Remnants, Part Three

  • Posted on February 4, 2017 at 1:06 pm

By No One

It was late afternoon when the familiar cliff walls came into view. The long drive had been peppered with a thousand questions from Zee about the state of the world and all aspects of life. Rain did her best to answer, but in some cases, she was no more informed than the android girl.

“Well, there it is: Dead End,” Rain declared, indicating the settlement nestled where two tall cliffs met at a right angle. “‘Cause of the cliffs, see?” That was one reason, anyway — some said the lives of its citizens were also caught in a more metaphorical dead end. The town wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was decent enough in Rain’s estimation. She had seen worse in her travels.

“How many people live here?” Zee asked as they came closer.

“A couple thousand, maybe? It varies. People come, people go.”

They reached the wall of corrugated tin panels surrounding the town on the sides not covered by the cliffs. The head and shoulders of a young man popped up over the wall to take a look when he heard the noise of Rain’s bike.

“Yo, Rain,” he greeted them.

“Rock.” She nodded at him.

“Been gone a long time, love. Found anything good?”

“Might have. You know, this and that. Just really tired now, Rock. Mind opening the gate?”

“I dunno, have you reconsidered going out with me?” Rock asked, grinning, as he usually did.

“I dunno, have you reconsidered chopping off your manhood?” Rain shot back. Not an uncommon exchange between them.

The big guy laughed and disappeared from view.

“There can’t be that much to it anyway!” Rain shouted after him, and more laughter came from behind the wall. A few seconds later, there was the sound of rattling chains, then a section of the wall slid aside to let them through.

Zee raised inquisitive eyebrows, and Rain gave her a wink, then slowly drove through the opening.

“Hey, hold on,” Rock said when they met on the other side, brows furrowed. “Who’s that with you?”

“Just a kid who sneaked off. You should keep a better watch,” Rain said.

“Huh? How did you…?”

“Must be a hole in your wall, better give it a check.” Rain rode off, leaving a very confused Rock behind.

“Um, why did you lie to that man?” Zee asked after a moment.

“I think it’s better to keep your, uh, identity a secret for now, okay? Some people might… freak out a little.”

“Freak out?”

“Well, folks aren’t used to machine-people around here, so they might react a bit, um… unpredictably? It’s just safer this way, for now.“

“Hmm.” Zee didn’t sound convinced. “Lying is wrong, though.”

Rain suspected machines didn’t have the most nuanced views on morality. “Yeah, well, right and wrong are luxuries you sometimes can’t afford ‘round here. What’s right is to protect yourself. Just trust me on this until we figure things out, alright?”

“I trust you,” Zee said, holding Rain in a hug from behind. “What about that man, Rock, though? If he does not find a hole in the wall, will he not get suspicious?”

Rain chuckled. “Don’t worry about him. The thing about Rock is he’s about as dumb as his name. He’s an okay guy, and for sure one you’d want at your back in a fight, but not the type who’s gonna be solving any mysteries. If he even bothers checking the wall, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did find something to fix in that rickety thing, so it’s all good.”

“In a fight?” Zee repeated. “Are there often fights here?”

Rain had meant to reassure her, but now the girl had latched onto the wrong detail in her explanation and sounded worried. “Well, sometimes.” Only once or twice a day, she thought, but left unsaid. “But we’ll do our best to keep you out of those, okay?”

She felt Zee nod against her back as she slowly drove up the crowded main street, occasionally zigzagging around passersby who were not concerned with getting out of the way. They passed by buildings made of a mishmash of brick, stone, metal panels, and occasionally well-preserved wood, then Rain turned into one of the tiny side streets that crisscrossed the town and stopped the bike.

On the street corner were two teenage girls, begging for scraps. Not an uncommon scene around town, unfortunately; it was a tough world, and it tended to leave behind many orphans. Rain knew the pair by sight, but couldn’t remember their names. She didn’t envy then, it was a hard life on the streets. She had been in their place, once, so she knew that very well.

