The Joy of Looking, Chapter 101

  • Posted on February 8, 2016 at 4:49 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Note: Chapters 99-102 were published at Juicy Secrets in October 2015 as The Joy of Lake Tahoe. They are a part of this story, however, and so I’ve included them here, with a few edits to make them fit the current flow. At Chapter 103, we resume with completely new material.  

After we were dressed again, feeling clean and fresh, we returned the locker keys and towels and bathing suits to the pretty attendant. She said we could keep the flip-flops. We thanked her and headed back up the stairs to the main lobby.

Just before we reached the elevators, Fucker put a hand on my arm, stopping us.

“You know, I should probably go tell my moms first. They said I could come and have lunch with them around noon, so I need to let them know where I’ll be and shit…”

I looked at my phone. It was 11:38.

“Okay, sure,” I said. “Where are they? I mean, where’s the seminar?”

“It’s over there.” She pointed in the direction of the shops. Kate and I hadn’t explored the whole hotel yet. Apparently there were some conference rooms and things off that way.

We followed Fucker across the lobby, past two restaurants, beyond the shops and the casino, then around a corner and down a long hall. She opened a door and peeked in.

“Come on,” she motioned.

We stepped inside a huge room filled with a bunch of round tables covered with white cloths, each seating about ten people. I don’t how many were at the seminar, maybe a couple hundred or something, but the room was really crowded. Someone at the front was speaking and showing slides on a giant screen.

Fucker took my hand, leading me around the perimeter of the room, with Kate at my heels. I saw a woman at one of the tables look toward us, giving a little wave. “That’s my mom,” Fucker told us.

She let go of my hand and went over to the table, crouching between two very attractive women. They each put a hand on her shoulder. Kate and I hung back, waiting.

Fucker pointed at us. Both women looked our way and smiled, nodding. One of them licked her lips, the same way Fucker always did. We smiled back, not sure what else to do. After another few seconds, the moms both kissed Fucker on the cheek. She got up and came back to us, grinning. “It’s cool,” she whispered, “let’s get the fuck out.”

On our return trip to the lobby, I got another inspiration.

We stopped at one of the nice restaurants, the same one where we’d ordered our dinner the night before. I showed the seating person my badge and inquired if it meant we could ask for whatever we wanted and have it delivered. Yes, of course, I was told. Then I asked if we could take some menus with us and call down later and place an order. Certainly, no problem.

With menus in hand, we got in the elevator. I was declared a genius by the other girls.

Fucker was awed by the suite. “This is so fucking cool,” she kept repeating as we went from room to room.

Back out in the main living area, I said, “So what do you wanna do first? Order lunch? Or something else?”

I saw Kate glance over at the menus, which we’d left on the dining table. She always loved to eat. But then she looked at Fucker. “Um, is it okay if I… could I kiss you? The way Julie did down in the sauna?”

“You wanna kiss me?” the blonde girl grinned.

“Fuckin’ A.”

Giggling, the kids wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing. They wasted no time at all with gentle pecks. Within seconds, they were humping and groping, moaning and slurping.

Fucker opened her eyes briefly to locate the cushiony sofa beside them. She pulled Kate down onto it with her. They fell together, laughing, then resumed their wet sloppy kissing, with Kate on top.

I watched for a moment, squeezing my legs together. I put a hand to my breast, caressing the stiff nipple through my t-shirt. My other hand went between my legs, stroking my pussy through my jeans. That, of course, was not enough, not even close.

So, I opened my jeans and pushed my fingers down inside my panties.

God, I love to masturbate. Ever since I first learned to do it at age 10, when I reached climax while watching my mother fuck the babysitter, I’ve been addicted to playing with myself and having orgasms. I suppose a lot of girls are, maybe most of them. Anyway, I have to come at least two or three times a day, either by myself or with my mom or one of my sisters.

I knew it wouldn’t take me long now. My pussy was wet, my clit hard and swollen. I moved closer to the sofa, watching my little sister humping and kissing this cute girl we’d just met. I wanted to do everything I could with them, both of them. I wanted to put my finger inside Fucker’s juicy pink vagina. I wanted to lick her, taste her sweet honey, then sit on her face and grind my cunt into her mouth. I wanted to suck her nipples and trib with her. And I wanted to do all those things with my sister too.

Speaking of my sister, Kate was beginning to squeal, still kissing Fucker but humping her leg like mad and making those sounds that meant she was getting ready to come. I rubbed my pussy faster, wanting to bring myself at the same time as her — and I succeeded.

Kate gasped and groaned, breaking the kiss, grinding her crotch against Fucker’s thigh, climaxing on top of her. I saw all this — and then I saw nothing but stars as my own orgasm overcame me. I staggered a few steps backward, somehow staying on my feet, dizzy and breathless, waves of pleasure bursting from my center one after another.

