Lesbian Incest

  • Posted on June 30, 2015 at 11:30 am

Naughty Mommy asks…

Should lesbian incest be openly accepted?

We all know the obvious reasons for keeping heterosexual incest taboo and illegal — it can far too easily result in unwanted pregnancy, and if a pregnancy is brought to term, in congenital birth defects. Just as obviously, however, those reasons do not apply to lesbian incest. Sex between sisters, or between a mother and daughter, cannot possibly result in pregnancy. So what’s wrong with it? Why should it be taboo?


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  1. bhrange says:

    First off, great idea for a nice comfy little forum. Props for the thoughtful effort! I’d imagine the reason despite all the official reasons is fear of opening pandora’s box. The lure, the draw the delicious fun I imagine it would be is too much for western society to process. Imagine if it were ‘okay’. How widespread, how pervasive would such tantalizing situations become? This of course assumes that both parties (or all parties if there were more), were wiling, able and eager to explore it. The resulting shock to the socio-political system is a scary thing to a lot of folk.

  2. Cheryl says:

    If only lesbian incest were accepted, but I doubt it ever will be. I suppose society is just too filled with its enormous guilt complex to accept something that, to me, is beautiful–if all parties are okay with what is happening. There have been authoritative studies done that show guilt only arises after society and the church work hard to make those involved feel guilty. I believe this is especially true with lesbian incest. As I have said in my “Coming Out” blog post, I longed for a sister when I was a child, and teaching her about masturbation was foremost in my mind. Should it be accepted? Most definitely! Maybe if I ever own my own island, I can declare it a sovereign nation where lesbian incest was not only accepted, but also encouraged.

    • winfred says:

      Your 100% right about lesbian incest for family and friends, yes I am a male but completely understand it should be legal as long as both parties are willing and wanting it….

  3. bhrange says:

    Now that’s an island destination I think many would visit. though, I wouldn’t bother setting up Swim with the Dolphins attractions or jet ski rentals or even zip-lines through the jungle… My guess is much of the real holiday adventure would take place in the mother-daughter hotel accommodations, and perhaps…out by the family friendly pool and jacuzzi areas. : `)

    hee hee

  4. PJ says:

    No I don’t advocate incest babies, but they aren’t as prone to birth defects as is commonly subscribed until about the 3rd generation of closely related DNA. A Brother-Sister or Parent-Sibling baby isn’t as prone to genetic issues as a woman in her 40’s who has a baby, according to some of the stuff I looked up a while back. Yes the sister-brother of a sister-brother union would run a high risk of issues. Why do I say all this? Myths just abound in our world, made and used to scare (and generate guilt) in us. Just like same sex marriage is some sort of world-destroying evil. The decision for same sex marriage is the first time I have agreed with the Supreme Court in years. My point, from a old straight guy, there isn’t enough LOVE in the world! And love, like gold, it is where you find it! Love the stories on Juicy Secrets! Thanks for the fun.

  5. Thanks so much for your comments, friends.

    I agree that a big part of the prohibition against lesbian incest is really the same as the shunning of all types of personal pleasure, sexual and otherwise. The dominant church/state/capitalist patriarchy just has to control not only what we do but what we think and how we feel. Okay, I won’t go off any more into politics, because as I’ve hinted before, my views are pretty far out there. Radical, to say the least.

    Anyway, great discussion so far. Feel free to add more!

    • Thomas says:

      Why the labeling? I’m capitalist patriarchy and I don’t think lesbian incest or any incest for that matter should be outlawed. As a matter of fact there are some states where incest isn’t expressly prohibited. If a mom and her daughter or two sisters want to have a sexual relationship with each other I say why not. As long as both or however many are involved are willing and not forced. I’m not sure what prohibition you’re talking about. No one is stopping moms and daughter being together. Or sisters. “But we want to be accepted by society.” Why? Are you and your daughter happy? Then why care what anyone else thinks.

      • kim says:

        HERE! HERE! 100% agree on incest, all this talk of it ruins them for life, they turn into whores, drug addicts etc etc, the most important part of what you said was WILLING AND NOT FORCED, nobody regardless of sex or age should ever be forced but if lets say a 12 yr old enjoys sex and wants it i don’t see that is anything to do with anyone else especially the law, for crying out loud in my grandparents time girls got married at 12, when i grew up going by things in today’s world i was sexually abused she was 12 is was 10 but back then it was just “kids being kids, discovering things”.
        1 am assuming herE that the adult is going to act like an adult and take precautions to do the best to avoid a baby and although the younger one is willing at any point she/he says stop or no it means stop NOW not once you get off, i thought we were FINALLY getting away from gay sex being frowned on, guy clothing and girl clothing etc etc just let people be what they are comfortable being stop all the judging and i think mummy daughter is very sensual

  6. drew says:

    although highly erotic and sexy and naughty my thought about lesbian incest especially between a mom and daughter is the issue of consent by the daughter. even if she says yes she likes it etc. is she truly capable of given her consent since the mother is in such a dominating position and children want to please their parents (moms)?

