Tears of the Sun, Chapter 13

  • Posted on June 4, 2019 at 1:57 pm

by Purple Les

The Tequila Kid was dressed in her Levi Strauss blue denim pants, gray and white checkered shirt, green vest and moccasins. Her gun belt had been left back at the house. She held the arm of Clementine, who wore a simple black dress. They made their way up the hill where Clem’s husband and child were buried, seating themselves on the nearby bench.

There were five fresh mounds of newly dug dirt, each topped by a wooden cross, each marked with a name and date.

“The gravestones are on order. Should have them in a week or two.” Clementine said. “I’m just happy there aren’t six stones instead of five. That’s because of you, Kid.” She reached out to take The Kid’s hand. “We’d love it if you stayed with us. The girls adore you.”

“Much obliged, Clem,” The Kid answered. “I reckon it’s best if I move on soon, now I’m all healed up.” They sat in silence for awhile, then The Kid added, “I’d like to plant some flowers on Dan’s grave, if you’d let me.”

Clementine nodded. “Yes. Of course.” Swallowing hard, she asked, “Why won’t you stay, Kid?”

The Kid shrugged. “I don’t know, Clem. Much as I’d like to, I still got me a duty to the Rangers. And… well, I reckon I’d feel out of place here. I love all of you, but plain and simple, I ain’t ready to plant any roots just yet.”

“I just want you to know, Kid, that come what may, you’re always welcome here. Always.”

The Kid blinked back a tear and answered, “I thank you with all my heart for that, Clementine.” She leaned over and kissed the older woman’s cheek.

The kiss reminded Clementine of when her girls were younger. Clementine was fascinated by the Kid’s mix of cunning, independence, and a vulnerability she tried to keep hidden, the way she had of being an expert gunfighter who still possessed a strange childlike innocence. Even though The Kid was well skilled in the ways of lovemaking, she still seemed a bit shy about it.

They walked back down the hill, still holding hands. When they reached the front porch, Clementine said, “Kid, I’d like you to do one thing for me and the girls before you go. Share pleasure with us for a night.” She reached out to gently touch The Kid’s face. “While you were away, Arabella joined us in bed… and we made love to her, all three of us. She likes what we do, just as you said she would.” Clementine looked at The Kid, trying to read her thoughts. “I spoke with the girls… and we all agreed that you ought to be included, too. Would you want to be a part of… of what we have, Kid?”

“I’ll say this, Clem,” The Kid answered. “Just thinking of being with you and the girls has my heart beatin’ hard.” She gazed at Clementine. “Seeing you with your girls that night…” her voice became soft, “The three of you naked, makin’ love. It had me wetter than a waterfall. Then, thinkin’ of the three of you and Arabella, and the way you pleasured me that day. I been wantin’ to return the favor.  Dang, Clem, I can’t think of nothin’ I’d like better.” She paused, suddenly lost in thought. “Or maybe I can.”

She looked deep into Clementine’s soft, chestnut-hued eyes. “I got me an idea, one that would be even more fun, I think. Y’see, there are some like-minded folks like us. Right here in Oak Creek.”

Clementine asked, “Do you mean Polly?”

“Well, yes, for one. I know she thinks you’re beautiful. Thinks the youngsters are, too.”

“But you said ‘folks’… who else, Kid?”

“Well, there’s two sisters in town. You ain’t got prejudices against Chinese people, do ya?”

“No. We’re all God’s children.”

“Good. They’re a real pretty pair of sisters, thirteen and eight years old.” Clementine gave a small gasp of delight when she heard that.

The Kid added, “Arabella’s already had some fun with ‘em both… I have, too. May and June — that’s their names, by the way — they seem to have took a real shine to Arabella, and I know they’d love to be with her again.”

Clementine shivered with excitement as she pictured the Kid, Arabella, and two young Chinese girls, naked together and making love. “Do you really think you could make it happen, Tequila?”

“I reckon so. You can bet Polly will be ready for it. I’ll have to ask the sisters, of course and see it they’d like to. If they do, I’ll ask their grandma’s permission for ‘em to come and visit.”

“That sounds wonderful, Tequila.” Clementine said softly, her cheeks flushed a bright pink. “I adore being with my daughters, but I’ve also dreamed of having other girls to make love to. Oh, Kid, I already think of you as one of the family… but if you make this happen, I’ll love you for the rest of my life.”

The Kid was blushing, too. “Clem, I saw that look on your face when I said June was eight years old. How old were your girls when you, uh, started to take comfort with them?”

“It started two years ago, Kid. They were just twelve and nine. I knew they were playing naked games with each other, the same way as I did with my sister. I just–”

The Kid cut her off, “I know I’m the one that just asked, Clem, but I swear if you tell me now I’ll cream my britches. So you’d better stop. I’m just gettin’ too worked up.”

“Yes, of course. There will be time for that later,” Clementine said, a sparkle in her eyes.

“I reckon I’d better take me a ride to town then, and start layin’ plans.”

“Yes. Of course. All of a sudden, I’m in a very excited mood. I’ll explain it to the girls to see how they feel about it while you’re gone. I think they will be as thrilled as I am, though.” Clementine gazed warmly at the younger woman. “Oh, my,” she sighed, “I do believe that I have to kiss you, Kid.” Drawing near, she claimed The Kid’s mouth with hers. Breaking away, she said, “That’s to hold you until our little party.” With a wink, she drifted into the house, leaving a somewhat flushed Tequila Kid behind.

A few seconds later, The Kid heard Susie call out to her from inside. She entered and went to the kitchen, only to find that Susie and Arabella had taken it on themselves to polish her boots.

“Look, Kid!” Susie said, as the girls presented their handiwork, proud of the job they’d done.

“Well glory be.” The Kid said, “They look just as good as new. Thanks, girls.” She sat on a chair and put the shiny boots on.

“Don’t you wear spurs, Kid?” Susie asked.

“Nope,” The Kid answered. “Horses always give me their best without my needin’ to hurt ’em.” She stood. “Reckon I’ll take these boots to the stable and give ‘em a workout.”

A few minutes later, The Kid saddled up one of Clementine’s horses and rode her into Oak Creek. She felt good, being back in the saddle and riding again. It made her feel free and happy. Much as she loved the time spent with Clementine and the girls, she’d been feeling a certain restlessness of late, that old familiar hunger to be on the move.

Her first stop in town was the sheriff’s office, where they finished up the report on Ramses Kingsley and his crimes. She left all the evidence with Sheriff Milligan — the hand tracings, the cigars, the fake Indian arrows.

“All of Kingsley’s gunmen was wanted for murder, Kid,” the sheriff said. “Hell, it turned out that Kingsley was wanted in three states and four territories. How’d you figure that he murdered Sims, though?”

“I’m pretty sure Kingsley got Sims all riled up to kill Arabella, ‘cause he knew it would make him look good if he put the bullet in Sims. Also, I’m bettin’ that if Sims had lived, he would of for sure dragged Kingsley down with him at his trial. Kingsley must of knowed that.” She leaned back in her chair, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. “His big mistake was believin’ me when I told him I didn’t have the gold, that it was waitin’ for him out there in the badlands.” The Kid shook her head. “Kingsley was a greedy son of a bitch, and it did for him in the end.”

“Reckon there’s a lesson there, Kid,” the sheriff said, reaching for his pen.

Once Sheriff Milligan had completed the report, he read it aloud to The Kid, who signed the document by putting her mark at the bottom, a small outline drawing of a raven. Putting her hat on, The Kid said, “Thanks for everything, Sheriff. I’ll be movin’ on in a short spell.”

