Health Spa

  • Posted on August 15, 2019 at 2:20 pm

by Sindy070

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2011 }

After Dad left us, my mother and I moved to a warmer part of the country, where Mum got interested in being a naturist after making some new friends, then I got into it myself. Mum and I were really close and I had no problem in being naked around her – she had an amazing figure that I openly admired and aspired to. I was eleven and still a little girl, really, slim with small budding breasts that only needed a training bra, and barely any hair on my mound. Mum had beautiful curves, full breasts and kept her sex shaven smooth.

My mother came out as gay after the end of her marriage when I was six, so I guess it was only natural that as I was becoming aware of sexuality, especially my own, I started to experience thoughts and feelings towards other girls. I had no interest in boys, but girls – well, they gave me special feelings, and I reacted to them naturally by touching myself to fantasies of kissing and cuddling with them. I was no stranger to the concept of lesbianism, as I avidly read books and magazines that Mum owned, and there was certainly enough of it shown on TV, with women who loved women turning up regularly.

Then one day, Mum told me that someone she knew who owned a health spa was going to devote a weekend to naturist women, and she wondered if I wanted to go with her. We could spend a weekend getting pampered and enjoying a swimming pool, sauna, mud baths, massages and more, while being naked in an all-female environment.

“Mum, it sounds wonderful!” I exclaimed, feeling that familiar little twinge between my legs, “I’d love to!”

“Good girl!” she replied happily, giving me a hug that only made that twinge worse and a kiss on the cheek that had me glowing. “I’ll go ahead and book a room for us!”

That particular Friday finally arrived, and when I got home from school Mum had already got everything packed — not that there was that much to bring! All I had to do was get changed into the pretty summer dress Mum had left out for me, and off we went. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long a drive to what turned out to be a country estate with a huge old house in the middle of some beautiful grounds – secluded and secure, absolutely perfect for getting away from it all.

When we walked into the lobby, I was thrilled to see that the beautiful young receptionist was already naked. She smiled so sweetly at me that I nearly melted. Mum signed the register, the receptionist gave us our key cards, then she gave us directions up to our room.

When we entered, the first thing I noticed was that there was only one bed, even if it was the biggest one I’d ever seen!

“Just one bed, then,” I said, setting my bag down.

“Hey, that’s okay, isn’t it?” Mum asked me.

“Sure, Mum, I don’t mind sharing a bed with you!” I replied, earning a look from my mum that I didn’t quite understand.

“Come on then, we’d better undress, then we’ll go back down and check things out,” she said.

So we unpacked and got naked, wearing only flip-flops as we exited our room. We soon encountered other women and girls, including several couples. We passed dozens of them in the halls and corridors, all naked, most of them quite attractive. Of course, the staff was all female, also nude, and I spotted several girls of my age, along with some a bit older.

It was warm outside, so we went out to the pool, left our flip-flops on the side and dived in. I soon gravitated to a small huddle of girls in the shallow end, They were nice and friendly, making me feel welcome right away.

“Is this your first time here?” a girl named Lucy asked me.

“Yeah, it is,” I replied, and some of the others giggled and shared grins. “Why, is there something I missed?”

“Sounds like it, but you’ll figure things out soon enough,” Lucy told me. “Don’t you know why we’re all really here?”

“No, why?” I asked, wondering what she was on about.

“Look around and see,” she told me, so I did.

There were several couples and little groups of people all around and in the pool, and after a few seconds I realised what Lucy meant. Over there were two women on sun loungers who were sharing heated kisses. Nearby was what looked like a mum applying lotion to her daughter, but she was actually rubbing the little girl’s slit. While in the pool a teenage girl, was being hugged from behind by an older woman who was clearly pleasuring the girl beneath the water.

“Oh, wow!” I gasped, open-mouthed at the sight around me, feeling suddenly very, very excited.

I looked around for my mum, quickly spotting her down at the deep end with another woman, both of them sharing deep kisses. Mum saw me and waved, and all I could do was grin back like a fool, my pussy throbbing with excitement.

