Honey Loves – Confessions of an Incestuous Mother, Chapter 7

  • Posted on October 10, 2016 at 2:53 pm

By eloquent delinquent

For a moment I hover over my daughter’s upturned face, perched in the most provocative position imaginable, on all fours above her, between her open legs. I’m nearly nude, my small boobs jiggle slightly, hard nipples pointed straight at her. On the floor beneath me, the skirt of her green dress has flipped up, and she makes no effort to conceal her pink silky little girl cunt, now on display for me, wet and excited from the way she was grinding against my thigh just moments before.

Mother and daughter boldly examine one another’s sexuality, arousal growing.

She raises her head as I lower mine and we meet in a sloppy kiss. Our hands are busy holding us up, so for a moment only our lips and tongues can express what we’re feeling. We lick and press and move our heads, sighing into each others mouth, until too much of my hair spills across her face and we both start eating it.

We part, smacking and puffing and giggling, both precariously bracing on one hand to drag my errant wavy blonde strands out of our mouths. I usually have my hair pulled back when we do this kind of thing. I was unprepared. This angle isn’t going to work. I need to be lower, or she needs to be higher, or…. Or both.

I sit back, kneeling, and reach out to Bianca. “Come on, honey, get up. We’re gonna try something new.”

She takes my hands. She twists around, righting herself on the market’s shiny restroom floor. “New?”

The upward lilt at the end of her question reveals my six year old’s eagerness, and I’m impressed as ever with her. At times like these I wonder, how does she actually see all this? How much does she understand, how is she coping with the secrecy, and such an early erotic awakening, and her perverted mother?

But then I remind myself, those are my concerns, not hers. For Bianca, this is normal. Seeking pleasure in her childlike way, the sensuality of her body, the feeling of desire heating her, and coming to Momma to get it honeyed away. It’s how she’s grown up. Her sexuality is just another avenue to be explored, learned, experienced, like reading or tumbling or making her own breakfast.

Really, why wouldn’t she be this eager, growing bolder with me as her skills improve? I’ve treated her body with love and openness since the beginning, knowing even in my most passionate moments that her satisfaction is more important than mine. She’s my little girl. And treating her like this has given her so much confidence, knowing that even when things are bad, before too long she’ll be immersed in love, and her body will shiver in ecstasy. Every step on her journey has brought her nothing but bliss. That’s why she looks at every new stage of our incestuous life, like this one, with pure excitement.

“Up up,” I urge, and hold her hands while she struggles to her feet as best as she can with her weak knees and slippery socks. Eventually she’s standing, looking me in the eye with happy curiosity. I tug her in for a kiss, then guide her by the wrists toward the counter.

She looks over her shoulder at me, brown hair sweeping back.

“Get on the changing table, Bon-Bon,” I say, letting go of her dainty wrists. “Get up and I’ll give you more honey loves, like I did when you were little.”

Gripping the counter’s edge, Bianca pauses. “Yeah… I think I kinda remember that, a little. Not like a lot, but I remember having big lovey feelings for you after you changed me, and being all warm and glowy down there, and then being happy all day after.”

“You do?” I feel competing pangs of flattery and guilt.

“Uh-huh, but I didn’t know if it really happened, or maybe I had a dream of it, or maybe I just made it up, ’cause I wanted it to be like that.”

I must look stunned, because my daughter cocks her shoulder to her chin and gives me a reassuring smile.

She says, “I like when I think, maybe you’ve just given me honey for always and always. That you always loved me that much. I know we’re really naughty, and it’s a big secret ’cause we could be in big big trouble for being naughty. But you give me honey loves anyway, ’cause you know how much I like it. I feel special when I think that.”

My heart swells and a hot heavy lusciousness settles in my cunt. “I love you, Bon-Bon. Now get up there and let me show you.”

Her eyes twinkle and she bounces once with excitement before she jumps onto the changing center. She makes it as high as her navel, then just kind of folds over onto the counter and starts to scramble, trying to pull herself up. She reaches out but there’s nothing to grab, she bounces her tummy, her smooth sock-clad legs kick and pedal, and her little green dress rides higher and higher as her weight drags her back down over the edge.

I watch her pert, pale, wiggling butt being exposed to my hungry gaze. In her struggles she reveals her pretty little privates, that shiny crease, that winking pink pucker.

