Attraction to Young Girls

  • Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:24 am

Cheryl Taggert asks…

When did you first realize you are attracted to young girls, and what was your reaction?

Welcome to our new forum for readers. I will start things off by asking this question: When did you first realize that you were attracted to young girls? I will discuss my own experience. Please keep in mind that we are not to discuss anything that actually happened that could get anyone into legal trouble. With that in mind, I will tell you about the first time I realized I was attracted to a little girl. I will not admit to doing anything with the first young girl I was attracted to, however.

Her name was Carla. I was babysitting, so to speak. Her mom hired me to watch her one summer as a companion. She was eleven and already getting into mischief when left to her own devices, and I was fifteen. She was gorgeous: long dark hair with chocolate brown eyes to match, and a smile that melted my heart once she got around to smiling at me. I sort of modeled Lynn, the eleven-year-old in chapters three through seven of my “Nanny for a Night” series, on Carla, especially the part at first where she was very unhappy about having a “sitter” to watch her. Carla was similarly unhappy to need a sitter, so her mom made sure to refer to me as a companion for the summer.

I remember the times I managed to see her naked, and was surprised at how it made me feel. I had been seduced, willingly, by a college student when I was nearly thirteen. I’d had a crush on her and my masturbation fantasies of the time often centered on her. However, I was surprised that I found myself fantasizing about Carla, and how the sight of her bald pussy really got me going. I was bothered by these feelings while at the same time I was going home to masturbate thinking of her and her young girl’s body. The thoughts that went through my mind were the ones many of you may have had as well: Weren’t girls supposed to be immune to these feelings? I thought this only happened with men!

I struggled with these feelings for several years before deciding I am who I am, and as long as I don’t actually have sex with a young girl, I will be fine. So now it is only part of my fantasies.

So how about some of you? And again, please don’t admit to anything that could cause legal problems for you should someone decide to look into your admissions. Is it possible I have left out some details involving me and Carla when I was fifteen and she, eleven? Yes, but I’m not admitting to anything. I’ve simply discussed what I thought and how it affected me. The rest, if there is anything else, shall remain a mystery while feeding your imaginations.


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  1. Frazel says:

    I think I got denied from LL. not 100% sure why but I am on sapped shares now. Maybe I’ll try here one day when my skills improve.

  2. deanna says:

    I submitted some stories a while ago and at first, I thought I had been
    excluded from submissions. turned out my software was causing problems
    and I made some mistakes entering the text.
    keep trying.

  3. Julie says:

    Hi all, I just came across this site and am happily surprised at how many women here seem to share the same feelings that I have felt guilty about for so long. I just turned 18 but have been attracted to women for as long as I can remember…even having thoughts about my own mom. I’ve always felt so horrible but I can’t stop the feelings. I’m glad I found you ladies 🙂


  4. Cheryl says:

    Julie, we are thrilled to have you here! Enjoy the stories, blogs, and comment as much as you like! Welcome aboard!!

  5. Toy Boy says:

    I was 15 when my 10 year old kid sister and her gal pal started “experimenting” and they even snuck into my room to confiscate some of my porn magazines, a girl/girl special edition included.
    It had a “lady & maid” photo set in it featuring light bondage, spanking and foot worship, and soon the girls were playing “Queens & Maids” with each other and a younger neighbor girl.

    I was totally enthralled as I listened in and tried to sneak a peek from outside Sis’s bedroom door as the girls carried on with their fun & games. I eventually got caught and submitted to their discipline for my indiscretion with a sense of confused guilt, but also with excitement and delight. I let the girls lord it over me throughout my teen years, and they even moved in on a girl I later dated in high school.

    I was a confused and conflicted teen at the time but still, it was a thrill to be bossed around by these young lesbian nymphets, and I’ve been an admirer of young girls ever since.

  6. Dirty Daddy says:

    I was just reading Toy Boy’s comment and thinking how hot bdsm and fetishwear is with little girls involved. I also love the idea of looking at porn with little girls and teens and experimenting with the limits of what they’ll look at. Personally, I’d prefer a bdsm scene between a little girl and an older woman.