“The penny drops!” Lucy chuckled as she saw the look on my face, “and you like it, don’t you?”

“I sure do!” I squealed as my new friend moved in closer to me, her hand brushing my nipples under the water.

“Of course you do,” she purred as her hand slid down to caress my slit. “Your mum has brought you here to have sex with us, and her. You’re gonna love every dirty minute, I promise you that!”

I moaned as Lucy rubbed my clit while the others watched, feeling more aroused and horny than I had ever felt before. As I stood there being pleasured by this beautiful young girl, I realised that Mum and the other women were coming over to join us, and only a small part of me was terrified and ashamed – the rest of me was full of lust, excitement and pleasure.

“I see you’ve met my daughter,” the woman chuckled as they reached us, Mum moving through the group to be by my side, kissing me on the lips as she stroked my breasts.

“Are you cool with this, baby?” she asked me, concern and lust both radiating from her face.

“Yes Mummy, I am!” I replied happily, accepting that was happening and what was going to happen, “I’ve wanted this for so long!”

“Me too,” Mum said, kissing me again with such obvious relief and passion that it drew a sigh from everyone around us. All the while Lucy was still playing with me under the water and suddenly I was coming, my mum holding me tightly as Lucy rubbed my clit as I gasped and trembled.

“Come on girls; let’s give them some privacy, eh?” Lucy’s mum suggested, and they moved away as Mum held me tight and kissed me. It felt so good, so right to be doing this, to be embracing Mum and kissing her so passionately, having just been brought to orgasm in front of her.

“Now I know why there’s only one bed!” I whispered, drawing a smile from Mum.

“I’ve wanted to share my bed with you for so long, but I wasn’t sure you’d want to,” she explained as she held me tight her hands all over my little body. “I thought this would be the best way to see if you were into it.”

“Well, I am, Mum,” I assured her as I found myself stroking her wet breasts, “and I will do anything that you want me to do.”

“I love you!” she said and we kissed again, a full-on, tongues-entwined kiss that promised great times ahead.

I don’t know how long we were kissing, but at some point the girls and Lucy’s mum, Sarah, rejoined us and introductions were made. It was decided that Sarah and Lucy would give us a guided tour of the house and the grounds as they had been there a few times before, so we got out of the pool and went for a stroll, Mum and me going hand in hand.

The grounds were beautiful, with lots of landscaping and sleepy little nooks, summer houses and gazebos, and already there were couples and groups out in the sun and giving in to their most base urges – it was so thrilling to see what was clearly a mum , her two little girls and their grandmother making love on a blanket!

Inside the house there was another swimming pool, sports hall, gym, sauna, mud baths, Jacuzzis, massage rooms – everything a discerning woman could need to relax and unwind, essential for what other entertainment might be taking place!

When Mum said we needed to go back to our room for a bit, Sarah laughed. “I bet you do!” she said as she came with us, “Well, we’ll be next door if you need us.” Their room was right next door to ours which, of course, had been planned all along.

Once in our room Mum picked me up and took me over to the bed, laying me down in the middle and looking down at me, the love in her eyes so amazing to see.

“I just want to picture this moment, Cindy,” she said, looking down at me, “the moment I make love to you.”

As she stood there I spread my legs wide, inviting her in, wanting so much to please her. Then she was there, laid out between my thighs and running her hands down to my mound, running her fingertips over my slit. Then her head dropped and I felt Mummy’s tongue lick me up and down, pressing inside as she opened my cunt with her thumbs.

“Oh yesss, Mummy!” I cried out as I felt that wonderful tongue enter me, delving right into my pussy and making me squirm and moan with unalloyed pleasure. My sex was on fire as Mum explored every inch of me, from my tight vaginal opening to my little clit that she expertly teassed from its hiding place. I was groaning and crying out as Mum licked and sucked me until I had the most amazing orgasm, pushing my pussy into her face. I felt such a huge release that it felt like I was peeing, but I couldn’t help myself and I just rode the wave that swept through me.

