Picture This, Chapter 8

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By Jeneee

Amanda stared at her mother and Sue, waiting for an answer. But all she got was silence accompanied by a slight trace of a smile on the corners of her mother’s lips.

Then, “I’m feeling really thirsty now, Sue. How about you?” came from her mom. Amanda glared at them both, wondering what was going on – wondering what kind of new experience they had been whispering about cooking up for her.

Sue smiled. “Yes, I could use a drink too. How about a beer, Kayla?” she asked.

“What happened to the wine you were both going to have?” Amanda asked with a frown, hands back on her hips again, her chest slightly thrust out, puffy nipples plainly visible through the tight material of her white tee.

Her mother shrugged. “Changed my mind, hon. I’m too thirsty for wine right now,” she explained.

“Me too,” agreed Sue, looking at Amanda, noticing with a smile her obvious attempt to show off her cute budding breasts. “All that great loving you gave me has made me really thirsty, sweetie. Oh, and what would you like to drink, hon?” she asked the little girl.

“Coke, I guess, since mommy won’t let me have wine and I’m sure she won’t let me have a beer either,” she added with a scowl. “Besides, I don’t much like beer anyway,” she added.

“Since when have you ever had beer before?” Kayla wanted to know, staring back at her daughter in surprise.

Amanda grinned. “Sylvia gave me a taste of hers one night while we were watching a video when you’d run out to the store for a few minutes. But it was yucky, so I’m sticking with Coke.”

Sue nodded. “Coke it is then. And I’ll make some sandwiches for you and your mom while I’m in the kitchen,” she added. “Be right back.” And with a wink at Kayla she left the living room, not bothering to cover her own beautiful breasts which swayed enticingly as she walked away from her new friends, nipples still firmly and gloriously erect.

“What’s going on, Mommy?” Amanda demanded. “What was all that whispering about? What are you both up to? Huh? Mommy? Answer me!” But Kayla merely smiled.

“Sit down, sweetie,” she told her daughter, pointing her hand toward the couch. “I’m so proud of the way you made Sue cum, honey,” she told Amanda, cagily changing the subject. “We’ll have to invite her to come over to dinner with us next Sunday, too. I know Sylvia will want to meet her.” And I’m going to have to have a word with that girlfriend of mine about giving you beer to drink, Kayla thought to herself.

“Yeah, but Lynne’s coming too, so we won’t be able to have any fun,” Amanda said with a frown, remembering what a sourpuss Kimmie’s mom had been at the hospital. But then she smiled a little realizing that maybe she and Kimmie could escape to her room sometime during the evening for a little fun of their own. She was dying to tell her all about Sue, anyway. She’ll be so embarrassed when she finds out she heard us pissing and playing in the washroom, she giggled to herself.

Doing as her mother asked, however, Amanda sat down once more on the couch, hugging her knees to her chin, heels resting on the soft leatherette, not caring that her short blue skirt did nothing to hide her nakedness underneath. Sitting across from her in the armchair, Kayla looked fondly at her daughter’s sweet pussy, lips now squeezed together and pouting proudly from between her slim thighs, still swollen and moist from Amanda’s obvious arousal – the after-effects of her hot session with Sue’s willing cunt. Her own pussy was leaking now following her brief involvement with the nurse but more so from knowing what Sue had in store for her little girl once she’d been given the okay. As Kayla continued to eye Amanda’s pussy she absentmindedly caressed her own breasts underneath her yellow blouse and, thinking what the hell, she untied it, letting it hang loose showing off her boobs and their hardening nipples to her daughter. “Why don’t you take off your tee, too, Amanda,” she told her daughter. “We might as well all go topless,” she laughed, cupping her exposed tits and bouncing them up and down.

Amanda did as she was asked and rubbed her palms over her budding little breasts, causing her nipples to harden even more.

At that moment Sue returned from the kitchen carrying a tray loaded with sandwiches and drinks, which she placed on the coffee table, eying her now half-naked guests with a smile. “It looks like you’re really making yourselves at home now. I love the view,” she said with a wink, sitting down beside Amanda and passing her a can of Coke. After pouring a beer into a glass she handed it to Kayla and then poured one for herself. They all clinked their glasses together and spent the next half an hour or so chatting and giggling, getting to know each other a little better.

