Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 2

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by Girl Lover

The next day, Saturday, Alice woke up much later than usual. Her mother took her shopping at the mall, but her mind was elsewhere, being naked in a house full of horny older women. As they walked throughout the mall, she found herself staring at every older woman, wondering if any of them were at the party last night. The day dragged on and Alice counted the hours till she finally saw the light in her parents’ room go out. Already dressed, she crawled out the window and was soon hurrying down the dark, moonlit street to another wonderful night of pleasure.

Several minutes later, she walked up the driveway towards Rebecca’s house, marveling at the number of cars there. She opened the door and walked in hesitantly. Heading into the small room off to the side used as the changing room, she was surprised to find two women inside, undressing.

They gazed lustily at her, remarking, “My! Oh, my!” and “Hello there!”

Alice smiled at them as she pulled off her shirt and shucked off her pants, all the while, feeling their eyes upon her naked body, adding to her growing excitement. Then she eagerly stepped out of the room, wondering where she should go. She walked along among the other women who were standing around watching the others, loving all of the lewd stares and the occasional hand on her butt. Remembering the hot tub, she went to the patio door. Opening it, she was pleasantly surprised to find three women in it.

“Hi, come on in!” One of them waved her over. Alice came out onto the patio and stepped down into the tub.

“Oooh, looks like you’re ready to go,” one of the other women chuckled as she leered at Alice’s naked body stepping into the water.

As she dipped below the surface, one of the women told her, “Not so fast. Let’s have a look at you.”

Alice raised up, letting them gawk at her.

“Mmm-mmm,” one remarked, “That is got to be the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen!”

Alice gazed at them just as lustfully as they did at her, in particular to the chubby one in the middle, because her breasts were so large. Being gawked at by strangers as well as admiring the strangers’ bodies in return was a strange feeling, that immediately turned her on.

The chubby woman in the middle reached out, stroking her hand along Alice’s side, “My, but you’re a tender young thing.” Her hand turned Alice around so that they were able to get a good look at her tiny bottom, “So delicious,” she murmured. “I’m Julie. This here’s Helen,” she indicating to the right of her.

“I’m Kathy,” the third woman introduced herself.

“I’m Alice,” Alice told them shyly.

“Shy too. Is this your first time, dear?” Julie asked.

Alice shook her head, “I was here last night.”

“Oooh!” The women looked at each other excitedly.

Julie took her hand and pulled her to sit with them. “I take it you like older women?”

Alice was too embarrassed to answer, but her blushing smile gave away her answer.

“Well, we certainly like really young girls such as yourself,” Helen remarked, stroking Alice’s leg under the water.

“How old are you, dear?” Julie asked, using her forefinger to rub across one of Alice’s nipples.


“Oooh!,” the women repeated. “Goodness, you are young!”

Kathy reached over, cupping her hand onto Alice’s tiny sex. Alice felt her finger tickling just inside her vulva and opened her legs slightly.

As Julie began kissing Alice’s neck, Helen commented, “Whenever I go to my grandson’s choir recitals, I always want to fuck the cute little girls there so bad.”

The other women snickered at this as they fondled Alice.

“Do you like this, dear?” Kathy whispered.

“Yea,” Alice replied in a soft voice, her breath now shallow. It was really starting to feel good.

Julie turned to face her, displaying her ample breasts which hung down into the water.

Alice reached over and took a breast in each hand, squeezing them enthusiastically and feeling their softness.

Helen turned Alice’s head toward her, kissing her.

Soon, Alice was lost in a myriad of boobs, hands, and lips touching her everywhere.

Kathy’s finger moved around inside Alice’s sex, stirring her up till suddenly the feeling came over her, causing her legs to close firmly onto Kathy’s hand, trapping it within her.

Alice cried out, “AAAiiiiggghhh!”

The women laughed, cheering on Alice’s orgasm as her face turned red.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It was beautiful,” Julie told her.

Helen rose up out of the water and sat down on the edge, her open legs inviting the young girl to come in between them.

Alice looked at the hairy, wrinkled pussy of the older woman before her and reached out, feeling the soft tangled hair.

Helen spread apart her labia as Alice leaned forward and tasted the woman’s flesh. Having done it last night, she wasn’t as timid as before. Instead of giving little delicate licks,in the grip of the building lust within, she pushed her tongue out, bathing the woman’s pussy. Enticed by Helen’s odor, her licking grew more energetic, almost frantic as she pushed her faced into Helen’s pussy.

“Oh, my!” Kathy commented admirably. “Such enthusiasm! How is she, Helen?”

“Glorious!” Helen moaned, her head leaning back.