    Here’s the weird thing. I usually picture the woman domming the girl but my favourite fantasy of all is where the woman is very heavily pregnant and then for some reason, I want the girl to be a VERY severe, harsh mistress. I have no explanation at all for my own odd fantasy world. 😀

  7. Elizabeth says:

    That’s the fun Dirty Daddy, everyone is allowed his/her own fantasies. My hubby and I have certainly delved into many fantasies that the general public wouldn’t understand. But it turns us on, and we apologize to no one. Enjoy yours!

  8. Dirty Daddy says:

    Please, feel free to share them with us. I’m sure I would share at least some of even your kinkiest fantasies.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Well, this is probably not the place to do that.

  10. Dirty Daddy says:

    If the fantasies involve young girls then this seems like the thread for it. But I don’t want to push. I value other’s privacy as I do my own.

  11. Jack says:

    Well if it’s strictly female on female fantasies then yes, this is the place. But if they involve men… Well you’d have to share with another blog or to individual’s emails.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I agree Jack, and ours involve a wide range of subjects. We’ve been able to share some of them with other readers here, and it’s been magical.

  13. Jack says:

    Elizabeth, you truely are lucky to have someone in your real life to share your fantasies with so openly. Most of us can only dream of such things.

  14. moonfall13 says:

    I’m so glad that I have stumbled upon this site. I have had the attractiveness for little girls for a long time. I think they are special and beautiful. Though unfortunately don’t have any one to share that with, so its great to see people on this site with similar feelings. Anyone want to email to share or chat let me know. [email protected]

  15. Irish taxi man says:

    I have just come across this site and it’s amazing. I have been interested in mum and daughter sex for a few years after reading stories online. I know there’s more people than just me interested in to now if only I Cud find one to share with.

  16. Irish taxi man says:

    If anyone would like to chat with me my email is
    [email protected]

  17. Taylor says:

    I’m so grateful I found this site. The authors here write some incredible stories.

  18. mskmmy says:

    I knew when I was young and my younger sister seduced me. Ever since I’ve loved this topic.

    • Danny says:

      Interesting how the younger sister was the seductress! Good thing she has been responsible for a lot of pleasure in your life I imagine…

      • kim says:

        I also love the younger one as the seductress, that’s how it was for me too. I don’t have a sister (sigh) but my little cousin filled the part.

        • Danny says:

          Awwww, a little sister would’ve been much more … accessible. Must have been really exciting and unexpected to be seduced by your little cousin 🙂

          Lucky you.

        • Larry1863 says:

          That’s awesome! I’m so happy to hear you’ve had someone to play with!

          • kim says:

            Yes, Danny, a little sister would have been so handy. Too bad my parents stopped having kids with me.

            Thanks, Larry. It made me very happy also.

          • Larry1863 says:


            Would love to chat with you. [email protected]

            I would love to share some of the experiences I had growing up.

  19. Quinlan says:

    I’ve been browsing this site for a few months now but have had fantasies about little girls since I was in my teens. The seed that started it begins with my first born niece who’s nine year younger than I am. Growing up I was often tasked with babysitting her.

    One such time when I was fourteen I was in the kitchen doing some cleaning up while she was in the living room watching a kid’s movie. I noticed that it was her bedtime so I went to get her tucked in. I found her sprawled in the easy chair already asleep. She’s already dressed for bed and her nightgown had ridden up over her hips and she didn’t have any underwear on. I don’t know how long I stood there staring at her smooth vulva before I shook myself out of my haze and picked her up and put her to bed.

    I never did anything to her nor have I ever touched a child, but that was the beginning of many recurring masturbatory fantasies ever since.

  20. JustBeYouX says:

    I realized I had a strong affinity for this ‘fantasy’ years ago, back in the day when yahoo chat rooms were somewhat akin to the wild west. I started exploring online more and more after a particularly tough divorce. The more I explored the more I realized I liked… I’m sure this isn’t a new story. Important to say, as much as I adore this fantasy, I never have/never will cross the line… the mind and eyes are an entirely different matter. Cheers!

