A Walk in the Woods

  • Posted on July 15, 2015 at 11:30 am

By Thom

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in October 2005 }

“I can see your cunny,” the little girl said, her voice nearly giving me a heart attack. How had she crept up on me like that?

My heart was racing as I stood and fastened my pants. “Geez kid, you scared me to death. Where did you come from? Can’t you see I’m peeing? I mean, we’re in the middle of the woods here.”

The kid was maybe eight or ten at the most. I was taking a hike in a land preservation area in my neighborhood. It’s pretty isolated from the housing developments, so I was really surprised to see this little girl here. I come out here everyday to get away from my work. I write out of a home office and I usually need a break in the afternoon. In fact, I’ve not ever seen anyone here when I walk.

“I live right through there,” she said pointing off in a direction that looked like all woods to me. I certainly didn’t see any houses. “I come here to play after school. My parents are at work and there’s just my stupid babysitter who watches TV and kisses with her boyfriend. They just lie around and put their hands all over each other.” She paused. “You’re not supposed to let your cunny show when you’re outside, you know.”

“Well, I had to pee, so I couldn’t help it. And how do you know so much about cunnies, little girl?” I was incredulous at how cheeky this kid was, especially out in the woods by herself, and with a perfect stranger, with neither her babysitter or her parents knowing where she was.

She gave me a smirk. “Oh, I know a lot. My mommy lets me touch her cunny whenever I want.”

That took me by surprise. “She does?”

“Yes, we have a secret club. We have loaves of silence about it. It’s mostly secret, I think, so my daddy doesn’t find out. You won’t tell Daddy I told you about my secret club with Mommy, will you?”

My heart was racing. This cute little girl was exploring lesbian sex with her mother?

“It’s oaths of silence, honey, not loaves. An oath is something that you promise not to tell anyone. I won’t tell your daddy, I don’t even know your daddy… but if I ever meet him, I won’t mention what you told me for sure.”

“Thanks, lady. I wouldn’t want to break the secret rules of the club. Mommy wouldn’t let me touch her anymore.” She smiled shyly. “Mommy says we belong to a cunny club… and I saw yours just now. Do you belong to a cunny club?”

“Well, no… I don’t. So, tell me — just what is it that you and your mommy do in the club?”

“Well, she lets me touch her cunny with my fingers. An’ she lets me kiss it and lick it like an ice cream cone, especially the sweet spot — that’s what she calls it. That’s where it feels best.” She held up an imaginary ice cream cone and, sticking out her tongue, pretended to lick it. Then she giggled, blushing at her boldness. “Mommy does those things to me, too.”

I visualized an engorged clit and this little girl nursing on it… and my cunt started to tingle in my hiking shorts. I had to hear more. “What else?”

She giggled. “Mommy puts my cunny on top of hers and we rub them together. And we use our fingers on each other, too.”


“Sure, my fingers and Mommy’s fingers. Sometimes I put my fingers in my cunny while I’m kissing Mommy down there, or maybe she puts her fingers in my cunny or in my poop hole. It feels really good! Or she kisses my cunny, or even my bottom. Then every once in awhile I put my hand and most of my arm into Mommy’s cunny. She really likes that a lot and makes a lot of noise. We do all kinds of different things,  whatever we feel like when Daddy goes away for awhile. That’s when the club meets.”

“Oh, my. You are so lucky to be in the secret cunny club with your mommy,” I sighed heavily, putting on a sad face. “I don’t have anyone to be in a secret club with me, to do nice things like that with. I’d love to touch or kiss a pretty cunny like yours. I’ll bet yours tastes really nice, too.”

The child nibbled thoughtfully at her lower lip. “Well, I could show you a thing or two,” she finally said.

“You could, I mean you would? You’d do that for me? Gee I wouldn’t want to put you to any trouble. You have your mommy to think about. You wouldn’t want her to think you were breaking any club secrets or anything like that, would you?”

“Well, since you have a cunny, I think it would be alright for you to be in the club. You have to abide by the loaves of silence and not tell Daddy anything about it.”

“You would do that for me? Why would you want to let me join the secret club? You don’t even know me?”

“Because it feels really good to play with wee-wees and to have fingers in my cunny and I think you have a nice-looking cunny. It’s bare like my cunny and Mommy’s cunny. Not all cunnies are bare like that; some have a lot of hair.”

