A Girl Named Charlie, Chapter 3

  • Posted on May 7, 2017 at 3:20 pm

By Amanda Lynn

Lisa was woken up by a loud clap of thunder. She looked over toward the clock on her night stand. When the sleepy fog in her mind cleared, she realized the LEDs were dark. Power is out, she thought to herself.

As she pulled the blankets around her neck, her thoughts went to the little girl in the room next door. She felt a strong attraction toward Charlie that had her wondering… was it empathy for the girl’s loss and subsequent struggle over the last few months that she was feeling? Or simply a sexual desire for the precious child? The last time she had made love to a girl so young, Lisa was only 17. Since then she’d had many lovers, and the sex was almost always great, but she longed for the touch of preteen innocence.

She felt herself becoming aroused as she pondered these things. Spreading her legs, she reached down and touched her sex. Lisa pushed a finger through her folds and dipped into her center. Pinching a nipple with her other hand, she slowly began to finger herself.

A flash of lightning momentarily illuminated the room, followed immediately by a loud crash. Lisa jumped from the scare — then heard a shriek from the next room. Moments later came another sound, a small hand knocking on her bedroom door.

“Lisa, are you awake?” a trembling voice asked.

“I am, sweetie. Come in.”

The door opened, and Charlie hurriedly made her way across the room the best she could in the dark. Jumping up on the bed, she crawled over to Lisa. “Can I sleep with you? I don’t like the thunder,” she said, a quiver in her voice.

“Here, get under the covers,” Lisa replied, pulling them back and letting the girl wiggle underneath.

“Better?” Lisa smiled, as she rolled onto her side to face Charlie.

“Uh-huh,” the child nodded, snuggling in close.

Lisa could feel the warmth of Charlie’s body against her own. The feeling of this little treasure in her arms was adding to the arousal that had already been building inside her. She rested a hand on Charlie’s back and began to gently rub it. Soon she moved her hand down lower onto the girl’s bum, softly caressing each cheek, then brought her hand up and under the tee shirt and continued to rub the smooth skin of her back.

“It feels so nice when you touch me,” Charlie whispered softly.

“I’m glad you like it,” Lisa replied, as she felt Charlie’s lips pressing against her nose in the dark.

“Oops, missed,” the girl giggled. Then she repositioned herself and tried again.

This time their lips met, and Lisa realized that Charlie wanted more than just a simple kiss. She was kissing her with lips parted. Lisa responded in kind and felt the child’s tongue begin to search for hers.

Lisa pulled Charlie in tight, and they wrapped their arms around one another. The woman and the 11-year-old girl kissed deeply as hands began to explore bodies. Lisa moaned into Charlie’s mouth as her young lover put a hand on Lisa’s breast and toyed with the hard nipple. Charlie slid her other hand down to Lisa’s hip, and began to feel around as if searching for something.

Much to Lisa’s dismay, Charlie broke their heated kiss. “Are you naked?” There was a hint of surprise in her question.

“Yes, I am. Is that okay?”

“Uh-huh. Want me to get naked too?” Charlie asked, her fingers playing with Lisa’s nipple.

The woman shivered in pleasure at the longed-for touch, but she said, “Only if you want to, sweetie. I don’t want you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable.”

Lisa’s heart was pounding, her mind racing. This little darling in her bed seemed all too eager for romantic affection. Was it because Charlie had been so lonely for who knows how many months now? Or had she actually seduced the vulnerable girl during the evening? While Lisa contemplated that idea, the child scrambled out of her tee shirt and panties, tossing them onto the floor.

Charlie lay on her back, pulling up the covers. Moving in close, Lisa found her lips once more. She tried to make her kisses soft and slow, each one a sweet treat, something to be savored as if it might be the last. She kissed the girl’s small nose and then each eyelid, her cheek bones and her cheeks, and lastly her chin. Her hand rested on Charlie’s shoulder the whole time, never moving save for an occasional gentle squeeze, but her pulse quickened in response to the delicious feel of her tender flesh.

With a sigh of anticipation, Lisa moved back to the girl’s sweet lips and kissed her there, preparing to explore her mouth. She deliberately traced the outline of Charlie’s lips before seeking out the young girl’s tongue. The tips of their tongues brushed together, then pulled back as though they were burning embers. They touched again and danced together, the soft sounds of pleasure rising inside both of them.

Charlie was moaning, her chest heaving, her skin feverish and damp. Lisa could feel the child’s rapid breathing, warm on her face. Charlie seemed to want nothing more than to hungrily devour Lisa’s mouth, but Lisa resisted as she took playful little bites of the girl’s lips. She continued to tease her lover, playing cat and mouse with their dancing tongues.