  21. lady sunshine says:

    The first time I discovered my attraction was watching the daughter of my friend who lived nearby. Her name was Madeline and she was 12 at the time. I was 33. I had no children of my own but was a nanny for many years in high school and early college. Maddy was big into gymnastics and was always doing backbends and splits and all kinds of poses. She would take showers usually when I was there and would walk around in a towel for a while before getting dressed. One day, we were sitting in the living room and Maddy plopped down in the chair across from me and I could see up her towel between her legs. Her developing pubic hair and slightly parted labia. I stared as she watched the tv. I couldn’t help it. I was so aroused at that moment and it totally took me by surprise. Wanting to see her nude from then on was a daily goal. I started taking her swimming which her mom encouraged as she wanted Maddy to be a better swimmer. We spent every morning at the pool and then soon after would shower. I got her to take a few baths but she always wanted to shower. She would go first then me. One day out of the blue she asked if I would take a shower with her as she and her mom did quite often. I told her no even though I desperately wanted to. I told her I needed to ask her mom if that was ok and I did that evening. Kelly said nonchalantly, “Absolutely, we shower together all the time. Go for it.” The next morning we showered together and my heart was pounding. Maddy immediately began washing me. She told me that’s what she and her mom do. She washed my back, my legs, and my butt. She didn’t wash my pubic hair but got up close and petted it lol. She said her mom didn’t have hair like mine. I washed her hair and washed her back but made her do the rest. Needless to say, this began a beautiful summer for me and a new discovery into my sexuality.

  22. Chadlie says:

    Like others on here this is only a fantasy, the closest I’ve got us when sunbathing nude I realised I was being spied on by two girls guess about 12, made me so horny I just had to play with myself, they did nothing but watch, since then I’ve always been turned on by a lglimpse up a skirt, or similar. I’d love to share fantasies with others

  23. Sarah says:

    It’s so wild reading other women’s comments. I started thinking about a few years ago when my daughter was having sleepovers at our house. There were three girls that I didn’t think of before but when I saw them in just bra panties walking around my house, I think I was hooked. I’ve fantasizes about it allot. The second time I was dressed in my little blue t shirt and a thong when I checked on them before bed. But that’s as far as I’ve ever been. I hope they liked seeing me almost naked. Think about that allot now.

    • PoppaClyde says:

      Ooooooh! Sarah, you are awful, but, I like you!

      • PoppaBear says:

        I don’t have a split personality, but I had did/do have two aliases; PoppaClyde and PoppaBear. I’ve been away for a wee while (laptop problems, all sorted now – woo hoo!) and, I forgot who I was here. I am PoppaBear, honest

    • Lizzie says:

      Sarah, was wondering if you talk on either a messenger or email outside of here. I’d be interested in chatting with you.

    • Gray says:

      I’m sure they liked seeing you, and I’m so very glad to know that there are moms like you out there…

  24. Lizzie says:

    I was watching tv one night when I was in high school, and as I often did bored at night, was masturbating. Well after a while I noticed I was being drawn to the youngest actress on the show. The more I focused on her the more excited I got until I had the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had. Been all I think about since.

  25. Misty Meadow says:

    I can remember the moment exactly. I was about eight or nine, in primary school and the rain was pouring down. After lunch, one of the girls came back to the classroom absolutely soaked through. The teacher told her she couldn’t be in class like that, she’d catch her death.
    “Did you come to school in a coat?” she asked.
    “Yes, it’s in the cloakroom.”
    “Go to the cloakroom, take your dress off and hang it up. Put the coat on and come back.”
    The girl duly returned. Our desks were in rows and she sat one row over, one row behind me and I kept glancing over my shoulder at her. The teacher turned her back on us to write on the blackboard and I turned and looked at the girl. She pivoted towards me and flipped the coat wide open, revealing her white cotton knickers and vest (that’s a cami, Americans). She had a dazzling smile on her face. For about two seconds, I stared at her, then the teacher turned to face us ans it was all over. That image burned itself into my brain and I still think about her, though I’ve forgotten her name. I was too young to follow up on the invitation, if that’s what it was.
    Later, in the senior school, age eleven and up, I’d surreptitiously watch the girls in the changing room, forever on the lookout for girls in white knickers and vests. I wasn’t shy about showing myself off, either.
    Then one of my friends wanted to sleepover, and for me, it was off to the races.

  26. Sammy says:

    I was at the market the other day and turned my head probably a little too far to check out a young cutie in short-shorts standing in line. When I looked up, my eyes met those of a young woman around my age, sitting with a girl who was presumably her daughter. She was staring and smiling at me pretty intently. It was probably nothing, but made for a full afternoon’s worth of fantasies (and maybe a story idea or two…)

    • Lizzie says:

      Sammy, I feel like I get caught doing that all the time. You have an email or instant messenger you may want to chat on?