We both finished coming. I slowly regained my senses, shaking my head to clear it, looking down and discovering that my jeans were around my knees. My panties were soaked. Taking a few deep breaths, I tried to focus my eyes, looking for Kate and Fucker.

They were sitting up on the sofa now, holding hands, grinning at me. I smiled sheepishly. “That was a big one.”

“Yours usually are, Julie,” Kate giggled.

“I know.” I pulled my jeans up to my waist again, not bothering to zip them or anything, and walked over to the sofa, plopping down beside Kate.

“Whew!” I sighed, comically wiping my brow.

We sat for a few seconds, waiting to see what would happen next. Finally Kate said, “It’s Fucker’s turn now, right? I came, and you definitely came, but she didn’t.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I nodded. “That makes sense.”

We both looked at her.

“You know what I fucking want?” she said.

“Uh-uh. What?”

“I wanna see you guys kiss.”

“Really?” Kate asked.

“Hell yeah, fuckin’ A,” she grinned. “That would be totally hot.”

“Is that because, um, I mean, because we’re sisters?” I asked.

“Partly. But mostly just ‘cuz you’re girls, cute girls, fucking hot girls — and I love girls.”

“Okay,” I chuckled, “we can kiss for you.”

Kate sort of bounced for a second on the sofa, producing a childish giggle, sounding like a 4-year-old. She turned toward me, eyes manic, and climbed onto my lap, straddling me. My hands were on her hips, hers on my shoulders. My sister giggled goofily again, then looked at Fucker.

“I love kissing Julie. She is so damn hot.”

“You both are,” Fucker nodded. “You’re both totally fucking hot.”

The girl suddenly got up, kicking off her sneakers. After tugging her bikini panties down and stepping out of them, she sat on the sofa again, leaning against the arm, facing us. Her knees were pulled up, her legs wide open, fingers lightly stroking the insides of her thighs. She was waiting for us to begin.

I paused a moment, gazing at her, thinking how lucky I was, how lucky we all three were. Fucker was right, girls are totally hot, and she was one of the hottest young girls I’d ever seen. I stared unabashedly at her exposed pussy, licking my lips, shivering with another strong surge of lust.

Then I turned to Kate, taking her cute face in my hands. If Fucker wanted to see some kissing, we could show her kissing that would set her on fire. Or at least I hoped it would.

Now, I said before that when Fucker kissed me it completely blew me away, and that’s true. But I have to be honest and say that there is no one in the world who has ever kissed me better than my sister Kate. Not even my mom, who is an unbelievably good kisser. So I was really super fucking lucky. In one day, I got to be kissed by two different girls, an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old, who both drove me absolutely wild with their mouths.

Kate and I began kissing and Fucker started masturbating. But even as my sister’s lips and tongue worked their magic, I glanced to the side from time to time, keeping an eye on Fucker. It was obvious that the girl was quickly getting very turned on. Her eyes were hooded, her cheeks flushed, fingers moving rapidly between her legs. And in less than a minute, she started to come.

We both heard her cry out and stopped kissing for a moment, turning our heads to watch. When she saw us looking at her, she tried to smile and managed to squeak out a request — maybe while she was still coming, or anyway just after — “Don’t stop,” she begged, “keep going, keep fucking going.”

And so we did. We kissed deeply, hungrily, tongues going everywhere, licking and sucking, nibbling and tasting. Kate had a hand under my shirt, playing with my breasts. I was grabbing and squeezing her butt, pulling her hard against me. We kissed and groped and humped while Fucker masturbated and came, over and over again.

After maybe twenty or thirty minutes of this, my lips were getting sore. I needed a break, and I think my sister did too. Although neither she nor I had come while we were kissing, Fucker certainly had. We’d heard her enjoying I don’t know how many orgasms, but it was a lot.

Kate and I finished kissing, smiling at each other, then turned toward Fucker. She was crumpled on her side, knees pulled up to her chest, both hands between her legs, her slender body shuddering repeatedly. We heard whimpering sounds.

I looked at Kate, eyebrows raised. She shrugged.

“Hey Fucker,” I ventured, “you okay?”

The girl shuddered a few more times, whimpered once or twice, then seemed to gather herself, taking a very deep breath. Pushing up on an elbow, she smiled weakly at us.

“Yeah, I’m… I’m fine… I was doing that thing, riding the wave is what my moms call it, where you just make yourself keep coming again and again and again and never stop.”

“Man,” said Kate.

“Goddamn,” I added.

“But you know what?” said Fucker.


“Right now I’m getting totally fucking hungry.”

“Me too!” laughed Kate. “I’m totally fucking hungry too! Let’s eat!”

Before we could eat, of course, we’d have to decide what we wanted, place the order, and then wait for it to be delivered. So, we picked up the menus and started talking about our choices.

