sight imaginable. All I could think of was how beautiful my daughter was. I could not keep my lower body still as I began to move against my fingers, steadily edging toward what promised to be an earth-shaking orgasm. Sophie was clearly getting close herself — she was whimpering, her fluttering eyes drifting shut.

“Sophie… open your eyes, w-watch me come,” I moaned, needing my daughter to witness my climax more than anything in the world at that moment. I wanted her to see how turned on she made me, just by being there.

I guess she got even hotter, because Sophie suddenly began to pant furiously. “Oh, Mom, this feels so amazing — I’m g-going to come too!” she gasped, then cried out as she burst into orgasm.

It was an amazing sight; one that had me moaning in a climax of my own just seconds later. We both rode the crazy roller coaster of ecstasy, Sophie and I staring wide-eyed at one another as we came.

Finally we both sat slumped against the walls of the elevator, dazed and blissful.

After a few minutes, Sophie broke the silence.  “Wow, Mom… it’s never felt that good before.”

“For me either.” I gazed contentedly at my child. “I always wondered what it would be like to watch another woman masturbate. You are incredibly sexy, angel… and you made me come harder than I have in ages.”

“I did?” she cooed. I nodded.

She thought for a moment, then looking up at me, shyly spoke. “Mom… can I see what you look like with all your clothes off? I’ve never really seen a grown woman naked before… and even though you’re my mother, I would like to see you. Really see you.”

I knew where this might be headed, but was not about to stop now. If our lives were soon to end, I wanted to partake of this sweet, sensual experience that now offered itself to me. And even though Sophie was my daughter, I was getting a strong sense that maybe — just maybe — she wanted the same thing I did.

I’d never known I could feel this way, though it must have been lurking inside me before today. It was incredibly perverted, but I wanted to make love to my baby girl.

“Yes,” I replied, my heart going like sixty, “but I’d like to see you naked too, honey.”

She smiled and nodded her head, rising to her feet, then we began to undress ourselves fingers made clumsy with excitement. God, were we really going to bare our bodies for one another, just as we had our souls?

I stood and unbuttoned the rest of my blouse, removing it and then my skirt, then lastly my bra. Sophie slipped off her t-shirt, revealing her bare breasts.

Then we both just stood before each other, completely naked. Sophie’s breasts were lovely, still in the budding stage, and her hips were beginning to develop a womanly contour. God, she was such a flawless young woman. I felt almost tipsy at the sight of her, my pussy already becoming wet once more. Precious child.

My breasts had begun to sag a bit, but Sophie seemed to like them. She stared intently at my nudity as we faced one another, eyes dancing with excitement. I studied her body and face in awe — how amazing she was, how beautiful. How much I wanted her then.

Finally, I licked my lips and spoke. “Have you ever been kissed, Sophie?”

She shook her head.

“Would you like to try it with me?” I whispered.

She stood motionless for a moment — and just as I began to fear that I’d gone too far, my daughter smiled and softly said, “Yes.”

I moved closer towards her… without a word, we embraced. Our naked bodies were pressed together, and I gazed deep into my baby’s eyes as I brought my lips to hers. When our mouths touched, my daughter and I became lost in the most amazing kiss.

Sophie was a little clumsy at first, but she followed my lead, and our kiss quickly became increasingly sensual. I nibbled gently at her lower lip, then lightly teased it with the tip of my tongue. Her lips parted, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, kissing my daughter like a lover. She moaned, tilting her head as if to welcome me.

My hands slid down to cup Sophie’s bare bottom, drawing her tightly against me. Then her tongue shyly began to engage with mine, probing tentatively between my lips. I sucked it gently to encourage her. Soon her passion had risen to match my own, and we were kissing hungrily, our mouths sliding moistly together.

Sophie was trembling with excitement, grinding her slender body against my nakedness. Her thigh was pressing into my pussy in a delicious way, and I responded, easing my leg between hers until I felt the warmth of her slit touch my skin. And all the while we continued to kiss, again and again, as if we’d never get enough.

It was taboo, a sin. It was incest. Lesbian incest, with my 14-year old daughter… and I had never been so aroused in my life. I didn’t care how wrong it was, what Sophie and I were doing — or maybe that was what excited me so.

I could have kissed Sophie for hours, gladly — but I was hungry for more. The girl’s lips were delicious, her bare body sweet against mine, but now I yearned to taste the forbidden fruit of my daughter’s cunt.

Gently breaking away, I took Sophie’s hands in my own. “Honey, if these are our last few hours together, I want to share them with you in a special way. I… I want to make love to you, baby… would you like that?”