And I can’t help myself, the way I push off my haunches and onto all fours, the way I crawl toward her enticing juncture like an animal. And when my hands come up and touch her adorable ass, that silky warmth, when I stroke down her legs, stilling her efforts, I feel possessed by my lust.

I shuffle forward a bit as I part her dangling thighs, holding her open to me, holding her in place.


In reply I simply press my face into her damp groin, my nose tucking into the crack of her butt while my lips close tenderly around her wet quim. Kissing her soft folds, I inhale her scent, the warm sexy playfulness of her, then I let my tongue emerge to taste and lick and pleasure her favorite little place. I close my eyes and savor her.


Her whole body seems to go soft and slack in my steadying hands, melting delight surging up her body in pulses, leaving her unable to focus on anything else. I lap and flutter in her most sensitive spots, tasting the tart cream she creates from deep inside, in that tender place I haven’t dared penetrate with more than just the tip of my tongue. My daughter’s hips and tummy start to undulate, reacting to sexual impulse, a little at first and then stronger, more urgent.

Bon-Bon grunts childishly as she moves, “Hnh! Ah! Uh, uh, nnn!” Her humping motion causes her to slide back down the counter, one thrust at a time, drawn to the sensation, more soft weight pressing into me as she tries to fuck my mouth with her pussy. My breath steams back into my face, humid and fragrant.

As my tongue slithers among her dainty folds, flicking at her hot stiff clit, her pleasure noises start to sound a bit distressed. Opening my eyes, I can see Bianca vaguely flailing to stay in place, but she’s so absorbed in her erotic excitement and the demands it’s making on her body that she’s too distracted to make a serious effort.

Finally she says, “Mm-Momma, I’m sli-slipping…”

I need to do something, and the last thing I want to do is stop now, when the hot sensations have her helplessly in their grip and love her, love her. After a second’s thought and prep, I act. Scooting my knees beneath me, I brace the toes of my sneakers. Then, slipping my hands up her legs and getting a firm grip on her hips and ass, I push myself into a standing position, lifting her with me until her cute butt is well above her head.

But my mouth never leaves her wet little cunt.

Poor little Bon-Bon is beside herself. Her legs swing free, rocking and twitching with her instinctive hump motions. Her green tartan dress slides up her body, gathers in her armpits, exposing her whole pale lovely body and the way it’s flexing. She tries to look back or into the mirror, but she can barely lift her head at this new angle, her brown hair fanning across the orange counter.

I start to shift, taking shuffling little sidesteps, pivoting her as I move around the changing station’s edge. This way I can set her on all fours without her face getting mashed against the mirror. Below me, still receiving pleasure despite this surprising turn of events, my six year old tries to squeal, tries to sigh, tries to giggle, tries to gasp. All that comes out is a breathless series of quick, incoherent sounds. She’s nearly naked and completely powerless to do anything but feel her mother’s tongue in her delighted pussy.

There’s a sharp clang when I bump the wastebasket into the wall with my hip. So I lift my head from her dripping privates, and lower her until her knees find the countertop and I can let go. She makes a little mew of disapproval when all contact is broken, but by the way she leaves her head resting on the counter, the way she heaves for breath, I think she’s actually relieved. I turn and move the wastebasket out of my way, then turn back to my beautiful, needy little girl.

Glancing down, it’s impossible not to notice her puckered pink butt hole, upthrust and revealed. And though I reach out and begin to stroke her sweaty silky body with both hands – how could I resist? – my gaze never really gets loose from her anus. I try to remember the last time I touched her there.

“How are you, Bon-Bon?”

“Hmm, so good. It feels really really really nice.”

I lick my lips. “You know what else might feel nice?”


I let one of my caressing thumbs slip through the groove of her raised ass as it smooths by, just touching her pucker. She shivers.

“Would you like that, honey?”

“I can see you,” she replies playfully.

I look up, then into the mirror, and I can see her brushing her thick hair back over an ear as she rests her cheek on the counter, revealing one big, pretty brown eye and part of a mischievous smile. She sways her hips back and forth gently, drawing my attention back to her ass.

“Are you looking at my bottom, Momma?”

I blush helplessly and nod. My own anus tingles, softly contracts, so aroused.

“Is it messy back there?”

“No honey, it’s shiny clean. You do a good job washing up this spot.” And I think I know why.

Bianca blinks. “Could you touch me there? Please?”

My hands come to a stop on her plump upturned cheeks, stroking, squeezing. My daughter takes a breath, holds it, anticipating the touch of my fingertip.

