Bambi at the Beach, Chapter 6

  • Posted on June 21, 2015 at 7:42 am

By Naughty Mommy

“You’re spoiling us, Angela,” Eve laughed. “The food was wonderful, but there were so many different things. I had to try a little bit of all of it and now I’m afraid I might just burst right out of my bikini.”

“Ooh, so you’d be naked on the beach? I think I’d like that.” I raised my eyebrows flirtatiously at her as Gwen and Paige giggled.

We were in the elevator on the way down, ready for some sun and fun. I was very pleased that they’d all seemed to enjoy the sumptuous breakfast buffet I’d ordered for us. I like making people happy.

“You wanna go in the ocean first, or should we make something else in the sand?” Bambi asked the two girls. She was standing between the sisters, holding hands with both of them.

“I don’t care,” Gwen shrugged as she smiled at her young friend. “Whatever you want to do. Either is fine with me.”

The elevator door opened into the lobby and we strode out, the girls leading the way.

Bambi was in another micro-bikini, even smaller than the one she’d worn the day before, if that was possible. This one was neon yellow. Over it she wore a large white t-shirt that featured an airbrush depiction of Aphrodite emerging from the sea, all flowing hair and thrusting breasts. Bambi adored that shirt. Paige, the budding artist, had complimented her on it.

Speaking of Paige, the 11-year-old beauty was in another one-piece suit, this one a shimmering blend of colors, lavender, turquoise, silver and more. She also wore sandals and a pair of white shorts. I loved watching her walk in front of me on those exquisite long, slender legs. I could hardly wait to have them wrapped around my face. Soon, I hoped.

Gwen was wearing the same red racing style suit she’d had on the day before, or perhaps an identical one. I enjoyed seeing her in that, because when it was wet, it left almost nothing to the imagination. At 16, and 5’9” tall, she had the perfect body for it. Over the suit she wore a white mesh cover-up.

I had decided to go with a one-piece suite today as well instead of a bikini, except that the fabric was of a kind that would become very nearly transparent if I went in the water — which I definitely planned to do. I was wearing nothing else but a little crocheted vest and a pair of very high open-toe heels.

Eve was in another two-piece suit, but this one revealed quite a bit more skin than the one I’d seen her in the day before. She’d left the cover-up behind, opting to go with a man’s white dress shirt, unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up. Very stylish. She’d also replaced her flat shoes with heels, which was nice, though hers were about two inches as opposed to my four inches. But all in all, she looked quite a bit sexier and less prim than she had the previous day.

We arrived at our reserved space, a partially fenced off area with a large beach umbrella and several comfortable lounge chairs. The hotel already had stocked a cooler with soft drinks for the girls and plenty of Long Island iced tea for Eve and me. We were all set.

The kids decided to go in the water first. They stripped off their shirts and shorts and things and dashed together laughing down the sand toward the surf. Eve walked forward, shading her eyes as she watched them run.

I came up beside her, taking her arm. “They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Young girls are, I think, the best thing nature has ever devised.”

She turned to me with a somewhat puzzled smile, shaking her head slightly. “You do say the strangest things sometimes.” After taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, she added, in a soft voice, “But yes, I agree with you, they really are beautiful, all three of them.”

I was pretty sure she’d understood the sexual connotation in my remark, and I was satisfied with her response. The doors might not be open all the way yet, but we were getting there.

We sat down and I poured us some drinks. A minute or two passed in companionable silence, and then I asked, “How old were you when you began to masturbate?”

Eve laughed out loud. “What?! What a thing to ask!”

“Didn’t you tell me I could ask you anything?”

“Yes, I did,” she nodded, still chuckling. “I certainly did.”

“If it makes it easier, I’ll go first. I was 9 years old when I started. Bambi was 8. Of course, we may have been precocious.”

“Wait — you — did you just say that Bambi, that she, she started masturbating when she was only 8?”


“Wow… and, uh, how do you, how do you know this? Did she tell you?”

“I taught her.”

“You taught her!?” Eve was fanning her face with her hand. “Whew! I don’t know whether to be appalled or impressed or turned on or maybe all three. Whew!”

“So, how old were you?”

“Um, let’s see, I was… I know I started playing with myself when I was pretty young, and I had my first real orgasm when I was, I think I was 11, or maybe 12. It’s a little hazy. I played with myself all the time from when I was small and it always felt good, of course, but after a while it started to feel really good.” She looked at me with a big smile.

I was amused to see how quickly she had loosened up. Maybe it was the spiked ‘tea’, or maybe it was just the real Eve coming out of hiding. I decided to keep pushing, see how far I could go.

“Do you know when Gwen started? Or Paige?”

“Paige? She’s only 11 — she —”

Eve stopped cold, and then laughed at herself. “I just told you I started early, had my first orgasm at about 11, so maybe she… but I, I’ve never thought of Paige like that.”

“Have you talked with your daughters about sex and masturbation?”

“Well, I mean, we,” she stammered, “I’ve talked with both of them about, you know, about the facts of life. And I may have mentioned, uh, masturbation at some point. But, no, I, I’m afraid we’ve never really had any serious conversations about… other things like that. Do you think I need to?”