“Well, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than be in a secret club with you so you could play with my bare cunny and I could play with your bare cunny. How often do you come here to play?”

“Most days. I’ll try to be here tomorrow.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be looking for you, sweetheart.”


“Hey lady, did you come back to be in my club?”

I had put a fleece stadium blanket in a backpack and carried it with me when I went walking the next couple of afternoons, but the girl hadn’t shown up. But here she was like a vision out of a dream, standing in front of me today.

“Well, I’d like to be in your club if you’d still have me and show me all the neat stuff you learned from your mommy. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you since we met the other day.”

“I was playing with my friend Lisa the last couple of days at her house because my stupid babysitter had something else to do. She’s back today. I know a place we can go where no one will see us playing.”

She grabbed my hand and led me off into the woods. We came upon a huge bush that was about 12 feet tall and probably the same in diameter. We went around back of it and there was a small opening. It was pretty easy for her to go through it. I had to get down on my hands and knees and crawl in. Once inside though I could stand up easily. It was hollowed out like a house. The foliage on the outside was so thick you could barely see light through it. If you were quiet, no one would know you were there.

“This is really neat. Is this where you come and play after school?”

“Yeah, I hang out here. I bring my dollies to play with usually but today I came looking for you.”

“Well, that’s sweet. I came looking for you too. What’s your name? I’m Paula.”

“My name is Rebecca… but you can call me Becky. I’m eight years old.”

My God… only eight. “Pleased to meet you, Becky,” I said, shaking her little hand. “What would you like to show me today what you and your mommy do when your secret club meets?”

“When Mommy and I began our club, we only did a few things that we are doing now. She said we need to get comfortable doing things, and that we shouldn’t rush into too much. So, I think we should start like Mommy and I did.”

“Okay, you lead the way. I brought a blanket thinking maybe we might want to lie down, I mean at some point.”

“Sure, that will be better than being on the ground. Let’s lie down and hug one another and just be close for awhile.”

“Great idea,” I said.

I spread out the blanket and lay down on my side. Becky lay down beside me and kind of snuggled into my arms. With her head roughly at my head level, her middle was about at my waist. I took a chance, reached down and put my palm firmly around her little bum. It felt great to hold it. She turned her head up toward my face and planted a chaste kiss on my lips. I responded in kind and she followed by pushing her tongue past my lips.

“You can push down my jeans and panties and play with my cunny today, if you like.”

“Oh, can I? I think I would like that.”

I unbuttoned her jeans and helped her slide them down to her knees, exposing her little cotton undies. I snaked my hand into the waistband and pushed them down as well. Her little mound was as perfect a pussy as I think I’d ever seen. Its hairless labia were tightly closed, just a fine line of a slit visibly separating them. I hesitated touching it.

“Go ahead, you can rub it on the outside and put a finger in if you like.”

I touched the top of the lips very gently with a couple of fingers and then moved my fingers from the top of the mound to the bottom of the mound a couple of times just touching the lips and not the crack. The phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom” came to mind, and I realized that was exactly what I was touching. I really wanted my mouth on it but I was going to play this her way so as not to scare her off.

Becky put her free hand on my breast. “Your titties are bigger than Mommy’s.”

“Would you like to touch them, honey?” I offered.

“Oh, yes, could I?”

“Sure thing sweetie.” I left off touching her for a second, pulled up my T-shirt and let her snake her hand underneath the top of my bra. She went immediately to my nipple and began to rub and pull it, making it hard. I was soaking my crotch and wanted to touch myself in the worst way but I thought restraint was the order of the day.

I put my hand back on her pussy and carefully inserted a finger in the slit. I probed up from the bottom toward the top trying to figure out the anatomy of this little cunt I was in. I think I felt the hymen covering the vagina, certainly the first one of those I’ve had my hands on since my own many years before. I came upon the clit about where I expected it to be.

“Do you like to be rubbed here Becky?”

“Oh, yes, please, rub it hard for me.”

I did, and I found her lips again with mine, pressed a kiss on her and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She increased her massaging of my titty, pressed back on my kiss, squeezed her little legs together, and shuddered to what seemed like an orgasm, as hard as that was for me to accept.

“Okay, I need to get home; that should be all for the first time, I think,” she declared, kind of jumping up and pulling up her panties and jeans.

