A Package Deal, Part Two

  • Posted on April 14, 2016 at 10:25 am

By Jeneee

At a few minutes after five Marcie knocked on the front door of an impressive looking house in the suburbs — about a twenty minute drive from her downtown apartment – holding a bottle of Shiraz in one hand and a box of chocolate candy in the other. She had parked in the driveway in front of a two car garage next to a late model Lexus, giving her the impression that her new friends seemed to be fairly comfortable, at least financially.

A beaming Kat opened the door and welcomed her into the front hallway as a voice from inside cried out, “Is it her, Mommy? Is Miss Marcie here?” and Lara appeared, running toward them with a big grin on her pretty face.

“Yes, it is you!” she cried, flinging her arms wide as she reached Marcie and throwing them around her waist.

“Well,” Marcie replied, drawing back and looking down at the little girl, “it looks like someone’s knee seems to have healed itself pretty quickly.”

“It was your magic powers that did it!” Lara giggled, looking up adoringly at Marcie’s face.

Kat helped Marcie remove her coat. “We put some ice on it when we got home like you suggested and then again before she went to bed, and when she woke up this morning, the swelling had completely disappeared.”

Marcie’s mind momentarily flashed back to her dream, recalling the delicious sight of Lara’s soaked panties clinging tightly to her smooth vulva. She caught herself blushing when her eyes automatically lowered to the front of the flowing white dress the little girl was now wearing — the hem of which left much of her slim, coltish legs on display — imagining what delights lay underneath…

Snapping herself out of this erotic reverie, she quickly handed the box of candy to Lara and the bottle of wine to her mother.

“A little something for each of you,” she told them, as if these gifts would relieve her conscience of the powerfully erotic thoughts that Lara seemed to generate in her mind. Marcie had known she was a lesbian since her early teens, and had been intimate with more than a few female lovers over the years, but this was the first time that a girl of Lara’s young age had evoked such feelings within her.

“Oh, you brought us presents,” exclaimed Lara, shaking the box Marcie had handed her. “How did you know I love candy?” she squealed, with a delighted smile.

Her mother laughed. “More of her magic powers, honey,” she told her daughter, winking at Marcie, then examining the wine. “This looks wonderful. Shiraz is my favorite,” she grinned. “Thank you so much, Marcie.”

“I think she’s magic all over,” laughed Lara. “She can probably tell us what you’re making for dinner, too, can’t you, Miss Marcie?” she asked, peering over at Marcie with a sly look on her face.

Marcie laughed. “I’m not that good, sweetie. But it sure smells great,” she added, sniffing the air. “And by the way, Lara… you don’t have to call me Miss Marcie, you know. It’s not like I’m your teacher. You can just call me Marcie, okay, hon?”

“Okay, Marcie,” the little girl replied, clearly pleased. “But I wish you were my teacher anyway.”

Kat laughed at her daughter and commented, “You just want to be teacher’s pet, you little devil,” she teased her.” Then, reaching to take Marcie’s hand, she added, “Come on in and make yourself at home,” leading her into a nearby sitting room with Lara following closely behind. “Dinner will be ready in about half an hour… meanwhile, how about I open this bottle of wine you brought so we can have a drink first?”

“Me too, me too,” Lara eagerly chanted to her mom who was reaching for a corkscrew. “Can I have some wine too, Mommy?”

“I’ll get you some juice instead, honey,” Kat laughed.

“But Mommy, you’ve let me have wine before,” Lara pouted. “Why can’t I have some now?”

Looking over at Marcie somewhat guiltily Kat said, as if to explain, “Well, that was a special celebration, sweetheart. That was different.”

“But Mommy, this is a celebration too! Marcie helped fix my leg, so why can’t we celebrate that?”

Marcie smiled. “I won’t feel any less of you, Kat, if you let her have a little sip. So don’t feel you have to stop her on my account. As a matter of fact I have some friends who have wine with their dinner on weekends and include their kids.”

