Secrets, Chapter 24

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By Naughty Mommy

Rose certainly was there on Saturday for our first club meeting, along with her daughters, Emily and Melissa. There were nine of us in all, including Valerie and her two girls, Tina and Becky, plus me, my daughter Kerie, and my sister Jae. We met at Valerie’s, as planned, although at her suggestion we’d decided to begin in the afternoon, at 4:00, instead of in the evening. That way, she reasoned, if our discussions were stimulating enough and led to something more — whatever that might be — we would have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves.

It turned out nothing ‘more’ did happen at our first two monthly meetings. It wasn’t until the third occasion that things really got fun. Those initial gatherings were mostly focused on figuring out the mechanics of what we were trying to do, debating who else might be safe for us to invite to join, that sort of thing. We did share some of our secrets with each other, of course, and that definitely was arousing, but overall the first couple of meetings felt more businesslike than sexy.

That all changed in a big way on Saturday, August 13.


“Welcome, everyone,” I began, as I stood in front of the group of girls and women, “to the third official meeting of Secrets Club.”

We were gathered in the beautifully appointed living room of Valerie’s restored Victorian home. In addition to those I thought of as our charter members — the nine of us who’d been involved from the start — we had seven new attendees.

I took my time before continuing, looking slowly around at the assembled guests. My eyes settled first on Reagan McCormick. The pretty high school junior was seated on a sofa with her mother, Maureen, next to her on one side and Tina on the other side. Reagan grinned up at me, her face a picture of eager anticipation. I returned her smile, then let my gaze drift down to the girl’s long, shapely legs. She was in a very short skirt, legs tan and bare. So yummy.

Reagan’s mother, who was in her early forties, also had nice legs, though the silk dress she wore was far more conservative, with the hem just below her knees. Her expression was more reserved as well, showing some apprehension. That was understandable, of course, considering the purpose of our get-together… to reveal sexual secrets. It was remarkable that she was there at all.

I nodded to Maureen, repeating, “Welcome.” She responded with a tight, nervous smile.

In an overstuffed chair beside the sofa sat Connie Rayburn, a slightly plump woman of about 35 years old, with a dark tan and sandy blonde hair cut short. Her younger daughter Allison, 9, was on her lap. Seated at their feet with her legs crossed was 12-year-old Brooke, Connie’s other child. All three were dressed casually, in shorts and t-shirts. They appeared relaxed and comfortable. I winked at Connie, and she returned the wink.

Valerie had brought a loveseat from another room into the living room, where she’d arranged the furniture in a rough semicircle. A pair of grown sisters, Candice Stroud and Erica Chaubey, sat together in the embroidered loveseat, holding hands. They were in the same age range, around 30, and although neither woman was especially attractive, they both possessed a palpable sensuousness. Just by looking at them you could see that sex was very important in their lives — and you could also tell, from their body language, that the two were incestuous lovers.

I licked my lips as I gazed at the women, feeling my clit tingle. Candice raised one eyebrow, nodding slightly, giving me a knowing look. It was clear she could sense my arousal, and that she was enjoying it.

Squeezed onto a second sofa were Rose and three little girls: Rose’s daughter Melissa, my daughter Kerie, and Valerie’s daughter Becky. Rose’s other daughter Emily was on the floor in front of the younger kids.

Two additional chairs held Valerie and my sister Jae, with one chair left empty. That’s where I would take a seat when we began to tell our stories. First, though, I had something important to say.

“All right, before we get going, let’s just make sure we all understand a few things. The first rule of Secrets Club is: You do not talk about Secrets Club. The second rule of Secrets Club is: You do not talk about Secrets Club. You can’t tell anybody. It’s a secret!”

That remark brought a few giggles.

I continued, “The third rule is: If at least three adult members of the club agree it would be safe, then you can tell someone about Secrets Club and invite them to join. Okay?”

Gazing around the room, I saw plenty of heads nodding.

“The fourth rule is: Only women and girls are allowed to join. No men and no boys. Never.”

“Good,” said Maureen McCormick. “No men.”