“Sure,” I said, feeling sorry for myself that we didn’t get to reciprocate by working on my cunt, but I thought things went pretty well and that we might get to try some more things at a later time.

Becky leaned over and kissed me again. I took that as a positive sign.

“Run along, Becky, so no one misses you. I’m going to stay here and rest a bit. That was a lot of work.”

“Okay, see ya. Thanks for joining the cunny club.”

“Sure, when will I see you again?”

“Oh, I’ll turn up. Bye,” she said as a parting remark, and she was off out of the opening in the bush.

I didn’t even wait a second for her to be out of sight before I grabbed my jeans button and zipper and had them down to my knees. I snaked my fingers inside of my thong, not even bothering to pull it down. I shoved two fingers deep into my vagina, lubricating them and then went directly for my clit, rubbing it hard from underneath.

My other hand replaced Becky’s on my tit, squeezing and pulling on the erect nipple. I came — eyes closed, dreaming about the softness of Becky’s pussy and the great feeling of having probed it with my fingers, and fantasizing things that might be ahead for us — about as hard as I’ve ever come before.

I went home from my time with Becky in the woods feeling extremely ambivalent. On the one hand, I had lived a fantasy that I had harbored for quite a while about a sexual encounter with a young girl. Not sure I had someone as young as Becky in mind exactly, thirteen or fourteen would have been okay, but I wasn’t complaining. On the other hand, what had I done? I’d sexually molested a child of eight! It didn’t make any difference that she initiated it. No court of law…

Where is her mother? I kept asking myself. Shouldn’t she be a part of this conversation? But then I realized I needed to take responsibility for my own behavior. Being sexual with a little girl is something I have wanted to do for a long time and Becky’s turning up made that possible and easy. I was going to go with it and see what happened next.


Even though I walked every day in the woods, I didn’t see her for a few days. I didn’t waste time waiting for her though. Having no lover at the moment anyway, I would get myself off before I went for the walk, during the walk in the big bush, and after I got back, fantasizing what might have been.

“Hey, lady. Did you come back to have a meeting of the cunny club?”

“Becky, where have you been? I’ve been here every day since the last time.”

“Lots of places and doing different things,” she said. “We can play cunny club today if you want.”

“I would like that if you would. Say, you didn’t happen to mention our meeting to your mother, did you? I mean she’s the club leader, right? It really is her club, and you sort of asked me in?”

“It’s actually my club even though Mommy thought of it. She says without me there wouldn’t be a club, so I can do whatever I like.”

“Your mommy is one smart person about that. Without you, there would be no reason to even HAVE a club. But did you tell her you invited a new member?”

“I told her I was thinking about how nice it would be to have someone else join. She thought that was a great idea but I didn’t tell her I had already found someone.”

“Okay, we’ll have to keep thinking about how we might let your mother know about us.”

“I think Mommy would like you, and I think she would be happy that I invited you into the cunny club.”

“Well, that remains to be seen. What would you like to do today? You’re the boss.”

Becky took my hand in hers, and we walked over to the bush where you could get lost inside and went in. It occurred to me that she didn’t need to lead me over by the hand since I had been there before so I took the touching as a sign of intimacy. Or I wanted to take the touching as a sign of intimacy. I was also not just a little bit pleased with her saying that she thought her mommy would like me. I guess anything to make me feel less guilty of acting out my favorite, most secret fantasy.

“I think we should both get naked today,” she declared.

“Perfect. I’d like you to see me naked and do whatever you want to me,” I said, “and I’d like to see you naked too so that I could do whatever you wanted me to do to you without concern for clothes. I only wish we were more comfortable than being under this bush.”

“Maybe sometime we can get rid of my stupid babysitter and then you can come to my house to play.”

“Well, yeah — but if you didn’t have that stupid babysitter, then you’d just have a different one…” And it occurred to me right then that maybe I could be her babysitter. Then I could play with her every day — at least during the week — and in her own bed!

Becky was wearing a little dress that just barely covered her bottom, which quickly came off, and then she pulled down her cotton panties, standing naked except for her flip-flops which she kicked off as she stepped onto the blanket.

It took me a bit longer to get my clothes off. I pulled off my T-shirt and unhooked my bra from behind.

“My, what pretty titties you have Paula. I can’t wait to play with them.”

“I can’t wait for you to play with them, honey. I’m getting undressed as quickly as I can.” I shoved off my jeans and panties in one swift motion and stood naked in front of her.