Eventually, after the sandwiches were all eaten and a few more beers had been consumed Sue announced with a smile that the time had come for a little more fun. “I don’t know about you, Kayla, but I have to pee, real bad.” Kayla, picking up the cue, nodded in agreement. “And since you seem to love pee games, Amanda, we thought we’d introduce you to a new little twist,” Sue continued, “something we nurses know a little about,” she added with a coy look on her face. “Okay Kayla, panties off,” she ordered Amanda’s mom.

As Kayla stood and slipped off her panties Sue reached over to a cloth bag she had brought into the living room unnoticed by Amanda and pulled out a short length of clear, narrow tubing. “This,” explained Sue, “is what we refer to in the medical profession as a catheter,” she told the young girl who was looking curiously at it and wondering what it was for. “Your mommy has to pee real bad after all that beer – actually so do I but I can wait – and we’re going to insert this tube into her urethra to help her.” Kayla smiled at the quizzical look on her daughter’s face.

“Into her what?” Amanda asked, looking puzzled.

“Her urethra,” Sue repeated. “That’s another name for her pee hole,” she giggled, watching the look of amazement spread over the young girl’s face.

“But that’s gonna hurt, isn’t it?” Amanda said, looking doubtfully at her mom.

“No, I promise it won’t,” Sue assured her. “We just smear a little lubricant on it and slide it in very carefully,” she told her, pulling a tube of what looked like ointment from the cloth bag and squeezing a little dab onto her finger, wiping it around the tip of the catheter. “See? Just like that. Now, sit down and spread it,” she told Kayla with a smile. Amanda watched her mother sit on the couch and spread her legs wide. “Now, watch carefully, honey,” Sue instructed the little girl, motioning for her to kneel down beside her. And as Amanda looked on in amazement she saw the nurse spread her mother’s pussy open wide, exposing her pee hole to which Sue touched the end of the catheter and slowly twirled it, nudging it carefully bit by bit inside leaving about six inches or so dangling from her lips.

“Now comes the fun part,” Sue announced with a big grin as she reached once more into the cloth bag. Amanda gasped in surprise as she saw what the nurse pulled out this time – a plastic looking dildo shaped exactly like a cock. Just like the one her mom had at home – the one she’d told the nurse she’d had in her pussy and asshole when she and her mommy played together.

“We’ve got one like that at home,” she told Sue. “Don’t we, Mommy?” she added, grinning at her mother.

“Yes, I know,” Sue said, “but not exactly like this one,” she explained, winking at Kayla. “This one’s a little different, see?” she explained, pointing to the little hole in the centre of the head of the plastic cock. “That hole goes the whole length of the dildo.” And she pointed out the corresponding hole at the other end. “Can you guess what goes through the hole?” she asked the young girl.

“Oh, fuck!” exclaimed Amanda, catching on fast. “That tube? That cath…whatever? Oh my god!” cried the little girl as she watched Sue slowly slide the dangling end of the catheter through the length of the dildo. “You mean mommy’s gonna pee like a boy but with a cock, too?” she shrieked, bursting out laughing. “This I gotta see.”

“Oh, but there’s more,” Sue told her, barely able to restrain her own laughter at the little girl’s excitement as Kayla got to her feet, holding tightly onto her newly acquired cock. “Now comes the real fun part, sweetie. Now it’s time for you to sit down and spread.” And she gently pushed Amanda back down onto the couch positioning her so that her legs bent backwards over her body, causing her now soaking pussy and pretty asshole to be readily accessible for the next stage of her education. Unable to resist the temptation, Sue knelt down in front of the little girl and, as Kayla watched in anticipation, barely able to hold onto her almost bursting bladder, the young nurse tasted for the first time since she herself was a young girl, the sweet little girl nectar that now poured from Amanda’s engorged cunt. She wrapped her lips around her sweet pussy, greedily sucking the plump labia into her mouth, and then, lowering her tongue to the little girl’s asshole, she spread her cheeks so that she could slide the tip of her tongue inside and taste the tangy musk. She wanted so much to indulge further the delicious delights she discovered inside the soft, smooth interior, but remembering what was now in store for Amanda she reluctantly pulled away, assured that the young girl was lubricated enough for the next step.