She gazed at me, her eyes shining with adoration. “Yes, Mom, I would. I don’t want to die a virgin. I want to know what sex is like… and I’d like you to be my first. I love you so much, and you are so beautiful.”

I took my skirt and spread it out on the floor, making an improvised bed for my child. Then I lay Sophie down upon it, kneeling next to her, touching her naked body… her arms, her shoulders, her tummy, her thighs. I allowed my fingers to caress my daughter’s budding breasts, brushing her nipples until they stiffened for me. I was smitten — a woman in love.

“Oh, baby… I have never, ever seen anybody as perfect as you.” I whispered. I leaned down to kiss Sophie again, my tongue darting into her mouth. She eagerly responded, kissing me back with an intensity that made my head spin.

Hungry for more of her, I nuzzled my way down to Sophie’s neck, placing a trail of kisses upon her sweet-smelling skin, smelling of the peach body wash she used. I licked a path between her breasts, then extended my tongue to tease my child’s left nipple before taking it into my mouth to suckle. “Oh, Mom,” she sighed, “that feels… wonderful.”

Her hand tentatively sought out my own breast, and I moaned around Sophie’s nipple as she fondled the tip to an aching hardness. Then I moved to my baby’s other breast, giving it the same loving attention.

Sophie was moaning loudly now, trying to grind her vulva against my leg, so I knew she was ready to experience oral for the first time.

I slowly moved down her body, leaving a moist trail as I licked and kissed her angel-soft skin, pausing a moment to bury my face in her tummy. The intoxicating scent of her arousal grew stronger as I drew closer to her sex, and it made my mouth water.

And then I was lying between Sophie’s trembling legs, her eyes huge as she watched me study her flower. It was one of the loveliest things I’d ever seen — a dewy pink slit, framed by a sprinkling of soft blonde down. I licked my lips as I inhaled deeply, savoring how good she smelled… then slowly moved in to place a gentle kiss upon my daughter’s cunt. A tiny cry escaped her lips, and I kissed her again, this time allowing my lips to brush and linger against the moist flesh.

Then my tongue emerged to take that first sweet lick…

“Ooooh… Mom!” Sophie gasped.

My baby’s pussy was warm, wet and luscious. I delved into her eagerly, licking the rosy cleft of her cunt with long strokes of my tongue that began down near her anus and trailed up to tease at the tiny button of her clitoris. Sophie rested her hands upon my head, her fingers tangling in my hair she began to grind against my mouth. Her juices were thick and sweet.

Tilting my head to one side, I slipped my tongue inside her and French kissed her pussy, fucking her with my mouth. Her body was quivering from head to toe, fists clenched tightly as I ate her.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d been fantasizing about lesbian sex for ages, and now I was finally getting to experience it for the first time — with my own underage daughter! Everything about what I was doing was wrong — except for how utterly right it felt. This was sharing love in a new way, being closer to my child than ever before. How could we not do this? I thought.

As if Sophie were reading my mind, she began to moan, “I love you, Mom. I love you. I love you…”

I needed to really possess my sweet daughter, though — wanted to truly make her mine. I lifted my head and gazed adoringly at Sophie. “Sweetheart… do you really not want to be a virgin anymore?”

She was panting, her eyes wild. “N-no, Mom… and I want you to do it to me. I love you way more than any s-stupid boy.”

I kissed her mouth, suddenly on the verge of joyous tears. “Oh, my sweet baby, I love you too — so very much. I’m going to put my fingers inside you to break your hymen. It will be a little painful, but I’ll be gentle as I can.”

I dipped my face between my daughter’s thighs and began to lick her clitoris, then slowly, slowly slid my fingers inside her. I pressed into Sophie’s vagina as far as I could until my fingers were touching her maidenhead… then I began to move them in and out in a steady rhythm. She was already very wet, so my fingers moved about inside her tight cunt quite easily. Her trembling hands were resting on my head, holding my face to her.

I sucked her clit between my teeth and nibbled at it, Sophie crying out loud as her pleasure soared. Between fingering my baby’s cunt and the oral action I was giving her, she was getting closer and closer to a wrenching climax. I guided her to the very precipice, then just as that first blast of ecstasy shook her body, pushed my fingers against her hymen and broke through.

My daughter screamed in an unimaginable blending of sexual bliss and pain, jolts of pleasure shaking her body as she came, her head bumping lightly against the carpeted floor of the elevator with each delicious spasm.

Finally her thin frame slowed, then stilled; and I collapsed on the floor next to her, both of us panting for breath. My fingers were still inside Sophie’s vagina, and after a minute I slowly removed them. They were sticky with her sexual essence and a hint of pinkness that could only be blood. An impulse gripped me that I found impossible to resist.

