Letting the Secret Out

  • Posted on December 29, 2018 at 4:03 pm

Girl Lover asks…

Our shared interest in young girls is very taboo and misunderstood.  For everyone reading this, I was wondering if anyone knows about this side of you.  If someone does know about this side of you, how did they find out and what was their reaction?  For me personally, I cannot think of how to tell someone without them getting the wrong idea.


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  1. DJ says:

    For me, it is my deep & dark secret, and will stay that way forever.

    • Lostin says:

      In a word ‘yes’, multiple people know about my fantasy life in different degrees.

      I should get it out front that I am a guy. So theres that. I can tell you it’s been a long twisty road. This is probably more than the original poster was asking for but I sort of feel like it’s all relevant and if it were me reading the replies (I’ve read them and liked them all actually) I would want to know everything.

      A little background. My sexuality was shaped early on. My earliest sexual memories were around four or so. I like to think my first sex was with my older sister but I have flashes and jolts of a really violent stretch of time prior to that. As far as I’m concerned I delete that history and go forward from my sister on. She wasn’t the only one. There were a string of them. All girls, or women. I had been approached by men but nothing really ever happened. So rare as it is, all my sexualization happened with females.
      My father was a prolific predator. I can easily count more than a dozen girls, maybe twenty that I know of, whom he molested. Many actually came forward later in life and thanked me for interrupting a molestation about to happen though honestly I don’t remember any of those times. He sometimes would use me as bait to invite friends girls out camping with us. I often would be a dick to sabotage these camping trips. Girls I barely knew thought I was the biggest asshole but I didnt feel like I could tell the truth. I just tried to keep them far away. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes girls didn’t like getting diddled while camping, sometimes they did. Life is just funny that way.
      Anyway, moving on. My first blowjob by a grown up was a friends mom who gave me my first line of cocaine when I was nine or ten. Not long after a woman on my paper route was very naughty for months when I would come around every month to collect for the paper.
      Theres more but you get the idea.
      I tell you that to tell you this. Most of it I pushed out of my mind for decades. But things that don’t want to be buried have a way of digging themselves up.
      I honestly never saw it coming. But life unraveled and I found myself a sex addict and porn addicted. Many many lovers. All the while (in retrospect) trying to find out why…
      Why was I picked out for all that? How did every woman see the fuck me arrow hovering over my head?
      My proclivity, my obsession, was finding a pedo woman. I thought if I could look her in the eye I would see something or they could explain to me all of my past. That and it would be a lie if I didn’t admit there was a huge turn on to the idea of a pedo woman. But also there was a… revulsion? That’s not the right word. I will try to refine it later.
      Did I find a pedo woman? I found many. Well I should say I found degrees of them anyway. Some were just curious to hear about my past, others would ask me to retell stories of my past while we fucked so they could get off super hard, while others admitted arousal from mild to extreme at looking at their children or others in certain situations.
      That all came to a screeching halt when I caught a case for young porn. Was I guilty? In a general sense, yes. I had seen it. I frequented chat rooms on topic. But I did not do what the d.a. claimed (no touching was ever inferred or claimed. Was purely an Internet case).
      I tell you THAT, to tell you this. Because of all that many people know, or think they know about my interest in young girls. Only a handful of close friends know most of what I have told you and all are super supportive.
      My gf is super conservative and would not approve of me reading child erotica or posting this message. She has relaxed and will make jokes about it occasionally now but would not ever encourage.
      I see an old lover often who does not approve of child porn at all but is exploring daddy daughter role play quite a bit these days.
      Because of my legal troubles I know a ton of guys who like young.
      So yeah, quite a few know about me so I guess you could say I’m out of the closet in some fashion.
      The truth of the matter though is that my kink is a little sideways.
      Looking at young girls… yes, they are the most beautiful thing ever. Sometimes very sexual too. I am a fan.
      Do I want to fuck a preteen girl? No. I just have too much history and cannot mentally get past the potential of fucking someone up for life. I just couldn’t do it. That’s not to say it would or that tons of young women who are sexualized early cant be well adjusted adults later. I’m just saying that I cannot keep my experience from coloring a ‘what if’ scenario.
      Even my fantasies veer to the voyueristic rather than the hands on because if my paste. I won’t say ever, but regardless, fantasy is just fantasy and harmless whatever happens.
      I don’t exclusively read lesbian erotica but I do love it. It rubs that voyuer bone for me and somehow seems less invasive? Less traumatic? Than typical Male/ female child erotica.
      I think more variation too. Nearly all M/f depicts a ten year old girl as horny as fuck and way more sexually advanced than is plausible. While that’s somewhat true of lesbian erotica, it’s less so and more about that sexual awakening which is the true goldmine in my humble opinion.
      I occasionally write erotica and may submit some stories here if I think I can capture the lesbian theme well enough.
      Anyway, apologies for the crazy long response.
      Stay naughty…