Julie moved behind Alice, cupping her tiny bottom as it poked above the surface of the water. After a few teasing strokes from her finger, she pulled the young girl’s butt cheeks apart and pressed her face into them, enjoying the forbidden thrill of having her face in a young girl’s butt. This feeling added to Alice’s hunger, propelling her to push her face even more into Helen’s pussy, moving it around and smearing the woman’s juices all over her face. Soon, Helen grunted, her face wincing from the intensity, then she cried out as she squirted all over Alice’s face. As Helen flopped back onto the deck in exhaustion, Alice licked the pussy juice from her lips as she beamed at her accomplishment.

“Oh, God!” Kathy exclaimed as she stepped out of the hot tub and also sat on the edge facing Alice, “I’ve got to be next!”

Julie laughed, and Alice grinned even more.

Opening her legs wide, while leaning back, propped up on her elbows, Kathy watched as Alice gazed at her pussy momentarily then pushed her face into it.

“Oh shit, she’s good!” Kathy yelped.

Alice began to notice the subtle differences between the various pussies; some were hairy, others hairless, some had the labia closed, others were open, some had a stronger odor. But, despite the differences, Alice all had the same effect on women when she played with them. And right now, Alice was having a big effect on Kathy.

Making all sorts of noises, Kathy reached out, holding Alice against her pussy as Julie contented herself playing with Alice’s tender young sex and butthole.

Alice’s missy was still somewhat sensitive from earlier, and so Julie’s ministrations kept distracting her, making her jerk from time to time.

Having gotten herself worked up from having such a young girl pleasure her with such passion, Kathy soon found herself quickly cumming, wailing through her clenched teeth, till she had to push Alice away and fell back exhausted.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh God!” She moaned, unable to do much else from the lack of strength. After a minute, she opened her eyes, looking at Julie, “Julie…You’ve got to try her. It’s just…” She stopped to catch her breath.

“That good, huh?” Julie asked.

“Oh, it’s beyond good.” Kathy rolled over on her hands and knees, then slowly crawled back into the hot tub to join Helen, who had been enjoying the show while she was resting.

“I don’t think I could ever go back to having sex with an adult after her,” Helen observed.

As they watched Julie climb out of the tub and position herself before the young girl, Kathy agreed, “I know what you mean. No one has ever made me cum that hard. There’s something about seeing such a little girl giving you the most incredible feelings.”

She stared at Alice’s raised bottom enticingly. “What is it about such a tiny butt that is so alluring?”

Alice watched as Julie opened her legs to her. Being a bit more overweight then Helen and Kathy, Alice couldn’t help touching Julie’s soft plump belly. Feeling its smoothness, she leaned down to rub her face against it, closing her eyes and luxuriating in the soft pillow-like feeling. Her hands wandered down Julie’s equally soft thighs as Julie laid back on the deck with Alice nuzzling her face into her vulva. Having done it so many times now, Alice was becoming quite adept at knowing what to do to make a woman feel good. Judging by the sounds that each woman made, or the way her hips squirmed, Alice was able to tell if she was doing it right. And what they all seemed to have in common was that every woman liked to have the little nub at the top of their pussy touched.

Alice pressed her face firmly against Julie’s pussy, feeling the wetness against her skin while moving her face around.

“Oh my, she is good!” Julie remarked to the others.

“I told you!” laughed Kathy, “I’ll take her over my vibrator any day.”

Alice kissed Julie’s pronounced clit, sucking it into her mouth.

“Ooohhh…,” Julie moaned.

Alice rolled it in between her lips, drawing out more gasps and moans. Why do I enjoy making women moan so much? Alice wondered, as she felt something dribbling down her chin, prompting her to push her face further into Julie’s pussy, coating it with the woman’s juices.

Suddenly, Julie clenched her soft cushiony thighs against Alice’s head, trapping it as she let out a wail, drenching Alice’s face and chest with a gush of fluids. After a moment, Julie scooted forward, sliding back into the water as Alice moved over to her side.

Helen and Kathy came over to Alice, each giving her a brief but passionate kiss, “It’s getting late and we have to be getting back home, sweetie. Thank you so much. Will we see you next Friday?”

“Yes. I’ll be here every Friday and Saturday night,” Alice happily informed them.

“Oh, that’s wonderful. We’ll be here too. Until next time.” Kathy and Helen climbed out of the hot tub, and dried off, leaving Alice and Julie alone. Feeling comfortable enough with the woman beside her, Alice leaned back against Julie, nuzzling her face against Julie’s large breast, “I can’t believe how big your boobies are. I didn’t know they could get this big.”

