Love is in the Rain

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By a2b

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2008 }

Ten-year-old Sarah Jones padded into the girls changing rooms, roughly towelling her wet brown hair. She sat down on one of the wooden benches and watched her toned legs shake up and down.

“How many lengths did you do?” came a sweet voice from the showers.

“Fourteen, I think.” replied Sarah, pulling a key from her dark blue one-piece.

“Fourteen!? What are you a mermaid?”

Samantha Hardy, or Summer as she preferred to be called, came out of the shower. She carried a towel but didn’t bother to wear it, instead letting her long blonde hair cling to her body as water poured off her deeply tanned skin.

The two girls had known each other their whole lives, just as their mothers had before them. They hardly ever went a week without staying over at each other’s home. They knew everything about each other.

Well, there was something about Sarah that Summer didn’t know, but how do you tell your best friend that you love her more than anything else in the world?

“How many did you do?” asked Sarah, grabbing both Summer’s and her own bag from the locker.

“I barely did four,” said Summer, taking off her pink bikini top “But then I’m not half fish.”

Sarah replied by showing Summer her tongue and continued towelling herself dry. When she was done she pulled the straps down off her arms and pulled a white cotton dress from her bag. She slipped it over her body. All the while, Sarah sneaked peaks at Summer as she pushed her pink bottoms down her long legs and stood nude while she dried herself. Summer wasn’t the only one naked in the changing room, there were many other both older and younger, but Sarah couldn’t tear her eyes away from her friend for more than a few minutes.

Although both girls were the same age, puberty had apparently met up with Summer early. Her breasts were already budding out, not large enough yet to need a bra but big enough to be noticeable, with puffy pink nipples capping them off.

Sarah could just about make out the blonde fuzz forming at the top off her friend’s slit, and was more than a little dismayed when it was covered in a pair of panties.

“Want to stop off at the park on the way home?” asked Summer, pulling a yellow pair of shorts and matching t-shirt from her bag.

“Yeah, okay.” said Sarah, her voice sounding distant to her own ears.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she pulled off her swimsuit from under her dress and wrapped it in her towel and began searching through her bag.

“Oh no.” she said quietly after a good rummage.

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to pack my underwear.” she whispered.

“Oh,” said Summer, with the faintest of smiles, “Just wear your swimsuit, then.”

“I can’t, it’s still wet.”

“Well then, go without,” Summer said. “No one’s going to be able to see under your dress.”

“You sure?”

“Definitely. Nobody’s gonna notice.”


The clouds were faint, barely noticeable as the two friends walked down the street, but they gathered quickly, casting a shadow over the young girls as they chatted to each other. The wind came first, teasing with the hem of Sarah’s dress, threatening to whip it up.

“Maybe we should forget about the park.” said Summer, watching her friend closely.

“Good idea.” agreed Sarah, holding the front and back of her dress down.

The storm broke, drops of rain falling like bullets, the wind picking and swirling round, the two girls shrieking in surprise.

Sarah and Summer broke into a run as the rain came down heavily. Sarah was forced to let go of her dress in order to keep up with Summer and she could feel it flipping up past her waist with every step. It didn’t help matters either that her swimming bag hung low and was slapping against her butt.

Summer led the way into the park — stopping to play or not, it was still a shortcut to the street they lived on. Summer suddenly turned off the cobbled path and ran across the grass. Sarah followed with a puzzled expression on her face, which quickly cleared when she saw the large oak they were running to.

“We should have stayed at the stupid pool,” complained Summer, rubbing her arms and the tiny goose bumps that had appeared on her skin.

Sarah nodded in agreement and leant back against the tree. The leaves didn’t block off all the rain, but it was better than nothing.

“Maybe you should put your swimsuit back on.” said Summer.

“It’s okay. I’m not really that cold.” Which was the truth; she was wet but the rain wasn’t that cold.

“Um… I wasn’t really talking about the cold,” Summer replied, nodding downwards at her friend’s dress.

Sarah looked down and saw the heavy rain had soaked her cotton garment right through. The white material had turned almost completely transparent, her pointy nipples and the bald crease between her legs were as clear as if she was naked.

