Point of View, Part Two

  • Posted on April 9, 2017 at 12:10 pm

By Misty Meadow

Cherry makes me come. It doesn’t take much. It isn’t just the the touch of her lips that sets my cunt on fire, it’s the look of adoration in her big dark eyes as they gaze up at me, as though I were a goddess.

A few licks, a push of her tongue up my cunt, a brief attack on my clit and I’m over the top, coming like a nuclear blast that blows my world to smithereens, sending shock waves of bliss through my body, my soul winging heavenward. I hear a voice shouting and, as I come back down to earth, I realise it’s mine, crying, “I love you, my darling little girl!”

Her face is beaming in a dazzling smile, her cheeks wet from my orgasm. I roll off her onto my back and she crawls up the bed to nestle against my right side, her cheek on my right tit, her hand on the left toying with my nipple.

“Did you come?” she asks, naively.

“Come?” I say, “I came like a rocket! It was the biggest orgasm of my whole life. I — I think I’m falling in love with you, Cherry.”

She turns her head, takes my right nipple in her mouth and bites on it. The pain is exquisite, driving me back to to the sexual heights I’d soared to just moments ago.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good!” I whisper as her hand slides down, stroking my chest, my tummy, all too soon making its way to my eagerly awaiting cunt. Her finger slides into the dripping wet cavern, followed by a second — and I know that I’m just seconds away from coming again.

“This is so much fun!” she says enthusiastically. “I love your cunt, Misty, it’s so fucking sexy!”

In a mood to play, I slip my hand between Cherry’s legs… then my doorbell rings.

“FUCK!” I hiss, infuriated.

A startled Cherry rolls away from me and I struggle to my feet. Stomping over to the door, I peer through the peep hole. It’s one of my lovers, Marcie — a skinny girl just out of her teens, but a real cunt hound. She just can’t get enough of my pussy.

I turn to Cherry and say, “Go hide in the bathroom.” She jumps off the bed and scurries out of sight. I open the door and poke my head round the frame.

“Hi, Misty. Naked as usual, huh?” She sniffs, then grins. “I’m interrupting something, aren’t I? You’re fucking someone right now, aren’t you, you dirty slut? Your whole place smells like cunt.”

I have to grin back. I love being called a slut, especially by a nymphomaniac like Marcie. “You’d better come in,” I say, opening the door.

She steps in and peers round. “Where’s the lucky girl?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Am I gonna get to meet her?”

“Well…” I hesitate, “she might be a bit young for you.”

“I don’t think so. You know I like young girls.”

“Not this young.”

“Go on, tell me, how old?”

“I dunno for sure. About eleven, maybe ten. Prepubescent, definitely.”

“You fuckin’ cradle snatcher! I gotta meet her. Don’t you know that sex with a ten-year-old lesbian is every gay girl’s wet dream? Go on, bring her out.”

I go into the bathroom and close the door behind me. Cherry has taken her vest off and wrapped herself in a towel that conceals her chest. It’s not quite long enough to cover her bum or her cunt, but she’s too preoccupied to be aware of that.

“It’s okay, just my friend Marcie. She’s gay like me and we have sex a lot. Don’t be afraid, I think you’ll really like her. She wants to meet you, okay? She’s really nice, I promise.” I’ve left her little choice, but at least I’m being nice about it.

“Okay,” she mutters reluctantly.

I take my little lover’s hand and lead her out into the living room. Marcie’s jaw drops. “Oh, my God! You’re fucking adorable!”

“Cherry, this is Marcie. Marcie, this is Cherry, my new friend. She lives opposite, and I caught her taking pictures of me when I happened to be showing off my cunt.”

“Misty was taking pictures of me, too!” Cherry says, defensively.

“Showing off your cunt, huh, Misty? So what’s new?” She turns to Cherry. “Misty flashes her gash like an newlywed shows off her wedding ring. So… nice to meet you, Cherry. God, you’re stunning! I could drown in those eyes of yours.”

“Guess I’d better put some clothes on,” I mutter.

“Why?” Marcie asks. “Being naked never bothered you before. In fact, I’m the one who’s overdressed. I should take my clothes off.”

Now grinning, Cherry sits down in a nearby chair. Her towel, tucked into itself at the front, is now open in an inverted V and she’s either unaware of it, or more probably, deliberately ignoring it.

Marcie continues. “I gotta pee anyway, which means taking my shorts off…” She peels her denim cut-offs down to reveal her white cotton bikini briefs, “… and my knickers, too.” They’re dragged down to mid thigh, revealing that her cunt is as hairless as Cherry’s and mine. She tugs at the knot which ties her unbuttoned tartan shirt just below the ribs, and spreads it open, revealing her nice firm little tits.

I reach down and pull Marcie’s knickers back up. She scowls. “What’s the matter? Don’t you wanna let the kid see my cunt?”