Fishing through her pack, she grabbed a coil of wire she had found earlier and tossed it to the girls. One of them, a redhead, probably pretty under that layer of dirt, caught it awkwardly. Both girls stared at the object with round eyes, then at Rain, apparently too shocked to say anything.

“Put it to good use,” Rain said, nodding at the two before continuing on into the narrow alley. If they made a decent trade for the wire and were thrifty enough, they might be able to eat for a week or more.

“Are they friends of yours?” Zee asked naively.

“Something like that,” Rain replied vaguely, not really having the stomach to get into explaining the living conditions for street orphans in Dead End at that moment. “Better continue on foot from here,” she added an instant later, getting off her bike, “these alleys weren’t really thought out for driving.” They weren’t really thought out at all, in fact; they just happened as people built makeshift houses next to one another.

Zee jumped off as well and followed as Rain started walking, pulling her bike along. The girl seemed to be holding up the hem of her long cloak to avoid getting it dirty on the dusty ground, exposing her bare feet.

“Oh um, I’ll try to find you some shoes soon. Oh, and clothes, I guess.” It occurred to Rain that she had not given much thought to what bringing the little android home would entail. It had seemed like the right thing to do, but now she was responsible for the girl — at least until she learned to get by on her own. It was a good thing that money shouldn’t be a problem for a while, once she had offloaded her recent acquisitions.

“I am fine. I don’t want to be any trouble,” Zee protested.

“It’s no bother. Anyway, we can’t have you walking around naked, huh?” Wouldn’t be a bad sight, though, Rain thought, a little guiltily.

After a few twists and turns, they made it to Rain’s home, a small but well-built brick building that she had taken over some years ago when its previous owner disappeared into the Waste. People around there weren’t terribly particular about property rights.

Next to it was a shoddy shed made of rusty metal panels that she had built to store her bike. “Decent enough town” or not, the vehicle would be gone by morning if she left it out in the open. She opened its padlocked door and dragged the bike inside, then carried her newfound loot into the house proper, with some help from Zee for the heavy power cell.

“Well, this is it,” Rain declared, indicating the modest two-room home. They stood in the living area, which contained an old couch, a table and some chairs, cupboards and a few storage containers, as well as a charcoal cookstove. Off to one side was Rain’s small bedroom. “It’s not much, I guess, but it serves well enough.” Piles of clothes lying here and there and some dirty cookware completed the decor. “Err, sorry about the mess,” she added self-consciously.

“Oh! I can clean it up for you!” Zee exclaimed with an enthusiasm that Rain very rarely felt for household chores.

“That’s okay, I’ll take care of it later,” Rain said, chuckling at the girl’s eagerness. “Is cleaning and the like what you’re normally, um, built to do?”

“I am meant to take care of all my owner’s requests. Cleaning, and cooking possibly, and um… well… I don’t really know, specifically. I’m supposed to download instructions based on the request, but…” Zee trailed off dispiritedly.

Rain had to wonder how far those requests could go, considering how the android seemed to be so very human-like down to the most intimate details. “Well, now you get to learn how to do stuff the hard way, no cheating.” She winked, hoping to cheer the girl up. “And you don’t have to take orders from anyone.”

Zee nodded uncertainly, but she seemed to be heartened a little. “You will teach me?”

“Sure.” Rain nodded, then let out a long yawn. “Maybe not just now, though. I feel like I could sleep for three days straight.”

“Oh! You should get some rest!”

“Yeah, I think I’ll do that if you don’t mind.” Now that she had successfully made it home, Rain suddenly felt very weary. “Are you tired? Or, err, do you even sleep?”

“I can enter a low power ‘standby’ mode to save energy when I have no task to accomplish.”

“Um, right. That sounds… practical, I guess?” Rain wasn’t sure what to make of that, it sounded like sleeping at will to her. “Well, you can stand by or whatever on the couch, if you want. Doesn’t look like much, but it’s pretty comfy.” She fetched an extra blanket from a trunk, then hesitated. “Oh, err, I guess you probably don’t get cold either, huh?”

