The Joy of Looking, Chapter 65

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By Naughty Mommy

I turned and faced the group, masturbating unashamedly. As I licked my lips, I slowly scanned the room.

Behind me, Cindy was eating her mother’s pussy and little Shelby was sitting on Shannon’s face. To my right, Laura and Chrissy and my mom were nearly done taking off Katherine’s clothes. They had just removed her bra, setting it aside, and were pulling down her beige panties.

Emma and Brandi were seated in a chair next to Katherine and her girls, watching as the woman became naked. Emma had her hand inside Brandi’s panties now, fondling her daughter’s pussy.

My gaze went to Nicole and her family, her three pretty girls, on the other sofa. Nicole’s dress was up high, her toned legs spread apart. She had her black thong pulled aside and she was rubbing her clit. On the floor in front of her, Leslie had her blouse all the way open. She was kneading her bare breasts, pulling and pinching her erect brown nipples. On either side of Nicole, her young daughters Mindy and Tina both had their jeans unzipped, their hands down inside, rubbing their pussies.

Diana was sitting on her mother’s lap, her legs wide apart, her tiny skirt at her waist. Logan was stroking her daughter’s mound over the outside of her white panties, pressing in deeply. Diana’s face was flushed, shiny with sweat, her eyes hooded.

Just beyond them, I found Delia, Cassia, and Olympia. They were standing close together in a line, all facing the same way, with Olympia in the rear and Cassia in the middle. They were watching Logan and Diana, but that’s not all they were doing. Cassia had one hand reaching up under Delia’s short skirt, rubbing her pussy. Her other hand was grabbing her sister’s breasts through her blouse. Behind Cassia, Olympia was doing the same thing, groping Cassia’s breasts through her blouse with one hand, her other hand under her daughter’s miniskirt, caressing her pussy.

“Logan,” I said, “I want you to do something, okay?”

“Sure, honey, what is it?” she smiled, as she continued stroking her daughter’s crotch.

“I want you to get naked. No, actually, I want to take off your clothes, and Diana can help me. But then after that — well, let’s do that first.”

So, Diana got up from her mother’s lap, and she and I pulled off the woman’s boots and socks, then unzipped and removed her tight jeans. We took off her blouse, her white bra, her thong, and she was naked. Logan had a nice body, middle-aged, but still very nice. Her boobs sagged a little and she had some cellulite on her thighs. You could tell, however, that she tried hard to stay in shape. Her tummy was almost flat and her waist was trim. She had an all-over tan, smooth and golden brown. Her pussy was shaved completely bald. Between her lips, droplets of moisture caught the light. Logan was hot.

Diana, of course, was even hotter. I asked her mother to take off her clothes while I watched. The little blue tank top was removed first, then the pink miniskirt. She’d already kicked off her shoes, so now Diana was wearing only a skimpy bra and panties, pure white and very feminine. Her mom reached behind her back to undo the bra, and I got to see the girl’s lovely breasts for the first time. They were not that big, probably a B-cup, and her nipples were pink and puffy, just like mine. The panties came off next. Diana’s pussy was bald, the same as her mother’s. Her skin, however, was not as tan. It was much lighter with only a few freckles and very smooth. She was gorgeous.

“Now, Diana,” I instructed, “you lie down on the floor. And Logan, you get on top of her. I want to see you fuck your daughter’s cunt with your cunt. I want you to fuck her pussy hard and make her come. Okay?”

I was rubbing my own cunt as I told them what to to. My words alone were incredibly exciting, but to know I was then going to be able to see a sexy mom and her hot daughter doing those things for me, doing anything I asked, was almost unbelievable.

Logan smiled at me, placing a hand on her breast and squeezing her nipple as she watched the teenager get down on the floor and spread her beautiful legs. The woman licked her lips, then positioned herself on top of Diana. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed for a minute before Logan started moving, slowly pressing her mound into her daughter’s.