      • Jack says:

        I believe it’s super complex being a male and sexual. It’s never brought up even. It’s very different from being female. Sex doesn’t come so easy. It’s not a choice as much as a mission if u know what I mean. Complicated for most men. Men’s suicide rates are like 4 times higher than women for example

  2. Zayne says:

    For me, the long answer: I just happened to stumble upon this site randomly and I’m a book lover, some might even call me a lit aficionado, considering I’m going to school for English and Creative Writing currently. I think my one older sister might know about it when she asked me about this site being on my history on my Google shortcuts. She swears she didn’t click the link because 1. she’s not really the type to get herself involved in others business, in this case, my browsing history. 2. The way she seemed about it, even if she did click on the shortcut because that’s just human, being curious, to want to know what they don’t know. I, for one, am certainly glad I stumbled upon this site 2 years ago. I still can’t believe it’s been two years and the only people I’ve told about this (indirectly saying something like, “I read this one really nice story on a site.” or the other more common one being, “I’ve been reading this cool series on this erotica site.” Since I’m still in school and live at home the latter statement usually gets my parents off my back).
    Short answer: No, I’ve never officially told anyone about this site, or about the young girls under 18 involved in them. I just like the uniqueness of each story and each author, it’s intriguing to me.

  3. JJ says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to role play and age play with an ex-girlfriend… playing some very young ages. We both loved how delicious it all felt, but that was prior to discovering this site. I’m sure we would have read these stories together or to each other like we used to read erotica together like Anaïs Nin.

  4. Julie18 says:

    Even though i’m flipped where I love the idea of being with an older woman, this is all a deep dark secret i keep inside.

  5. Petalslover48 says:

    Ever since I accidentally when at the age of 14 caught a glimpse of what I can only describe as an exquisitely delicate work of art as only the good lord can make, that being the vagina of my best friend’s 10-year-old sister, I’ve been fascinated by them, regardless of the fact many would consider me a pervert at best. It’s always been look but not touch and I never have, not even once I swear. Still love looking at them at the advanced age of 70 and that won’t change. Now everyone here knows my secret and it is one I’ll take to my grave.

    • David says:

      Nice to know someone else in their 70′ is reading these stories and has the same feelings I have had and still have for years.

    • lilknicksfan says:

      I agree there is nothing nicer to look at than a little girls pussy and I bdet her 10 yr old bald puffy pussy looked amazing, like you I am getting advanced in my years but still love child pussy and no nobody knows I am a child lover

      • Larry1863 says:

        You’re a wonderful man. And you’re right nothing better than a little girl pussy over your face.

  6. Jeni K says:

    A former lover of mine shared these interests as fantasies. We were each married to men, and both had daughters of similar age. As we gradually discovered this mutual kink, we’d incorporate it into our (secret) moments together. It progressed to the point where we’d each sneak a pair of our daughter’s panties, and bring them to our rendezvous.

    It was was so sexy to see each other wearing those little garments (the girls were middle school aged then), and even to hear one another using our daughters’ names.

    But she’s the only one I’ve ever shared these thoughts with.

  7. Nathan Riches says:

    So this will be somewhat long so bear with me.

    For years I struggled in a very dark place keeping this secret from all around me, although one of my friends found out, and wasnt bothered by it as such, one partner found out and again was just like “meh” and I did mention to my sister that I was having feelings towards my oldest niece (10 at the time)and for some reason she never went further with it other than saying if I ever tried anything she’d cut my balls off.

    Then just over a decade ago, I got busted for CP possession and making (referring to a dvd I had burned of stuff I downloaded.THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED. I know that may sound weird, but it forced me to “come out” to my family and I was surprised and touched that they all stood by me. Most of my friends also did, although I did lose one but thats faur, not everyone can accept it. I was fortunate that I had never actually touched a child, and got a sympathetic judge who felt that prison would not be good for me with my depression so sentenced me to a year of Home Detention and a year of Post-Detention Conditions ( which was basically the same rules as HD, just without the bracelet and therefore written permission to go places) I also attended a treatment program (which I had previously looked at doing but cost $600) which I found to be a lot less useful when back in the real world, as it taught a lot of stuff that just wasnt realistic in the real world (try plotting a route to walk any decent distance without passing a park, school or other child-focussed area, for instance) However I did come away with some useful scraps, but the main benefit has been the freedom to know that I CAN tell people and take the consequences. On the flip side, it is hard to figure out when is the right time to tell someone, especially a prospective partner, but thats just part of life and learning.