I was surprised to hear her say that. Not that I expected anyone to want a man in the club, but I understood Maureen had been married, apparently happily, for almost twenty years, to a prominent member of the community, a well-respected judge. Perhaps, however, there was more going on within that marriage than I knew.

“Sounds good to me,” said Candice. “Just women and girls. That’s how it should be.”

“Agreed,” said Jae.

Connie Rayburn nodded, “Definitely. I like it.”

Following more nods and murmurs of agreement, I went on, “The fifth and final rule is: Tell all your secrets, especially the dirtiest, naughtiest ones. Let everything out. It’s completely safe here, you’re among friends — and no one will ever repeat anything they hear here. This is Secrets Club!”

I sat down and waited. We’d made the decision early on that except for reciting the rules each time, our meetings would be informal, with no set agenda. Anyone could speak at any time and in any order, whenever they chose.

On this afternoon, Rose went first. She told us a story that most of us already knew, how sometimes at night she would get in bed with her daughter Emily, and how she was teaching the girl to kiss, using tongues and everything. Rose said this had begun about a year earlier, when Emily was 12.

Then she revealed something I hadn’t heard before. She said, “Lately, um, after we started having these Secrets Club meetings, Emily and I decided to do more than just kiss. And, well, now we have Melissa with us too, all three of us. In fact, the girls come into my room now and get in bed with me. We kiss and we, um, we do that thing that Shelly and Kerie told us about, where one of them gets on top of me, rubbing on me, you know, humping while we kiss. We do that until one of us comes, or maybe both of us, and then we change partners. It’s fun, isn’t it, girls?”

Melissa giggled, “Uh-huh, it is. I like it.” She was sitting next to her mother on the sofa, holding her hand.

On the floor in front of them, Emily added, “Yeah, it’s great, so great. And, um, also sometimes when my mom isn’t home, like after school, me and Melissa do it together, you know, kissing and humping. We do that a lot.”

“Oh my,” said Maureen, “that’s… interesting.”

The woman’s face was flushed and she appeared to be breathing hard. She rubbed her hand on her neck, then slid it down to her chest. The lovely dress she wore had a Queen Anne neckline. It was fairly modest, not cut too deep, but as we watched Maureen slipped her fingers inside the dress, stroking the tops of her breasts.

Erica spoke next, her words tumbling out. “I’m so glad we’re doing this. I’m really glad Rose invited us to come, me and Candice. These meetings are a great idea. It’s not easy to keep such a big secret — that my sister and I, that we’re, well, that we have sex with each other — and it’s nice to be able to talk with people about it. Before this I’d only told Rose, and then I guess she told Jae, which is fine. I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t have any idea, though. He’s at home now with our little boy, Jimmy, who’s two years old.”

Candice chuckled, “Her husband thinks we’re at a Tupperware party.”

“Yeah,” Erica nodded, grinning. “He’s kind of clueless about things sometimes. But anyway, um, Candice and me since, well, since we were teenagers we’ve been doing it, having sex, I mean. So that’s, like, for maybe fifteen years, on and off anyway.”

“Mostly on,” said Candice.

“Right, mostly on,” Erica giggled.

She smiled at her sister. They kissed. The first kiss was quick, but when they kissed a second time, their lips lingered. Erica sighed and closed her eyes. Her tongue came out. The women kissed wetly for a minute or so, with the rest of us quietly observing.

I looked around the room. Everyone except me was staring at the sisters kissing each other. A few were doing more than just watching, however. In the chair next to mine, Valerie had spread her legs and pulled up her loose summer dress. She was caressing herself through her panties. My sister Jae had a hand between her legs as well, but she was wearing jeans and was sort of patting and squeezing her crotch. Maureen had pushed her hand all the way inside the top of her dress and apparently inside her bra, fondling her breast. Her daughter Reagan, in the little miniskirt, had her legs open, both hands rubbing her pussy through her panties. Next to Reagan, Tina was also starting to masturbate. She was wearing short-shorts, which were open, her hand shoved down inside.

It surprised me somewhat how quickly things were developing, but I was very glad to see it. That told me people were comfortable with the situation we’d arranged, relaxed enough to openly display their physical arousal.

Candice and Erica finally ended their long series of kisses. They turned toward the group, red in the face, smiling and wiping their mouths.

