Thunder Island, Chapter 2

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by Wickedsmile

It wasn’t before long that Mary, the owner of the drug store, invited us to her home for a barbecue. We gladly accepted the invitation — and one Saturday afternoon, headed over to her house, which lay secluded in the woods by the shore.

Mary had a big family, a really big one. Over forty sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles and other in-laws crowded the clearing where her wooden cabin stood. A large campfire was lit where meat and fish were roasted.

We were greeted with a lot of big smiles, and I got a beer stuck into my hand. I looked at Mom, who just gave me a wink and took a big swig from her own bottle. I took a sip and tried to make sense of the taste. The alcohol gave me a soft punch in the stomach.

Mary walked up and invited us over to meet the rest of her family. “Moira is inside, she’ll come out soon.”

I nodded, and looked hungrily at the meat as it sizzled in the fire, spreading a great smell everywhere.

“Hello,” a soft voice said.

I turned around and nearly let my bottle fall out of my hands.

She was gorgeous. Her long raven-black hair flowed down her back down to her behind. Her face was sharp, perfect, like it was chiselled from an exotic wood that shone warmly in the sun. She wore white linen trousers and a black tank top that showed two pretty petite mounds. But her eyes were black like obsidian, and I felt like I’d fallen into her gaze.

I managed to mumble something. So much for the assertive, fast-talking, streetwise girl from the big city. I was awestruck.

We shook hands.

“I’m Moira.”

“I’m speechless.” Her fingers were very slender and soft. “Um, sorry, my name is Brooke.”

Moira chuckled, showing pearly white teeth. I just looked at her, amazed.


Boy, was I ever.

She beckoned me to walk with her to a large table where a huge mountain of food was stacked up high. Oh, she was asking me if I was hungry for food, then. Okay, food it was, damn it.

I followed Moira in a waking dream, unable to get my eyes off her figure. With the grace in her walk, she would have put to shame any Brittany or Beverly fashion doll in my old school. Hell, she would have burnt them to cinders.

I was getting pretty hot myself. With a jittery stomach, I let her pile up food on a plate for me.

“Hey, girls,” I heard Mom say.

“Oh hi, I’m Moira,” she said and shook Mom’s hand.

“I’m Jen.”

“Would you like something to eat?” Moira said, and before Mom could answer, she turned around again to fetch another plate. Mom looked at me in complete awe. I rolled my eyes and shook my head lightly in response.

When Moira gave Mom her plate we were all smiles, big happy innocent smiles.

“My, you’re a lovely lady,” Mom said.

Moira giggled. “My sister is the pretty one in the family.”

“Oh, really,” Mom said in a voice filled with excitement, mixed in with a big load of disbelief. “Where is she, then?” she asked looking around.

“Laurel’s still inside.” She lowered her voice and said. “She’s a bit vain. The moment she heard a couple of out-of-towners were coming, she decided to dress up. She’s been sitting in front of the mirror since this morning.” She made a face, and we giggled.

We heard people cheer behind us and turned around. I felt my laugh melt from my face like an ice cream bar that was dropped in a volcano. I glanced at Mom, whose jaw had dropped.

Moira’s sister must have been about sixteen or seventeen, and she was drop-dead gorgeous. A bit more curvaceous, dressed in a killer black catsuit that left her strong, muscular shoulders bare. Like Moira, she had a finely chiseled face, if a bit wider, but her eyes were almond-shaped. Her hair was woven into a single braid that hung over her shoulder.

Wearing a friendly smile, she walked gracefully towards us.

I felt like something ugly and slimy that had crawled out of prehistoric sea onto a distant shore.

“I’m Laurel, pleased to meet you.”

Every bit of strength seemed to have been sapped from Mom, because she responded with the lamest handshake I’d ever seen her give. My attempt was even worse.

Laurel didn’t seem to notice our lack of ability to move or speak, and went on to the table to get a plate of food.

“See, what did I say?” Moira said triumphantly.

Mom cleared her throat. I just put a spoonful of salad in my mouth to mask my feelings, and to help me swallow the saliva that had flooded my mouth.

It took a couple of minutes to gather our senses, but before long we were sitting by the fire, drinking beer, giving in to our physical hunger and talking to our new friends, explaining why we’d come to Thunder Island. The hosts listened politely to our messages from a world that they would never know — and maybe didn’t even want to know — so we quickly switched to asking what life was like out here.

The next couple of hours we were treated to horror stories of bitter winters, wild and hungry animals and strange fascinating legends of olden times, when the gods were in direct communion with men. Sometimes someone would burst out in chanting and the others would join in. Mom and I looked around at the other people gathered there, towards the sisters, then towards the sky that slowly blackened until the first stars appeared. We had left our former selves somewhere along the way when we arrived, some weeks ago.