    I am grateful for this sit and another that allow me to “safely” explore my interest.

    • MommyLover says:

      I’m curious: How did you get caught with the DVD? Did someone turn you in?

      • Dylan says:

        Nathan, I’m curious also! Did someone report you? How did the authorities find out?

        • Nathan Riches says:

          Sorry, been a while since I checked this post. So, apparently a government department had me on their radar for a while due to my use of peer to peer software to source the pics. As for the DVD, I just handed it over with my computer when I got busted, it was only ever for my personal use (through my Xbox) and I had never distributed it. So no one “dobbed me in” as such.

  8. Meredith says:

    I love this Page and your stories.

    No One knows this side of me..and Think I admire lil ones for thier Beauty and Fashions..
    I only only acted on them a few times the latest in Mexico..Was heaven..Thank you agin..kisses Meredith

  9. Milanov says:

    Oh, I look here an anonymous club of hot taboo taboo))
    Speaking seriously, I’m never ready to tell anyone that I like the story of mummy’s seduction of their daughters. This is illegal and dangerous. In my country, Russia has very serious laws on children.
    But these fantasies are so hot … I have been interested in this topic for more than 15 years. This is my secret.

  10. Emily says:

    I have had these thoughts for a long time. It’s a secret for me. But I love reading the stories here. And it means allot to me that other moms think of these things too. This site is part of my morning ritual after I get out of the shower. It is secret. But thank you so much.

  11. Cheryl Taggert says:

    Hello, old friends! Cheryl Taggert here for a brief visit. Lisa, of course, knows and we share the same fantasy for those who don’t know about us. She is my wife. We legally married a few years ago, shortly after JetBoy, Naughty Mommy and I started this website. Lisa found out when she discovered my stories. Her confession about having the same fantasy has led to many very erotic moments between us, especially that first time when she told me. We sat up most of the night talking about what we’d done and what we fantasized about doing. We still exchange a look when we encounter a young girl when out shopping together, etc.

    The only other people to know were the few girls I have known in this way when I was a teenager. I had some “Adventures in Babysitting” back then that became the foundation for my totally fictional short novel on this website, “Nanny for a Night.” Those girls knew of my desires, of course, and I’ve not encountered one who regretted what happened.

    Hugs to you all!


  12. Liz Smith says:

    My brother knows about my interest in these stories, but no one else. He enjoys them too, so there is no problem. I am well aware that they deal with a taboo subject that many people would not approve of, but I do not see my feelings as being wrong. It is just a part of me, one that I must keep secret.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Liz
      I’d love to share idea with you if your interested

    • Nathan Riches says:

      That is definitely the way to look at it, as it is a part of your sexuality, just as much as whether you are gay or straight or like watersports, etc. The unfortunate side to it is the fact that it is anathema to most of “normal” society, even though just 100 years ago child wives, etc were, if not fully the norm, at least tolerated and in some ways condoned. As long as we make sure that we do not hurt anyone, either by just keeping to fantasies, or finding that special relationship, then we’re fine.

  13. John says:

    I’m 57 now but about 5 years ago I started dating a younger woman she was mid 30,s and had 2 Daughters and a Son Well I was staying at her house one weekend and we were just cuddling on the sofa watching TV her kids had gone to bed But I said something like ok Babygirl and she come back Saying Thats nice you saying babygirl Daddy well that was It then well we was making love having full sex she wanted me to be her Daddy and she was acting like an Little girl and talking like one But I found it such a turn on to thin I was fucking a young girl and the Incest side of it was so so horny 🙂 So I dont know If I could do it for real as In real life ?

  14. John says:

    I mean yes I do love reading the Kinky Naughty incest underage storys and yes it do turn me on big time 🙂 But I dont know if I could do it in real life ????? so if some of you have then fair play to you as No one gets hurt then its ok in my book

    • lilknicksfan says:

      I see no harm as long as it is not forced, people think just because a child can not have or make a baby they have no sexual feelings…..BULLSHIT! Hand on the leg and rub, move it up rub, higher and rub, outside of the undies and rub, if they don’t push the hand away or say stop they are enjoying it and like being touched so where is the harm? But for SURE if they say no then it is no you NEVER force

      • Larry1863 says:

        You’re wonderful!

        • No One says:

          Some of you are creepy as fuck. You can’t molest a child just because she doesn’t know to say “no.” Jesus Christ. Yes, she may have “sexual feelings,” that doesn’t give you the right to act on them.

