Moonlight Dancers, Part Two

  • Posted on June 9, 2017 at 2:33 pm

By Ebo

Kelly started the water going in the stall, then untied her robe and slipped out of it. Naked, she turned to the mirror hung on the back of the door. She didn’t dance professionally anymore, but she was still in amazing shape. Long in the leg and narrow in the waist, with just enough breast to muster some cleavage in a low-cut dress, she still had her dancer’s build. Smiling, she thought she would have no problem turning a few heads.

The hot water felt amazing, and she stood under it a while before reaching for her body wash. She breathed in the scent of jasmine as she poured a puddle of soap in her upturned palm. She always loved the smell of jasmine, and the shower was redolent with its scent as she began to soap up.

As she washed between her thighs, she felt she was getting a little scratchy down there. It had been a couple of days, and she needed to shave, again. Glancing at her razor and shave gel, she thought it could wait until tomorrow. With Vicky here, she wouldn’t wouldn’t need a smooth pussy tonight.

She had been shaving down there for as long as she had needed to. She had caught some flack from the girls in her middle school and high school gym classes, but she didn’t let their teasing change her mind. She just liked the way she looked clean shaven, loved how soft and smooth she felt down there after a shave. She had been doing it since she was twelve-ish.

Kelly realized she was still looking at her razor. Shrugging, she picked it up, thought, Tonight or tomorrow, makes no difference.

She didn’t want to admit why she decided to reach for the razor. She knew, but she didn’t want to acknowledge it. Acknowledging it would give her secret growing desire a name. It already had a name but as long as she didn’t say it out loud…

Shaking her head, she pushed those dangerous thoughts aside, focused on shaving. She has been doing it for so long that she made short work of it. Rinsing the soap away, she looked at her cute, smooth pussy, ran her fingers over her soft labia. She shivered.

Kelly finished her shower, dried off, then slipped back into her robe. She went to her room, slipped into some pajama bottoms and a tank top. Dressed, she went in search of Vicky. She found the girl in the living room, watching TV.

Sitting beside her on the couch, Kelly asked, “Anything good on?”

“Not really,” Vicky said, offering Kelly the remote. She went back to flipping channels when Kelly waved her off. Finally, she gave up and turned off the TV. Looking at herself, Vicky asked, “Do you have something I could wear?”

“I think we could find something,” Kelly said, getting up, “Come on.”

The girl followed Kelly down the hall to her bedroom. Kelly left Vicky to look around while she went to her closet and started poking through her clothes for something the girl could wear.

“I love your bedroom,” Vicky said.

Pausing in her riffling to smile at the girl, she said, “Thanks.”

“It’s very you,” Vicky said, walking around.

Curious what the girl meant, Kelly asked, “How so?”

“It’s beautiful,” Vicky said, looking at Kelly over her shoulder, “Stylish but not pretentious… Like you.”

Kelly gaped wide-eyed at Vicky, caught completely off guard by the comment. Did Vicky really think she was beautiful? She had to remind herself that even if Vicky thought she was beautiful, it didn’t mean the girl was attracted to her. Women- and girls, too- were just more open in their opinions of their fellow women.

And even if she was attracted to me, it doesn’t mean anything would ever be done about it. Even if Vicky wanted to, that was one road I’m not going down.

The fact that she even needed to tell herself that made her wonder how true the statement really was. Would she really say no if the option of sleeping with a willing and interested Vicky was on the table? Not that she thought Vicky was interested in sleeping with her. But, if she were…

“Um, thanks,” Kelly said, turning away from the girl before she could see how flustered the comment had made her. Her hands were shaking some as she went back to finding something for Vicky to wear. She took a bunch of deep breaths, trying to get herself under control, again.

She found a summer dress she had bought at the beginning of the season. The tag had said it was her size and she hadn’t tried it on, only to find out it was a little small for her when she got home. It was cute, so she had kept it, thinking maybe she could squeeze into it. Pulling it out of the closet, she thought it might be a little big on Vicky but not so much she couldn’t wear it.

“Here,” Kelly said, turning back to the girl, “try this on. Might be a little big, but I think it’ll be okay for tonight.”

Vicky took the dress, holding it to look at it. She smiled at Kelly, said, “It’s cute.”

“I said the same thing when I bought it,” Kelly said, laughing, “but it’s too small for me. A bit snug.”

“It’s too bad you can’t wear it,” Vicky said, her smile turning up a bit more. “You would have looked amazing in it.”

