The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club, Chapter 1

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By Cheryl Taggert

 I hope you enjoy this effort from many years ago when I was VERY young to be writing these. (I was 19.) This was my first effort at writing erotica. I have now at least done a minimum of editing to clean some things up in the original three chapters. There is still some polishing that could be done, but I am not sure it is worth the effort. Anyway, I like it more now.

Susan Thomas felt this summer vacation would be the best one she would ever have. She had decided long ago to see just how decadent she could be, and the results were, so far, making her life wonderful. She had been sexually precocious for as long as she could remember. She would slide down the poles on the jungle gym at school and feel the sensation on her very young pussy. That was in first grade. By the time she was in third grade, she was already masturbating, although orgasms had as yet eluded her. She became known in her neighborhood as the girl to ask about such things, and that had led to its share of games. Games that usually ended up with her and the others naked and happy.

She had shown her friend Heather how to masturbate when they were nine. Heather was as sexually adventurous as she was. And Heather had shown her gratitude for the next three years in their times together. In fact, they’d had their first orgasms together in a mutual masturbation fest. Heather’s had been the first pussy Susan had tasted, as hers had been Heather’s first. By the age of ten they would spend the night with each other and lay awake in bed long into the night, rubbing, humping, kissing, and forming a sweet 69, which Susan had learned about by sneaking and watching one of her parents’ videos. In fact, she and Heather would get it on with each other whenever the opportunity presented itself.

It was at the school’s end-of-the-year picnic just today that they had sneaked off to find a shady spot in the woods to have a little sex session. It was then they had been caught by Miss Simmons. At first they were mortified. Pictures of their parents’ shock and anger at what their little girls had been caught doing had filled their minds. But, as it was, things turned out very differently. Now they had a club. A Secret Club. She and Heather had even decided on a name for the club. “The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club,” of course. It all started when the girls made their own plans for what to do after eating their picnic lunch.

Susan had been sitting with Heather watching the other seventh graders kicking a soccer ball, throwing a Frisbee, and just running around. She was bored.

“Hey, where can we go to be alone?” Heather had nearly read her thoughts.

“Maybe we could just sneak away for a little while. That would suit me.”

“Okay. Let’s do it. I want to lick you, and I certainly can’t do that here.”

Heather’s words made Susan wet. Her pussy began to tingle gently with the anticipation of getting away alone with Heather.

As they wandered away from the others, they didn’t notice Miss Jennifer Simmons, their teacher, watching them. She had been observing the young girls and wondered just how close their friendship truly was. She was 23 now, in her first year of teaching, but when she had been the girls’ age, she’d had a friend that she enjoyed playing adult games with. These two seemed to be just as close as she and Lisa had been. When she watched them furtively sneaking their way into the woods, she was sure of it. They were going off to be alone, and not just to talk, she guessed. They could have done that almost anywhere on the field where the teachers could see them. These girls were going off to do things far from the prying eyes of adults. Either that, or they were skipping, but she doubted that. They had never skipped before and just weren’t the type to do that. No, a sixth sense told her they had sex on the brain, and that sixth sense was rarely wrong.

The thought of her and Lisa in their early adolescent horniness surfaced as it did often. She suddenly felt a stirring deep in her pussy that she recognized as an itch that would soon need to be scratched. She was the only woman she knew, except Lisa of course, who would qualify as a pedophile. Luckily, Lisa worked as another seventh grade teacher at the school as well. They both still longed for the taste of sweet young pussy, the younger the better. They were always on the lookout for young girls to teach more than math or science to. She decided to follow the girls to make sure that was what they were up to, although she was sure that it was. She told Lisa that she would be back after checking something out. Lisa must have seen the girls too, for she simply nodded and smiled, whispering a quick, “Good luck!”

Susan and Heather ducked into the cover of the trees and looked back to see if they’d been seen. They saw nobody looking in their direction. Miss Simmons seemed to be walking their way, but she stopped to speak to a group of boys who were playing a bit too roughly. Satisfied they had escaped notice, they began to walk farther into the woods to find the privacy they longed for.

On the way to follow the girls, Jennifer stopped for a moment to speak to some boys who were rough-housing. She then began to make her way toward the place in the woods where the two girls had entered the shady covering.

Susan and Heather had walked maybe fifty yards into the woods when they encountered a small clearing. A lean-to had been constructed, probably by some boys, over against a large oak tree. It seemed like a perfect place to have some private fun. Quickly they shed their clothing and lay in the bed of straw that covered the area beneath the lean-to.