When the fireworks were over I looked down at Mum and she was smiling contentedly up at me, her face quite soaked – oh God, I’d just peed on my mum!

“I’m sorry, Mummy,” I gasped. “I– I couldn’t help it!”

“Baby, it’s okay, really,” she assured me as she slid up my body to kiss me, “it’s natural, it’s fun, and I liked it.”

We kissed, a strong and loving kiss that only a mother and daughter can experience, pressing our bare bodies together. I wanted to return the favour, to make my mum come like I had and I told her so.

“Baby, you do whatever you want to do with me,” she told me as she rolled off me and onto her back. “My body is yours!”

I knew straight away what I wanted to do — it was something I’d dreamt about for some time. Cuddling up to Mum, I fastened my mouth to her right breast, suckling on her nipple just like I had as an infant. As I drew a moan of pleasure from Mum I let my hand wander down over her tummy to caress her wet pussy lips, rubbing them before slipping in between, finding her opening.

“Oh, God, that’s good!” Mum moaned as I pushed two fingers as far as I could inside her, “you’re a little princess!” Mum’s nipple was swollen and hard in my mouth as I started working my fingers inside her, soon adding another. Her pussy was hot and juicy, and every time I pulled my fingers out, it made these yummy wet sounds.

“Mummy’s gonna come!” she gasped, “Oh God, harder baby, harder, make Mummy come!”

Like a good girl, I did as I was told, pumping my little fingers in and out of her clutching vagina, and with a wail she came, flooding my hand with her love cream. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard and deep, whispering her thanks.

“I love you, baby!” she panted as I pulled my fingers from her drooling hole.

“I love you too, Mummy,” I replied, and we shared the pleasure of sucking her sweet juices from my fingers.

After we spent a while just kissing and cuddling, Mum said we should clean ourselves up, so we got under the shower in the en-suite, where Mum also decided to remove what little pubic hair I had. I liked that, perching on the edge of the bath as Mum used her razor on me until she was sure she’d gotten rid of every stray hair, leaving me baby-smooth.

I hadn’t realised that there was a connecting door between our room and Sarah’s, not until Mum led me through it into their room, where we got a standing ovation from Sarah and Lucy, who had obviously heard our lovemaking.

“Was it as good as it sounded?” Lucy asked me as we shared a kiss, Mum and Sarah doing the same.

“Better,” I smiled as our naked bodies pressed together, “I came so hard I peed on Mum’s face!”

“Yeah, that was a special moment,” Mum sighed, “I’ll never forget it!”

We all laughed and decided to head downstairs, as we were all starting to feel hungry. The dining room was half full as we made our selection from the buffet and sat down to eat, and I took my time in checking out the other diners. Everyone was so beautiful, happy, and friendly, and I got a lot of nods and smiles from people, particularly the older women, but some stunning teenage girls too – their intentions were clear and that really turned me on, to be lusted after so strongly!

“Shall we see if we can get a massage?” Mum suggested when we had finished eating, “something relaxing to start the evening off?”

“We’ll catch up with you later,” Sarah said. “We’ve just seen some long-lost friends, haven’t we Lucy?”

Lucy nodded, her gaze locked on a table nearby where a woman and her two teenage girls sat, who were motioning and gesturing to her.

“Fine, we’ll see you later,” Mum chuckled, so we got up and made our way to the massage rooms where we were in luck – two sexy masseuses were free. This was my first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I followed Mum’s lead and lay face down on the table next to hers, and soon I was enjoying the expert touch of the young woman massaging me. Her name was Emma, she was in her early twenties and was a babe with a pretty face and an athletic body with small pert tits.

Emma worked her way down my body from my shoulders to the small of my back, and then worked up from my feet. It was wonderfully relaxing and also quite erotic to feel her slippery hands on my body, and I smiled across at Mum as she received the same treatment from an equally attractive young woman. Emma’s hands were by now working on my inner thighs and she spread my legs a little bit as she slowly moved up to my buttocks.