“See, Mommy? She’s not going to tell on you,” Lara chirped gleefully.

“Well, all right then, just a little taste,” Kat agreed, and finished removing the cork from the bottle of Shiraz.

“So… what was the other special celebration?” Marcie asked, curious.

“Oh, when my divorce became final last year,” Kat replied. “It was such a relief to get it all over with that a couple of my girlfriends threw us a small party… and my little Kitty devil over there managed to swipe a glass of Cabernet when nobody was looking.”

Lara giggled. “And it was good, too,” she said, licking her lips as her mother now poured a small portion into a wine glass and set it down on the table beside the couch Lara was settling onto, daintily tucking both legs underneath her. “Just like this is going to be,” she added, picking up the glass and making a big show of taking a sip, holding the stem daintily between her thumb and forefinger.

“That’s not polite, Lara. You should wait for our guest before you start drinking, you little lush,” Kat scolded her. “Anyway, I’d like to propose a toast first,” she added, raising her glass toward Marcie. “Here’s to our new friendship. Welcome to our home, and thanks once again for coming to Lara’s rescue yesterday and making her knee better so quickly.”

And for your magic powers!” cried Lara, giggling, standing up again and clinking her glass together with her mom’s and Marcie’s.

Lara’s mother sat down next to her little girl while Marcie settled herself in a cozy armchair across from them.

“So, how is your book going? Did yesterday’s skate do what you’d hoped it would?” Kat chirped.

Yeah,” added Lara. “Did you, um, reach your climax okay?”

Marcie nearly choked on her wine at that question and felt a wicked urge to answer, Yes, in more ways than one.

Kat couldn’t help grinning at the double meaning of Marcie’s words. Lara obviously didn’t understand, but from Marcie’s reaction Kat knew it hadn’t escaped her, and she winked at their visitor who, once again found herself blushing.

“Um, yes, the skating really did help yesterday, and the work went really well, thanks for asking. I should finish the book next week,” she told them, a big smile on her face.

“Oh goody, Marcie! When can we read it?” Lara asked excitedly. “Can we buy a copy at the store soon?”

Marcie laughed. “Well, sweetie, it usually takes quite a while for a book to reach the stores. It probably won’t be available until the fall sometime, I’m afraid.” Lara made a long face. “But you won’t have to buy one. I’ll give you a copy myself, and I’ll even autograph it for you if you like.”

Lara squealed in delight. “Oh thank you Marcie! That will be so awesome, won’t it Mommy?” And she jumped up and ran over to their new friend, landing in her lap, throwing her arms around Marcie’s neck and planting a wet kiss on her cheek. Luckily, Marcie had already placed her glass of wine on the end table beside her chair before Lara jumped on her, otherwise there would have been a real mess to clean up.

Once again, however, with the young girl nestled cosily in her lap, Marcie felt that familiar erotic feeling returning, aided in part by the contact now inadvertently made between the soft, smooth skin of the little girl’s thigh and Marcie’s left hand, which had automatically grasped Lara as she’d landed on her. Her flowing white dress had now crept upward revealing her panties – and yes, they were pink.

Just as they were in my dream, Marcie thought to herself, already experiencing a deep throbbing between her legs. How could this be happening? Why is this little girl making me feel so aroused?

Kat was just about to scold her daughter again for being so invasive when Lara surprised both her and their guest by asking, “Marcie, would you please check my knee again? It feels better, but I just want to make sure it’s okay to skate on.” And she stretched her leg up in front of Marcie’s face, which also had the effect of tightening the front of her panties against her vulva, revealing the contours of the child’s sex in all its glory before Marcie’s hungry eyes.

She couldn’t resist staring at this treasure before her, a fact not lost on Kat, who now realized for certain the effect her daughter was having on their new friend… furthermore, she felt herself becoming strangely aroused by the situation.