I decided to go next. “Um, just so everyone here will know, I want to tell you my secrets. The biggest one is that, well, that I have sex with my daughter Kerie. It started about, um, about three and a half months ago. At first it was just kissing, but then I encouraged her to start humping me, and pretty soon I had an orgasm that way. I came with my little girl humping me. After that, um, it was fingering next, and then oral sex. Now we do everything. My daughter is my lover. Oh, and my sister Jae too. That’s the other secret. All three of us have sex.”

“My god,” said Maureen, “how old is your little girl?”

“She’s 8.”

“Jesus.” Maureen’s hands slid down between her legs, pushing hard, rubbing her crotch through her silk dress.

Valerie cleared her throat. With a hand now inside her panties, she said, “I, uh, I haven’t really had sex with my daughters, not quite, and I’m not sure I ever will. But I have done secret things with them. I’ve masturbated in front of them, letting them watch me, and I’ve watched both of them masturbate too. I’ve also shot videos of them, uh, kissing and touching each other. That makes me so hot, seeing them together that way.”

“It makes me hot too, Mom,” said Tina. “I love doing that for you, turning you on.”

Reagan spoke up. “That’s sorta like what me and my mom do. Not exactly, but kind of. Um, see, a couple years ago, I started spying on my mom. She and my dad sleep in separate bedrooms, and, well, my dad is out a lot at night. He has all these meetings and stuff. And anyway, sometimes at night I would hear my mom in her bedroom, you know, like moaning and everything… so one time I went and stood outside her door. That first time I just listened, but then the next night I opened the door a crack so I could peek inside. There was a light on, and I could see everything. I watched my mom play with herself. She was naked on the bed, rubbing her hands all over her body. I watched her until she came. It was so hot, the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my whole life. I went back to my room and got in bed and rubbed my pussy, and oh my god, I came so hard. I was so totally turned on by that.”

The girl paused in her narrative, glancing around the room. She had both hands inside her panties, playing with herself. She smiled at us, then went on, “After that, the next time I went to spy on my mom, her door was already open partway. I didn’t even have to open it. It was like she wanted me to watch her.”

“I did,” said Maureen.

“I know,” Reagan grinned. “I know that now, but I didn’t know it then. So, um, after that, every time my dad was out at night, I’d get up and go watch my mom masturbate. Her door was always left open. But then, after a couple of weeks, I decided to try something else. One night instead of going to watch her, I stayed inside my own room. I laid on my bed, naked, with the door open, and played with myself. I was kind of being really loud and everything, on purpose. After a while, I heard some noise at the door. It was my mom. She was watching me. I kept my eyes closed, mostly, pretending I didn’t know she was there. But I knew that she knew, and she knew that I knew. We didn’t say anything, though. And then we just kept on doing that, sort of spying on each other, masturbating for each other.”

“Mmm, nice,” breathed Valerie. She drew her hand from her panties, bringing it to her mouth, fingers glistening with juices. She sucked the fingers, tasting herself, and said, “Tell us more.”

“Okay, um, we did that for, I don’t know, for maybe a year and a half, usually a couple of times a week, but we never said anything to each other at all. It wasn’t until Tina told me about Secrets Club, like, two or three weeks ago. That’s when I finally said something to my mom. I told her I really wanted to come here to the club, and I wanted her to come with me.”

“I didn’t want to at first,” said Maureen. “I refused. I was terrified. But Reagan kept insisting, and then Tina talked with me about it too, as did Valerie. Finally I decided to take a chance, to give Secrets Club a try. And I’m glad I did.”

By now Maureen had her dress pulled up almost to the waist. Her long legs were parted and she was rubbing herself through her satin panties. From where I was seated, across from her, I could easily see a dark wet spot beneath her fingers. It really turned me on, and I was almost ready to say something about it when Rose spoke.

“Did you, I mean, um, you said something earlier, Maureen. You said you did want her to see you, your daughter, is that what you meant?”

Rose had a hand between her legs, playing with herself over her clothing. She was wearing very tight shorts that day, so tight you could see the bulge of her labia. Her fingers rubbed and squeezed as she gazed wide-eyed at the other woman, waiting for an answer.

