While the Mouse Was Away the Cat Did Play, Chapter 4

  • Posted on July 14, 2015 at 1:27 am

By hornykate

Ruth’s dad must’ve thought I’d gone slightly loopy, or menopausal. I’d never called him so much to ask him if he wanted to take Ruth out.

“Got a new man in your life?” he asked over the phone. If only he knew, though probably best he didn’t!

But the only time I was likely to see Beth was when Ruth was safely out of the way. Twice we’d tried to arrange it via clandestine texting and twice unexpected events had thwarted all plans. So this was third time lucky.

Ruth’s father arrived spot on time (he was taking her shopping with McDonalds thrown in as a treat for him) and before she’d got in his car I was madly texting. “will you come to see me? I’m on my own”. The reply came obscenely quickly: “yes. 5 mins”.

True to her word, she came knocking on my door and my heart was knocking on my rib cage. I knew she was coming, was expecting her, but I was still as nervous as a battery hen.

As soon as she breezed through the door, I took her into my arms. Had I not, it may have become awkward. I’d have offered her a drink, we’d have sat in the kitchen and reality would have ruined this ethereal tryst. So I was determined to embrace her straight away. It worked. We kissed. We held each other. My eleven year old lover and I, together for only the second time. My fantasy come true. I find most eight to twelve year old girls sexy, but there is a world of difference between being sexy and being sexual. And she was truly sexual. That swarthy skin, that untamed hair. I believed I was in love.

We wasted no time and went straight to my bed. I was no longer nervous. The unfamiliar territory of our first encounter was now a more familiar land and I almost forgot she was only eleven. My God she was so beautiful. I told her I wanted to kiss every inch of her body and, with her permission I did. Her neck, her eyelids, her elbows, the backs of her knees, everywhere. We didn’t have sex, we made love. The whole experience was incredible but the moment she went down on me, when I felt her little tongue on my aching clit was the most incredible of all. In fact it was so good I asked her about it when we lay, spent, in each others arms.

“I was thinking about what you were saying last time, and I’ve been practising,” she giggled.

“Oh yes?” I said, already feeling aroused at what this might mean. “And dare I ask who you’ve been practising with?”

“With Ruth of course.” she replied.

“Oh my God,” I said. “Really? When? Tell me what happened?” So she did. They’d been kissing ‘and stuff’ the other day and, put simply, it’d ended with them both licking each other out. I was fingering myself as she was telling me, the thought of my little lover fucking my little daughter was almost too hot.

“What does she taste like?” I asked, “did you enjoy it? Did she?”

“Yes and yes,” she replied, “and she tastes a bit like you. You dont know how hot she is. I made her come.” And thats when I came, telling Beth what a naughty girl she was, and Beth telling me it was Ruth who was the naughty one, as it was her idea. That was even hotter. And that was when the downstairs door slammed shut and we heard Ruth shout “MUM! I’M HOME!”

Shit, we’d completely lost track of time. Here I was in bed with her best friend, and already she was bounding up the stairs. We had no time to do anything other than cover up. I shouted out “DONT COME IN!” but she’d already turned the handle and in she walked.

“MOTHER! OH MY GOD!” and she ran to her room.

Beth shot out of bed and followed her telling me “It’s OK, I’ll talk to her.” I admired her ‘can-do’ attitude but doubted she could make the whole thing better.

I lay in my bed, mortified, for the best part of half an hour when the door slowly opened and in walked Beth, holding Ruth’s hand. And they were both naked. I held out my arms for her, she came to me and I held her naked body to me as Beth knelt behind her. My recent mortification had vanished to be replaced by a feeling of super-charged sexuality. My nipples hardened as they rubbed against my daughter’s budding breasts, already more noticable than Beth’s flat chest. I was becoming very aroused and judging by Ruth’s puffy nipples, so was she. Beth leaned forward and gently turned Ruth’s head so she could kiss her. And what a kiss. Passionate, open-mouthed, tongues exploring. Hotter than I could ever have imagined. I leaned forward myself and we all kissed together, three mouths, three tongues.

We collapsed on my bed and I pulled the covers over us. Ruth ended up lying between us, I put my hand on Beth’s shoulder and traced her arm towards her hand, my mouth going dry as I realized where her hand was. I placed my hand over hers and mimicked her movements, so as she fingered Ruth, so did I. If she slid a finger into Ruth’s cunt so did I. We all kissed again, then Beth moved her head out of the way leaving me and Ruth kissing like lovers.

“Sorry I shouted, Mum,” she said, then squealed as Beth’s tongue invaded her little cunt.

It was no longer fantasy. We had awakened.


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  1. MrStrut says:

    Very erotic series. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Stevie says:

    Fantastic !!!! I dream of this happening with my daughter and her friend

  3. Mo says:

    Oh absolutely loved this series. Passionate, intense and such hot sex.

    Only complaint is I want another chapter to fully play out this erotic, taboo threesum

  4. ClitLicker says:

    A lovely short story

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