I rubbed my pussy very hard as I watched them, actually coming close to a climax — but then deliberately slowing down, pacing myself.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I turned my attention to Leslie, who was kneeling on the floor beside me, her jeans open, a hand inside. She was masturbating as she watched Logan fucking her daughter. On the sofa behind Leslie, her sisters were rubbing themselves too, as was their mother, Nicole. This was a family that enjoyed self-pleasuring, I thought to myself.

“Leslie? You see what they’re doing?”

She looked up at me, nodding.

“That’s what I want you to do with your sister, um, with Mindy, okay? First with Mindy, and then after that with Tina. I want to see you fuck both of them. You have to rub your pussy on their’s and make them both come, all right?”

“All right,” she grinned.

“Have you done that before?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, giving me a wink.

“Good. I want them both to come, nice big loud orgasms while you’re fucking them. Of course if you can come too, at the same time, that would be even better. Stand up now and take off your clothes.”


I turned to her mom. “Nicole, I want you to take off Mindy’s and Tina’s clothes. Get them both naked so your other daughter can fuck them.”

“Mm, I’d love to,” she smiled up at me. She’d been fucking her cunt with her finger while rubbing her clit with the other hand. Now she removed the finger and sucked it into her mouth, tasting herself. Then she turned to Mindy, seated on her left.

“Get up, hon, so I can take your clothes off.”

The 12-year-old girl stood. Her mother pulled her sweater off over her head.

Mindy was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were definitely bigger than mine, a lot bigger. Impulsively I put my hands over them, feeling them. “Nice,” I said. “Um, later I’d really like to suck your nipples. But right now I want your sister to fuck you, okay?”

“Okay,” she nodded, happy to do whatever I asked. What a great party this was!

Nicole took off the rest of Mindy’s clothes and then the girl got down on the floor while her mom turned to Tina and began to remove her clothes. When that was done, Nicole stood and quickly unzipped her own dress, stepping out of it, then whipped off her bra and her thong, leaving herself naked. She sat back down on the sofa, spreading her legs and starting to masturbate as she watched Leslie arrange herself on top of Mindy. That was exactly what I had wanted Nicole to do, and I was glad to see that we were thinking the same way. Tina sat next to her mom and rubbed her own pussy as they watched Leslie and Mindy.

I went on to Emma and Brandi. They were in an armchair, kissing wetly, using a lot of tongue, the young redhead straddling her mother now, her short dress hiked almost to her waist.

Without saying anything, I put my hand between Brandi’s legs from the rear, reaching under and rubbing her pussy through her black panties. Her center was hot and moist. I heard the girl moan as I pressed my fingers in, feeling the slick wetness seeping through her undies. I thought she would look up at me then, maybe ask what was happening, but she didn’t. Maybe she was accustomed to being touched by almost anyone at any time at a party like this.

“Brandi,” I said softly.

Finally she stopped kissing her mom and turned to me. Her cheeks were red, her lips wet. She was breathing hard, clearly very aroused. Following another impulse, I leaned in and kissed her. Her full lips were soft and warm. We kissed for several seconds before I pulled away.

I took her hand, helping her to get up. Then I put my arms around her and kissed her again, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. She was a wonderful kisser, almost as good as my sister Kate.

“Mmm, nice, so nice…” I gasped, trying to catch my breath after a minute or so of intense kissing. “And, um, tonight, I… I have to lick your pussy… but not right now… first, um, I want you to show me your mom’s vagina. Take off her panties and show me her vagina.”

“Wow,” Brandi grinned, “you’re like, just, so hot!”

She gave me one more quick kiss, then knelt between her mother’s legs, quickly reaching under the flared skirt to grasp her panties and start tugging them down.

Emma’s panties were black, like her daughter’s. When they were off, I asked Brandi to hand them to me. I looked at the crotch. There was a gooey wet spot in the middle. I sniffed the spot. It smelled delicious. Gazing into Emma’s beautiful blue-green eyes, I licked the undies, tasting her pussy juice.

They were both watching me, admiration in their looks. Evidently I had succeeded in convincing them I was a worthy addition to their kinky group.

I had one more dirty idea. “Brandi, take off your panties and give them to me.”

