Love in the Sauna

  • Posted on April 15, 2016 at 1:41 pm

By JetBoy

The afternoon was balmy and delightful as thirteen-year-old Jenna strolled home from the bus stop. School was out for the summer, and all was perfect with the world. The flowery dress she wore fluttered in the light breeze as she hopped up the steps.

She unlocked the door and entered. “Mom?”

“In here, honey,” came her mother’s voice.

Jenna wandered through the house toward the kitchen, where her mother was at the stove cooking.

Angelique glanced up at her daughter. “Set the table, will you? Dinner’s almost done.”

Jenna grabbed a couple of plates and some utensils, quickly arranging them on the table top. Her mother had made grilled chicken with a rice pilaf and roasted asparagus — all Jenna’s favorites. The two sat down and tucked in, piling their plates with food.

“How was school?” Angelique inquired, breaking off a piece of brown bread from a large round loaf.

Jenna shrugged. “Mostly good. Seems like I spent the whole day signing yearbooks.” Then she scowled. “Gym class really sucked, though… old Pork Chop Hartley made us run laps. A ‘going away gift’, she called it. I’m still all achy. God, what a bitch.”

Angelique tried to give her daughter a stern look, but they both began to giggle. She shook her head. “You are incorrigible, young lady.” Placing her napkin on the table, the thirtyish blonde settled back in her chair with a contented sigh. “So… why do you call her ‘Pork Chop’, anyhow?”

Jenna grinned. “One day, Becky Ratledge said that Miss Hartley was so ugly that, that when she was a baby, her parents had to tie pork chops around her neck to get the d-dog to play with her!” She gave a snort of laughter.

“God, that’s awful…” smiled Angelique, “…but pretty funny, I have to admit.” She stood, and began to clear the table.

“Wanna watch a movie, Mom?” Jenna asked as she rose to put her plate in the sink.

“Sounds good,” Angelique agreed, “but first, I thought we might do something we haven’t done for awhile — relax in the sauna. I even warmed it up for us. And since you’re all achy anyhow…”

“Mmmm, that’s an awesome idea,” Jenna replied, grinning eagerly. “Whoo-hoo! What a great way to start summer vacation!”

“Fine. Let’s leave the dishes to soak and go change into our suits. Meet you out back.” Jenna’s mother said.

“Okay, Mom!” Jenna sang as she raced upstairs.

In her bedroom she rummaged through the closet until she found her bathing suit, a bottle-green one-piece. She stripped out of the clothes she was wearing and shimmied into the suit — then grimaced.

“Hell’s bells… I’ve really grown out of this,” she muttered, frowning as she studied herself in the mirror. While not quite too tight to wear, the top part was like a taut band across her budding breasts, and the crotch pressed snugly between her thighs.

Oh, well, it’s the best I’ve got, Jenna shrugged as she grabbed a towel. Maybe we could go shopping for a new one tomorrow, she thought excitedly on her way downstairs. There had been some really sexy bikinis at the mall the last time she’d been there. Perhaps she could talk her mother into letting her get one!

Arriving at the sauna door, Jenna stepped inside, taking a moment to adjust to the temperature before she sat down on the bench nearest the door. She lay back against the wall, closed her eyes, and sighed, allowing the heat to soothe her tired muscles.

She’d been there for about five minutes when she heard the door open. She opened her eyes to see her mother enter, wearing a two piece string bikini and holding a towel. Jenna marveled at how good her Mom looked in the skimpy suit. I hope I’m as hot as she is when I’m all grown, she thought.

“C’mon in, Mom. It feels great,” sighed Jenna, her eyes drifting shut again. “Jeez, I’d forgotten how nice this is. We ought to come down here more often.”

Angelique sat down next to her daughter, lay down down her towel and leaned back in the corner. “Mmmmm… yes,” she sighed.

They sat there in silence for a few moments, enjoying the heat… occasionally throwing water on the rocks to build up the steam.