“Yeah,” Maureen nodded. “I, well, it’s sort of embarrassing to admit it, but that’s why we’re here, right? It’s true, I really was hoping that Reagan would come and find me. I wanted her to watch me masturbate. That, uh, that whole idea just excites me so much… and… and I’ll tell you something else. This is something no one knows. I’ve never told anyone, not even my daughter, until now. But, see, when I was a girl, I did that with my own mother. I watched her masturbate.”

She licked her lips, looking slowly around the room before continuing. “I’m not sure if she knew I was watching her or not. We never said anything about it. This went on for years, though, starting when I was even younger than Reagan is, only 11 or 12. My parents were divorced and it was just the two of us. She didn’t do it that often, not as often as I do, but maybe once a week or so, I could hear her in her room at night. At first I just listened, but then I got up and went to see.”

Maureen slipped a hand inside her panties, touching her pussy. She shuddered and moaned, then went on. “Her bedroom door was always open, and I could look inside. It was mostly dark, but I could see that she was naked. I could see her playing with her tits and rubbing her hands between her legs.”

“Goddamn, that’s hot,” said Rose. She suddenly stood and hurriedly unzipped her shorts, pushing them down below her knees along with her bikini panties. Then she sat down again on the sofa between Kerie and Melissa, giggling as she resumed masturbating.

“I loved that so much, watching my mom at night,” said Maureen. “I loved the sounds and the smells. I never masturbated while I was at her door, but after I went back to my room I did. I watched her so many times, so many times… I guess she must have known I was there. But anyway, when I had my own daughter and she got, you know, old enough, I couldn’t stop thinking about that, how exciting it was for me when I was a girl. And I wanted Reagan to experience the same thing.”

“So it goes down through the generations,” said Jae.

Maureen smiled. “Uh-huh, it does, it seems to.”

It was quiet in the room for a minute or so after that, nothing but heavy breathing and the squishy, slippery sound of fingers in wet pussies.

Then, looking at me, Brooke asked, “Can I, um, can I tell our secret next?”

“Of course you can,” I nodded. “Anyone can speak whenever they want to.”

Connie patted her daughter’s shoulder. “Go ahead, honey.”

The girl proceeded to tell us what she and her little sister Allison did: that they enjoyed putting on webcam shows, getting naked and exposing themselves to random viewers, whoever chose to watch. The girls would open their pussies for the camera, touching themselves and touching one another too. Both had masturbated to orgasm for the benefit of their online audience.

In response to a question from Erica, the sisters said they hadn’t licked each other yet, just fingering and kissing. But the most exciting thing about the story is that their mother would always watch the girls perform. Connie never went on camera, but she took off her clothes and observed from the side, masturbating as her 9-year-old and 12-year-old daughters did their alluring shows.

“I love that, I love that, I love that,” Valerie blurted, fingers moving very fast inside her panties, “I – I – uhnh – UNH!!”

She grunted loudly, almost doubling over from the waist as she reached climax. This was the first orgasm in the history of Secrets Club — but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Everyone watched silently, waiting for Valerie to finish. Many were also rubbing themselves, but no one else seemed ready to come just yet.

After perhaps half a minute of grunting and groaning and shuddering, Valerie let out a long, husky sigh, then sat up straight again in her chair. Still breathing heavily, she pushed her hair back from her face, wiping sweat from her brow. I could see gooey moisture gleaming on her fingers.

I hadn’t yet started to masturbate, thinking, I suppose, that as nominal leader of our meetings I should show more restraint. Now, however, I didn’t want to wait any longer. I opened my slacks and pushed a hand down inside my panties. My pussy was slippery with wetness.

Valerie grinned at me, nodding, but didn’t say anything.

Connie spoke up. “Maybe you girls should show them. Not just tell them about the sex shows you put on, but let everyone see the things you do with each other.”

Sitting on her lap, Allison turned to look up at her mother. “Really?”

“Sure,” Connie replied, before checking with me. “That is, of course, if it doesn’t break any rules of the club.”

“No, not at all,” I said, as I massaged my swollen clit. “Anything they want to do, or anything anyone wants to do, it’s perfectly fine.”