“Ohhh…” Sarah groaned, dropping her bag on the wet grass and opening it up.

“Airy itty.” Sarah heard, just barely, over the falling rain.

“What?” asked Sarah, looking up at her friend.

“I said ‘you’re very pretty’.” replied Summer.

Sarah looked up at her friend with a smile, but something caught her eye.

“Hey, wait! You’ve got underwear on under your shorts.”


“So, let me wear them.”

“What?” exclaimed Summer with a grin, “Get your own panties!”

“Aw c’mon, I can’t go walking around like this.”

“If you want them, you’re gonna have to catch them!” laughed Summer as she ran out into the rain.

Sarah felt herself charged with energy and took off in pursuit. The girls chased each other, each laughing whenever the other slipped on the wet grass. Summer turned a couple of cartwheels and then looked at Sarah with ‘beat that’ look on her face.

Sarah did, copying both the cartwheels and then adding a backfip at the end, not caring anymore when the wet dress slipped straight down to her armpits whenever she was on her hands.

“Ha!” she said triumphantly, “Beat that!”

But when she looked up, Summer was back at the tree, leaning against it and watching with a smile. Sarah was confused for a moment before going up to join her.

“Given up, have ya?”

Summer’s yellow t-shirt clung tightly to her young body, and Sarah could make out her friend’s swollen nipples rising up and down.

“What’s up?”

The next thing she knew, Sarah was on the ground. Summer was laughing as the two girls rolled over one another, and Sarah couldn’t help but join in with her.

They eventually stopped, with Summer holding herself over Sarah.

“Iloveyou.” Summer suddenly blurted out.

“What?” asked Sarah, with Summer’s blonde hair covering the girl’s face; Sarah wasn’t sure she was being serious.

“I love you.” she said, slower this time.

Sarah reached with a shaking hand and parted Summer’s long golden locks. She gasped as she saw the girl had tears in her eyes, her bottom lip shaking. Without thinking about what she was doing, Sarah pushed herself up, closer to her best friend’s wet face.

Her mouth was warm and moist, the kiss tender and loving. All the intimacy and mutual adoration the pair had for each other was blending together; intoxicating, incredible, slowly growing more passionate.

Summer opened her mouth for Sarah’s tongue, and they wrestled in the hot cavern of her mouth. Sarah’s eyes went wide in shock at what was happening, but they slowly fluttered shut and she pulled Summer closer to her.

Summer broke the kiss and looked at Sarah; first her face, then her whole body, the wet dress bunched up at the girl’s waist. Sarah’s legs were bent back, exposing her pink sex and tiny puckered asshole.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Summer asked.

Sarah shook her head and pulled Summer down for more kisses. The blonde girl sighed softly into Sarah’s mouth as she felt hands sliding down her back, making their way under her drenched t-shirt and pushing it up.

“Are you sure you don’t know what you’re doing?” asked Summer as Sarah tugged the garment off Summer completely and dropped it on the grass next to her.

Sarah said “No,” and put her hands on Summer’s breasts, squeezing the hard orbs and relishing in the feel of her nipples tightening between her fingers.

“Don’t squeeze them so hard.” Summer panted, closing her eyes at the sensation.

The girls held each other as the rain coursed down their skin, little rivulets of water running between their bodies, down their stomachs, drops of rain impacting like little shots of pleasure on their aroused flesh.

Sarah leaned up and took one of Summer’s nipples into her mouth. Summer’s hand clenched in the grass, digging little trenches with her fingers. She let out small moans which grew deeper and louder with every suck, until she felt a bubble of heat burst inside of her and her young body climaxing for the first time.

The girls lay together for several minutes, Sarah holding Summer’s shaking body.

“Are you okay?” she asked, stroking the girl’s back.

“I’ve… never felt… better…” said Summer breathlessly.

“What happened to you?”

“I-I don’t know. It felt like something inside me went pop, you know?” When Sarah shook her head, Summer broke out into a devious smile, “Well then, I guess I better show you.”

Summer reached down and took the dress straps off of Sarah’s shoulders. The brunette sat up and helped her take her dress completely off, exposing her slender, toned body to her in an open field with rain falling around and on them.