Julie chuckled, “Most women tell me that. I’m glad you like them.” With her hand on Julie’s leg, Alice cuddled against her, closing her eyes.

Julie put her arm around the girl, “You tired?”

“A little,” Alice answered, “but I don’t want to leave yet. This feels good.”

“It feels good to me too,” Julie closed her eyes. “I could stay right here forever.”

After a few minutes, Julie said, “I’m falling asleep. I think I need to go home myself.” She stood up and went over to the side and climbed out.

As she was drying herself off, she told Alice, “I would like to see you again. Do you think you would be able to come over to my house sometime tomorrow?”

Alice’s eyes lit up, “Yea.”

Julie smiled, “I live nearby at 742 Evergreen Terrace. It’s a small yellow house. You want to come over, say about ten?”


“Great!” Julie came over and leaned down, kissing her, “Good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Alice watched her walk back inside, admiring her large butt. Alone, she leaned back, closing her eyes, enjoying the warm water against her skin. It felt so relaxing, that she had to remind herself not to relax too much and fall asleep. She needed to thoroughly enjoy every minute that she was here since it would be a whole week before she could come back. A few moments passed, then she was startled by the sound of the door opening. Looking at the door, she was surprised to see an elderly woman stepping outside. She looked to be even older than her grandma. She was covering her body as if she didn’t want anyone to see her naked, her eyes looking around uncertainly.

Suddenly noticing Alice in the hot tub, her eyes widened as she apologized, “Oh I’m so sorry. I must have gotten turned around. I didn’t know anyone was out here.”

Alice sat up, interested, “That’s okay.”

“I won’t disturb you.”

“You’re not disturbing me,” Alice quickly reassured her, “You can come in if you want.”

Still looking unsure, the woman came over, her eyes widening, then stated, “Why, you’re just a child.”


“You can’t be here. I shouldn’t even be here.”

“Why not?”

“Because ladies come here to…,” the woman couldn’t bring herself to continue.

“I know,” Alice grinned, “That’s why I came.”

“But why? Do your parents know where you are?”

“No,” Alice replied in a nonchalant voice. “What’s wrong with being here?”

“Because it’s illegal for you. And it’s just… wrong.”

“I don’t think it’s wrong. I want to be here. I like it.”

The woman didn’t know how to answer this. She shivered in the chilly night air. “The water’s warm,” Alice coaxed her. Still looking unsure, the woman stepped in, sitting down across from Alice.

“I just can’t believe you would come to a place like this,” the woman said.

“Then why did you come?”

The woman pursed her lips together, looking around, “I really don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before.” Looking up, the woman said, “I suppose we should introduce ourselves. I’m Doris.”

“My name’s Alice. I’m actually pretty new here myself. This is only my second time.”

“How old are you by the way?”


“Good Lord! I have great-grandchildren the same age as you,” Doris told her disapprovingly, “I still can’t believe that you actually want to be in a place like this. I can’t believe that I’m even here.”

Alice glided through the water, across the tub, to sit beside her, “Why did you come if you didn’t want to?”

“My husband passed on not too long ago. I missed him, of course, and my family and friends were able to keep me from feeling lonely, but one thing they couldn’t replace was the intimacy that he and I had. I missed that part of our relationship and so I began thinking of how to replace it. No man could ever replace Herb and I just couldn’t bring myself to share myself that way with another man. It… it just wouldn’t seem right. But a woman… especially one my age… it wouldn’t be cheating and I wouldn’t be uncomfortable showing another woman my body. So, when I found out about this place, I decided to see what it was like. I didn’t know what to expect. I was really looking for someone that I could be comfortable with. So when I came here, everyone seemed so much younger and at my age, my body isn’t what it used to be. I decided to leave and thought this was the changing room when I came out here.”

“My mom says that everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

Doris smiled, “That’s sweet of you to say, but after so many years, I’m not much to look at.”

“Well, I think you’re beautiful,” Alice rose up, sitting herself behind Doris, and wrapping her arms around the woman to cup her breasts.

“What are you doing?” Doris asked surprised.

“Doesn’t it feel nice?” Alice asked as she gently squeezed.

“Well yes, but you shouldn’t be doing such things.”

“Why not? That’s why I’m here. I want to make you feel good.”

“But you can’t just… Oh my!” Doris suddenly reacted to the little girl’s hand sliding down between her legs. Doris looked down as Alice’s fingers pushed inside her hairy pussy. Doris drew in her breath and placed her hand on Alice’s, trying to stop her. “Alice…”

“Do you want me to stop?” Alice asked.