I couldn’t say what time it was before I started to get really tired. It might have been ten o’clock or two in the morning, I didn’t care by then.

Mom saw that I was on the verge of crashing, and told Mary that we had to go. Mary nodded, thanked us for coming and told that she would send over some of her family over the next morning to see what could be done about our house.

In two days I would take the bus to school, something that, by then, I was kinda looking forward to.

When we drove home, Mom and I talked dreamily of the Moira and Laurel, the gorgeous sisters we’d just met. At one point we looked at each other and shook our heads. Nah, nothing would happen here. It was fine by me. I laid a hand on Mom’s thigh and rested my head on her shoulder. She wrapped an arm around me and drove over the dark road, going slowly so as not to collide with the local wildlife.

I felt a mixture of fatigue and excitement slither over me.

Mom smelled of beer, burnt wood and fresh air.

“Hi, honey,” she said softly.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Have fun?”

“Yeah.” I felt a shudder go through Mom. It could have been the cold if it wasn’t for the heat that filled the cab of our truck. Unable to stop myself, I moved closer to her and gently touched her breast. Mom’s nipple was rock hard.

Mom sucked in her breath. “Please, honey,” she said.


“I like that too much.”

“Really?” I said and gave her breast a gentle squeeze.

“Oh my God, not here, darling. Not if we want to reach home alive.”

I grinned and looked up to Mom, who glanced away from the road and into my eyes. She smiled broadly, shook her head and shifted her attention back to the road again.

We got out of the forest and reached the coastal way. The moonlight shimmered on the sea as we drove towards our island. I must have dozed off, because next thing I knew, Mom opened the door and the cold jolted me awake.

I sat up, looking around. “We’re here yet?”

“Yup. Come on, sleepyhead, time for bed.”

Arm in arm we walked towards our house. Once inside, we marched straight to Mom’s room, where we stripped and dove into bed. I had my own bedroom but sometimes I liked to sleep in my mother’s bed, just to spend the night in her arms.

The temptation was there for us to make love again, but that would mean crossing a line we’d only just drawn. Besides, snuggling with Mom was nearly enough to satisfy my hunger… maybe hers, too.

We spooned, with Mom behind me. She cupped one of my breasts, and as I began to doze off, I felt her hand move against my ass as she played with herself. Her hoarse, hot breath flowed over my neck as I let Mom bring herself to an orgasm. Then I fell asleep.


Next morning when I woke up, Mom was already out of bed. From the outside, I could hear were voices. So I quickly slipped into my jeans and shirt.

I saw through the window that Mom was talking with Mary’s in-laws as they walked around the house and assessed the work that needed to be done. I made a big pot of coffee for the others and tea for myself on the cast iron stove.

The whole morning we spent with the men, talking, planning, making financial plans; there were a lot of IOU’s about to be cashed in from cousins, friends and others to get bottom prices for top materials, but the men were all smiles and jokes about how people got to owe each other so much in these regions. The stories ranged from helping each other out in times of need, or family ties that were as strong and old as the mountains.

Early in the afternoon, the men left with promises to start cashing in on old promises and to return early the next morning.

As we saw the cars move down the levee and back to the mainland Mom and I looked at each other, those naughty feelings returning again.

Half an hour later, we were lying on the beach in the buff, sucking up the sun’s rays and fresh air.

“Who were you thinking of last night, Mom?”

Mom grinned. “I do not know what you’re talking about, little lady.”


Mom laughed and moved over to her side, one hand cropped up under her head. “Did you have anyone special in mind?”

“Well…” I started.

“Moira!” Mom shouted out.

“Well, yeah, her too,” I said, but saw Mom looking past me.

My head jerked around and I saw Moira walk down to our beach. Her long hair flowed in the breeze. She wore a black one-piece with a small white skirt.

Unfazed by the sight of Mom and me, stark naked and staring at her in disbelief, Moira continued to approach. “Hiya, I hope I’m not intruding.”

“No… no way,” Mom mumbled, desperately looking around for something to cover herself with, but all we had were the towels we lay on. She stood up and picked up her towel.

I was about to stand up myself when Moira raised her hand. “Oh please, do you think you’re the only ones around here who sunbathe nude?” she said with a smile. “At home, we try to dispense with the clothes that the white man brought us whenever we can.” There was a mocking tone to her voice.

Mom uneasily spread her towel out again, and I tried to lie down as elegantly as possible.

Sitting down beside us, Moira looked off at the sea. “That’s a great spot you’ve got here.”