“Yes, I really do.”

“Hm. Okay.”

“I think all girls should have the benefit of learning from their mothers. They should be taught all there is to know about feminine sex and sensuality from someone very close to them, someone who cares deeply about them.”

Eve was quiet for a minute. Then, in a low tone, she asked, “Have you… taught Bambi about… sex and sensuality?”

I paused before answering, letting the tension build.

“Yes, I certainly have.  I’ve shown her everything.”

I looked over at Eve. She had her head back on the lounge chair. Her eyes were closed. She was breathing hard, her chest rapidly rising and falling. I couldn’t tell for sure if she was highly angry or highly aroused, but I thought it was the latter. I hoped it was.

Several moments passed, with more heavy breathing, and then she said, “I was wondering about that.”

Another minute went by. Now breathing even harder, Eve began, “And you want me to… you think I should… with… with my daughters.”

“Yes, I do. I think you should.”

Before we could carry the conversation further, the girls came running up, giggling and jabbering. They grabbed towels to dry their faces and daub at their hair.

I sat up so I could take a good look at all three of them, Gwen in her skintight racing suit, nipples erect and protruding, the cleft of her labia clearly revealed, lovely Paige with her breast buds about the size of silver dollars topped with pointed nipples, and Bambi in her bikini that might as well not have been there at all. In fact, the top was askew, allowing one little puffy nipple to peek out from her otherwise flat chest. I noticed that Gwen had her eyes fastened on that nipple. When she realized that I’d caught her ogling my child, she blushed, but I quickly gave her a wink and a smile. It was fine with me.

Taking chilled cans of soda from the cooler, along with plastic buckets and shovels provided by the hotel, they trotted back down to find a clear section of sand where they could begin another masterpiece of sculpture.

Eve had been mostly quiet while the girls were there, only making a few comments. I knew we were approaching a moment of truth, a point of decision. I had taken a hard shove a few minutes earlier at those metaphorical doors of hers, trying to break them wide open. Would it work?

I waited for her. I would let her take the lead, point the way we would go from here. If she wanted to, she could get up right away, gather her things, take her children and leave. Or she could sit there in stony silence until the end of the day, then say a polite but final goodbye. The third option was to go along for the ride, as she’d put it, to go all the way with us, and that’s the choice I was hoping and expecting she would make.

It seemed I might have to wait a while to learn the direction she would take. Long minutes went by without another word from her.

Finally I got up to stretch. I walked a few paces toward the water, trying to spot the kids. When I located them, I saw that there was another girl with them now, a little blonde, helping them build whatever they were building. I smiled, glad to see that they were being so friendly, and of course I immediately began to wonder who the girl might belong to.

Did she have a mom and a dad with her, or just a mom? She might be there with grandparents or even a church group or who knows what. We’d just have to wait and see. From a distance I couldn’t be sure how old she was, but she was tall and slim and appeared to be flat-chested, so perhaps 10 or 11. Her hair was straight and shiny like Bambi’s, and the same length too. I hoped we would get a chance to know her better.

I went back and sat down next to Eve after refreshing my drink. Before long, she cleared her throat and began to speak.

“I’ve been thinking,” she said, her eyes still closed.

After a few seconds, when she didn’t continue, I prompted, “Okay…”

“I’ve just been sitting here telling myself all the reasons I should be angry with you, or shocked, or outraged, or something. They all seem like good reasons, and yet… and yet, I don’t feel that way at all.”

She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me. “I don’t feel angry or upset or anything. You know what I feel?” A sly smile began at the corner of her mouth.

“No, what?”

“I feel turned on. I’m so turned on right now I could — it’s a good thing there are all these other people around or you might not be safe with me.”

“Don’t let them stop you.”

She laughed, and I laughed with her. The tension was broken.

Eve picked up her glass and started to take a drink, but then suddenly she sat straight up, swinging her pretty legs around to face me. Her face was flushed with excitement, her eyes shining.

“You want to go up to the room, right now? I mean it, I am so hot, I — when I think about you with Bambi, it gets me so — in fact, you want to get Gwen, or, or, or Paige, and take them with us? I mean it, Angela, I’m ready!!”

“Hold on, girl, hold on.” I patted her leg. “That’s a tempting proposition, very tempting, and I’m not usually one to put on the brakes. But we have time now, there’s no need to rush. And we need to think about the girls, make sure they’re ready.”

“You’re right, of course,” she nodded, lowering her head. “You’re right.”

I’d sat up too and was facing her. Our knees were together. I put my hand under her chin, raising it. “Don’t look down, Eve. Don’t be ashamed of how you feel. I think it’s wonderful. It’s thrilling to hear you express yourself that way, so openly and honestly. My heavens, be proud of it, not ashamed.”

There were tears in her eyes, but she was smiling. “Thank you, Angela,” she choked. And then she grabbed my face in her hands, kissing me hard on the lips.

We held the kiss for several seconds. It was lovely, a beautiful, close, intimate connection, a deep sharing of emotion and affection between two women, a heartfelt bonding.

She finally pulled away and sat back, licking her lips, her breath coming fast, nipples erect. “Well, okay, I’m in your hands. You tell me, what’s next?”