Kelly inhaled sharply, caught off guard, again, by the girl’s comment. There was something in Vicky’s eyes that said that it was more than a simple compliment. The way Vicky had said it had sounded… Flirty. Kelly didn’t think she was imagining things.

“Then again,” Vicky said, her smile becoming playful, “you’d look good in just about anything. Even pajama bottoms.”

That smile made Kelly forget to breathe for a few seconds, and her heart was off to the races in her breast. She has had some women smile at her like that when they wanted to go home with her, but never a twelve-year-old girl.

Well, one girl did- Vicky’s mother, Kelly thought, which didn’t help her reaction any. She and Becky had had a very intimate, very carnal relationship by the time the girl had moved away.

“Vicky, I…” Kelly said, then ran out of words. She really didn’t know what to say. Her face was hot, and she wondered if Vicky could see her blushing.

The girl met and held Kelly’s eyes, and Kelly thought she was looking for something, maybe gauging Kelly’s reaction to her comment. Kelly hoped the girl couldn’t read her thoughts because they were going places they really shouldn’t go.

Vicky tucked her hair behind her ear almost shyly, her eyes never wavering from Kelly’s as she asked, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“I, well…” Kelly stammered, the question short-circuiting her brain.

“I catch you looking at me sometimes,” Vicky said, a hint of nervousness creeping into her voice, “when you don’t think I’ll notice.”

Kelly couldn’t work up enough saliva to even try to deny what the girl was saying was true. Besides, how could she deny it? It was the truth. She had been looking at the girl. She wasn’t all that surprised Vicky had noticed; she hadn’t been very subtle about it. Unable to resist, the girl had drawn her eye like a moth to a flame.

“Then earlier,” Vicky said, her voice taking on a nervous warble, “I saw you in the mirror, watching me undress.”

With a sinking feeling in her gut, Kelly realized she had been found out. Vicky knew Kelly had an inappropriate interest in her. Judging by the way this conversation was going, Vicky was at least a little interested in Kelly, too. That scared the hell out of Kelly because she was already on shaky ground when it came to the girl. If Vicky kept looking at her like that… She didn’t know if she had the self-control to resist her.

“I was disappointed when you walked away,” Vicky said, self-consciously, “I thought because of all the times I caught you looking that you might like me… Like that. You walked away before I finished undressing, so I… I don’t know. If you had stayed, I would have known for sure, but I don’t.”

Kelly thought she should say something, but she had no idea what that should be. She wanted to reassure the girl that she was beautiful, but she didn’t think that was a good idea. Kelly figured the best thing she could do was quash the girl’s burgeoning feelings for Kelly, to tell the girl she was mistaken about Kelly’s interest in her. A whopper of a lie that would keep this situation from spiraling further out of control. Kelly didn’t have the heart to do it, though. Vicky looked so vulnerable standing there in just a towel. She couldn’t couldn’t do it. More than that, it had shown a lot of guts, confronting Kelly like this. Kelly didn’t think she could have done it when she was Vicky’s age, didn’t think she could have been this bold.

“So,” Vicky said, drawing Kelly’s attention back from her thoughts, “I thought…”

Kelly watched the girl struggle to find the words to express what she wanted to say. She opened her mouth a couple of times, only to close it without uttering a word. Finally, she just took a deep breath and released the knot between her breasts. Gasping, Kelly watched the towel falling, falling in slow-mo to the floor. Naked, the girl turned those big brown eyes on her and Kelly couldn’t breathe. Vicky just stood there for Kelly to look at, her spine straight and her hip cocked confidently. Kelly thought the girl wasn’t as confident as she let on, sensed a vulnerability and a shyness just behind the sassiness.

Unable to take her eyes off the girl, Kelly drank her in like a woman dying of thirst would a tall glass of iced tea. Vicky was truly stunning, her lovely young body making Kelly ache to touch her, to be with her.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” Vicky asked.

Kelly didn’t even try to lie, the evidence of her attraction to Vicky surely plain on her face and in her eyes. The girl had to know, anyway, so she said in a shaky voice, “You are beautiful. So beautiful, but I need you to put this on now.”

Playfully, Vicky looked at the dress Kelly was offering, said, “Why?”

“You know why,” Kelly said, meaning it. She knew just how shaky the ground Kelly was on really was.

“What if I don’t? What happens then?” Vicky asked, moving closer. She stopped within arm’s reach of Kelly, making no move to reach for the dress. She just smiled at Kelly.

