Susie’s Diary, Chapter 12

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by JetBoy

Saturday 19th, February 1966

I woke up early and got thinking all about Claire coming over later, then couldnt get back to sleep, So I took out this diary, cause there is some thing I wanted to write about.

Back when Mommy and me started making love, she told me that it was OK for us to do (even though we have to keep it secret) but that we couldnt be girlfriends for real. I mean that we arent sposed to be IN love, cause I need her to be my mother more than my lover.

But about a week ago I started thinking that, maybe I am in love with Mommy anyhow. When I look at her I feel all warm inside, just as much as when I look at Claire. And cuddling with her makes me feel the same way, like I want to stay in her arms for always. I wasnt going to tell Mommy about that, cause I was scared she might not let me do sex with her any more.

Now I think that Mommy might be falling in love with me!

I dont know, its just a feeling I get when she holds me and whispers sweet things in my ear, something more that us wanting to make love. And after we do make love, its even stronger!

There are times where I see Mommy looking at me, and there is something in her eyes. Something big and serious, but really beautiful too.

Ugh! I dont know HOW to explain it.

Im not sure what to think, and that scares me a little. But even if it is bad for Mommy and me to be in love, I wont stop feeling like I do, and I still want sex with her ALL the time!

I hear sounds coming from the kitchen, which I bet means breakfast. Time to rise and shine!


OK, its getting close to time for supper, and Claire will be here in an hour. I cant stop being excited, I thought I might even have to change my underpants, cause they got kind of wet! But I know Claire wont mind that, so I left them on. Besides, they are my sexiest panties and I want her to see me in them. Before I take them off, ha ha!

Actualy, one reason I got wet is that me and Mommy kissed some, before we had lunch. See, I came into the kitchen when she was making sandwiches, and I was looking at her from behind. She was wearing her green shorts, and I was pretty sure she was naked under them cause she goes without panties a lot when its just us at home.

So I was thinking about her bottom and how much I love to touch it. And I just HAD to go over to her and give Mommy a big hug from behind, then when she turned around I grabbed her bottom with both hands!

Oh wow, did she ever give me a sexy look! Then she bent down and kissed me so soft and warm, and I got to suck on her tongue.

It was a long slow kiss, the kind that makes my legs feel shaky, like they dont want to hold me up. It made me forget all about Claire for a little bit, and I wanted to fuck Mommy so much that I felt crazy inside.

I stuck my hand down the back of Mommy’s shorts to touch her bottom, and it was bare! Just like I thought, she didnt have any panties on. I started feeling it, all over. What I really wanted was to reach down and rub her pussy, but I couldnt get my hand in far enough. I could touch her bottom hole, so I did that.

But Mommy made me stop. She said, We need to save that for Claire, honey.

Let me tell you, it almost hurt for me to stop kissing and touching Mommy! I knew she was right, though. So we did one more kiss, then she finished making sandwiches and we sat down and ate them.

Then I decided to come upstairs and write in this some more, but I ended up falling asleep. Any way, after I woke up I wrote about me and Mommy in the kitchen. Now I see its getting close to time for Claire to get here, so thats all for now.

(My fingers are crossed that me and Claire and Mommy have a AMAZING time tonight!!)


Sunday 20th, February 1966

We had a early supper, and I already did all my homework on Friday. So I have extra time to tell about last night.

When Claire rang the bell, Mommy and me were ready for her. You should of seen the smile Mommy gave me just before she opened the door!

Claire came in, and soon as the door was shut I put my arms around her and gave her a big kiss. I didnt use my tongue, but it was still pretty sexy. She was a little nervous after I let her go and looked over at Mommy, who just smiled like it was fine for us to kiss like that.

Then Mommy took her hand and said, Its so nice to see you again, Claire. Then she bent down and kissed her too! Boy, her eyes were HUGE when that happened, but she got over that awful fast. When Mommy pulled away Claire was smiling big, like she had a feeling that we were going to have the most fun ever!

Then Mommy went into the kitchen. To put the finishing touch on dinner, she said. Then she told us to go wash our hands before we came to the table. So I took Claire’s hand and took her to the bathroom.

By the time we got in there and shut the door, Claire was so excited that she was almost bouncing up and down. She said, Oh wow, oh wow, your mom kissed me AGAIN!

I said, Sure she did. I told you, Mommy likes kissing pretty girls. And she likes you a lot, she told me so!