Angelique glanced at her daughter. It was then that she noticed Jenna’s swimsuit and frowned slightly. “Isn’t that suit getting a little small for you?” she asked.

“It’s all I’ve got,” Jenna said with a shrug, wondering if the time was right to ask about that cute bikini.

“Well, then… why not just take it off?” Angelique said with a wry smile.

Jenna’s eyes widened in surprise. She sat up and looked at her mother. “You mean… go naked?” she asked.

“Oh, sure,” Angelique sighed, “I love doing that. The way the heat kisses every part of your body… it feels luscious.”

“Being naked in front of you seems… I dunno, kinda weird, Mom,” Jenna muttered.

Angelique clucked her tongue. “So modest. Tell you what — I’ll lose my swimsuit too, so we’re both naked. How’s that?”

Jenna blushed, considered, then nodded. “Sure.”

Nervously chewing on her lower lip, Jenna carefully peeled off her green swimsuit, stepping out of it as Angelique untied her bikini.

Now nude, Jenna took her seat on the bench and leaned back. She parted her legs slightly to let the heat caress her all over. Her mother was right — it did feel luscious. “Mmmmm,” she purred.

Angelique smiled at her daughter, “See, I told you. Nice, isn’t it?”

“Mmmm, it is. Wow, I can’t believe I never thought of trying it before,” Jenna replied, letting the heat soak into her bare body. “Let’s always sauna like this from now on, Mom.”

“Okay,” laughed Angelique. “I think I can live with that.”

Mother and daughter sat quietly for a while, enjoying the heat.

Jenna glanced over at her mother, studying her nude body. Before her eyes closed again, she noticed something that surprised her.

“Mom… do you shave yourself, um, down there?” Jenna asked.

“Yes, I do, honey. I love having a bare pussy,” Angelique murmured.

Jenna blushed. “That’s kinda weird. I thought having hair down there was a sign of growing up. I remember how proud when I finally got some.” She glanced at the light patch of down that adorned her vulva.

Angelique smiled at her daughter. “Well, you’ll probably start shaving in a few years.”

“Maybe I will… but for now, I’m quite happy with my, um, peach fuzz!” Jenna replied with a giggle.

“Peach fuzz, hmm?” Angelique cooed.

“That’s all I’ve got, really — see?” said Jenna, daringly parting her legs to give her mother a good look.

“Mmm, I see… does that mean that underneath you have a ripe, juicy peach?” Angelique asked playfully.

“Mom, you’re so dirty!” gasped Jenna, as her hand dropped to cup her mound.

“You don’t have to cover yourself, honey,” Angelique murmured. “I think you have a beautiful pussy.”

“You don’t think I have too much hair for boys to like, Mom?” Jenna asked, moving her hand away to reveal her sparsely covered slit.

“Not at all, dear. If you keep it neat and trimmed, boys will fall over themselves to lick you there,” Angelique said.

Jenna sat there, blissfully content… enjoying the heat, the conversation, and especially the feelings that were coursing through her body. Then a question occurred to her, she looked over at her mother again. “Uh, Mom… what’s that like?” she hesitantly asked. “Having a guy, you know, lick you?”

“Mmmmm…” Angelique cooed, “it’s one of the nicest feelings in the world. Imagine it, honey… a wet, hot tongue touching you down there. Caressing the outer lips of your pussy, or sliding deep inside. It’s the best part of sex for me.” She absently allowed a hand to drift between her thighs and began to masturbate, gently exploring the folds of her cunt with two fingers.

Seeing her mother pleasure herself so openly, Jenna stared in disbelief at first. Then she closed her eyes and leaned back, thinking if Mom can do it… well, so can I. She let her hand wander back to her pussy. Mmmmm, yes. Pussy. Just thinking the word feels good, Jenna mused, cupping her moist vulva. “Have you… had it done to you very many times, Mom?” she asked.

“Yes, love,” her mother replied, teasing herself with a fingertip. “Tell you a little secret. I’ve had men who knew how to eat my pussy pretty well… but no one, I mean no one, knows how to use their mouth on you like another woman.”