She walked up to me, took my hand and pulled me down onto the blanket. We lay side by side and held each other in our arms and kissed passionately. I was all a-tingle with what I was doing with this little one in my arms. My crotch was soaking and I thought maybe I might just come thinking about it, not even touching myself or being touched by her.

Becky pushed me over onto my back and she crawled between my legs. She planted a kiss on my pubic bone, right above my clit. Lower I thought, lower, damn it, but I wasn’t in charge. She worked her way up my abdomen with her little lips and tongue and latched on to first one breast and then the other one, suckling like a baby. An electrical charge went from my tits to my cunt and I had to reach down to relieve myself.

“I’m going to touch myself honey, is that okay with you?”

“Sure, push your fingers into your cunny. You can touch me on my cunny with your other hand. I’d like you to rub my sweet spot while I nurse on your boobies.”

I pushed both hands underneath her chest and tummy. One went right for my sex. I pushed a few fingers in and then slid them up to my cunt, rubbing it from the side with my cunt lips. The other hand grabbed her entire crotch in its palm and then took my middle finger, ran it up her tiny slit and finding her clit, began to stimulate it.

She sucked mightily on my tits and bit on the nipples with her teeth. I increased my rubbing of both of our clits until she and I let out simultaneous sighs of release.

“Oh Becky, that was so good. Thank you for sucking on my tits.”

“See, I told you that it was good to be in a cunny club and play with cunnies. Mommy says that being with girls is the best. Girls always know what girls want and need.”

“Your mommy is very smart, honey. Let’s hope that she doesn’t mind another girl sharing her little angel. Can I please kiss your cunny today? I’ve thought about nothing else since the first day we met.”

“Oh, I’d like that,” and after giving me a hard kiss, she crawled up off of my chest and straddled my face. I buried my head between her thighs. I started with my lips on her bum, tonguing her little rosebud for a brief second and then licking up her slit a little bit at a time until I got to the top.

I found her sweet spot, engorged but tiny compared with that of a full grown woman. I took it in my mouth, sucking on it as she had sucked on my nipples a few minutes ago. While pushing her bum into my face with my left hand, my right hand went right for my pussy and I fingered myself to another orgasm with this little darling.

We both got dressed. This time I didn’t need to get myself off before I left. My orgasms with Becky this afternoon would keep me at least long enough to get home.

Before we parted, I asked Becky for her mother’s name, address, and phone number. I think I need to pick up some extra money babysitting, I said to myself as we kissed good bye.

The first thing I did I when I got home was to get on the Internet and look up Becky’s home address. Then I checked the website of the land preservation society to try to figure out where her house was in relationship to it and where she probably entered the woods. I was beginning to plot how Becky and I might lure her mother into an encounter so that I would have an excuse to offer my services — babysitting, that is.

The next thing I did was go to my bedroom and strip off all of my clothes, grabbing my vibe along the way. I lay down on the bed, put my ankles over each edge of the double bed and ground the vibe into my pussy. Closing my eyes and pulling on my tits, I was almost able to relive Becky on top of me, sucking on my breasts while I got myself off.

At the end of the fantasy, I grew Becky up in my mind to around her mother’s age and finished myself off thinking about sex with her mother sucking on my tits — but instead of masturbating myself; her mother was thrusting her fist into my vagina.

Before it got dark I drove around to where Becky lives. Their house is in a neighborhood that is tucked into the land preservation area near where I go walking. Next to their house, I found a trail head in the woods. I gathered that’s where Becky goes in. I wasn’t sure how that connected with where we were meeting but I was going to find that out on my walk tomorrow.


“Hey squirt, two days in a row?”

“Wow, this time you scared me. Have you been waiting for me? How did you get all the way out here near my street?”

“Oh, I’ve been poking around. I want to meet your mom, have her hire me as your babysitter and get rid of the stupid one. Then I can get to know you better, and your mommy too!”

“She’s very nice. It would be cool if we could all be in the cunny club together, huh?”

“I think so. You haven’t told her about me, have you?”

“Nope, not yet.”

“Okay, well, don’t just yet. Do you think there would be a time when you might take her for a walk and we could sort of come across one another here in the woods?”

“Sure, we sometimes walk on the weekend. In the morning, after breakfast. I can try to get her out this weekend. Wanna try to be here?”