          Sometimes, I wonder if my stories might serve to motivate people like this, and I almost want to stop writing…

          • Chuck says:

            You’re right. Honestly – some people here are just a causual pedophiles and should be reported.

  15. No one who knows my real name knows about this side of me. It’s incredibly lonely, and I wish I could tell my wife about it, but I just don’t think anything good would come of it.

  16. After a long absence from Juicy Secrets I felt a real ache to come back and catch up.
    For me, it is a wonderful site and it was even more wonderful to find Jenni K’s confession here.
    It both aroused and made me feel less alone. I thought I was the only mother who had done something similar.
    In my case it came after a deep friendship online with another woman of the same age and also with an innocent nine-year-old daughter. We eventually found we both had a “thing” about panties and preteens and that we also share similar fetishes. After exchanging various dreams we could not resist exchanging our daughters’s unwashed white panties by courier and watching each other worshipping them on Skype.
    Afterwards, we were both amazed that we actually let ourselves do it and found it so thrilling. But we never had the nerve to carry on.
    So I’m really relieved to find someone who has done the equivalent. Does any other responsible mother share similar dreams about watching their preteens with others especially if kink is involved and it is thrilling to watch your daughter discover and enjoy it?
    I can be contacted at [email protected]

  17. Sean says:

    No one knows this side of me, it would not go over well. However reading the readers forum has helped to know that I am not alone.

  18. drew says:

    Nobody in my family nor any of my friends know this kinky side of me. I have talked via e-mail to other like minded individuals and I find it exciting to do so and enjoy doing it. I would not in real life do this I don’t think anyway. Would love to connect with any and all who want to do so. Please contact me at [email protected] thanks! Drew

  19. Annah says:

    I have had that interest as far back as I can remember. From just the glimpses I caught playing “doctor” and such, I was hooked. Outside of messing around when I was a minor myself, I have been good. I have always struggled with the thoughts, and always scared to death something could happen legally.

    I don’t know what happened to me sexually at a young age, but I believe something did as I have always had some devious streak in me. I am male, I started cross dressing at a young age, I was obsessed with it. All of my life now I have been doing it, never really going forward with a real proper transition. I look back at everything now and my whole life I was desiring to be a lesbian, I know that sounds messed up.

    I had one friend whom has passed on now that knew. He also loved the beauty of youth but he was reckless, and I was not interested in going down for something he did. I had 1 partner that knew a little bit about it. She was not very deep, which I guess I mean is she couldn’t see just the beauty. We talked, fantasized about it, and did some role playing. She had a nice selection of white cotton items, natural ‘a’ cups and a wild imagination. She is also one of the few that knew about my crossdressing which I did frequently for her. We have acted out many girl/girl fantasies that way. Sadly she had some substance and alcohol issues and was not a stable trusting partner to share and explore more with. Those r/p moments are some of my best memories.

    Fast forward to this point in my life. I still enjoy being my feminine self, nobody knows about that or my love of youth. I suspect a couple people close to me suspect something. I have never had any experiences, and have no desire to be in a situation that can be harmful to someone.

    I could keep going on, but I am tired and already feel like I am rattling on. Short story; 2 people have known, and now you all. I found asstr years ago, and have branched out to most of the satellite sites. The stories were my safe escape, and I was so amazed there were so many other people with similar interests. I have read hundreds, probably thousands, and have been trying to write my own now. My fantasy spectrum is broad, but g/g is still my favorite subject. There is nothing more beautiful than that pure love.

  20. preteen lover says:

    well,we all lust for little girls,who doesent is a lier.

  21. David says:

    You can talk to me anytime about your feelings, I am very open minded and have the same feelings. Contact me anytime you want. (mrstrut47)

  22. lilknicksfan says:

    nobody I know knows my attraction to young but people I chat with obviously do and I love to chat and chatting harms nobody but I have no interest in wickr, tox etc, most of that is people that want to chat about raping young kids which I won’t discuss, I am constantly amazed by how many have these “taboo” interests though,

  23. Jed says:

    Like the first comment at the top, it will always be a very deep, very dark secret. I would like to talk about it, but only when someone else brings it up. Just to scared otherwise. Have talked to a few women about it, but they just turn out to be cranks. Glad I stumbled onto this site from another site with the same theme. Just upset that I can’t trust anyone to talk about with unless it’s a crank.