“That’s fine. I’ll get this into the mailbag right away. So long, Kid. You done a damn fine job. Was an honor to work with you.” They shook hands.

From there, the Kid went to see Polly. As she walked through the front door of the cathouse, the heads of all the men sitting in the drawing room turned. Most of them were puzzled to see her there. There were some girls entertaining the men, each dressed in underclothes or a thin chemise.

One of the girls came up to her, all smiles. “Hi there. Can one of us help you out?” She was young, just about the Kid’s age.

The Kid looked her up and down, then said, “Well… much as I’d like to enjoy your help, I come to see Miss Polly. Tell her The Tequila Kid is here for her.”

“Oh,” the girl answered back, pouting a bit. “She’s in her office, follow me.” Turning away with a flounce, she set off down the hall, The Kid studying her swaying behind all the way to Polly’s door.

The girl knocked, and said, “Miss Polly? The Tequila Kid is here to see you.”

Polly opened the door. “Come on in, Kid.” She saw the girl absently licking her lips while she stared at the Kid. Polly grinned, then gave the girl’s behind a light smack. “Thanks, Greta. Now get that sweet ass of yours back to work.”

Greta glanced back over her shoulder with a disappointed air as she walked away.

“That girl,” Polly said, shaking her head as she closed the door. “She’s a decent enough whore, but she has more of an eye for the ladies.” She laughed. “Guess I can’t rightly blame her for likin’ the sight of you, Kid. Here, have a seat.”

The Kid sat down while Polly went over to her liquor cabinet. She poured a snifter of brandy for herself and a shot of tequila for the Kid. They clinked glasses, then the Kid downed her shot while Polly took a good sip of her drink. They were silent for a moment, then Polly spoke.

“You’re moving on, aren’t you?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “Well, Kid. At least you had the decency to say goodbye this time.”

The Kid looked sheepish. “I am leavin’ in a short spell, yes. I figure this here town’s seen enough of me.”

I haven’t seen enough of you, Kid.” Polly said, lust and sadness mingled in her voice. “Aren’t we gonna do it one last time?”

The Kid took out her fixings and built a cigarette while Polly watched, waiting for an answer. “Well, now, that’s one reason I come to see you, Polly. Mind if I smoke?”

“Just don’t set my carpet afire.” Polly pushed a tin of matches and an ashtray across her desk to the Kid.

The Kid lit her roll-up, then sat back in the chair. “Thing is, you and me could have us a nice time by ourselves. And I’d love that a lot. But now, we got us a chance to do something real special.”

“What kind of ‘special’, Kid?” Polly asked, intrigued.

The Kid took a long drag on her cigarette, then exhaled the smoke toward the ceiling. “Y’know about how I’ve always liked to play around with younger girls? I mean, you remember them stories I told you about me and that eleven-year-old I took to bed in Houston. And, well…”

The Kid trailed off and Polly sat forward after taking a gulp of brandy, “Well what, Kid?”

“Well, I got a chance for you to do that sort of thing… if you’ve a mind to.”

“Tell me more.” Polly said, her cheeks now flushed beneath her makeup.

“It would be you and me with Mrs Clementine and her girls, and I’m on my way from here to invite Mrs. Lee’s younguns, May and June. All of us together, buck naked and makin’ each other feel good. It’ll be a real fine time, I reckon. That sound like somethin’ you’d care to be part of…?”

Downing the rest of her drink in a single gulp, Polly gasped, “My God, you’re wicked. That’s why I love you so much, I guess. Yes — yes, I want in on this.” Rising to her feet, she came around the desk, bending down to give The Kid a tender kiss. “Ever since me and you were lovers, and you told me about the young girls you’d been with, I’ve had thoughts of my own about — about loving a little girl. But I never told anyone about those feelings, just kept ‘em to myself. How’d you know, Kid?”

The Kid smiled. “Oh, I seen the way you look at May. Saw you sneakin’ peeks at that sweet little bottom of hers, that time we saw each other at Mrs. Lee’s place. Reckon you’d like to do a lot more than just look at her, if you had your druthers.”

“That’s so, Kid. Though, to be honest, I’m also very taken with June — and with Clementine.” Polly clapped her hands in delight. “Oh, my… I’m as excited as a child on the day before Christmas!”

“You’ll for sure have some lovely little gifts to unwrap.” Once again, The Kid reached for her battered hat. “I best get over to Mrs. Lee’s place and ask her permission to take the girls along.” She stood, embraced Polly and gave her a long hard kiss, then left the office and went down the hall.

As she approached the front door she spied Greta, idly lounging in a chair. Pausing before the young woman, The Kid reached out to grasp her hand, guiding a startled Greta to her feet, then kissed her — a deep, hungry kiss.

Breaking away, The Kid murmured, “Somethin’ to remember me by.” Tipping her hat, she turned and walked away, leaving Greta blushing and breathing hard, a shy smile on her face.

For her next errand, The Kid walked to the dead line side of town to visit Mrs. Lee.

“Ah, my dear friend.” Mrs Lee said as she poured shots of tequila. “Lovers’ hearts are linked together… always, they beat as one.” She and the Kid clinked glasses and drank.

Setting her glass down, Mrs. Lee pulled the sash hanging from the ceiling. Seconds later, May and June entered the room. They knew of The Kid’s arrival, and had been waiting impatiently to see her.

“Yes, Grandmother?” May said. Both girls smiled at Tequila, and June went to stand by the Kid’s side, taking her hand.

“Girls, Tequila has most interesting…” Mrs. Lee paused for a moment, weighing her words carefully. “May, June… as you have grown, I have seen to it you learn many things to lift you up, make for you a good life. You have been taught figures, reading, history, languages, writing — but also, the art of love. In this last thing, The Kid has come to offer you both a special lesson. I give my consent, but whether you go with her is for you to decide.”

Both girls looked at The Kid, who wrapped her arm around June’s waist and smiled at May. “Well, y’see, girls,” she began, “Arabella, her new mother and her sisters has asked me to join ’em for some family fun. The kind of fun that you two like so much.” May and June exchanged wide-eyed glances, already grinning with excitement.

The Kid continued. “Would you two like to be part of somethin’ like that? It’ll be me and Arabella, her new mother and sisters, and Miss Polly, too! All of us naked, and havin’ fun. I know they’d all love for the two of you to be there.” She paused. “If you girls want to study on it awhile, that’s all right — but I need to know your answer afore too long.”

Practically bouncing up and down, little June hugged the Kid tightly, saying, “I’d like that just fine!”

May blushed and said, “I — I’d love to.”

The Kid looked at the girls’ grandmother. “How ’bout you join us too, Mrs. Lee?”

The aged matriarch laughed as she lit her pipe, then said, “Thank you, Tequila, but no. A candle lights others, but consumes itself. I will enjoy hearing about it from the children after their fun.”

The girls begged The Kid to stay awhile longer, but she had further business in town. Giving June and May a few tender kisses, she was on her way once more.

The Kid’s last visit in town was to Pablo, the blacksmith. As they shook hands, the Kid saw an Appaloosa horse in a nearby stall.

“That’s a mighty good-lookin’ horse you got there, Pablo.” the Kid said in Spanish.

“As fine a horse as I ever saw,” Pablo replied with a nod. “I can give you a good price on her, Kid, plus I’ll throw in a used saddle and a new saddle blanket and bridle.”