Motioning Kayla to kneel in front of her daughter she rubbed some more lubricant onto the head of the dildo and watched closely as Kayla spread her daughter’s firm cheeks and pressed the tip against her now slightly distended asshole. Dying to pee, Kayla managed to restrain herself as she slowly worked the plastic phallus, little by little, deeper and deeper into her daughter’s butt until it was almost completely buried. Amanda groaned as she felt her asshole becoming fuller and fuller, and she reached down to rub her clit as her arousal grew. But then a strange new feeling suddenly hit her. Her mother, unable to restrain herself any longer, released her bladder and her pee flowed forcefully through the catheter and the dildo, deeply inside Amanda’s rectum causing the little girl to gasp as she felt a strange pressure building inside her. “Mommy, what’s happening to me?” she moaned. “I feel so…oh fuck, you’re pissing inside me; oh my god…mommeee!” she cried out, squirming her hips as she tried to deal with the feeling that she was soon going to burst.

“Shhh, it’s okay sweetie,” Sue whispered as she bent over Amanda’s face and kissed her soft lips, reaching one of her hands down to help finger the young girl’s now very swollen pussy. Amanda, torn between the strange feeling inside her as her mother’s hot piss continued to fill her up, and the excitement of having Sue playing with her enflamed cunt, flung her arms around the nurse and pulled her hard against her, kissing her furiously, almost biting her lips as she pushed her asshole harder against her mother’s plastic cock, finally giving in to the confusing new feelings inside her tummy, moaning loudly into Sue’s hungry mouth as she felt her arousal building. Kayla’s bladder finally emptied and she slowly and very carefully withdrew the dildo from her daughter, leaving Amanda’s asshole gaping wide open, red and shining, drooling with her mother’s pee. But suddenly, as Sue’s fingers worked their magic, her daughter began a scream which rapidly built to a fevered pitch, the most explosive orgasm she’d ever had in her young life overcoming her as both her pussy and her rectum relieved themselves of their pent up fluids, Kayla’s piss and her own cum squirting powerfully from her across the room, splashing over the coffee table and pooling in streaks on the floor beyond. The little girl’s body jerked and pulsed with a passion she’d never felt before as she hugged Sue tightly against her, holding on for dear life as she tried to deal with the unbelievable wave of emotions she was experiencing. Kayla, who caught a little of her daughter’s blast on her breasts, watched in awe as her little girl’s asshole slowly closed, then opened slightly again, and then finally relaxed, free of the invasive dildo which she still held in her hands tightly against her own cunt. She carefully leaned down to Amanda’s butt and lovingly ran her tongue around her now deep red anal ring and then up to her swollen labia, slipping it inside her soaking vagina, enjoying the taste of the creamy fluids that still leaked from it, and then sliding it up to her urethra marvelling at the earthy flavour remaining from her daughter’s first ever squirt.

Ever so slowly Amanda regained her breath and opened her eyes, looking first up at Sue and then down between her legs to her mother, a smile of both satisfaction and amazement slowly forming on her young face. Kayla and Sue exchanged knowing glances, realizing that what they had planned for the young girl had succeeded even beyond their wildest imagination.

“I…I never knew…”Amanda started, looking back and forth from Sue to her mother, “I never knew anything could feel that good. Oh, Sue,” she said, looking adoringly at the young nurse, reaching up to squeeze her firm breasts which still swayed provocatively above her outside her top, “I love you so much, Sue. That was simply amazing. And mommy,” she continued, “your piss felt so hot inside me. I hope I didn’t make too much of a mess when I shit it all out,” she giggled, looking down at the coffee table, not quite knowing what to expect to see.

“Amanda!” her mother scolded. “You squirted it out. You didn’t shit it out.” But both Kayla and Sue couldn’t restrain their laughter any longer, Sue suddenly squeezing a hand against her own pussy, realizing she couldn’t hold her pee much longer and laughing wasn’t helping her in the least.

This fact didn’t escape Amanda who burst out with, “Sue’s gotta pee, Sue’s gotta pee!” and reached up slyly under the nurse’s short, white skirt to pull the young woman’s hand away from her pussy and replace it with her own.

“You’d better be careful, little girl, or I might piss on you,” Sue laughed, waggling her finger in Amanda’s face, once again trying hard not to leak as one of Amanda’s fingers started to probe between her still soaking wet lips. “You should put that thingy in you with the dildo on and piss in mommy’s asshole so she can feel what I did,” Amanda told her, a sly look on her face. And guess what? She did, and they did.

There was a lot of cleaning up to do that evening before Kayla and Amanda left their new friend’s apartment. It was lucky that the couch was leatherette and the floor was tiled. And Sue’s other pussy curled up quite contentedly by the living room window and slept through it all.

Dinner at Kayla’s house the following Sunday was shaping up to be a promising affair.

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