Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 19

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By: Cheryl Taggert

Candace took a deep breath. It helped calm her nerves to know her older sister Pauline knew Candace was aware of the child porn Pauline owned but had kept a secret. Pauline had wondered at first if Candace was going to call the police about the illegal DVD’s. Her reply had put Pauline at ease. She suggested it was time for everyone to confess to their illicit sexual behaviors. Of course, Pauline didn’t know that Lexi knew about the DVD’s, nor did she know that Lexi was extremely experienced in lesbian sex, not to mention years of masturbation as well.

But Pauline was about to find out. And if all went as planned, they would all be having a lot more fun together in the future.

“Well?” Pauline asked. “What kind of confession could you possibly make that would be anything like what you know about me now?”

“First, let me ask you a few questions,” Candace said, wanting to maintain the upper hand in this conversation. Pauline was ten years older than she was and was used to being in charge. Candace would now need to assert herself to be in charge now.

“I guess that’s fair,” Pauline said.

“How long have you enjoyed fantasizing about little girls?”

Pauline blushed and swallowed. This would not be an easy conversation, regardless where it went. “For a while now.”

“What’s a while? A year? Five years? Ten?”

“Longer,” Pauline admitted.

“So since you were younger than I am now?”

Pauline nodded, afraid to speak.

“C’mon. Out with it,” Candace said. “How old were you when you first knew you wanted to have sex with a little girl?”


“Who was it?”

“Don’t make me say it, Candace. Please,” Pauline said, shaking her head gently.

“Sorry, Pauline. I have to.”

“You already can guess, can’t you?”

Candace could see she would have to say it. “Was it me?” Pauline nodded, unable to answer again.

“Why didn’t you try it?”

“I was scared.”

“Of what?” Candace asked.

“Of everything. I was scared because I was having those thoughts and feelings. I was scared you’d tell if I so much as touched you. Everything.”

“I wouldn’t have told.”

“I didn’t know that, and if you did, I could go to some place for delinquent girls.”

“Okay,” Candace said. “I understand, but you’ve left a lot of years of fun behind by not at least seeing how I would react to it.”

Pauline hung her head, whether from shame or regret, Candace didn’t know. “Let’s move on,” she said. “Where did you get those DVD’s?”

“Online. I found someone online that I got to know and she sent them to me after chatting with me for over a year. We got to know each other rather well. We’d do video chat online and masturbate for each other. I used a P.O. box in Fremont. I was surprised she actually sent them. When I got a notice a package was there for pickup, I was scared to claim it. Then I figured if someone knew what it was, I could claim someone must have sent it by mistake or as some sick joke or something, but when I claimed it, nobody said or did anything. They had no idea what was in the package.”

You and this woman would chat and masturbate together online?”


“How did you find out she had stuff like this?”

“We talked about our fantasies, and she confessed she had one about little girls. I couldn’t believe it. I had actually met someone online who had the same feelings and desires I did. We would get on camera and play with ourselves while talking about what we’d do if we had a little girl who was interested in doing things with us.”

“How long ago did you get the movies?”

“About a year. We still chat sometimes.”

“Is she pretty?” Candace asked, wondering if the woman might get repaid for taking such a chance by getting to watch Lexi with her mom.

“Pretty enough, I suppose. She’s not ugly or obese or anything. Just . . . average, I guess.”

“Have you ever thought about Lexi in that way?”

Pauline stared at her sister, wondering why she would want to know every intimate detail of her sexual fantasy life. She asked her. “Why would you want to know that? Do I have to tell you every little detail?”

“Yes, you do. Don’t worry, my own confession is coming.”

“Okay, yes. I have. She’s such a pretty girl, but of course, I could never do anything about it. She had no idea how many times I’ve walked in on her when she was taking a bath just to see her for later fantasies. I would even tell Janet about it.”

“Janet’s your friend from online?”

“Yes,” Pauline said.

“Why haven’t you tried something with Lexi?”

“Are you crazy? She’s my daughter! Having a fantasy about it is all fine, but to do it–really do it–is out of the question!”