“Yeah, I do… but if you’re gonna pee in my toilet, you have to do it through your knickers. It’s the rule.”

She thinks about it for a moment. “Okay, but you’ll have to lend me a pair of yours to go home in. Not clean ones, though. I want a used pair, out of your laundry hamper.”

Cherry is giggling as we crowd into the bathroom and Marcie sits on the loo. Holding up our phones, Cherry and I push and shove at each other to get in position for the best shot as Marcie’s pee flows into the bowl.

When she’s empty, she stands and I kneel to peel her knickers off, then lean in and lick her cunt. “That’s right, Misty, get me nice and clean.” I love the taste of fresh pee. To me it’s like champagne. Cherry stares at us, fascinated.

Back in the living room, Marcie asks to see all the pictures we’ve taken. I look at Cherry and she nods. I’m not surprised. One might think that she’d be reluctant to share all that intimate stuff with a stranger, but on the other hand, just moments ago she was at the height of sexual arousal, and it would seem that whatever inhibitions she possessed have flown out of the window.

Marcie oohs and aahs, gasping at the lewdness of our pictures — pure child pornography, for the most part.
“Oh, you fucking dirty sluts!” she proclaims, a big grin plastered on her face.

I whisper to Cherry, “She means that in a nice way. She loves sluts, just like I do.”

“So I’m a slut, huh?” Cherry replies thoughtfully. “I suppose it’s okay.”

She’s now the one who’s overdressed and seems to know it, because she is sprawled out in a chair, legs carelessly spread, that towel covering nothing but her nipples.

Marcie looks at her and then at me, slowly licking her lips.

“Cherry,” I say, “I think Marcie wants to… ”

“Eat your pussy,” says Marcie, crudely. “My God, that sweet little cunt looks utterly delicious!”

Cherry, now brimming with confidence, rises, allowing her towel to fall to the floor. She turns and lies down on the bed, her legs at four and eight o’clock, hands behind her head.

It’s an unspoken invitation, and Marcie wastes no time. She hops on to the bed between Cherry’s legs and leans in, closely inspecting the little girl’s treasures. Reaching out, she gently opens the child’s cunt with her fingers, gazing into the pink grotto. Then she lowers her head.

From my angle, I can’t actually see what kind of tongue action is going on, but from the expression of delight on Cherry’s face, I gather that Marcie is deploying her not inconsiderable skill as a muff diver. I take a quick picture — for posterity, as it were — then lie down beside Cherry, leaning in to kiss her sweet mouth. Her fingers tangle in my hair.

I wish I had a camcorder that I could set up on a tripod to catch all this hot action, so I wouldn’t need to hold and aim it — just let it record away for our later viewing and masturbatory pleasure. Here we are, two adult lesbians “molesting” a preteen girl, who’s welcoming our advances with total enthusiasm. It’s a dream come true. I kiss Cherry again, my tongue pushing her soft lips apart, gently invading her mouth just like her fingers had invaded my hungry cunt.

Lifting my head, I gaze at her. Cherry’s breathing quickens as her excitement builds and her eyes lock onto mine, gazing into my black, wicked soul as her innocence is being rapidly eroded away. Then they squeeze tightly shut as Marcie’s mouth brings her to the edge and over.

Marcie extricates herself from between Cherry’s thighs and crawls up the bed to lie beside her. She teases the little girl’s nipples with her finger, then kisses them, sliding a hand between Cherry’s legs where heaven waits. My little lover is now being besieged by the mouths of two lust-crazed women, planting kisses all over her body. Her breath comes in short, hard gasps.

“You darling little angel,” Marcie murmurs, “your cunt tastes delicious, even better than Misty’s… and hers is world class. Would you like to taste us, now?”

Cherry’s eyes, until now closed, open wide. “I’ve tasted Misty’s. It was awesome!”

“Well, mine is pretty good, too,” Marcie informs her. “It’s the most thrilling thing in the world, to bring a lover to orgasm. You’ll see.”

“She’s right,” I say.

Cherry sits up and looks at us, her face and chest flushed. “All right, I’ll do it if you want.”

“It’s not what we want, Cherry, it’s what will excite you more than anything else in the whole world. You’ll never forget the next few minutes.”

She nods eagerly. “Okay, lie back, Marcie and open your legs.”

Marcie complies, then…

“Oh, shit! What time is it?” Cherry looks at the clock beside the bed, then jumps to her feet. “I’ve gotta make lunch for Gran!”

“Uh?” says Marcie, a look of genuine distress on her face.

“I gotta run. If I’m not there, she start asking all sorts of questions. I’m sorry, I gotta go.” She is scrambling around for her clothes, finding her knickers and skirt on the floor. Her vest is in the bathroom. She throws her clothes on, blows us a kiss and is out of the door.

There we are, lying naked on the bed looking at each other dumbfounded.

