Susie’s Diary, Chapter 3

  • Posted on July 18, 2015 at 9:26 am

By JetBoy

Friday 21st January, 1966

Mommy woke me up with a kiss. I put my arms around her neck and kissed her back with my tongue. Then her mouth kind of slid down my neck and went between my titties. I loved feeling her lips on my nipples. It made me laugh when she gave them little play bites.

Her hand went down until it was between my legs. I was holding my breath waiting for Mommy to use her fingers on me. But then she didnt do it! She just smiled at me and touched the tops of my legs instead. I was wiggling around under her and wanting so bad to feel her fingers. Then she did touch me down there. I made happy sounds in her mouth while she kissed me, and pretty soon I was coming.

I hugged her after and told her she was the best Mommy a girl could have. She gave me a funny smile and looked right at me as she lay down and pulled up her skirt.

She wasnt wearing panties! Her legs went apart to show me her pussy. I stared at her lovely curly hair and the shiny pink parts of her. It was like a pretty flower in the morning when it’s all wet with dew.

She said, You know what to do, Susie. Her voice was so soft.

My hand was all shaky when I put it on her leg. Mommy’s skin was warm and smooth. When my fingers touched her dark curly hair I thought my heart would burst, my chest felt so tight.

Her hand showed me where to go, she helped me find her hole. I knew what she wanted. I put two fingers into her, feeling them go inside her body. She was so juicy and hot in there!

She said, Put them in all the way. Mommy had opened her top, and I could see her titties go up and down when she breathed. I wanted to kiss them.

I pushed my fingers as deep into Mommy’s pussy as they would go. She said, Now move them in and out. Her voice was all funny like she was running fast. I did what she told me, my arm moving back and forth. Her pussy got really wet, much more than I do.

I guess she was really excited cause she came right then, shivering all over like the room was cold, it wasn’t though. She was moaning and breathing hard, and I just kept sliding my fingers in and out like she wanted. Then she put her hand on top of mine, asking me to stop cause she had enough.

I was thrilled and VERY proud. I had made Mommy come all by myself!!

Thank you angel, she said, smiling at me before giving me a mouth open kiss. I stuck my tongue into her mouth to play with hers, and we kissed for a long time before moving apart.

Then Mommy did something that really suprised me. She brought my hand up to her face and licked my wet fingers! I’m sure my mouth was hanging open while I watched her taste her pussy. I never would of thought of doing something like that, but she sure looked like she was enjoying it.

She let my hand go with a little kiss and smiled at me. I wanted to taste too, so I raised my fingers to my mouth and licked one.

Last year at Christmas Mommy had been drinking wine and I asked her for a sip. The taste of her pussy is kind of like wine. Strong and sweet with a smell that made my head feel light. I liked it.

Then Mommy gave me a serious look and told me that I cant tell anyone at all about what we just did, specially Daddy. She said that it had to be our special secret or we couldnt make love any more.

My heart started beating fast when she said that. I didnt think about it until then, but that’s what we had been doing. Making love. Its funny how I only understood it when Mommy said the words.

Tomorrow Mommy is taking me back to the ladies shop. She says they have more panties and things.

I keep putting my fingers in my mouth to get more of the taste of Mommy’s pussy. Its pretty much gone now, but I can still smell her a little bit.

I wonder if I taste like her? I think after I close this and turn out the light, I’ll touch myself and find out if I do or not.


Saturday 22nd January, 1966

The shop hadnt changed since our last visit, though I had so many new things happen since then that it seemed different any how. Like before, Miss Decker put the CLOSED sign up in the window and locked the door shut. Then she took my hand and brought Mommy and me into the little back room.

She asked how I was when we sat down, smiling at me. But it was Mommy who answered her, and she made my face go red as she told Miss Decker about how much I was growing.

Like last time, Mommy told me to stand and take all my clothes off so Miss Decker could measure me again. She did, then said that my breasts had grown a bit since the last time! Mommy drew me to her and kissed my mouth before telling me what a lovely woman I was going to be. Her hand touched my nipples, and it made me tingle.

Miss Decker got out a new set of bras and panties for us, and like last time I marched around in all the different things just like a fashion model. I didnt mind at all being naked in front of them, and I loved it when they reached out to touch me sometimes.

Mommy picked out three new pairs of bras and panties for me. Then she told me she needed to talk to Miss Decker, and for me to go out to the front of the store and wait for her there.

I went out with the bag of all my new things and sat in a chair that was by a table full of grown up panties. After I waited for a few minutes, I saw a clock that said it was almost 4. That’s when my favorite radio show is on, called The British Are Coming. They play lots of the songs from England that I like, the Hollies and the Beatles and Jerry and the Pacemakers and stuff like that. I thought I could maybe listen to the radio in the car, so I went to ask Mommy if she would let me have the keys.

