Barbie Has Her Way, Part Two

  • Posted on September 24, 2019 at 2:23 pm

by Barbie Doll

A predictable pattern soon developed between Angela and me. I would tell my mom that I was meeting a friend at the mall and would leave the house around 10:00 a.m. each Saturday morning, then walk the two blocks to the place where Angela would be picking me up. She would drop off her seven-year-old daughter Cheryl for her ballet lesson, and arrive at our meeting place about 10:15. During the short drive to her apartment, she would tell me how much she missed me and how she wished we could be together more often.

Her desire played right into my hands. I knew I was the one in control and I was not about to relinquish my position of dominance. I would ask her the same question on the drive to her place. “How many times have you jilled off for me since last Saturday?” She told me that she did it every night in bed before going to sleep. I would proceed to tell her she was a “dirty, slutty mommy” and asked her if she thought she deserved to be punished for her filthy behavior. That kind of thing got her so aroused that she couldn’t sit still.

I would place my hand under the hem of her skirt and gently squeeze the soft, smooth skin of her inner thigh. She had learned her role well and would always respond by saying, “Yes, baby doll, your pervert mommy deserves a spanking for being so naughty.”

When we were only a couple of blocks from her place I would slowly move my hand up her thigh until I reached her crotch. As I had instructed her previously, Angela never wore panties when she picked me up on Saturday mornings. As always, her pussy was hot and wet and I easily slipped my middle finger into her love tunnel. She let out a moan as I slowly moved my finger in and out of her cunt.

After a dozen or so strokes I knew she was close to coming. I would then remove my wet finger, bring it up to my nose and inhale deeply, then lick her juices. “You taste especially nice today, Mommy,” I would tell her.

As soon as we arrived at her apartment I would let her kiss me and feel me up for a few minutes. I would then tell her she was a dirty pervert for trying to take advantage of an innocent little twelve-year-old girl like me. We both loved playing our respective roles.

After Angela said she was sorry, I would tell her that I might forgive her, but only if she was prepared to accept her rightful punishment. Of course, she was only too willing to be punished if the reward was to molest a preteen girl. I instructed Angela to strip naked for me and to lie across my thighs for her spanking. She was, as always, very eager to comply.

I began smacking her ass cheeks as hard as I could. Even in the dim light, I could see her ass turning a bright pink color. When I was done spanking my mommy and her sobs subsided, I became a shy little girl — which was what really turned her on. I let her undress me and lead me by the hand to her bedroom.

For the next hour or so I licked and sucked her ample breasts, finger fucked both her pussy and her back hole, then I let her do what she wanted to me. We ended up in a sixty-nine position, which was especially exciting for me because I could feel the heat emanating from her freshly spanked ass cheeks as I drank the sweet juices from her pussy. Afterward, we cuddled for a long while, completely satisfied.

Eventually, we got up, shared a quick shower and got dressed. Angela drove me to our meeting place and dropped me off, then went to pick up her little girl Cheryl at the dance studio.


A couple of Saturdays later, Angela picked me up and explained that her daughter wouldn’t be going to her ballet lesson that morning because it was her best friend’s birthday and she was going to the girl’s party. I’d never met my lover’s daughter, but knew from what Angela had told me that Cheryl was a somewhat shy child of seven.

When we got to the apartment Angela introduced me to her daughter as someone who might babysit for her one day. Cheryl was a beautiful child wearing a satin party dress, white ankle socks and black patent leather shoes.

Suddenly Angela made a face and said “Damn!” under her breath. “I just thought of something,” she continued. “I forgot to get a birthday card for your friend,” she told her little girl. “Why don’t you stay here with Cheryl while I dash over to the card shop, Barbie. I won’t be more than twenty minutes.”

I said that was okay with me, and Angela quickly left.

Little Cheryl kept looking at me in a strange kind of way as she perched on the sofa across from where I was sitting. I suddenly realized that she was sitting with her legs apart and her dress had drifted about halfway up her thighs. I could clearly see the white crotch of her panties. I didn’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that little patch of white cotton. Surely this little seven-year-old was unaware of what she was doing and the effect it was having on me.

Was I feeling something like Angela’s lust for younger girls? How could I be having thoughts like these at age twelve?

I forced my eyes away from the child’s panties and up to her face. I thought I detected a slight smile as our eyes met. I suddenly felt the need to say something. “Cheryl, honey, I can see right up to your panties when you sit like that,” I said.

“I know,” she answered, “but you must like looking at them, because you’ve been staring for a long time.”

I really didn’t know what to do next. I was definitely turned on, but should I just change the subject and hope that would be the end of it? Or should I find out if this little minx really was trying to seduce me?

