Staying in Touch

  • Posted on November 15, 2016 at 3:39 pm

By request, we’ve decided to add a specific place here at Juicy Secrets where our readers (and writers) can easily stay “in touch” with one another. Many of us have posted our email addresses, Twitter IDs, and so on, at various times in other locations around the site, but this will now be the one spot where you’ll be able to find everyone — assuming they want to be found, that is. Ask to be added to this list and post your desired contact information in a comment below, then we will enter it into the table. You can also request at any time to have your data removed, and we’ll do that as well. As a reminder, please do not post your actual full name. Thanks!

WARNING! Use at your own risk! Due to the nature of this site, you may be subjected to unwanted solicitations. It is strongly recommended that you use a disposable email address.

Once placed, contact information cannot be removed for 30 days.

Please report invalid addresses by commenting below.


Wickr: dlishs

Member Name Email Address Instant Message ID Twitter ID Other (chat room, etc.)
3FingersNeat [email protected]
Alana [email protected]
Aliciamom [email protected] aliciamom42 @aliciamom50
Allie kik: allieloli
Allison Collier [email protected] Story Link
Amy [email protected] Wickr: publicmoms
Ann [email protected]
Ashley [email protected] kik: ashkitty507
Ashley Wickr: ashbaby21
Beckybex [email protected]
Beryl [email protected]
Blu [email protected] Wickr: oxfordblu
Brian [email protected] Wickr: tboner4650
Brittany Wickr: bjones2148
Bryan [email protected]
Cam [email protected] Wickr: cam52000
Cecelia [email protected] Wickr: concunncece
Chritina Wickr: cjackson214
CoupleMature [email protected]
Cromom [email protected]
Cynthia [email protected] Wickr: cynthia00
Dad4chat [email protected]
dansup [email protected]
David [email protected]
Dean [email protected] Wickr: keepthepontiac
Donna [email protected]
Dylan [email protected]
drew [email protected]
Ed [email protected]
Elizabeth [email protected] Wickr:  justafuntxcple
eloquent delinquent [email protected] Wickr: elodel
Emma [email protected]
Emma Cornwall [email protected]
Emma W [email protected] Wickr: Welshhon
Evan [email protected]
felicia [email protected]
Greg and Sue [email protected]
Hazel [email protected]
Holly [email protected]
Jamie [email protected] kik: jimmij68
JanieButter [email protected]
Jason [email protected] jason wood @jonescomp
Javauni [email protected] Wickr: Javauni
Jay Denton [email protected]
Jeanie [email protected]
Jeni [email protected] jenikafka
JennaK [email protected]
Jessica [email protected]
JetBoy/Danny [email protected] 
Joe [email protected] 
John [email protected] 
Julie [email protected] 
Katie [email protected] 
Kathy [email protected]  kittykat08512
keiko [email protected]
Kelly [email protected]
Kelly Ann @kelly_a_lp_17
Kim [email protected]
Kinkys_sis & Kinkychic [email protected]
kraM [email protected]
KristaN [email protected]
Lacy [email protected] Wickr: Lacylee4040
Leia Wickr: lesli35
Les Carr [email protected]
Lesley [email protected] Wickr: Lesley36
Lina Facebook
Linda [email protected]
Litka and Tim [email protected]
Liz [email protected] Wire: Blondone89 Wickr: blondone89
Lofftie50 [email protected] Wickr: Lofftie5000
Luv Sum [email protected]
Martyn [email protected]
Mike [email protected] @eldar_mike kik: mike_eldar Instagram, Snapchat: eldarmike3
Miss Phael [email protected]
Mollymom [email protected]
MomAnne [email protected]
Morris [email protected]
Myka & Sophia [email protected]
Nathan Riches [email protected] Wickr: Zakary1701
Naughty Mommy [email protected]
NC Bright [email protected]
Nico Wickr: trancemellow
Nikki [email protected]
Numbers Wire:@6949212 Wickr:@uncle6949212
Paul [email protected] Wickr: dudeboston
Pegasus [email protected]
Pretty Pink Taco [email protected]
Roughchik [email protected]
Russell [email protected] Wickr: engulfhersoul
sally martyn [email protected]
Sara [email protected]
Scott [email protected]
Sid [email protected] @Sid26572060
Steve [email protected]
Stu [email protected] Wickr: simplystu
Sunnybunny [email protected] @amandashow8
Sylvie [email protected]
Tiffany [email protected] Wickr: foolishmortal!
Tim [email protected]
Tom [email protected] Wire: keithieandy
Tommy [email protected] @mvtommy
Tonie [email protected] [email protected]
UncleJack [email protected]
Urchance [email protected] Wickr: Chance4u2
VerityVioletViola viol[email protected] Wickr: violetyearning
Victoria [email protected]
Voyager UK [email protected] kik: SeadancerUK
Wil [email protected]
Yiru [email protected]
WingFingers nut [email protected]
Zeke [email protected] kik: Satanismyex

716 Comments on Staying in Touch

  1. Hazel says:

    Can you add my email? It’s @[email protected], I’m open to chatting with anyone 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    Please can you add me to the list [email protected]

  3. Megan says:

    Hello. Please add me to the list. Open to talking and socially being open. Trying to come out of my shell.