“Because! She’d end up having nightmares about how her mommy had sex with her! She’d end up needing therapy, and I’d end up in jail for raping my own daughter!”

Candace decided it was time she let her big sister know about all the fun she and Lexi had been having for the past five years.

“Okay, maybe after I tell you a few things about me, you’ll not feel that way,” Candace said. She looked over at Pauline, who looked frightened while at the same time looking curious. It was as if she longed to hear the confession but afraid of what it could be.

“Do you remember my friend Phyllis?”

“The one who died in the accident?” Pauline asked.

“Yeah. Remember how we were inseparable?”

Pauline figured out at least where part of this was going. “Oh, my. Did the two of you have sex?”

Candace smiled. “Just all the fucking time.”

“I never realized it,” Pauline said.

“That’s too bad. You could have had us both.”

“How old were the two of you when you started?”

“Like a week after we met.”

“Oh, my! Really?!”


“But you were only–what?–ten when you met?”


“So the two of you were doing things with each other–sexual things–when you were only ten?”

Candace nodded. “And that’s not all.”

“It’s not? What else could there be? I mean, having sex with a girl your age when you were ten is enough, don’t you think?”

“Nothing is ever enough when it comes to sex–for Phyllis or me.”

“Then what? What did you do that was more than that?”

“We seduced Lexi.”

Pauline’s face showed the utter shock she experienced from that statement. “Lexi?! My Lexi?!” Candace nodded.


“When she was five.”

“Oh, my God! You’ve been having sex with Lexi since she was only five? Do five-year-olds even like sex?”

“Of course they do, if it’s handled properly. You have a DVD that proves that,” Candace said. “That one is a mom with her daughter who’s only about five or six. It’s obvious that wasn’t their first time in bed together. That little girl was LOVING what her mom was doing to her. She was coming, in case you didn’t notice.”

“Oh, my God! I guess you’re right.” Pauline looked at her younger sister. “You mean Lexi likes it? The way that little girl in the video likes it?”

“Even more. I mean, she’s been doing this with me since she was five. She’s ten now. She is very experienced and extremely good at making love with a woman.”

“So the two of you have been involved with each other since she was five?”


“And she enjoys–”

“Everything,” Candace said, finishing her older sister’s sentence.

Pauline flushed, her face growing hot as the blush spread up her neck and onto her face. “Does she know how to–”

“Everything, Pauline. She does everything and she loves doing everything . . . as well as having everything done to her.”

“Then the nights she would stay with you . . . the two of you would–”

“Fuck each other’s brains out.”

“How did you and Phyllis get her to do these things?”

“We just asked her if she wanted to play big girl games with us. She took to it like a golden retriever to swimming.”

“And she’s never expressed any shame or guilt?”

“Of course not. Think about it, Pauline. People don’t feel guilty until they get caught doing things they shouldn’t and people start heaping shame on them. Until that point, they love what they’re doing. Otherwise, they’d stop doing it.”

“Oh, my God. You’re right.”

“Of course, I’m right,” Candace said. “And what’s more, Lexi wants to have sex with you, too. In fact, her idea was to join you in the shower today and start sucking your boobs and fingering you to let you know about how we found your private stash of kiddie porn.”

“Holy shit! I’d have fainted!”

“That’s what I said. Anyway, she’s in her room right now, probably playing with her pussy just thinking about what might happen.”

“Do you think I should?” Pauline asked.

Candace was exasperated. “Do I think you should?! I think you should have seduced me when I was five! Why in the world would you pass up an opportunity like this? You’re not forcing her to do anything, believe me. For the last five years, you’ve had the world’s most sexually charged pre-pubescent girl! Don’t you think it’s about time you do something about it? Let’s go have sex with each other. A lesbian incest threesome. What could be better?”

“You want to have sex with me, too?”

“Duh! Of course, unless nineteen is too old for you. My pussy is absolutely creaming with the thought of it!”

“Are you sure Lexi wants this?”

“Where have you been the past ten minutes?”

Pauline stared at her bedroom door, thinking about what awaited her through that door and just down the hallway. The girl she’d lusted about for the past few years. Her daughter. Lexi. Ten-year-old, sexy–HORNY–Lexi. And she was more than willing to do everything her mother ever fantasized about.