I looked at the clock on the wall and realized Angela would likely be back in about ten minutes, then decided to take one more step down this very dangerous path. “Do you like showing off your panties to everyone?” I asked very calmly, despite my mounting excitement.

“No, just people I like,” she answered.

“If you really like someone, would you let them touch your panties?” I asked. She nodded her head indicating that would be okay.

I got up from where I was sitting and sat down beside Cheryl. “Would you let me see them again?”

Cheryl immediately got to her feet, stood in front of where I was seated and slowly lifted her party dress up to her waist. What I was about to do gave me a serious rush, and I could feel my pussy get wet in a big way. “Very pretty Cheryl… can I touch your panties, sweetie?’ I asked her.

“Okay,” she whispered. The situation was almost surreal and so improbable. Here I was at age twelve, about to introduce my lover’s seven-year-old daughter to the world of lesbian sex. I was starting to think that perhaps I was not that unlike Angela, and shared her fetish for girls much younger than myself.

I took another quick look at the clock on the wall and knew it would not be long before Angela returned from the mall. It was risky, but I was too excited to pass up this opportunity. I reached around Cheryl and placed a hand on her panty-clad bum. I caressed her there as I slipped my other hand beneath her skirt. I swear, I could actually see the faint outline of her delicate little pussy lips through the crotch of her panties.

Glancing up, I saw that Cheryl’s eyes were closed, her mouth hanging slack. I placed my middle finger on her panty crotch and began to trace it gently up and down her slit. Very soon she was pushing her pelvis forward, attempting to increase the pressure of my strokes.

“It feels nice… doesn’t it baby,” I said in little more than a whisper.

“Oh, yeah, it feels really nice. Barbie. Please keep doing it,” she answered.

I was insanely aroused, but also getting panicky as time was quickly closing in on us before Angela got back home. Just a couple more minutes and I’ll stop, I thought.

Without asking, I hooked two fingers into the elastic waistband of Cheryl’s panties and lowered them about halfway down to her knees, exposing her smooth slit. Now, without any barrier, I moved my middle finger back to her opening and applied a little pressure. To my surprise and delight, she was wet there, which allowed my finger to penetrate about half an inch into her vagina.

When my finger made contact with her tiny clit, she jumped. Then I gently rubbed the little nub for not more than half a minute, and her body began to shake. I pulled Cheryl close to me, to prevent her from collapsing on the spot. Then I felt wetness on my finger as she came. It was little more than a dribble, but I couldn’t resist bringing my wet finger up to my mouth to sample the sweet nectar.

I decided not to push my luck any further, as Angela would be arriving shortly. I quickly pulled the child’s panties up and told her to hurry to the bathroom, clean herself up with a damp washcloth, then put on a clean pair of panties.

A short time later I heard the door to the apartment open and Angela appeared. “Where’s Cheryl? she asked.

“She had to go to the bathroom,” I answered.

We’d been lucky. If Angela had arrived a few minutes sooner, I would have been caught red-handed. Angela was soon ready to take Cheryl to the birthday party, and asked if I wanted to come along with her. I declined and said I would watch TV until she returned.

By then, I was so fucking hot that as soon as they left, I undid the buttons and zipper on my jeans and jilled off to an amazing orgasm. I decided not to wash my hand, knowing that Angela would want to taste my juices as soon as she returned.

I knew I wanted to play more sex games with Cheryl… and I also wanted to keep doing dirty things with Angela, my special mommy.


I was facing quite a challenge. The dynamics of our relationship had now changed dramatically. Both Cheryl and I were now back in school after summer vacation. More significant, however, was the fact that Cheryl had completed her ballet lessons, which meant Angela and I no longer had the hour or more alone each Saturday morning. Angela and I were as hot for one another as ever, but now we only had fleeting moments to fuck when Cheryl wasn’t there.

Complicating the situation still further was the fact that that I was hot for seven-year-old Cheryl, and whenever I was around, she kept giving me smoldering looks that made it obvious how much she wanted me. Finally, Cheryl had no idea that her mother and I were lovers, and Angela was equally unaware that I’d recently introduced her daughter to lesbian sex. It was a lot for a girl of twelve to deal with.

Most of my intimate activity with Angela was now confined to the short car rides to and from her apartment. Usually, she would briefly park in a relatively secluded spot, and after a few French kisses and fondling, we would finger fuck each other until we both got off. Other than that, our only opportunities for privacy came when Cheryl was engrossed in a TV show or talking to a friend on the phone. On these occasions, Angela would quietly slip into her bedroom and I would follow closely behind. These sessions were always brief, so neither of us ever bothered to wear panties on Saturday morning.