When I touched the doorknob to the back room, I heard Mommy gasp, and I stopped right where I was. Instead of walking in I opened the door just a little to peek in and see what was going on.

I couldn’t believe what I saw! Mommy was standing with one foot on a chair, just wearing her top and nothing else. Miss Decker was on her knees and her face was in Mommy’s pussy, kissing her down there!

I watched for a long time, feeling it get all warm between my legs. Mommy was rubbing her titties through her top that was half open, with one hand. The other hand was holding Miss Decker’s head to her pussy.

Then she suddenly threw her head back, crying out Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! before she went all stiff, biting on her lip when she came. Her face was beautiful when she did it.

Then Miss Decker got up, and she and Mommy kissed for a long time, using their tongues. I felt a shiver when I knew they were tasting Mommy’s pussy together.

Then Mommy turned around and pushed Miss Decker back against the wall, really hard. I was so suprised that I made a little squeak, but I was lucky and they didnt hear me. Mommy lifted Miss Decker’s dress and reached up under it, touching her pussy the way she did mine. Miss Decker moaned, and Mommy made her be quiet with a kiss.

I wanted to touch myself while I watched them make love, but decided not to move. I didnt want to get caught.

Miss Decker must have been very excited cause she came quick, breathing hard and her body shaking all over. Mommy took her hand from under Miss Decker’s dress and my heart beat even faster when I saw her lick her fingers. They kissed more, speaking softly in between kisses. I tried to hear, but couldnt.

Then Mommy started to button up the front of her dress, and then I knew that she was about to leave. I had to move fast before she saw me!

I grabbed my bags and ran out of the store and got in the car. I was there waiting when Mommy got there like nothing had happened.

I keep thinking about Miss Decker kissing Mommy’s pussy. It seems kind of icky, putting your mouth where someone pees from. But Mommy liked it so much that I guess it has to feel really good.


Monday 24th January, 1966

I was already awake when Mommy came to me this morning. We kissed for a long time, then we touched each others pussies until we both came together. That was amazing!

After that I asked if I could kiss and suck on her nipples, like she did to me the other day.

Mommy said that of course I could. She lay me down in her lap with her breasts in to my face and offered me one. I took a nipple into my mouth and nursed from my mother, like I was a baby again. I really liked that. Then we kissed some more until I had to get ready for school.

Claire got to see me in my pretty new underthings today. I showed off for her, turning so she could see how with my new panties you could see almost half of my bottom. She smiled and said she wanted to have me over to play again.

I want to kiss her REALLY bad. If I dont chicken out, I’m gonna try to the next time I’m over at her house.


Tuesday 25th January, 1966

Mommy woke me, smiling down and brushing my hair back with her fingers. I grinned and rolled over on my back, ready for her.

Hows my little angel? she asked me.

I giggled and pulled the covers away, surprising her when she saw that I was completely naked! I had decided not to wear a nightie or panties to bed any more. I could tell Mommy liked that.

I loved it when she looked me up and down with a look in her eyes like she wanted to do something sexy. I opened my legs for her, putting my hand on my pussy and gently touching it. I wanted her to see.

She said, Let Mommy do that for you.

It felt so nice with Mommy fingering me. I came really fast, and hard too. Then we snuggled and I thanked her for making me feel so good. Then I gave her a hot mouth open kiss with my tongue. I wanted to touch her pussy, too, but there wasnt time.


Wednesday 26th January, 1966

Claire and I played together today at school. But during lunch I couldnt stand it any more. I took her behind the bike shed and pushed her against the wooden wall.

Have you ever kissed another girl? I asked her.

She shook her head and licked her lips with a sort of funny look on her face.

Would you like to try? I asked.

With you? she whispered.

I nodded, and I felt all hot and crazy inside when she nodded too.

It started sort of shy, our lips hardly touching. But then it grew and grew until we were hugging each other as our tongues moved together. It was cold out, but kissing her made me feel hot all over.

Her hips were pushing mine. I wanted to touch her between the legs but I wasnt sure if Claire would want it.

We stopped before anyone else came around and caught us, and then Claire said she would come over soon for dinner. Both of us were blushing and really, really happy!

I’m going to ask Mommy if Claire can come home with me after school and have supper with us Friday night. Wow, just thinking about Claire and me naked and in my bed, is getting my panties wet. I wonder what Mommy would do if she caught us doing stuff together? She wouldnt mind, I bet.


Thursday 27th January, 1966

Mommy and I were cuddling together this morning all warm and naked after making love, and I asked her if I could have Claire spend the night on Friday. She smiled and said yes.

