Two Moms, Chapter 8

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By Naughty Mommy

Although I’d been so eager after dinner to make myself come, Jess actually came before I did. It was fun seeing that.

We were sitting up in bed leaning against pillows with the sheets around our waists, covering what our hands were doing while we watched the movie. When she reached climax, Jess sort of bounced and jerked in the bed, grunting each time.

Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open, her lips pink and moist. It really made me want to kiss her. I wanted to touch her body too, put my hand under her nightie and feel her little boobs. I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded that, but I didn’t do it yet. For one thing, my mom might come in, and we needed to be careful.

So I just sat and watched her. And, you know, I could even smell her coming, smell the scent of my friend’s juicy pussy. I wondered if my mother would notice that — but there wasn’t anything we could do about it so I didn’t worry much.

After Jessica finished bouncing and grunting, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Well, that’s one.”

“How many times can you come?”

She shrugged. “Usually, I don’t know, maybe two or three times. Then I just get tired and sleepy. How about you?”

“Yeah, I’m sorta the same. When I was younger, just starting out, sometimes I’d make myself come like five times in a row. But now I get tired too fast.”

“Me too. I’m not tired now, though.”

“Me neither. And I haven’t come yet,” I grinned. “That’s actually three for you, though, counting before dinner.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I guess it is. Maybe tonight I’ll break a record.”

As she was saying this, Jess pushed the sheets down a bit and parted her legs. Her cartoon nightie was pulled up and I could see her pussy. Her dark pubic hair, the small amount she had, was sticky and wet. She brought one hand to her mouth, licking her fingers, obviously tasting herself. The other continued sliding up and down between her gleaming lips.

“Come on, get going. I wanna see you come,” she said to me.

“All right.”

But just then there was a knock on the door. “Girls?”

It was my mom.




“I love you, Jess,” said Karen to her maid, Sophie.

The women were kissing, lying in Jessica’s bed, in her bedroom, Sophie wearing one of the young girl’s nightgowns. Karen had a hand between Sophie’s legs, rubbing the brunette’s wet pussy.

“I love you too, Mommy,” said Sophie, between kisses.

After a minute or so of kissing and caressing, Karen pushed a finger inside Sophie as the younger woman groaned.

“I want to make you come, Jess,” Karen whispered. “I want to fuck your little pussy and make you come.”

“That’s what I want too, Mommy,” said Sophie.

They kissed again as Karen slid another finger in, fucking her ‘daughter’ harder and faster.




Nora paused a moment after knocking, then opened the door. The kids were in Lia’s bed, sitting up, watching a movie on TV, the covers around their waists. A lamp beside the bed was on. Although the light was at a low setting, Nora could easily see that the girls’ faces were red, flushed, perhaps even a little sweaty.

They looked at her guiltily. What had they been up to? Telling dirty stories? Tickling? Maybe something else?

“I just came in to say goodnight,” Nora smiled.

Before leaving her room, she’d slipped into a sexy black sleeveless nightie that came to mid-thigh, and she had nothing on under it. The gown was totally transparent, see-through. Nora knew perfectly well that the girls could see her breasts, her erect nipples, even her trimmed pubic hair. She also knew that some people, probably most, would consider such behavior inappropriate, but Nora didn’t care about that. She was too turned on.

As she stepped over to the bed, she moved her shoulders back and forth a bit, enough to make her breasts wiggle. That certainly got their attention. Both girls stared at her chest. Nora’s smile widened. Her pussy tingled.

“You having fun in here, on your sleepover?” she said to the kids, still swaying slightly, keeping the boob show going.

Nora saw Lia swallow, then lick her lips. “Yeah, we’re, we’re, um…” her daughter stammered, “we’re watching, um, ‘Princess Diaries’.”

“Okay, that’s fine. Do you guys need anything? Did you brush your teeth?”

They both nodded. “Yeah, we did,” said Lia.

“All right.”

Lia was on the far side of the bed, Jessica nearer. Instead of moving around to the other side, Nora placed a knee on the mattress and leaned across to kiss her daughter.

