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  • Posted on December 24, 2017 at 10:53 am

Simple Guy says…

I’ve been enjoying reading such material [as at Juicy Secrets] from days of Leslita and have even published there. The thought always crossed my mind, as it would have others, ‘Am I a paedophile?’ When I answer ‘No’, as I know I will never want any girl or female to come to any sexual harm, there is still a nagging question mark. Maybe readers can give their opinion.

Females for me, are the perfect masterpiece. Be they girls or ladies, I find myself drawn to those who are cultured, artistic, and intellectual.

To the reason of this post: I have confided my attractions in two of my exes and was blessed enough that they harboured similar desires. But I was also blessed with a big heart and was in love with them both, simultaneously, which really hurt them. So I had to leave so as to not cause further pain. Even though I still love them dearly, I think it’s time I moved on and settle down with someone who will love me as I am and preferably share in my desires. I’m not looking to jump head first into anything. Nor am I looking for a fling. So, if there is any lady from around Durban (SA) who suits this profile, please respond.

Thank you,
Simple Guy
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