Doris felt the little girl’s fingers wiggling around inside her, stirring up feelings that she hadn’t felt in twenty years and with her trembling breath, she groaned, “No.”

Alice snuggled up against Doris as her hands continued to roam over the woman’s body.

“I can’t remember the last time that Herb touched me like this.”

Alice propped her face upon Alice’s shoulder, whispering, “You can touch me too.”

“Oh, I couldn’t.”

“I want you to.” Alice came around, standing in front of Doris. Taking the older woman’s hand, Alice guided it over her flat immature chest. Doris pulled back, whispering worriedly, “This isn’t right.”

“It’s not wrong.”

Gradually, Doris’ hesitation faded, allowing the girl to move her hand along her young body. Then Doris was moving her hand on her own. Alice took Doris’ drooping breasts in each hand, admiring how they hung down. Doris was different than the other women, more of a kind, doting grandmother than one of the horny women inside. Doris was as much of a naïve virgin as Alice was last night, and that attracted Alice tremendously. With Doris, she didn’t feel lust as she did with the others, but more of an intimate passion. She found herself leaning closer, wanting to do something she hadn’t done with the others. She wanted to kiss Doris. She pressed her lips against Doris’. The moment was brief but magical.

When Alice pulled away, Doris sighed breathlessly, “Ohhh myyy…That was nice.”

“Yea…,” Alice agreed.

“You really like doing this?”

Alice nodded, grinning broadly. “I want to do more.”


“Anything we want.”

Alice’s hand wandered down Doris’ belly to between her legs. Her finger sliding along the length of the woman’s vulva. Alice’s finger slipped inside, drawing a gasp. Her finger moved up and down, sometimes in a circle, creating feelings within her that Doris hadn’t felt in so long.

Doris closed her eyes, sighing quietly, her face showing a range of expressions and as her breathing deepened, she began to quietly moan.

Alice felt Doris’ legs parting. Her finger kept moving, bringing out more feelings.

“Ohh… right there…,” Doris whispered, “Oh… oh… oh… oh…”

Alice kept up a gentle pressure on Doris’s clit, causing her to make an almost crying sound.

Alice held her with her left arm as Doris held on to her, then fell back, breathing hard, whispering, “Oh… thank you… thank you… thank you so much…”

After awhile, Doris wiped her eyes, “I never thought it could feel that way.” She straightened up, thinking, “I can’t remember the last time that Herb and I were intimate. I think it was during President Reagan’s second term.”

“Who’s he?”

Doris chuckled and patted Alice’s arm, “Before your time.” Doris breathed out and looked at the little girl before her.

Alice watched her lick her lips, her hand began to reach out, then she pulled it back.

“Go on,” Alice encouraged her.

“I feel so ashamed for having these wicked thoughts about you.”

“It can’t be wicked if I want it as well.”

Doris smiled slightly, then quietly asked, “Would it be okay… if I could kiss you… down there?”

Alice smiled, “Of course,” stepping out of the tub and sitting on the edge beside Doris.

Doris’ eyes widened at the young pussy before her, “Oh my!….”

She touched it tenderly, over and over, pulled the outer lips apart to gaze at the soft pinkness inside. She leaned forward and placed her lips upon it, deeply inhaling her aroma. Then she gave it a long, slow lick.

Alice, watching this, trembling at the sheer sexual excitement of this elderly lady, who probably went to church every Sunday, doing something so passionate.

Doris continued licking her until Alice felt the familiar feeling building up inside her. Having already had an orgasm so recently, this orgasm wasn’t very strong, but it still felt nice. Doris pulled back, smiling, “Thank you so much… I hope you enjoyed that.”

“Oh, I did.,” Alice assured her, coming down again into the water and wrapping her arms around Doris before kissing her. For several minutes, they sat there, holding each other, sometimes giving little kisses and touches. “This is so wonderfully relaxing, I’m about to fall asleep. I really should get home, but I want you to know that I’ve had the most wonderful time. Would you like to visit me sometime?”

Remembering that she was also going to Julie’s house in the morning, Alice nodded, “Uh-huh, how about tomorrow around noon?”

Doris thought, “Yes, I think that could work. I’ll be going to church in the morning with my neighbor, Tammy, and then my oldest son and his family will be coming by to visit afterwards, but they never stay long. So, I think about noon will be best”

Doris hugged Alice, “Oh Alice… you’ve changed my life so much. I can’t wait to see you again.”

Doris quickly gave Alice her address, “I wish you could come home with me tonight, but I know that you need to go home yourself. Can I give you a ride?”

“No thanks. I want to stay a little longer and the lady who lives here will give me a ride.”