“You think anyone will miss us?” asked Heather.

“I doubt it. Everyone is playing too hard, and Miss Simmons didn’t even see us leave. Now come closer.”

The girls began to kiss with a passion many twelve-year-olds have never known. Their tongues entwined and their hands began to explore each other’s breasts. Their tiny nipples atop their small breasts hardened into puckered nubs instantly as they gently pinched the nipples and began to knead the small titties they each had.

Susan moved her face down toward Heather’s titty. Though small, her breast was very rounded for a twelve-year-old’s. She had a small pink nipple that Susan found totally exciting. She began to suck as Heather lay back to let the adult feeling of sexual excitement wash over her. Susan took the small tit into her mouth, licking all of it as the small orb of flesh disappeared into her mouth. Susan’s hand moved down to the other girl’s mound, which was barely covered by an extremely thin down of hair that seemed to concentrate itself in a slim line along the edges of her pussy slit. It was a light brown color, slightly darker than the blond hair on her head, and Susan never tired of playing her fingers through the wispy pubic hairs.

This she did just before laying her middle finger across the slit to part the soft lips that hid Heather’s budding womanhood. Once there, her finger knew instinctively what to do. She and Heather had been lovers for three years now, and the familiarity with each other’s body allowed them to satisfy each other completely. Her finger moved in gentle circles, coaxing the tiny nub of her clitoris into attention. Her little girl juices were already flowing, as were Susan’s. She tenderly speared the girl’s pussy with her finger, while laying her palm across the mound to massage the slit into further excitement.

It was this sight that greeted Jennifer Simmons as she approached the clearing. Looking at the foot of the oak tree, she saw the girls’ garments in a heap. She could see the lower half of their bodies, but not their faces, so she couldn’t tell who was doing the fingering and who was being fingered. All she knew was that it made her pussy go from a slight simmer to a full boil in seconds to see them in such a sexual embrace.

As she watched the hand of one of the girls massage and finger the other girl’s sweet, young pussy, Jennifer began to rub her hands over her body quietly. She longed to join them, but was afraid of frightening them and causing them to stop what they were doing. She wanted them to continue more than anything else right now. The show itself was more than she had hoped for. She felt if they were caught too soon, not only would she not be able to coax them into joining her and Lisa for more fun, but they might become so scared that they would accept the risk of getting in trouble. She would have to play this carefully, catching them after she herself had cum. At least she could guarantee herself that much.

Unbuckling her belt and quietly unzipping and unsnapping her pants, she pushed her hand down toward the creamy mound that was screaming for attention. It wouldn’t take her long, she thought to herself. She hadn’t seen young girls together in a long time, and the vision that was before her now had her hotter than she had been in a while.

Reaching in, she began to massage her now soaking pussy mound, concentrating on the clit for maximum stimulation. As she rubbed herself into a sexual frenzy, she watched the girls playing with each other’s pussy. A hand was now at each of the pussies. A tiny titty was now in view as well. Jennifer just stood there, her hand at her steamy cunt and her eyes on the girls’ nearly hairless mounds. Fingers were going in and out of all three.

Unaware of their voyeur, Heather had started to finger Susan as well, but she wanted more. She wanted to lick Susan’s sweet little pussy, and she meant to do just that. She loved the fresh taste of Susan’s tiny slit. She began to move her body around so that her head was at Susan’s hips. As she did this, she froze, seeing Miss Simmons. She was utterly terrified at the prospect of what would now happen. The whole school would know. Her parents would know. She would probably be sent to some juvenile delinquents’ home or something.

Susan noticed her sudden attitude and body language. Heather had, for some reason, suddenly lost all interest in their little play time. Looking at Heather, she quickly realized they’d been caught. She turned her head, and what greeted her was indeed shocking, but for entirely different reasons.

For a split second, she, too, had spun an entire play of events that caused her incredible anguish. But then she saw what Heather, in her terror, had not seen yet. Miss Simmons was masturbating. The entire scene of having realized they were caught had lasted perhaps only two seconds. Miss Simmons had obviously been masturbating while watching them get it on. Her hand was still down the front of her unclasped pants, and her eyes, for the moment, were closed in ecstasy. Susan smiled at this knowledge. Miss Simmons was getting very close to coming herself, excited at the sight of her and Heather getting it on.