I bend at the waist instead, and lower my eager tongue onto her exposed, cute little anal bud, luxuriously swiping it all around. Sensing it’s my mouth rather than my hands playing with her butt, Bianca tenses up at first, squeaks. She tries to clench her cheeks, but I hold them open. I go “mmm-hmm,” reassuringly right into her skin and keep delivering slow, soothing licks over her sensitive pucker, over and over.

Soon, my daughter’s breathing gets deeper, heavier, like she needs more air to process the erotic feelings my wet tongue creates on her naughtiest hole. She arches her back, and shyly raises her ass, seeking more of my pleasuring mouth. It’s the most wonderful kind of encouragement for me, and I lap at her with more energy. She responds by making a noise deep in her throat.

Bon-Bon lifts her head and gets up onto her hands. It lowers the angle of her wet little anus, but I adjust by bending down a bit more. She tosses her hair over one shoulder.

“Ooooo, Momma, ohh, I can see you doing it back there.”

I open my eyes and look into the mirror at her flushed face and dreamy expression. Our gazes lock and I flutter my tongue against her asshole. Her mouth widens, she gasps and shudders, but she doesn’t break eye contact.

“So dirty, Momma,” she sighs, but the way her hips move tells me she doesn’t mind. I told her the truth before; she keeps her backside very clean. Still, as my tongue laps at her crinkly sphincter, there’s a muskiness, a bittersweet flavor, that’s different than her puss. It is a little dirty, and I love it. I think of my teenage girlfriends, the ones that let me do it, I adored licking their assholes, too. It made me feel like I was doing something slutty especially for them. And when they returned the favor, oh god it makes me quiver to remember.

Coming out of my reminiscing, I see Bianca’s gaze straying over my nude body, bent very much like hers, and I know she loves it. The mirror, the licks, the sexual delight of her own butt hole, the ecstasy on her face reflected back at her, seeing her naked mother poised behind her, face buried in the curve of her milky cheeks. Her eyes rove, she loves all of it.

She rests her head on her shoulder, hair spilling over her arm. “Do you like it too?”

I lift my head from her spit-soaked groove and kiss her butt cheek. “Mmm I love making you feel good, honey, so good when I touch you or taste you, I’ll do anything to give you honey loves, Bon-Bon.” She grins slowly and I duck back down. Telling her this makes me more eager to do it to her. I return to servicing her anus with my mouth.

My six year old’s eyes droop shut and her body sways back into the pleasure. But after a moment of luxuriating in this, she lifts her lids with something of an effort and shakily asks, “No, I mean… nnn… do you like getting touched back there? Is it… ooo… too dirty?”

“Hm-mm,” I shake my head a little, forcing her ass cheeks apart. Her eyes open a little wider, and I feel maybe that’s not enough of an explanation.

So, lifting once again from adoring her cute pucker, I rest my chin on her rump and say, “No, honey, I like that too, just like you.” I run the whole of my index finger up and down through her wet groove as I tell her, “You can touch anywhere, if it feels good. And this is naughty but it feels really nice.” I glance at the finger stroking her. “Doesn’t it?”

Her eyes sparkle. All better. But I want to show her more.

Removing my hand from her pert little butt crack, I tell her, “Look in the mirror.” I let my hand glide down my bare flank, over my generous hip, and then curl around the curve of my ass and out of her sight. But I could feel it, pulling an ample cheek aside to admit my slick fingers, and then oh! Oh yeah, touching my lonely little asshole, pressing and petting it, the sensations sound deep into my body, make me hungry for more.

Bon-Bon sees my expression soften, my body react. I’ve never anally masturbated in front of her before; she’s fascinated. “Ohh, are you touching in your bottom?”

I cuddle my cheek against her softer one. “Yeah, honey, I wanna do it too, do it with you. Is it okay if Momma touches herself there while she touches you?”

She grins at the thought, “Uh-huh.”

“Thank you honey, I really need it. I know you’ve never seen me, but I’ve always liked to do naughty things in my bottom hole.”

“Me too, but I like it when you lick more.”

She’s as subtle as she is chaste. It makes me giggle. “Only now that I’m a grown up, I like to put my finger inside and push it in and out. Ah,” Even as I tell her this I’m easing my finger into my anus, relaxing it, slicking it up.

“Really?” Her eyes get big, and keep glancing at my rump in the mirror, trying to see. “Like you do in your bonbon?”