She looked at her little sister and nodded. “Okay.”

“Great! But first, we have to be properly undressed,” Candace said, and laughed. She began pulling Pauline’s top off while Pauline just sat there, a blank look on her face as she tried to take this all in. When Candace pulled her own top off and said, “Well?” Pauline started undressing herself. Soon, the sisters were naked.

Pauline stared at her sister and her shaved pubes, feeling her mouth watering already over the sight. “I’m so sorry I never tried to seduce you when you were little.”

“I am too, but you can make up for it with Lexi.”

With that, Candace pushed her older sister back onto the bed and said, “Call Lexi in here” before diving face-first into Pauline’s pussy. “I’ve waited to taste this since I was little,” she declared and sunk her tongue into Pauline’s wet pussy for the first time.

“Oh,” Pauline said. “Oh, shit, that feels good.”

Candace stopped licking long enough to say, “Call Lexi.”

“Oh, yeah,” Pauline said before hollering toward her door, “Lexi? Come in here, please!”

Candace couldn’t help laughing and lifting her face for a second to say, “I’m sure she will!” Then she returned to the feast she was enjoying.

Seconds later, the door burst open, and Lexi was standing there, a huge grin on her face as she took in what was happening on her mother’s bed. She jumped up and down for a few seconds, clapping before shouting, “YAY!” Then she stripped off her clothes and joined her mother and aunt on her mom’s bed.

Lexi stared at her mother’s pussy and thought to herself, I came out of there! Her aunt had her tongue buried deep into her mother’s pussy, tasting her own sister’s juices. Lexi was jealous.

“Can I lick you?” she asked her mom. “Please?”

Pauline looked at her daughter. The ten-year-old was eager to make oral love to her own mother. The woman felt her heart swell and wondered why she’d waited so long to initiate this wonderful mother-daughter activity. Hell, she had already chastised herself over not engaging in sexual fun with her baby sister–who was no longer a baby, but had admitted she would have loved her older sister to teach her when she was one.

What she hadn’t confessed to Candace was she had licked both her pussy and Lexi’s when they were babies. She had licked her when she was still a toddler and not old enough to remember it. She’d done the same with Lexi, even going so far as to play with her pussy and lick it when she was only a baby. She’d stopped with both of them when she figured they were getting to a point they might remember what she was doing to them. It had been a difficult habit to break.

Smiling at her daughter and feeling her own body jolt at the pleasure Candace was giving her, she said, “Of course, sweetheart. We can do this as often as you like from now on.”

Lexi grinned and hugged her mother. Then she kissed her, sliding her tongue into her mother’s mouth for the first time. She relished the feel of her mother’s tongue as it danced a seductive dance with her own.

For her part, Pauline was amazed at how good a kisser her little ten-year-old daughter was. She thrilled at the sexual kiss, once again considering that she could have been doing this for the past five years if she’d only taken the chance. At this thought, she realized how much she wanted to taste her daughter’s immature pussy. But that could wait. She’d waited this long, she could manage a few more minutes.

Lexi began moving down her mother’s body, licking and kissing her way along the smooth skin, tonguing and sucking on the nipples before giving each a playful nibble. Again, Pauline was flabbergasted at the girl’s ability as a lover.

Finally, Lexi arrived at her mother’s pussy and nudged Candace aside to allow her to put her face between her mother’s legs. Sticking out her tongue, she began sliding it along her mother’s slit, from the vagina to the clit, taking note of each slippery fold until arriving at the engorged organ that was the center of sexual pleasure. Her mother’s clitoris felt like a large swollen mass beneath the thin layer of lubricated skin. Lexi considered its size. It felt like it was as big as the end of her index finger. Candace’s clit wasn’t nearly this big. It was more like the size of a bean. Her mother’s clit didn’t protrude or anything, but she could feel the mass of swollen flesh beneath as it trembled with desire.

Candace moved to where she could make oral love to her older sister’s boobs. She ended up suckling Pauline like a baby, taking the nipple into her mouth and enjoying the feel of it inside her mouth. Then she moved to the other breast, doing the same to it.