“Okay. I’ll be here around 9 o’clock, and if you’re not here by 11, I’ll head home and we’ll think of something else. Did you want to have a club meeting today?”

“I’d like to be your baby again and suck on your boobies and have you touch me down there again. And maybe you could give my cunny kisses again like you did last week. And maybe I could put my hand in your cunny like I do Mommy’s. I like when I do that because she feels so good afterward.”

Even though we’ve done this only a couple of times, our time together has gotten quite special for me and seemingly so for her too. We held hands as we walked to our secret bush and crawled inside. We both got naked and I laid the blanket down on the ground so that we could be comfortable.

I lay down on my back and Becky jumped on top of me, her legs spread over my abdomen. Having her little pussy spread over my tummy, just below my navel — wiggling as it gets off on the skin to skin contact — is the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever experienced. Becky gave me serious kisses on my lips and worked her way down my front to my tits.

She began sucking on my tits as she had the other day and instead of touching both of us as I had done before, it seemed to me that our cunts were almost lined up and that we should try rubbing them together. I pushed mine up by arching my back a bit and much to my surprise, Becky pushed her pussy into mine. This seemed to work for both of us quite well and we both came at about the same time.

Becky then continued to lower herself down my body until she was crouched between my legs. I wasn’t sure I had heard her correctly when she said she was going to put her hand in my cunny but it seemed as if that was what she had in mind.

She went about lubricating her arm quite expertly from both my pussy juices and hers. After she soaked herself, she started to insert her fingers and then her hand. I was pretty tense at first but then I began to relax which made it easier. I had to go with the flow of this because at any point that I began to genuinely think about what was happening — eight-year-old girl fist fucking thirty-something woman in the woods — I began to tense up.

When I ignored all of that, the sensation was fantastic. Becky was able to push into my cunt right up to her forearm and wiggle her fingers inside of me and work my clit with the fingers of her other hand, driving me absolutely wild. I came in short order with loud screams and thrusts of my hips against her fist.

“That was great, thanks,” I finally gasped, sated but still hungry for this sexy nymph. “Can I give your cunny kisses again like I did yesterday?”

“Yes, I’d like that.” Becky crawled up on me, stopping to suck a minute on each tit, making my nipples hard and planting a long, passionate kiss on my lips. Then she pulled herself up and straddled my face.

At first I just kissed the outer lips and inhaled the little girl smell that was coming from her sex. I began probing with my tongue at her butt crack and Becky giggled. Then I worked my tongue into her slit and slowly inched toward the sweet spot.

When I found it, I diddled with it a bit and then took it fully into my mouth and sucked. I lubricated one hand with my own juices and inserted a finger into her poop hole. With my other hand, I found my own clit and rubbed it from underneath. I was so aroused by all of this, I thought I was going to explode but wanted to time my orgasm with Becky’s so I worked us both into the same rhythm.

Finally Becky’s breathing quickened and her little body began to shudder. I pushed myself over with some hard thrusts to my clit and fingers shoved into my vagina. Both of our bodies shuddered at the same time. What great loving I was experiencing from this little girl, obviously well taught by her mother — who I couldn’t wait to meet. I wondered if I could find a way to get her to invite me into the cunny club.


On Saturday, I got to the place where I last met Becky around nine. I didn’t have to wait long before Becky and her mom showed up, walking down the trail toward me.

“Hi Becky, good to see you. And this must be your mother,” I said.

“Who are you… and how do you know Becky?” her mother said, with more than a little bit of curiosity and maybe some tension in her voice.

“I’m Paula. Becky and I sometimes see each other here in the woods. I live over that way and walk here every afternoon. Becky plays here after school some days if the weather is nice.” My fantasy about Becky’s mother being a larger version of Becky was pretty much on the mark. My twisted mind was seeing myself in bed, next to Mom with Becky on top of us.

“Oh, do you walk alone, Becky? Where is your babysitter?” Marie said, sounding concerned.

“She’s mostly watching TV and messing with her boyfriend, Mom. Paula is very nice. We chat about things. I think you’ll like her.”

“Hmmm, well, I guess I’m speechless. I think we’ll have to find a new babysitter for you so that you aren’t left alone. My name is Marie and… yours again?”

“Paula. I’m a writer and work out of my house on the other side of the wood. I walk here every afternoon to clear my brain.”