Then, about three weeks into the new school year, something unexpected happened. Angela had picked me up as usual just after 10:00 AM. I was extremely horny that day and had a hand under my lover’s skirt within seconds. She was very juicy, and my index finger easily penetrated her cunt.

“You’re really fucking wet today, Mommy,” I said.

“God, yes, baby doll. Mommy wants to lick your sweet little pussy so badly,” she moaned. “Maybe what we can do is this. I’ll tell Cheryl I am taking you to the mall before I drop you off. That will give us more time to be together… and we can park in a place I know where we will be very private and secure.”

“Sounds good,” I replied, bringing my juice-covered finger up to Angela’s face for her to taste.

When we arrived at the apartment and I greeted Cheryl, my mind jumped back to the time I had my hand inside her panties and was running my finger gently up and down the soft, smooth cleft of her hairless sex. I could see the desire in her eyes, and the thought of a seven-year-old girl lusting after me that strongly had my cunt on fire.

The moment was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing, and Angela went to answer it. Too busy exchanging lustful looks with Cheryl, I didn’t pay much attention until I overheard Angela tell the caller that she would be there as soon as possible.

After hanging up, she explained to Cheryl and me that her best friend Mary’s car had stalled with a dead battery. Angela was going to drive to where Mary was stranded, drive her to a service station and arrange for a tow truck to tow the car back to the service station where a new battery would be installed.

“It’ll take at least an hour,” Angela said with a sigh. “Do either one of you want to come along?”

I immediately recognized this unexpected development as an opportunity to finally get some time alone with Cheryl, so I said, “I’ll just hang out here if you don’t mind. I’ve got a bit of a headache.”

I could see that Angela was disappointed, but gave me a smile. “What about you, sweetie?”

Clearly, Cheryl also recognized this as a chance to be alone with me, because she shrugged and said, “I kinda need to get my homework done, Mom.”

Angela seemed to understand our reluctance to hang around waiting for a tow truck. “Okay, well, I’ve got to go deal with this. Sorry. I’ll pick us up a pizza on the way home.” She grabbed her purse and car keys from the kitchen counter.

Two minutes later I was alone with Cheryl. I knew what she was expecting, what she wanted. I wanted the same thing, of course, but decided to have a bit of perverse fun first.

Cheryl looked at me pleadingly; anxiously awaiting a reassuring comment. Instead, I reached for the remote. “What do you want to watch, sweetie?”

The look on her face was as revealing as anything she might have said. Her eyes were mournful, her mouth set in a pout.

I knew I was being a bitch, and decided to play nice instead. “If you don’t want to watch TV, is there something else you’d rather do?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

After a moment’s silence, she said, “Can we, um… you know, Barbie!”

“You’ll have to tell me what it is you want, sweetie,” I said.

There was another long pause while Cheryl worked up the courage to respond. Finally she blurted out, “Do you want to see my panties again?”

Now the genie was out of the bottle, so to speak. “You mean like before, when your mommy wasn’t here?” I asked.

“Yes, yes! Please Barbie, please can we do that again?”

I gave her a very serious look. “Have you told anybody about our little secret?”

“No, Barbie, remember? I promised not to tell anyone, and I always keep my promises,” she reassured me. I believed her.

“Fair enough. Then I want you to go to your bedroom, take off your t-shirt and shorts and come back to the living room with just panties on. Okay?”

There was no hesitation on her part and in less than a minute,  Cheryl reappeared dressed only in a pair of panties. Not just any pair, but the same ones she’d worn when I first made love to her. I smiled knowingly.

“Now stand in front of where I’m sitting, facing me.” She complied immediately and I spread my legs, drawing her closer to me and placed my hands on her tight little ass.

“You remember us doing this before, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, Barbie… I loved it when you touched my thingy,” she said.

“Well, ‘thingy’ is not the right word,” I answered. “On little girls like you it’s sometimes called a kitty, and on grownups like your Mommy, it’s called a pussy, or a cunt.”

I began giving her little kisses on her forehead, her cheeks and finally on her lips. At the same time I continued to fondle her delicious little bottom.

“Cheryl… would you like me to show you how grownups kiss?” I asked her.

She tried to keep cool, but her eyes were dancing with excitement. “Okay,” she answered.

I told her to open her mouth a little when she felt my lips touch hers. When they met, I gently licked her upper lip, then gently and slowly pushed my tongue into her warm, wet little mouth. Cheryl caught on quickly and began to kiss me back.