My heart throbbed as I brought my sticky fingers to my lips and licked them, savoring the warm, honeyed wine of my daughter’s essence. I sucked them clean, then opened my eyes to see Sophie giving me a look of adoration that nearly made me cry.

“Oh, Mom,” she whispered. “That was the most amazing thing ever… I can’t even say how I feel, it’s like I don’t care if we die now, I’m just about as happy as I’ve ever been. C-can I have a kiss?”

I lay down next to my daughter, claiming her mouth with mine, kissing her passionately. Her tongue emerged to lick its way around my sticky lips, and she purred with delight. Drawing away, she cooed, “Wow — is that what my pussy tastes like?”

I smiled, stroking her cheek. “Yes, baby. Yummy, isn’t it?”

Sophie nodded. “Mmm-hmm. Can I do that to you, Mom? I want to make you feel good now.”

“I feel good already, Sophie. Making love to you made me happy. But if you really want to lick me, then you can.”

Her eyes were shining. “Oh, I do want to… I’d love to t-taste your pussy.”

I lay on my back, parting my thighs. “All right, sweetheart. Just do what I did to you.”

Sophie climbed on top of me and kissed me hotly, plunging her tongue into my waiting mouth. I relaxed, letting my little girl have her way with me. Her lips trailed down to my chin, then along the curve of my neck. I moaned with delight as she placed an open-mouthed kiss between my breasts.

“Oh, my sweet Sophie…” I breathed, “Mommy’s precious daughter — please kiss m-my nipples, yes…”

“Okay,” she cooed, and drew the tip of my right breast into the heat of her mouth. I got so turned on as her teeth gently grazed my areola, then she began to suck my nipple, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. After a while Sophie shifted over to my right breast to repeat her exquisite oral loving, then resumed her journey down my body, heading towards my pussy. She left a trail of wet kisses over my tummy, pausing to flick her tongue in and out of my belly button.

And then my naked child was lying between my legs, studying a woman’s sex up close for the first time, eyes wide with wonder. She studied, then gently touched my moist flower, and I shivered in anticipation as Sophie took her fingertips into her mouth to taste me. She licked her lips appreciatively, then lowered her face to my cunt and started to lick.

Sophie was cautious at first, but in seconds she was going down on me with everything she had, humming joyously as she licked and sucked at the pink flesh that lurked within my pubic curls. She might be new to this, but I had to give her high marks for sheer enthusiasm for the task. I began to pant with pleasure, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

She raised her face from between my legs. “Your pussy is so pretty, Mom… and you taste so good!” Then she dove back in, her tongue exploring every inch of my vulva. It was lovely… but now I needed her to penetrate me.

“Put your fingers inside me, honey,” I gasped. “Mommy needs you to fuck her.”

My God — I don’t think I’d ever even used that word in front of my daughter. Now I was asking her to perform the very act of intercourse upon me. I needed to have my baby girl inside me, and I needed it now.

Sophie pushed two fingers into my vagina, and I moaned for another. She obliged, and began to work them in and out. It was amazing, but I suddenly realized that I could take all of her hand inside my body — and as soon as that thought hit me, I knew I had to make it happen.

“All of your fingers, Sophie!” I raved, half-delirious from pleasure and need. “Please, baby… put them all inside me.”

She paused in mid-motion… then a cry broke from my throat as I felt my daughter’s hand pushing its way into my vagina, one incredible inch at a time. She was opening my cunt with her bunched fingers, widening the entrance as her knuckles made it through. I was staring at the ceiling, trembling from head to toe, unable to speak.

Then with one last push, her hand was in me halfway up to her elbow… and I whimpered, fingers digging into the skirt on which I lay, biting my lower lip hard enough to draw blood. I managed to draw a deep breath, then spoke.

“Fuck me, Sophie,” I moaned, “fuck me hard!”

And that little hand began to move back and forth inside me, slowly at first.

She then started to lick around my clit as she fucked me, then she sucked it into her mouth — and the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced smashed into my frame like a tidal wave. It was one shock of pleasure after the next, stealing the breath from my lungs. I clutched my daughter’s head to me, holding her hot, sucking mouth in place as she stimulated my clit with her lips, all the while churning her hand about inside her mommy’s vagina. It was the greatest climax I’d ever had… enough to make me faint.

I came to quickly, though, my eyes fluttering open, gazing up to see my sweet Sophie gently shaking me. She was a bit panicky, so I reached out and drew her into my arms.

“What’s the matter, honey?” I soothed… then I saw the excited light in her eyes.