I sighed and moaned happily, and Mum blew me a kiss as we gazed at each other. It was really hot, watching my mother get massaged by a beautiful naked woman.

Emma’s strong hands were squeezing and working my firm young ass cheeks and her fingers kept moving across my tight little arsehole, making me quiver with pleasure. Then she started to concentrate on that little pink rosebud, and I gasped as she massaged all around the little hole before just easing the tip of her finger inside me.

“Do you like that, Cindy?” Emma asked me softly as her finger moved in a circular motion in my arse.

“Mmm, yes,” I murmured, so Emma pushed a little more into me, up to her second knuckle, moving it about and in and out – oh God, that was wondrous! Looking at Mum, I could see she was enjoying the same treatment, a look of sheer bliss on her beautiful face. My pussy was getting very hot and wet as my bumhole was fingered, and I wondered what would be next – would Emma make me come like this?

The answer to that was no, because Emma slowly removed her finger and asked me to turn over onto my back, Mum following suit beside me. With more oil Emma stated to massage my shoulders, gradually working down until she was rubbing and caressing my budding breasts, smiling down at me all the while. They may not have been very big, but my nipples were still quite sensitive and under Emma’s touch they were soon very stiff. Then she went to work on my legs once more, and I was trembling with anticipation as she worked her way up.

Soon enough Emma’s fingers were rubbing oil into the skin around my smooth slit, smiling sweetly at me as she enjoyed the feel of my young body and the reaction she got from me. From the sounds Mum was making I knew she was receiving the same wonderful treatment, but I didn’t look – I couldn’t tear myself away from Emma and her pretty blue eyes. As I gazed up at her I gasped as Emma’s fingers rubbed the join of my outer lips, pressing harder and harder until she split them open and dipped a slippery finger inside.

With her spare hand she poured some more oil onto me, right on the top of my slit, and she let it flow down around and into my pussy before working it into me. I was writhing and moaning softly as I stared into her eyes — finding that feeling and not seeing what she was doing somehow added an edge to it. I felt her nimble fingers seek out my little clit; teasing if from its hiding place and making it stand proud, drawing a louder grasp from me and another smile from Emma.

“Do you want to come now?” she asked me as she teased my nub, and I simply nodded.

“Okay, honey,” she smiled at me, and she started to rub and tease my clitoris with expertise. As she did that I felt a slippery finger slide up inside my pussy and I felt it press against something inside that had me crying out in ecstasy. “That is your g-spot,” Emma told me huskily as she moved her finger inside me, creating another burning point of pleasure in my groin.

I was hanging onto the table by now as she stimulated me in such an intense way that I thought I was going to explode, my little body shaking and quivering as Emma brought me to the edge and sent me crashing over. My clit was on fire, and my pussy felt like it was pouring with juice as I came on Emma’s hand.

When I was done, she pulled her finger from me and gave me a long, lingering kiss before joining me in watching Mum reach her orgasm, her girl using four fingers to pound Mum’s pussy into submission.

After thanking them, we did as they suggested and went into the sauna. There were three couples in there, and after saying our hellos, we settled down and did what they were doing – we cuddled and kissed. Our oil-covered bodies slipped and slid against each other in a wonderful way, especially as we started to sweat, and right then, as my mouth worked against Mum’s and our tongues played together I felt such a strong feeling of love and desire for her that I started to cry.

“Hey, baby, what’s the matter?” Mum asked in concern at seeing my tears, “Are you okay?”

“Mom, I couldn’t be happier,” I reassured her as she gently wiped my tears away, “these are tears of joy… of love, Mummy, love for you!”

Mom started crying too, and as we kissed with even more passion the others in the sauna came over and cuddled up to us, caressing us and telling us how beautiful we were. We broke our kiss and turned to these couples, mothers and daughters just like we were, and it turned into some sort of group kiss and hug, all of us understanding how it felt to love that way.

We left the sauna and headed to the showers, as we were feeling a tad sticky and messy now. The communal showers were empty and we stood under the hot water, soaping each other down and kissing as we cleaned ourselves up.