  4. Emma W says:

    Would it be possible to add me to the list?
    Emma W.
    Thank you.

  5. Emma W says:

    Sorry. I forgot my email. It’s [email protected]
    Thank you x

  6. Paul says:

    Hello all.

    I’m a male and I’m following this website for many years. That’s absolutely the best ! Feel free to reach me and chat

    [email protected]

  7. Taylor says:

    Hi. I would like to be added also.

  8. david says:

    Hi, could you delete my e-mail address please from the keeping in touch list. Thanks, David

  9. Ashley says:

    Id like my wickr added. Ashbaby21

  10. kim says:

    Please could you add me, open to chat with anyone but prefer older as excuse me if this is being rude i mean hold a conversation not 2 words

  11. Rose says:

    Amanda can you please change my e-Mail address to [email protected]. I have had to take out a new account as my previous one was compromised Thank you x

  12. K says:

    Sorry for hijack, is there a correct place to ask a question?

  13. kristaN says:

    Could you add me please? [email protected]

  14. Zoe says:

    Hi could you please remove my e-Mail address from the Staying In Touch List. Zoe.

  15. Tony & Beryl says:

    Could you please take our E-Mail off the list, Thanks.

  16. Rose says:

    Invalid address:- [email protected]

  17. theflash says:

    Great site Amanda Lynn

  18. mollymom says:

    Amanda Lynn – thanks for posting the survey – i actually had no idea you maintained this feature. so i guess i’ll have to give it a try, before expressing any opinion about whether to keep it or not!

    so – email: [email protected]

    also – Wickr: marchmolly

  19. NC Bright says:

    Can you add my email to the list. [email protected] I am willing to chat with anyone. Thanks a bunch Noah

  20. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda I am going to give the Staying in Touch list a go before I vote or give my thoughts on wether to keep it or not.
    So can you please add me [email protected]. Thanks Karen x

  21. k says:

    [email protected] bounces back invalid

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      Hi K.

      There should be an underscore ( _ ) between blond and one.

      • Angel says:

        I tried to email Liz at [email protected],and I got the same result as K. My message to blondeone89 on Wickr didn’t get a response, either. I don’t think the contact information listed for her is up to date at all, unfortunately.

        • Amanda Lynn says:

          No (e) in blond.

          • Angel says:

            Thank you for pointing that out, Amanda Lynn! I tried again!

          • Angel says:

            And this time my email went through and Liz ANSWERED me! And I was THRILLED, because the two of us were friends when we had blogs on Tumblr, and I lost touch with her over two years ago!
            Thank you SO much, Amanda Lynn!
            P.S. You should definitely KEEP the “Staying in Touch” page up!

  22. Sylvie says:

    Could you add me please? [email protected]. Thanks 🙂

  23. lofftie50 says:

    just a note to say my email and wickr are still live and would welcome any contacts

  24. Morris says:

    You can add my mail: [email protected]
    I wanna talk about more subject of the tales in this site.

  25. Nicolas says:

    [email protected] is no longer valid

  26. Steves says:

    Can u add my email? I would love to talk to chat w anyone

  27. Bryan says:

    [email protected] you can add me if you like

  28. Tiffany says:

    Please ladies feel free to contact me! Email is [email protected] and wickr is foolishmortal! Always up for chatting about these sort of desires!

  29. kim says:

    not sure if it matters but my name is listed as kin but it should be kim, [email protected]

  30. Steves says:

    can u remove my email? Thanks sm

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      Done! 🙂 I also removed your email from this post and your post of 6 days ago asking to be added.

  31. Felicia says:

    Need my email changed [email protected]

  32. Russell says:

    Hi Amanda and everyone on the forum,
    kindly add my email , I appreciate it

    [email protected]

    also, the wickr is : engulfhersoul

  33. Justin says:

    Been a follower of your stories? Just reading but would love to be added.

  34. Justin says:

    My wickr is hiddendesires21- open to chat with everyone


  35. Paul says:

    Hey guys, can you delete my data?

  36. Miss Allison says:

    Hey everyone, my name’s Miss Allison (you can call me Allison or Ally, but I’ll be going by Miss Allison officially). I’m very patiently waiting for Juicy to begin publishing a story of mine (I have no idea when, hopefully in the next few months), but while I wait I just wanted to share my info so we can talk (if you want).