“Momma has a pussy, honey. Call it a pussy.”

“Yeah, in and out of your pussy,” she corrects. I tingle every time her six year old mouth forms the word ‘pussy.’ She’s excited. “In and out. Are you doing it now?”

“I’m about to,” I tell her, while I’m dipping my finger into my cunt for a bit more lubrication. It’s instantly drenched. Holding my daughter’s gaze, I ease my finger into the tight entrance of my asshole, wiggling it slightly and raising incredible sensations from my anus. Squeezing past it, my finger slips deep and is wrapped in the intimate heat of my rectum, making me feel so full and nasty, waves of sympathetic bliss washing through my pussy.

When I’m in as deep as I can reach I hold it there for a moment, pressing, pressing. Then I draw it out slowly, my sphincter clutching, trying to keep it in, until only my fingertip remains inside, then wiggle it against the erotic, involuntary contractions of my anus. And when that gets to be too intense, I drive my finger back in and start fucking myself up the ass.

All this time I’m watching Bianca and she’s watching me, seeing my response to every pleasure pass across my face. Her whole face blushes a deeper and deeper pink, and her expression is something like wonder. As the excitement takes me, she glances back occasionally, but even in the reflection she can only see my wrist moving.

I realize that her curiosity’s piqued, soon she’ll want to see what I do, and I’ll have to display myself to her while I anally masturbate. Imagining this only gets me off harder.

Her body’s trembling with arousal from watching this exotic new way of playing. I give her a lewd grin as best I can around my moans, and lower my face back into her own back door, flickering my tongue on her pucker until she squeals, then pushing my face into her butt, spreading her cheeks wide, and lapping like mad at her rosebud, trying to make her feel what I’m feeling, make her feel as hot and naughty. I stiffen my tongue and start to probe her, forcing her tiny anus to yield and part to me, entering her just a little.

This drives her wild. With a look of disbelief she watches me in the mirror and cries out, “Ah! Ah! Oh Momma lick my bibi lick my bibi make me honey lick it I love you!”

Her arms give out and she drops her head back down onto the counter. At least I think that’s what happened. But after a couple writhing moments, I feel her little fingers right up next to my chin, dancing against her lovely, excited pussy.

What a pair we make. My six year old, bucking and moaning, masturbating herself while her loving Momma aggressively reams her little pucker, and all the time Momma’s quivering from the pleasure of fucking her own asshole. She breaks out in sweat only seconds before I do. I feel her tensing, stiffening up, her moans climb higher, sharper.

And then my beautiful daughter cums for me, a great big orgasm, and she mindlessly cries, “Nuh! Nuh! Momma, Momma, uhhh, hah, Ah!” as she humps her way through the glorious spasms wracking her little body. The bucking eases, and her breath is all sighs.

As she unspools, I force myself to ease up, gentle laps and kisses easing back from the passion moments before. It’s not easy, because I haven’t cum yet and I really need to now. I’m plunging my rectum deeply, steadily, lusciously, and I can’t help myself any more. I’m like a sexual freight train – with this much momentum built up, there’s no way I’m stopping on a dime.

Bianca flops onto one side on the counter, and gazes back at me through draping brown hair and heavily-lidded eyes. I notice she still has her hand clamped between her thighs. But she must not be touching herself, because she’s not screaming. Squeezing her little hip, I continue to masturbate my asshole. I imagine I must look wild and a little desperate to her, pumping and perspiring.

But as my daughter recovers, her interest in my raw lust seems to grow. Over the course of a couple minutes she regards me more and more closely, first drawing her hair out of her face, then lifting up onto her elbow a moment later. Her gaze is daunting in its blatant sexual curiosity. I straighten up, trying to regain some composure or dignity under the weight of her study. But my new posture keeps me from slipping my finger as far up my ass as I was, and my body wants that pleasure back. So I find myself rolling my hips and stretching my arm, urgently seeking an angle that sinks my finger deeper into the needy warmth of my rectum.

Sitting up completely, Bon-Bon grins at me, and I feel truly naked before her, humiliated by my dirty pleasures, and unable to resist them. In my squirming I get tangled up in my wadded jeans, and stumble two shuffling steps toward the counter, toward Bianca, before I catch myself. Now I’m less that a foot from her, and it only drives home who I am. Young Allison, jeans down at her ankles, shamefully fucking her asshole under the amused perusal of her six year old daughter.