For her part, Pauline felt as though she was going to go off like a rocket, blasting off from the bed with the power of her orgasm, which was swiftly approaching. The woman noted how good Lexi was at doing this as well. She had the body of a child, but her mouth seemed to be more like the mouth of a young woman in her twenties, it was so aware of what to do and when to do it.

Finally, Pauline felt the orgasm slam into her, making her body tremble and heave. Her grunts and groans filled her bedroom, each one signalling how wonderful this was.

After a minute, she had to ease her daughter’s mouth from her pussy, the sensations were so overwhelming. Lying back, she did her best to catch her breath while allowing the sweat to evaporate and cool her body down. She knew her pussy, and it would be ready for more spasms in another ten minutes. For now, though, it needed to rest and recuperate.

Candace rose from the bed and retrieved something from her sister’s closet that Pauline didn’t realize she knew was there: a folding massage table. She’d seen it once months ago while staying overnight with Lexi while Pauline was out of town for her job. Candace had wondered why Pauline would have a massage table since she lived alone.

As she set the table up, she asked, “Where did you get this?”

Pauline looked at the table that she had nearly forgotten about it had been so long since it had been used. “Oh, my. I forgot about that. Lexi’s father and I used it when we were married.”

Candace looked at Pauline with a mischievous grin. “You think it’s okay if we start using it again?”

Pauline smiled. “Of course.”

Candace finished setting the table up and crooked her finger at Lexi. “Come here, you.”

Lexi grinned. She’d found the table as well and wondered about it. For some reason, she’d never mentioned it to either Candace or her mother.

Climbing down from the bed, Lexi went to Candace, who helped the girl onto the table. “Lie on your tummy and put your face where the hole is,” Candace instructed. “Now, just relax while your mom and I make you feel, well, orgasmic.” Candace grinned at Pauline, who rose and went over to the massage table. She remembered some amazing orgasms while lying here, but the best one was the orgasm she had not mentioned to her daughter or sister. She recalled the last time this table had been used. She and Lexi’s father’s secretary had enjoyed it one day about a week before her husband had left both her and Lexi forever by running off with that same secretary. Until today, Pauline had no desire to use the table and had considered selling it.

Now, she would make sure it was used much more often.

Candace had left the room, returning with her purse. She fished inside and brought out two tiny bottles of lubricating oils that she carried everywhere with her. Handing one to Pauline, she opened the other and squirted some into her hands, rubbing the lotion between them to warm it. Then stepping to the prone child, she began rubbing the oils over the flawless skin. She began at the girl’s feet and moved up her legs.

“You can start on her back,” Candace said, and Pauline squirted the fragrant lubricant into her palm to warm and spread on Lexi’s back.

As each woman worked, she eyed Lexi’s shapely little butt, the first of their prizes for giving the child a massage. Of course, they also knew that Lexi would enjoy the massage as well, especially when they got to those intimate areas.

As Candace rubbed Lexi’s legs, first the right, then the left, Pauline massaged Lexi’s back, moving down the shoulders toward the gorgeous butt. Pauline glanced at her younger sister and saw that she was already breathing hard from the excitement of massaging Lexi’s immature body.

Soon, both women had moved down the girl’s body to her butt. They stared at the fleshy orbs, the crack bisecting the flesh, and glanced at each other, as if for permission to move to the child’s ass.

“You take the left buttock; I’ll take the right,” Candace said, her breathing once again giving away her excitement.

Pauline moved to her daughter’s left cheek and began kneading the flesh. Lexi sighed, followed by a moan as her aunt began massaging her other butt cheek. Lexi could feel the movements stretching her butt and stimulating her anus. She felt someone’s fingers, she wasn’t sure whose, move into the crack and rub some of the scented oil there, lubricating her butthole. Then a finger popped inside, moved in and out smoothly, going in just far enough to create pleasure.