“Could Paula be my babysitter, Mommy? She’s a very nice lady.” Becky was playing the perfect foil, what a smart kid.

“Oh, Becky, we couldn’t just ask her to be your babysitter, I’m sure she has more important things to do.”

“Actually, I think it might be fun,” I said. “But, your mother doesn’t know anything about me and I think she might like to get to know me a bit better before she trusts her little girl to a perfect stranger.”

“You’re not a stranger to me,” Becky said and I resisted making a wisecrack remark about how her mother didn’t know the half of it.

“Well, we’ve just got to let your mother get to know me and then we can talk about babysitting. Can I interest you in a cup of coffee or tea at my place — maybe some milk and cookies for you Becky?”

“Oh, I’d love it,” Becky jumped in before Mom could say a word. Probably a good thing too because I was getting the impression that Becky got what she wanted. I know I’d give her what she wanted if she promised to go down on me once a day.

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” Marie said and we headed off toward my place through the wood.

“You live alone?” Marie asked when we got to my place and I unlocked the door.

“For now I do. My partner April and I spit up just a little bit a go. I’m still working through that but I’m not in any relationship right now.” Except I’m fucking your daughter like you are, I wanted to scream out, but I was trying to play this carefully. Luckily, Becky was keeping quiet too.

I think I saw ‘lesbian’ flash across her face along with a sigh of relief. I wanted her to know what she was dealing with. I suppose one could have same-gender sex with one’s daughter and not be interested in women in general but I doubted it. I figured I would get further admitting to my preferences early on if there was a chance of my getting into the club. Besides, didn’t Becky quote Mom as saying ‘girls know what girls like’ or something to that effect?

I occupied Becky with some paper and markers and picture books while Marie and I chatted. We had a very nice visit, at least from my point of view. As it came time to leave Marie began to make arrangements for the next steps. This was unfolding about as well as could be expected as it turns out.

“You know Becky, I think Paula would make a very good babysitter, that is if she still feels like she would want to. I want her to visit our house tomorrow to show her around and fill her in on where to meet the bus. Can you come over tomorrow; say around 10 in the morning? Becky will be off with her dad. He usually does something with Becky on Sunday so that I can have a bit of weekend time to work. He works on Saturday.”

“I’d be very happy to. I’ll see you tomorrow at your house at 10. Good bye Becky, nice seeing you again.”

“Bye Paula, I love you,” she said and she raised herself up on her tiptoes and reached up with her lips to give me a kiss. I knelt down to receive it and our lips met but I pulled away quickly so as not to give her mother too much information just yet.

“I love you too, Becky,” I said.

“I can see that Becky is very fond of you,” she said. “I want to get to know you as well as she does. I hope we can accomplish that tomorrow.”

Well, that’s a tall order I thought but the sex would be great. “Oh, I’d like that. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Have a good evening. Bye Becky.”

“Bye, bye,” they both said in unison and I watched them walk back toward the wood to their house.

Feeling even hornier than I usually do, having spent the afternoon close to and fantasizing being with the two of them, I went to my room, stripped off my clothes, grabbed my vibe and went after my soaking vagina and clit with it. I lost count of the orgasms.


I got to Becky’s house a little after 10. Marie greeted me at the door. We were alone. Becky and her dad were nowhere in sight. I imagined them to be away as Marie had promised.

“Thanks for coming. I want you to know that I’ve gotten very comfortable with you watching Becky in the afternoons that is if you REALLY want to. I don’t want to take you away from your work. But Becky seems to genuinely like you,” she sort of blurted out all at once.

“Well, I like her too. I’m really glad to hear that you are okay with my spending time with Becky in the afternoon.”

“I am but there are some things I think I need to share with you before that happens so that you hear them from me and not from Becky. Over time, I’m sure she would tell all of our stories and being as naïve, in some ways, as a eight year old should be, they might be misinterpreted by you. At least I want you to hear them from me first.

“Sure, I’m all ears and, well, you already know my sexual preferences so if that was or is a concern, it’s out in the open.” I was trying to make this easy for her. I wished I could have said that I knew about her relationship with Becky and that I had a similar one though not for as long; but as I watched Marie struggle with this, I figured I should just let it play out.

“Paula, I like women too more than men anyway. Becky’s father and I have a marriage of appearances because it suits both of our careers better than the alternatives. He likes women too and in some ways we like the same kind of women but we don’t usually date the same women. I was pleased to hear you say that your partner was a woman, but there is something else you need to know.”