The Tequila Kid took a long time inspecting the horse. She was a white mare with black leopard spots, standing at about fifteen hands. The white legs had a black stocking for each leg, of which the Kid ran her hands up and down. As the Kid looked in the horse’s mouth to check her teeth, Pablo said, “She’s just three years old. Her mama was Old Black Clouds Appaloosa, and she got sired by a real fine quarter horse.”

The Kid thought about her money. She’d raked in a big win in a poker game a couple of months ago, but that had shrunk to a cold day in summer. As for her salary as a special agent for the Texas Rangers, that went to a post office box in Knuckle Ridge, and it would be weeks before she could get there.

She gazed speculatively at the mare. Buyin’ her would damn near break me… but I sure do need a horse, and this is a fine one for certain. I ‘specially like that black mane and tail on her. Though now I come to think on it, I bet Clem would give me a good price on one of hers. Maybe I best wait on this.

With a quick dip of the neck, the horse plucked the Kid’s hat clear off her head, biting down on the brim. She gave it a shake, then dropped the hat to the ground as if in disgust. Now, in addition to more than half a dozen bullet holes, the hat’s crown was stained with horse spit. The mare gave a snort, acting like she’d done the Kid a huge favor.

The Kid grinned as she bent to pick up her hat. Then, as she stood, the horse nuzzled her affectionately.

Gazing into the animal’s warm brown eyes, The Kid felt a surge of affection. Giving the mare a pat on the nose, she nodded. “You’re right, Pablo — I’d be a fool to pass up a horse like this. Draw up the bill of sale, amigo — I’ll buy her now.”

After the paperwork was done and the money paid, the Kid said goodbye to Pablo and his wife, then rode her new horse back to the DuMount house. The horse she’d borrowed from Clementine’s stable trotted alongside, the reins in The Kid’s grasp.

Once she’d arrived, The Kid put both horses in the stable, brushed them down and gave them water and fresh oats before heading to the house. There was a delicious smell in the air when she opened the door, and The Kid smiled, knowing she’d made it in time for supper.


For the rest of the week, the girls talked endlessly about what would happen on Friday night. Mimi and Susie asked Arabella dozens of questions about May and June, and Arabella thrilled her new siblings with memories of the lovely games she’d shared with the young Chinese girls, back when she and The Kid were staying at Mrs. Lee’s.

On Friday, everyone pitched in to clean the house before their guests arrived. They made sandwiches and lemonade, and Mimi baked a chocolate cake. When the work was done, everyone bathed and got dressed in fresh clothes. Clem and her daughters put on nice dresses, while The Kid got into a clean pair of Levis, a black cotton shirt and nothing else except her moccasins.

Later that afternoon a buggy pulled up to the house, and Polly, May, and June emerged from the vehicle. May and June wore nice dresses that Mrs. Lee had purchased for the occasion. The Kid took the horse to the stable while the others got acquainted.

Before long, everyone was seated at the dining room table, enjoying a casual luncheon. The girls drank lemonade, while The Kid, Polly and Clementine had wine. They conversed about this and that, getting to know each other better, a pleasant camaraderie growing between them.

After awhile, the talk turned to a certain mutual interest. It was Mimi who mentioned it first. “It’s nice to have a sister to enjoy pleasure with, isn’t it?” Mimi said, smiling at May and June.

Susie turned to May. “I heard you and June do what me and Mimi do,” she said, suddenly feeling a little shy. “You know, kissing and such.”

June now piped up, “We do, all the time! And when Arabella stayed with us, we did things with her… The Kid, too. That was fun. We took off all our clothes and played love games.”

Polly listened attentively, interested in hearing about how these young girls shared pleasure. She already knew a bit about the things Clem did with her daughters. May and June were intrigued as well. June was trying to picture Clementine and her daughters naked.

Though she was far more experienced than most women, Polly found herself blushing as May and June described some of the things they liked to do with each other. The Chinese girls spoke hesitantly at first, but with a growing enthusiasm as she saw how much the others enjoyed what they had to say. Though the heat of the afternoon was dwindling, the dining room was growing steadily warmer.

Once the last plate had been pushed away, Mimi and Susie quickly cleared the table of everything but the empty wine bottle. Clementine said, “Now we’ll play a game called Spin the Bottle. Who here has never played it before?”

As it happened, The Kid, May and June didn’t know the game. “I’ve played Spin the Bottle many’s the time,” Polly announced. “May I explain the rules, Clem?”

“Please do,” Clementine replied with a nod. She was studying the madam’s low-cut dress, wondering if Polly was wearing anything under it.

“It’s a simple game.” Polly said. “I spin the bottle. When it stops, I go over to whoever it’s pointing to and give that person a kiss. Then that person spins it, and she kisses the one it points to.” She smiled. “It’s a lovely way for folks to get to know one another.”

“That sounds like fun,” May said. “We understand, don’t we, June?”

Little June eagerly nodded. “Go on and spin it, Miss Polly!”

Placing her hand on the side of the bottle, Polly gave it a good spin. It whirled around for a few turns, then stopped, pointing at Mimi.

Gazing into the fourteen-year-old’s eyes, Polly made her way around the table until she reached Mimi. Extending a hand, she assisted the girl to her feet, and they kissed — though Mimi quickly broke away, feeling a surge of bashfulness.

“No, sweetheart,” Clementine said. “It has to be a real kiss, with your tongues. The way you kiss me.” That made Arabella and June giggle.

Drawing together again, Mimi and Polly shared a kiss that soon grew passionate. The very air in the room seemed to crackle with excitement as the others watched the woman and the girl kiss. After a long while they drifted apart, and Polly touched Mimi’s lips before returning to her seat. Mimi just stood there, a dreamy haze in her eyes as she stared at the older woman.

“Mimi,” said an amused Clementine, “it’s your turn to spin.” She’d been quite aroused by the sight of Polly kissing her daughter.

“Oh!” Mimi said with a start, her cheeks flushed as she turned to where the bottle lay. Taking hold of it, she gave the bottle a spin — this time, it pointed at June, who quickly rose from her chair, waiting.

Moving to where the little Chinese girl stood, Mimi kissed her, moaning as June’s tongue darted between her lips. She wrapped her arms around the child, surprised at how good the eight-year-old was at this. When they parted, Mimi whispered, “My goodness,” and quietly went back to her seat.

The game continued, until everyone had kissed at least once or twice. The level of arousal in the room was palpable. Everyone was at least slightly flushed, and the scent of womanly heat was making itself known.

Clementine was ready to take things to the next level. Being the hostess, she felt it was her responsibility to keep the party moving. Standing up, she announced, “Ladies, girls, now that we’ve got to know one another, I think it’s time for us to grow even closer. Therefore…” she paused, letting the moment build, “…we should all undress.”

A thrilled June chirped, “You mean… get bare naked, Mrs. Clem?”

“That is exactly what I mean, June,” Clementine said, taking the little girl’s hand and helping her up. “Let us all go to the parlor, where there’s more room for us to enjoy ourselves.”

Once in the parlor, just as the others started to remove their clothing, Clem held up her hand. “Wait,” she said. “Let’s take our time doing this, and undress in turn. First, the grownups.” Reaching behind her back, she undid the top button of her dress. “Polly, Kid — will you join me?”

Following Clementine’s lead, The Kid and Polly and began to undress — and soon, all three women were nude. The girls were getting an eyeful and loving it.

There was The Kid, with her lithe muscular frame, small but well-shaped breasts and a sparse patch of rust-colored pubes. Then there was Polly — shorter than the other women, with a generous, curvy figure and a dark triangle of hair between her thighs. And then Clementine, with her shapely form, large breasts, long lovely legs and a tuft of wheat-hued curls adorning her vulva. They stood before the girls, their bare bodies on full display.