We just nodded and looked at her.

Moira was stunning. Her breasts were a mere handful, but God, how invitingly they stretched the thin material. Her nipples were visible in the fresh breeze, but she seemed to be blissfully unaware of the attention she received.

My nipples turned hard too, but the itch down below told me it wasn’t just from the wind.

“I came by to ask whether you had a good time last night,” Moira said.

“Yeah, it was great,” Mom said, I just nodded. “How did you get here?”

“I have my bike standing by the house. I didn’t see you, so I gathered that you were here.”

“You know this island?”

“Yeah, before your uncle — late uncle, sorry — moved here, we would come here to swim and play as often as we could. We brought along nets to catch fish, and roasted them on fires from dead wood. It’s a great place to have barbecues, especially when the sun sets and the first stars start to shine. When it’s summer, all you need is a blanket to lie on and you can sleep on the beach. Hardly anything beats that.”

“Nothing I can think of,” Mom said in a dreamy voice as she tried to picture the scene.

Moira just smiled and let the subject rest. “Mind if I join you? I’d like to get to know you both better. Yesterday, with all that family around, you seemed a bit out of place.”

“Why don’t I get you a towel?” Mom said, sitting up. “And I’m getting thirsty, too. Soft drinks all around?”

We cheered. Mom stood up, gave me a wink and turned to go back to the house.

“Oh, and Jen,” Moira called after Mom, “Laurel said she might also come over too. Which means she’s certain to come; she’s been blabbing about you all night and morning.”

Mom stopped cold in her tracks, looked around and smiled a little more wolfishly than she probably realised herself. “Well, then, I’d better return prepared.”

“Your mom is the coolest,” Moira said when Mom had disappeared over the ridge. “She seems very strong, too.”

“Yeah, well, she’s done martial arts all of her life, so…” I said, feeling very proud of my mother.

“Wow, you too?”

I shrugged. “Comes with the territory, I guess. When you’ve lived in the big city all your life, you gotta be able to defend yourself.”

“Mind if I take my kit off?” Moira asked, rising to her feet.

“Yeah, well, uh, sure,” I blurted out.

Before I knew it, I got a magnificent view of Moira’s rock hard body being stripped. It wasn’t very often that I got flushed with pure lust, but this was the moment when my ears burnt and my mouth went dry as I saw her get naked.

Her body was lean and strong, I could see every muscle flex under her bronze skin. She had a cute patch of pubic hair and I swore I saw her labia peep through the black curls.

She looked down on me appraisingly, hands on her hips, her legs parted in a defiant stance. “I thought that all city girls were fat, hamburger-crazy pieces of Jell-O. What’s your secret?”

I shrugged. “Same as yours, good genes.”

Moira burst out in laughter. “Well, this won’t last. In a couple of years I’ll look like my mother, heavy thighs and flabby breasts.”

“Aw, come on.”

“It’s true,” Moira said with little regret. “Nature does this to you here. And boy, have we lived here for a long time.”

“That’s a bit sombre.”

“Nah, just being practical. We’re very practical people here. If it works, use it. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it — that kinda stuff. I can tell ya, there ain’t no beauty clinic for liposuctions and that kinda shit for hundreds of miles around here. It just ain’t natural, y’know.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Want to go for a swim?”


We ran down the beach to the shore, Moira just jumped in, while had I this moment of, Oh, this is cold! hesitation. But then I saw her dive, got a look at her flawless butt glistening in the water just before she submerged, and I simply had to follow.

We had an amazing time. Moira swam around me, tugged at my feet and told me stories about witches who could turn into seals and drown fishermen, luring them with their magic.

Then we dove down to the bottom to look for shells. I made up my mind to go shopping for a pair of underwater goggles. Not only to observe the underwater world better, but also to get a better look at Moira’s stunning body. At one point I dove to the sea floor, got hold of a rock and looked up to see Moira swimming just overhead. I suddenly felt like a shark, eager to shoot up and devour her whole.

Moira dove down towards me. She gently touched my arm, then my face. I didn’t know what possessed me, but I stretched out my arm and touched one of her breasts.

My underwater vision was hazy and my eyes started to burn from the salty water, but maybe I saw her smile. She didn’t lunge back, but took a firmer hold of my arm and kissed me.

I let her, my hand still cupping her breast, feeling her stiff nipple in the palm of my hand. Then I realised I was running out of air. I had to let go.

I did and floated upwards to the surface. Looking down, I saw coming after me.

When we had broken through the surface. Moira and I just looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Then I heard Mom shout at us. We looked to the shore and saw her waving, now wearing a bathrobe. Laurel suddenly appeared from behind her, walking over the ridge.