“Don’t worry,” Susan whispered. “Look down at her hand.”

Heather’s jaw dropped as she noticed what Susan already had. The realization dawned on the two girls that they had each other in a sort of stand-off where they each had “the goods” on the other. Miss Simmons couldn’t tell on them because they would tell on her as well. Their sudden mutual masturbation society had become a mutual blackmail society as well.

The thought of Miss Simmons watching them and masturbating caused an entirely knew sensation to pass through the girls. Suddenly, they wanted to know what an older woman’s pussy was like…how it tasted, how it felt…everything.

Miss Simmons opened her eyes and saw that the girls had noticed her. She noticed the girls were looking at the area where her hand was still pressed against her mound. She had not intended to get caught, of course, but the fact that they had all seen each other involved in acts they shouldn’t have been was serendipitous. Jennifer realized she could use it to get the girls into a little secret club where only the girls, Lisa, and she were the members. Although masturbation was not something she could be fired for, doing so while watching two of her twelve-year-old female students was. Yes, it may indeed have been a fortunate occurrence. It forced all of their hands, she thought, smiling at the pun.

“Well, I guess we caught each other red-handed, so to speak,” she said to the naked girls. The girls grinned. Yes, they certainly understood the implications, and both seemed okay with the idea. In fact, they seemed positively delighted. And why shouldn’t they be? Nobody was going to get into trouble here, only into each other’s pussies.

Jennifer walked over to where the young girls sat beneath the lean-to and sat down beside them after pulling her pants and panties to her knees. She delighted in the way the two girls stared at her full-grown pussy.

“I figured since you showed me yours, I would show you mine,” Jennifer laughed, recalling the age-old line from childhood. “So what all have you two done before?”

“Everything,” said Susan.

“Do you know what all that includes?” Jennifer asked, wondering if the girls had enjoyed oral sex.

“What do you think it means?” asked Heather.

“Does the student want a teacher? Okay. To me it means kissing, touching, fingering, and licking pussies and titties, and maybe some things I haven’t mentioned yet.”

The girls nodded. “Yeah, we’ve done those things,” said Susan. “Have you?”

Jennifer looked into the girls’ eyes. “Since around the time you were born,” she said, knowing they knew her age and would do the math. This would tell them she had been just like they were.

“But you would have been only eleven when we were born,” said Heather. “Were you our age?”

“As a matter of fact, I was twelve when I had my first sex with a girl. I had been masturbating even before then. I had my first orgasm when I was nine.

The girls were in awe of her. They had never thought that anyone else could be like they were. It was typical of the age. Jennifer called it the “nobody is like me” stage kids go through.

“Well, girls, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, and we do have to be getting back soon. Care to continue?”

“Let’s make a chain,” Heather suggested. The daisy chain seemed just fine with Susan as well.

The girls watched as Miss Simmons lifted her top and bra to expose her breasts. They were mesmerized by the breasts that were large compared to theirs. “First, you two get one each,” she said, and the girls dived for the adult titties with relish.

Small mouths clamped onto the swollen nipples, sucking and licking fervently. Miss Simmons lay back and let the girls have their time with her tit flesh. She continued stroking her fiery pussy as they did, nearly reaching orgasm several times, but holding off until they could become more intimate.

Soon the girls were eager to try her pussy, so she let them devour it, licking and sucking the adult mound while they fingered their own pussies in the intense excitement. Miss Simmons came then, unable to hold it back. Their pretty little mouths exciting her in ways that she had only dreamed of since she was their age. Finally, Jennifer suggested they begin their daisy chain so they could all come and get back to the school yard before they were missed.

Each of the two young girls lay on their sides, Susan’s mouth to Heather’s as Heather reached for her teacher’s larger pussy. Jennifer–Miss Simmons forever to the children–began to lick and suck Susan’s sweet, tender young pussy like a starving baby at her mother’s breast. She licked all around the tiny folds of skin, popping the small nub of a clit into her drooling mouth and sucking it.

Miss Simmons felt Heather’s fingers exploring her larger and hairier cunt. She managed to get three fingers into her steaming vagina, and began to pump away while her little mouth and tongue glued themselves to the frothy cunt. She sure knows what she’s doing, thought Jennifer as her body was wracked with yet another orgasm.