Soon I was sucking on her tongue in the way I imagined a girl or woman would suck on a boy’s cock. She was either a natural or a fast learner because soon she was doing the same to me. By then, my pussy was really dripping.

I hooked my fingers around the waistband of Cheryl’s underpants and slowly tugged them down to her feet. She stepped out of them, and I held them to my face to drink in her scent before putting them to one side.

Placing my middle finger on her bare slit, I pushed it inside her about half an inch deep. She was incredibly wet, more that I would have expected from a child of seven. On impulse, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against Cheryl’s sex while my hands caressed her bottom. I pushed my tongue between her labia and slowly drew it upward until I came in contact with her tiny clit. She shuddered, and I realized that I’d just given her a mini orgasm.

I stood up and quickly discarded my jeans. As I wasn’t wearing panties, Cheryl had her first real look at my cunt. In little more than a whisper, she said, “Can I please touch your kitty, Barbie?”

How could I deny a request like that? I took her small hand and pressed the middle finger against the opening to my vagina.

“Your kitty is really wet,” she said.

“I know sweetie, it’s because I’m so horny,” I answered.

“Horny? What does that mean?” she asked, in a voice filled with innocence.

I smiled. “It means that I really want to keep doing what we’re doing, so I can have that nice tingly feeling, just like you did a few minutes ago when I was kissing your kitty,” I answered. This explanation seemed to satisfy Cheryl’s curiosity, at least for the time being.

I moved her finger up through my swollen labia until it came in contact with my clit, which by now had become fully erect and was peeking out from its hood. I began to move her finger in a circular motion against the swollen bud, then took my hand away and told her, “Keep doing that, Cheryl.” She continued the circular motion without any further prompting from me. God, it felt incredible.

Within a short time she brought me to a very satisfying orgasm. It took a minute or two to regain my composure.

I decided it would be nice to reward Cheryl for getting me off, so I got her to lie down on the sofa and open her legs. I got down on my knees beside the child and placed one hand on her vulva, then bent forward to lick her nipples.

Even though I’d had a nice climax just moments ago, I was feeling very aroused again. I got up and sat on the edge of the sofa, which allowed me to masturbate Cheryl with one hand and finger fuck myself with the other.

I was getting close to coming all over again when I suddenly heard a noise at the entrance to the living room. I looked up, and standing there watching us was Cheryl’s mommy Angela.

I knew I was in big trouble. Many different scenarios were going through my mind, all of them bad. I fully expected Angela to start screaming and calling me all kinds of nasty names, then ordering me to get out of her house and to never come near her or Cheryl ever again. That is, if she didn’t call the police on me.

But the explosion I was expecting never happened. Instead, Angela seemed frozen on the spot, her eyes focused on me. My mind was still in overdrive, terrified about what Angela would do to me for what she had to see as a complete betrayal on my part.

I figured that she wouldn’t hurt me physically, then I realized that she couldn’t risk turning me in without incriminating herself. I was also underage, after all. If necessary, I could easily play the part of the innocent preteen who had been led down the path of debauchery by a grown-up pervert, though I prayed it would never come down to that.

The long uncomfortable silence was broken when Cheryl said, “Why did you stop, Barbie?” She had no idea that her mother had returned and was watching us.

I stared at Angela, expecting some sort of reaction — but she remained motionless and silent. Her inaction made me feel a bit more confident, and my devious nature began to emerge once again.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you, sweetie?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, it feels soooo nice, Barbie,” Cheryl answered.

“Have you ever done this with anyone else?” I asked her.

“No, but I think about doing it with other people.”

I began to finger her bare cunt again while continuing to probe her on this topic, and she confessed that she sometimes thought about having sex with her teacher, Miss Blythe.

“Anyone else?” I asked her, still looking at Angela.

“Well… there is someone else, but I don’t think I should tell you who it is,” Cheryl answered shyly.

“If you tell me, I promise to keep it a secret,” I said.

After a long hesitation she softly said, “It’s… it’s Mommy.”

This was a rather shocking confession — but I also quickly realized that a golden opportunity had just presented itself to me.

Keeping my eyes glued to Angela, I said, “Maybe your mommy would like to do it with you, too.”

Her eyes widened. “You think so? Oh, wow, that would be the best! She’s so beautiful, and I love her so much…” She gave a wistful sigh. “It prob’ly won’t ever happen, though.”

With a tilt of my head, I indicated to Angela that she should come closer. She hesitated for a moment, then began taking a series of halting steps toward us, as if she was in a trance. I glanced at Cheryl and noted that her eyes were closed.