Kelly met the girl’s eyes, saw a spark of desire in them that stole her breath away, made her knees a little weak. She moved away from Vicky on wobbly legs, tearing her eyes away from the girl. She took a deep breath, said, “I don’t think we should find out.”

The doorbell rang, and Kelly nearly jumped out of her skin. She looked guiltily in the direction of the front door. For a paranoid moment, she thought it was the police to take her away. Even when it dawned on her that it was probably the Chinese food she couldn’t completely shake the feeling.

Kelly handed the dress to Vicky as she hurried to get the door, called over her shoulder, “Please put this on.”

As she collected their dinner from the delivery guy and paid for their order, her paranoia didn’t completely abate. She thought he knew, somehow. Knew there was a naked twelve-year-old girl in her bedroom. When she showed him out and closed the door behind him, she put her head against the cool wood and took a few deep breaths to calm herself.

She heard Vicky come into the kitchen and turned to see the girl leaning against the center island. Kelly sighed with relief when she saw Vicky in the summer dress. She couldn’t relax completely, though. She still wasn’t out of the woods. Looking at Vicky, she knew she would have to deal with what had happened in the bedroom and her own feelings and desires.

Hopefully, it’ll be easier without Vicky’s lovely body on display, Kelly thought, walking over the island.

“This smells delicious,” Vicky said, smiling at Kelly.

“I’ll get us some plates,” Kelly said, walking to the cabinets, “why don’t you start figuring out what is what?”

“Okay,” Vicky said, pulling white boxes out the bag and opening them.

Kelly got them a couple of plates, then grabbed the two liter of Coke from the fridge. They sat down at the island and began divvying up the food. They both sighed happily as they had their first bite of the unctuous food.

Vicky glanced at the window above the sink and whatever she saw held her attention. Finally, Kelly had to look, craning her neck to see what the girl was looking at. She couldn’t see anything unusual. Meeting Vicky’s eyes, she raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“It’s a full moon out tonight,” Vicky said, sadness creeping into her voice.

“Um, yeah… I think it is,” Kelly said, frowning as she looked at the girl, “Is that significant?”

“It makes me miss my friend, Alexis,” Vicky said, sighing as she poked at her food.

“Why?” Kelly asked, wondering what the connection between the moon and Vicky’s friend could be. Unless the girl was a werewolf, Kelly couldn’t think of one.

Vicky looked at Kelly a long time without saying anything, and Kelly thought the girl was trying to make up her mind whether to tell Kelly or not. Kelly’s heart started beating a little faster, realizing it must be a good story. Finally, Vicky made up her mind, and with a nervous laugh, she said, “You can’t tell Mom.”

“Um, I won’t unless it is something that puts you in danger,” Kelly said, not wanting to make that promise without knowing the secret.

“Danger? No, no danger. Might get me grounded, but there was no real danger,” Vicky said, blushing.

“I promise not to tell, but with an asterisk. You know what I mean?” Kelly said, meeting the girl’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Vicky said, laughing.

“What’s up with the moon and your friend?” Kelly asked, sipping her Coke.

“God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this. Alexis would kill me if she knew,” Vicky said, her face turning red, “when I stayed at my friend Alexis’s house, we’d sneak out at night and go to this pond behind her house. We’d… We’d dance naked for hours, then go swimming to cool down. The water was usually warmer than the air outside, and we wouldn’t want to get out.”

Kelly’s heart was thumping in her chest because she thought she knew where this story was going. Her food largely forgotten, she leaned forward with new interest as Vicky continued her story.

“I guess we were ten… Yeah, ten, the first time we kissed. One led to a lot. We spent the night just kissing and touching, giggling the whole time. It was thrilling and naughty, fun even if we didn’t know what we were doing. The sun was coming up by the time we slipped back into the house.

Like mother, like daughter, Kelly thought, amused by how closely Vicky’s and Alexis’s sapphic beginning mirrored her own and Becky’s. The stories weren’t exactly the same, but enough alike to be surprising.

“She was so beautiful, twirling in the moonlight,” Vicky said, tears glistening in her eyes, “like an angel or a butterfly.”

“You were more than just friends?” Kelly asked.

Laughing self-consciously, Vicky said, “I don’t know what we were. I just know I liked… being with her. Regardless of what we were doing.”

Kelly smiled warmly at her, said, “I think that qualifies as more than friends.”

Shrugging, Vicky said, “She lives like fifteen hours away, now.”