As we enjoyed each other’s touch, who should walk in and join us but Sarah and Lucy, and we paired off, mother to mother, daughter to daughter. Lucy was 13 and was developed more than I was, and I loved being pressed up to her pert little breasts as we kissed and caressed each other.

As we dried ourselves off, it was decided that we would retire to our linked rooms and chill, us girls running on ahead to claim the bed in their room. When our moms caught up with us, we were entwined on the bed and kissing passionately.

“It seems like they’re never satisfied,” Sarah laughed as they watched us making out.

“Well, Cindy has some catching up to do!” my mum chuckled as they headed to the mini-bar and poured themselves some wine. They drank some as they watched us, then they put their glasses down and joined us on the bed, lying down, then embracing and kissing each other. For some time we stayed that way, two mums making out next to their daughters who were getting wet and excited. No sounds were heard but soft moans and sighs of lust and pleasure.

Then Lucy whispered to me that she wanted to eat my pussy, so we moved around into a sixty-nine with me on top. As she licked my juicy slit I pulled her ripe pussy open and plunged my tongue inside, loving the taste of her and the act of doing it — it was my first time to lick a pussy! After a few wonderful minutes, I realised that our mums were watching us — Sarah was on her side facing us and my mum was behind her, reaching over to play with Sarah as they took in the sight of Lucy and me making love.

Lucy was as wet as I was, and it was a thrill for me to know that I was the cause of all this beautiful nectar oozing out of her cunt, licking and sucking it all up as she did the same to me. Having an appreciative audience made it all the better, turning me so much! Lucy and I were writhing and grinding together as we feasted on each other’s pussies, mouths full of honey and pussy flesh, our little slits bright pink, inflamed with passion.

Our mothers cooed and sighed as they watched us share a perfect orgasm, both of us quivering and shaking as we flooded each other’s mouths with our nectar, struggling for breath as we buried our faces in each other’s steaming sex. When we were spent, we fell apart and Lucy moved around so that we could share a sticky, loving kiss.

“Shall we put on a show for the girls, Jen?” Sarah asked my mum.

“Mmm, yes, what did you have in mind?” Mum asked her.

“I’ve brought the double-ender – would you like to fuck?”

“I would love to fuck,” my mum answered with a smile as Sarah got up and retrieved the toy from a drawer.

I’d never seen anything like it before, a double-ended fake cock that must have been at least a foot long, flexible and all shaped and knobbly – wow! Mom and Sarah got into position, sitting open-legged and almost on top of each other as Lucy and I shuffled closer, eager to see everything.

Sarah rubbed one end of the dildo up and down between Mum’s pussy lips, coating it in her juices before slowly working it inside, making Mum groan with delight. It looked so hot to see that big fake cock going into Mummy, but even hotter to watch the other end disappear into Sarah’s cunny, the two women joined by the flexible toy. Sarah held the dildo and started humping the other end into Mum who moaned happily as it slid in and out, glistening with her fluids.

Lucy whispered something in my ear, and I smiled my agreement with her, moving up close to her mum and taking hold of one of her breasts to suck on her nipple. Lucy did the same with my mum, and the four of us were moving together in one happy pile of limbs and bodies, our mums eagerly fucking each other. It was so hot to watch that toy sliding in and out of two hot, dripping pussies.

I was experiencing so many new and wonderful things, and I suddenly found myself thanking my dad for walking out on Mummy – if he hadn’t done, none of this would have happened!

After lots of humping and writhing about, our mums shared a loud, wet orgasm, and when they had finished Mum pulled the wet dildo out of the pussies and offered it up to Lucy and me to lick clean. I took Sarah’s end and Lucy took Mum’s, and as we held it up we licked each other’s mum’s love juices from it. Sarah tasted really good, and I was already feeling the urge to go down on her.

We all fooled around some more, but Mum wanted to retire to our room with me for our first night together as lovers. Sarah said she understood, so she and Lucy bid us good night, and after kisses all round, Mum led me by the hand back into our room.

