When the Past Meets the Present, Chapter 2

  • Posted on July 15, 2015 at 8:07 am

By Cheryl Taggert

It was still early, and I wanted to be sure we were not walked in upon suddenly, so I locked the door. Nikki was a hard and late sleeper, so I wasn’t too worried, but I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

Emily’s request to watch me masturbate had released new sexual energy in me. I usually achieved several orgasms when I masturbated, so the spontaneous orgasm had not even come close to satisfying me. I had managed to calm myself some, but I was distinctly aware I would be needing some alone time as soon as I could get it. Emily’s question had made that need more urgent than I had ever thought possible. The thought of my nine-year-old daughter watching me bring myself to at least one orgasm, probably more, thrilled me completely. My pussy was already wet from the spontaneous orgasm and the sheer passion behind it. The thought of what was about to occur had caused a minor flood in what I thought of as the center of my being. My clitoris was begging for me to touch her.

I stripped down and, naked, lay on my bed. I patted the foot of the bed and Emily climbed up to sit where I’d indicated. Lying back, I began by playing with my nipples, which puckered and stiffened at my touch. Pulling them, my ecstasy rose as the sensations transferred to my pussy.

I knew Emily, being only nine, would grow impatient if I didn’t get down to business soon. I truly did not need the usual self-petting to get my body ready for masturbation and the orgasms that would follow, so I moved my hands down my tummy to my pussy. Spreading my legs wide, I looked at Emily. She was staring with enormous eyes at the slit between my legs. I was sure she’d never seen a grown woman’s pussy up close before. She had seen my naked pubes many times, but she had never looked directly into my spread pussy to see the real treasures that lay beyond my outer lips. My inner labia were much fuller than the youthful ones she had, and my clit, though not that large, was certainly bigger than hers, the nub rising from my pubic bone to beg for attention. I also knew that at nine, she did not get nearly as wet as I was. The cream covered my pussy’s insides, and my excitement was such I could feel it dripping out of my vagina and down to my butthole.

My fingers began to explore the soaked center of my pleasure, and Emily adjusted herself to get closer so she could watch me bring myself off.

I knew it would not take me long to reach my first orgasm. I was looking at Emily’s face between my legs. She was fascinated by what I was doing. I could almost read her thoughts. “I’m watching my mommy play with her pussy.” I noticed a quick glance at my eyes. I could tell she was wanting to touch herself as she watched, so I said, “Go ahead, Honey. If you want to do it too, go ahead.”

With that, she reached into her pj’s and inside her panties. She blinked with what I knew was sheer pleasure at what we were doing. I could tell it would not be our last foray into sex together, and I wondered what our new relationship would bring. Would I ever be able to live out the fantasy that had caused me to come abruptly while talking to Emily in the kitchen–to lick her pussy, my younger daughter Nikki’s, and Emily’s best friend, Sara’s? Would I ever taste the sweet freshness of their pussies? Emily pulled her panties and pj’s down to her knees in one quick motion and got to work on her little bald pussy in earnest. I could see the gentle rise of her butt cheeks and the top half of her butt crack. Along with her lust-filled gaze, the sounds of our fingers as they ravished our pussies, and seeing her gorgeous butt as it undulated in a sweet, erotic rhythm, my mind soared into imaginings and snippets of what I wanted so desperately to do to her, Nikki, and Sara.

As I crested into my first orgasm, I could see Emily was almost mesmerized by the view between my legs. She was definitely getting off on watching her mommy masturbate, and now she watched as I orgasmed in front of her for the second time that day, but the first one that was purposeful and planned and up close.

I rocked with the explosions inside me and panted and squealed as the orgasm slammed me into a writhing ball of intense pleasure. My body continued to spasm and shake with the enormity of what was happening to me. They say that sex is 10% physical and 90% mental. I knew that was true, but this was further evidence of its veracity. The thought that I was essentially putting on a sex show for my nine-year-old daughter, who was more or less returning the favor, had driven my passion to new, previously unattainable heights. The resulting orgasm was total in its engulfing of my body. Wave after wave of bliss shook me to my core and left me gasping while I considered the intensity of these feelings.

As my orgasm slowly subsided, Emily began to squeal and moan as her own orgasm hit her. Her red face squeezed itself into a look of pure orgasmic joy. Her full lips looked delicious, and I decided I wanted to taste them. Not later, though. Now.

I moved as quickly as I could to where I was now face-to-face with my little sexpot of a daughter, my lips mere inches from hers, her body still in the last spasms of her orgasm. She seemed to understand without words what I wanted. Or maybe it was what she wanted too. Nothing else mattered now. I wanted to kiss my little girl as a lover would, and I moved quickly to do just that.

Our lips met and groans of satisfaction seemed to dance on the air around my bed as we both gave in to our lust. My tongue moved into her mouth and she seemed to naturally take to what I was doing. Our tongues danced erotically around each other as our lips moved against the other’s. My hand began its inevitable journey to her pussy. I was just about to touch it–.

Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. I moved back and looked at her. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I wanted it to continue, and I think she did too, but I felt that we needed some time to gauge what had happened and move our new relationship more slowly. It would not do to go too far and have her decide she didn’t want this to continue. After all, she still had her sister and Sara for lovers. If I make her ashamed of what we’ve done, she will drift away from me, not only as a lover, but also as a daughter. And that was one thing I could never allow to happen.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s okay.” Her breathing told me she was still feeling the passion of our embrace. “I liked it. Why did you stop?” She sounded nearly desperate for the loving to continue.

“I did too, Sweetie, but we should take this slow. I don’t want to ruin our mother-daughter relationship by doing things we might regret later.”

“Why would we regret it?” she asked, and I was stunned by the maturity in her question, as well as her childishness behind it as well. I could even hear the near-begging in her tone. Yes, she wanted me to continue, but that would have to wait until I’d had time to think about this and make sure it wasn’t a mistake that would ruin our love for each other. And while I knew we would indeed continue this form of love, I also knew that I needed to make sure she understood the ground rules. That if she didn’t want to do anything, she didn’t have to. I wanted her to know that she was, in essence, in charge of how far this went, and I needed her to think about how far she wanted it to go when we weren’t on the edge of orgasms.

“It’s hard to explain, Honey, but believe me, it could happen that our relationship could be damaged if we take this where I want to take it. I want to talk to you about this first and make sure we both are okay with things when we aren’t so…worked up.”

“I want to do things too, Mommy. I want you to do to me the things that you did with Lisa.”

I was suddenly suspicious about that last statement.

“How do you know what I did with Lisa?” Lisa was a woman I had gotten together with a few times, but we’d not been able to get together for a while now due to our schedules. I liked Lisa. Liked her a lot.

A sudden blush spread across her face and all the way down to her chest, and her eyes darted downward to avoid looking at me.

“Did you watch me with Lisa?” She took a deep breath, a sigh really, and nodded slightly. “Why? Why did you do that? That’s an invasion of Mommy’s and Lisa’s privacy.”

“I didn’t mean to. Well, not the first time, anyway. I came in cuz I needed to ask you something, but when I came in here, you were–well–busy, and I sorta froze and got curious about what you were doing.”

Wow. That sounded familiar, but I needed to focus on the current conversation and its meaning.

“How long ago was that?”

“Last winter some time. February, I think.”

“You saw Lisa and me together having sex?”

“Yeah, but she didn’t mind.”

“How do you know that?”

“Uh…she…uhh–” She was at a loss for words, which could mean only one thing.

“Did Lisa see you watching us?”

Again the downcast eyes and the quick nod.

“How do you know she didn’t mind?”

“Well, she sorta winked at me and put her finger to her lips in a shush kinda thing and motioned for me to hide in the closet.”

“Why didn’t I see you come in?” I knew it was a stupid question as soon as I asked it, and her answer underscored that.

“Well, because…because you were kinda, well, licking and sucking Lisa’s boobs.”

I was absolutely shocked at what I’d just heard. Lisa had been a sort of co-conspirator to allowing my daughter to watch us. Emily had only just turned nine in November. Lisa had seen her and told her to hide and watch. The idea of what had happened kept moving through my brain, but I couldn’t seem to grasp the meaning of the words.

“What else did you see us doing?”

“Licking each other–down there.”

“How long did you watch us from the closet?”

“Until Lisa had the good feeling, and I got kinda scared and left as quietly as I could.”

“Honey, did Lisa seem to like that you were watching?”

“I don’t know. I guess so.”

Then I realized how silly that question was. She had made sure Emily was watching when she came. In fact it must have made it even better for her. Then the reality of it came to me. Lisa enjoyed little girls too. She enjoyed MY little girls. The thought of my little Emily watching us having sex had been a tremendous turn-on for her. And, God help me, I realized it would have been a turn-on for me as well if I’d been honest with myself.

Beyond that, I wasn’t sure what to think of this and knew I wouldn’t know what to think of it until after a lot of time and lots of thought.

Looking at Emily, I remembered we were both naked and her sister would be up at any moment.

“Honey, get your pj’s back on and let’s get started with our day. We’ll talk about where we want this to go later, okay?”

She looked disappointed and sad, but she got up and grabbed her pj’s before moving toward the locked door.

“Honey, you have to get dressed before you leave my room. I don’t want Nikki to see you and know you were naked in here with me.”

She sighed and got dressed before unlocking my door and leaving. A minute later, I heard the TV going and got up to get my shower before moving on with my day. Before going into my bathroom, though, I picked up my phone and considered texting Lisa but decided not to do this by text.

I would call her later. After I’d had some time to think.

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  1. kim says:

    oh , love it, Mom and daughter masturbating together, Mom finding out her daughter had seen her have sex and the realization that her g/f is also into young girls. love it.

    • Dean says:

      so wonderful for a mom and daughter to share that experience, natural to enjoy together and watching eachother

  2. sue says:

    yeah agree with Kim.

  3. Swan says:

    Very juicy story, as I should expect from this site’s name. I love the way you have set it up to go in multiple directions with both the mom and her daughter having girlfriends. I loved the use of the teddy bear in the beginning, emphasizing that the daughter, while clearly exploring her sexual feelings, is still a young child. Yes, I will continue reading to see what surprises you will present to the reader.

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