“That’s rough, Kiddo,” Kelly said, remembering how it had felt when Becky had moved away, “I actually know just how you feel. It sucks.”

“Pretty much,” Vicky said, sighing. Suddenly, she sat up straighter, visibly making an effort to shake off the funk she was slipping into. She gave Kelly a sheepish smile, said, “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize,” Kelly said, giving the girl’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

“I’ll just have to find a dance partner here,” Vicky said, taking a bite of her food.

Snorting in surprise, Kelly laughed, “Are you looking for a new partner?”

“I’ve been…Testing the waters, I guess, with the girls in dance class and at school. You know, see if anyone might be interested without drawing attention to myself,” Vicky said.

“I know exactly what you mean,” Kelly said, amused. She was very familiar with the game; it was one she had played all through middle school and high school. The leading questions, carefully crafted to draw out a response without giving away too much of her own secret; the guessing and second-guessing about the signals she was getting; and the anxiety about getting it wrong.

Vicky smiled at her, said, “I thought you might.”

“Any takers?” Kelly asked, forking some pepper steak into her mouth.

“Not so far,” Vicky said, meeting Kelly’s eyes, “the only one who seems interested… is you.”

Kelly took longer to chew her food than was really necessary. She needed the time to think about how to respond. She thought about denying it, but Vicky had already seen through that lie, knew Kelly was attracted to her. Swallowing, she said, “I find it hard to believe a girl as pretty as you can’t find someone other than your creepy dance instructor.”

Laughing, Vicky said, “Alexis and me… It was a happy accident. Do you know what I mean?”

Again, Kelly thought she knew exactly what the girl was talking about. Had any one thing gone differently that day in Becky’s bedroom, she and Vicky’s mother wouldn’t have kissed for the first time. There were a lot of dominoes that had to fall just right for their lips to meet and their friendship to veer in a completely different direction.

Favoring Kelly with a playful smile, Vicky said, “Besides, I could do a lot worse than my creepy dance instructor.”

Kelly laughed, said, “Thanks. I think.”

“How about you?” Vicky asked.

“How about me what?” Kelly asked.

“Any current dance partners?” Vicky asked, with a little mischief and a whole lot of curiosity in her eyes.

“Um, no… No ‘dance partner’,” Kelly said, wondering if she should have lied about having a girlfriend. Belatedly, she realized it would have been an easy way out of this whole situation.

“I find it hard to believe a pretty dance instructor like you doesn’t have a girlfriend,” Vicky said, grinning as she turned Kelly’s words back on her.

Thinking about the dry spell she has been having lately, Kelly said, sourly, “I guess my charm only works on hard up twelve-year-old’s.”

That made Vicky laugh, and she said, “Lucky me.”

“Well, don’t get too excited,” Kelly said, pointing her egg roll at the girl, “I’m not dancing naked with you.”

“Why not?” Vicky asked, the corners of her mouth turning up in a smile that made Kelly’s heart skip a couple of beats.

“Well, for one,” Kelly said, pointing over her shoulder, “my next door neighbor is a bit of perv. He’s always watching me through his blinds, any time I’m out back.”

“That only makes it that much more fun,” Vicky said, excitement creeping into her voice, “The chance of getting caught…Alexis and I would leave our clothes in her room, sneak out completely naked. We’d be giggling and shaking by the time we made it to the pond. Without our clothes, we were so busted if anyone saw us.”

Kelly blinked in surprise at the girl and Vicky blushed. Laughing, Kelly said, “Wow.”

Vicky looked away, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed,” Kelly said, drawing the girl’s attention, “it was just a bit of shock hearing a twelve-year-old girl say something like that. I know what you mean, though. A little danger can be fun. Exciting.”

“Yeah,” Vicky said, then leaned closer, “Want to dance with me?”

“That might be a little too much danger,” Kelly said, her heart racing.

“I’m going to do it,” Vicky said, meeting and holding Kelly’s eyes, “don’t make me dance alone.”

Kelly couldn’t breathe, stunned by the look in Vicky’s eyes, the raw desire in them.

“I- I don’t think we should,” Kelly said, a little concerned how weak her protest sounded to her own ears.

“Don’t make me dance alone,” Vicky repeated, an excited grin breaking out on her face. She giggled as she sprang off the bar stool, running for the back door. She pulled the dress up and off as she ran. It fell to the ground behind her as she twisted the knob and opened the door. She was out the door before Kelly had time to react.