  7. That’s a very good question, Drew, and it’s something I often struggle with while writing my stories. Maybe it’s not visible to the reader, but I sometimes feel tension within my fictional moms as they think about that same thing. I certainly can’t say that I have solved the problem at all, and yet it really bothers me when I read other stories where the characters don’t seem to give a darn about consent or pressure or coercion, etc.

  8. lynn says:

    I have 2 boys and no girls unfortunately. I have dreamed of having a daughter and teach her about her body, sensuality, masturbation, even boys. I have talked to my boys about masturbation and they have engaged in the conversation and all but just wasn’t the same as a daughter would have been… in my fantasy anyways lol

    • Larry1863 says:

      I would have loved to have children at all to love and teach about masturbation and the pleasure of family

    • Thomas says:

      You have two boys so obviously you must like doing some things with men. There’s plenty a mom could do with her sons that would teach them a lot.

  9. Rita says:

    I agree with what Drew asked…and Naughty Mommy answered
    I think that is why I love the stories here. Understanding that they are all just fictional fantasies, none of the stories I have read have any hint of pressure or forcing the child to perform.
    Sure, is a 6,7 or even a 10 year old capable of giving consent? Legally, No.
    But here in these stories they are … And willingly do

  10. drew says:

    good comments. I thought it would be something interesting to discuss and yes I agree with Rita that we all know these are fictional stories/fantasies. And I do see as Naughty Mommy points out that within the stories the adult usually will always ask the minor – “are you Ok with this”? “Do you like what we are doing?” etc. Just to make the reader comfortable knowing that the interplay between the characters is not forced or done to an unwilling person.

  11. JetBoy says:

    A big potential problem with incest is the power dynamic between the sex partners. If Mommy wants to make love with her seven-year-old daughter, the child may only go along with it to please her mother, even though she doesn’t like or want to have sex with anyone. In fact, she finds the whole thing utterly confusing: “Why does Mommy want me to put my mouth down there!?” If the child was to make the first move, I’d guess that sexual contact would be less likely to cause future emotional damage.

    It’s still risky as hell, though, and that leads me to another problem: children need their mothers to be, well, mothers. Throwing sex into the loving relationship between parent and child is enormously risky, and the results can be catastrophic. Just think about how badly getting sexually involved with a good friend or beloved co-worker can turn out, then multiply that times ten.

    Sex between siblings seems to have far less potential for harm, especially if they are close to the same age and level of maturity. Still, fooling around with incest can be an awful lot like playing games with sticks of dynamite: tons of fun until it blows up in your face. All in all, it’s usually best to leave such things housed in the realm of fantasy.

    I’m always interested in knowing if those of us who write incest stories and have children of their own ever indulge in fantasies about them. You may recall how our former Forum Queen Muffi was fairly open about the sexual desire she felt for her daughter, though she was wise enough to confine those cravings to her erotic fiction.

    It’s a deep, complicated topic, and I expect we’ll see a great deal of thoughts and opinions here in the days to come.

    • FriendofAlice says:

      You seem to be making a case for why we need all schools to teach that one doesn’t owe adults sex. Makes home schooling not look so good in this context though.

      I see no reason why a mother can’t still be a mother and still sexual.

  12. ThylaneLover says:

    As PJ said, children born as the result of an incestuous relationship aren’t as prone to genetic abnormalities as people think. Like PJ also said, it’s when there’s no break in the DNA chain that it becomes more likely to occur.

    The thing with incest (lesbian or not), as with any adult/child relationship, is that it’s societies morals that causes harm, not the act itself. Take away the moral issues, and what harm is being done?

    • Thomas says:

      Slippery slope my friend. Consent is a moral constraint. Would you want a society that ignored consent? And
      I’m not against incest.