“Fuck!” says Marcie. “So near, and yet so far. That would have been glorious. Having that darling little Lolita eat my pussy, then watching her eat yours… God, that would’ve been an image I could masturbate to for weeks.”

“Fucking bummer,” I groan.

“Ah, well, says Marcie, looking between my legs, “there’s no point in wasting that nice hot, wet cunt. Come sit on my face, Misty.”

After Marcie brings herself to orgasm with her fingers while eating my pussy, she searches through my laundry hamper for a pair of my knickers to wear in place of the ones she pissed through.

“Jesus, don’t you have any colour other than white?”

“What’s wrong with white? Just pick a pair that aren’t too dirty and put ’em on. You don’t have to return them; they’re a gift from me to you.”

Selecting a pair, she quickly dons them, pausing to rub the crotch into her still wet pussy. “Now they’ll smell even better,” she says.

Marcie dresses, bitching about our interrupted adventure all the while. “You owe me another shot with her, Misty. Otherwise, I’ll go to my grave unsatisfied.” Pausing to give me one last kiss, she leaves.

I lie on my bed, thinking about the morning’s events. Why would a ten year old child go into the home of a stranger and offer herself so willingly and eagerly in gay sexual acts? Maybe she’d developed an instant crush on me and, being at a vulnerable and inquisitive age, allowed me to lead her into my filthy world of exhibitionism, pee play, cunnilingus and more. Perhaps she was just a trusting person by nature. Given how quickly she exposed her cunt to Marcie, that could be the case.

I wonder if I’ve rushed things, pushed her into activities that would disgust most ten-year-olds, but I never detected even a hint of unwillingness on her part. Consent is everything, and she certainly gave it!

The whole rest of the day I glance across the way to Cherry’s flat, looking for her, hoping she might be looking for me, but I don’t see her. I even write my phone number in lipstick, backwards on the inside of my sliding glass door, but she doesn’t phone. Then again, maybe she wants to but can’t. Her grandma might be blind, but she’s probably not deaf.

Around nine o’clock, with my flat in darkness, I sit looking out through the floor-to-ceiling windows, waiting. My heart leaps in my throat when a light goes on in her flat. I grab my phone, aim it and zoom in.

Cherry comes into the frame, still dressed in her flared skirt and white vest. She slides the glass door open, but doesn’t step onto the balcony. It could be that she’s visible from other flats in my building. Just inside the doorway, fairly well lit by two table lamps, she lifts one foot onto a chair to remove her sandal, creating a nice upskirt view, then repeats the manoeuvre with the other foot. Then, facing me, she lifts her dress in that classic little girl pose, proudly displaying her white knickers. Tucking the hem of her skirt under her chin to hold it up, Cherry tugs at the waist of her knickers, pulling them up into a perfect camel toe.

All the time, she doesn’t look at me. We’ve gone back to our original little drama, where we pretended that we thought we were unobserved and just being careless. Despite it being a long way from the unrestrained sex we’d enjoyed on my bed, it’s incredibly exciting.

Cherry looks down at her exposed knickers, then drops her skirt, unfastens it at the side and lets it fall to the floor. I try to hold my phone steady, but my hand is trembling. Girls in white knickers and a vest make me melt inside.

She tugs her knickers down — not far enough to reveal anything, but just enough to trigger anticipation and quicken my pulse. With those knickers stretched across her hips, Cherry turns to the side to face what I assume is a mirror, then starts to brush her hair. I wait impatiently for her to undress, but she takes her sweet time, clearly teasing me.

At last she turns to face me again and to my intense joy, slides her knickers down to mid-thigh, leaving them there, held up by her slightly parted legs. She lifts the vest over her head and shakes her hair free. Still not looking in my direction, Cherry absentmindedly scratches at her cunt, as though satisfying an itch. Her face bears an enigmatic smile, like Mona Lisa dreaming of who knows what. Then she brings her feet together, and her knickers slide down to her feet. Stepping out of them, she turns her back to me, bending to pick them up. The zoom on my phone is good enough for me to clearly make out both her treasures — her sweet little cunt and her pouting brown rosebud.

She disappears for a moment, then returns holding a pair of clean knickers, exactly like the ones she’d just removed. They are the same kind I wear myself, but several sizes smaller, I imagine. Stepping into them, Cherry pulls the knickers up to her knees and turns to look at herself in the mirror.

She places a hand between her legs, and though I can’t actually see her cunt, the motion of her knuckles tells me that she’s masturbating. Then she brings that hand to her face, her middle finger held up like an insult, inspects it, then pops it in her mouth. Finally, she turns her back to me, pulls her knickers the rest of the way up and steps out of sight. The light goes out.

I am elated. Cherry has clearly signalled to me that despite not having called, our relationship is still in effect and ongoing.