Zee smiled and shook her head. “No, but that is thoughtful. Thank you, I will take it.” She grabbed the blanket and laid it on the couch, then casually shrugged out of her cloak and, now naked, began to carefully fold the garment.

Rain swallowed, her eyes unwittingly roaming over the android’s youthful-looking body, which seemed to capture the perfect moment between childhood and adolescence. Her proud nascent breasts, her perfectly hairless sex, her small pert butt, all made Rain wonder just how human the machine-girl could be.

Zee finished folding her clothing and deposited it on the armrest, then lay down on the couch under the blanket, breaking the spell she had held over Rain.

“Ahem. Um, right, good night then,” Rain mumbled, finally looking away guiltily now that it was too late. “Well, it’s not really night yet, but you know what I mean.”

“Good night and rest well,” Zee replied cheerfully, oblivious to Rain’s naughty thoughts about her.

Rain walked to her room, closed the door, then resisted the urge to simply collapse on her bed. Instead, she first made herself undress and perfunctorily clean up, using water from a bucket.

She had expected to fall asleep instantly when she finally slid under the covers, but found herself distracted by images of Zee’s alluring nude body floating in her mind. They refused to dissipate, no matter how hard she tried to focus on other things.

The android actually reminded Rain of the first girl she had ever been with, when she herself was around Zee’s age — or the age that Zee looked, anyway. The girl’s name had been Flower, a little blonde as pretty as her namesake. Though perhaps not quite matching Zee’s perfect beauty — after all, it’s hard to compete with someone artificially designed to be beautiful — she had definitely inflamed young Rain’s nascent desires, and they had made some very fun discoveries together.

Rain smiled as some memories came flooding back. They’d had to hide in a storage shed — even if they hadn’t been up to some mischief, the girl’s parents would certainly not have approved of their little darling frequenting a street rat like Rain. There, Flower had lifted up her shirt to show off her budding breasts with a mixture of shyness and pride, leaving Rain — still flat as a boy at the time — speechless with lustful wonder. It had been the most exciting moment of her young life at that point, and even today the thought sent a thrill through her. She’d had a thing for petite women ever since.

The reminiscence only served to turn her on further. One of her hands sneaked up to her inner thigh, where it paused as she hesitated. Rain eyed the door a moment, then shrugged to herself. She could be quiet, and she would surely sleep even better after this. Her hand continued its journey until it found its warm and increasingly wet destination between her legs, drawing a contented sigh from her lips.

The memory of a later day popped up in her mind. In that same storage shed, Flower had had her back against an oil drum, pants around her ankles — to this day, Rain was still vaguely aroused by the smell of oil. The girl had looked mighty uncertain about what was being proposed by Rain, who was kneeling in front of her. Rain had heard older girls talking about this, though, and with her lover’s sex inches from her face, it had seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Flower had quickly grown very enthusiastic about the idea after the first lick.

Remembering her first taste of that intimate nectar, Rain slipped two fingers into her own pussy, while pressing her palm against her clit. Just the thing to wind down after a hard day, she thought. Her mind wandered through the surprises and delights of early experiences, her arousal mounting as she pleasured herself, but with a hint of sad longing for Flower — who was now gone, her family having relocated to another settlement years ago.

After a moment, the scene playing in her head shifted, dreamlike, and Flower somehow transformed into Zee. Slightly bemused, but too turned on to really care, Rain rolled with the new situation, imagining introducing the little android to oral pleasures, wondering if that was even possible.

“Rain? Are you all right?” Zee’s very real voice suddenly cut through the fantasy.

Rain nearly jumped out of her skin and stared at the girl who had appeared in her doorway, still as beautifully naked as she had been in Rain’s imagination. “Err… yes?” she hazarded guiltily. She was fairly certain that she had been quiet.