Claire said, But I didnt know if she would kiss me or not, specially in front of you, But she did! And oh my gosh, for a second I thought she might even put her tongue in my mouth!

I just smiled and said, Bet she wants to.

Then Claire got serious, she put her hand on my arm and said, Susie, are you REALLY sure that its OK for me to kiss your mom, really and truly?

I put my hand on top of hers and said, It is, Claire. You can do any thing you want to with her and I wont be jealous, cause Mommy knows that you and I are lovers, and she would never try to steal you from me.

Then she had this look in her eyes, like she saw something amazing. She said, What did you say we were?

I said, Lovers. Thats what we are, right? We love each other, and we do sex together, so that makes us lovers.

Claire put her arms around me and held me close. Our noses were touching. She said, Say it some more.

I looked at her, those feelings so strong in me I could cry. I said, You are my lover, sweet Claire. For ever and ever.

She whispered, Your my lover too, Susie, and then we were kissing. Her tongue was in my mouth and we were hugging each other so tight I could hardly breathe! My hand snuck up under her dress and was rubbing her bottom, and she was trying to touch the front of my panties.

But then I remembered why we were in the bathroom in the first place, and I pulled away. Claire looked unhappy, so I said, Mommy is waiting for us, remember? We were suposed to be washing our hands!

Claire said, Oh yeah, I kind of forgot, and we both giggled. We stuck our hands under the fauset and got them wet, then wiped dry with the big green towel. Then we hurried to the dining room.

Mommy was all ready sitting at the table. When we got there, she just shook her head and said, I thought you girls might of fell into the sink and got washed down the drain! Then she laughed, but I could see she knew Claire and me had been fooling around in the bathroom.

We sat down and ate supper. Mommy had cooked a beef tender loin with mushrooms, one of my favorite things for her to make. Claire told Mommy she loved it.

While we ate we talked about school. Mommy told us about stuff she got in trouble for back when she was our age. Wow, I never knew how naughty she was! Then we were all telling stories like that, about other kids and the bad stuff they did that got them in trouble. IF they got caught, I mean! We were laughing so hard that I was afraid I might wet myself!

We had baked apples for desert, then me and Claire were going to help Mommy wash the dishes. But she said no, to just put them in the sink, cause we were having too much fun to stop. Also she had a surprise for us, and we should go wait on the sofa for her.

So we were sitting there and holding hands when Mommy came in with a tray, on it was a green bottle and some glasses.

What’s that? I said.

Mommy smiled and said, Its champagne. (Just now I had to go downstairs and get her to write that down for me so I could spell it right. Good thing I did, cause I tried to guess how and didnt come close!)

I was REALLY excited, cause I know thats a drink for grownups only. Mommy said, Tonight is a special night. We are celabrating you girls finding one another, and being in love.

That made me blush a little bit, and Claire’s face was pretty red. But I could tell that it made her happy to hear that. She said, Thank you, Mrs Burroughs.

Mommy was opening the bottle, and all of a sudden the top came off with a big POP sound. Then while she poured some into the glasses she said, Now Claire, you dont have to call me Mrs Burroughs. You and I are special friends, so you can call me Sophie.

Claire thought about that, then she said really soft, Can I call you Mom instead?

That suprised me, at first it seemed sort of weird. Then I liked the idea, it made me think of Claire kissing her and calling her Mom. Wow, you better believe that got me excited, and fast! I think Mommy felt like that too, the way she was looking at Claire. She was quiet for a moment then said, That sounds lovely, sweetheart. Now SHE was blushing!

Then she remembered the champagne. Mommy gave me and Claire our glasses, then got hers. She held it up and said, Lets drink to love. Then she did.

I took a sip. It tasted funny, a little sweet but not much. I wasnt sure if I liked it but like Mommy said, we were drinking to love. So I had a bit more. It made my tummy feel warm inside, I did like that!

Claire was laughing when she drank some. She said, It tickles!

Mommy finished hers, then set it down. She said, Only one glass a piece, OK? I dont want to get you girls tipsy!

(She was talking about how dumb grownups act when they drink too much. I remember how once Daddy told me about a party he was at where Mr. Pruitt got up on the coffee table and started singing opera songs really loud, and that made Mrs. Pruitt so mad at him that she locked him out of his house that night and made him sleep in the car. Its good that Mommy doesnt want me or Claire to do stupid stuff like that!)

We got done with our drinks, so Mommy took the glasses and the tray and carried it all to the kitchen. When she got back she was smiling, looking at us with her bedroom eyes. It made me feel hot all over. I know what THAT look means!