Oh yeah, Mother of the year award. Such a dirty slut, unable to control my desires, helpless to do anything in the face of sexual pleasure but wallow in it. I’m so perverted that even these embarrassed feelings are heightening my arousal. Well, that and the fact that my stumble put me in a position where my finger can plunge deep into my slippery anus again. It’s such a relief.

Bianca sees all this on my face, in the way I hold my body. She knows me as much as she loves me. I think she likes seeing me this way, completely absorbed in my excitement, abjectly serving the demands of my naughty body. I think she sees herself in me when I act this way. It brings us closer.

She smiles, happy to find herself the one more in control. She shifts, lifting and folding one leg between us so she can move to straddle me, her knees resting just below my hips. Her hands settle lightly on my belly, and she occasionally peers around, observing the flexing of my arm where it disappears behind my rump. She’s fascinated.

“Are you touching inside your bibi, Momma? Are you pushing in and out?”

I can only nod. What an understatement. Now that the recesses of my vagina sense my penetrating digit again, it’s as if my body insists on me pumping it in. Every contraction of my anus thrills me, every thrust into my rectum strengthens the delightful glow that heats everything from my navel to my thighs. All I can do is feel. I’m overwhelmed.

“Do you feel the honey?”

At first, I can only grunt from my throat. It takes focus before I can say, “So good, I can’t stop, can’t stop… Hn, it’s so naughty, so naughty, putting my finger in there, letting you watch me. I’m so dirty, but, unnh, hah, I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay Momma,” she soothes childishly. “If it feels good it’s okay.”

“Oh, oh honey,” I choke out, emotions swirling among my sexual delights. And for a moment we’re caught up, me compelled to masturbate inches from my daughter, and her intently watching. I’m breathing deep, those groans keep escaping me, my eyes are unfocused, concentrating on the pleasure. Bianca mostly watches my face, my response, but I can see her eyes are drawn to the way my small tits jiggle with each slap of my knuckles against my butt. My nipples are achingly hard.

“Ooo,” she wiggles a bit, my excitement spurring hers. “Can you have a cummie that way, pushing in and out?”

And just like that, she gets to the heart of it. As hot and nasty as I feel, reaming my horny little ass, despite the deep, primal gratification surging through my body, as badly as I need to cum… I don’t think I’ll be able to. I could fuck my asshole all afternoon and not regret a second of it, but to climax this way is unpredictable, and neither of us wants to wait.

I shake my head, and tell her, “I think I need it like you did.”

Bon-Bon’s eyes get bigger and she stiffens a bit, panicked. I try to imagine what she thinks I’m telling her. Does she think I expect her to lick my pussy? My anus?

So I glance down at my pubic bush. Her eyes follow, and I say, “I think I need both at once.”

She gets it, nods as color rises in her cheeks. Her gaze is fixed on my pussy, watching it gently hump at the air in front of her. If she likes the way my arousal smells, she must love it right now.

Bianca absently says, “I felt so good when it was both at once. You did it and I did it, and I got so much honey feelings, it gave me cummies a lot a lot.”

There’s a twinkle of an idea in me. I feel my lopsided grin. “You did so good, baby, rubbing your bonbon. You got honey fast.” My finger thrusts lusciously into my anus, unh, unh, unh.

She giggles and shrugs. “You were already, you know…” she glances and gestures generally to everything around her pelvis, “making me happy.”

Lust and delight and perversion suddenly speak through me. “Can you help me get the honey?” I ask. “Can you show me?”

My daughter’s face goes slack. I’ve never asked her anything like this before. She’s moved and daunted, staring up at me. I can see the desires, to explore, to please, in her eyes. She just needs guidance, I tell myself.

I reach down and take her hand, both of them palm up, her little one resting in my grownup one, fingers overlapping. She draws a deep breath, she knows what’s about to happen, apprehensive, eager, as I draw our nestled hands between my legs.

“You can help me,” I murmur, and press her hand against my wet, swollen cunt for the first time. Bianca’s inhale ends in a sharp gasp as she feels me, the center of me, silky, fleshy, throbbing. I gently move, manipulating her fingers into stroking my inner lips, letting her feel. The finger in my back door has slowed, more rocking than pumping, curling my finger to caress my happy sphincter.

Bianca lets out this little groaning sigh, the most secret joy.

I steer her hand up my slit, slowly. Her fingertips press, twitch, beginning to explore on her own as she follows my lead to the apex, where I spread her fingers with mine and settle them around my clit. She rubs curiously, searching it out, and the sensation is unexpectedly wonderful, it makes me chuckle in the naughtiest way.