Soon Lisa’s own desire became too much for her to resist. She caved in to it and their mouths fused in a hot passionate kiss. Lisa’s hand finally moved from Charlie’s shoulder, sliding down her arm and onto her belly. She could feel the warmth beneath her hand, and Charlie’s abdomen twitching with excited expectation.

Lisa pulled back. “Charlie, I want to make love to you. Would that be okay?” she asked, hoping she wasn’t moving too quickly.

As a big smile crossed her face, Charlie nodded in agreement. But then, realizing Lisa probably couldn’t see that in the dark, she nervously answered, “I would like that… except, um, I’ve only ever done it with Karen.”

“That’s okay, baby. We’ll take it slow. You just tell me if I do something you don’t want or don’t like, and I will stop. All right?”

“Uh-huh, I trust you, Lisa,” Charlie replied as she fumbled in the dark for Lisa’s head, pulling her down once she’d found it. “You make me feel safe.” Then their lips met again. Charlie’s kiss was passionate, and their tongues renewed their crazy dance.

With deliberate movement, Lisa let her hand travel to Charlie’s hip and then slowly down her leg, bringing it back up along her inner thigh, stopping just shy of her little pussy.

Charlie moaned, spreading her legs, hoping to entice Lisa to explore further. Lisa recognized the signals, but continued to be coy. She ran her fingertips back down Charlie’s thigh and up again, threatening to touch her sex with each pass, but always stopping just short. The naked girl was soon pushing her hips up off the bed trying desperately to make contact with Lisa’s hand. Finally her pleading moans were too hard to resist. Lisa moved her hand from the inside of Charlie’s thigh onto her labia.

“Ohhh, Lisa!” Charlie’s tormented groan was followed by a long soft whine.

Lisa could feel the heat emanating from the girl’s nearly bald pussy as she pushed a finger into her folds. She had stopped kissing her, and instead listened to the throaty moans, whimpers, and heavy breathing.

“Yes!” Charlie squeaked when the woman found her young lover’s swollen clit. Lisa massaged it slowly at first, then at an ever quickening pace as Charlie bucked against her hand. The child’s head thrashed from side to side, her hands clawing at the bed sheets, as she cried out her pleas for that sweet release.

“Oh, Lisa yes! It’s happening! Don’t stop. Don’t stop! Yesss!” she yelled. Her body stiffened and shook before collapsing back onto the bed.

Lisa wanted to taste the girl so badly. Her own juices were flowing now. But she decided to let Charlie relax a bit before moving on.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Lisa asked after a few minutes when Charlie’s breathing had returned to normal.

“Oh my god, yeah! That was awesome,” the little girl sighed, an unseen smile on her face.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Lisa said as she leaned down and softly kissed her. “There’s more where that came from, if you think you can handle it.”

“More? Yes please!”

Lisa chuckled at the reply as she kissed and nuzzled and nibbled at Charlie’s neck. She kissed her way down to her shoulder and across her collar bone, then still lower to kiss and lick her little nipples. Meanwhile, her hand had moved again to the young girl’s pussy. Lisa ran a finger in between the warm, slippery folds of skin, causing Charlie to moan in renewed arousal. As she pushed the finger deeper, into her core, Lisa discovered that the girl’s hymen had already been broken. She wondered if Karen had been the one who’d broken it. Lisa kissed her way across Charlie’s tummy, over her mound, and onto her soaked pussy, shoving the blankets aside as she went.

Pausing for a moment, Lisa inhaled deeply. The lingering fragrance of the bubble bath combined with the girl’s own sweet scent was utterly intoxicating to her. She took another long, deep breath through her nose. Then, putting her mouth on Charlie’s sensitive clit, Lisa gently kissed and licked it as her finger toyed with the child’s g-spot.

Charlie moaned and her hips rocked in response to this heightened assault on her pussy. Lisa licked and sucked on her young lover’s clit as she fingered her vagina. The girl clawed at the sheets as Lisa continued to lap up her juices with vigor. Another orgasm soon swept over Charlie, consuming her, the intense waves of pleasure making her feel lightheaded.

“Fuck yes!” the child cried, clamping her legs together, trapping Lisa’s head between them.

Lisa felt a new flood of delicious juices coat her mouth and chin. Gently she withdrew her finger, but kept her mouth over Charlie’s pussy as her lover’s ecstasy slowly subsided, until her legs relaxed and fell away, releasing Lisa from their grip.

The woman moved back up on the bed and softly kissed the little girl.

“Mmm… is that me I taste?” she asked.

“Yes, it is, sweetie,” Lisa chuckled. “You came a lot.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Charlie meekly apologized.

Lisa kissed her again. “There’s nothing to be sorry for, baby. It’s a beautiful thing, and I promise you I loved every sweet drop.”