Mom!” Jenna gasped in shock. “Y-you’ve had your, um, pussy licked by a woman?”

“Oh, yes, sweetheart. More than once,” Angelique replied with a mysterious smile. “That’s not all… I’ve done it to them, too.”

“Wow,” the young girl mumbled in a daze. She looked up again at her mother. “Does that mean that you’re…”

“No, no, Jenna,” Angelique said softly. “I’m not gay… I do prefer to make love to women, though, since me and your dad split.” She cupped a breast with her free hand. “Men are fun and all, but the female body is so soft — so sweet. And women are far more skilled at pleasing one another.” She sighed. “I haven’t been with another woman in awhile. Have to admit, I’ve missed it.”

“Mmm. You make it sound so good,” Jenna said, as her fingers continued to dance between her legs.

“Oh, it is,” her mother replied, letting her thumb massage her clit as one of her fingers probed deep inside the vagina. “You’ll have to try it with a girl sometime, honey. I’m sure you’ll love it. Ooooooh…”

“Oh, Mom. I’m getting hot just thinking about it. Ohhh…” Jenna’s breathing was becoming more erratic as her fingers moved faster, the other hand providing needed support as she started to lose herself in the moment.

“Yes, dear. Mmmm, yes!” Angelique slipped another finger into her dripping pussy, pumping herself harder, strangely aroused by the idea of masturbating with her beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter while talking of lesbian sex. “Oh, fuck, honey. I’m c-coming. Oh yes. Uhhhh…!” Angelique gasped as a lovely orgasm rippled through her body.

Jenna, upon hearing her mother’s climax, quickly found herself coming as well.

“Yes, Mom. Oh yes. Ohhhhhh!” Jenna cried, pressing two fingers against her clit, surges of pleasure rippling outward from her pussy to every part of her body. Almost too soon, her rapture peaked and waned. Spent, she gasped for air, quivering with sweet aftershocks as her climax slowly ebbed away.

“Oh, gosh. That was… the best,” Jenna finally said, her face now resting on her mother’s thigh.

“Thanks for joining me, honey,” her mother whispered as she stroked her daughter’s hair. “It was kind of sweet… touching ourselves together that way.”

Opening her eyes, Jenna realized that she was lying with her face inches from Angelique’s pussy. She could see her mother’s shaved mound, up close and personal. She smiled, enthralled.

“So, this is where I came from, huh?” Jenna asked as she instinctively reached up to lightly touch Angelique’s vulva.

“Yes, baby,” Angelique said. “Mmmm, that feels good.”

“It’s hard to imagine something like a person coming out of such a small place,” Jenna said as she slowly caressed her mother’s moist labia, strange feelings she didn’t understand rising inside her.

“It was rough, my precious… but you were worth it,” replied her mother.

“Thank you for giving birth to me. I can’t imagine having a more perfect mother than you.” Feeling mischievous, she moved closer to place a tender kiss on Angelique’s pussy. Mmm… it smelled wonderful.

“Ohhhh… that felt lovely, Jenna,” whispered Angelique. “You can thank me anytime if you do it like that, dear…”

Jenna said softly, “Okay.”

Her heart throbbing with excitement, she leaned over and kissed her mother’s sex again. She licked her lips, tingling pleasurably as she savored the thick, tangy flavor of a woman. Angelique, her fingers running through her daughter’s hair, put a very slight pressure on the back of her daughter’s head, clearly letting Jenna know that she wanted more. And right then, Jenna was very willing.

The young girl inched closer to her mother’s pussy, placing a kiss directly on the juicy slit. Angelique arched her back, moaning softly. Jenna smiled, thrilled at the reaction she had caused in her mother. She kissed her there once more, noting that the sweet pink flesh was becoming increasingly wetter. She tentatively extended her tongue to lick the wetness away. Mmmm, delicious...

“Ooohhh…” Angelique moaned.