She saw Lia blink with surprise. A kiss at night was not something the girl normally got from her mom, at least it hadn’t been since she was younger. Typically they just said goodnight to each other and that was it. But now Nora brought her mouth to Lia’s. She put a hand on her cheek and kissed her lips.

When Karen had left after dinner that evening, the kiss she gave Jessica seemed to last for several seconds, longer than you might expect a standard mother-daughter kiss to be. So when Nora kissed Lia, she held it for a moment or two, not as long as Karen had, but long enough that she felt Lia squirm, heard her catch her breath.

Nora ended the kiss. “Goodnight, honey,” she said, softly patting Lia’s cheek.

The hand on the girl’s face was the same one Nora had fucked herself with only a few minutes earlier, the palm that had been wet with her juices. It still was. Not quite as wet now, perhaps, but damp and sticky. Nora deliberately hadn’t washed her hands.

“Um, g’night, Mom,” Lia mumbled, her eyes wide.

Nora wondered, could her daughter smell the scent of sex on her fingers? Well, obviously she could smell it, the aroma was clearly noticeable, but would she realize what it was? Would she know it meant her mother had been fucking her pussy that night, masturbating in her bedroom, coming all over her hand?

That dirty thought made Nora tremble with lust. Licking her lips, she smiled at Lia. The temptation to kiss her again was powerful — and not just a simple kiss on the lips this time, but shoving her tongue into her mouth, really kissing her.

No, of course she wouldn’t do that, though she certainly wanted to.

She did do something else, however. As she started backing up, Nora’s knee ‘accidentally’ slipped off the bed, causing her to drop on top of Jessica, her breasts pressing against the girl’s slender thighs through the sheets.

“Oops,” Nora giggled, “sorry.”

After pausing a moment to enjoy the intimate sensation, Nora pushed herself up again, getting to her feet. Standing beside the bed, she let her fingertips brush over her hard nipples as she slowly raised her hands to push her hair back from her face. Nora shook her head, making her breasts sway provocatively once more. Then she looked down at Jessica.

“Do you want a kiss too?” she asked.

The girl nodded eagerly, showing a coy smile. “Yes, please.”

“All right.”

Bending down, Nora took the child’s cute face in both hands, pressing their lips together. She held this kiss even longer than she had with Lia, then finally broke it with a smack. Jessica grinned at her.

“Okay, darlings, goodnight. Try not to stay up too awfully late, all right?”

“We won’t,” they promised unconvincingly.

Nora turned and wiggled her way toward the door, shaking her ass. She was really enjoying this, putting on a sexy show for the kids. Maybe someday she would get to do even more with them besides just tease. Maybe, although probably not. But it sure was fun to think about.

“Goodnight,” she said one last time, pausing to blow the girls a kiss and flash another smile before closing the door.




“Wow,” said Jessica to me, her eyes wide, “your mom is way hot!”

“You think so?”

“Well, yeah, of course. Don’t you?”

“Um, I guess. Except, you know… she’s my mom.”

Jess sighed in exasperation, rolling her eyes. “We already talked about that, Lia. It doesn’t matter if she’s your mom or not. She’s still hot either way.”

I nodded, but said nothing.

“I mean, I think my mom is hot, and you do too, right?”

“Yeah, I do.”

She smiled. “I really like thinking about my mom. When I’m in bed at night, you know, playing with myself, that’s what I usually think about, seeing her naked. It gets me so excited.”

I realized then that Jess was already masturbating again. She’d slid down in the bed a little bit and was turned on her side, facing toward me. Although her hand was hidden under the covers, I could tell from the way it was moving that she was rubbing her pussy.

“When I, um, when I watch them,” she said, “when I’m watching my mom with her friends or the maids, I like seeing the others naked, but mostly my mom. I always watch her more than anyone else. And when she comes, it drives me crazy. I almost always come when she does.”

“You do?”

Suddenly I shivered, my legs squeezing together automatically. That was very exciting to think about — Jess watching her mom reach climax and coming at the same time. So hot!

I slid down too and turned on my side, facing Jessica, moving in close, our noses almost touching. I started rubbing myself again. My pussy was extremely wet now, much wetter than before, practically dripping onto the bed. Seeing my mother in that sexy nightgown and having her kiss me that way really had turned me on.