Her eyes flutter up to mine, and she gives me a shy smile. “Your bump is so big.”

“Is it?” I ask coyly.

She feels all over, all around, in places I can hardly get to. Her touch is electric and unpredictable, I’m going crazy from it. It occurs to me how long it’s been since I’ve been touched intimately by anyone else. Fuck oh fuck oh fuck I’ve missed it so much.

Her tiny, nimble six year old fingers begin to diddle all through the folds and magically sensitive spots in my slit, sending massive of jolts of joy through me. My eyes roll shut and I just melt into it. I’m still cupping her hand, but she’s taken the lead now, and it’s perfectly blissful to have my daughter finally playing with my sex.

“Is that good, Momma?”

I look down to see her still looking up to me, so anxious and excited. I give her my most loving, indulgent, horny grin. “Oh, oh honey, it’s beautiful. You’re making Momma feel so good. I wanted you to touch me for so long, and now you are, and mmmmm Momma loves your special touches.”

“Like honey?”

“Oh, ohhhh like honey, sweetheart, like honey…”

Bon-Bon’s smile is radiant. My comment boosts her confidence, and she starts to play with me more firmly. She gets a little crease in her brow as she attempts to really please me. Once she gets going, I’m instantly amazed by how expert her touch is. Rubbing, teasing, fondling, pinching. She’s turning me on so much, it feels like my pussy’s dancing with ecstasy.

As I reap the benefits of all of her practice, my mindfulness of this moment drifts away on a current of sensation that grows and grows from her touch. The finger in my back door ends its languid caressing, stiffens, and I start to thrust in time to the way my daughter masturbates me. I hear my inner slut crying out, Oh, oh, yeah, she’s masturbating me!

I feel her fingers probe the entrance to my vagina. I’m sure she can feel my own finger nearby, pushing into my rectum through the thin membrane.

“Do you want to go inside? Push in and out of Momma’s pussy?” I gasp, totally carried away.

Her eyes get big. She shakes her head slowly, afraid to do it, afraid to disappoint.

Squeezing her pleasuring hand to me, I breathe out, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I love it, I love you, just don’t stop don’t stop…”

She giggles wickedly and her fingertips glide back up to my clit, fondling, flicking. My body hunches, pinned between the twin, divine urgencies in my naughty places, building, building. I’m nothing but a body now, a mindless fuck socket. I love it.

“Its better with both at once, isn’t it?” she purrs, the little brat.

All I can do is nod and go “Uh! Ah, ah, Nn-Hnn!” Bianca licks her lips and smiles, intensifies her efforts.

“Ooo, Momma, you’re gonna cum,” she says, her little arm working. “I can feel it.”

Ahhhh, my inner slut moans, she’s sooo right. I’m climbing, I’m floating. All of me is focused on her clever little fingers at play in my cunt, the thick digit sinking deep into my asshole. I’m breathing like a bellows, looking down at her with a nearly predatory gaze.

She leans forward, and I feel her little plush lips close around the peak of my small breast, finding my stiff, ready nipple. She begins to nuzzle on her Momma, lovingly, naughtily. The flat of her wet tongue slips over my nipple with each suck, each exhale finds her breath warm and damp on the slope of my tit. It’s another set of sensations, mingling with the others, multiplying the others. I’m trembling, teetering on the brink.

The suspense is wonderful, terrible.

And then all at once I’m cumming, so deeply, so physically. I clutch my daughter’s hand against my gushing pussy, I’m sure she can feel the spasms in Momma’s naughty cunt. My asshole flutters, contracts around my finger. The sensations force me to jerk my hips, to clench my belly, to toss my head. Her teeth gently close over my nipple for a moment, squeezing even wilder responses from my ecstatic body. The sounds echoing to me off the bathroom walls sound debauched and abandoned and just like my favorite self.

But nothing this good can last, and even though I let my orgasm have its way with me, eventually the heat cools, I unwind, come to my senses to find Bianca tenderly kissing my breasts, my chest. She’s petting my pubic hair, and with her other hand she strokes the curve of my hip. She pulled her hand away from my sex as soon as I climaxed, probably concerned that I get as sensitive as she does. Oh god, if she only knew what she could do to me if she just kept going… Maybe someday, she will.