This is crazy, Kat told herself. This woman is clearly sexually attracted to my little girl — and not only does it not bother me, I’m getting turned on!

Then Kat recalled her own sexual awakening… how sweet and loving Brenda had been to her when she was only nine. Wouldn’t a warm, affectionate woman like Marcie be a wonderful first lover for her little girl?

That’s a weird way of thinking, Kat told herself, but somehow it makes sense. It’s just that… well, I want Marcie myself!

“Please?” Lara, asked again, as Marcie hadn’t yet responded to her request. “Please, can you use your magic powers to make sure my leg is okay?” she almost begged.

Kat smiled at the thought that now it was her daughter who seemed to be using her magic powers at the moment, if she only realized what she was doing – to both of us, she thought.

Suddenly remembering the dinner cooking in the kitchen, she forced herself from the couch, saying, “I’d better go check on the food while you two play nurse and patient. Otherwise we’ll need magic powers to save dinner.” And she left the room, winking at Marcie as she passed by the cozy couple on the armchair.

Once again, Lara gazed lovingly up at Marcie and waggled her leg in front of the older woman again as if to say, Come on, what are you waiting for? Then the little girl sighed contentedly, rested her head back on the arm of the chair and closed her eyes as she felt Marcie’s hands gently grasp her ankle and squeeze.

Slowly, ever so slowly, those wonderful hands worked their way up Lara’s leg, pausing here and there to apply a little more pressure as if to detect any weakness in the muscles of the pretty limb.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” murmured Lara as Marcie’s hands slowly massaged their way toward the young girl’s knee.

Marcie again marveled at the soft, silky-smooth texture of Lara’s skin, almost mesmerized by the erotic act of caressing a beautiful little girl’s leg.

As she reached Lara’s knee and prodded it a little, front and back, there was no wincing from the little girl.

“It seems to have completely healed, Lara.” breathed Marcie, utterly dazed by the intensity of her longing for this gorgeous child.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Lara smiled, her eyes still closed with a blissful expression on her face. “Please, Marcie, keep checking higher, just in case. Pretty please?”

“But…” Marcie started to protest, her eyes now glued on the girl’s prominent mound and the cleft of her slit, now made so obvious by those tightly clinging panties.

“Please check higher, Marcie. It feels so good, what you’re doing,” the child whispered, now trembling slightly, lips parted, an expression of deep longing on her pretty face.

Lara’s slim thighs, and their juncture where they met, were now like a magnet to Marcie and, almost with a will of their own, her hands continued on their slow journey upward, gently stroking the warm, smooth flesh, eliciting even more murmurs and blissful sighs from the young girl, who now started to squirm a little as Marcie’s fingers approached the top of her leg.

This has got to be arousing her, Marcie realized with amazement. And, oh my God it’s so arousing me, she added, now spying a hint of dampness appearing on the front of the little girl’s panties.

Suddenly, “Dinner’s ready, you two. Come and get it,” echoed from the kitchen down the hall, causing both of them to jump, breaking the sensual spell which had overcome them.

“Oooh,” moaned Lara, shifting a little in Marcie’s lap so that her dampening mound made delicious contact with the older woman’s hand. Instead of jerking it away, though, Marcie allowed her hand to linger for the briefest of moments, feeling the heat of the young girl’s vulva penetrating through the now wet material of her panties.

Throwing her arms around Marcie’s neck as she rose to get up, Lara kissed her on the cheek and, as she wiggled her crotch forward, pressing it against the nice older lady’s hand, she whispered, “That’s so nice, Marcie. You make me feel good.”

Unable to resist the hunger she felt, Marcie looked into the girl’s deep blue eyes, smiled, and leaned down to return the kiss, but this time on her sweet lips. “You make me feel good too, sugarpie,” she whispered back to Lara, surprising them both by briefly slipping a finger inside the young girl’s panties to caress her moist slit.