I went kind of nuts at that point, telling them (and myself) not to hold back one bit, just go all out, completely berserk, ordering anything we felt like no matter how outlandish it might seem. I actually figured that would be fine, considering we hadn’t spent any money at all that day even though we’d been given permission to go shopping and buy whatever we wanted. One big crazy lunch wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Just after I finished ordering our decadent meal, as we stood looking at each other, feeling quite pleased with ourselves, my cell phone rang.


“Julie, honey, how are you girls doing so far?” It was Aunt Barbara.

“Fine,” I said. “We, uh… we went swimming and stuff this morning.”

“Oh, that’s nice, I’m glad you’re having a good time. But listen, I’m sorry to say I’ll be tied up in these meetings probably all afternoon. Things are actually going well here, but I feel terrible leaving you kids on your own with nothing to do.”

“That’s okay. Really, it’s, like, no problem. We’re having fun.” I winked at the other girls.

“All right. Well, that’s good. I’ll check in later with an update. But that might not be for another few hours.”


“You’re sure you’re not bored?”

“No, we’re not bored at all. Kate and I found some… interesting things to do.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“But, um, we just ordered lunch. We’re up in the suite now. Is it okay if we, you know, have a whole bunch of stuff?”

“Of course it is. It’s perfectly fine. You girls go ahead and eat whatever you want.”

“All right. Thanks.”

“Sorry, I have to go now. I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, bye.”

While we were waiting for the food to come, the three of us talked for a while, sharing stories about school and parents. And then Kate had a great idea. She said that since Fucker was wearing a tiny little skirt and no panties, she and I should change out of our jeans and put on something similar. Then, when our order was delivered, if it was a girl or a woman bringing it, we would try to flash her as often as we could. If it was a man, of course, we’d just ignore him as much as possible.

That sounded like a blast to me, but I cautioned again that I didn’t want to cause Aunt Barbara any trouble. We should make sure the flashing didn’t seem to be on purpose or anything. The other girls agreed. In fact, we decided it would be even more fun to pretend we had no idea what we were doing when we let the delivery person look up our skirts.

Turned out it was not just one but two people bringing everything — and both were nice-looking young women. Awesome! We played our little game, giving them numerous “accidental” peeks at our butts and our pussies. I wondered what they might say to each other about us in the elevator on the way back down.

And then Kate and Fucker and I got to it, totally gorging ourselves, beginning with dessert first, then having appetizers, then eating more dessert, and then taking bites of whatever else we wanted — and oh, by the way, eating almost everything with our fingers.

When we were finally completely stuffed, we sat back in our chairs around the table, grinning at each other. We were all a sloppy mess, but none worse than Fucker. She had smears of chocolate covering her face and hands, and the more she tried to wipe it off, the more it seemed to spread. We started to giggle and couldn’t stop, soon shrieking with laughter until our stomaches ached — if not from all the laughing, then from all the rich food we’d just packed in.

There was still a lot left uneaten too. We really had gone wild, ordering twice as much as we could ever have hoped to finish, but that was great because it meant we could just keep sampling different things.

After we caught our breath, I smiled and said, “You know what, Fucker? I really want to kiss you now, with all that goddamn chocolate all over you. I want to lick it off and … and then I want to fuck you, Fucker.”

“You do?” she asked in kind of a little girl voice.

“Hell yeah, I do.”

“Me too,” said Kate. “I want you bad.”

Fucker looked back and forth between us. She started to run her tongue around her lips again, but I told her, “No, don’t. Don’t lick any more of it off. I want do to that for you.”

I stood up, pushing back my chair. I went to her. I took Fucker’s hand, helping her to her feet. Then I extended a hand to Kate and she got up too. I led them both into the bedroom.

My heart was pounding. I was about to have sex with a 12-year-old girl, someone I’d just barely met. Was this her first time? We hadn’t really talked about that, so it might have been — although something told me she probably had some experience.

I opened up the bed. Kate and I had left in unmade in the morning, but the maids must have come in while we were downstairs. I pulled back the sheets, then turned to Fucker.

Before saying anything else, I pulled off my shirt, tossing it away, then unzipped my little skirt and let it fall to the floor, kicking it aside. I was naked. I stood for a few seconds, letting Fucker look at me.

“I want to fuck you,” I told her again. “I want to eat your pussy and suck your tits and sit on your face, and just — just do everything with you. I want to fuck you and make you come.”

She smiled at me but remained silent, though breathing deeply.

“Is that what you want?” I asked.

There was a moment of




while we gazed at each other and I held my breath. Then Fucker came slowly toward me, stepping very close. Her pretty face was right in front of mine. She nodded, almost imperceptibly, and uttered two words.

“Fuck. Yes.”

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