They both stood up, walking toward the towels folded neatly on a chair. As they dried off, Doris told her, “Thank you, Alice…thank you so much. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Alice followed Doris to the changing room, waiting while Doris got dressed and left after one last kiss.

Going over to the couches and being so comfortable in this environment, Alice knelt down before one of the women sitting and began fingering her pussy. As the woman watched, she scooted forward, opening her legs so that Alice could lick her as well.

What a world this is, Alice thought. Where else can you walk up to a strange woman and just start having sex with her.

As Alice probed her finger inside the woman, the woman responded in kind by holding on to Alice’s head. Soon, Alice felt the woman’s thighs squeezing her head and juices soaking her face.

Alice pulled back, proud of her achievement. She scooted over to the next woman sitting beside her and proceeded to lick her pussy too. And she didn’t just lick it, she mashed her face into it, smearing her juices all over her already-glistening face. Soon, she felt this woman coming too, coating Alice’s face even more.

Another woman came over, sitting down near Alice. Looking up, she recognized Susan from last night.

“I was hoping to see you again,” Susan told her happily. ­

As Alice moved towards her, Susan laid down instead, asking, “Lay on top of me so I can do you too.”

Alice stood up and carefully crawled up on top of Susan, laying herself down in a 69 position, with Susan guiding her. As Alice began playing with Susan’s pussy, she felt Susan doing the same.

After a while, Alice noticed the other women, clustered around them, silently watching, many of them rubbing their pussies. This attention spurred Alice on even more as she found that she liked the idea of them leering at her naked body, and at her licking a woman’s most private place, having her face and hair soaked with their juices. She continued licking Susan, and watched them watching her.

Turning her attention back to Susan’s pussy, she admired the little intricacies. The little bumps, the trickle of juice running down her thigh, the thing at the top that always seem to get the biggest reaction when Alice touched it.

Abruptly, Alice’s attention was drawn away by Susan’s fingernail scratching her butt crack.

“Ooh, that does feel nice.”

Alice pushed her butt back against Susan’s finger and soon felt it brushing against her butthole. Alice pulled her face away from Susan’s pussy and gasped as she felt Susan’s finger push inside. She shuddered from the feeling, closing her eyes.

With Susan’s tongue on her pussy and her finger in her butt, all thoughts of licking Susan’s pussy left her, she just wanted to relax and enjoy this. She felt another orgasm coming. It was much weaker, but still satisfying, although it made her sleepy. She laid her head down on Susan’s thigh, her finger casually moving back and forth inside Susan’s pussy, her eyes fluttering….


“Alice?” Alice stirred at hearing her name. Her eyes fluttered and she looked around. Everyone seemed to be gone, except Susan, whose lap her head was resting on. She sat up, yawning, “Where is everyone?”

“They’ve gone home,” Susan answered.

Rebecca was carrying an armload of sheets towards the garage, “Oh, is she awake?”

“Yes,” Susan told her.

Rebecca commented to Alice, “Well, it looks like you really outdid yourself.”

“Huh?,” Alice asked questioningly.

“She’s talking about your hair,” Susan told her, “It’s sticking up every which way from all the pussy juice in it. Your face is covered in pussy juice too.”

Alice ran her fingers through her hair, feeling the stiffness. “Yea, I had sex with…,” she counted on her fingers, “…seven women.”

“Wow!” Susan laughed.

Seeing Alice’s tired eyes closing, Susan told her, “C’mon, let’s take a shower. I need one almost as bad as you do and then we need to get you home so you can go to bed.”

They walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. Susan bent over, turning on the water and adjusting it. Alice couldn’t resist placing her hands on her butt.

“You still want to go some more?” Susan teased, her eyes laughing. Alice smiled shyly. Susan turned around, lathering her hands and then soaping Alice up. Susan scrubbed the stiff locks of Alice’s hair, “If I didn’t know already, I would ask you what you have in your hair.”

Rebecca stepped into the bathroom, “I must tell you Alice, that so many of the ladies really enjoyed watching you, as well as commenting on how good you are with your tongue.”

“That she is,” Susan agreed, kissing the top of her head and then turning off the shower.

“Would you be able to take her home?” Rebecca asked her.

“Of course.”

Susan turned off the water and dried both of them off, then they went into the changing room to get dressed.

Alice yawned again, her eyes half-opened.

“It’s way past your bedtime,” Susan pulled on her bra, “I hate that I kept you up so late, but I’m so glad I did.”

“Me too,” Alice agreed, her eyes fluttering again.

“C’mon, let’s get you home.” Susan led her out to her car and drove her home.


Alice has a busy day ahead of her in Chapter 3!



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