Lara’s eyes opened wide, as did her mouth, and she squirmed deliciously against Marcie’s touch. Then she briefly laid her head on the woman’s shoulder, murmuring quietly, “You really are full of magic.”

“Well, isn’t this a cozy scene,” said Kat, who had peeked into the room from the hallway and seen enough to know what had been keeping Marcie and her little girl. “Didn’t you hear me?” she laughed. “Dinner’s ready. Or aren’t you hungry?”

Lara jumped up, her dress falling back into place, and giggled at her mother. “Yes, yes, we’re hungry!” Seizing Marcie’s hand, she pulled her new friend up from the armchair. “Let’s go eat, Marcie. Wait ’til you see what Mommy’s cooked! You’re gonna love it.”

Kat cast a sideways glance at Marcie as they walked toward the kitchen, wondering to herself if there might be something special on the menu for dessert… a treat enjoyed in the bedroom, rather than at the dinner table.

The meal was delicious. Kat had roasted a plump duck to perfection, serving it with a yummy orange sauce, roast potatoes and yams, along with creamed corn and green peas. With a tangy Caesar salad to start, loaded with anchovies and bacon bits, it was a meal fit for royalty, impressing Marcie to no end considering the quick and dirty pasta dishes she was used to cooking for herself. More wine complemented the meal, and among the three of them they soon managed to empty the bottle and start on another from Kat’s well stocked wine rack.

Marcie noticed how the little girl’s ‘giggle rate’ had increased as the meal wore on, undoubtedly inspired by her libation. The child’s sweet, beautiful face glowed with excitement. Kat was also full of smiles and didn’t seem the least concerned with her daughter’s slightly intoxicated condition.

Several times during the meal the spaghetti strap of Kat’s dress slipped down from her shoulder, baring more of her breasts than was originally intended by the designer. After fixing it a few times, she eventually gave up and left it down. Finally, as she was passing a roll across to her daughter, the nipple of one of Kat’s breasts appeared, at which point Lara crossed her arms in front of her chest and in an almost scolding tone said, “Mommy, your boobie is showing.”

Marcie couldn’t help herself. She laughed outright at the tone of the young girl, quickly joined by Kat, resulting in the other strap of Marcie’s dress to slip from her shoulder, this time exposing both of her breasts.

“Mommeee, now you’re half naked!” Lara shrieked, suddenly jumping up from her chair, scrunching her legs together and holding her crotch. “Ooooh… I gotta go pee,” she announced in a panic. And off she ran.

Still laughing, Kat adjusted her dress a little to conceal her nipples, but not before Marcie got another eyeful. “She’s in a lively mood tonight,” she laughed.

“Yeah,” replied Marcie, “but I think the wine helped a little too, don’t you?” she added, smiling at Kat.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Kat asked Marcie, looking closely into her eyes. “I mean, you really like her.”

Marcie blushed once more, feeling caught in the act. “Well, she is rather… irresistible, and…” she stammered.

“…sexy?” Kat finished for her, raising her eyebrows.

Before Marcie could come up with an appropriate response, as if to put her at ease, Kat quickly pushed back her chair and walked over to her, putting a hand on her new friend’s shoulder. “I don’t mind, you know,” she softly said. “I’ve seen the effect she has on you. I even noticed it at the ice rink when you were tending to her knee, but…” and then she leaned down even more, once again putting her breasts on full display right in front of Marcie, “…you have to take both of us as a package deal.”

Marcie gaped at the woman, her heart racing.

“You see,” Kat continued, “I like you as much as you seem to like Lara, and I just know she adores you. She hasn’t stopped talking about you and your magic powers since we got home yesterday. And I was watching the two of you from the door before dinner when you didn’t come after I called, and…”

“You s-saw? I was, um, checking out her leg for her,” Marcie interrupted, somewhat guiltily.

“Uh huh,” Kat giggled, “right up to the top of her thigh?” She reached out to lightly caress Marcie’s face. “I saw you touching the front of her panties. Were they wet? The way she jumped up and pulled down her dress, and the flushed look on her face… well, let’s just say that I could see what was going on between you two.”