“Now let’s see the older girls,” Clem said. “May, Mimi… you can take your clothes off now.”

Mimi and May undressed, aware that all the others were watching. May boldly stripped out of her dress and underthings, while Mimi still felt a little shy, though less so when she saw the desire written on the faces of the little girls and the adults.

Once May and Mimi were nude, they looked each other up and down with great interest, noting their similarities and differences. May’s body was leaner, with less pubic hair and smaller breasts. Mimi’s pubes were thicker, her breasts larger, her body more rounded. Both girls had puffy nipples, though Mimi’s were pink, while May’s were a chocolate brown. May’s bottom was lean and taut, like that of a young boy; Mimi’s was rounded and soft.

“That leaves the youngsters,” said Clem, once everyone had gotten a good long look. “June, Arabella, Susie… it’s your turn to get naked.”

The three girls began to disrobe. Now May and Mimi and the adults drank in the beauty of the girls as they bared their growing bodies.

Mimi and May watched closely as the trio of little girls removed the last of their clothing, then glanced at each other, exchanging smiles as each took in the charms of the other’s younger sister. Arabella was a little taller than June and both girls were still flat-chested, but their nipples were pert and luscious, and their hairless slits begged to be kissed and licked. Then they looked at eleven-year-old Susie, enjoying the view of her blossoming figure, the small buds of her breasts, and the sprinkle of light hair on her pudenda, framing the girl’s labia.

At first, the women and girls spent a while simply looking at each other. Then, everyone began to move around the room, exchanging gentle kisses and caresses.

Polly spoke up. “I’d like to see the sisters kiss one another, if that’s all right.”

“Yes,” Clem agreed, “that’s a fine idea. Girls?”

Everyone watched as Mimi kissed Susie and May kissed June. The sight of nude siblings exchanging kisses proved to be very arousing to the others. Then Mimi spoke. “Let’s kiss each other’s sisters now. May, you get with Susie, and I’ll kiss June.”

Feeling especially playful, The Kid fondled Polly and Clementine’s asses while they watched the older girls kiss the younger ones.

Finally Polly said, “May, I’ve always loved just looking at you. Now, seeing you without clothes, I want to do more than just look. Would you let me make love to you?”

“Oh yes, Miss Polly. I would like that very much.” May answered as she looked Polly up and down — seeing her naked, as she’d longed to many times before. She drifted into Polly’s open arms and they kissed, pressing their naked bodies together.

June moved over to where Mimi stood. “Do you want to love me?” she said.

Mimi smiled at the cute eight-year-old Chinese girl. “Yes… yes I would.” She picked June up under her arms, and the child twined both legs around Mimi’s hips. “Oh, my,” the older girl cooed, feeling the warmth of June’s slit against her belly. She was holding the little girl up, cupping her tender bottom, while June wrapped her arms around Mimi’s neck. They kissed passionately.

After whispering briefly to one another, Arabella and Susie approached the Kid and Clementine. Susie nudged Arabella. “Go on,” she whispered.

“Aunt Clem — Ma, I mean,” Arabella said shyly, hands clasped before her, “Me and Susie want to watch you and the Kid m-make love for a little bit.”

“And then,” Susie said with a saucy grin, “we’ll take turns licking you both.”

Clementine turned to the Kid. “Shall we?”

“Nothin’ would make me happier,” The Kid replied. They came together in a heated kiss, their hands moving over each other’s bodies. Susie and Arabella held hands as they watched. Clem was fondling The Kid’s bare ass, purring with pleasure as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

Arabella glanced around the room. Mimi was stretched out on the floor, and June was perched on her face, getting licked. The little girl reached down to toy with the older girl’s pussy as Mimi feasted on June, licking the child’s tiny clit, gently fingering her anus.

Polly and May, who were almost the same height, were engaged in a feverish sixty-nine with May on top. The liquid sounds of their oral love play could clearly be heard, the sweet music of mouth and cunt.

Susie poked Arabella, who quickly turned back to see Clementine and the Kid sprawled out on the loveseat, kissing deeply and fondling each other’s breasts. Both women sat with legs spread wide, ready for the two youngsters to have their way. Exchanging smiles, the girls knelt down and began to lick — Arabella going down on her new mother, while Susie eagerly serviced The Kid’s pussy.

They switched back and forth a few times. The Kid especially enjoyed watching Susie lick her mother’s dripping cunt. Shortly after the girls traded places once more, Susie brought the Kid to climax, while Arabella made Clementine come in her mouth.

Susie and Arabella turned to each other and kissed, savoring the mingled tastes of two pussies. Meanwhile,  Clem and the Kid exchanged a glance and a nod, reached for the girls.

A moment later, they had Arabella and Susie seated side by side on the loveseat and were pleasuring them in the same way, eating their hot, juicy slits. Just like the girls had done, Clem and The Kid switched back and forth, taking turns with each… and once again, The Kid found herself hugely aroused by the sight of mother and daughter making love. This time it was Clementine who was licking her baby girl’s bare slit until Susie came with a squeal.

Arabella had her legs dangling over the Kid’s shoulders and back, while The Kid was cradling Arabella’s soft bottom in both hands as she licked the ten-year-old’s tiny clit. Wanting to help, Susie reached over to lightly pinch Arabella’s hard nipple between finger and thumb — that set the child off, and Arabella came in the Kid’s mouth. Clementine felt a fresh arousal seeing the Kid make Arabella orgasm.

By then, June had been brought to orgasm from Mimi’s eager tongue and was lying between the older girl’s spread legs, nursing at the fourteen-year-old’s clit until Mimi bucked and writhed through her own release. The Kid liked the sight of little June stretched out on her tummy, the girl’s cute butt wiggling around.

Polly and May had eaten each other to climax, and now lay side by side, enjoying cunt-flavored kisses.

Once everyone had come, the girls and women relaxed in a shared afterglow, the rays of the afternoon sun slanting in through the windows to illuminate the room. Finally, Clem rose on still-quivering legs and made her way into the kitchen, the others following one or two at a time. They took turns refreshing themselves before the sink, splashing cool water on their faces and privates.

“Time for dessert,” Clementine said, taking out the chocolate cake. She waited for the guests to admire it, then cut generous slices and put them on saucers, which Mimi passed around before the party moved back into the parlor.

It was a deeply enjoyable experience to sit around and eat cake with other women and girls, everyone stark naked. They were free to openly appreciate the view of each other’s bodies — each one different, each one beautiful. Jokes, rhymes and stories were told, mostly of a very bawdy nature, which soon had them craving another round of pleasure.

Once the dishes had been taken out to the kitchen, the mood grew playful. The girls began to chase each other around the parlor, then the women joined in. There were tickles, bottoms slapped and breasts grabbed. Soon, they began to share embraces and kisses, and the kissing quickly grew hot and passionate.

“Can we make love some more, please?” Arabella finally asked.

“Yes, sweetheart,” Clementine said with a smile, then turned to the others. “Let’s all go up to my room. It’s got the biggest bed.” She padded over to the staircase, and everyone followed.

It was evening now, so Clem had Mimi and Susie light the oil lamp and some candles. “Well, ladies,” Clementine said, addressing the group, “How shall we begin the festivities?”

The Kid spoke up. “Me, I’d kinda like to see these sweet young gals put on a little show for us grownups… let us have a real good look at ‘em.”

“A fine idea,” Clem said. “All right, girls, why don’t you play with each other while we watch?”