  27. Manu says:

    I started to have attraction to young girls when puberty was just starting to kick in, prior to that I was negative towards sex, probably because my father is kinda old school and my mother a selfish slut who never wanted me so I wanted to be as different from her as I could, but then, at age 11 like almost evey boy reaching puberty I began to have interest in girls about my age and discovering pornography. Not long after I started to have a desire for my then 5-year old sister, because I wasn’t fully aware of how things worked yet. The following years on my teens that desire died out as I focused on teenage girls my age but still having erotic dreams about my sister, although very rarely, but I’m now 18, my romantic live has been a failure so far to the point where I haven’t even kissed anyone yet and the interest for tennage girls has been replaced by the revival of these feelings toward my sister, who’s now 10 and starting to develop, but also the originally sexual desire has evolved up to me being secretly in love with her. I now fantasize about her almost every night before sleep and dream of her more often, willing to experience sex. At first when I realized this I was sick with myself, feeling as I betrayed her as a brother by feeling this way towards her, but when I found this site I realized that these feelings aren’t bad and I’m not a monster for having them, but just deep down want to give love to my little sister in more ways than she thinks, and also after I came to terms with it I found myself enjoying more and more the cuteness of a little girl, usually from 8 to 12, as I’ve always had a preference for “cute” over “hot” anyways, and even including my sister’s best friend into my fantasies. We have a close relationship and she’s very fond of me, but she doesn’t seem to have sexual feelings yet, and if she has she hides it, probably because she finds it awkward or she’s shy about it, maybe because I’m a boy and she’s still aware of what sex is and that I have my own sexual urges; she just doesn’t know what’s really in my mind when I relieve myself. As many here I wish law and society wasn’t as taboo and restrictive about it so I could express my feelings openly. I bet if I were a girl she’d be much more confident with me about it though, and hell it would be much more exciting! But on the other hand she has no interest in girls at all, maybe that will change in the future but no one knows. One thing that cheers me up is that here in Spain incest, while still frowned upon is not illegal between consenting adults, so I still have a bit of hope for it to happen in the future in where she grows and it would no longer get me in legal trouble, I just will never get to taste that sweet young body I’m longing for. While young girls can turn me on, my focus goes mostly to her.

    Ok, that’s all my little “story”, I’m sorry if it was too long, I just needed to get it all out of my chest, if I could I’d poke my head out of the window and scream it at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear as I’m not ashamed of what I feel at all.

  28. Coosco says:

    When I was in second grade I developed a interest on a classmate and wanted to see her take her shirt off, though I was confused and mildly distressed by those thoughts. I remember trying to think about dancing flowers instead (orz) but the thoughts wouldn’t leave. I also developed a rather intense crush on a girl a few years older who I only saw irregularly.

    A few years later I was on a trip and a younger friend of my sister’s (whom I had started getting a crush on during the summer) asked my parents if she could sleep in my bed. Nobody blinked an eye but I was nervous, afraid and hopeful that something would happen. More than “something”, she asked me to let her know if either of our parents were coming upstairs, then proceeded to do her best attempt at dirty talk and grinding. I had flips and knots in my stomach and knee that this was “sex”, or at least closely adjacent, but I was wholly ignorant about all sexual matters and got scared. I “thought” I heard one of our parents coming and told her, and she stopped. We still hugged close that evening, and for the rest of the trip I prayed that she would make a second attempt, but that never happened.

    When I was a preteen I moved to a new area and knew nobody. Around that time I developed a fascination with two neighbor girls, one a few years younger than me and the other around five, who would show up to occasional social functions, imagining that they might be trying some of what had nearly happened to me with better success. I was also molested by a neighborhood boy who took advantage of my lack of friends and social/sexual naivety to monopolize my time and invite me to weekly sleepovers.

    A few years after that I became attracted to two younger relatives. Both attractions were fairly intense but faded as they grew up, though I have suspicions that one was interested.

    Since then my time spent in the company of young girls has naturally decreased, and it’s been a while since I’ve had anything like those crushes, though that flipping feeling in my stomach is something I’ve come to love.

    I’ve had swings in how I perceive these feelings in myself. Even into high school I was never distressed by my interest in younger girls, probably because I had “crushes” on girls my age to let me think I was just a lesbian, queer but not criminal. I now believe those crushes were mostly a sense of desperately wanting companionship, as I rarely (or sometimes never) had sexual fantasies or interest in my older peers. Since a few years ago I’ve come to understand a bit more about myself, which led to a great deal of despair and depression.