“I d-don’t know what to say… I swear to you, I’ve never done this k-kind of thing before…” Marcie stammered.

Kat continued, as if Marcie hadn’t even spoken. “She does masturbate herself in bed at night, you know. I can hear her little moans sometimes and I sneak to her door for a peek. She really had a go at herself last night, too,” she grinned. “I think this lady she met with magic powers really inspired her.” She winked at Marcie, suddenly reaching down to cup her new friend’s breasts through the front of her dress. Marcie felt her nipples harden beneath Kat’s caress.

“I’m not upset about you being attracted to Lara, you know,” Kat continued. “Thinking of you and her together brought back memories of me when I was young. I had an older babysitter who taught me when I was Lara’s age, and we loved each other dearly. Well, I haven’t lost my desire for female companionship, and I think you and I could, well, you know… be close too. Like this…”

She leaned down to Marcie’s face and kissed her gently on her lips, squeezing the woman’s hard nipples through the material of her dress. Marcie hadn’t worn a bra and Kat’s touch was exquisite. As Marcie found herself respond, the sound of little feet padding on the floor and drawing up beside them reached her ears, and both she and Kat realized Lara had returned to catch them in the act.

“I think Mommy likes you a lot,” Lara told Marcie as the two women hastily pulled apart. “Don’t you, Mommy?” she continued, a big smile on her face. “Well, I do too, so can I kiss you again, Marcie, like we did before?” Without waiting for an answer, she quickly climbed onto Marcie’s lap, straddling her, and threw her arms around the older woman’s neck.

“Talk about competition,” Kat laughed, leaning against the back of the chair as Lara pressed her lips to Marcie’s, almost taking her breath away. Once again, the child’s cute dress had climbed above her slim hips and Marcie, who had automatically grasped the little girl as she jumped on her, now found her hands cupping her tender bottom. Knowing Kat was watching closely, she squeezed the pert globes gently as the little girl continued kissing her, now more earnestly, squirming against Marcie who was rapidly becoming aroused by the little bundle on her lap.

Unable to resist, she slid both hands underneath the material of Lara’s panties and for the first time felt the silky, soft smoothness of her sweet little rump, her fingertips slipping between the two soft mounds to softly probe the young girl’s rosebud.

This new feeling brought a low moan from Lara who pushed down harder against Marcie’s fingers to intensify the new sensations that were overcoming her. Marcie caressed the child’s anal cleft, then her fingers slowly began to travel the short but delicious distance toward the plump lips of her treasure, now wet from the little girl’s arousal.

The feeling of Marcie’s fingers on her pussy caused Lara to moan and throw her head backwards, closing her eyes while squirming even more vigorously to the woman’s touch.

Seizing the opportunity, Kat immediately replaced her daughter’s lips with her own, her tongue probing deeply into Marcie’s mouth as the woman’s fingers continued to explore the moist folds and contours of Lara’s sweet pussy.

“Oh baby,” Kat moaned into Marcie’s mouth, flicking her tongue in and out in between whispers. “Does she feel good to you? Is my baby’s little pussy wet enough for you? Are you fucking her with your fingers? Yeah, do it. Put your finger inside her. Make my baby come.”

Marcie was now more aroused than she’d ever been in her life, but the confines of the chair were not exactly comfortable. “Let’s move this to your bedroom,” she whispered frantically, between kisses. “I want to make love to your little girl. Let me undress her, take her panties off so you can see how wet her pussy is. Watch me lick her sweet little butthole. Let me show Lara all the sexy things her mommy wants me to do to her. God, I’m so hot for her… and you. I want to fuck you both.”

“Oh, yes, please, please,” Kat begged. She stumbled back and grasped Lara’s hand, lifting the child from Marcie’s lap and wrapping both arms around her.