For now, though, I feel immersed in her sensual love. I slip my dirty finger out of my ass and wrap my arms around her. When I do this she tips her head up, and I kiss her mouth again and again. She embraces me, her little hands skim up and down my bare back. I feel her knees press my hips.

I pull her hair away from her face, tracing along her scalp, and we just beam and beam at each other until my cheeks ache and we have to kiss some more.

When we part again, I gush, “Oh honey that was so wonderful, having you do that to me. I loved it so much.”

She giggles bashfully, “It was so fun!” From the twinkle in her eyes I can tell she’s already planning on how she’ll do it next time. “I liked giving you honey loves too.”

My stomach flutters happily.

Bianca leans back slightly and says, “For you.” She offers up the fingers that she had in my pussy, holds them near my chin. I gratefully dip forward and close my lips around them, tasting myself. She intently watches me do it, her mouth hanging open, her own little tongue appearing as I suck her clean of my tangy flavor. When I release her fingertips with a pop, we both giggle and playfully stroke each other and occasionally smooch.

We lazily begin composing ourselves. I decide to freshen us up with baby wipes, but my daughter insists I stay put, plucks a few from the wall dispenser, and returns to me. At first she swabs my sweaty spots, my underarms, my throat, the bottoms of my tits. Then she poses me against the counter, nudging my knees wider until I’m kind of bowlegged, with my ankles bound in my jeans, exposed to her.

With a hugely naughty grin, she slowly, thoroughly cleanses my sloppy pussy, the sharp cool sensation of the wipe mixing with the soft, erotic warmth of her touch. She knows exactly what she’s doing to me. It’s all I can do to keep control – we can’t be locked in the family restroom all day.

Then she tugs on my hip, gets me to turn around and lean over on the counter. When I do I can see the color’s rushed right back into my cheeks. I grin at myself, such a proud little slut. Then I feel Bianca, parting my ass and using the wipes and her loving touch on my pucker, and I savor it. I glance at the reflection and see my daughter looking at my asshole with great interest as she swabs it clean. She seems reluctant to stop, but she eventually lets me go. I feel like a little girl again, pulling up my pants in front of her with the tingling sensation of the wipes still on my skin. For a moment, our roles are reversed.

What a day of discovery!

I finish dressing as Bianca flirtatiously cleans herself, displaying herself lewdly while using the wipes over her glowing little girl parts. When I’m done up again, she lets her green skirt drop, a bemused expression on her pretty face.

The stylist at the salon really knew her stuff, because when I get the brush out of my purse and start combing out Bon-Bon’s tresses, they quickly fall back into shape, right down to the part in her bangs. I’m impressed. This hairdo might last well past Thanksgiving. My own hair is a bit more of a disaster. I tease it a bit, but don’t try too hard. It’s always seemed to me that the hairstyles other women admire the most look a lot like someone who’s just been fucked silly.

My daughter puts her hated boots back on, I smooth the wrinkles in my jeans and gather her coat, and we rejoin the clamor of the market. Her tights stay stuffed in the pocket of her wool coat; we both like it better with her naked underneath that little green dress.

We find the cart right where we left it. Bon-Bon decides not to ride in the seat, instead holding my hand as we gather up the last couple items and head to the checkstand. The coat and my purse go where she sat before. We both look flush and cheerful, like we just came from playing in a park. We smile at each other a lot as we pass up the aisles, fond, secretive little smiles.

I don’t know what’s on her mind, but I can’t help but think about the future. We’ve broken through a lot of barriers today, hers and mine. The scope of what’s possible for us is so much greater. Where might we have honey loves now? In the fields by the river outside of town? On some seldom traveled stairwell at her school? On the sun-drenched deck of my parents’ cabin?

And how might we love each other? She’s so interested in penetration, what will her face look like the first time I slide into the warmth of her pussy, or her ass? What will mine look like, when she does it to me? Now that she’s seen the joy she can give me with her touch, I can only imagine how often she’ll want to see me in ecstasy. My cunt tingles at the thought.

In the checkout line, my daughter holds my hand close to her face. To the other customers in line with us, it looks like she’s occasionally kissing my fingers just as an affectionate way of passing the time. But I can feel it, so I know. She’s languorously smelling my fingers as we wait to pay, the fingers that have been in my pussy, the fingers that have been up my ass. No wonder she didn’t want me to clean myself; she wanted a souvenir.

And every once in a while, she licks my knuckles. My knees wobble. I wonder if anyone notices. But what she’s doing is so hot, my fear is nowhere to be found.

