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  • Posted on December 26, 2015 at 9:00 am

Someone asked… 

Who are your favorite child models?

I recently discovered this site and I’ve really enjoyed it, and I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of discussion in the forum posts. I was curious about making a new forum post about child models. I noticed the images of little girls in some of the stories, and that piqued my curiosity.

I did some searches on child models, and quickly stumbled upon Kristina Pimenova (right), apparently the world’s most famous child model. Here’s a link to her Instagram for more pics. I was astounded by her beauty, and found myself imagining her as the character in some of the stories I was reading on the blog.

Anyway, I’m curious how other people feel about child models and whether anybody else has looked them up, and if so who people’s favorites are.

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  1. BlueJean says:

    I’m not sure any good can come of treating your child like a commodity instead of allowing them to be children. If the modelling industry chews up and spits out adult models, God know what it can do to a child. I’d rather see a kid climbing a tree or kicking a football about than plastered in make-up, personally. It works great in a fictional setting. Real life – not so much. Each to their own, I suppose.

  2. AmyM says:

    Hello folks, I do hope you don’t mind me chipping in again briefly. Interesting scan through this thread, with lots of enthusiastic linking to abuse images (thankfully now dead).

    Ever read any background about the ‘Models’ from Candydoll or Tinymodels, etc? There was an interesting interview I read with one of them recently. I won’t tell you her modelling name, but it has cropped up in this thread.

    As you’re probably aware, pretty much all of these images were created in the 1990s in Southern Russia, That means that these girls are now entering, or into, their 30s.

    You know what the first thing this woman does on entering a coffee shop, for example? Scan the room and try to work out if any of the men in there have jacked off to pictures of her wearing latex bondage gear when she was nine years old.

    She estimates that she spent maybe 6 hours total in a ‘studio’ doing ‘modelling’. Those 6 hours have literally blighted her entire life. Of course, she’s one of the lucky ones, having survived the sexual dysfunction, alcoholism, drug abuse, self-harm and suicide attempts (sometimes, sadly, successful) that have often afflicted her fellow ‘models’.

    Tell me, do you think this woman is – just maybe – being harmed by your continuing use of her images for sexual gratification?

    Sandra came up in this discussion as a favorite. Sandra was coerced into her modelling ‘career’ at age 10 or 11 by her mother (who had aspirations to be a porn star herself). That is child abuse by pretty much any definition. Sandra is now in her early 30s and has a family of her own. She is on record that the persistence of her pictures on the internet causes her distress and anxiety on a daily basis (it’s not uncommon for her to be recognized in the street, apparently).

    And just in case anyone was planning to reply with the old ‘but they’re smiling! they’re enjoying themselves!’ line,
    it’s notable that in many of Sandra’s later images, she is often scowling, grimacing, or pulling a weird face. Young girls can be coerced into smiling. Or they are smiling because they are children, and they really don’t understand what’s actually happening. In those later pics Sandra has figured out what the deal is and is attempting to sabotage the images, to make them unusable. Brave try, but not very successful, as we know.

    So perhaps some of the contributors to this thread may wish to contemplate the above next time they access their carefully encrypted collections?

    • No One says:

      Well said, and an important reminder. It’s dangerously easy to convince oneself that this sort of thing is harmless, and to brush off the consequences.

      Personally, I would be interested in reading the interview you mentioned, though I understand if you don’t want to link it.

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