All smiles, Susie, June, Mimi, May and Arabella gathered together in the center of the room while Polly, The Kid and Clementine seated themselves on the bed. The girls glanced around at one another, then Susie went to May, stood on tiptoe and kissed her. With that, the show was underway.

Soon, all five of the youngsters were engaged, touching each other’s bodies all over and swapping deep tongue kisses. The women just watched at first, but grew so aroused at the sight of the girls that they began to feel each other up. The Kid, sitting in the middle, was masturbating Clem and Polly, while the fingers of the two older ladies twined together in the Kid’s cunt.

The girls were getting into this new game in a big way, but when June knelt between Arabella’s legs and began to nuzzle her slit, Clem decided to slow things down a bit. “Hold on, girls,” she said. “You’ll get to do some serious lovemaking soon, I promise. First, though, we want to see you show off your beautiful bodies. Just stand there for a moment, let us look at you.”

The five girls obeyed, standing before the women, putting their nakedness on full display. Then Clementine and Polly gave them instructions, having the five girls get into the lewdest, most lascivious poses that they could think of.

The girls hadn’t really wanted to stop playing with one another, but they quickly became aroused all over again as they followed the commands of the adults.

“Now, girls,” Clementine instructed, “turn your backs to us, then bend over and touch your toes, keeping your legs straight.”

The Kid moaned, lost in helpless lust at the sight of five girls, aged eight to fourteen, exposing their pussies and bottom holes, while their cute faces peeked out from between their thighs, upside down, smiling and pink-cheeked.

Polly said, “Now stand in a row like you were before… only this time, use your fingers to open your pussies for us.”

The girls did just that. They stole peeks at each other too, which the adults liked to see.

“Now, it’s your turn,” Mimi said, pointing at the grownups. “We want to watch while you do something.” The other four girls gave eager nods.

Polly and The Kid glanced at each other, while a smiling Clem got to her feet. “I think I’ve got what we need,” she said, going over to her dresser.

Clementine took something out of a drawer, a certain item that her daughters had seen before. But they’d never seen it used like it would be now. Climbing back onto the bed, the two-headed dildo clutched in her hand, Clem stretched out, then carefully slid the tip of the lengthy object into her pussy. “Polly,” she said, looking expectantly at the madam, “put the other end of this into your cunt.”

“My goodness,” replied Polly, drawing close. “I’ve seen one of these before… this Italian whore I knew owned it. Never had one of ‘em inside me, though.” She grasped the dildo, working it around in a circular motion, making Clementine groan, then arranged herself — bringing her sex close to the jutting toy, then slipping it in.

The Kid and the girls all watched in fascination as the two women faced one another, legs forked together, thrusting again and again at the double-headed ivory prick that joined them.

“W-wait, Clem,” Polly panted. “Let’s try it the other way round.” Both women withdrew, removing the dildo, then got on hands and knees, facing away from each other. It was an awkward angle, and took a couple of tries, but they managed to re-insert the toy into their dripping vaginas.

Polly and Clementine began to fuck each other once more, pumping wildly. Soon the dildo was buried so far inside them that their bottoms met again and again, making a slapping noise with each thrust.

The Kid led Mimi over to the bed, positioning the girl on her back on the bed so that Polly could lick her pussy. Then, because she’d noticed how much Mimi loved June’s smooth slit, she had the little Chinese girl sit on Mimi’s face. On the other side, The Kid had May stretch out, so that Clementine could lick the thirteen-year-old’s cunt. Finally, she got Susie to straddle May’s face and feed her babyish sex to the older girl.

That done, The Kid stood back, gazing with satisfaction at her handiwork, taking Arabella into her arms. They stood together watching the scene on the bed, masturbating themselves and each other, occasionally sharing a kiss. The air was thick with the scent of mingled pussies.

Soon, some of the lovers were approaching climax. But before any of them were able to come, The Kid had everyone stop so that she could rearrange the group in a different order. Susie was pouting a bit, unhappy to be interrupted so close to release. But like the others, she did as The Kid asked.

Clem and Polly were left as before, still on hands and knees with the dildo buried in them both. The Kid had June lie down for Clementine to lick, then placed Susie on June’s face. Arabella spread herself out, legs wide open so that Polly could lick her, while May mounted Arabella’s face watching Polly lick Arabella.

“What about me?” asked Mimi, frowning slightly.

The Kid pointed at May’s bottom, “There’s a place for you.”

There wasn’t room for Mimi to climb on the bed, so she simply stood, placing both hands on the bed’s edge while she bent down behind May to lick her dark rosebud. Then The Kid knelt behind Mimi to finger the girl’s cunt and lick her anus, using her free hand to masturbate.

Still licking Susie, June paused just long enough to moisten her index finger, then slide it into the child’s puckered butt hole. Susie cried out, drawing near to climax as the little Asian girl suckled her clit and sawed that finger in and out of her rectum. First she made sounds like a puppy, then managed to stammer, “I love you, June. K-keep doing that — ohhhhhh, I’m g-gonna come in your mouth…!”

June moaned herself as Clementine sucked her pussy like a ripe peach.

Mimi had a firm grip on May’s bottom, and was licking the girl’s butt crack as best she could — but it wasn’t easy, as she couldn’t help but moan and whimper while the Kid’s tongue pushed deep into her ass. Mimi had had her bottom licked before and loved it, but no one had ever penetrated her nether hole like this. Then there was the Kid’s finger, which was toying with Mimi’s clit, driving her crazier with each gentle stroke.

Arabella eased a finger into May’s vagina as she flicked the older girl’s clit with the tip of her tongue, whimpering with pleasure as Polly tongue fucked her.

Some of May’s long black hair clung to her sweaty face as she shook her head back and forth and from side to side, eyes closed tightly. She wailed something in Chinese, and though no one else but June understood the words, their meaning was plain to everyone.

May was the first to come — and that seemed to set off the others. Mimi was next, a choked cry breaking from the girl as her own orgasm kicked in, then the room filled with moans and declarations of ecstasy as a wave of rapture swept through the tangle of women and girls.

Now spent, the eight lovers lay for a long while, contentedly nestled together on Clem’s large bed. Some of them might have been satisfied by then. June, however, was already craving more. She’d had a lovely time playing with the girls, but now she was determined to make love with one of the grownups.

Sitting up, June met Clementine’s relaxed gaze. “I want to lick you,” said the child.

Unable to refuse such an enticing offer, Clementine parted her legs, welcoming the little girl. Slowly rousing themselves, the others watched as June buried her face in Clem’s thick bush. Mimi was enchanted by the view she had of June’s wiggling buttocks and, positioning herself behind the child, began to lick both her holes.

Reaching out to cup Clem’s heaving breast, Polly said, “Your youngest daughter Susie is so pretty… may I make love to her?”

“Yes,” Clementine moaned, eyes rolling heavenward as June went down on her. “That is, long as Susie wants to.”

“I want to!” Susie answered.

Polly laid the eleven-year-old down, then crawled between Susie’s legs, spreading them wide apart. Taking a deep breath, she began to tenderly explore Susie’s vagina with her lips and tongue. Susie sighed blissfully, overjoyed to be taking pleasure from such a beautiful woman.

Arabella found herself drawn in by the sight of Polly’s shapely ass. Wanting to do more than just look, she knelt behind the older woman, placed both hands on that lovely bottom and used her thumbs to spread Polly’s cheeks apart, revealing her puckered pink anus. Liking what she saw, Arabella bent down and ran her tongue through the woman’s anal cleft.