    • kim says:

      YES YES YES, when i grew up all this stuff was not an issue we never heard of it, now it is ” don’t let this happen” don’t do this” etc etc geez mum even gets pissed if she shows her panties if you do you are a bad girl, a slut, dirty girl etc etc, it is not the act it is the guilt they feel after enjoying it but being told they are dirty, my comment is based on the fact that nobody is ever forced and as for them not being able to give consent sorry that is just bumf, you know even if they are young and something happens they don’t like they cry , i am not saying that is legal consent but if they cry you now they are not enjoying what is happening if not like someone said just as in the stories “do you like what mummy is doing” ” does this feel nice sweetie” if they say yes you know it is not harming them and i see nothing wrong about giving pleasure

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I see no reason why lesbian incest should not be openly accepted, both sister-sister and mother-daughter. To me the chance of unwanted pregnancy is just one of several great reasons why all girls should be educated about and exposed to the benefits of girl-love at a young age. And I also believe there are benefits to sharing sex between close family members. And to me these benefits are greatest when it’s between females. And this is also the least taboo type of family relationship. It isn’t widely accepted now, but I think it will be some day long after we are gone.

  14. …all girls should be educated about and exposed to the benefits of girl-love at a young age. I believe there are benefits to sharing sex between close family members, and to me these benefits are greatest when it’s between females. It isn’t widely accepted now, but I think it will be someday…

    Hear, hear! I’ll drink some pussy juice to that!! 😉

  15. Elizabeth says:

    What I’m trying to say is that sexual intimacy between females should be more commonplace in general, not just between family members. It should be encouraged. What better way for young girls to become adjusted to their own bodies, selves and sexuality than through an intimate familiarity with and love for other females. It’s a way for girls to bond and feel solidarity and sisterhood with other girls. And young girls just feel safe with other girls. Heterosexuality just isn’t the best way for girls to first be introduced to sex and love.

  16. I certainly agree with that, Elizabeth. And while I understand that not all girls will grow up to be lesbians, though I might wish it, I do think it is almost universal for girls and women to be naturally bisexual, or maybe even pansexual. I believe girls have to be trained to be exclusively hetero, in other words. And I also agree with you that the tenderness and safety of a girl-girl relationship is ideal for a person feeling her way into her sexuality.

    • Thomas says:

      I’m on mostly on your side but wishing all girls grew up to be lesbians would mean no more girls. Or boys.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Oh, my! This conversation underscores my desire for a sister that I’ve had since I was a small child. I discovered the joys of masturbation at age four when my parents bought me that rocking horse and it became my absolute FAVORITE toy. My mother never did figure out why I loved to ride it for so long. Good thing she didn’t, or it would have been taken away from me. By the time I was five or six, I had discovered other things could do the job as well, such as pillows and stuffed animals. This was probably about the time I discovered my fingers were always with me and could do the trick too.

    If I’d had a sister, I am 100% certain we would have had an incestuous lesbian relationship. I have known sisters who were intimate and they were all happy about it, and the number of girls who at least played around with a sibling — brother or sister — amazes me. It is far more common than society would like to admit. I often wonder if all these religious zealots running around aren’t trying to assuage their guilt over such a relationship when they were younger.

  18. Tammy says:

    I have a hot younger sister who I enjoy very much. My brother lost his cherry to the two neighbor girls, the same age as my sister and me – he is younger than us, who were into each other. Mom knows how we feel and has home schooled us in wonderful things. I prefer bi because nature has chosen that to have kids you need two different sexes and men do have their uses. I think all women, regardless of what they say, are curious about girl/girl sex and many sisters have explored and shared their bodies with each other at least once. “Teach me how to kiss.” Girls start thinking of sex at a very early age. And who better and safer to learn from than your sister or mother (or male member if you desire).

    • kim says:

      lost mine to a girl a couple of doors down she was 12 me 10 no big deal just kids being kids, society needs to stop making such a big deal

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t think all girls should necessarily grow up to be lesbians. It’s just a beneficial thing for young girls to experience, and preferable to heterosexuality at that age.

    Cheryl I’m sorry you didn’t get to have the sister you always wanted, but maybe now that you’ve found someone to settle down with you’ll try for a daughter or two? There is something to be said about living vicariously through your children, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see raising a couple of horny little rugrats. 🙂

  20. Jenny says:

    The lesbian sex is paradise! The pleasure we can give between women is infinite. It should be accepted at all times.
    But making love with close relatives, like my mom and daughters should be the rule from very small, to grow without complexes or taboos. Unfortunately, prejudices and social norms prevent unleashing your innermost desires.
    I was raised to be heterosexual, but I found the true meaning of intimacy and sexual pleasure with my sister and my current girlfriend.
    Go ahead dear Naughty Mommy. You are a great example and the best writer of incestuous lesbian relationships. Eres la mejor!!!