“Okay, but, um — I want to taste you now,” Charlie said, as she tried to push Lisa onto her back.

Lisa let the girl take control, and flopped over onto her back. Charlie quickly kissed her way all around Lisa’s face, trying her best to imitate everything Lisa had done to her. But really, Charlie was more interested in carnal pleasures right now. The romance and tender passion of lovemaking would have to take a back seat.

Charlie took a breast into her hand and kissed the erect nipple, exploring it with her tongue. Lisa could feel the pleasure building deep within her, and knew it wouldn’t take much for her young lover to push her over the edge.

The girl continued to suck and nip at the nipple in her mouth. She caressed Lisa’s flat belly and played with her navel. Then she took the other nipple into her mouth, sucking like a baby as Lisa moaned with desire. Charlie lovingly kissed each wet nipple once again before scooting down to kneel between the woman’s legs.

Lisa spread herself wide, allowing unrestricted access. As Charlie placed her hands on the insides of Lisa’s thighs, she wished the lights were on in the room so she could see what she was exploring. Slowly moving her hands inward, she was surprised at the lack of hair around her pussy.

Lying on her back, trembling with arousal and anticipation, Lisa could feel her warm juices running down between her legs, most likely dripping onto the sheets below. Her hips jerked when she felt Charlie’s thumb press down onto her clit.

“You like that?” Charlie cooed in such a low, seductive voice that it not only surprised Lisa, but made her shudder with desire.

“Yes, I like it,” Lisa hissed. Her hips gyrated as Charlie continued to torment her clit with her thumb.

Soon Lisa felt a finger from Charlie’s other hand pushing its way into her vagina, only to be joined by another finger soon after. She whimpered as her young lover began to fuck her. It was now Lisa’s turn to claw at the sheets. Stabbing jolts of searing pleasure flashed throughout her body, across every nerve ending.

Charlie repositioned herself and replaced her thumb with her mouth on Lisa’s swollen and sensitive clit, all the while keeping those two fingers pumping and probing deep inside. A spasm shook Lisa as she felt the child’s lips and tongue make contact with her.

“Oh god, Charlie! You’re gonna make me come!” Lisa yelled as she raised her knees and grabbed the girl’s head in her hands, pulling her close. Charlie redoubled her efforts, eagerly fucking Lisa with a skill no 11-year-old should have.

Lisa feverishly rocked her hips, shoving her aching pussy into Charlie’s face. The girl’s mouth on her sex, her fingers inside — it was Nirvana, and within seconds the floodgates opened, soaking her young lover’s face. Lisa cried out as all the pent-up energy escaped with a titanic release that shook her body down to its very core.

When she was finally finished, after what seemed ages, Lisa released her grip on the girl, whispering, “Charlie, baby, come up here. I need to kiss you now.”

Very slowly, Charlie crawled up into Lisa’s embrace, dropping soft kisses every few inches along her body. Once Lisa had the girl in her arms, and they were face to face, she kissed her deeply. She could taste their juices mingling together in their mouths.

“Oh my god, that was out of this world, sweetie,” Lisa sighed as the two lovers kissed and caressed.

“I’m glad you liked it. But you came so much, I thought you were gonna drown me,” Charlie teased.

“Sorry, honey. I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard before. You were just amazing.”

Soon they pulled the covers back up and snuggled close. They kissed and cuddled a short while longer, until both drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Nice…actually, that was pretty much worth the cliffhangers of the past two chapters. I’m not a fan of those cliffhangers that you can see coming (better that they sneak up on you and leave you wanting more), but this was a nice payoff.

    Looking forward to more.

  2. JetBoy says:

    I was so busy defending the institution of the cliffhanger in the previous chapter that I forgot to leave wholehearted praise for this story. Consider that done here and now. Excellent work, Amanda!

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    Wow Amanda, that was so hot. Nice to wake up to a steamy erotic chapter like this. Looking forward to more chapters in this story.

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    Brilliant, and for me lovely to read and very arousing :).

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    Thank you all. Lots more to come. Pun intended.

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    very hot chapter. Nice way to wake up. both for the characters, and me too.

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    I finished the Holly and Ivy story and now am working my way through the Charlie story. Both are great, I am definitely enjoying them and I am sure I will enjoy the remaining chapters. Keep up the great writing.
    Here’s a minor error for the editor to correct. Once the girls start making love, look for this sentence:
    “Charlie seemed to wanted nothing more…” I think ‘want’ is the better word here.

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    The build up was great the apex was fantastic love the story

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    An entirely believable scenario and recounted beautifully.

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    I’d forgotten what a well done, hot,loving story this is. And about time I said so in a comment.

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    Wow Amanda that was so incredibly hot that I think my computer is melting.

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