We got into bed, and what followed was the most amazing experience as we made love for what seemed like hours — sharing kisses, cuddles and caresses, feasting on each other’s bodies and kissing some more until we fell asleep, nestled snugly together. I passed a blissful evening, knowing that Mum and I would be enjoying many more nights like this.

The End


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  1. David says:

    Mmmmmm very hot and erotic Sindy, I wish there was a sequel to this story. Would love to here more about Jen and Cindy.

  2. Jake says:

    Hot, and believable scenario.
    The oil massage was hot.
    I could imagine the feel of fingers slipping in and out of Cindy’s vaginal cleft and deep inside her smaller underaged rectum with the viscous oil.
    So deliciously naughty.

  3. N C B says:

    Really enjoyed this beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Drew says:

    So hot!! Loved it!!!!

  5. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh fuck YES!…What a thrilling, beautiful story!…so much uninhibited,sexual energy from sweet Cindy as she finally joins her beautiful mum,Jen, in their journey towards a more loving and deeply sexual relationship!

    Cindy meeting young Lucy in the pool and finally realizing why Mum had brought her to this Eden of hedonistic lesbian incest bliss, was a real eye opener and when deliciously experienced Lucy said: ” the penny drops…and you like it, don’t you!” to which Cindy enthusiastically replied:” I sure do!”….I almost fell on my duff!

    These few beginning lines are so salaciously sweet:

    “…Then one day, Mum told me someone she knew who owned a heath spa was going to devote a weekend to naturist women, and she wondered if I wanted to go with her, We could spent a weekend getting pampered, and enjoy a swimming pool, sauna,mud baths,massages and more, while being naked in an all-female environment.”
    “Mum, it sounds wonderful! I exclaimed, feeling that familiar little twinge between my legs,”Id love to!”
    “Good girl!” she replied happily, giving me a hug that only made that twinge worse and a kiss on the cheek that had me glowing…”

    And then further along these lines had me licking my lips:
    “…When the fireworks were over I looked down at Mum and she was smiling contentedly up at me, her face quite soaked- oh God, I’d just peed on my mum!”

    “I’m sorry, Mummy,!” I gasped. “I-I couldn’t help it!”

    “Baby, it’s okay, really,” she assured me as she slid up my body to kiss me.”it’s natural, it’s fun, and I liked it!”

    And finally near the end:

    “…Our oil covered bodies slipped and slid against each other in a wonderful way, especially as we started to sweat,and right then, as my mouth worked against Mum’s and our tongues played together I felt such a strong feeling of love and desire for her that I started to cry.

    “Hey, baby, what’s the matter?” Mum asked in concern at seeing my tears,”Are you okay?”

    “Mom,I couldn’t be happier,” I reassured her as she gently wiped my tears away,”these are tears of joy…of Love, Mummy, love for you”

    Mom started crying too, as we kissed with even more passion, the others in the sauna,came over and cuddled up to us, caressing us and telling us how beautiful we were. We broke our kiss and turned to these couples, mothers and daughters just like we were and it turned into some kind of group kiss and hug, all of us understanding how it felt to love that way.

    So good!…so wonderfully intimate! A great piece of work!

    Thanks Sindy070! keep writing more stories as this,please!


  6. Ester says:

    Mi limito a definire il racconto estremamente bello e eccitante tanto da invitarmi a godere due volte strisciando delicatamente le labbra della mia fessura con le dita e con un braccino del mio orsacchiotto di peluche che tengo sempre a letto con me e che adoro.

    Google Translation: I just define the story extremely beautiful and exciting enough to invite me to enjoy it twice by gently crawling the lips of my slit with my fingers and with an arm of my teddy bear that I always keep in bed with me and that I love.

  7. Jay Denton says:

    What a beautiful story. I just wish my mum had taken me to somewhere similar when I was Cindy’s age. I just know we would have bothered loved it.

  8. lofftie50 says:

    mmm just had to read this again hot

  9. Bryan says:

    Wow…that was next level erotic

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