She shushed me. “Listen!”  After a moment I heard banging coming from above us, I thought the building was about to collapse… that is, until I heard shouts of “Hello?” Muffled, but unmistakably human.

“Hello, hello — we’re in here!” I cried.  We heard a male voice shout that they would be with us as soon as possible.

“Hurry — get dressed,” I breathlessly told Sophie. She nodded, and we quickly struggled into our clothes. Once we got ourselves presentable, I lit a few matches to mask the scent of pussy. That done, we simply waited to be rescued.

Then Sophie turned to me, reaching for my hand. “What are we going to do now? I mean, what happens when we get home? Can we make love again?”

I was thinking about the same thing. “I don’t know, honey… what do you think we should do?”

“I loved what we did, Mom… and I want to do it all the time.”

“Well, I liked it too, Sophie. But once we’re out of this elevator, the rules are back — and it’s very dangerous for you and I to have sex.”

She nodded sadly. “I know. Does that mean we won’t… be together anymore?”

I took my daughter into my arms. “I don’t think I can help myself, baby. After what we did, I want more of you. Much more. We can be lovers, I think… but we have to keep it a secret.”

“Like from Dad?”

“Especially from your father. We both love him, so we have to be especially careful. He’d be very upset if he knew we were doing these things. Okay?”

“Okay, Mom. I love you. More than… than anything!”

“I love you too, baby,” I cooed, drawing my little girl into a hungry kiss.

We were rescued about thirty minutes later. The elevator was stuck a few feet from the bottom, but nowhere near a door exit, so we had to be pulled through the roof.

We went straight home; that night, my boss phoned to give me a week off from work. I told my husband that I would sleep with Sophie for a couple of nights, that she was still a little scared after everything that had happened. I didn’t want to lie to him, but I needed to be with Sophie, craved her little-girl body, wanted us to fuck again — and for that week, we did, over and over. My daughter and I are now deeply in love.

I am back at work now, and missing Sophie already. But it’s not so bad; she and I will have plenty of opportunities to share our bodies in the days to come. As long as we’re careful, my daughter and I can be lovers for a long, long time.

The End


14 Comments on Trapped

  1. David says:

    Wow what an erotic story. Nothing better then mother/daughter love and in this situation with the chance of not getting out, it made it even more loving. Now that they are safe they can enjoy to love of a mother/daughter for the rest of their lives.

  2. Nathan Riches says:

    Such a lovely story, so sweet and tender yet super erotic as well. Kinda curious as to why the mum put her skirt down for a bed if the elevator floor was carpeted though. Would love to read more from this author, if there is any

    • JetBoy says:

      Ever had rugburn before? Not a pleasant experience… and the carpet one finds in most elevators isn’t chosen for its softness.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

        Not to mention the literally hundreds of people’s shoes treading upon that carpet,with who-knows-what stuck to their soles, chewing gum, dog poop,and the enormous amount of detritus that accumulates on crowded city sidewalks & streets…eeyew!

        But, I liked this yummy story anyway. So quickly Mother & daughter realized their last moments may be all they had together and why not seize the opportunity to enjoy and take their natural bond to a more intimate level…Mmm, their afterglow when they got home was so delicious!…
        Another great story reworked into a gem by JetBoy!


  3. Emma Cornwall says:

    Really hot story!
    Would be great if mom and daughter decided to hunt out Claire Armstrong!

    • Nathan Riches says:

      U mean, I also would like to read more, and with more partners, but then I realised that was being selfish and missing the point. They have found a love that comes along once in a lifetime, and while they may end up adding some fun to it, the core would always be just the two of them. Anything added to this would just be crass and unnecessary (despite how hot it would be)

    • SugoiiKacey says:

      I really liked this rework. I reread the original as well later (although remembered it as well) and can really see the polish work you put in. (Easy to see the “unnecessary” stuff not duplicated as it’s stuff that doesn’t make the story flow or just seemed an additional add-on of a fetish or something not really right with the rest of it. Then, the fleshing out more of the main storyline really shines. Good work!

  4. Quinlan says:

    That was both sweet and sexy. I could see this story working in a different setting. Instead of being trapped in an elevator, a mother and daughter could be trapped in their car during a snowstorm. A less traveled road, no cell phone service. Yes, that could work nicely. (Goes off to jot down a few more notes.)

  5. Tom M says:

    “He’d be very upset if he knew we were doing these things.” Who is this guy that would be upset?
    Oh, that’s right. This is fiction. Silly me. Fantastic story and writing.

  6. theflash says:

    GREAT story loved it do u write about cheerleaders

  7. remi says:

    So an earthquake also can have its good side too. Great story.

  8. Bryan says:

    The story description is wrong

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