My Amazing Mum, Part Two

  • Posted on October 7, 2019 at 3:50 pm

by Misty Meadow

At school on Friday morning, I find an envelope tucked into the door of my locker. I don’t want to read it in the hallway so I stuff it in my pocket and hit the toilets. Going into a bathroom stall and seating myself, I open it and look at the signature, stunned to see that it’s from Audrey Mason, one of the most popular girls in school. She’s thirteen, two years ahead of me, and unbelievably cute.

It read:

Dear Misty, 

My class had a vote on who was the prettiest girl in the school. I came second, but you came first! Yes, isn’t that awesome! I voted for you, too. Until now I’ve haven’t told you how beautiful I think you are, cause I was afraid of being laughed at by my friends, but now I want you to be my friend. 

Can we meet at the front gates after school? Please come. 

Love, Audrey

Holy cow! Audrey Mason, the most stunning girl in the whole school wants to get to know me? I’m overjoyed. I’ve hardly ever spoken to her, as she’s always surrounded by girls her own age, all bending over backwards to say smart things and get her to like them. I’d bend over backwards to let her lick my cunt, but… oh no, I’ve got to get a grip on myself. My antics with Mum have loosened my inhibitions, and I need to be careful what I say.

I call Mum and tell her about the letter.

“Is that the girl I met at the parents’ meeting last month? Yes, I remember her. She’s perfectly named; she looks exactly like a young Audrey Hepburn. I’ll pick you up a few minutes late to give you time to… whatever. Get to know her better, I guess.”

I Google Audrey Hepburn who, it seems, was a movie star of the last century who was absolutely stunning, a great actress who was loved by everyone. Mum’s right, too — her pictures totally remind me of my Audrey.

All day my tummy is churning in anticipation, wondering what Audrey wants from me. At last school lets out, and as I wait at the main gate, I see her walking towards me, dressed as I am in our summer school dresses — pale blue gingham with white trim at the collar and cuffs. She could be wearing a flour sack with three holes in it and she’d still be stunning.

She gives me a dazzling smile. “So you got my letter?”

“Is it true? Your friends voted for me?”

“I did, too. Everyone’s always saying how lovely you are and they’re right. I wish I’d told you earlier, but you know how they all sneer at girls who make friends with younger ones. They’d call me a paedo.”

“But you’re the most beautiful girl in the school, Audrey! Look, your boobs have started to grow and you have hips… me, I’m only eleven and I’m just a — a bean pole!”

Audrey shakes her head. “I haven’t had my first period yet, so there’s not that much difference between us. Anyhow, even if you are just eleven, I still think you’re pretty, and I still want to be your friend.”

My heart leaps for joy, though I can’t think of anything to say, except, “How are you gonna get home now, Audrey? The bus has already left! Tell you what; my Mum’s picking me up so she can drive you.”

On cue, Mum’s car pulls up and we pile into the back. I make the introduction, and Mum twists round in her seat to get a good long look at Audrey.

“Oh, you’re adorable! So you voted for my Misty being the prettiest girl in the school? That’s sweet of you. I’m so proud of my little girl, and yes, I agree — she has to be the most beautiful. I’d rate you a close second, though.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Audrey murmurs, blushing. I can tell that she’s pleased.

“Do you need to get home right away?” Mum continues. “You can come to our place and hang out for a while, then I can drive you home.”

“Let me check with my parents,” she says, pulling out her phone. She sends a couple of texts, then smiles. “It’s fine. I don’t need to be home until dinner at six. We’ve got lots of time.”

Once we get home, Audrey and I drop our backpacks in the hallway and take our sneakers off, then sit down on the couch in the living room. Mum fixes us up with glasses of lemonade. I make a point of reclining against one arm of the couch with my feet up, knees bent and at an angle so that Audrey can get a clear view of my knickers.

As she moves around the room, Mum glances at me from time to time with a knowing twinkle in her eyes. She asks Audrey about her grades and favourite teachers and what subjects she likes. How about sports? Audrey tells us that she’s on the gymnastic team.

“I’m sure you’re good at it, given your lovely slender figure.”

“Welllll… I’m really on the team because I like Miss Jackson, the P.E. teacher.”

Mum gives a thoughtful nod. “I think I met her at the last parent’s day. Is she the petite one with the spiky hair?”

“That’s her.”

“I suppose you two want to be alone,” Mum says, a twinkle in her eyes. “Why don’t you go upstairs and hang out in Misty’s room? You can do your homework after dinner.”