The Kid and May stood off to the side watching the action for a few moments, their busy hands tucked between each other’s thighs. Then The Kid whispered something into May’s ear, and the thirteen-year-old eagerly nodded in agreement.

Leading May around the bed to where Clementine lay, The Kid smiled down at the flushed woman, who was still being serviced by June. “Hey, Clem… care to give this sweet little thing a ride on your mouth?”

“I — I’d love to,” Clem gasped, beckoning the girl to her. Climbing on the bed, May positioned herself astride the face of her hostess, then lowered her sex to Clementine’s already parted lips, cooing with delight as she watched herself get licked.

The Kid looked on for a moment, enjoying the spectacle of Clem loving and being loved by the two Chinese siblings. Now she was ready to get some of those good feelings herself. Drawing close, she bent down to give May a deep, hungry kiss, then straightened. “How ‘bout usin’ that pretty mouth of yours on me, pretty girl?” she said.

“I love to lick you, yes,” May replied, then leaned forward to trace The Kid’s vaginal crease with her tongue.

Seconds later, Susie reached a loud orgasm. Polly licked the last drops of honey from the girl, gave Susie’s slit a gentle kiss, then turned around and pushed Arabella onto her back. “It’s your turn, child,” she said, then began to feast on the ten-year-old, pleasing her from anus to clit.

Now facing the madam’s womanly backside, Susie slid three fingers into Polly’s sodden cunt and began to fuck her furiously.

Arabella and Polly came within moments of each other. The Kid moved away from May, pausing long enough to taste her pussy on the girl’s lips, and took Susie in her arms, kissing her. They shared the flavor of Polly that coated Susie’s fingers, then The Kid stretched Susie out on the bed and straddled her face. Raising her head from the pillow, Susie buried her mouth in The Kid’s sparse pubes, pressing her tongue inside. The Kid reached out to take May’s hand, holding it tightly as they came together on the faces of mother and daughter.

Soon after that, Clementine reached a climax of Biblical proportions as she came long and hard in June’s hot, sucking mouth.

Once again, they took a break from lovemaking, girls and women alike curled up on the bed. It was crowded with all eight of them, but everyone was content to snuggle. All the while, their hands constantly strayed, and each kiss led to another.

May slowly got to her feet, pausing to look at the collected lovers, still nestled together. Her eyes fixed on Mimi, stretched out along the edge of the bed. Padding over to where she lay, May bent down and kissed the girl, then began to kiss and suck Mimi’s nipples, switching back and forth between her budding breasts.

Mimi’s pussy was already wet from the loving she’d just had, but now her labia glistened with new moisture — and May took advantage of that, slowly working her two middle fingers into Mimi’s gaping love hole. With the palm of her hand, she rubbed the engorged clit of her new fourteen-year-old friend, fucking her all the while.

Turning to Clementine, little June got on top of the older woman, kneading her breasts like they were bread dough, pausing to suckle the large nipples.

“My goodness,” Clem said, furrowing her brow, “you’re ready for more? So soon?”

“Yes — more, please!” June insisted. “I love you, Mrs. DuMount.”

Clementine couldn’t help but smile. “How can I say no?” She reached down to caress and fondle June’s flawless rump… then her fingers delved between the eight-year-old’s thighs to touch her soft, bare slit.

May noticed that Susie was watching as she made love to the girl’s older sister, and decided she wanted to play with them both. “Lie down here, pretty Susie,” she said, getting the child arranged so that her legs were draped over Mimi’s chest and belly. This gave May a perfect view of Susie’s sweet pink crease.

May bent to give Mimi another long, wet kiss, then looked deep into the older sister’s glazed eyes and said, “I will kiss you again, Mimi, after I lick your little sister.”

She leaned forward slowly, moistening her lips as she stared at Susie’s lightly-downed cunt, closing her eyes before taking a long, slow lick. As May went down on Susie, she eased a finger from her left hand into the child’s vagina. Meanwhile, she continued to masturbate Mimi with the right hand, rubbing her clit.

Mimi’s chest rose and fell heavily as she watched May raising her head from between Susie’s legs. A string of thick crystal liquid formed a gleaming bridge from the Chinese girl’s lips to her little sister Susie’s cunt.

Withdrawing her finger from Susie, May traced circles around Mimi’s hard left nipple, leaving it slick with her younger sibling’s pussy nectar. Then May sucked the sweet fluid off Mimi’s tit.

May’s lips and tongue were coated in Susie’s honey — which she shared with Mimi, passionately kissing the older sister while she also fucked her, plunging two fingers in and out of Mimi’s cunt.

The others were focused on this lovely sight. They watched, utterly enthralled as May pleasured both the DuMount girls at the same time. The Kid had Arabella sitting between her legs, and was gently fingering her young lover’s very red, very puffy pussy lips, now glistening with a fresh dew of lust. Polly was using the dildo on herself, and Clementine lay on her side as she watched, June enfolded in her arms

Breaking her kiss with Mimi, May removed her fingers from the fourteen-year-old’s pussy, telling her, “Now I lick your little sister until she comes. Then I will kiss you with her taste on my lips, and make you finish with my hand.” With that, May went down on Susie again.

The Kid looked down at Arabella. “C’mon, Button,” she said, “Let’s help May out with Susie.” They moved to join the three girls. Lying down alongside Susie, The Kid began to lick the child’s erect nipples, while Arabella kissed Susie’s face and neck and mouth.

Wanting to join in the fun, Polly leaned over to suck Susie’s other nipple, while Clementine fucked her with the dildo. A wide-eyed June drank in the whole spectacle, absentmindedly fingering her slit.

Soon Susie cried out, her boyish frame shaking and shivering as she reached yet another orgasm, finally going limp. Raising her face from the little girl’s cunt, May smiled at Mimi saying, “Now, it is big sister’s turn.” As promised, May gave the girl a deep tongue kiss, letting Mimi taste her baby sister’s essence on her mouth and tongue.

Mimi already knew how much she loved the flavor of Susie’s pussy. Somehow, though, sampling it from the lips of another girl made it even better, especially while that girl’s fingers were busy working magic on her clit. Then May began to touch Mimi with the other hand, pawing at her breasts.

Briefly opening her eyes, Mimi saw everyone watching her — and that was enough to make her come. She gave a choked scream and her body went stiff for a moment, then relaxed. She sank into the bedding and lay motionless, but for the rise and fall of her chest.

Mimi’s orgasm seemed to exhaust her. She dozed off almost immediately, then June and Susie snuggled in with her, soon drifting into slumber themselves.

Polly sat in a chair shaking her head in disbelief and smiling from ear to ear, the dildo still jutting from her vagina as she rested.

Tired out, but still craving more, Arabella had mounted May, placing their sexes together. “I wanna fuck you,” was all she said.

“Oh, yes, Arabella,” May breathed, looking deep into the little girl’s eyes. “Touch your sweet pussy to mine. I am close to coming, yes, one more time.”

Clementine was spooning with the Kid. Placing a finger on the younger woman’s clit and softly speaking into her ear, she was saying, “My daughters were just nine and twelve, and I knew they were playing love games together. I could hear them going at it in Mimi’s room. All I had on was a nightgown, nothing underneath. So I simply opened the door and came in the room. There they were, naked in each others arms. All my girls could do was stare, frightened out of their wits. Probably thought I was about to call down hellfire and brimstone on them. Instead, I just opened my gown and let it fall to the floor…”

Polly had started to fuck herself again, thrusting the dildo in and out of herself as she saw Arabella and May grind into one another, rubbing cunts until they came. She watched the Kid climax as Clementine fingered her, then the two women came together in a kiss so warm and loving that it set Polly off in what was to be the last orgasm of the evening.