    Now I’m feeling slightly better. I understand that fantasies are not in anyone’s control and should not be judged by anyone’s morality. I try not to judge myself, and I sporadically write stories about this topic.

    I sometimes feel like I regret not taking that first opportunity to learn about sex, but looking back, I don’t think I would necessarily be in a better position if I had been “taught” about sex by a seven-year-old. I strongly suspect that the boy who molested me was being sexually abused by his father, whereas I think the girl had just seen her parents having sex.

    I think I would have had a better outcome (to put it mildly) if I had been taught about sexuality and consent at a young age by an older partner, though of course this isn’t possible in our time. I would have had the tools to recognize my molestation for what it was, that someone repeatedly pressuring you past your equally repeated refusals to do something because they’re your only friend is not “experimentation”.

    I will say that I understand and will adhere to the social and legal decrees governing the proper expression of my sexuality. It is not lost on me that as a lesbian, that code of conduct would have guaranteed me celibacy a few short decades ago.

    This was longer than I intended it to be, but about as long as I expected it to be.

  29. Katejn90 says:

    I was seduced by a beautiful 36yr old lady when I was 14, I’m now 28 and finally accepted that I am a lesbian when I reached the age of 18. Now I’m finding a growing attraction to cute young teens. This site is wonderful, the stories are amazing, I look, but never touch, lol well that’s not strictly true xxx

  30. Karen says:

    I like other women here was experimenting with my sexuality with friends when I was six or seven at sleepovers.All we did was touch each other all over our bodies and practised kissing.But my main experiences were gained when my parents sent me away at the age of 11 to an all girls boarding school.
    The dormitories were not large there were 10 beds to a dorm, and there was a senior girl who was 16,in her last year,in charge of the dorm.The ages of the girls varied from 16 down to us new girls of 11.The girl in charge of our dorm was my first big girl crush,I remember she was quite tall had lovely blonde hair blue eyes and her breasts were well developed.
    I spent many nights after the lights went out thinking about how she looked naked I would masturbate until,I cum and dropped off to sleep.As I had been masturbating since I was 10 I was able to get myself off quite quickly.
    As the school year progressed we all got to know each other better and as soon as the lights went out we would all pair up and share a bed.These were my first lesbian experiences with older girls and i finally got my wish to spend the night with the head of dorm girl.
    As I progressed through the school years I was more interested in the young 11 year old new girls.Then in my last year I was made head of my dorm now 16 I was only interested in the young 11 year old new girls..So this was how my interest in young girls started.
    Since then after I left school went to Teacher Training College and was in my element when I was sent out to gain experience in a primary school full of 4 year olds to 11 year olds. I met some lovely young girls and had to refrain from touching them, but nobody could stop me having fantasy’s about being with those girls,some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had dreaming of their young naked bodies.
    I erred once I got drunk at a party and had sex with a boy and got pregnant.That’s the last time I saw him, the best thing to come out of it was my daughter Mary who is 8 she is a devilish little imp, but such great company as she grows up.
    I have met some lovely women through Juicy Secrets and had some really great fantasy chats about how and what we would do to a younger girl, ending in a fantastic masturbatury session both achieving orgasms. I have met a fantastic woman on J/S and we have many chats about what she is doing to my daughter and what my daughter is doing to her,it’s like I am a voyeur watching her having sex with my daughter.
    Attraction to young girls is harmless as long as it stays in our fantasy’s and to exchange fantasy experiences is so sexy and help towards what we all want to enjoy our bodies and get satisfaction through masturbating.

  31. kim says:

    pleasurable erotic fun no harm so enjoy!

  32. Sapphmore says:

    Does anyone have a magic lamp hidden in their attic? All I need is the one wish to be a lesbian woman (actually maybe two wishes so I can get the genie to cut quite a few years off as well; oh okay, maybe the third wish for a nice estate in the Italian countyside) I’m feeling decidedly jealous of the love fest going on here. I guess I’ll have to be content with writing about it.

  33. eloquent delinquent says:

    I feel a little weird responding to this question because, for me, the answer is “kinda always.” When I was a kid I had experiences with a couple girls around my own age that set my sails as far as acknowledging the erotic appeal of younger girls.