The flavor of Angelique’s pussy lingered on Jenna’s tongue. It tasted warm, inviting, and strangely familiar. Jenna couldn’t believe that she was kissing and licking the pussy that gave birth to her, but somehow it seemed completely natural. She licked again.

“Oh God, baby. That feels amazing,” Angelique gasped. “Please, Jenna… d-don’t stop…”

Now beside herself with excitement, Jenna moved down to the wooden floor to kneel between Angelique’s thighs, leaning in close to take the moist pink flower into her mouth, probing the soft folds with her tongue.

Angelique’s hands clutched the back of Jenna’s head to urge her daughter on. “Yesssss…” she hissed.

The thirteen-year-old wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist, eager for more of the luscious nectar that flowed from Angelique’s vagina. Her tongue darted and probed, learning the places that elicited the strongest responses from her mother.

“Oh, baby. You’re so wonderful… ooohhh…” Angelique moaned, her hips staring to gyrate against Jenna’s face.

The young girl continued her tender assault, intent on thanking her mother for giving her life, showing her how much she was adored, giving her the pleasure she’d been too long without. It all seemed too perfect to Jenna. Her soft lips against her mother’s soft pussy. The girl that had come from this juicy vagina, now exploring it once again.

The sweet essence of cunt coated Jenna’s lips and chin, and she feasted on it, loving the flavor, stroking Angelique’s thighs as she ate the woman’s beautiful pussy.

That’s when it hit Jenna — she was making love to her mother! At first her kisses had been a playful, affectionate thing, just a way of making Mom feel nice. But it had quickly become more, so much more. She had only ever kissed a boy before — and now she was performing oral sex!

Wow, she thought, her tongue gliding up and down the glistening crevice, it’s like Mom and I are girlfriends now. The thought thrilled Jenna to her very soul, and she burrowed her face even deeper between Angelique’s thighs.

Her tongue plunged deep into her mother’s creamy canal, then trailed upward to circle around her clitoris. Angelique cried out loud as Jenna licked at the inflamed button. The thirteen-year-old got the hint, taking the pink nubbin between her lips and gently sucking.

Angelique exploded in a frenzied orgasm, her body shuddering with helpless pleasure. “Oh, fuck yes, baby!” she cried, thrashing about on the bench. “Eat my pussy, Jenna! Oh, yes. Oh. OH! OHHH!”

Warm, thick juices flowed into Jenna’s eager mouth, filling the young girl with an incredible glow that seemed to illuminate her from within. It was the most wonderful feeling imaginable, pleasing her mother in such a loving, intimate way.

Jenna finally lifted her face from Angelique’s glistening slit and sat up, blushing with pride as she smiled at her mother.

Angelique lay there panting, occasionally trembling with tiny aftershocks. As her breathing calmed and her body stilled, she opened her eyes and stared in wonder at her thirteen-year-old daughter. She giggled, feeling like a giddy schoolgirl, barely able to believe that she had just let Jenna go down on her. What a beautiful experience it had been, though!

She sat up, took the girl’s face in her hands and placed a loving kiss on her mouth.

Jenna closed her eyes, savoring the softness of her mother’s lips.

Angelique could taste herself on her daughter’s face, and was thrilled by the notion. She licked her way around Jenna’s mouth. Head spinning, the young girl parted her lips — and suddenly, mother and daughter were kissing passionately. Jenna’s heart was pounding hard and fast as their tongues met and mingled in a very sensual way.

Finally, her mother pulled away, her eyes shining in adoration. “Thank you, Jenna, for giving that to me,” Angelique whispered.

“Thank you, Mom, for letting me do it. I never knew it would feel so wonderful to — to share something like that,” Jenna murmured shyly.

“I’d like to make you feel good now, angel,” Angelique crooned, her hands gliding over her daughter’s naked body.

Jenna blushed, and Angelique could see the hesitation in her daughter’s eyes. She rose, padded nude across the room to the long padded bench, lay down and smiled at the suddenly timid teen. “Come here, honey,” she breathed, “Mommy wants to make love to you.”