“Mommy, what are you doing? Marcie was making me feel so good,” Lara whimpered.

“We’re going to my bedroom now, sweetie. It’s more comfortable than that old chair.” She turned and led the way through the house,  Marcie close behind, smiling at Lara who was peering over her mother’s shoulder at her to make sure her new grownup friend was coming too.

As they approached the bedroom Marcie suddenly realized what it was that Kat really wanted, even if she didn’t yet know it herself. Well, she decided, it’s up to the lady with the magic powers to do something about that. And Marcie knew exactly what to do.

Kat half-dropped Lara onto the bed where the child sprawled, looking like a seductress waiting for her lover, panties pressed tightly against her mound, the dampness from the little girl’s arousal plainly visible, making them almost transparent.

“You do it for me, Kat,” Marcie demanded, suddenly deciding to take control. “Undress your little girl for me. Take off her dress and pull down her panties.”

Hesitating a moment, Kat looked at Marcie, saying, “But, I thought you…”

“I changed my mind,” Marcie interrupted, closing up behind Kat and squeezing her breasts. “I want you to undress Lara and offer her to me,” she whispered into Kat’s ears, pinching the young mother’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. “Go on, Kat. Make her mine so you can make me yours. I know how badly you want this.”

She slipped the top of Kat’s dress down, completely baring her breasts once more in front of her daughter. Marcie reached for them, fondling the silky globes, teasing Kat’s nipples to aching stiffness.

Kat groaned as Lara looked on in wonder, feeling more and more excited as she watched her mommy’s titties being played with by their new friend. She automatically reached down to touch herself, the way she sometimes did at night in her bed. It felt better than it ever had before, almost taking her breath away. Mommy and Marcie were both watching her now. She felt naughty in a really fun way, but still a little unsure of what was happening.

“Take her panties off. Show me her precious little treasure,” Marcie murmured in Kat’s ear, trailing a hand down to the young mother’s ass, lifting the hem of her dress to cup the young mother’s pussy, feeling the wet heat that lurked beneath her thong.

“Oh, God!” Kat exclaimed, squirming under Marcie’s grasp — then whimpering in disappointment as that teasing hand went away.

“Do it,” Marcie’s voice sounded in her ear. “Take off her panties. Show me your little girl’s cunt. You want me to see it, don’t you? And so do you. You want to see your little girl naked. Now’s your chance,” she emphasized, pinching Kat’s nipple. “Do it,” she whispered, her wet tongue teasing the soft earlobe.

Lara’s eyes were huge as Mommy reached beneath her dress to gently grasp the waistband of her underpants. “I’m going to take your panties off now, baby,” Kat whispered. “We want to see your cunny. Are you okay with that?”

Lara’s heart raced with excitement. It felt so good knowing that her new special friend Marcie wanted to look at her down there. And Mommy wanted to see, too! “Uh-huh,” she breathed, lifting her bottom to make it easy for Mommy to undress her.

Kat slowly slid her little girl’s pink panties down and off, watching closely as Lara’s beautiful bottom was revealed before her eyes, the plump lips of her pussy squeezed together, shining from the dampness of her arousal. She was transfixed by the sight of Lara’s bare sex.

Kat had seen her daughter naked many times before — even as recently as two days ago, when the child emerged all pink and wet from her morning bath. But now, her view of little Lara’s nudity seemed something more, the very moment charged with eroticism.

As Kat dropped her daughter’s underpants to the floor, Lara parted her thin legs, giving the young mother and Marcie a good look at her cunny. Kat stared, feeling deep emotional stirrings she’d never sensed before… yet in some strange way, they seemed familiar.

“Touch her,” she heard Marcie say. “Make your little girl feel good.”

Lara gasped as Mommy knelt down between her spread legs and began to lightly caress her bare slit, intensifying the feelings that were overcoming the little girl.

“Oh, Mommy, that feels so good,” she moaned, closing her eyes. “Don’t stop.”