Later a card arrived in the post, a valentine. Its my very first one, and I know I blushed when I opened it.

It was so sweet! She wrote about how she thought I was beautiful, and how she loved the time we spent together at school. I knew she meant when we kissed the other day, and that made me feel warm all over.

Mommy laughed and asked who it was from. I told her, It’s a secret, but I let her see it anyway.

She gave me a BIG smile when she read the card, and asked me if Claire was my girlfriend now. I told her that I didn’t know but hoped so. Mommy hugged me then and said she was proud of me, and how glad she was that I wanted to be with Claire instead of some boy. Girls are better, she said.

I asked her if that was how she felt, why she was with Daddy instead of a woman?

Mommy told me that she did love Daddy, but she just loves women more. Also without him she couldnt have had me, and she loved me most of all! I had to give her a big kiss when she told me that.

Before leaving for school I made Claire a valentine where I wrote about how pretty she is, and how much I like her. I wanted to write about wanting to see her with all her clothes off, but I decided not to in case her mom or somebody reads it.

Claire squealed and hugged me tight when I gave her the valentine. I invited her to come over tomorrow afternoon and stay for supper. We were both so excited that we could hardly talk, just look at each other and giggle like we were sharing the best secret in the whole world!

We snuck away to the top of the field at lunchtime, hid behind the hedge and kissed. I touched her titties too, which made her blush. I liked feeling her, and I like her letting me do it. I told Claire about wanting to see her with no clothes on, and she just wrapped her arms round me and whispered, I want to see you too.

I cant wait for tomorrow.

Friday 28th January, 1966

Mommy came in early and got in bed with me. I love cuddling her, kissing while her big round titties touch mine. Her hands moved all over my legs and my bottom, then she pushed my legs open so she could touch my pussy. I was wet and ready for her, and she put a finger inside me, rolling it around until she made me come.

I was still breathing hard when Mommy asked me to tell more about Claire. My face got warm then, but I told her how we kissed and I touched her titties and how I wanted to do everything to Claire that I learned from her.

Mommy kissed my cheek and said she thought that was very sweet. Then she reminded me to keep our secret and be careful not to tell Claire any thing about what she and I do together. Mommies and their little girls arent sposed to make love, she told me.

I said, But we do, dont we?

She hugged me to her and whispered, We do, angel. The way she said that made me feel so happy I thought I might cry. But I didnt let myself. I’m too old for that.

Then she layed back and opened her legs wide for me, showing her pussy. I bent over to kiss her titties as I put my hand on it, feeling how wet she was. Its like heaven, sucking Mommy’s nipples while I push my fingers in and out of her. I love the way her nipples get so big in my mouth!

Soon she was wiggling on the bed, calling out my name and saying how much she loves me while I made her come. She got pretty loud too.

After she came, she said I was getting better and better every day at making love. I was so proud!

School seemed to last forever yesterday, but the bell finaly rang and we were free. When I saw Claire waiting for me outside she grabbed my hand and we ran nearly all the way to my house.

I invited her inside and introduced Claire to Mommy, who took her hand and said she was happy to meet her. I knew she thought Claire was pretty, and that made me even more excited!

I told Mommy we were going up to my room to play and we ran up stairs. I closed the door behind us. I was dying to touch her all day, and now we were together with no one else there. It felt as if I was about to burst, I was so excited!

Sitting on my bed we kissed really long and deep with our tongues playing. She put both her arms round my neck, and I hugged her too. Then she fell back on the bed and I was on top of her, opening up her shirt.

I put my hand inside and felt her titties, and how when my fingers touch her nipples they get bigger. That hot feeling was starting in my panties again, and all I could think was how I wanted a good look at Claire with her clothes off.

Can I see them? I asked Claire after our kiss stopped. She said I could!

It was so nice to watch Claire take off her school shirt, then her training bra. She was a little bit shy, her cheeks were pink when she dropped her things on the floor. Then she stood there letting me have a good long look at her. She’s even prettier than I thought!

I didnt even think about it, I just bent down and licked at her nipple, making Claire squeal cause she was so suprised. I took one in my mouth and sucked on it, the way Mommy likes to do to me.

Claire was breathing hard and holding my face to her titties. I licked and sucked her nipples for a good long time. Then I sat up and took off my top and my bra.

I was dying to feel her mouth on me. I said, Do it to me now.

Then I was lying on my back watching her bend down, then closing my eyes when her mouth covered my nipple. It felt so good! Then her hand touched my other titty, and I started to rub my legs together cause my pussy felt hot. I held her head to me and the good feelings got bigger and bigger.