Jenna looked over at Angelique’s long, lean body. She thought about all the possibilities and implications of becoming Mom’s lover. As she did, she felt herself getting hot, tingly and very excited. She slowly stood on trembling legs and walked slowly towards her mother.

Angelique parted her lips and licked them, fondling her breasts, her eyes burning into her daughter’s. Jenna shivered in anticipation as she climbed into Angelique’s arms and gave her mother a torrid French kiss.

Jenna moaned into the older woman’s mouth as she felt soft hands sliding down her back to cup her bare bottom, her mother’s fingers slipping between her cheeks to caress the cleft of her anus.

Breaking their kiss, Angelique rolled her daughter onto her side, dipping her head to take Jenna’s right nipple between her lips. The child’s breasts were only now beginning to show, but the pert, pink buds that adorned them were lovely. Angelique flicked the tip of Jenna’s breast with her tongue, marveling at how it stiffened to her touch.

The young girl cradled her mother’s head to her chest, moaning softly… then gasped as the warm lips trailed over to claim the other nipple. “Oh, Mom, that f-feels amazing,” Jenna whispered.

Angelique pleasured her daughter’s breasts for a long while, then slid up to share another hot, hungry kiss with the girl before smiling down at her. “Jenna,” she breathed, “I’m going to lick your pussy now. Climb onto my face, honey.”

Jenna’s body burned for release as she stood and carefully straddled Angelique’s face. She leaned on the wall of the sauna, lowering her dripping pussy to her mother’s mouth.

Angelique felt Jenna’s downy pubes brushing her lips as she gently kissed the moist labia. Her tongue snaked out to taste her daughter for the first time.

To the virginal thirteen-year-old, the touch of her mother’s mouth and tongue were… electric. “Oh, Mom — I love you!” gasped the girl.

Angelique’s hands fondled Jenna’s ass as her mouth began to kiss and lick at the ripe, dewy fruit of her daughter’s pussy. It was tart and delicious, and she drank deep from the girl, savoring every drop of her nectar.

Jenna ground slowly against her mother’s mouth, lost in a sea of sensation and emotion. Her own mom was giving her this incredible pleasure… the same sweet pleasure Jenna had given her just minutes ago. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, how deeply she loved this wonderful woman who had raised her from infancy to womanhood.

“Oh, God, Mom. I feel like I’m going t-to explode,” Jenna sobbed. Her mother’s mouth was taking her body to places she could never have imagined, even in her wildest fantasies.

Angelique reached up to fondle her daughter’s budding breasts, her tongue bathing the young girl’s vagina. Jenna sat upright, riding her mother’s mouth, placing both hands over Angelique’s as the older woman’s palms brushed her nipples.

“Mommy…” Jenna gasped. It was as though she was slowly losing consciousness, letting her body and mind drift into a world of purest rapture. Every touch of her mother’s lips and tongue pushed the girl closer and closer to the edge, until she fell off with a choked cry.

“Ohhhh, GOD!” Jenna gasped as her body lurched forward, the second orgasm of the night ripping through her like a heat bomb. Her pussy spasmed in her mother’s face, her young breasts heaved, and the very breath was wrenched from her lungs as she came.

Angelique clutched her convulsing daughter and lowered her to the sauna bench, still licking at the girlish slit before her as Jenna’s body twisted and contorted, waves of ecstasy still surging through her childish body. Finally Angelique raised her face from between her daughter’s thighs, placing a gentle kiss on Jenna’s pussy before sitting upright.

Jenna lay trembling, nearly crying from the joy she felt. Angelique looked down at her and smiled, her heart glowing with adoration for her child, so very glad that she had introduced her daughter to the wonderful world of lesbian love.

The young girl looked up at her mother’s face, her lips and chin wet with her girlish essence. With a sudden flash of urgency, Jenna sat up to kiss and lick at her mother’s sticky mouth.

“Oh, Mom,” Jenna gasped between passionate kisses, “I — I love you so much!”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” Angelique sighed happily.