Kelly raced to the door, almost slipping and falling on the discarded dress. She somehow managed to stay on her feet, but just barely. From the open door, she could see a very naked Vicky clear as day.

“Vicky,” Kelly hissed in her best ‘mom’ voice, “get in here.”

“Come out instead,” Vicky said, twirling around and around, “the air feels amazing!”

“Seriously, come back inside,” Kelly said, her eyes cutting to her neighbor’s house. His lights were out, and Kelly prayed he wasn’t home.

“I’ll come in if you dance with me,” Vicky said, holding out her hands and gyrating her hips.

The porch light came on automatically when someone passed by the sensor and Vicky had triggered it when she ran out of the house. The whole backyard was bathed in pale yellow light. Vicky might as well be dancing under a spotlight. Kelly got on her tippy toes and unscrewed the bulb, cursing at how hot it already was. She managed to turn the bulb enough to break the connection.

When the backyard fell dark, Kelly saw just how bright the moon and stars were tonight. She could still make out Vicky dancing and, as her eyes adjusted to the sudden gloom, she could see her lovely body as it twisted and flexed, spun and leaped. Kelly was transfixed by the sight.

“Come inside, and I’ll dance with you,” Kelly said, blinking when she realized she meant it.

“Would you really dance with me? Vicky asked.

“Yes,” Kelly said, her heart knocking around her rib cage, “I want to dance with you.”

“Then come here,” Vicky said, holding out her hand to Kelly.

Kelly looked at the hand, then laughed and shook her head. The girl wasn’t going to give in, wouldn’t come inside until Kelly danced with her. The girl was so beautiful standing there in the moonlight, pale and ethereal as a ghost. Feeling the last of her resistance fading, Kelly started down the steps to go to her, but Vicky shook her head.

“No clothes,” Vicky said.

Kelly hesitated only a second, then found herself stripping out of her tank top and pajama bottoms. Naked, she shivered, and it had nothing to do with the cool air finding her bare skin. It was an excited shiver, a naughty thrill that worked up her spine and she wanted to giggle like a school girl. Like Vicky had as she ran out of the house naked and into the night.

As an adult, she was a whole lot more self-conscious of her body. Society had made being naked taboo, something a woman her age wasn’t supposed to do. This whole situation seemed crazy to her, had her jittery with excitement. Still, as she stepped off the back porch and onto the grass, she had an arm across her breasts and walked with her knees together. It was an impractical way to move, used only by those who were naked and embarrassed. It really didn’t do any good- definitely wasn’t hiding anything- but she couldn’t stop doing it.

“God, this is such a bad idea,” Kelly said, under her breath. The lights were still out next door, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t home. He could be watching them right now, and she would never know. She shivered, again.

When Kelly made it to where Vicky stood, the girl moved the arm across Kelly’s breasts. Kelly could feel the girl’s eyes on her, her gaze hot on Kelly’s naked body. There was plenty of light for Vicky to be able to see Kelly. Kelly’s breath caught in her throat as Vicky’s eyes roamed over her, drank her in. She waited breathlessly for Vicky to say something.

Vicky didn’t say anything, just moved against Kelly, wrapping her arms around Kelly. Gasping, Kelly felt the twelve-year-old’s naked body mold against her own. Vicky turned her head up, smiling at Kelly. Giving in, Kelly hugged the girl back.

“I’m glad you didn’t make me dance alone,” Vicky said.

With a nervous laugh, Kelly said, “I’m glad I’m here, too.”

Vicky met and held Kelly’s eyes, asked, “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, honestly. She knew she shouldn’t be here, or even want to be here, but she couldn’t deny that she liked how Vicky felt in her arms. More than that, she was done denying her desire for the girl. The fact that Vicky was interested, too, only made it easier for her to let go of her reservations about being here. Wherever Vicky wanted this night to go, Kelly was going along for the ride.

“Good,” Vicky said, getting up on her tippy toes to give Kelly a kiss.

It was just the briefest of kisses, just a brush of Vicky’s lips against her own, but it left Kelly trembling for more.

“Dance with me,” Vicky said, excitedly as she pulled back from Kelly. Taking Kelly’s hand, she repeated, “Dance with me.”

“Dance how?” Kelly asked, looking at the girl for direction.

“I don’t know,” Vicky said, laughing, “just dance!”

Kelly watched as Vicky began to dance, to sway to some inner music only she could hear. She couldn’t take her eyes off the girl, mesmerized by the gyrations of her hips. Vicky moved with a natural grace, a fluidity that Kelly had found fascinating the first time she saw the girl dance, and she found it just as fascinating now.