    The first was an extended, enhanced, repeated version of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” that we indulged in for months, impulsive and curious and exploratory, as sensual as it was innocent. The second was blatantly sexual, with a truly precocious girl who had other issues I was too young to realize at the time. Both of them had a profound effect on my perception of girls, leading me to understand how complex and nuanced they were.

    As I got a little older, the notion that good girls didn’t have sexy feelings the same way nasty boys did was heavily reinforced on me as a tween, and I felt a lot dissonance about it that I doubt many others did. Because I’d been sexual with girls and seen how sexy their feelings got, and despite that they were just as good as any other girls I’d met. It did make me realize that I would be alone in my experience, because talking about it violated a very real and obvious taboo.

    That combination – the encounters and the suppression – cemented those memories like they were trapped in amber. I remembered them vividly, and still do, though they are decades old. As I grew I became attracted to girls and women my own age, but I never forgot those special playmates of my youth, and the knowledge that all little girls are potentially erotic.

    As an adult, what I’ve done about it is come to sites like these, and shared my feelings about young girls through my stories. And if you know where to look, you can see glimpses of my lively childhood partners peeking through.

    • Sapphmore says:

      Thanks for sharing eloquent. For me, on one level I don’t regret being born male, not having had to deal with the trials and tribulations women the world over go through. But experiencing the lives of women and girls by proxy through the many many stories I’ve read, I feel a little like I’ve missed out on so much more I might have experienced as a female. Of course, even if born female, I may not have become a lesbian, but given the chance to live again, armed with what I know now and with the benefit of the experiences told with such aplomb in these stories, I’d take that choice in a heartbeat.

  34. Marcus says:

    I have chatted to a lot of women attracted to young girls, and nearly all of them had been abused or sexually active when they were young. I am just wondering are there any women on here that were not abused or sexually active when young and that developed their attraction to young girls later on in life? Which happened slowly and naturally, just from looking at pics or maybe reading stories and stuff?

  35. kinkys_sis says:

    May I be permitted to answer from the other end of the spectrum.

    I am a young girl. I was eleven when I truly learned what sex was all about. I have never looked back I was never coerced, no-one did me any harm.

    I went through a brief period of teasing older women, looking for a reaction. Most looked disgusted, a few looked interested but ran away so fast. Only a couple did not. One led to a brief encounter, the other is still a friend and very occasional lover.

    Now, a few years on, I no longer tease anyone. I am still young but I have found love, albeit, a taboo love. Somehow, sometime, we will make it work. So far the love has endured over a year and we have been able to keep the secret from others. Only my grandpa has seen through us. He only offered advice … no criticism. A truly wonderful man.

    I still also have my on-line fantasy lover, (my true love knows). She is in her forties and I love her to pieces. Perhaps I fulfil her fantasies, I certainly try to.

    I have never experienced any trauma, I am totally happy with where I am at and the journey here.

    Guys, please do not message me for more details, I’ve had all that, you will not get an answer.

    • DaughterLover says:

      Bless you, and your journey. My early years echoed yours, except that my curiosity/desire was never fulfilled. I am happy for you, and hope your future is filled with love and joy!

  36. DaughterLover says:

    I could swear (more than usual) that I replied to this question several years ago, but can’t find my response 🙁 Anyway, I am an older woman, and remember clearly the first time I saw the beautifully bare breasts of a friend’s mother when I was young (maybe 8?). What struck me in that moment was how stunned I was with her beauty, and how I just *knew* that she could teach me something I *really* wanted to know (although I didn’t have a clue as to what that something was.) Nothing ever happened between us, although she was very casual and warm (sigh) about me seeing her nude.

    I was about 10 when I discovered the “joys of jilling” (which would be a great name for an all-girls rock band), and women my age or older were always the subject of my fantasies.

    It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I realized how my desire for older women had, over time, transformed into a desire for young girls. That realization came about when I met, and chatted with, another woman online (on another site.) The details will always be private, but she helped open my eyes to the fact that I desperately wanted to be the older woman for a young girl. To be the one to provide her with the love, guidance, and pleasure that I longed for when I was young.

    The fantasy will never happen, and hopefully never end, but wonderful sites like JS have been a godsend for me 🙂

    THANK YOU for all those who created, supported, and contribute to JS!!

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