Remembering a thought she had had earlier, Jenna raised her face to meet Angelique’s contented gaze. “Does… does this mean that we’re, um, girlfriends now, Mom?” Jenna asked hesitantly, holding her mother close.

“Oh, baby,” Angelique breathed, “that’s a big step for us to take. Let’s just be mother and daughter for the moment.” She brought the girl’s hand to her lips, kissing Jenna’s palm. “But we’ll have this — this sweet secret, you and I, and whenever we want we can share pleasure, just like this.” She placed the girl’s hand upon her breast. “In time, though… who knows? Maybe one day, we will want to live as lovers.”

“Oh… Mommy,” Jenna whispered, her eyes glowing as she teased Angelique’s nipple with her fingers.

Angelique’s lips curled into a wicked smile. “Now come on, girl… let’s get out of here and up to my bedroom before we melt,” she laughed, lightly smacking her child on her bare bottom. “I’m not done playing with you.”

Jenna giggled, leaning close to give her mother a tender kiss. They both rose from the bench and grabbed their towels, Angelique shutting off the heat. They quickly dried themselves before they headed upstairs, hand in hand and still nude.

Racing into her mother’s bedroom, Jenna somersaulted onto the bed, grinning excitedly at Angelique as she entered close behind. “Hurry up, Mom!” she cried, bouncing impatiently.

Angelique climbed on the bed, stretching out beside her daughter. “No need to rush, sweetheart… we’ve got all night to make love. No school tomorrow, remember?”

“Cool!” Jenna squealed. “We can stay in bed and fool around all day, too!”

“Ooougghh… I’ve created a monster,” Angelique mock-groaned. “Old ladies like your mother need to rest once in awhile, you know.”

Now lying on her side, Jenna propped herself up on an elbow. “Okay, old lady… since you’re so worn out, why don’t we just kiss?”

Happy to accept Jenna’s invitation, Angelique moved in to claim the teen’s soft mouth, her tongue emerging to play.

For a long, wondrous while, mother and daughter shared kisses that grew increasingly lustful. Their hands wandered freely, exploring each other’s bodies.

Breaking away, Angelique grinned down at Jenna, who was joyfully pinned beneath her mother’s bare body. “Say, baby girl… want to learn something really hot?”

“Yessss!” squealed Jenna, busily groping Angelique’s generous ass. “I — I’ll do anything with you, Mom.”

“You’ll like this,” promised Angelique. “I’m going to show you how two women fuck.”

The teen furrowed her brow. “You mean like… you’ve got one of those fake dicks that you, um, put on yourself?” Angelique stared at her daughter in astonishment. “Um… I saw them on the internet,” Jenna added, embarrassed.

After an awkward pause, Angelique finally laughed. “Guess I can’t scold you for visiting smutty websites, can I? Not after eating your pussy, anyhow.” She smiled wryly. “Oh, and I do have one of those ‘fake dicks’, by the way, and the correct name for it is a ‘strap-on’. But we’ll play with that another time. What I want to teach you is different.” She drew closer. “Lie down on your back, honey.” Jenna quickly complied. “Now… I want you to point one leg straight up.”

Jenna raised her left leg, and Angelique grasped her daughter’s trim ankle, holding it in place as she straddled the girl. “Now, then,” she whispered, her gazed never leaving Jenna’s, “here’s how it works…”

Forking both legs wide apart, Angelique moved between the wide-eyed teen’s thighs, pressing her wet, warm cunt against that of her daughter until their sexes were firmly plastered together.

Jenna’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Oh, wow…!”

“Doesn’t it feel lovely? Almost like our pussies are kissing. Then I move against you like this…” Angelique began to work her hips, gently grinding her mound against Jenna’s. “Oh, this is absolutely divine… don’t you think so?”

The enraptured girl spread her legs wide apart, opening up to her mother’s movements. “Oooooooh yeah, Mom, it’s awesome! Can you c-come from doing this?”

Angelique paused in mid-motion, gazing hungrily at her daughter. “Fuck me back, baby, and you’ll see.”