She came up to the sofa where we were sitting and said, Do you girls have room there for me?

I said, Sure, come and sit with us. Claire just nodded. I think she was too excited to even talk, maybe cause she saw what was in Mommy’s eyes too.

I forgot to say before what my mother was wearing, so I’ll write it down here. She had on this pretty yellow dress with a bow on the waist, it came down like half way to her knees and really showed her legs off. Also it had what they call spagetti straps, they are really thin so you can see all of her shoulders.

Of course she didnt wear a bra, and her dress went down low in the front. Claire had been taking little looks at Mommy’s titties all night long, and so did I!

Mommy sat down on the end of the sofa by the TV set, so now Claire was in between us. I wasnt sure what would happen next. I really wanted something to!

But then Claire told Mommy that she looked really nice, and then we talked some about clothes. It was fun, and I forgot for a minute about that look Mommy gave us. Then she all of a sudden turned to me and said, Susie, why dont you give Claire a kiss? But a REAL kiss, like you give her when your upstairs in your room.

Boy oh boy, I bet my mouth fell open a foot wide! But I got over it a lot faster than Claire did. Her eyes were huge, staring at Mommy like she didnt have ANY idea what to do!

Then she turned and looked at me, and I was ready for her. I said, I love you, Claire, looking deep into her eyes. Then I reached out and touched her face, that always makes my heart go fast when Mommy does it to me. I moved closer to her, doing it nice and slow so she could make me stop if she wanted to. But she didnt, and then I knew she would let me kiss her.

The first one was really soft, not too sexy yet, cause I was trying to make her want more. I gave her a couple more kisses, still doing it nice and gentle. Claire pulled away then, and I thought maybe she was feeling weird about doing it where Mommy could see. But instead she said, I love you too, Susie. Then we kissed again, and that time I felt her kiss me back!

We were already holding hands, but as we got closer to each other it turned into a hug. We were still kissing, and I was waiting for Claire’s lips to open. Then they did, and I pushed my tongue right into her mouth.

I guess she was waiting for me to do that first, cause then Claire was kissing me hot and wild, just the way I like it the best. I was so excited knowing Mommy was watching us, and I wondered what she was doing, but I couldnt really look at her while I was making love to Claire.

Then Claire pulled away from me again, looking suprised. I saw why, Mommy had both hands on her shoulders and was kissing her on the neck!

She was staring at Mommy, who just smiled really sweet and said, Sorry Claire, I cant help myself. You two look so beautiful together. I got carried away.

I dont think Claire knew what to do, but then she said, Its all right, you just caught me by suprise.

Mommy was still touching Claire. She said, Would you mind if I kissed you on the mouth?

Claire turned to look at me. I think she still wasnt sure that I was OK with her and Mommy doing stuff.

I smiled and nodded and said, Go ahead, I want to watch.

Claire was really shy and maybe a little scared, but I knew she wanted it. Finaly she said, OK, you can kiss me if you like.

Mommy sure didnt give her a chance to back out! She tipped her head a bit and kissed Claire, right on the mouth. It wasn’t sexy, not yet. But it lasted a long time. And when Mommy moved back, she whispered, Oh Claire, your so sweet and beautiful, I think I love you.

I guess by then Claire wasnt feeling so shy, not any more! She grabbed Mommy’s hand and brought it to her lips, then she held it close to her and said, I think I love you too, Mrs. Burroughs.

Mommy gave a little laugh then. She said, No no, NOT Mrs. Burroughs, remember? Say it to me again, dearest Claire. The way you told me you wanted to say it.

So Claire looked at her and said, I love you, Mom. Then she kissed Mommy herself, a REAL kiss.

I was so excited that I felt like running around the room, but right then, I didnt want to move even an inch! Mommy sort of got Claire into her lap, and then I watched them make out. I saw their tongues going in each others mouth when they kissed, and Mommy had Claire’s hand inside her top, she was holding it to her titties.

I didnt want them to stop, but I wanted to play too! So I got up behind Claire and put my arms around her, and I kissed her neck, just like Mommy did before.

I went easy at first so Claire wouldnt get scared, like Mommy and me were ganging up on her. But she pulled back and said, Oh yeah, Susie, pushing back at me. And then she was kissing Mommy again.