  21. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    “Go ahead dear Naughty Mommy. You are a great example and the best writer of incestuous lesbian relationships. Eres la mejor!!!”

    No podría convenir más, Jenny

    Even as a man I have to agree with you about lesbian sex.

    I had lots of opportunities for heterosexual sex with women when I was a hackney driver. I found that my lovers, who had very recently been my passengers, were satisfied best when I licked and ate their pussies. Some of them had never had such orgasms. (Why are men so obsessed with their dicks?) The big advantage for those lovers was that, if they wanted, I could make them come again, and again.

  22. drod robot says:

    I’m all for it. :}

  23. I would like to hear whole family lesbian incest stories from you, involving mothers, daughters, grandmas, aunts, sisters, cousins, nieces.
    This would make your promotion of lesbian incest fuller, with a broad appeal, & so persuasive & seductive & appealing & fascinating to more women [& men].

  24. Saapho69 says:

    Im all for lesbian incest. Then again Ive had an incestuous relationship with my older sister since I was 10yo. Would be kinda hypocritical of me to be against it lol. 😛

  25. Sarah says:

    I confess I’m not against it at all. I have had several experiences that make me more than ok with it.

  26. Andrea v. L. says:

    The real love between a mother and her daughter is the deepest love that i know. Endless love incl. sex — that is heaven on earth. No two women can be closer than a mother and her daughter in love together.

  27. 69 says:

    Girls absolutely benefit from lovemaking with other females, and keeping it in the family is a safe way for that to happen.

  28. FriendofAlice says:

    I don’t think any incest should be illegal.

    1) It’s quite disproportionate to incarcerate people who never meant any harm.
    2) The child would prefer to be born than not at all.
    3) Genetic defects are actually very rare except after several generations of inbreeding.
    4) Reproductive freedom would remove unwanted pregnancies.
    5) People with actual genetic defects are allowed to breed and it’s far more likely they will produce offspring with defects than a consanguineous couple without them. (see no.3).

  29. GoldButterfly says:

    I agree with FriendofAlice, incest should not be illegal.
    I am in a relationship with my brother, and I have often wished I had a sister to love and enjoy too.



    If anyone would like to contact me, feel free:

    Email: [email protected]
    Wickr: blondone89

  30. Lara says:

    I know it’s almost been a year since last answer to this thread, however I found this site not long ago and as I was lurking arround the forums when I stumbled upon this thread.

    I’m a single child and I could’t agree more with several of you on how much I wanted a sister while growing up. It’s been quite warming to my heart to read some of your answers regarding lesbian incest. My life has been blessed enough to have experienced lesbian lovemaking with my own mother. A magical thing to happen, that I hope more of you sisters have experienced, to either end.

    I was already old enough and living by myself, but gosh! I wish I could have explored with a sister while growing up.

    • Bill o sullivan says:

      I had a wonderful relationship with my sister we still have a on going thing I did start with my aunt mom’s sister to a experience I will never forget

  31. Garry says:

    Lesbian incest is a great fantasy and fictional, I’m not comfortable with the underage prone to it. A 9 or 10 yr old. Why most of the writers here preferred the under age girls?

  32. sreve says:

    I am an older man who often fantasizes about incest, preferring more for lesbian incest. I agree about any incest should be alright, as long as it is consensual with all involved. And as for those underage, as long as they are mature enough to know what they want, what can be so wrong, although I do believe most younger then maybe 12 or 13 may be too young. Just my 2 cents…thanks.

  33. kinkys_sis says:

    As a young teenage girl, I don’t usually give much credence to what a guy has to say on this subject. Here though, sreve has it dead right. Well said, sir.

    My older sister has an engagement ring, I bought it for her. We will see how life treats us. We know we have many problems ahead.

    • steve says:

      Thank you kinkys_sis, for the kind words. Wasn’t sure what kind of reception I would get, with me being a guy on a lesbian site.

      I want to wish you and your sis a very happy engagement! Yes, there will be problems along the way, but I’m betting your love for each other will overcome all those things! Good luck. 🙂

    • Dom Inus says:

      Best wishes to you and your sister … I suspect from the little that you have said , the origin of her engagement ring is still a secret. My best wishes to you when your relationship is made public.