“Tell me more about watching your mom,” I whispered to Jess. “I like hearing about that.”

“Okay. Um… I mean, she knows I like watching her. And sometimes she kind of, like, puts on a show for me. When they’re having sex, or when they’re just masturbating together, she looks at me, and she opens her legs really wide so I can see everything and then she fucks her pussy for me.”

“Your mom does that?” I rubbed my clit faster. It was unbelievably arousing to picture what Jess was telling me.

“Uh-huh. She looks right in my eyes and spreads her pussy open with her fingers and then she fucks herself. It seems to make her come really hard when she knows I’m watching.”




Karen climbed on top of Sophie, straddling her naked body. She crawled forward until her crotch was above the young brunette’s face.

“Look at my pussy, Jess,” purred Karen. “Look at Mommy’s pussy.”

Both women already had enjoyed powerful orgasms, Sophie with Karen finger-fucking her and Karen just after that while humping Sophie’s leg. But both were easily capable of multiple climaxes. Their lovemaking likely would go on for a long time that night.

Using her fingers, Karen parted her labia, exposing her sex. “Look at Mommy’s cunt, baby girl, look at Mommy’s wet juicy cunt.”

Sophie smiled, licking her lips. “Mmm, it looks so nice.”

Karen gradually lowered herself until she was almost touching Sophie’s face. “Look at me,” she urged. “Look at my pussy, Jess. Now watch me fuck myself.”

She slid two fingers deep inside. Her vagina was slippery with lubrication, her clit throbbing. She was on the edge again.

“You want to watch Mommy come? You want Mommy to come right in your face, little girl?”

Sophie nodded eagerly, her hands on Karen’s ass, squeezing.

“Mommy’s gonna come for you, baby!” The woman’s fingers moved very fast, pumping in and out, slapping wetly. “Mommy’s gonna — OHHH — FUCK!!”

Karen climaxed, hot juices splashing onto Sophie’s face, dripping into her mouth.




As Jess continued to tell me about watching her mom, she’d closed her eyes. She was still talking, but almost like in a dream. And she was still masturbating, as I was too. In fact, we both seemed to be right on the edge.

“When I see, my mom,” Jessica panted, “her pussy, her fingers… so wet, and then… and then she — UNHH!!”

She grunted and shook. My friend climaxed, and so did I at the same time.




Back in her own bed, Nora rubbed herself, thinking about those two sexy twelve-year-olds… her daughter and her daughter’s best friend, sitting in Lia’s bed together side by side, their faces flushed and shiny with sweat.

What had they been doing before she came into the room? They were watching a movie on TV, yes, but Nora had the feeling they’d been up to something else as well. Could they have been kissing? Or perhaps doing even more, like touching each other? Was that possible?

Nora turned onto her side, both hands working between her legs. She was still wearing the transparent black nightgown. It excited her to recall how the girls had stared at her before as she’d paraded her nearly naked body in front of them. So naughty, and so hot.

Were they talking about her now, about looking at her? Were they talking about the way she’d kissed them goodnight? Maybe they were, and maybe they were kissing each other.

A shudder ran through her, not quite a climax, but almost. It was so thrilling to imagine that, the two young girls in bed, holding each other, touching, kissing, using their tongues. Nora was breathing very hard, her pulse racing. At this moment, she felt more turned on than she ever had in her life.

Something was going on between Jessica and her daughter, Nora was certain of it. The looks on their faces said it all. She wasn’t imagining that. It was actually happening. This wasn’t just a fantasy. It wasn’t porn or an erotic story. It was real. A pair of barely pubescent girls, feverish with lesbian lust.

And there they were, in her own house, just down the hall. She could even get out of bed, creep back to Lia’s room, silently open the door a crack and spy on them, watch what they were doing. She wouldn’t do that, but she could if she wanted to. They were there, that close.

Right at this moment, they might be kissing, mouths pressed together, hands under their little nighties, caressing their smooth bodies, fondling each other’s nipples, eager fingers sliding down, going between their legs, and then —

Nora came.




After Jess and I both came, we rested for a while, breathing softly, nose to nose, feeling warm and close. Then, without saying anything, she gently placed a hand on my bare arm, slowly leaned in, bringing her mouth to mine, and we kissed.