Now I was sure Claire liked this, what we were doing. So I started to touch her all over, her tummy, her titties, her shoulders, then I put my hand under her skirt, on the front of her panties. She was wet and hot! I only felt her there a little bit, cause I didnt want her to come yet. Also I wanted to give Mommy a chance to touch her some.

I started rubbing her bottom and kissing the side of her face and her ear, and that was when Claire turned to me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. So I got to kiss her some more. Mommy had opened up the front of Claire’s blouse and now her face was in there. I could feel Claire didnt have a bra on, so I thought Mommy could be licking her nipples.

It looked like we were going to do sex right there on the couch, and oh boy, I was ready for that! I was thinking about what the best way would be to start taking off our clothes, and then Claire sort of jerked away from me and said, Wait, wait!

I didnt know what was the matter, did she not want to play any more? Mommy just said, Whats the matter, darling?

Claire said, I am so SO sorry. But I have to go to the bathroom!

She was really embarrased, I could see that. I moved back so she could get up, and me and Mommy both told her she didnt need to be sorry, it was OK.

When Claire was standing she said, We dont have to stop do we? I really liked it, but I thought I might wet myself. Maybe its cause of the champagne.

That made us all laugh. And then Mommy said, Tell you what. Lets go upstairs and you can use the bathroom up there, then we can go to my room and have some more fun, how about that?

Claire was thrilled and so was I, and we both said that was a GREAT idea!

So we all went up the stairs, and Mommy took us into her bathroom. When we got in there I needed to pee too and so did Mommy, so we all took turns.

Once we were in the bedroom, we looked at each other. Like no one was sure what to do next. I wanted to get things moving so I said, should we take off our clothes now?

I didnt want to give anyone a chance to say no, so I started first. I reached behind and unhooked the top of my dress and let it fall down around my feet. Then I put my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down, slow and sexy like I do it when Mommy is watching me. I already took my shoes and socks off downstairs, so now I was naked.

The way they were staring at me made me feel warm all over. But I wanted them to take off their clothes too, so I pointed at Mommy and said, Now you do it.

That made her laugh, and she said, You little minx. I love it when she calls me that!

Mommy stepped out of her high heel shoes, then she took off her dress. I knew she wasnt wearing a bra, but she didnt have on panties either! She looked so good standing there bare naked that I had to keep from going over and touching her in front of Claire.

When me and Mommy turned to face Claire, she looked kind of nervous, like she all of a sudden wasnt sure she wanted to do this. Maybe I took things too fast, and we should of made out some before we got out of our clothes. Claire wanted to do sex stuff with us, I knew that! But I think that this was more wild than she had ever been before, and now she was getting cold feet.

I didnt want her to be scared and have to go home. So I went over to where she was standing and reached out and took her hand. I gave it a squeeze and said, I love you so much, Claire. Can I undress you?

She was quiet, and I could see she was thinking hard. Then she whispered, OK.

I gave Claire a nice warm hug, and while I was holding her I could feel her heart going like crazy. She was shivering a little too, like she was cold. My lips were close to her ear and I said, Dont worry Claire. Me and Mommy just want to make you feel good.

When Claire moved away from me she was smiling, so I knew she felt better, and ready to have some fun! All I could do was smile back at her like a goofball, thinking about how pretty she is and how much in love with her I am. Then she said, Well, arent you going to undress me then?

Was I ever! Claire was wearing a pretty blue blouse and a dark blue skirt. I guess she buttoned her top back up some while we came upstairs, so I started to unbutton them again. When I

UGH! Its really late, past my bedtime, and Mommy just came up to tell me that I HAVE to go to sleep now, cause its a school day tomorrow.  I wanted to write all about everything that happened last night, but there is just too much to tell! Tomorrow night I will write the rest.

Oh well, gotta get ready for bed. Night night!

Continue on to Chapter 13!


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  1. kim says:

    totally awesome, as usual.This got us both wet and are really looking forward to the next chapter.

    Kim and Sue

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      Just lovely and Kim, we too were wet … yummy! We couldn’t wait for 13 but Now, we wait 🙂

      Myka and Sophie,

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    UGH! Darn bed times. Way to keep us salivating and wanting more. Really enjoying this story.

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    No picture for this chapter is our only disappointment. But still so hot.

    Once we were in the bedroom, we looked at each other. Like no one was sure what to do next. I wanted to get things moving so I said, should we take off our clothes now?

    I didnt want to give anyone a chance to say no, so I started first.

    We loved the description of everyone getting naked, sometimes the little things are hotter than the sex itself.

    Kim & Sue

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