Her eyes went wide. But she shrugged and got to her feet, hiking up her short dress and slipping her black panties down her legs. God, I loved her legs. So long and white and perfectly shaped. Brandi really turned me on.

She handed me her undies. I repeated the ritual of studying the crotch, sniffing it, and then licking the wet spot, tasting her.

“Wow…” Brandi sighed.

“I’m taking these home with me,” I told them, holding up the two pairs of panties, one in each hand. “These are my souvenirs. I’m going to show them to my little sisters and tell them they’re from a hot mother and daughter that I fucked while I was on my trip.”

I couldn’t believe I was talking that way! When this bold assertive Julie would come out and take over for shy, retiring Julie, sometimes I could really surprise myself.

Emma grinned at me. Brandi just shook her head.

“Now,” I went on, “Brandi, you were supposed to show me your mom’s vagina, right?”

“Oh, um, yeah, I was.” She knelt again between her mother’s legs, pushing them wide apart. Emma helped by sliding forward in the chair a little while holding her skirt up around her waist.

Acting as if this was something she did all the time — and perhaps it was — Brandi inserted her fingers between Emma’s pussy lips and spread them open for me. She looked back over her shoulder. “See?”

“Awesome, really hot,” I said, and I meant it.

Emma had a super sexy pussy. I felt my mouth watering as I stared into her wet pink center. I realized then that I’d started masturbating again, one hand on my breasts, the other rubbing my clit.

“I, um —” I had to clear my throat. “I really want to lick you later, Emma, god you look so good. But right now, Brandi, you lick her, okay? Eat your mom’s cunt for me and make her come in your mouth.”

“Okay,” she nodded happily. After blowing me a little kiss, she leaned in and began to lick her mother’s vagina. Emma groaned and closed her eyes, holding her daughter’s head in her hands, pulling her face into her crotch.

Next to them was Katherine. She and my mom were both nude. They were perched on the arms of a stuffed chair, Katherine holding Laura on her lap, Mommy holding Chrissy on hers. As I’d requested, the two little girls were still wearing their clothes.

I wondered for a moment what it must be like for them, a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old surrounded by a large group of women and girls getting naked and starting to have sex. For what it’s worth, they appeared completely happy, beaming as they took in everything that was going on.

I turned and looked slowly around, seeing what they saw… Brandi licking her mother, Emma… Leslie fucking her sister while her younger sister and their mother sat on the sofa, watching them and masturbating… on the other sofa, Cindy licking her mom’s pussy and finger-fucking her too, while little Shelby was eagerly riding her mother’s face, sliding her hairless pussy back and forth over the woman’s lips and tongue… then there was Logan fucking her daughter as Delia, Cassia, and Olympia watched and groped each other…

“Cassia!” I called across the room. She looked over at me.

“You and your sister, take off all your clothes now and get down on the floor and start licking each other. You know, like, um, in a 69 position.” (I’d learned that expression from watching lesbian porn with my mom and my sister.)

Cassia and Delia both smiled and nodded, then began to undress.

“And Olympia? Um, you sit in a chair, please, and masturbate while you watch your daughters, okay? You can take off your panties if you want but leave your dress on for now. I like it.”

The older woman grinned at me. “I’m not wearing any underwear, dear. But thank you for the compliment on my dress.”

“Oh, um, okay,” I giggled. “You’re welcome, and, like, just go ahead I guess and masturbate.”

I mentioned that Katherine and my mother were holding Laura and Chrissy on their laps, except they were not only holding them — they were also rubbing their fingers up and down between the girls’ legs, caressing their little vulvas. In Chrissy’s case, it was over the top of her shorts and her tights. My mom had Laura’s dress pulled up and she was rubbing the child’s pussy through her thin white panties. It looked to me like she was pressing in pretty hard. The tiny brunette would sometimes gasp or her body would give a start when my mother’s fingers found just the right spot.

“Katherine, you can take off Chrissy’s clothes now,” I instructed.

“All right.”