“Your heart rate was rapidly increasing, your breathing growing irregular, and your body temperature getting warmer as well,” Zee explained. “I was worried something was wrong.”

“Oh. You can… hear and see all that?” Clearly, the machine-girl was full of surprises. “Through the door?”

“I am equipped with highly sensitive auditory and thermal sensors,” the android revealed matter-of-factly. “Detecting potential dangers, or family members who might be in difficulty, is a very important task.”

“Ah, um, right. That makes some sense, I guess,” Rain conceded. So much for any privacy. “Ahem, well, I’m fine. I was just, um… you know…” she trailed off, but Zee only looked at her curiously. No, of course she didn’t know. “Err, right. It’s just a thing people do to, um, feel good and relax.”

“Oh. Like meditation? Doctor Nakamura practiced meditation and told me about it.”

Rain laughed. “Um, no. Probably the opposite of that. Do you… know what having sex means?”

The girl seemed to think about it for a moment but eventually shook her head. “No. I have heard someone mention that before but… I was busy with some tests at the time and didn’t look it up.”

“Well, it’s, um… When two people like each other, they can, err, get together and, um… See, there are parts of the human body that can feel really good to touch, so… Well, people can have fun touching each other, er, in many ways… There are a lot of possibilities, really. And you can do it by yourself, but it’s not really called sex then.” Rain winced at her terrible explanation. She had not exactly been prepared to give an impromptu lesson in sex education.

Zee seemed intrigued and took a few steps into the room. “Oh, really? I wonder if I am capable of this as well. Can you teach me?” she asked, all innocence.

Rain swallowed hard, eyes glued to Zee’s nude figure. There was nothing at that moment that she desired more than to “teach” the girl, but still, it seemed questionable. Strictly speaking, Zee wasn’t really a kid, despite her appearance, but she was still rather childlike in many ways. While Rain had certainly no objections to young girls exploring their sexuality, as she had done herself, in this instance it was difficult to judge whether Zee’s interest was “real” or born of some sort of built-in eagerness to please. “Erm, well, it’s kind of an intimate thing…” she argued weakly.

“Oh. But you said we were friends and that you would teach me everything…” Zee said piteously.

The young girl looked so crestfallen that Rain immediately felt her resolve to do the “right thing,” such as it was, wavering. “It’s not that simple. The thing about sex is, um…“ she began, struggling to find an argument that Zee would understand. She was “too young”? That didn’t make much sense considering the android probably didn’t age in any meaningful way, and Rain couldn’t honestly claim that her youthful shape wasn’t very appealing. Sex should only be between lovers? Rain didn’t really believe that in the least; in fact, she had slept with girls she had known for a shorter time than Zee.

The proximity of the girl’s tempting body made it increasingly hard for Rain to remember why she was hesitating. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit she was dying to explore how intimately lifelike the android really was.

“Come here,” she gave in, voice thick with desire, patting a spot on the bed next to her.

Zee happily pattered over and climbed onto the bed.

Rain’s breath caught in her throat. Slowly, she reached out and caressed Zee’s cheek softly with the back of one finger. “You’re so beautiful,” she whispered.

“Thank you.” Zee smiled brightly. “You are very pretty as well.”

“You think so?” Rain had to wonder again if androids were simply made to be polite and to return compliments.

Zee’s eyes roamed over Rain’s body, the bed sheets having slipped to her waist and uncovered her breasts, and nodded.

Rain yearned to push the girl down on the bed, kiss her passionately, run her hands all over her body, but restrained herself. Instead, she brought her face closer to Zee’s, and said, “I’m gonna kiss you now, okay?”

Zee lifted her eyebrows, looking a little surprised at the request. “Kiss? A-all right,” she agreed, more timid than she had been.

Rain closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the girl’s in a tender kiss. Her mouth was soft and warm. Zee remained motionless at first, then after a moment began to tentatively move her lips a little, following Rain’s lead.