By then, the candles had nearly burned down completely. Getting to her feet, Clem fetched a extra blanket from the armoire, gently draping it over June, Mimi and Susie, then turned to Arabella and May, who were both yawning. “Arabella, why don’t you and May go sleep in Mimi’s room?” Giving Clem brief kisses, the two girls shambled off.

Polly handed the sticky dildo to Clem. “Thanks for letting me use this. I’ve got to get me one!”

Slipping the wet end between her lips, Clem sucked on the toy, getting a good taste of the woman’s cunt, then smiled. “Come on with me, Polly. We’ll put you up in Susie’s room.”

Once Polly was settled in, Clem returned to her room, where The Kid was waiting for her in bed. The three girls were dozing peacefully on the other side.

“You gonna bunk with me tonight?” said The Kid.

“I’d like that,” Clementine replied, slipping into bed next to the younger woman. They shared a tender kiss, then lay entwined. The Kid was soon deep asleep, her head on Clem’s shoulder.

Closing her eyes, Clementine whispered, “Thank you, Lord, for this moment of heaven on earth.”


After a late breakfast the next morning, the girls delighted in wandering hand in hand to the wash house to bathe, then danced nude through the yard before going inside, where they put on clothes for the first time in a long while.

As they all said their goodbyes, Clementine offered up a thought. “I think we should all meet out here once a month and do this again,” she grinned. “How do you all feel about that?”

Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful idea, and they set a tentative date to make it happen.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged, then The Kid hitched up the buggy and the woman and two sisters got on, Polly, May and June waving goodbye as they set off for Oak Creek.


The Kid returned shortly after Clem and the girls had put the house back in order, and they all sat down for a light supper.

As they ate and chatted, The Kid suddenly said. “I reckon I’ll be leavin’ in a few days.”

The room fell silent, then the girls all protested, all of them giving reasons why she shouldn’t go yet, hoping against hope that they could change the Kid’s mind.

Clementine was on the verge of tears, but put on a brave face. “Now, children. The Kid has her own life to live. The Texas Rangers can’t do without her.” The girls could all tell that Clem didn’t mean a word of what she said.

“I’ll never leave you folks for good,” The Kid said. “You’re like family to me now. If I’m ever within a hundred miles of this place, I’ll be droppin’ by for a visit… if only so’s I can clean myself up in your bath house.”

Everyone laughed. “Ma?” Mimi said, turning to her mother, “Can we give the Kid her present now?”

“Yes, please can we?” Arabella said, Susie echoing her.

“I can’t think of a better time,” Clementine agreed. Sweeping from the room, she came back with a large box in her arms that she placed on the table in front of the Kid.

The Tequila Kid looked at the box, surprised. “Why, you didn’t need to give me nothin’… what is it?”

“Well, open it, silly!” Arabella insisted, rolling her eyes.

Susie and Mimi cried, “Open it! Open it and see!”

As the Kid removed the top of the box, her eyes filled with tears as she saw what rested inside.

“Put it on.” Mimi said.

“Yes. Let us see it on you.” Clementine said. Arabella and Susie excitedly chimed in, “Put it on.”

The Kid slowly removed the new hat from the box, studying it closely. “I like the nice wide brim,” she said. “And no bullet holes in it, neither!” the Kid added with a grin.

“It’s a real Stetson,” Mimi said.

“We ordered it from Philadelphia for you!” Susie added. “It’s the best hat for wearing out West. That’s what everyone says.”

The Kid carefully put the hat on her head. Clementine said, “It suits you, Kid.”

Getting up, The Kid went over to the mirror. She’d never had such a fine hat before. It fit perfectly.

“Thank you so m-much — all of you!” the Kid stammered. Trying not to cry, she gave each of them a hug. Then a certain idea crossed her mind, and she blushed.

“Say, I was just thinkin’, um, well,” The Kid looked at them all, feeling shy. Then she blurted out, “How ‘bout we all strip down naked and have us some fun?”

Arabella reached up to wrap her arms around The Kid’s neck, then stood on tiptoe to kiss her. Then she gave the Kid’s breasts a playful squeeze and said, “I think that’s a good idea.”

“Yes,” Clementine added, “I want to see Tequila wearing her new hat… and nothing else.”

Clothes began flying everywhere, and soon they were all nude. Once again they all delighted in looking at each other’s bare bodies, then it was time to play.

First, Clementine had the girls lay in a row with Mimi in the middle, then she and The Kid had their way with them. As Clem kissed Arabella’s smooth slit, the Kid licked Susie. Clem and the Kid pleasured Mimi’s more mature sex at the same time. Then The Kid went down on Arabella and Clem serviced her younger daughter.

Then the girls had Clementine and The Kid lay on the floor while the three eager girls explored their more mature bodies — sucking nipples, nuzzling tummies, fondling breasts and licking clits.

Clementine turned on her side and the Kid did the same, facing Clem. They kissed, then began to fondle each other’s asses. Clementine toyed with the Kid’s slit and the Kid thrust two fingers into the older woman’s juicy cunt.

As they masturbated each other, Clem broke their kiss and smiled at her daughters, who were staring at them. Rolling over onto her back, Clementine said, “Now then, girls, Tequila and I would like you to come over here and lick our pussies.”

As the girls gathered around, The Kid said, “I’d sure love to give all of you a lick as well.”

It started with Arabella sitting on the Kid’s face while Susie ate the Kid’s pussy and Mimi went down on her mother, then Susie and Mimi switched places. Arabella came in The Kid’s mouth, then snuggled next to Clem. They watched as Susie rode the Kid’s face while Mimi continued to feast on the Kid’s dripping slice. Soon The Kid and Susie both came.

Then Mimi mounted the Kid’s face, while Clementine was orally pleasured by Arabella and Susie. Once Mimi and Clementine had their orgasms, the group cuddled together, swapping kisses.

The evening was still fairly young, but everyone was tired, so they all got ready for bed and turned in for the night. Clem slept in her room, Susie was in bed with Mimi, and Arabella slumbered in Susie’s bed with the Kid on the floor in her bedroll. All dozed peacefully.


In the dead of night, The Kid awoke in her bedroll. She’d told them that it would be a few days before she left. But she hated goodbyes, and decided it was best to go without a fuss. It broke her heart to leave Arabella and her family, but the call of the open road was too powerful to deny.

Moving carefully, she got up and quietly gathered her gear. The Kid took a long lingering look at Arabella as she slept, then tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs.

She made her way to the wash house, then took a hasty shower. The icy water was bracing, waking her better than a cup of coffee. I’ll make breakfast later, on the trail, she decided. Have my coffee then.

The Kid dressed, slipped into her boots, then fastened her gun belt on. Last of all, she put on her brand new hat. Hastening to the stable, she saddled up her Appaloosa, then walked her out to where her things were waiting. She loaded her bed roll and saddlebags onto the horse’s back, followed by her Winchester, canteens of water and a coil of rope.

The Kid heard a noise and turned quickly. Arabella stood there in her nightgown and untied shoes, a shawl around her neck and shoulders for warmth in the cold night air.

“I think my heart’s fixin’ to bust.” Arabella said, a quiver in her voice. “Please take me with you, Kid.”

The Kid’s heart swelled with emotion as she sat down on the ground, her back against the water trough. Drawing Arabella down into her lap, she held the child to her. They sat quietly for a few minutes.