She began by lifting her daughter’s tank top and pulling it off over her head while the girl was still on her lap. Chrissy’s chest was completely flat. Not a hint of breast development, her nipples just pale pink dots. After Katherine unsnapped and unzipped the purple short shorts, the girl slid off her lap. Her mommy knelt beside Chrissy to remove her shorts and her shoes and then pealed the black tights down her legs and off. All that was left was a pair of dark blue cotton panties, which Katherine quickly removed.

I was masturbating as I looked at the two of them together: a beautiful woman, 28 years old, a dance instructor with a toned, fit body, and her young daughter, only 7, both of them naked, gazing up at me expectantly, waiting for me to tell them what to do.

“Chrissy?” I crouched down, taking her hand. “Do you know how to lick your mommy’s pussy? How to give her an orgasm?”

“Uh-huh,” she affirmed with an eager nod.

Wow, these people were so amazing! Where had this group been all my life? Of course, I was still only 12 and hadn’t had a very long life yet so I didn’t really have anything to complain about. I really felt lucky — and these kids, starting out so much younger than me, were even luckier!

“Okay, so, Katherine, you sit down now,” I said.

My mother stood up, holding Laura in her arms, making room for Katherine to sit in the chair and spread her legs. Chrissy got on her knees in front of her mom.

Already starting to breathe hard, Katherine used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart, looking down at her little girl’s face, licking her lips as she watched the child extend her tongue and begin licking her.

“Know what I want you to do, Mommy?” I asked.

“What, darling?”

“Um, I’m going to take off Laura’s clothes, and then I’m going to kiss her and touch her, and I want you to masturbate while you’re watching us.”

“Gladly, my love.” After setting the little brunette down next to me, my mom immediately began rubbing her own pussy.

At only 6 years old, Laura was not even four feet tall. I leaned over and took her face in my hands, looking into those huge brown eyes. I saw nothing there but acceptance and eagerness. She had been cherished all her life, protected and nurtured by her adoring mother, taught the ways of love between women and girls. The child had no fear of the females that her mommy shared her with because all she had ever known from them was joy and excitement and pleasure. I hoped that would always be true for her.

“Laura, honey, do you know how to kiss, using your tongue?”

“Yeah, I do!” she nodded, smiling brightly.

I was still holding her face in my hands. What an incredible moment this is, I thought to myself. I’m about to french-kiss a 6-year-old girl, and then I’m going to take off all her clothes and I can touch her and lick her and do anything I want with her!

“You’re a very, very pretty little girl,” I whispered.

“Thank you.”

“I’m going to kiss you now, okay?”


I leaned in, bringing my mouth to hers. I kissed her once, very softly. When I kissed her a second time, her lips parted and I felt her tongue teasing my lips. I opened my mouth, meeting her tongue with mine. Soon we were kissing wetly, deeply, so erotically. A little girl, even younger than my baby sister, was kissing me that way!

When I finally pulled away, I was trembling with arousal. “God, Laura, you are, you are just… you get me so excited!”

She giggled. A cute little girl, almost unaware of the effect she could have on other women and girls. Almost.

“Um, so, I’m going to take off your dress now. Is that all right?”


The short dress was so adorable, so innocent and girly, that I was tempted to leave it on her. But I was also very eager to see her naked body and I wanted everyone else to see it too. The dress had three buttons in the back. I opened those and it slipped right off over her head. She wore nothing underneath except those panties I had seen, the white panties my mother had been rubbing.

Laura’s undies were thin and tight-fitting. They clung to her shape, revealing every contour of her puffy little-girl labia. I put my hand between her legs, touching her where my mom had touched her.

“Is it okay if I touch you this way?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded.

I slid my hand up and down, feeling her shape, her warmth, the sponginess of her lips, the alluring cleft in the center. I heard my mother gasping above us as she watched me fondle this young girl. I could smell my mom’s pussy again. I looked up. She was standing close to us, just behind me and to my right, fucking herself, two fingers pumping in and out of her juicy cunt.

As I looked up, Laura looked at her too. The child’s big brown eyes seemed to grow even larger and rounder than they already were, if that’s possible.