“How’s that?” Rain murmured after the kiss was broken. She fervently hoped that Zee had enjoyed the experience, because it had only served to stoke her own arousal and push any doubts to the back of her mind.

“It felt… funny,” the girl said slowly, sounding unsure of her feelings.

“In a good way, or a bad way?”

“I think… I liked it,” Zee decided, nodding. “I have never felt anything like that before. Is this the kind of touching that you said felt good?”

Rain chuckled. “Well, that’s part of it, but it gets much better,” she promised.

“Oh? Like what?”

Rain smiled at the sweet, innocent girl, and couldn’t help giving her another quick kiss. “I’ll show you,” she said, then tossed the bed sheets aside. “Here, sit between my legs.”

Zee complied, sitting in the indicated spot, her back to Rain.

Rain wrapped her arms around the gorgeous girl, thrilled to be able to touch her. Her nipples, pressed against Zee’s back, hardened instantly. She deposited a trail of kisses from the android’s neck to her shoulder.

Zee giggled. “That tickles a little. But it’s nice.”

“Isn’t it?” Rain gently turned Zee’s face towards her, and kissed her again, with more passion this time. She savoured the velvety feel of the girl’s lips, so lifelike and so exciting. They exchanged smiles afterwards — Rain’s eager, Zee’s a little shy.

Rain pulled back a little, and ran one hand from the small of Zee’s back up to her neck, appreciating the contrast of her darker skin against the pale android’s. She noticed a kind of tattoo-like symbol on the girl’s right shoulder blade — the stamp of her makers, maybe. Tentatively, she traced the outline of the electronic socket in the back of Zee’s neck, the only outward evidence that she was not quite what she appeared. Rain could still scarcely believe it.

She let her hand drop back down, and instead slipped it around Zee’s waist to caress her belly, tracing circles around her belly button. Her skin was so soft. After a moment, her pulse quickening, Rain trailed her hand upwards until she could cup one of the young girl’s small breasts. She was pleased to hear Zee gasp a little in response, and even more to feel her nipple stiffen against her palm.

Clearly, there was no doubt now that Zee’s creators had designed their androids for at least the possibility that they be used for sexual purposes. Rain felt a little guilty that she was taking advantage of this “feature,” but was also glad that she would be able to give pleasure to her new friend.

She fully intended to do just that. Her other hand joined the first on Zee’s chest, caressing her breasts, teasing her little nipples. Meanwhile, her mouth was busy at the girl’s neck, kissing, licking, nuzzling. She could feel Zee’s body tensing up in her arms. “How does that feel?” she whispered in her ear.

“It feels… ah! Really good. Somehow. It’s very strange. I do not understand what’s… mmm… what’s happening to my body.” The machine-girl sounded quite confused, but her sexy little moans were irresistible to Rain.

“It’s okay. Just relax and enjoy it.” Rain nibbled gently on Zee’s earlobe, which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit, judging by the little gasps she let out.

Zee took the words to heart, lying back against Rain, and limply giving herself up to a lover’s touch. From time to time, her body quivered with pleasure, or a soft moan escaped her lips.

After a moment, Rain decided that Zee was ready for the next step. Slipping a hand down, she caressed up one leg, then down the other, teasing — mostly for her own amusement, she supposed, since the innocent android was probably oblivious to the concept of being teased. Moving on to Zee’s inner thigh, she slowly dragged her fingers up to the girl’s smooth sex, softly brushing against the sensitive flesh.

Rain smiled at the sharp intake of breath from Zee. “This is the best part,” she whispered in the girl’s ear before pushing a finger between her nether lips. She was thrilled — but not entirely surprised, at this point — to discover that the android could get wet with arousal, and she made good use of the slipperiness to rub, tease, and prod at the right places.

“Ah! Rain! This is…!” Zee sounded quite shocked by the sensation, and seemingly at a loss for words.