“Open it,” Marcie urged, her throaty voice indicative of her arousal. “Open that pretty, juicy little peach. Look inside your daughter’s pussy.”

As Kat obeyed once more, they both saw the full beauty of Lara’s treasure open before them. The delicate pink folds of her labia shone with dew, gleaming and just begging to be tasted. The tiny nubbin of the child’s clitoris peeked out at them from its sheath, demanding attention.

Lara’s eyes were still closed, both hands clasped tightly across her chest which now heaved in anticipation as her body tried to adjust to the lovely new feelings that were beginning to overwhelm her. Playing with herself in bed at night had never felt this good.

“Now taste her,” Marcie commanded. “Lick her sweet pussy. Slide your tongue inside her. Tell me how delicious she is. Go on — do it, Kat. Taste your daughter.”

Marcie gently guided Kat’s head down between her daughter’s legs, watching in awed silence as the young mother’s tongue took its first tentative taste of the delightful dessert before her.

As Kat began to lick her little girl more eagerly, Marcie slid a hand into Kat’s panties and found her pussy — soaking wet with desire, as she knew her own was. But her pleasure would have to wait; this was more important. Slipping two fingers inside the woman, she started to gently fuck Kat, bringing muffled moans from her, inspiring Mommy to go down on her daughter with even greater passion.

Lara squirmed under Kat’s mouth, hands grasping Mommy’s head, arching her back as she basked in the incredible feelings that were spreading through her slender body. She’d thought that her cunny couldn’t feel any better than when her new friend Marcie had touched it, but she had been wrong. Now the little girl cried out in ecstasy as her mother’s tongue continued to drive her higher and higher, rising inside until she thought she might explode.

Suddenly jolts of intense pleasure pulsed through her body. She felt on fire. Couldn’t speak. Couldn’t even breathe. But it didn’t matter, nothing did. Nothing but the wonderful feelings of love that engulfed her. And the virgin child willingly surrendered herself to the bliss, becoming a part of it. The lady with the magic powers had opened up a whole world, had shown her and Mommy a new kind of love. And with this happy realization she slowly fell into a deep, deep, dreamless sleep.

After watching her sweet little daughter come and then drift into slumber, Kat sensed her own epiphany. It was as if her eyes had been opened to feelings that had been hidden within since her little girl had been born.

Marcie’s fingers were still softly fingering Kat as she turned around to look at her new lover. My other new lover, she told herself.

“You knew, didn’t you,” she whispered. “That I wanted to make love to my child. But how could you? When I didn’t even know myself until now?”

Marcie smiled. “You gave it away when I was touching her pussy back there in the dining room, when you were kissing me, asking me if she felt good, telling me to make your little girl come for you, for us. Remember? That’s when I saw it, deep in your eyes — that you were in love with her.” She reached for Kat’s hand, gave it a tender squeeze. “As we were walking to the bedroom. I decided to get you to take over, to undress your little girl. My hope was that it would make you realize what you really desired. And yes,” she continued, placing a finger over Kat’s lips before she could reply. “You can have your package deal. I want Lara too, you see.”

“You can have her,” Kat sighed happily. “I want to see you both together. God, I’m getting wet again, just thinking about it.”

“I think I fell in love with your little girl when I first touched her beautiful leg at the skating rink.” Marcie grinned sheepishly. “I couldn’t stop thinking about her last night, even while I was finishing my novel. I want to do it all with Lara, to taste and touch every sweet inch of her. But I also love her mommy,” she smiled, leaning down to kiss Kat’s soft, luscious mouth. “So… will you take me along with your daughter?”

Kat spent the next hour answering that question, the two women engaging in passionate lesbian sex beside the slumbering little girl.


It was morning when Lara awakened, finding herself naked in bed, Mommy on one side of her and Marcie on the other. Slowly, the recollection of what had happened the night before unveiled itself.