Exchanging delighted grins, Audrey and I dash upstairs and into my bedroom, closing the door behind us. We stand there for a moment, just looking at each other.

“Gosh, you’re gorgeous!” she breathes.

“You’re stunning,” I counter.

“I’ve been watching you since the beginning of the year. I never stop being amazed by how pretty you are. You’re like a younger version of your mum. She’s hot, too! Um… how old is she?”


“I can see where you get your looks from. If it weren’t for you, Misty, I could get a crush on her.” I chuckle and she continues, “I’m gonna tell you a secret. Last year I was hot for Miss Jackson.”

“Lots of the girls are,” I assure her. “Even I was keen on her for awhile. She always looks so sexy in those tight shorts.”

She grins. “With the camel toe? Yeah. Think she knows that a bunch of us girls like to look at her?”

“Why not?” I reply. “She likes to show off, same as I do.” Audrey gives me a sharp look. “You know,” I continue, “flashing my knickers and all that.”

“I thought it was just boys and men who like looking up girls’ skirts.”

“Believe me,” I say, “lots of women do, too. You know how it goes — we pretend we don’t know they can see our panties, and they pretend like they aren’t looking.”

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Audrey says, “I like to make sure she can get a good look at me when we change into our leotards in the changing room, and she’s not shy about looking. They say she’s gay.”

“I’m sure she is. My mum’s gay, by the way.”

She seems thrilled to hear that. “Really? What’s it like, having a gay mother?”

I want to tell her about everything that Mum and I did yesterday, but know that it’s out of the question. “It’s great. We don’t have any secrets from each other.”

She looks incredulous. “You mean… she tells you about the stuff she does with other lesbians?”

“Yeah, but I have to keep it secret, sorry.” I probably have a smug look on my face. “Though I can tell you this much: she likes young girls.”

“Ooooh!” Audrey squeals. “Do you think she likes me, you know, that way?”

“No doubt at all. Don’t worry, she won’t attack you.”

She laughs. “She won’t be turned off by my boring schoolgirl knickers, then?”

“She likes mine.” Then, feeling emboldened, I say, “I want to kiss you, Audrey.”

Her face lights up and she extends her arms. I step closer as she folds them round me and I hug her around the waist. We press our bodies together as our lips meet, soft flesh against soft flesh and then I feel the tip of her tongue teasing my lips. I open them to let her in. I feel Audrey’s thigh pressing between mine, and I widen my stance, pressing my own thigh into her cunt. Her tongue is now deep in my mouth, violating me so sweetly that I am dizzy with happiness. I can feel my cunt getting wet.

Finally, we come up for air and break apart, laughing.

“Oh, my God, Misty, where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“I… just did what felt right.”

“It was marvelous! Know what? I’m gonna forget Miss Jackson. From now on, you’re the only girl who interests me. We’re gonna be best friends, okay?”

I’m bursting with joy. “Best friends forever, except I’m also kinda best friends with my mum. She’s special.”

“Naturally; she’s your mum and you love her. Does she ever, um, look up your dress?”

I feel myself smirk. “All the time.”

Her eyes go wide. “Wow, and you’re her daughter, too. Mums aren’t supposed to do that, are they?”

“Mine does. I don’t mind — in fact, I quite like it. I guess I’m a bit of a show-off. Like… this!” I lift the front of my dress up above my waist, revealing my white cotton knickers. My grin runs from ear to ear.

Audrey stares hard at me, then lifts her own skirt, revealing snowy-white panties that are the mirror image of mine.

I’m licking my lips, drinking in the sexy sight. “Oh, she’ll like you, Audrey, I can promise that.” We pause for a bit, eyeing each other until the moment becomes awkward and she drops her skirt, whereas I lift the dress I wear over my head and throw it aside.

She’s puzzled by that. “Why are you getting undressed?”

“Well, I’m not going out, and later I’ll be taking a shower. Anyhow, in this house we’re okay with hanging out in our undies, or even stark naked. Mum says we should be proud of our bodies, not ashamed.”

“You guys are weird, but I suppose it makes sense. D’you want me to take mine off?” At this moment it’s the thing I want most in the world, so I just nod my head.

Audrey lifts the dress over her head, folds it carefully and places it on the bed. She’s wearing a skimpy training bra that’s little more than two triangles and some straps, the material so thin that I can see her nipples through it.

We stand side by side, looking at ourselves in the mirrored closet doors. I stare at her tits, just tiny swellings beginning to bud, though she has bigger nipples than mine.