Marie was looking vulnerable at this point. I concluded that she needed to confess what she was about to tell me. At least she wanted me to hear it from her and not from Becky later as I began to watch her. Of course, I already knew and was going to let her off whatever hook she thought she was going to impale herself on by confessing the same thing.

“Becky is a very special girl, my angel really, and she and I have a very special relationship that some people might think is inappropriate.”

“Becky is very special,” I said. “I can see that the two of you love each other very much,” hoping beyond hope that I could birth this problem we were going through labor about and get on to seeing if I could seduce her before her daughter and husband got home. I took a chance and got up from where I was sitting and went over to the sofa where she was. I sat down next to her and put an arm over her shoulder, and with my other hand I grabbed her hand and held it.

“I can see why Becky likes you. You are very sweet and I’m feeling quite fond of you. Here’s the deal, Becky and I are affectionate with one another. In fact, we are lovers. We get naked together and touch and kiss each other… make love, basically. My husband doesn’t know about our relationship. He’d probably throw a fit, so I don’t want to upset the delicate balance we have. I hope you will understand and accept that about us. I would like to be your friend.”

“Of course I understand,” I said. “I’m so glad you shared that with me. I think it’s great how girls can make girls feel good and I think it’s neat that you have that relationship with your daughter. I also have had feelings about being with young girls but I haven’t had the opportunity that you’ve had.”

“Well, Becky suggested that we should let others in on our secret cunny club, as we call it, and I have been thinking that I would like an adult in my life as well as Becky. Do you think we might get to know each other better… I mean to see if you could be that person?”

“Yes, I think I’d like that.” Now we were working up to getting the horse in front of the cart. I wonder if later when Becky joined us, her mom would notice how comfortable we are with our intimacy of one another. I leaned over and brought my lips to hers. She responded by pressing back and it felt very good to be with her.

I decided to take charge. It was now or maybe never. “Do you find me attractive, I mean sexy? Would you like to spend some intimate time together before Becky and her dad get home? Or maybe we should hoof it over to my place where we can be alone until we decide one way or the other?”

“No, we can stay here. Yes let’s go into the bedroom and get more comfortable.”

We did and we did.

“I haven’t had loving like that in quite awhile,” Marie said after we had caught our breath and we were cuddled in each other’s arms. “I want very much for you to join Becky and I in our relationship. I think it will be good for her to have someone else other than me to be with and I know it will be good for me,” she said with a big smile on her face and she leaned over for a kiss.

“I will talk to Becky tonight about you and tell her that it’s okay for you and her to play. Would you do me a big favor, for the first time you do it with her?”

“Sure, I said, what would you like?”

“I’ve fantasized finding Becky with someone else. It’s a big turn on for me. I’ve never imagined that it could happen but having met you and Becky liking you as much as she does… I mean would you let me watch and walk in on you?”

“Of course,” and I gave her a hug. Thinking about it had me squeezing my thighs together too. “Timing? Husband?”

“He’s out of town tomorrow night, I’ll get home around 5. Do you think you can keep your hands off of Becky between her school getting out and then?” She said only half facetiously.

“Honestly, it’s going to be tough, but I will for you because I’m so happy to be a part of your lives.”


I didn’t pretend to try to sleep that night or attempt any work the next day. I was fidgety all day thinking about the afternoon and evening. Becky and I were going to be together, indoors of all places, and her mother who I genuinely was fond of was going to join us. While most of my anxiety about this was anticipation, part of me hoped that Marie didn’t notice how comfortable Becky and I were with one another.

“Hi squirt. Welcome home, how was school?”

“Hi Paula,” she raised herself up on her tip toes to put her arms around my neck a plant a kiss on my lips. “I couldn’t pay attention to anything, I was so excited about coming home to be with you and Mommy.”

“Me too honey, but we’ve got a couple of hours before Mommy comes home and she’s asked us to play a little game for her. Did she tell you about it?”

“Like hide and seek only Mommy will do both parts.”

“Yes, something like that,” I said. “How about a snack and we take a walk in the woods?”

At a little before five, Becky and I went into her bedroom. She pulled off her T-shirt, jeans and kicked off her flip-flops and lay down on the bed in her little white cotton panties.