“I know,” Rain said, grinning. “Pretty great, isn’t it?” She rubbed up and down Zee’s slit, paying special attention to her clit, while her other hand gently pinched the girl’s nipples. Zee was moaning louder now, breathing harder.

Tentatively, Rain poked at the entrance to the girl’s vagina, gently slipping the tip of her middle finger in and, encountering no resistance, pushed until her whole finger was inside. She began slowly moving in and out, and brought her other hand down to play with Zee’s clit.

The android was panting hard now and, if it was accepted that she would react like a human, Rain judged that she was getting pretty close to a nice orgasm.

Intent to push the girl over the edge, Rain gradually accelerated her movements until Zee tensed up in her arms, then suddenly cried out. For long moments, the girl twitched and quivered, moaning loudly all the while, evidently experiencing quite the overwhelming climax.

“Looks like you enjoyed that,” Rain said knowingly after Zee had quieted down.

“I… I don’t know how to describe it. I had no idea it was possible to feel this way,” Zee said wonderingly, still panting a little.

Rain chuckled. “Yeah, I know just what you mean.” Now that she wasn’t otherwise preoccupied, a detail that had been nagging at her for the past few minutes came to the forefront in her mind. “Err, wait, do you… breathe?”

“Oh. I don’t actually require air to function, but I do simulate breathing in order to appear more lifelike,” Zee explained haltingly, still trying to catch her artificial breath. “I… don’t know why I’m breathing harder right now,” she added, confused.

“Don’t worry, that’s very lifelike too,” Rain said, laughing again. She disentangled herself from the girl, and let her lie back on the bed. Once again, her eyes drank in every detail of Zee’s perfect body, her lust not abated in the least. With her unusual pale blue hair fanned out around her, looking at Rain innocently, the machine-girl still managed to look as sweet and angelic as ever, despite still recovering from a very recent orgasm.

Rain let her hands roam in light caresses all over Zee’s soft skin, enjoying the erotic feel of the young girl’s body, feeding her own arousal. She bent down to kiss Zee’s mouth, softly to begin with, then, lust making her bolder, she pushed her tongue between the android’s lips.

Unsurprisingly, Zee didn’t seem to know what to make of that intrusion at first, but after some prodding, she opened her mouth a little to welcome Rain’s tongue. She didn’t initially respond while Rain nudged and teased with her tongue, but after a moment she appeared to grasp the idea and began to answer in kind. Their tongues danced for a long while, Zee gradually getting more confident and skillful as she received a crash course in making out.

“Mmm,” Rain let out as the kiss finally ended. She was finding it was quite the turn on to teach the innocent android the ways of pleasure.

“I didn’t know tongues could be used… this way,” Zee said, sounding a little surprised. “It was nice.”

“Heh, there are a lot of fun ways to use tongues,” Rain assured her, imagining some at that very moment and feeling a warm flush between her legs.

“Oh? Like what else?” the girl asked with her usual naive curiosity.

Rain grinned. “I’ll show you.”

She gave Zee another quick kiss, then moved on to her ear, teasing the lobe with her tongue until the girl gave a little shiver. Smiling, Rain then traced a wet trail down Zee’s neck and onto her chest. She kissed and licked her way around the perfect little breasts, avoiding the nipples at first but slowly spiraling in until she could take one stiff nub between her lips, rapidly flicking her tongue over it and drawing a cute little moan from Zee.

“How does that feel?” Rain asked huskily.

“It feels wonderful,” Zee said in a whimper.

Rain took her time kissing and fondling, teasing and licking every inch of those small tits that excited her so much, even very gently biting the hard nipples. All the while, Zee’s soft moans were a delight to her ears.

She felt like she could have kept going like this for a very long time, but was also eager to get her mouth on another prize. Reluctantly leaving Zee’s breasts behind, she licked her way down across the girl’s ribs and onto her stomach, where she paused to tease and tickle her cute belly button with her tongue.