      D (also a male)

  34. Patrizia says:

    I am a 30 year old woman and I have a 6 year old girl. I’m very close to my child and I would very much like to have an intimate relationship with her. And my child is very loving and physical with me since she was a baby. I nursed her until she was three years old and she still asks for my breasts now. I am very sorry to have to say “no, now you have grown up and you can no longer take milk from my breast”.

    We still share tender kisses on the mouth, sometimes French kisses, because, having kissed like this since she was very young, she wouldn’t understand why we should suddenly stop.
    I never went further with my little girl, only because of the social (and legal) condemnation of incest between mother and daughter.

    Having to explain to my daughter that our relationship must remain a secret, that she can’t even talk about it with her best friend, otherwise her mother could go to jail, it would have psychologically devastated her.

    If society were more tolerant, it would be wonderful for a mother to teach her little daughter love.

    The problem of consent, in my opinion, does not exist.
    Every little girl gives her consent on countless things and we don’t tell her “you have to wait until you’re 16 to choose whether you like chocolate or strawberry ice cream”…
    If incest were socially and legally accepted, even a 2 or 3-year-old girl would be perfectly capable of determining if she likes to have an intimate relationship with her mother. The important thing, of course, would be to indulge the child’s wishes and never force her to do things she doesn’t like.

    Returning to reality, nowadays the incest between mother and daughter is forbidden and socially condemned, so we must limit ourselves to our fantasies and diddle by reading the beautiful stories published on Juicy Secrets.

    p.s. I’m sorry for my English, but I am not a native speaker

    • kinkys_sis says:

      Comparing ice cream flavours to sexual activity shows a very distorted view of what is good for a child.
      If you believe that a two to three-year-old is capable of determining whether she wants sex, then you have a truly poor understanding of the abilities and development of children.

      • Patrizia says:

        A 2 or 3 year old girl is perfectly capable of determining if she likes to have a more physical relationship with her mom. For her it is not sex, but something that makes her feel good.

        • Lisa says:

          Well said, I see no issues at all

          • No One says:

            Then you have no fucking idea what consent actually means, and shouldn’t be allowed near children.

          • kim says:

            100% agree if she enjoys it and is not forced then no issue, it is just something she enjoys as you said but society turns everything into sex, put a baby naked in the bath the first thing she does is put her hands between her legs or a boy plays with his penis, why? Because it feels good we need to stop equating the ability to have or father a baby with sexual feelings, just because she can’t give birth does not mean she does not get good feelings from having her little sex rubbed, she may only be 2 but you can be sure you will know if she does not like it

        • Marcus says:

          I agree with you Patrizia. I am glad you have this relationship with her. The french kissing part must be so erotic.

    • Clit Licker says:

      I think the problem is that a child of that age is that she can’t understand the implications and consequences of such a relationship. They need to be about seven or maybe more
      And of course our understanding of the way of the world continues into adulthood.

      I hope to understand it eventually…

  35. Mary Ann says:

    n my opinion, the incest taboo between mother and daughter should be abolished immediately. There is nothing more beautiful, poetic, tender, than the intimate relationship between a mother and her little daughter.

  36. No One says:

    Jesus… Lots of people who can’t make the difference between fantasy and reality in here. This kind of shit makes me want to stop writing sometimes.

    “Oh, if only society would let me fuck this kid, it would be beautiful!” Listen to yourself. You’re letting selfish desires cloud your judgment. The child gains absolutely nothing from being introduced to sex early in life, and there are severe risks of negative impact. This kind of reasoning is 100% for the sake of the adult trying to justify acting on their lust.

    Because it apparently needs to be said: These stories are fictional, it would not happen that way in real life in 99.9% of cases. And if you want to tempt that 0.1%, well, that says everything about where your priorities are…

    Good to see JetBoy being a voice of reason here, at least.

    • kim says:

      sorry if i did not go through all the comments but i didn’t see this as a post asking about fucking a child, we wonder why 99% of folk here won’t chat to males and a post asking about lesbian sex turns into little kids being fucked, no wonder nobody wants to chat i am shocked we are even welcome here

      • No One says:

        What’s with all the people who never even comment on the stories here coming out of the woodworks to spew their garbage opinions in this thread lately?

        No, the original post didn’t say anything about fucking children… And yet, the topic devolved into you and others arguing that there was no issue with having sex with a toddler because “it feels good so it’s okay”.

        A child who has no idea what’s even going on, and who will tend to do whatever their parents ask anyway, cannot give informed consent. That should be obvious to anyone who’s not thinking only of their own needs. Or do you think it’s also fine to rape a drunk woman? Hey, she’s not protesting and might even feel good, so it’s okay, right?

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