  24. theflash says:

    Does any one like cheerleaders and stewadress like i do

  25. Watergirl says:

    It’s great to find a place with stories and threads where we can share the desires we can’t reveal to friends. I’ve given up on sites that are 18+ where many posters are men pretending to be women, like Literotica. It’s also refreshing to find well written stories.
    Thank you everyone.

  26. kinkys_sis says:

    Just a little about myself, a little less about my sister.

    A few years ago, I was still a preteen when my sister left her laptop open when in the middle of a conversation with a woman on another site. I couldn’t believe what I read when I scrolled back through the exchanges.
    Then I got busted by sis. I begged her to let me stay as the conversation progressed, Reluctantly, she did. Somehow, I don’t remember exactly how, I got drawn into the conversation.

    This was in the days when you could still exchange pics and vids in chat, you can’t now. The woman sent us a vid of her and her gf, omg, so hot. I have since found out that it was absolutely genuine, I know some who have met up with her.

    One thing kinda led to another, I learned about real sex. In fact, I became a sex maniac.

    Now in my fourth year of membership, I have slowed down, sorta grown up.
    Many ask how my stories can be so vivid and realistic, the answer is quite simple. There are many elements of truth in most of my stories, many of the scenarios occurred to some degree. I write a story around a few facts.

    How do I write like this at my age? English Literature is my top subject, and I have the ambition to be a successful author one day, but aside from that, I have a somewhat weird and kinky sex drive … or maybe I don’t … I live the fantasies that most don’t ever have the nerve or opportunity to do so. Add the two together and you get an erotic writer.

    I am lucky academically, I learn very fast, I absorb what I am interested in.

    I have a whole bunch of stories written over the last three years. I have begun to submit them to Jetboy. So far, he is impressed enough to want to publish. If you do spare the time to read any, please feel free to critcise, I will not ever take offense to adverse criticism … I want to learn.

    One last thing. My thanks to Eleoquent Delinquent for encouraging me to submit here. Very special thanks to Shy Mom, my friend and mentor. Then of course, the staff and writers here … I have so much reading to do with not enough time in the day.

    • ClitLicker says:

      Kinkys_sis I love your writing, and love the fact that you started it, and are still so young. And I love to think of you with your sister.

      I too am a bit of a writer and think I could produce something that might be good enough to be considered for publication here. But I don’t, for obvious reasons, want to use my real email to communicate. How can I set up an identity without it referring back to my usual email and/or phone number?

  27. krissie says:

    No one knows about my deepest desires Some know about my sexual fantasy’s but my true and real desires are kept and treasured by me This because am scared of the outcome if they were known to others
    They are my jewel precious to me admired by me treasured by me so more meaningful to me
    Yes me comes into it a lot because of my fears

  28. Dora Oz says:

    The only person I ever dared to tell was my sister. Since she was the one who taught me to masturbate when we shared a room as kids and who told me about so many other sexual matters I hoped that she would at least understand, if not support, my feelings. Unfortunately, she tried to act like none of it had ever happened and basically told me to grow up. At least I feel confident that she will never tell anyone about the things that I did, because she was complicit in so much of it in the early days, if not the ringleader. I would never try to blackmail her, but I do feel secure that she is not going to share what we did together as kids.

  29. Clit Licker says:

    Happy Christmas everyone

    You can email me at [email protected]

  30. Voyguy says:

    Stumbled on to this site, quite by accident, but ohh how I have enjoyed it. I never understood some of my true feelings til I read these fantastic stories. They have opened my imagination, and allowed my fantasy life to take flight.

    I have always known that I had a certain proclivity towards preteen girls, and although I could never act upon it, this site allows me to take flights of fantasy on a regular basis. I have never told anyone I know abot these taboo thoughts, but I ache to have a close friend to share them with. Alas I don’t think I will ever have the courage to bring someone into my trust on this. I fear very few would understand. That being said I thank all of you, creators, providers amd bloggers on this site for making me feel just a little less alone in my universe

    Love to chat with other tortured souls, if your interested


  31. DaughterLover says:

    I’ve been “coming” to JS (and its predecessors) for ages. Being a lesbian who just turned 70 (!), it’s simply impossible for me to talk to anyone irl about my deep feelings for young girls. For at least 30 years (perhaps longer) I have often dreamed of (but never experienced) the delights that are so deliciously expressed in the stories I’ve enjoyed here. I’ve chatted with 3 other women on tumblr (in the old days) who shared my desires, but never had the chance to meet any of them irl. I’ll just say that I look forward to many more fantasies, but accept the limitations my age imposes 🙂

  32. Julie Miller says:

    I have never really been or understood why but knowing a few people who are has left me thinking more open then i had prior. Chat at [email protected]

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