I tug up the waist of my knickers to create a camel toe. “Look at us, two sexy nymphets,” I remark, putting an arm around her shoulders. “Aren’t we drop-dead gorgeous?”

“Oh, Misty, I could fall in love with you,” my new friend breathes, pressing her hip against mine.

An idea pops into my head. “I need to pee,” I say, taking hold of her hand. “Come with me.”

“I don’t need to pee, but if you want – okay.”

We step out onto the landing and go into the bathroom. I leave the door open, hoping Mum might come past, but Audrey closes it. I stand with my back to the loo and slowly pull my knickers down. Her gaze is riveted on me and my body throbs with pleasure. I let my knickers fall to my ankles, sit and spread my knees wide, leaning back. I want her to know that I’m deliberately showing off. Her eyes grow bigger. My vest only comes down just below my belly button so it doesn’t conceal my cunt.

“Do you like my cunt?” I ask.

“That’s what you call it?”

“Why not? My mum does. You needn’t worry about your language in this house; she’s not a prude.”

Audrey draws closer, taking a good long look. “It’s pretty, like a peach. And your mound is bigger than mine.”

“Are you gonna pee when I finish?” She nods. “Good, ‘cos I wanna see yours.”

She giggles. “You’re so naughty, Misty.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” I say, crumpling toilet paper and making a show of wiping myself. I pull my knickers up over my knees and stand, stepping away from the bowl and turning to face Audrey as she pulls her own knickers down and sits. The sound of her pee tinkling into the bowl is music to my ears.

I make no effort to pull my knickers up, because I’m enjoying flaunting my cunt so much. She finishes and stands and for a moment we both gaze at each other’s cunts. Hers is more developed than mine; her lips are forming and I can see the little bump of her clitoris at the top. Girls look so sexy when their knickers are halfway down. As before, when the moment becomes awkward, we pull our undies up and I open the bathroom door.

As we step onto the landing, Mum is coming up the stairs. “Oh, hi, girls. Listen, come into my bedroom, there’s something I want to show you.”

Audrey hangs behind. “I need my dress!” she whispers, anxiously.

“Don’t worry about it,” I say, taking hold of her arm and pulling her into Mum’s room.

We stand there as Mum looks us up and down. “Oh my God, what gorgeous angels you are! I love seeing little girls in their undies.”

“So what is it you want to show us?” I ask.

Mum goes into her closet, brings out some folded garments and lays them on the bed. They turn out to be a perfectly sheer short slip and a pair of matching knickers that have lace panels up the sides. “I just bought these today.”

“Nice, Mum. Wanna try them on and show us?”

Silly question; like me, she never misses an excuse to get her clothes off. She turns her back to let me unzip her dress, which I slide off her shoulders and let fall. All she has on is a pair of nylon knickers, pink with white trim round the legs.

She dons the slip, which only comes down just below her bum. Her nipples are perfectly visible. “Now the knickers,” I demand and she grins as she slides the pink ones off. I take the new pair, flimsy and transparent and hold them for her to step into. Mum lifts her slip up, showing off her cunt, as I pull them all the way up, and for a couple of seconds her cunt is fully exposed until she lets the slip fall. Even then, we can still see it through the sheer nylon, as the panty crotch has no liner. All the time Audrey’s eyes are practically popping out of her head.

Mum looks at herself in the mirror. “I’m pretty fuckin’ sexy, huh?”

“You’re sexy in anything, Mum,” I turn to my new friend. “Just like Audrey here.” She blushes, which delights me.

Mum takes her phone, disables the flash and takes a picture of herself in the mirror, then turns to us. “Stand closer together and put your arms around each other’s shoulders, yeah, like that.” She looks at the screen. “Oh, so precious! You’re both adorable!”

“You, too, Mummy.” Both of us smiling, we leave her and return to my bedroom.

“Oh, my God! That was incredible!” Audrey says.

“Mum’s really something, isn’t she?”

“I can’t believe it! She took her knickers off and stood there holding her slip up so we could see everything! It’s like she was showing off her cunt on purpose.”

“She was. Mum does that kind of thing all the time. She’s an exhibitionist.” I’d picked up that word from the internet; it’s useful. “Did you notice how her cunt is different from ours?”

“Uh-huh. I’ve never seen a grown-up cunt before.” She sounds awestruck. “She has huge lips and I could even see her clit. All her hair is shaved off, too. Wow, your mum is even more beautiful than Miss Jackson!”

“She could almost pass for a sixth former. You can have a crush on her, you know. I wouldn’t mind.”