Looking up, she saw that Zee was watching her progress curiously, perhaps guessing her final destination. Rain winked and observed the android’s expression as her tongue continued on its way down. She was pleased to see the girl gasp, her mouth open in an O of surprise, as the tongue met her perfect hairless sex.

Rain relished the feel of the little android’s pussy under her mouth; it was very much like a real girl’s. Though it didn’t really have any distinct taste or smell, to Rain’s slight disappointment, it was still a joy to explore its soft wet folds.

She kept eye contact with Zee throughout, and it was quite the erotic thrill to watch pleasure wash across the girl’s face as Rain lapped at her pussy and nudged the sensitive bits with her tongue.

After a moment, she couldn’t resist slipping a hand down to her own dripping sex to give herself some satisfaction as well. She slowly worked a finger in and out, not really actively seeking release just yet, but teasing herself with a taste of the pleasure she was giving her partner. Her muffled moans joined Zee’s little mewling cries.

After a moment, she felt Zee’s hips begin to push back against her mouth. She smiled inwardly; human or not, the girl instinctively sought more pleasure. Rain was only too happy to give her what she wanted. She concentrated her energy on Zee’s little clit, licking and gently sucking on it.

Rain noticed that one of Zee’s hands was now playing with her small chest, teasing her nipples, and she wondered if the girl was doing it knowingly or purely by instinct. In any case, her cries were becoming increasingly urgent, and Rain knew she would soon reach her second orgasm of the day — her second orgasm ever, in fact.

Intensifying her efforts, she once again pushed the girl over the edge. Zee let out little high-pitched cries as she came, and clamped her thighs around Rain’s head. This only served to further encourage Rain, who put all her energy into letting Zee ride the orgasm for as long as she could.

Finally, when the girl had quieted some, Rain moved up to lie beside her. She held the panting android in her arms while she slowly caught her breath and recovered from the intense pleasure. Rain was still as aroused as ever, and eager to get some relief as well, but she forced herself to be patient and not rush things.

“Is this what friends do together?” Zee asked after some time.

Rain laughed. “Err, not generally, I don’t think. Maybe some very close friends.” She’d had a few friends like that, after all.

Zee turned to her with a bright smile, apparently quite happy that they could be considered close friends, then something seemed to occur to her. “Oh, I should um… Would you like me to do it for you too?”

“I think I’d like that a lot,” Rain understated. She had been desperately hoping that the girl would say something like that. “If you don’t mind,” she added.

Zee nodded and sat up. She looked over Rain’s body, hesitating, looking uncertain of where to begin.

Rain smiled and rose up as well. She pressed her lips to Zee’s, and soon slipped her tongue into the girl’s mouth, letting her pent-up desire flow into a passionate kiss. As their tongues danced, she gently took Zee’s hand and guided it between her own legs. She definitely was not in the mood for slow foreplay. She moaned into Zee’s mouth as the machine-girl’s fingers tentatively slid between the lips of her sex.

“Ah! Fuck!” she gasped when Zee brushed her clit.

The android immediately pulled away. “Oh! Did I do it wrong? You said a bad word…”

“No, no, you’re doing great,” Rain reassured her, chuckling. “People sometimes say ‘bad’ words when they’re, you know, really excited. It’s fine.” She spread her legs wide to give Zee a good look. “See, the little nub here is called the clit. It’s very sensitive and it feels amazing when you touch it.”

Zee smiled. “Yes, I remember how it felt.” Gently, her fingers already slick with Rain’s arousal, she resumed rubbing her clit.

“Mmm, yes,” Rain purred. She was finding the whole situation extremely erotic. The fact that she was somehow having sex with a living machine, Zee’s charming innocence, and of course her delicious young body, everything was turning her on to an unbelievable degree.

Despite the girl’s lack of experience, Rain had no doubt that Zee would be able to bring her to a swift orgasm. She was a little torn between wanting the experience to last, and the burning need for release that had been building up since she began touching herself earlier. Deciding that a quick climax was perfectly fine — they could always do it all over again — she abandoned herself to Zee’s touch.