She was a little jealous of Vicky’s dancing, envious of her freedom. Vicky just danced- free of inhibitions, free of social expectations, free of concerns and self-conscience. She was just a young girl enjoying the night air on her bare skin.

Why can’t I dance like that, Kelly wondered, then it dawned on her. The only one stopping her was… her. Her inhibitions and social hangups were hers to set aside so she could dance just for the sake of dancing. Not for a paycheck or to fulfill an obligation, just because the night was still pleasantly warm and the moon was so brilliant in the sky above. It was something she hadn’t done since she was about Vicky’s age. With a nervous laugh, Kelly began to move her hips. As she found her inner song, she let go of her cares and danced like she was twelve-years-old, again.

She felt as light as a feather, as free as she could remember being in a very long time.

Kelly’s inner song must be the same as Vicky’s because their moves began to sync up inadvertently. It was serendipity, purely by accident but, to anyone watching, their movements must look choreographed. The synchronicity with which they moved usually required hours of practice, but it came naturally to them.

Minutes or hours, Kelly didn’t know how long they danced under the stars. Lost in the moment, time didn’t matter. Only when head lights swung into her next door neighbor’s driveway, did Kelly snap out of the revelry she had been in.

“Shit,” Kelly said, snatching up Vicky’s hand. The fact that she was very naked in her backyard with an equally naked twelve-year-old girl came back to her with the sound of her perverted neighbor getting out of his car, and she got her feet moving. Laughing, she said, “Run!”

They were both laughing as they darted for the house. They burst inside, closing the door behind them. Looking at each other, they started laughing harder, Kelly holding her side.

“Too close,” she said, smiling at the girl.

“Worth it, though,” Vicky said, returning the smile.

“Definitely worth it,” Kelly agreed, shaking her head, “I haven’t done anything like that in a long time.”

“Well,” Vicky said, moving into Kelly’s arms, “I’m glad you liked it.”

“I loved it,” Kelly said, putting her arms around the girl’s neck. It was the truth. Dancing with Vicky under the stars was something she’d never forget. Not that she wanted to. It was a memory she hoped to hold onto for a very long time.

Kelly loved the feel of Vicky’s slight body pressed against her own, and she thought about the brief kiss they had shared on the back lawn. It had left her wanting more and, now with the girl in her arms, again, Kelly thought about Vicky’s story and what had happened after dancing. She didn’t have a pool but…

Her heart started beating faster in her breast and Kelly was trembling with need and fear. Mostly need. It had been a long minute since she had been with anyone and her desire for Vicky has been building up unchecked for months now.

If she kisses me now, Kelly thought, swallowing hard, I’ll come completely undone.

The thought barely had time to take root in her mind when Vicky turned her face up, smiling this little smile at Kelly. She couldn’t breathe because it was a smile for the bedroom, out of place on a girl Vicky’s age but undeniable. On her tippy toes, Vicky leaned into Kelly, stopped with her lips only inches from Kelly’s.

She wants me to be the one, Kelly thought, looking into the girl’s beautiful brown eyes, she wants me to kiss her, wants me to be the instigator.

Did she dare? At this point, would it even matter who kissed whom? The line had probably been crossed a long time ago. Still, she wished Vicky had just kissed her, had pushed her over the edge into the forbidden, the taboo. Now, she had to make the decision whether or not to take the plunge on her own.

Still looking into Vicky’s eyes, she didn’t agonize over the decision too long and probably not nearly long enough. Kelly pressed her lips to Vicky’s before she had time to think better of it. When she opened her mouth a little, Vicky’s tongue touched hers, caressed it, drew her into a deeper kiss than she was ready for. Only twelve, yet Vicky kissed better than some of the more experienced women Kelly had been with.

Vicky broke the kiss, her eyes flashing at Kelly. Smiling, she said, “I wasn’t sure if you’d kiss me.”

“Me, either,” Kelly said, laughing.

“I’m glad you did,” Vicky said, kissing her, again. Like before, the kiss got away from them, the passion building between them bubbling up in a hurry. When they finally came up for air, Vicky smiled at Kelly, took her hand, and said, “Come on.”

“Where are we going?” Kelly asked, even though the look in Vicky’s eyes was answer enough.

“Your bedroom,” Vicky said, heading that way like she expected Kelly to follow her without argument. The girl wasn’t wrong.

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