Her own mouth explored Susan’s tight pussy. She was able to cover the entire slit with her mouth and push her tongue into the young girl’s sexual orifice. The little pussy was nearly hairless, and the cum juices were intoxicatingly sweet, like fresh honey straight from the hive. She felt Susan begin to stiffen and push her hips toward the endless onslaught of Jennifer’s mouth, lips, and tongue. She knew the little girl was going to cum, and she renewed her efforts to get the precious twelve-year-old over the hump to a mind blasting orgasm. She sensed the same reactions from Heather. Her little body was reacting to Susan’s ministrations as well, building toward the inevitable wash of wave after wave of cumming.

Finally, the girls began to spasm and their bodies churned as their orgasms spun through them.

Soon, all three had finished cumming, the two twelve-year-old nymphs and the twenty-three-year-old seductress. She was happy that Heather needed no instruction in the practice of pussy licking. She had done a marvelous job of making her teacher come, not once, but twice more after her initial orgasm caused by the young girls’ simultaneous assault on her pussy. But all good things must end, and it was important that they all return to the school yard.

The most important thing now was to make sure they weren’t seen by anyone. It wouldn’t be good if they were seen leaving the woods. Questions would be asked, and the only plausible story Miss Simmons could come up with was that the girls were interested in the flora of the woods and she had gone out there with them during the picnic to take the opportunity to teach them about the environment. While she would certainly be believed, it would cause people to notice if she were spending any extra time with the girls, which she sincerely hoped she could do without being caught. Spending too much time with the girls in the woods could look suspicious, even though a female pedophile was rare. Of course what the administration of this school didn’t know was that there were two of them on the faculty. And Jennifer intended to include Lisa as much as possible as well.

“Won’t Miss Taylor notice you were gone for so long?” Susan asked.

“Don’t you worry about Miss Taylor.” Again she looked at the girls as if imparting a wonderful secret. “Just who do you think I did these things with when I was your age?”

Both girls stopped in their tracks, shocked again. They looked at each other, wide-eyed, with jaws hanging open as well.

Looking back at Miss Simmons, Heather said, “You mean you and Miss Taylor–?”

“That’s exactly what I mean. In fact, we share a condo, which has two bedrooms only to make people think we sleep in separate rooms. We don’t, of course. I use one of the rooms to keep my belongings in just to fool people. I am certain she will want to join our little club as well. But, of course you understand that there can never be a word about this to anyone. She and I would go to jail, and you could both end up in a reform school for girls. And while some of the things that go on there would please you, many of them wouldn’t.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Simmons. We would never tell a soul. It would ruin our club meetings.” Both the girls laughed at this statement by Heather, and Jennifer joined in the laughter.

As they approached the edge of the woods that led out again onto the school yard, they looked toward the playing children and Miss Taylor. Susan and Heather saw her in a different light now. They felt like a part of a conspiratorial group. And the idea that Miss Taylor may not guess that they knew was exciting as well. It was like an extra secret that would last until Miss Simmons told her life-long friend and lover.

Deciding the coast was clear, Miss Simmons suggested they go ahead and exit the woods. She had told them what their story would be if they were seen. It wouldn’t do to have them all telling different versions if they were questioned.

As it turned out, Lisa Taylor was the only one who saw them. Her pussy began to dance as she realized the chumminess of the group could only mean one thing. They had been gone far too long not to have had some fun together, and Lisa was dying to try out the two young girls herself as soon as she could get alone with them. They were both very pretty girls, reminding her of Jennifer and her when they were that age. Of course they were still very pretty at 23, but what they both wanted more than anything was a young girl to whom they could teach everything about sex. And now, it appeared, they had two.

Lisa watched as the two girls went off to play by themselves and Jennifer, whom she called Jen, came over to where she was standing. When she got there, Lisa leaned in a bit and sniffed. Yes, it was true. She could smell the scent of young pussy on Jen’s mouth and chin. She had been standing there clenching her thighs together, and the aroma of the little girl’s pussy along with the realization that she, too, would soon be enjoying the children made her cum right in the middle of the school yard. She reached out for Jen’s shoulder to steady herself as the orgasm peaked, then passed. Jennifer, of course, knew what was happening and allowed Lisa to finish before speaking.

They were standing apart from all the children, out of earshot, so Jen could be free with her words. “They were nude when I got to them. They are very experienced. They caught me rubbing my pussy, and I caught them in the middle of everything. It worked out better than you can imagine.”