And that’s how our club meetings evolved from simply relating stories and sharing secrets to becoming an actual show and tell — first the tell, and then the show, or sometimes both at once.

On that afternoon, the demonstrations began with Brooke and Allison taking off their clothes for us, then fingering and kissing each other while we watched — and not only watched, of course, but masturbated. By then, almost everyone was playing with themselves, even the littlest girls.

I lost track of how many reached orgasm during the impromptu sex show put on by the young sisters, but it was a lot. Their mother, Connie, came, and I came, as did Valerie again. I’m almost certain Jae came too, and I think both Maureen and Rose did as well. It’s likely there were several others, but my memory is kind of fuzzy. Let’s just say there was plenty of gasping and groaning and squealing, the room filling with the pungent aroma of pussy, of feminine climax.

After that, we took a short break. Valerie and her daughters served drinks to anyone who wanted them, and snacks were offered. We relaxed and chatted for a few minutes until Maureen brought up the subject of the taboo video recordings that Valerie had made of her daughters. After a few minutes’ discussion, it was decided we should watch some of those.

Because there was no TV on the lower level, we all trooped up to the parlor on the second floor. With sixteen of us, it was a bit of a crowd, but no one seemed to mind being crammed in together, women and girls seated two deep on the sofa and in the pair of chairs in the room, the rest on the carpeted floor.

Valerie put in a disk and started it up. The big screen on the wall came alive with an image of Tina and her little sister Becky lying nude on Valerie’s bed, facing one another. They smiled at the lens, then began to kiss and caress. As the camera moved in, we saw the girls using their tongues, kissing wetly. Soon the view panned down to show us their hands working between each other’s legs. Gradually it eased forward, closer and closer, until we could see their juices gleaming on slippery fingers.

Around this time, I heard someone start to come. I’m not really sure who it was, since it took place behind me. I was sitting on the floor in front of the sofa, holding Kerie on my lap. My legs were apart and she was sliding her little bum up and down, rubbing against my groin through my slacks. Needless to say, this was fairly distracting. Between that and the super sexy video we were enjoying, I wasn’t paying too much attention to who else around us was masturbating and who came when. It may even have been one of the women or girls fingering another and bringing her to orgasm. That’s certainly possible.

At any rate, I was getting very turned on. It was so hot to watch Tina and her sister playing with each other’s wet pussies as they kissed — especially with all the other moms and daughters and sisters in the room with us watching at the same time. That made it extra exciting.

“Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop,” I whispered in Kerie’s ear. I also put a hand between my daughter’s legs. She was wearing a very short flippy skirt and cotton undies. I pressed my fingers in, rubbing her mound through the soft fabric of her panties.

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” sighed Kerie as she moved faster up and down, stimulating my clit.

All around me, I heard the sounds of climaxes, one after another — ecstatic cries, breathless gasps, guttural moans. Closing my eyes, I listened to the squishy plopping of fingers fucking cunts, and inhaled the intoxicating smell of juicy pussies.

“Kerie, Kerie! Oh god yes!!”

I came suddenly, unexpectedly, with my daughter humping me. It was pretty amazing that she could bring me that way, simply rubbing her bottom against my slacks, but she did.

When I finally began to recover from the delicious orgasm, I realized that the image on the screen had changed. We were watching a different video now… and I was in it!

This was the one Valerie had made of me and Tina making love. Kerie hadn’t viewed it before, and was obviously riveted by what she was seeing. Wanting to give my 8-year-old the same kind of pleasure she had given me, I slipped my fingers inside her undies, loving the feel of her smooth, soft mound.

She leaned back, head resting between my breasts, sighing contentedly. Sliding my other hand up under her shirt, I played with my daughter’s nipples and kissed the top of her head as I fondled her hairless pussy. Kerie stared at the big screen, watching a pornographic video of her mother having sex with a teenage girl, and within only a minute or two, she reached climax.


That was as far as things went during our third Secrets Club meeting. A lot of masturbation and plenty of orgasms, along with some kissing — and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who fingered another girl’s or woman’s pussy — but there was no oral sex or tribbing or anything like that. Our group wasn’t quite ready yet for an all-out lesbian orgy.

However, at the next meeting…

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