Just as she had aptly described earlier, the feel of the girl’s fingers on her clit was amazing. Her hips pushed back instinctively, and Zee seemed to grasp the message, pressing down harder on the sensitive little button. Rain screwed her eyes shut in pleasure.

She jumped a moment later when she felt Zee’s other hand join up with the first, and slowly slide a finger into her soaking sex. “Gods, yes!” she moaned. She was feeling the familiar, blissful pressure building up inside her as Zee’s finger pumped in and out of her pussy, generously aided by Rain’s thrashing hips.

“Curl your finger up a little… Ah! Yes, just like that!” Rain’s mind exploded from the combined assault on her clit and her secret spot. She screamed out loudly as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed through her body until her brain couldn’t process anything but pure pleasure.

“Thank you,” she whispered after a long moment, when her consciousness slowly returned and she couldn’t endure any more. Through half-closed eyelids, she saw Zee smile sweetly at her, seemingly proud of herself.

Rain pulled the girl to her and gave her a soft kiss. Her mind was hazy with the afterglow, and thoughts of continuing their carnal activities quickly fled away as the intense weariness of the long day came rushing back with a vengeance. Instead, she snuggled up against her new friend — and lover, she supposed — quickly falling into a deep sleep.

 The End (for now)

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    No One, the author of this fine tale, is deliberating on whether to continue the saga of Rain and Zee… which is why we chose to leave the words “THE END” an open question. What say you, denizens of Juicy Secrets? Want to see more?

  3. angie says:

    Oh yes JetBoy! More for sure.

  4. Sam says:

    Oh yes the creative possibilities are endless

  5. No One says:

    Thanks everyone. 🙂 Yes, I’ll probably write a follow-up at some point, but there are a few other stories I want to get to first, so it might take a while.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Yes, please continue this erotic tale.

  7. catman2k says:

    Reread this wonderful tale and am still waiting for a continuation.

    • No One says:

      Hi! Good to see people are still reading my older stories. Thanks for the comment. I guess it’s been a year already since this one was posted, huh? Time flies. I do still intend to write a new chapter for it sometime, though it feels like readers have preferred my other stories, so it hasn’t really been a priority up to now. I have a few ideas for other tales already in the pipeline, but I’ll try to squeeze this one in… uh… some time this year, maybe?

  8. mike says:

    I put off reading this as i thought from the blurb that it wasn’t for me.
    How wrong could i be.
    in retrospect, posted by jetboy, so must be good.
    Wonderful story. More please.

    • No One says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I must admit I’m not too fond of the summary blurb, but I don’t have a better idea…

  9. AdultDiapers and Lesbians says:

    Remove the sex and it can still be a good fantasy story

    Keep the sex and it’s a great fantasy story, but don’t skimp on the world building >_>

  10. Jay Denton says:

    I wasn’t really sure until this chapter, but now definitely want you to revisit this story …pleeeeease

    • No One says:

      Hey, thanks. Sorry to anyone who was waiting for a sequel to this one, I never did end up working on that. Gotta prioritize what I’m inspired to write, you know? I haven’t completely given up on it, but it most likely won’t be anytime soon either…

      • Erocritique says:

        Yeah, so many possibilities with this story. The threat of Zee being discovered and salvaged for parts. The possibility of Zee gaining self awareness. Rain coming to see Zee as much more than a sex toy. The two girls using their unique abilities to survive and maybe even change their dystopian society. If Rain took Zee exploring with her and discovered a complete data archive of knowledge from before the apocalypse that Zee could download, Zee would almost be godlike. Really a lot of potential left in this story.

  11. John Bridger says:

    This is a story that I could read again and again I loved it. Please write more of the same. How do I find more storys that you have written thank you so much Love. JOHN xxxxxx

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  13. Lakeisha says:

    Remnants is a wonderful tail. Hope you are able to add to this intriguing story.

    Kind Regards,

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