We’d kissed before, of course, during the sleepover at her house. But this felt different. That had been more like experimenting, trying something out, almost like a game. It was nice, very nice, but this was a whole lot better. This time it felt like we really meant it. We weren’t just kissing to try it out, but because we liked each other so much, because we were turned on by each other.

Jessica kissed my mouth, our tongues playing. We were both moaning. We moved closer together, hugging, our arms and legs wrapping around one another. It was almost like we were a single body, pressing so close.

We kissed that way for a few minutes, panting and moaning and kind of humping. And then we did something else.

As we were kissing, our hands kept sliding all around, petting and squeezing and rubbing. Now, somehow, almost by instinct, they went between each other’s legs. Jess was touching my pussy, and I was touching hers. Oh my god, this was so amazing — something I never thought would ever happen, and now it was!

I felt her hand rubbing my lips, my pussy lips. When her fingers slipped between, I gasped, shaking all over.

Jess broke the kiss. “Is this… okay?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” I panted. “Don’t stop!”

“You either,” urged my friend. “Make me come!”




“Make me come, Mommy,” said Sophie to Karen. “Fuck my pussy and make me come.”

They were tribbing, Karen astride the younger woman. Earlier, right after masturbating on top of Sophie, Karen had grabbed the brunette’s head in her hands, shoving her pussy into her mouth, frantically humping her, basically fucking her face. She’d come two more times that way, then slid down, and they’d kissed for several minutes.

Now Karen was grinding on her, pussy to pussy, while talking dirty. Sophie adored this. She craved sex with women, especially older women. It especially thrilled her when the women would ask her to call them ‘Mommy’ or when they called her ‘little girl’. Several of Karen’s friends enjoyed playing that game with Sophie, and she was always happy to do so.

Raising her knees, opening her slender thighs as wide as she could, Sophie gripped Karen’s ass, pulling their cunts together. “Fuck my pussy, Mommy! Fuck my little pussy and make me come!”

“You want that, Jess? You want Mommy to fuck you?” Karen cried out. “Want Mommy to fucking come on you?!”

She came again, very hard, and Sophie came too, the women bonding in their forbidden fantasies of lesbian incest.




Nora sucked her fingers, tasting herself. After a few seconds, she changed hands, going back and forth, one hand in her mouth, the other between her legs, inside her dripping pussy.

This was a technique she’d used before. It was almost as if she was eating her own cunt. Nora could come repeatedly this way — although her usual practice was to imagine that she was eating someone else, preferably a young girl just entering puberty, or perhaps a beautiful woman, someone like Karen.

Mmm, god, how she would love to eat Karen’s pussy, not to mention Jessica’s, and of course, Lia’s, her own daughter’s.

That would be the ultimate, all four of them in bed together having sex, sharing their bodies, sharing their love and their lust. But could that ever actually happen?

Well, yes… maybe it really could. In fact, Nora should make it come true. Absolutely, that’s what she would do! She would make it happen!!

And with that thought, that decision made, when Nora assured herself that all her fondest dreams were about to become reality, another climax suddenly erupted within her, the most powerful one yet. She cried out, heedless of whether the little girls might hear, her body convulsing in erotic passion, juices squirting from her pussy, soaking the sheets.

It went on and on, a long, extended, nearly continuous orgasm, peak after peak after peak — until finally she was done, sated, finished for the night. Exhausted, but very pleased, Nora fell fast asleep.




“Did you like that?” Jess asked with a smile. Her hand was still between my legs though not moving now, just resting gently on my pussy.

“Yeah, of course I did. It was great.”

We’d both come twice that way, masturbating each other. I came first, almost right away. Then I gave Jess two orgasms, and after that she brought me one more time.

“I’m glad we did it,” she said. “I’ve been, you know, thinking about it, a lot.”

“Me too. Um, both. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m glad we did it.”

She giggled and kissed me. “I like you, Lia. I really really like you.”

“I like you too. I really do.” We kissed again.

That was as far as we went that night. My best friend and I kissed a little more, talked a little more, and then pretty soon we drifted off.

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