When Angela reached the sofa, I reached out, took her hand in mine and gently pulled her into a sitting position next to me. I slowly guided her hand until it came to rest on Cheryl’s thigh. I moved closer to Angela and whispered in her ear, “Do it, Mommy. You know you want to, and Cheryl wants you to. Don’t deny yourself.”

I watched, almost mesmerized, as Angela’s hand moved slowly upward until her fingers were lightly touching her child’s smooth slit.

I leaned over and planted a deep French kiss on my older lover’s mouth. “Touch her pussy, Mommy… just like you do it to me,” I whispered.

At this point, Cheryl must have sensed something was going on. She opened her eyes, then gasped in shock. “M-Mommy… what are you doing?”

By then any inhibitions Angela may have held had vanished completely. “I want to make my baby girl feel good. Would you like that, sweetheart?” she said.

Cheryl gazed up at her mother with adoring eyes. “Oh yes, Mommy. There’s nothing I want more.”

“Would you like it if Mommy kissed your kitty?” I asked Cheryl.

“Oh yes, yes.” Tilting her head up, she gave her mother an angelic smile. “Please Mommy, kiss my kitty… that’s what Barbie did before you came home,” the child answered. “I love how that feels.”

I’d never seen Angela more turned on. Within seconds she had positioned herself between Cheryl’s legs and was going down on her little girl.

God, what a turn on it was for me to watch my lover licking the cunt of her seven-year-old daughter. As I watched, I couldn’t keep myself from masturbating. But the urge to participate in the lovemaking was too powerful to resist, so I got up and perched on the far end of the sofa.

Angela was on hands and knees, servicing her child, so I knelt behind her, reached out and pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist. I was delighted to see that, in her haste to get away to help her friend, Angela had neglected to put on panties. Within easy reach were her juicy cunt lips and her dark-rimmed asshole.

I couldn’t resist, Burying my face between Angela’s cheeks, I began to kiss and lick her anus. I’d never done that before, but was feeling especially perverted right then. This encouraged Angela to become even more aggressive in licking her little girl.

I’d fucked Angela often enough to know when she was close to coming. I licked a path from her ass crack to her clit, and within seconds she went off in a mind-blowing orgasm. Dear little Cheryl followed soon after with her own climax.

It took a few minutes for mother and daughter to come back down to earth. Angela was lying on her back with Cheryl nestled on one side of her and me on the other. A tight squeeze, but it felt lovely. I leaned over and attached my lips to one of Angela’s fat nipples. Cheryl picked up on this and began sucking on the other nipple.

“So beautiful,” Angela whispered, savoring the attention she was receiving from the two of us. She let us pleasure her for a couple of minutes, then said, “Here, let me show you two something really nice. It’s a way that we can all three make love to each other at the same time.”

Angela positioned herself with her head at the top end of the bed. Next, she instructed me to lie in the opposite direction so that my head was even with her pussy. Cheryl then was placed facing me, but with her bare slit just above her mommy’s face. With a little shifting of our respective positions, it was possible for me to lick Angela’s pussy, while Cheryl went down on me and Angela ate her daughter. We did this for a long while, occasionally reversing direction, until Angela and I had both come twice and Cheryl had added another orgasm to her total.

In the weeks that followed, this became one of our favorite ways of fucking. And we did continue to fuck, regularly.

After that eventful Saturday morning, my visits were no longer fraught with problems, like trying to sneak a few brief moments with Angela while Cheryl was occupied with something else. My lover’s child was now a full participant in our sex play. She is now a preteen of twelve, and we are all still involved in this beautiful three-way relationship.

The End


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  1. sue says:

    Smoking! Great chapter and conclusion to this hot fantasy story. Loved the seduction of Cheryl and the happy ending between the three characters.

  2. Tim says:

    Loved the story. Loving and erotic. So pleased mum and daughter enjoyed each other too. Great writing thanks

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Wow!…and as Sue commented: smoking HOT! Barbie ,Angela & her sweet as honey daughter, Cheryl…what a awesome story that ends with a surprise situation that Barbie just wasn’t expecting!…the finale with all three enjoying each other’s pussies was AMAZING!…and when Barbie explained that they all now enjoy being in a deeply sexual and loving relationship that’s like ice cream on your pie…Mmmm,delicious!

    Thanks Barbie Doll!

  4. Jake says:

    I couldn’t resist, Burying my face between Angela’s cheeks, I began to kiss and lick her anus. I’d never done that before, but was feeling especially perverted right then. This encouraged Angela to become even more aggressive in licking her little girl.


  5. David says:

    That was hot and a nice way to end the two part series. Leaves us to imagine all the things they have done in the last 5 years. Thanks Barbie Doll

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