Moira and I swam to the shore, sometimes touching each other while paddling along. We walked onto the beach and got long hard looks from Mom and Laurel. I grinned like a maniac, but Moira seemed to be perfectly at ease.

I realised that there no room for shyness out here, even though the space was vast.

“Well, you seem to adapt quickly,” Laurel said cheerfully to Mom and me.

“How’s that?” Mom asked innocently.

“There’s a swimming pool at the school, but the prudes there make you wear swimming suits. Whatever!” Laurel said, and without an invitation she began to undress.

Mom and I both had a hard time trying to find a balance between ogling Laurel and looking away in mock shyness.

“Oh, come on, it’s like you’ve never even seen a naked girl before!” Laurel protested, rolling her eyes as she noticed our embarrassment.

“Well, this is all a bit new to us. We’re still in the semi-prudish phase,” Mom replied. “We’re working on it, though.”

“Oh, yeah? Race you to the sea!” Laurel cried, then and shot forward, sprinting towards the water.

Stripping her robe off and casting it aside. Mom launched herself after Laurel in a flurry of motion that astonished me. We watched them dive into the sea and swim.

Moira and I sat down on our towels, now warm from the sun, and watched Laurel and my mother frolic in the water. I looked sideways at Moira and admired her body, the memory of her breast leaving a tingling in my hand, her kiss still burning on my lips.

She turned her head towards me. “Think you’ll like it here?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said.

“You’re staring at me,” she remarked.

Unable to respond, I turned my eyes away, not knowing where to look.

“There is something odd about the wild,” Moira began. “Here I can be myself, feel like I’m in control of myself, not having to justify me, you know?”

I simply nodded, still not knowing what to say.

“But I like you, and your mom.”

“I like you,” I stated. “And Laurel.”

“I liked kissing you.”

“Yeah, I liked it too.”

I noticed Mom and Laurel were submerged. I was beginning to wonder what they were up to when I felt Moira’s hand on my shoulder.

I looked at her as she said: “I really, really like you.”

“I… I’ve never felt this way about another girl.”

She smiled knowingly. “Believe me, stranger things have happened on these shores.”

I didn’t know what to say.

Moira looked towards the sea. “It’s going to be a hot summer. I can feel it in my bones,” she said in a dreamy voice.

We lay side by side on the shore until Mom and Laurel emerged from the sea. I noticed that Laurel had shaved her bush into a neat stripe.

Mom looked elated. “Laurel and I had this idea of the four of us sleeping on the beach tonight. Any objections?”

“No,” I muttered, surprised.

“None whatsoever,” Moira said.

“Good. Laurel and I will go to town to fetch food and drinks.”

I nodded. “Then Moira and I will gather wood.”

Mom and Laurel wandered off towards the house, leaving us behind.

“Come, let’s get cracking,” Moira said and stood up. She began to stride towards the woods.

“Wait a minute!” I protested. “Don’t we need to put on clothes first?”

She turned back to me. “For what?”

“Um… protection?”

Moira looked at me and smiled. “What, haven’t you noticed? There is no protection here, just surrender. Give in, let yourself go completely… and maybe you’ll survive.”

There was no menace in her voice, just the ancient burden of a piece of hard-won knowledge. So I followed her into the woods.

Together we made bundles of firewood and dragged them to the beach. Moira showed me which kinds of wood would burn and which didn’t. I listened, observed, somehow managed to forget her nudity for a while.

By the time we’d gathered a sizeable mountain of wood I was tired, thirsty, bruised and scraped.

“Come, let’s swim, wash your wounds clean,” Moira said.

I knew it was going to hurt like hell, but still followed her.

When we crawled out of the sea, I gritted my teeth hard with the cold and pain. I blamed Moira for my discomfort.

But then I looked at her and saw that she’d endured the same pain I had. Then I knew that I was resorting to city thinking, and that didn’t apply to this situation. Moira suffered as much as me. And where I was raised, things were different. In the city, you suffered and blamed someone else, or you made someone suffer.

Moira smiled at me. I smiled back. We turned around and gazed at the sea for a while. Her hand found mine and squeezed it. I squeezed right back.

From behind the ridge we heard the roar of our car being parked, and soon enough Mom and Laurel came walking up to us. Mom looked happy and so did Laurel. In fact, they were blushing.

Hours later we were sitting by the bonfire, watching sparks disappear into non-existence, listening to the crackling of fire consuming wood and the heaving of the sea, like a patient woman’s breast.

Soon to come, we very much hope (leave encouraging feedback for the author, please!): Chapter Three!


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