My hands were resting on her shapely legs. I gave them a squeeze and said, “Why don’t we go for a walk?”


We strolled arm in arm down the sand toward where I’d seen the girls. When Bambi saw us approaching, she bounced to her feet, jumping up and down, calling, “Mommy, Mommy, come and see what we made!”

And what had they made? It was Aphrodite!

Paige really did have talent. We were looking at a fairly accurate representation, sculpted in relief, of the image on Bambi’s t-shirt. I hadn’t noticed them taking the shirt with them when they went off to play, but now I saw it laid out nearby, obviously used as a model.

Eve and I admired their creation, offering sincere and profuse compliments, especially to Paige. The other girls made it clear that they were only helpers. Then I remembered the fourth girl I’d seen playing with them. I’d been so dazzled by their artwork that I’d momentarily forgotten her.

She was standing off to the side, looking on shyly, her hands clasped behind her back, an adorable blonde child in a one-piece Barbie bathing suit. Bambi caught my glance and immediately ran to the girl.

“Mommy, this is Amanda. She’s really really nice. She helped us a lot, didn’t she?” That was directed at Paige and Gwen, who quickly agreed, telling us Amanda had been a big help.

I took the girl’s hand. “Hello, Amanda. What a pretty name that is. My name is Angela. And this is Eve.”

“Hello,” she said with a timid smile.

“I’m glad you came over to play with my daughter Bambi. She likes making new friends,” I told her. Then I asked the big question. “Are you here with your mommy and daddy?”

“No, just my mom.”


We soon learned that she was 10 years old, that she had just finished 4th grade, the same as Bambi, that she and her mother had driven down from Sacramento a few days earlier, that they were on vacation in San Diego for a week, and that they’d been to the zoo the day before, which she loved. Once I got her going, the little cutie was quite a talker.

I was about to ask where her mother was when the child looked just behind me and a big smile split her face. I turned around and a young woman stuck out her hand, “Hi, I’m Tina. This is my daughter Amanda.”

Amanda went to her mom, wrapping her arms tightly around her waist. It was clear the two were very close.

Tina said, “I hope she hasn’t been any trouble. I saw her playing over here, and to be honest, I sort of dozed off for a little while, so…”

“No, of course, it’s fine,” I assured her. “I’m glad they could get together and become friends. It’s nice to meet you, Tina. I’m Angela. This is Eve.”

We made introductions all around, and then Tina got a chance to appreciate the remarkable sand sculpture. She was as impressed as we had been, if not more.

While Tina was talking with her daughter and Paige and the other girls about the amazing art they’d created, I sidled up to Eve.

“I have a feeling about these two,” I murmured, “a very strong feeling. Is it all right with you if I find out how far we might be able to go with them?”

Her eyes went wide. Such a thing had never occurred to her (with me it’s always Topic A). But as Eve envisioned the possibilities, she gave me a sexy smile and purred, “Sure, I’m ready for anything.”

With that settled, I asked Tina if she and Amanda had any special plans for lunch. She said they would probably just go to the snack bar for a hot dog or something, so I proposed that they join us instead.

“I’ve already ordered a bunch of food anyway. No doubt it will be more than we can eat. I have a bad habit of doing that. Really, you’d be doing me a big favor.” I cajoled a bit longer, Bambi positively insisted that she had to spend more time with Amanda, and soon the deal was done.

One more interesting thing happened then. As we were about to head up to our reserved space, Eve stopped and said, “Paige, honey, are you sure you don’t mind leaving this? You put so much work into it, it’s so beautiful, and…”

“It doesn’t matter, Mom,” the girl shrugged. “I don’t mind. We can make something else later.”

Quite a change in attitude from the day before. It seemed we were all beginning to relax and open up to the exciting new prospects that might be just around the corner.

Which is a fitting way to end this story. Because as we’d almost reached the hotel property, a woman came around a corner of the building and nearly bumped into us. Actually she did bump into Bambi, if not quite into me.

The woman was in her mid 30s, not especially pretty, but reasonably attractive and with a nice figure. There was something else about her, though, a look she gave me — and a look she gave to Bambi. I knew that look well. She was a lesbian pedophile. I could tell at once. When our eyes met, something passed between us, an understanding. She held my look for a moment, then turned the corner and walked on.

I stayed where I was, letting the others go ahead, and followed the woman with my eyes. She went to an area nearby where a couple of blankets were laid out on the sand. There was another woman there, someone who resembled her somewhat, possibly even a sister. Better still, there were three others, a cute redheaded teenager sitting in the shade, and two younger girls lying on their backs in the sun, working on their tans. I felt a stir of arousal as I looked at their smooth barely pubescent bodies.

The woman I’d shared a connection with turned and looked back at me. She saw how I was ogling the youngsters, and smiled.

Could it be? Could I really be so lucky as to find even more sexy prospects that close by? Was it serendipity?

I would have to find out later, because right now I had guests waiting for me. I gave the woman a quick wink, then went up to join Tina and Amanda and Eve and Gwen and Paige and Bambi. No matter what happened, I was sure it would be fun.

The story continues HERE


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