The child waited as she enjoyed the sensations flowing through her body. She waited for someone to move lower. For someone to start massaging her pussy, which lay between her legs and, from above, beneath her anus. Her legs now lay spread to the point that her feet were no longer on the table. She wasn’t sure if she moved them or her mother or aunt did. She didn’t care. She just wanted someone to touch her pussy, to rub those pleasant oils into the soft flesh there, to massage her tiny clit until she burst.

Then someone was doing just that. An oil-covered hand moved between her legs and began pinching the labia together, squeezing her clit at the same time. Then the hand extended a finger and inserted it a short way into her vagina, where it began to piston slowly in and out, matching the movements of the other finger in her butthole. Lexi felt the vibrations deep within her body. She could feel one finger fucking her butthole, another masturbating her like some small dick, riding in and out. She knew about dicks, though she’d never seen one in real life, and she knew they grew soft after an orgasm. That was the best thing about fingers. They never grew soft. They were always available to enter one of her two holes, the holes that gave her unbelievable pleasure.

“Turn onto your back,” she heard her aunt say. She didn’t really want to, but she complied. She was afraid whoever had a finger in her butt may have to pull it out, but that didn’t happen. The finger remained inside her there, as well as the one in her pussy. Whoever had a finger in her pussy was also massaging her clit with her thumb.

Then a mouth was on her there, licking her clit. She couldn’t help herself. She had to see who it was licking her, hoping it was her mother. She stretched her neck and looked down along her naked body.

What she saw made her body jolt with the pleasure. Her mother’s face was at her pussy, her tongue licking her as her mouth covered the top half of her little cunt. Candace was smiling down at the sight as well, celebrating the final union between mother and daughter. From the angles, Lexi could see it was her aunt whose finger was in her butt. That meant her mom was the one fingering her pussy.

The effect of knowing this was immediate. The orgasm that had been lurking inside since the moment she and her aunt had finalized their plan to include Lexi’s mother in their lovemaking, burst on the child without any further warning. She thrashed and moaned as wave after wave of her climax rolled throughout her body. She felt her tummy muscles clench and relax, clench and relax, as the shuddering took her.

She felt the finger being pulled out of her butt, and in a sort of dream, she saw her aunt’s pussy hovering over her mouth before the woman’s hips dropped and planted the mature cunt onto Lexi’s mouth. In seconds, the child’s nineteen-year-old aunt was sliding her pussy along Lexi’s face, stimulating Candace’s clit and smearing the natural juices onto Lexi’s mouth, nose, and face.

Then Candace was coming. She screamed out her orgasm as it rocked her. Reaching down, Candace spread her labia wide, allowing her clit to pop up from her hiding place and rub itself against her niece’s lips, tongue, teeth, and nose. She hunched her body against the child until she could take it no more.

Candace rose from the table and collapsed on her sister’s bed before she fell to the floor with the sheer energy drain the orgasm had produced. An old Victorian novel came to mind, specifically a word used back then for an orgasm. In those books, people frequently would “spend,” instead of come. Yes, she thought, I am definitely spent. She lay there, unable to move for an entire five minutes. When she again opened her eyes, it appeared all three of them had “spent” themselves into an exhausted bliss.

“I gotta sleep now,” Candace said.

“Be my guest,” Pauline answered, feeling a love for her sister she’d never experienced before. The woman looked at her daughter on the massage table. Pauline smiled as she saw that Lexi was already asleep.

Pauline lay beside her younger sister, who was already asleep herself and thought about her life and how much it had changed in the past hour. She looked over at her sister again and then at her daughter. “Yes,” she whispered to herself, “I think the change is definitely for the better.”

Relax, dear readers! Chapter 20 will be “coming” in no time! (Anyone remember Tabitha, the employee at Toys-R-Us?? She will figure in the next chapter.)


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    Thank you all! I’m loving this story myself. The possibilities are endless. I’m considering changing the title because it certainly isn’t about Tracy and her dilemma anymore. She and the girls will certainly make appearances in future chapters, but it’s now more about the spreading orgasmic interconnections between the characters. Character A meets or already knows character B and they end up having sex. Then character B ends up following her desires and becomes, in essence, the next character A. I might change it to “Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry it Weaves.” What do you all think?

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