Kissing Arabella’s cheek, The Kid murmured, “We sure had us an adventure, you and me.”

Arabella was silent for a moment, then said, “It’s funny, Kid. I thought after all the men who killed my family were dead, I’d be so happy I could dance a jig. But now… I just feel sad and empty.”

The Kid hugged Arabella tighter and said, “I know. Even when it’s someone who deserves it, there’s no real pleasure in killin’ someone. It don’t bring your family back.” After a few more minutes the Kid spoke again, in hopes of cheering the girl up, “I reckon that pretty soon you’ll be just about the richest girl ever, once you get your Pa’s gold mine runnin’ steady.”

“I ain’t gonna let the mine be open.” Arabella said, a determined set to her jaw. “I’m keeping the land it’s on and the claim, but no gold mine is ever gonna be there.”

“Why’s that?” asked The Kid.

Arabella leaned back against the Kid’s chest, taking her hand. “Gold only brings trouble. It makes men crazy, gets ‘em to do awful things. I figure it’s best to just let the tears of the sun lay where they are.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of you, Arabella,” The Kid said, giving the girl a squeeze. “You’re rich anyway, what with them four bags of gold that you got.”

“I already have what I want without ‘em, Kid. Listen, after you come back here half dead, I had an idea. I told it to Aunt Clem, and we met up with the mayor and some of the big people in town. They liked my idea too, so it’s really gonna happen. I been waitin’ to surprise you with it.”

“What’s gonna happen?” the Kid asked.

“Gonna build the best school in all of Texas. It’s gonna be made of brick and be two stories tall. It’s gonna have a bell, too. And all the kids of Oak Creek will go there. Chinese, Mexican, Indian, black and white. All of us learnin’ together. And the name of the school will be written in stone over a great big door. Guess what the name of the school is, Kid?”

“Why, I reckon it will be named after a president… maybe your Pa or someone.”

“Guess again.” Arabella said.

“Well, I’m plum out of guesses. You better just tell me,” The Kid said, wishing the sun would take longer to rise, so she could visit longer with Arabella.

Arabella stood up and smiled, looking down at The Kid. “It’s gonna be called the Mary Ann Wallace School.”

“Shucks, now,” the Kid said, feeling her face get hot as she stared up at Arabella. “You can’t name a school after some no-account girl like me who can’t even read nor write.”

“That doesn’t matter. It weren’t reading and writing that saved my life, or caught those murderers,” said Arabella. Suddenly the child fell to her knees, hugging the Kid hard as she could. “Must you go?” she cried.

“Reckon I got to,” the Kid answered, a quiver in her voice. “See, I ain’t like most folks. It’s too hard for me to stay in one place for long. Polly told me one time, what I had was called ‘wanderlust’ — and I reckon that says it right. The other side of the mountain, that’s the place I’m achin’ to go. Besides, there’s still a lot of outlaws out there need catching.” She hugged Arabella fiercely. “Don’t you worry, though — sooner or later, that dusty old trail will sure ‘nough lead me back here again. I gotta see that new school, don’t I?”

Arabella bit her lip, trying not to cry. “I’ll miss you, Kid.”

“I’ll miss you too, Arabella — somethin’ fierce. Tell you what, though. Tonight I’ll be lookin’ up at the stars in the sky. You look up at ‘em too, and it’ll be like we’re together again.”

Dawn was coming, the sky gradually turning a light pink. The Kid gave the child a tender kiss, then they both slowly got to their feet.

Arabella had taken to wearing her late mother’s wedding ring on a chain around her neck. Now she took it off and held it out to her friend. “I want you to have this. To remember me by.”

The Kid hesitated. “I ain’t never gonna forget you, Arabella. That’s your ma’s ring, you should keep it.”

“Please take it, Kid,” Arabella insisted. “It would make me feel good, knowin’ you’ve got it next to your heart.”

Without a word, The Kid put it on around her neck and tucked it inside her shirt. Turning to her saddle bag, she rooted around inside, then pulled something out. “It ain’t much,” she said, “but remember me, too.” She placed her old dusty, bloodstained, bullet-riddled hat on Arabella’s head. It was too big for her, reminding The Kid of what a little girl she still was.

Arabella couldn’t have been prouder if she’d been bestowed with a queen’s crown. “Thank you, Kid,” she said, beaming with pride.

The Tequila Kid swung onto her horse. The mare reared up, waving her forelegs in the air. The Kid stood up in the stirrups, stroking the horse’s neck murmuring something that Arabella couldn’t hear. The mare put her front hooves back on the ground, spun a half circle, then gave a snort and a whinny as she shook her head up and down, the bridle making a soft jangling sound.

“Did you give her a name?” Arabella asked, looking up at The Kid and the horse.

“I been callin’ her Button,” The Kid said, grinning. “Cause she’s full of spirit — like a certain little girl I know.”

Arabella held her arms up, hoping against hope that the Kid would pick her up and set her on the saddle behind her, just like she’d done so many times before. Then they would ride off together.

The warm light of dawn was on them now, giving a soft glow to everything. Out of habit, The Kid began to reach down to pick up Arabella, then stopped suddenly, a look of pain on her face like she’d been shot through the heart.

Instead of picking Arabella up, The Kid took her right foot out of the stirrup, holding tight to the saddle horn with her right hand. The leather of the saddle creaked as the Kid leaned over and reached out, gently cupping Arabella’s face.

With her thumb, the Kid wiped a tear from Arabella’s cheek, then straightened up in the saddle again. Her eyes looked bluer than ever as they filled with water.

In a choked voice the Kid said, “Adios, Arabella.”

With that, she flicked the reins, making a sound with her tongue. The Appaloosa began a fast walk, excited to be moving at last. The Kid looked back for a moment, waving her new hat as the horse fell into a canter.

A little down the trail, the mare got herself up to a full gallop, and the Kid let out a loud whoop and holler.

Arabella heard it and a big smile broke across her face. The sun was up now. She watched the horse and rider till they were a small cloud of white dust in the distance. Arabella continued to watch until the dust had vanished and the road was empty. She stared down the road a long time, wishing with all her heart that the Kid would come back.

The road remained empty. With a heavy sigh, Arabella tugged the front brim of the battered hat on her head and breathed, “Adios, Kid.”

From the porch of the house, she heard Susie call. “What’re you doing out there in your nightshirt, Arabella? Come on in, help us get breakfast started.”

Wiping her nose on her sleeve, Arabella turned toward the house and walked back, looking forward to another day with her new family. Reckon I’ll have to tell ‘em about The Kid leavin’… but not just yet.

It was going to be a lovely day, Arabella could see that much. She couldn’t wait for the night to come, though, so she could look up at the stars. Look at the stars, and know the Kid was looking at them too. Then they would think of each other, and be together in their hearts.

The End


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      Thanks, Z. I am ahead of you on that one. There will be another adventure or two before the Kid and Arabella meet up again down the trail.

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      Aw, shucks… it was a pure delight to work with a story as fine as this. I will only add that I absolutely LOVED partnering with Les, and am looking forward to doing so again.

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    Some of May’s long black hair clung to her sweaty face as she shook her head back and forth and from side to side, eyes closed tightly.

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    The beginning of the chapter with Arabella’s and Clem’s family together at last in their final resting place.

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    I am overwhelmed by all of your very kind comments. Thank you again. There will at some point be a sequel and I’d like to do a prequel also, before the Kid and Arabella meet again. I am very afraid that the next story I do will not live up to expectations. I can’t thank you all enough for your comments and encouragement.

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