Jenna needed no further encouragement. She grasped Angelique’s leg for leverage and began to thrust against her mother, carefully at first — but soon enough the woman and the girl fell into a churning rhythm, their tangled bodies rocking in a lustful frenzy.

“God, Mom, th-this is incredible!” panted Jenna. “I — I love fucking you…” Thick, warm fluids were oozing down into the crack of her ass, their cunts making squishing sounds as she and her mother forced them together.

Angelique came first, emitting a strangled cry as she threw her head back. “Oh YES! God, baby… f-fuck me… keep fucking Mommy s-so — so good… OH!”

Jenna stared at her quivering mother, the woman’s breasts jiggling enticingly. Reaching up with a shaking hand, the girl cupped one of the bouncing globes, fondled it. Then her own orgasm came swooping down and she fell back, lost in the moment. Sharp shocks of ecstasy seized the young teen, shook her slender frame.

Mother and daughter sobbed and panted in a duet of pure pleasure, their sweating bodies pressed tightly together as their shared climax crested and ebbed. Finally, the two lovers lay at rest, quiet but for their heavy breathing, still lovingly entwined.

Untangling herself from Jenna, Angelique lay down next to her. “Oh, honey,” she gasped, “that was marvelous.” She brushed the girl’s bangs from her damp forehead, then lightly kissed her mouth.

“It sure was!” replied Jenna. “So… we can do that anytime we want? And — and other stuff, too?” She nibbled at her lower lip, then added, “I want to try out your, um, strap-on, Mom. Would you use it on me?”

Frowning, Angelique studied her daughter. “But you… you’ve never had sex with a boy — have you, honey?”

Blushing slightly, Jenna shook her head. “N-no, Mom. I’m still a virgin. But I’d like for you to — to be my first.”

“Jenna,” protested Angelique. “You shouldn’t rush into something like that, baby. Your first time is supposed to be… it’s a very special thing. Don’t you want to wait until you have a — a real lover of your own?”

The teen soberly shook her head. “There’s no one who’ll ever mean more to me than you, Mom,” she murmured, cuddling into her mother’s bare body. “And I totally love the idea of you being the one to, to fuck me for real. Pretty please…?”

Dazed, on the verge of tears, Angelique whispered, “Oh, my sweet, sweet little girl… how could I say no to you?” She took a long, deep breath. “Honey, if that’s what you really, truly want… then yes.”

Smiling hugely, Jenna embraced her mother. “Thanks, Mom!” She drew back, a hopeful light in her eyes. “Could we maybe do it… tomorrow night? That’s okay, huh?”

Angelique shook her head. “I swear, you kids… so damn impatient.” Jenna pouted. “Okay, honey — tomorrow, I promise. I’ve got to do a little shopping first, though.”

“What for?” the girl inquired, curious.

“For a smaller strap-on. Mine’s at least eight inches long… much too big for your first time.”

“I guess,” Jenna shrugged, then grinned excitedly. “Can I help you pick one out, Mom?”

“No, hon. You have to be old enough to go into that kind of store. Besides,” Angelique continued, “Do you really think that we ought to go shopping for sex toys together? If we’re going to be… making love, you and I, it’s got to be a secret. You can’t tell anyone. Not even your best friends. Understand?”

“O-okay,” Jenna murmured.

“Tell you what,” Angelique said, after a moment’s reflection, “Let’s go a date tomorrow, a real date. We’ll get dressed up and I’ll take you to dinner. After that, a nice, romantic walk down by the lake. Then we’ll come home and…”

“Make love,” sighed Jenna. Almost without thinking, she caressed Angelique’s breast, thrilled to feel her mother’s nipple stiffen to the touch.

“And then you’ll be a real woman. Ooohh, that feels so nice…”

“Can we kiss some more, Mom? I really like kissing you.”

Angelique laughed. “You don’t have to ask, Jenna… not when we’re in bed, anyhow. If you want to kiss me, then do it!”

Jenna raised herself up, gazed deep into her mother’s sparkling eyes. “I love you, Mom,” she breathed, just before their lips met.