She hums to herself while I pay and get bagged, and then we’re strolling out together. This plain moment is so charged with beauty, with love, I savor it. I don’t know how long this can last, but I know no harm can come from it. I wonder what will happen if I ever take another lover, how she’ll respond. But on that front, how will I respond if she does? Other mothers would have another half decade before they had to be concerned, but I know my daughter. I suspect she won’t be able to keep the secret of her pleasure entirely to herself, and I’ve gently questioned to see if she’s initiated of her little friends to her happy sexuality. All I got was some coy reply that she and Claire and Debbie were all best friends, and had secrets of their own.

Bon-Bon knows secrets, so I feel I should respect her. And besides, if she’s introducing girls as lively and cute as Claire and Debbie to their pussies, I couldn’t bring myself to forbid it. If I’m honest, my reaction would be exactly the opposite. Maybe we could all be secret friends. God I’m terrible, but I swear I can’t help it. It’s how I was made to be.

Outside, it’s stopped raining and a rising wind makes some tears in the cloud that golden sunshine slips through. Bianca rides on the side of the cart as we cross the lot. As we near the car, a gust blows her skirt up, exposing her plump pale butt. With a storm of giggles she tucks the rebellious dress back down. I can’t help but giggle myself.

After the groceries are stowed, I usher her into her booster chair. As she climbs into the car, she looks over her shoulder at me with a smile and flips her skirt up over her ass again. With a growl my hand darts out between her legs, my finger sliding into her smooth crease, my thumb in her ass crack, and furiously masturbate her for about three seconds. Her eyebrows arch, eyes squeezed shut, mouth frozen in a surprised smile.

When I stop, she’s breathless, and submits lamb-like to being strapped into her seat. I shut her door, glance around. Everyone’s trundling their own carts, consulting shopping lists, navigating around cars. I nod. That’s right, nothing to see here, go about your nonsexy business.

When I start up the car, Bianca asks, “If I want, um… I mean, if you want honey loves, I mean, you know, you want me to give you them…”

I glance into the rearview mirror at her, eyebrows up.

“…It’s okay to ask me for it. You should be happy that way, too. And you like… I like-”

She’s thoroughly tongue-tied now.

So I just grin and say, “I like that you like it, honey.”

She sighs, grins.

On the way home, I start to consider how much my sexuality is going to change and grow just from this one trip to the supermarket. It might change as soon as we get home. If both of us can ask for sexual play whenever we want to, will we ever get anything done? I imagine an extended chain reaction, one desire triggering another then another then another… It’s so hot.

My hand steals between my legs, squeezes my heating pussy through my jeans. I glance up, ready to ask Bianca if she’ll give me honey loves as soon as we get the groceries put away, or maybe as soon as the garage door is down, or maybe in some secluded turnoff on the way home.

But when I look in the rear view mirror, I see her slumped over, already asleep, her six year old face angelically peaceful, her pale legs wide open, and her little hand resting dovelike over her bonbon, imagining naughty bliss even in her dreams.

The End


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  1. AnneJ. says:

    Oh wow……that was an amazing story. I would luv to share our own personal stories with other moms and become friends.

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    Loved this final chapter. Very erotic, very hot. Thanks!

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    I wish this story would go on and on, it is one of the most erotic stories I EVER read, a nymphomaniac mom that must have every pussy, especially her daughter’s, what a real turn on <3

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    Best damn words ever put together. Came here out of curiosity … left here with a deep sense of knowledge and understanding.

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    OMG! so good!…I mean really, really so good!!
    most amazing story ending mother/daughter sexcapade scene in a public place I’ve read so far, here on JS.
    Loved this passage:

    …As she unspools, I force myself to ease up, gentle laps and kisses easing back from the moment before. It’s not easy because I haven’t cum yet and I really need to now. I’m plunging my rectum, deeply, steadily, lusciously and I can’t help myself anymore. I’m like a sexual freight train — with this much momentum built up, there’s no way I’m stopping on a dime.


    And, the culminating realization of Allison(Momma)that she and her darling, precocious, little sexual dynamo of a daughter,BonBon (Bianca), are well on their way to a delicious future, that holds a lifetime of infinite more diverse pleasures to cum…er, come, that is!

    Thrilling, titillating and lasciviously lovely story, eloquent delinquent, from start to finish! Thank You for presenting it for all of the readers perusal.


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