Lisa looked over at the girls now. They were looking at her and smiling. Smiling with a knowledge that this was all about fun and keeping secrets, and smiling at the knowledge that she, too, was a part of their little club. And then each girl lifted her hand and waved secretively, shy but excited smiles still plastered on their cherubic faces.

“I’m going to have to change my panties as soon as we get home.”

“So am I,” Jennifer answered.

Of course, Susan didn’t know exactly what Miss Simmons and Miss Taylor had said, but she knew what it was about. And the look on Miss Taylor’s face had said she was, indeed, excited about the idea of their little club. She and Heather had watched the women talking, and Miss Taylor had looked like she might cum. Or maybe she had; Susan couldn’t tell for sure, but she thought it was odd she’d never touched her pussy if she had, indeed, had an orgasm right there in the school yard. Miss Taylor had made it a point to stop and speak with the girls before they left school.

“You won’t tell?” she had asked quietly, assuring herself.

“Not unless you do,” had been Susan’s reply.

“Well, I certainly won’t,” she’d replied.

“Miss Taylor?” Susan asked.

“Yes, hon?”

“Did you, um, did you have an orgasm a minute ago?”


“Without even touching yourself?” asked Heather.

“Yep. It’s called a spontaneous orgasm. They’re wonderful.” The two twelve-year-olds marveled at this news. They had no idea you could come that way.

They made a date with Miss Taylor for them all to meet at the mall the next afternoon after the adults had finished with their day’s work at the school, finishing everything up for the previous year and preparing for the coming year. The students last day was today, but the teachers had to work until Friday. After that they would all have the entire summer and beyond to enjoy each other.


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  1. Mmmmm, I like this story a lot. Yes, I know it was written when you were still in your training bra, Cheryl, but oh my god, it is just so erotic!! You write sex scenes as well as anyone ever has, and this was a gift you possessed from the very beginning.

    Readers, you will be happy to know that Cheryl soon will be posting Chapter 4 in this scorching hot series. I was asked to proofread a draft of the new chapter for her, and so to prepare for that I decided to read the first three chapters again. And guess what — I got totally turned on at the beginning of chapter 1, started playing with myself, and climaxed before the end of chapter 1 (while the teachers were in the shower). Whew!

    Anyway, I finally did get through all three chapters and carefully proofed the new one, which I promise you will love!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow! That is high praise coming from you!! I think I might be blushing. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. angie says:

    Wow!! You are right naughty mommy. I just finished chapter three and can’t wait for four. My pussy needs a break though so am sort of glad it is not here yet.

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    I remembered this one , but forgot just how hot it was, had a really nice cum, I am going to have to do the chapters every other night or so , it’s just too hot.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Angie and Kim,

    Thank you both for your comments! As I said at the beginning, I wrote this when I was still in my teens, so getting these compliments on it are really making me blush! The next chapter should post tomorrow.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Dear Readers,

    I have considered lately breaking this VERY LONG chapter (nearly 8,000 words) into two separate chapters to make it more manageable. I would break it at the point the girls head for home and fun with Tina. What do you think? Please let me know because you are the ones this is written for.

  7. Lily says:

    Breaking it into a separate chapter makes sense to me, and that seems like a reasonable time/place to break it up.

  8. kim says:

    oh I love thinking of you in your teens, and preteens Cheryl.

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    finally got all the way thru this chapter, will have to move on to the next chapter later. super hot story.

  10. Cheryl says:

    Okay, I have split chapter one into two chapters. I hope this makes it easier to read! Keep in mind we authors THRIVE on your comments!! 🙂

  11. Saapho69 says:

    Well Cheryl this is my first time reading one of ur stories. And u never forget ur first time ;). Well I wont this time either. I had finished reading serendipity and had a good cry, but needed some stimulation of the naughty kind, and I wasn’t disappointed. I came while the girls and the teacher (you ;)) had sex in the woods. I have to agree with Kim thinking of u as a teens writing this erotica sent me over the edge.

    PS now Im jealous of Lisa getting naughty stories told to her at night as a prelude to multiple orgasms for u both 😉

  12. Cheryl says:

    Sappho69, now that you’ve read and enjoyed a chapter of one of my stories, don’t be a stranger! As you can see, there are plenty more of them here!

    Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and I started this site to entertain readers who enjoy our type of erotica. So, ENJOY!!!

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    Guess I’ll have to read the remaining chapters now……can’t wait!!

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    Still a classic. I miss Cheryl so much. Glad her great stories are here to reread.

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