    Please add my info:

    Name: Miss Allison
    Email: [email protected]

  37. Cecelia says:

    i’ve been a fan for a long time, but a friend just told me about this page. i’ll take a dip into it. deep breath! wickr is concunncece email is [email protected] thank you all for sharing with us. please list my name as “Cecelia”.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Would you be a dear and change ours to: [email protected] Thank you ever so much!

  39. lofftie50 says:

    hi can you change my wickr contact to Lofftie5000 many thanks

  40. Justin says:

    I had to change my email address to [email protected]

  41. lofftie50 says:

    it is disappointing when people get in touch to chat and find out that you are a male then stop chatting…but i do understand why …great site ..and you all do great work here

  42. Sapphmore says:

    Every now and then, I consider adding my contact details to this section. On one hand, I’d like to chat with like-minded souls who have a genuine interest in the niche genre for which JS is king (or that should probably be queen), exchanging chats on the merits of stories, storylines/subject matter etc. I have now built up quite a collection of synopses for tales I want to write after Ripples, so it could be a good source of new ideas for future writing (although Jetboy already has one such short story awaiting posting).
    On the other hand, I’ve been reticent about seeking contact on the basis of what I might start getting in my inbox.
    I made it abundantly clear in the intro to the first chapter of Ripples that I’m a male with a deep interest in all things Sapphic. I would not wish to chat with other males about what they’d like to do with young girls, nor receive little gifts of pics and videos.
    From reading the experiences of some, mostly women, who have had that experience I’m put off adding my details.
    I’m still thinking about it, so if anyone has had genuine happy experiences using the ‘Staying in Touch’ section, I’d be interested in seeing them posted here.

    • Justin says:

      I understand your concern, and I too have received content or comments that are not of my interest. I am also a male whose interest have always leaned to sapphic content. I am open to chat as well and would love to hear some of your ideas.


    • Tracy says:

      Sapphmore…just a quick note of experience from me. Being reticent is wise. My experience has been “iffy” at best. I’ve had plenty of fake people respond (I would think males) and people who have sent me fake photos of themselves. I’ve also experience the “Let’s video chat” on the first or second e-mail, which always puts up red flags for me. I’ve written others that have never responded, so I have no idea if they are monitoring their posted e-mail here in JS. Overall, the experience has been very disappointing and I’m not planning on any further communication.

  43. Dean says:

    please add me Dean, [email protected]…. wickr keepthepontiac

  44. mollymom says:

    hello Amanda – i am pretty much done with Wickr – please remove my Wickr address from my listing above – thank you!

  45. Cam says:

    Hi Amanda could you please add my details as please
    Cam [email protected]
    wickr cam52000

  46. Cam52000 says:

    Hi Marie trying to message you back on Wickr

  47. Katejn90 says:

    Please delete all my contact details

  48. Amy says:

    Amy and Paul; please add us. We’re very open minded, I’m bisexual and he’s, flexible when horny. We love playing with all kinds of fantasies, from swords and sandals to naked at the grocery store. Give us a shout if you feel like playing. I’m publicmoms on wickr; Paul is dudeboston. His email is [email protected]. Mine is below.

    • kait says:

      sounds very much like the guy i chatted with from Boston that had a different e-mail addy with dude in it, wonderful guy that went into great detail about how he was going to dress me like his f—-ng slut, take me to the bars so all his friends could enjoy HIS slut and breed me….real class act

      • Paul says:

        Hello Kait,

        I believe I remember you. But I’m sure it was from months ago and we never talked again . We are glad to catch up with you again. But from now on with only Amy and me since we are together

        Hit her wickr

      • Paul says:

        Hello Kait

        It seems it was me, also, you probably remember, that was long time ago. We can catch up again, but from no on, it will be me and Amy. As a couple


    • Amanda Lynn says:

      Done! 🙂

      • kait says:

        WOW!!So now this site is accepting people that degrade woman and call them sluts and want all their friends to f–k her, and he openly admits it and is surprised i cut off contact!! Glad i removed my info this site is going to hell

        • sue says:

          I thought it a little gross also that he didn’t get it. Same reason we had our info removed was unpleasant e-mails. I’m sure there must be some that work out but it never happened for us. Stories are still great, but it’s not really the place to meet people, though the comments can be nice, we had no luck chatting with anyone in a good way.

          I think some just can’t tell fantasy from reality. Anyway they do warn about using the contact list.

          • kait says:

            @sue, such a shame as i love to chat and love the site for the stories, i know it must be so much work to try and monitor stuff and do everything that it takes to keep things ticking over and yes it is our risk if we decide to give an e-mail but i agree i had little luck with the chatting, i am open minded and don’t offend easily but i won’t tolerate folk being degrading, same as some of the “private” comments i would get on the stories “she is just a sex toy” or ” she is just a slut” sorry that is uncalled for

  49. Nikki says:

    My email is not on the list anymore. Please add me back. [email protected]


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