She laughs. “How could I have a crush on her when I love you?”

My heart skips a beat; she’s using the “L” word again.

“You can love two people at once,” I claim. “I love you and I love Mum.” There, I’ve said it. I’ve told her I love her.

We embrace and kiss again and I run my hands all over her bum cheeks, pulling her body against mine.

Over my shoulder, she looks at her watch. “Gosh! I really ought to be going. My mum will be wondering where I am.” She quickly dons her school dress as I head for the door. “Aren’t you gonna get dressed?” she asks.

“Mum will drive you home. I’d better stay here and do my homework. It’s okay, you’ll be safe with her, even if she does fancy you.”

We exchange phone numbers and email addresses, then go downstairs to find that Mum has put her dress back on. Seeing that I’m still in my knickers and vest, Mum immediately catches on to the idea that I want her to be alone with Audrey for the drive home. She gives me a grateful smile.

On the doorstep, I kiss Audrey lightly on the lips. “See you in the cafeteria tomorrow,” I say. Then they’re gone.

Back in the living room, I flop on the couch and let out a huge sigh. Everything went even better than I’d hoped. Audrey and I are now a couple, in love with each other, and I was able to let slip a few hints about Mum’s lust for little girls without freaking her out.

Mum’s little performance with the see-through slip and knickers was classic! I didn’t mind a bit when she flashed her cunt, and I wasn’t the slightest bit jealous, in fact the idea of Mum showing off to Audrey is strangely thrilling, even though I’m in love with her.

The few crushes I’ve had on girls are nothing to how I feel now about Audrey. I adore her perfect face, her slender body, her sweet little boobs, her pretty cunt and even her perfectly ordinary knickers.

I sprawl back and put a hand down the front of mine, thrusting two fingers into myself, pumping in and out, knees up by my ears. My mind is filled with an image of Audrey, knickers round her knees as she pees, letting me look.

“Well, well!” I hear Mum say. I didn’t hear her come in. “My little girl’s masturbating.” She has a huge grin on her face. “Don’t stop, I wanna watch. Did that little angel get you all excited? I bet she did. She certainly got my cunt wet. She’s utterly gorgeous and I want to get my hands on her and… that is, after I’ve satisfied you, my darling.”

My hand is moving furiously, fingers sliding in and out of my wetness. I don’t care that Mum’s watching me, in fact that makes it all the more exciting.

She drops to her knees right in front of me and pulls my knickers off. My fingers keep flying. “Come for me, darling!” she cries. “Come for Mummy! Oh, you’re coming, my love! That’s my girl!”

My orgasm goes off like a hand grenade, a ball of heat in my abdomen, igniting my whole body as my hips jerk up. The waves of lust slowly subside and I relax, letting out a huge whoosh of air.

Mum gives me a big smile. “That was wonderful, my darling. Were you thinking of Audrey?”

“Yes,” I manage, gasping for air. “We watched each other peeing and oh, Mum, she has such a lovely cunt.”

“Not as sweet as yours,” she says, leaning in and kissing me right on my swollen mound. She picks up my knickers, holds them to her face and inhales. I love it when she does that; it’s so intimate.

She stands and takes her dress off, and I see that she’s still wearing the transparent slip and knickers, “Ah, that’s better. I feel like a girl again.” She sits beside me.

“Audrey’s totally smitten with you,” I tell her.

“But doesn’t she love you?”

“Well, yeah,” I tell her. “We both said we love each other, but I told her it was okay if she has a crush on you, too. It’s only fair; after all, I’m also in love with you, Mum.”

Her smile could have lit up the entire world. “Oh, my… I have two sweet little nymphets who want to play with me! What a lucky girl I am.” She leans in and sniffs at me. “You smell like pussy. Go take a shower while I cook dinner.”

That confuses me. “What’s wrong with my smell? Don’t you like it?”

“I do, believe me,” Mum says with a nod, “but if you start out clean and fresh again, my nose will tell me when your cunt is getting wet.”

“So you can…”

“Molest it!”

“One shower, coming up!” I kiss her cheek and run upstairs.

I shower and put on clean knickers and the sexy vest that Mum likes, then select a dress, an old one that I wore when I was younger, so short that it barely covers my bum. I look at myself in the mirror, then turn my back and peer between my legs. I can see acres of white cotton; perfect!

I come downstairs and Mum has dinner ready, soup and a Thai salad. It’s delicious. We sit at the breakfast bar and she pours me a glass of wine.

“Is this the same wine that you…?”