The child smiled, glowing with pleasure, slipping a hand between her legs to touch herself. Somehow she felt different, but oh, so incredibly good! She reached out to either side, feeling her naked mother and yes, her naked new friend, both still asleep. Grinning mischievously, Lara let one of her hands trail slowly down her mother’s body to the juncture of her thighs while the other caressed the soft globes of Marcie’s buttocks.

Both women awakened with contented murmurs, each rolling slowly onto one side to gaze at the little golden-haired treasure who was nestled between them.

“How is our pretty little girl this morning?” Marcie asked, kissing her on her cheek.

“Did you sleep well, baby?” Kat asked, placing her lips gently on the other cheek while sliding her hand down to cup her daughter’s mound. “And how is your little kitty this morning?” she added with a grin.

“I bet she’s purring happily, isn’t she?” Marcie whispered into Lara’s ear, sliding her hand down to join Kat’s between the child’s legs.

“Oh, Mommy, oh Marcie… it felt so good. What you did — an’ what you’re doing now, too!” She giggled. “What happened after I fell asleep, anyhow?”

“What do you think happened?” Kat asked as Lara crawled out from between them, raising her babyish body into a sitting position and stretching. “Or better still, what do you hope happened?” she added.

Lara looked at each woman in turn with such a serious expression on her pretty face that Marcie once again felt her heart reaching out lovingly to the sweet little girl. “I hope you and Mommy, you know, like, made love too. Did you, Mommy? Did you do to Marcie what you did to me?”

“Oh yes, sweetie, and more,” her mother responded.

“More? There’s more?” Lara asked, excitedly.

Lots more,” smiled Kat, watching the little girl squirm, as she squeezed her legs together. “But don’t you think you’d better go pee, sweetie? You look like you’re about to burst.”

“Tell me when I get back, promise?” the child pleaded.

The young mother nodded, and as Lara quickly ran from the room, the two women wrapped their arms around each other and kissed hungrily, their newfound passion for each other overwhelming them both.

Marcie ended up staying for a few days, and during that time little Lara learned all there was to know about lesbian lovemaking. The package deal became a reality.

Marcie’s new novel was an artistic and commercial success — so following her book tour, she gave up her apartment and moved in with Kat and Lara. Their little family was now complete.

The End


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    loved the story. wish i could meet a girl like that

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    Thanks for the great comments everyone. So happy you liked “Teaching Tammie” Lisa. I haven’t written anything for a long time now – been busy with family stuff, but I may force myself to try to find some time to get back to Tammie. No promises though 🙂

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      i would love you more than I already do! …if that’s possible… It really is a VERY good story! You really left us hanging, but in a good way! Whatever you can do will be GREATLY appreciated! In the meantime, thanks again for all of your stories. You’ve brought hours of pleasure to thousands of people!

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    Your stories make me soooo wet…down there. They remind me so much of my time with Mrs. Smith, especially during summers at her pool. She taught me sooo much from the time I was little like Lara. Mmmmmm, isthere anything more delicious than the sun kissing every part of my body….especially when I splay my legs open to invite the rays (and others) to kiss me….there?!

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      Bobbi, You should try writing, at length, about what happened to you and with you and your lovers.
      It doesn’t have to be coherent, at first.
      It’s called stream of consciousness.
      Just write everything you remember as it happened, and then you work on it, afterwards, maybe with someone else and make sense of it all, and it becomes a story you, and other people, can enjoy.

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    Thanks again everyone. So, did anything happen after Cheryl 😉
    Don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up just yet but I did start to work on chapter two, but it took me over an hour just to write a few paragraphs. It’s been a long time coming (ooops, no pun intended lol) Hugs to everyone. xxx (Oh, better late than never Lynn 😉 xx )

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      Allow me to field this question… Lisa, Chapter Two of “Teaching Tammie” is in our possession at the moment, and is scheduled to appear at Juicy Secrets fairly soon. (Chapter One will make its debut appearance here first, of course.)

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