Big Day for Susie

  • Posted on September 30, 2019 at 2:33 pm

by Foxi

{ This story was originally posted at the Loliwood site on January 2011 }

I wanted to treat myself to something unique and truly sexy for my birthday. I could have gone to Victoria’s Secret and picked up some lingerie, but I knew that I wanted something more than a shopping spree.

Then I got an idea that, if I could make it happen, would be the hottest, most exciting birthday treat imaginable. All I needed was my daughter Susie to agree.

I’d had Susie early in my ill-fated marriage… and like me, she was cute and sexy. At ten she was already turning the heads of grown men — and a few women, too.

I’d decided that the ultimate gift for my birthday would be a portfolio of studio photographs of my precious little girl, naked and posing for the camera.

Susie was utterly gorgeous. Her long black hair hung just above her tight little ass and her body, just now beginning to curve, was just boyish enough to make her androgynous in the most delicious way. She never wore a bra if she could help it, and her budding breasts were always visible through the tight t-shirts she regularly wore.

I adore nearly all types of sex, and I felt certain that my baby girl would feel the same way when she made love for the first time. I’ve always been very open with my daughter, letting her know anything about sex that she is curious about. I am bisexual, with a strong preference for women, and have enjoyed many lovers ever since my divorce. Susie knows this, of course.

I remember one day when she came up to me and asked me what it was like to go down on a woman. Lots of mothers would have passed out on the spot, but I just took her in my lap and explained how to perform cunnilingus in detail. I still remember the look of wonder and amazement on her face… and how I found myself getting turned on, wishing I had the nerve to show my little girl how incredible it is to have your pussy licked.

That’s right — I wanted to take off her school dress and the pretty panties I bought for her, part those lithe, lovely legs and pleasure my eleven-year-old daughter, kiss and lick her smooth slit until she cried out, overwhelmed by her first climax.

But once again I managed to restrain my desire, though incest with Susie has long been one of my favorite fantasies. More than any other reason, that was why I wanted sexy naked pictures of my baby girl — so I could freely indulge in the lust I felt for Susie without doing something a mother shouldn’t.

So I sat Susie down and asked her if she would do me a really big favor for my birthday. She smiled and asked, “What is it, Mommy?”

“I want you to pose naked for some pictures at my friend Julie’s studio.”

She pursed her lips. “Um… who are they for?”

I caressed her cheek. “Silly girl… why would I ask you to pose for my birthday if I was going to give the photos to someone else? They’re for me!”

I watched her eyes grow wide, a huge smile appearing on her face. Oh, she was excited, no doubt.

“Really? You want pictures of me?”

I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. “Yes, baby… I want to have a portfolio of you for my birthday. Do you think you can do that for me? Mommy would really, really like that, honey.”

“What’s a portfolio?” She asked, looking up at me as we hugged.

“A photographer takes lots of pictures of you, honey… then puts them into a book for your mommy to look at.”

“So… you want pictures of me naked, Mommy? All over?”

I tilted her face up toward mine. Her green eyes were sparkling. God, she was so fucking beautiful. “Baby, if you’re not comfortable with the idea, that’s okay. But yes… I want you all naked for me, and to have pictures of your beautiful body to keep forever and ever. That would make me so happy.” I told Susie this as I held her close, caressing her body and giving her sweet little kisses.

She eagerly nodded. “Okay, Mommy — I’ll do it. When do you want to?”

“Tonight, honey… tonight.”


That night I made sure my baby was clean and ready to be photographed in the nude. While Susie was getting dressed, I called my friend Julie and told her we were ready.

“Mmmm… I can’t wait to shoot your little honey. She is one fine looking girl.”

Julie ran a photography studio. She did family portraits and the like, but really loved nude photography of women and girls. The idea of doing a session with Susie really got her juices flowing. I knew it would, too. Julie is a lesbian, and she and I fuck regularly. She was kinky as hell and liked young girls quite a lot, and was totally upfront about having a crush on my daughter. In fact, Julie was the only person who knew about my own secret feelings for Susie.

When we got to the studio Julie hugged me, then Susie, doing her best to put my little girl at ease.

“Wow… what a sexy model you brought me tonight,” Julie cooed, glancing at me before studying Susie again.

Susie blushed, then laughed. I had to give Julie credit — she really knew how to put her models at ease.