I couldnt wait any longer, I wanted to do everything with Claire. I pushed her away and I stood up. I was breathing hard and shaking all over. Take your clothes off, I said while I was tearing off my skirt. All I could think about was that I needed to be naked for Claire.

She stared at me for a little bit, then she was undressing too. I kicked my panties away, and I saw her eyes get big as she looked at my pussy.

Then Claire took her own panties off, and I was excited when she showed me her pussy. She was just starting to grow some hair down there, more than me. It looked soft and pretty.

I told her to lay down. Claire did what I said and spread her legs apart, watching me when I looked at her down there. Her pussy was all wet, and open.

She asked me what I was going to do, and acted all shy when she said that. Covering her pussy with both hands.

I didnt answer her. I couldnt. I got on the bed and climbed on top of her and we kissed using our tongues. Then I turned around and got between her legs and started doing what Aunt Evie did to Mommy that time I got to watch them make love. I put my pussy to Claire’s and moved on her, rubbing our girl parts together. She looked a little scared at first, but it felt so nice that she started pushing back.

We watched each other while we were doing it, and our eyes were really wide like we couldnt believe that it could be so good. But it was. The feelings were getting big down deep in my belly. We were both slippery wet, and sort of fighting to get closer together. Our hands were pulling hard and we huffed and puffed, trying so hard to get there.

When it did come it felt like fireworks blowing up. I was pushing into Claire, holding her tight. And she was making funny sounds in my ear, moving under me while it was happening to her. Then we fell away from each other and lay still. We both were breathing hard like we just ran a long way.

She took my hand and squeezed it. That was the best ever, she said.

I turned to Claire and we kissed some more. Then we rested some in each other’s arms. After a while we got up and put all our clothes back on, to be ready for when Mommy called us down for supper.

When I heard Mommy’s voice call I grabbed Claire’s hand. We ran down the stairs together, giggling and making lots of noise.

Mommy smiled at us as we ran into the kitchen. She asked us if we were having fun playing. Then her eyes met mine and I saw that she knew what Claire and I had been doing up stairs, and I could tell that it made her feel excited. It sure did me!

I got a weird thought then. In my head I saw Mommy standing outside my door with a hand up under her dress, touching her pussy while she listened to me and Claire playing sexy games. Then I thought of her coming into the room while we were naked and making love, watching us doing it. THEN I thought about Mommy taking her clothes off and getting on the bed with me and Claire!

All the time we ate, I thought about being with Mommy and Claire at the same time. It made me feel all hot down in my panties, and I couldnt sit still.

Daddy was there for supper, and he was very nice and polite to Claire, though I could tell he was thinking about work like he always is. He is going hunting with his friends tomorrow so maybe his mind is on that too. It’s funny, all the things going on between me and Mommy that Daddy doesnt know about.

I wanted to go back upstairs with Claire again after supper but there wasnt time. But then I got to walk her home, and we snuck behind a big tree to kiss for a while before I said good night.

I’m in bed now, writing about the great day I had. My pussy is all sticky and wet from that idea I had at dinner, about making love to Claire and Mommy at the same time. What REALLY makes me excited is when I think about them kissing and touching each other while I get to watch.

Oh wow, it’s really late! Thats all for tonight.

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  1. kim says:

    Great , I loved her playing with her friend, and thinking about her Mom masturbating outside her door.
    In the picture, does anyone know that game? It looks like I know what it is but can’t remember.

  2. JetBoy says:

    Thanks, Kim, for the kind words. You are the pepper in my soup.

    I believe the game is Sorry. Don’t know if they even manufacture that one anymore, but it used to be mighty popular back in the day.

  3. Lola Vanna says:

    I love that story. OMG, I was so so excited. I too have a daughter , in fact two
    of them, and I am also divorced. Would love to hear from you, when you have time.
    Please, tell me all about you. I will answer any, and all questions you might have.
    hugs Lola

  4. kim says:

    yes, ‘sorry’ no wonder it looked so familiar, my Aunt still has all those old games on her hall closet shelf. Used to play it with her and my cousin all the time way back. along with monopoly and twister, and clue and mystery date, and the wedje board. and the game of life, they are all like from the 60’s really cool and fun. I think I may need to borrow a couple and play a more adult version of them with my partner.

  5. BEN says:

    That Susie is the cutest. Just thinking about her and her Mommy makes me hot. Would love to watch Susie and her friend making love.

  6. Myka says:

    Loving this … brings back memories of my school days 🙂

  7. Tim and Litka says:

    So many sub plots developing, so many characters appearing for Susie to make love to, so much to look forward to 😀
    Another great chapter thanks Jetboy!

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