“Yes, the same kind I drank from your cunt. We’ll save some for later.” She looks up at me. “Why are you wearing a dress?”

“Remember when we talked earlier about spanking?”

“Oh, I get it. You want to lie across my knee while I lift that skirt up and pull your knickers down, right?”

“Yes! Can we make a video of that? Audrey will want to see it.”

“Absolutely, but you have to do something bad to earn a spanking.”

“I’m going to. I’m going to do something that would land us both in jail if anyone found out.”

She looks intrigued. “Like what?”

“I’m gonna do the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen two girls do on the internet.”

“There’s a lot to choose from.”

“Here’s what’s gonna happen, Mummy. You’re gonna lie on your bed and let me take your knickers off, then you’ll spread your legs, and then I’ll push my whole hand inside your cunt.”

Her face lights up. “But that’s not illegal.”

“Not between adults, but I’m still a little girl. Plus, it’s incest. Daughters don’t usually fist-fuck their mums. But we’re not usual, are we?”

“They’d put me in jail, not you; you’re too young. They’d say I made you do it, lock me up and put you in a foster home. So this has to be a secret, like all the other stuff we do. But if that’s what you want, I’m perfectly happy with it. It can be part of your education.”

Hand in hand, we go up to Mum’s room. I take her slip off, then pull her knickers down. Naked, she lies down on the bed, legs spread wide. I kneel between them, licking my lips as I stare at her beautiful cunt. Her lips are already glistening with moisture.

“There’s lube on the bedside table,” Mum says. “Cover your whole hand with it.”

I grease up, then take her labia between my forefingers and thumbs, pulling them wide apart, gazing into my mum’s tunnel of love.

“Wait a sec,” she says, “this is a better position.” She rolls on to all fours, facing the head of the bed, then pushes her bum up. I get behind her, give her a little kiss on each cheek, then push two fingers into her, palm down. I stroke in and out, feeling how wet she is, then add a third and fourth finger. I push in until my thumb presses against Mum’s pubic bone.

“Oh, yes, Misty!” she groans. “Fill me up. Put your whole hand inside me.”

I know what to do, just from watching lesbians fuck on the internet. Folding my thumb into my palm, I push inward. Mum grunts, moans, then cries out loud when my hand penetrates her, entering halfway.

Her body is quivering all over, from head to toe. “Am I hurting you?” I ask.

“NO!” she cries. “Don’t pull out! Okay, now put a finger up my bum.” I slide the index finger of my free hand into Mum’s anus. “Now push your hand harder. That’s right. Harder!”

Suddenly, my hand slides into Mum’s vagina, right up to the wrist. She screams, then blurts, “Hold still for a minute, let me get used to it.” She breathes hard for a minute or so, then slowly nods. “Okay, now make a fist. Mum inhales sharply as my hand shifts about inside her, then she moans, “Oh, Jesus, I’m in heaven. All right, I’m ready to be fucked. Pump it in and out. Fuck me, my darling little girl, fuck your Mummy.” Her words excite me every bit as much as the sharp aroma of her cunt, now filling the room.

My fist is going deeper and deeper into her with each thrust, until I’m in halfway up my arm. I’m amazed at how much room there is inside her.

“More! More!” she cries, her whole body twitching. “Fuck Mummy’s cunt!” I press even deeper, until I feel my knuckles touch something — her cervix, maybe, and she groans.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s all right, Misty, I’m coming.” Her voice grows louder. “Oh my God, I’m coming!”

“Come for me, Mummy,” I call in encouragement, “come for me!” My arm is churning around in her juicy hole, giving me this incredible feeling of power. She’s going completely wild, and I’m making it happen!

When her orgasm hits its high point, Mum makes this sound like nothing I’ve ever heard from her, then slumps forward, her arse still up. I’ve made my Mummy come! I’m so excited and proud.

“Shall I take it out?” I say.

Mum shakes her head. “Leave it in there for a moment. I want to remember this. I was in heaven, my darling, and you took me there. I love you so much.”

I’m filled with pride and devotion for my darling mummy. “I love you, too,” is all I can say.

After a few seconds I slide my hand from her with a slurping noise. She rolls on to her back as I hold my hand up and look at all the juice dripping from it. I lick up as much of it as I can, then look at her cunt. It’s gaping wide. I could put my fist right back in there with room to spare, but instead I jump off the bed, find her phone and take a close up picture of Mum’s deep cavern, still stretched wide. A tennis ball could fit into it without touching the sides.

She’s slowly recovering, getting her breath back when I show her the phone. Mum smiles. “The happiest cunt in the world,” she declares.