We went to the rear of the studio, where Julie had set up a platform and bed with lights all around it. Several cameras were placed in position.

“Now, Susie… I want you to get undressed for me. Don’t worry. I see naked girls all the time. Some top models and a few actresses. Just remember that you’re with friends here.”

Susie blushed a bit but began to take off her clothes. She was a little shy, undressing in front of Julie and me, but soon she stood before us, completely bare.

Julie stared at my little girl, her eyes bright with desire. “Oh, my… Susie, you are utterly gorgeous.”

She seemed on the verge of setting down her camera, walking over to my daughter and kissing her like a lover. Then she shook her head as if emerging from a crazy dream. “Okay. Now, Susie, you must listen to everything I tell you. If I ask you to move a certain way, do it. Or if I ask you to sit, stand, lie back… do that. We have three rolls of film to go through, and I want to capture how lovely you are in every snapshot.”

I watched my baby nod, then Julie led her to the bed on the platform. I just sat there, feasting my eyes on Susie. She was beautiful. Her naked body was flawless. Her smooth chest was adorned with candy-colored nipples, her belly button a gorgeous cleft that seemed to invite kisses. I let my gaze slip down to Susie’s flat tummy, the rise of her pudendum, then the sweet pink crease of her slit.

“Okay, baby — lie back and open your legs a bit. That’s it, honey… just like that.”

Susie looked over at me and smiled, She was clearly nervous, but determined to give Julie what she wanted. It seemed to work, too — before two minutes had passed, my daughter was beginning to relax, even get into the idea of posing nude. Julie was looking right at her pussy, camera in hand.

“Now baby turn your head to the side and close your eyes. That’s it, (click), open your mouth a bit (click). That’s it honey, (click) beautiful.”

I watched in fascination as Julie clicked away, capturing frame after frame. My breathing was excited at watching my daughter do this very erotic thing. I stood close enough to see her excited breathing also. Her lovely breasts rise and fall quickly and her hot little pussy begin to open bit by bit from all of it. Julie knew this also.

“Now open your legs wider baby… bring them back toward your body…yes that’s it (click).”

Julie looked back at me and mouthed WOW to me as she put my daughter through the paces.

“Bring your head back, mouth open, eyes closed. Reach up and cup one of your breasts…that’s it (click).”

This went on for another fifteen minutes with Julie making her reach down and open her cunt wide so she could get a close-up shot. Then made her pull back the hood of her tiny clit and snapped several more close-ups. She made her do that shot several times, knowing full well what it was doing to Susie. My little girl was getting very turned on.

Finally, Julie stepped away from the camera. “Okay, honey, let’s take a short break while I put fresh film in.”

I went over to Susie, who was lying on the bed. She was flushed and excited.

“I think my little girl likes what she’s doing.”

Susie blushed again and nodded. Her beautiful eyes looked into mine. “I like it a lot, Mommy. Are we going to do more? I like it when she tells me to do naughty stuff.”

I laughed and Julie smiled. I suspected things are about to get a lot hotter, now that Julie knew that my little girl enjoyed posing naked. I kissed her lightly and told her “Have fun, honey.”

Her camera reloaded, Julie told Susie to get on all fours, and I gasped in excitement looking at her perfect little body. Julie went over and posed her, making sure Susie’s legs were apart enough to capture her open ass cheeks and pouting pussy lips, now distinctly wet.

Julie guided my daughter’s head down to rest on the bed, making Susie’s back arch and fully revealing her beautiful bottom. I went over to stand next to Julie as she clicked away at all angles, wanting a look at the view as she saw it.

“All right, honey… reach back and open your lovely pussy for me again. That’s it.” (click) “Now, with both hands, spread your bottom open for me. I want to see your cute little butthole.”

Susie did as she was told and splayed her ass cheeks wide for Julie. Her eyes were closed, a dreamy look on my baby girl’s face as Julie clicked frame after frame. Of course, I was paying more attention to Susie’s flawless little rump, wanting more than anything to kiss it.

My cunt was dripping wet from watching this display of pure eroticism. Julie was breathing heavily like a phone pervert as she posed my little girl for another raunchy shot. This time, she had Susie with both legs wide apart, gazing into the camera, her index finger lightly resting at the entrance to her cunt. I knew that Julie was taking this whole thing too far, damn it — but this helpless lust I felt for my daughter was much too powerful to deny.