She leaned over and licked Sarah’s small nipples, eventually taking one then the other completely into her mouth, like Sarah had done to her. The feeling that washed over Sarah from the way her friend’s tongue slid over them was incredible.

The girls sat up and started kissing again. Sarah held Summer close to her, pressing their chests together. Summer broke away and started kissing neck and chest. Her hand slid down Sarah’s side, found her leg and made its way up the thigh. Instinctively, Sarah leant back, opening her legs to give Summer access to her wet pussy.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” asked Sarah, to which Summer nodded with a smile.

Her fingers played around the young lips for awhile, and then went up to her hardened clit. Thunder crashed overhead, completely overwhelming Sarah’s cries of pleasure as Summer thrust her fingers deep inside her, the delicate fingers carrying her lover to new heights of pleasure, her long, toned body writhing on the grass as the rain pounded down on the couple, covering them in a glistening sheen of rainwater.

The young girl arched up in pleasure, a climax overtaking her quickly as Summer’s fingers worked their magic inside her, curling in her, stretching her wide as she thrashed in pleasure, her muscles clenching in orgasm.

Summer’s tongue slid across the skin of her lover, tasting the rainwater that soaked both of them, across her stomach, unceasing in motion until her mouth reached her lover’s dripping sex, tongue licking up the thick juices, eagerly tasting Sarah’s essence.

The tiny girl sucked her lover’s clit into her mouth, gripping it gently with her teeth as she rubbed the tip of her tongue against it, feeling Sarah’s hips jerk at the slightest contact, hands trying to hold her steady as she suckled on the hard bud, sliding her fingers into her lover’s damp passage again, moaning out softly as the rain pounded down on her back.

Sarah arched completely up from the ground, her entire body shaking in ecstasy as she hit her second climax, juices gushing into Summer’s mouth as that warm tongue moved inside her, prolonging her orgasm, drawing it out, urging every bit of pleasure from the orgasm that could be had.


Sarah and Summer sat on one of the park benches, their arms around each other, their wet, nude bodies pressed together. The rain was still falling, but it was easing off, the sun peeking out through the clouds.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Sarah asked quietly.

“My mom,” replied Sarah, “Some nights she has friends of hers staying over. I snuck out of bed one night and saw what they were doing. My mom says it ’cause they’re lesbians.”

“Does that make us lesbians, then?”

“I suppose.”


The girls leant closer together and kissed again, tongues wrapping around each other.

“Hey,” said Summer when they stopped for air, “When I said ‘I love you’, you didn’t answer.”

“Race you to the tree!”

Sarah hopped off the bench and ran out onto the grass, Summer followed behind shouting out to her. Sarah reached the tree first and turned to face her.

“I LOVE YOU!” she shouted, “FOREVER!”

The End


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  1. MargaretSexyMum says:

    A beautiful story of young love

  2. stewart says:

    A very good beginning to what I am sure will be a fascinating story. Well written , thank you for your effort.

  3. MrStrut says:

    Very sexy and sweet first love story. I see these two loving each other for a long time. Maybe we will read about it! Thanks a2b.

  4. rubbery says:


  5. Hi I want to say that I love your story of the two little girls Sarah and summer Naked having sex in the rain. But I like the last part where little Sarah is standing Naked against the tree. The hole story is great but I think you should have Sarah to tell summer to take off her Short’s and pantries and have Sarah asked Summer if they should run Naked across the park to there home. That would be really great and to the where they continue there pussy eating and sucking and fucking.

  6. Unfastened Belts / Lisa says:

    Absolutely beautiful story. <3

  7. L. says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Loved it. L

  8. Misty Meadow says:

    Delicious! Oh to be young again, on the cusp of puberty, discovering all the wonderful things that we and our friends can do together, the whole of our lesbian lives ahead of us. Thanks for this charming masturbatory fantasy. My fingers are itching to get at my pussy, which also happens to be itching.

  9. Myka says:

    Lovely lovely story … and oh what lovely fun we had in those early carefree days …

  10. Sean says:

    Such a wonderful way with words, I love how you describe the girls.

  11. sue says:

    A real charmer of a short story between two preteens.

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