“And the most beautiful. Now, I’ve been a bad girl, haven’t I, Mummy? I broke the law. And you have to spank me. Where’s the camcorder?” My phone would do the job, but who would hold it? I can set the camcorder up, press “record” and leave it to capture everything.


I run downstairs, find it in a drawer and dash back up again, to see Mum wiping her cunt with the bed sheet. She puts her slip back on as I place the camcorder on the dresser, aim it at the end of the bed and tell Mum to sit there. I start recording, then quickly lie across her knee.

“You bad, bad girl!” Mum says, slowly pulling my dress up. I lift my body so she can pull the dress even higher, round my chest. I want to show off as much of my body as I can for the camcorder.

Once I’m exposed, Mum runs her hands over my bum cheeks, still covered by my knickers, then with one hand, she tugs them down, one side at a time, until they’re just below my knees. Her palm runs up my thigh and her fingers go between my legs, teasing my cunt. I feel her other hand press under my tummy to join the first and her fingers slide into me. I’m already soaking wet, intensely aroused from fisting my mum.

She leans forward and kisses my bum, then delivers slaps to my cheeks, just hard enough to sting so they’ll be pink, hard enough for it to look like I’m really been punished, but it doesn’t really hurt.

“Ouch!” I cry, faking pain.

After three on each cheek, she kisses my bottom again. “There, you wicked child. You got what you deserved. From now on, I’m gonna spank you every time you’re naughty.”

I roll onto my back, my upper torso and legs hanging down on either side of her thighs, my tummy elevated, my legs parted enough for the camera to see my cunt. Mum’s hand strokes my thigh, riding higher and higher until her fingertips touch my puffy mound. I wonder if I’m going to show this to Audrey, or would it be a little too wild for her?

I want to see the video now, so I reluctantly roll off Mum, stand and pad over to the camcorder, switching it off.

“Let’s see it,” Mum demands.

We replay it, looking at the screen. Oh, it’s perfect! It almost looks like I’m really getting disciplined in a big way, even though the spanks are relatively gentle.

“Audrey will love this, Mummy.” I’ve decided that she really needs to watch this.

“Isn’t it a bit too much? The spanking’s okay, but I touched your cunt. Is she ready for that?”

“I’ll find the right opportunity to let her see it.”

“Swear her to secrecy; promise?”

“I promise.” I pause. “Mummy, can I sleep in your bed tonight?”

She thinks about it, then shakes her head. “You know, Misty, I’m pretty much all washed out, having had your fist up my cunt… and if I let you sleep with me, I can’t imagine getting much rest. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you, and then we’d end up fucking again. Sorry, darling, but there will be other nights.”

“Okay, you have a point. I’ll just lie in my own bed and masturbate while I think about Audrey.”

“Wanna borrow a vibrator?”

I ponder the idea. “I guess not. It would distract my thoughts from her.”

Mum laughs. “Ah yes, those erotic, lascivious, lewd and incredibly dirty thoughts of yours! Sometimes, I really wish that I could be inside your head.”

I just smile. In many ways, she already is.

As promised: Part Three!


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  1. Tim and Litka says:

    Wow, wow,.wow Misty, we both absolutely loved this second chapter of this amazing story. To say we were both highly aroused by it is a severe understatement, and needless to say our orgasms were every bit as powerful as young you and your mum in the story. Honestly, the pleasure we both get from reading this together is just so amazing and almost out of this world!
    Thanks Misty. Can’t wait for chapter 3!!!

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh YES! agree with Tim and Litka: Wow, wow, and wow! loved this chapter, so randy and sexy! Misty is so lucky to have a new bff, Audrey is a delight and seems so at ease with Misty & her Mum as these sentences reflect:

    “The few crushes I’ve had on girls are nothing to how I feel now about Audrey. I adore her perfect face, her slender body, her sweet little boobs, her pretty cunt and even her perfectly ordinary knickers.”

    Mmm! such a delicious thing for eleven year old Misty to think, but given the special relationship she and her Mum have, it’s so apropos!

    Great writing, Misty…waiting eagerly with bated breath for the next hot chapter!


  3. collie says:

    Good read so far, fun and fast-paced! I look forward to the next chapter.

  4. sue says:

    Yes! I agree very much with the other comments. Fun read.

  5. David says:

    Mother daughter love is so erotic. I love the relationship Misty and her mom have and now Audrey is going to be added! MMMMMMM Thanks Misty for a great chapter and I look forward to the next!

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