I quickly undress, place a stool from the breakfast bar in the doorway, then collect a few toys from my bedside table. I switch on two table lamps placed at either end of my glass wall, and draw my curtains shut just enough to conceal them. They’ll illuminate me without dazzling my audience. I seat myself on the stool, legs parted, not knowing whether she’s looking or not, hoping that she is.

First I caress my boobs, squeeze them and pinch my nipples for that sweet stab of pain that gets my “horny-mones” surging. Then I begin to finger my cunt, running two fingers along either side of my clit, seeing it engorge and grow pink. I put two, then three fingers into my cunt and thrust them in and out, removing them from time to time to taste myself.

Then I reach for my vibrator, switch it on, place the tip against my clit and lean back, closing my eyes. The micro-shocks from its throbbing tip spread through my whole midsection. Unable to resist any longer, I push the length of it deep into my cunt. Its ribbed surface excites the walls of my vagina, making me even wetter.

She must be looking, I tell myself.

I imagine the little voyeur welcoming my exhibitionism, her big eyes staring through the darkness as I slowly bring myself to orgasm. I picture Cherry growing more and more excited by the lewd sight of me losing it completely as the pressure builds then explodes, a starburst going off in my cunt.

I withdraw the vibrator, and for the benefit of my audience, put it in my mouth, getting a strong taste of my cunt — as always, utterly delicious.

And now for something completely different, as the Monty Python team were fond of saying, though they never had a sketch like the one I’m about to do. Discarding the vibrator, I select a butt plug, one with a conical shape and a flange at the bottom so it can stand vertically.

I examine it closely, so as to give Cherry a good long look, then put it in place on the stool, the tip pointing upward. Then I put my feet on the rungs of the stool, standing with my back to the window, thrust a finger up my wet cunt and then into my rosebud to lubricate it. Then I lower myself slowly so that the plug pushes against my sphincter and suddenly pops in. The pain is sharp but quickly fades, and I’m lost in the feeling of fullness, the delight of being penetrated, the joy of being observed committing a lewd act. The plug, now in past its widest point, will stay there. My rectum won’t expel it.

I step down on to the floor and sit on the stool again, facing Cherry’s flat. I start fucking myself with the vibrator once more, and now, with both my orifices filled, I’m climbing that mountain up to a second orgasm.

My thrusts get deeper and faster and I can hear myself groaning like an actress in a cheap porn flick. “Oh, yes,” I cry. “Fuck me! Fuck me, my darling Cherry! Make me come, you little angel!” I lift my feet on to the top rung of the stool and spread my knees as wide as they’ll go. I attack my clit with the fingers of my free hand, pinching and flicking it.

I stare across the void, hoping her light will go on, longing to see my little lover watching me. I know she’s there, but her flat remains dark. I try to imagine how she feels as I perform for her. The thought sends me over the top, and pleasure comes crashing down like a tsunami — washing me out to sea, then allowing me to gently drift back to shore again.

Dazed, I remove the vibrator and taste myself once more, then my phone rings. I look around and see it on the breakfast bar. I rise and stumble across the room, the butt plug still inside me, snatch it up and answer. “Hello?”

Cherry’s childlike voice sets my heart fluttering. “Hooray, Misty! That was awesome!” I can hear the joy in her voice. “My knickers are soaking wet and I wanna try out all your sex toys and what does that thing up your arse feel like?” This comes out in one excited breath.

“You were watching, then?”

“Of course. I’ve got it all on video and I could hear you saying you wanted me to fuck you. I’m gonna watch it again in bed and I’ll… well, you know. I couldn’t call earlier ‘cos Gran was awake, but she’s asleep now. I got you on speed dial.”

“Can you come over tomorrow?”

“How early?”

“Earlier the better. I’ll leave my flat door open and you can sneak in, undress, slide quietly into my bed and wake me with a kiss.”

“And maybe a finger up your cunt?” she giggles, in that lovely little-girl way.

“A finger, two fingers, all your fingers and your thumb. I want you to fist me.”


“I’ll show you. I want to lick your bum and let you pee on me and bite my tits and fuck me with my double ended dildo and kiss me all over and… well, everything.”

“So I can do anything I like to you?”

“Anything! Anything at all!”

“Then I’ll let you do anything to me, Misty. I love you.”

“I love you too, Cherry. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” She makes a loud kissing sound, then hangs up.

All in all, a pretty good day, whatever your point of view.

The End


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    fantastic story.

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    What a HOT story! Really nasty too. I totally loved it.

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    Great story, Misty. You are a very very naughty girl, but I like you.

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    Great story Misty and very erotic. I loved the story line and you attention to details. There is nothing hotter to me then lesbian love between young and old. Thanks and I look forward to more from you.

  5. Jessica says:

    Wow, just WOW! Such a naughty and nasty story, I enjoyed every moment of it!

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    pretty cool

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