They kissed tenderly, lovingly… then with a hint of renewed passion. Unable to resist, Angelique brought her tongue into play, letting it circle Jenna’s sweet mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” the girl purred, crawling on top of her naked mother, pressing a thigh into Angelique’s hot, juicy vulva.

Angelique moaned, the smoldering embers of her desire for Jenna igniting into pure, hard flame. Her hands slid down to cup the nubile teen’s buttocks, fondling the smooth globes, her fingers slipping between them to tease the girl’s anus.

Mother and daughter ground their sweat-glazed bodies together as they drifted easily into the forbidden, now familiar thrill of incest, kissing again and again…

The End


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    Very erotic story Jetboy, hope there is a sequel to this with more fun with Jenna and Angelique!

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    There is nothing more erotic than a mother teaching her daughter the act of Sapphic love …. and a girl screaming out “Mommy” as she reaches her first climax. You write such stories so well Jetboy.

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    Love this story – thanks for letting us into your head JB. Hot mommy daughter first time fun 😀

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    Great story, as always JetBoy

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    great story had me cuming loads

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    Aw, thanks. You guys made my night. May your hair always look perfect, even on windy days.

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    I know the details are not what interest us, but Jenna’s swimsuit changes colour between bedroom (dark blue) and sauna (green).

    • JetBoy says:

      What can I say? I’m, er, color blind. Yeah, that’s it!

      Seriously, though — thanks to ya, Poppa, for ferreting out this little blunder, now fixed. I should’ve had Cheryl (our Continuity Wizard) proofread this story before posting… she’s got a keen eye for that kind of thing.

      • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

        Thanks, JB, you know what it’s like with pedants, we are obsessive about little things.

        In fact, I’m not so different from everyone else here in my obsession about little things

        And, although everyone here is too polite to mention them, I’ll admit my own mistakes. When sending comments and replies here, I often send ’em off without reading them, but I promise not to do that ever again.

      • Evan says:

        I noticed it, but forgot to mention in my comments after the story got me goin…

  8. Lisa says:

    Great story JetBoy! Thanks!

  9. bobbi says:

    Mmmmmm, delightful and delicious. Reminds me of my time with Mrs Smith, my neighbor. She had a pool and during the summer, she would let me use it. She always sunbathed nude and, finally, convinced me to follow suit…so to speak. I can still taste her musk on my tongue….mmmmmmm.

  10. Jaimie says:

    JetBoy as usual your stories get me wet. I miss the old group!! This is Jaimie from the other group.

  11. Kayce says:

    Like a lot of your stories from here and LL times, a fantastic read. You put a lot of love in the writing to express the outright love between the characters. Thumbs up!

  12. Little Lover says:

    Such a sweet, sweet story! I love it!

  13. Silentwhale says:

    Oh! Your story is one of my few favorite stories.
    What about chapter 2 and 3?

  14. JetBoy says:

    Boundless thanks to those who left comments since my last expression of gratitude. You’re lovely people, all of you.

  15. Purple Les says:

    WOW! How did I ever miss this gem? Great job, Jetboy.

  16. robt66 says:

    Yeah, I missed it to Purple, and I agree with your sentiments. Truly a gem.

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    A beautiful story of mother daughter love and passion ! Jetboy,you are an amazing writer ! Many many thanks !

  18. Carly says:

    My God, I was edging the whole time. Couldn’t figure out when I wanted to come. You make desire come in waves, not just the orgasm. Well done, naughty artiste.

  19. robt66 says:

    Just trying to figure out how to log in. Again, loved this story.

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    how can a mom resist her young daughters body sexually. I like mom and daughter incest so wonderful.

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  23. cjskie023 says:

    Is there a part 2,where Angelique takes her daughter Jenna’s Virginity?

    • JetBoy says:

      No, it ends here. I don’t like to continue stories unless there’s more of a plot to unfold. A second chapter with nothing but sex isn’t a writing task that has much appeal, honestly.

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