Julie came over to me and asked if I’d like to join my daughter on the bed for a few shots. Naked, of course. I looked at her, biting my lip, knowing that it was a very dangerous thing to ask me. But I relented, knowing full well what she had in mind.

Susie laughed and clapped her hands as I joined her on the bed. Both of us were naked and I laid down by her, our bodies touching. She was so lovely, so perfect and my wet cunt was beginning to flow just being next to her.

Julie posed us so that I had my hand fully on her ass while she made as if to kiss me. My God… I just knew that I was going to masturbate myself into a frenzy when I looked at these shots later.

I couldn’t help but get more excited as I felt Susie’s silky ass under my fingers. I could feel her breath on my face as she posed with me and I knew that I was just a heartbeat away from really kissing her mouth.

Julie then posed us with Susie’s leg over my thigh, bringing our bodies even closer. Our pussies were inches apart and her small breasts pressed into mine.

Julie wanted me to hold Susie’s ass, to spread her buttocks wide open as I kissed her. I was about to protest but Susie said, “Cool!” and my willpower went out the window.

We leaned into each other and our mouths met in a heated soft kiss that made Susie moan lightly as I opened her ass wide for Julie. Over and over, the camera buzzed and clicked.

My daughter’s mouth was soft, wet and warm and we never stopped kissing even when Julie paused in her picture taking. I let my tongue slide into her hot mouth and she pressed into me. Her firm little body twisting against mine making me groan in pleasure.

Julie started to take pictures again, but gave no commands — it was now obvious that the show had already begun and her direction was no longer needed. She just worked the camera as I began to have lesbian sex with my little girl.

My finger sought and found her pussy — and I began to rub her tiny clit in circles, making her moan loudly as her legs widened, allowing me better access.

I loved touching her, but I had to taste my little girl. I moved down her body with my tongue tracing a path to her flat tummy to her pussy, which was now moist and swollen from such excitement. Her tiny clit was erect and waiting for me. I ran my tongue over it, licking Susie up and down as she cried out in ecstasy. Julie got several shots of me taking her whole pussy into my mouth as Susie came again and again.

I drank greedily from my daughter’s womb as she came again and again. Once she was sated and happy, I worked my way up Susie’s naked body, pausing to kiss her belly, then her breasts, then her willing mouth.

Julie sat back on the floor, her jeans soaked from her own pussy as she snapped several more pictures of us, a mother and daughter sharing lover’s kisses.

The End


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  1. Jake says:

    Love it, it’s says the end unfortunately…MORE!

  2. Sapphmore says:

    This can be found still on Loliwood and it’s by Foxi. That version is still only Fg but hints at future involvement with the father and the photographer pet.

  3. Tim and Litka says:

    What a wonderful story of intimacy between mum and daughter, and captured on film too. Reading this together was such a joy for us both. We note it was written in 2011 so there can’t be a part 2 which is a shame, but brilliant and arousing on it’s own.It wasn’t just Susie who came again and again!!!
    Thank you Foxi

  4. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    So good!…Mommy just couldn’t resist any longer and Susie was receptive by the situation and with some prompting from the photographer. great combination!..great little story!


  5. Hunter says:

    Such a great story focusing on the appreciation and lust for family in such a supportive way. Very well done! Very hot too.

  6. Ester says:

    Racconto molto verosimile: Sono certa che molte mamme nel vedere le loro bambine che si stanno formando per diventare donne, sono sicura che amerebbero coccolarsele intimamente. Si ricordano di certo quando da piccine succhiavano i seni e che anche allora certi stimoli le facevano tremare. Evviva l’amore di tutti i tipi.

    Google Translator: Very plausible story: I am sure that many mothers to see their little girls being trained to become women, I am sure they would love to cuddle them intimately. They certainly remember when they sucked breasts when they were little and that even then certain stimuli made them tremble. Long live love of all kinds.

  7. Misty Meadow says:

    Well written and gets right to the point. I love stories about little girls being photographed. I wish there had been someone to take nude pictures of me when I was a preteen. If they had, and I looked at them now, would I turn myself on? I think I would, and I think they’d turn you all on, too.


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