“What shall we do today Becky? You always have the best games in mind.”

“Why don’t you pull down my panties when you are ready to see my pussy and touch me there? You can touch me anywhere you like. You will be more comfortable with your clothes off though, you know?”

I stripped down naked and was very happy to have my pussy out in the air where I could touch it to relieve some of the tension I was experiencing. I stood next to the bed and began touching her hair and head and caressed her lips with my fingers. She took a couple of fingers into her mouth and sucked on them. I then let my hands move down her neck and caressed her flat chest without any evidence of breast development and pulled a bit on her nipples and made them erect.

I thought I heard a door open and close very quietly. I got even more tingly between my legs thinking that we had an audience. I wondered if Becky was aware, but I didn’t want to spoil the moment.

She reached up and began stroking my sex quite naturally and very effectively. Without breaking the rhythm of that, which was driving me crazy, I put my hand on her crotch over her panties. I could feel the lips and the slit through the material. Not able to resist the urge another minute, I snaked the index finger of both hands down into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her thighs to about half mast. I left them there briefly and touched her sex again, this time probing it, looking for her sweet spot.

I climbed into bed with her, lay on my back and pulled her on top of me. She gave me a long, slow, passionate, open-mouth kiss that took me aback given her age but I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised given her sexual experience. I pulled her panties off over her feet and lifted her bum with both hands and placed it squarely onto my face and began to explore her little-girl slit with my mouth.

She was aroused by my kisses and licking and I found that satisfying. I think she may have had an orgasm but it consisted of a couple of purrs and squeaks and giggles and then she went on about her work. She lowered her head to my cunt and began to suck and lick.

It was at that point that her mom came into the room naked, touching herself. It excited me even more to see her masturbating herself. Becky’s mouth was doing a more-than-expert job on my cunt. She was kneeling between my legs and her bum was sticking up at the end of the bed.

Mom approached Becky from the rear pushing three fingers up into her own vagina getting them good and wet. Watching Marie over Becky’s back and bum while she sucked my clit, I saw Mom insert one finger into Becky’s rosebud and probe her little pussy with the other two. Becky moaned a bit in pain and a bit in pleasure.

Marie continued to work on herself with her free hand while she stimulated both of her daughter’s holes. The three of us soon got into a rhythm of sucking and fingering and reached orgasms at about the same time.

Marie climbed into bed with Becky and I after that and lay down beside me. Becky lay on top of the two of us, kind of half on both. Marie and I had our hands all over Becky’s little body and we were tickling her and all giggling. Marie leaned her head over toward mine and planted a quick kiss on my cheek. I turned my lips toward hers and returned the kiss, firmly and directly on them. We instinctively reached for each other’s breasts, rubbing them, and I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

“Hey, what about me?” protested Becky.

“We have kisses for you too,” her mom said, “and then we have something we want you to do for us.”

Marie pulled Becky into her arms and gave her a romantic kiss on the mouth. Becky then turned to kiss me, her little tongue darting into my mouth, licking around my lips.

“Are we going to play another game, Mommy?”

“We sure are sweetie. You know how you sometimes put your hand and arm into Mommy?”

“Yes, I love to do that, it feels so good and it makes you so happy.”

“Well, you are going to do it to both of us at the same time. Do you think you can do that?”

“Sure, just put your cunnies as close together as you can, ‘kay?”

“I think that suits us just fine,” I said having trouble catching my breath from what Marie had just said. My sex was tingling just thinking about it.

Marie and I used our own vaginal fluids to lubricate Becky’s arms. We then lay back and pushed our hips together as close as we could. Our spreading our outer legs wide allowed Becky to straddle our inner ones and have access to our spread pussies.

After a little bit of maneuvering, Becky was able to enter both of us up to her forearm and fuck us at the same time. Marie and I leaned toward one another, kissing passionately and rubbing each other’s titties and nipples. Shortly, we both had roaring orgasms and fell back on the bed panting and laughing. Becky climbed back onto the bed to nestle in our arms.

We cuddled all naked and sticky for a long while, sharing kisses.

“That was fantastic Becky and Marie, thanks so much for letting me join your cunny club,” I said at the end of the evening. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Becky.”

“I like having you a part of it and a part of our lives,” Marie said.

“Me too!” chanted Becky and gave me a wink as she pushed up on her tip-toes to kiss me goodnight.


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