“Do you like to look at my mommy, honey?”

Laura nodded.

“She has a very nice pussy, doesn’t she?”


“Okay, baby, I want you to lie down on the floor now, and I’m going to take off your undies, all right?”


When she was on the floor, on her back, I leaned down and kissed her pussy, kissed it through her white panties. I looked up at Laura’s face. She wasn’t watching me. Her eyes were fastened on my mom, staring at her as she vigorously masturbated.

I kissed Laura’s pussy one more time, through her undies, and then I licked her. The thin material quickly became almost transparent as I licked her labia, pressing my tongue against her.

“Oh, fuck!”

That was my mother. She was getting very close, almost ready to come.

“Mom? Don’t finish yet, okay? Hold on a minute longer.”

“What, honey…? Oh, uh… okay.” She slowed her motions just a bit, putting off her orgasm until I told her it was time.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of Laura’s panties and pulled them down, revealing her naked slit, her bare, white, perfectly smooth little pussy.

“Oh god,” Mommy sighed.

“I know,” I agreed. “She’s so beautiful.”

Leaning down, bringing my face to the child’s crotch, I kissed her pussy lips. I could hear my mother moaning behind me. I used my fingers to gently open Laura’s pussy, spreading her puffy lips apart, and then I kissed her again, giving her a kiss inside her little pussy.

“Oh, god, please, honey, please, I have to come!!” My mom was begging me.

“Okay.” I leaned back, looking up at her. “But not while you’re standing up. I want you to get down on the floor instead and put your pussy right in front of Laura’s face. Get on top of her. Masturbate on her face, Mommy. I want to see you come right on this little girl’s face.”

I got up and helped my mom position herself over Laura’s face, kneeling with her thighs on either side of the girl’s head. I placed Laura’s hands on my mother’s bottom, telling her to rub her and squeeze her. But the child wasn’t paying much attention to my instructions. She was staring intently at my mom’s pussy, at her swollen pink labia, shiny with her juices.

Getting down on my knees, I put my face right next to Laura’s, looking up with her at my mother’s cunt. “Do you want to watch her come, baby?” I whispered.

“Yep,” she nodded.

I gently kissed the girl’s lips. Then I turned my head and kissed Mommy’s pussy, rubbing my lips around between her lips, coating my mouth with her fluids. I turned back and gave Laura a very wet kiss.

“After my mom is done,” I told her, “after she finishes having an orgasm, then you can kiss her there too, okay? You can kiss her and lick her and taste her as much as you want. All right?”

The little girl smiled at me, nodding again. It looked like she was having a very good time.

I sat up and gave my mother a nice kiss, sharing the taste on my lips with her, the taste of her pussy juice. “I love you, Mommy,” I said.

“I love you too, sexy Julie.”

“Okay, go ahead now. You can make yourself come. Rub your pretty clit and fuck your cunt and have a nice wet climax on Laura’s face.”

“Oh, god, yes,” my mother sighed as she began to masturbate again.

I got to my feet and looked around the room. I shook my head in astonishment, marveling at what was happening, all the delicious, forbidden, underage lesbian sex and incest that was going on right in front of me.

My mom was sitting on top of a little girl, a 6-year-old girl, and she was fucking herself, getting ready to come in the little girl’s face. That little girl’s sister, who was only 7, was licking her own mother’s pussy. Brandi was licking her mom and finger-fucking her too. Leslie was tribbing with Mindy — no, wait, apparently she’d finished with Mindy, she must have already made her come while I wasn’t watching (darn it!), because now she was fucking her other sister, Tina, instead. Mindy was on the sofa with her mom and both were masturbating as they watched Leslie and Tina. Logan was on the floor with Diana, the teenager’s legs wrapped around her mother’s bottom, pulling their pussies together as they kissed and fucked. Cassia and Delia were locked in a hot 69, mouths working busily on each other’s hairy cunts while their mother, Olympia, watched them and masturbated.

On the other sofa, where I’d begun giving my directions for this orgy, Shelby was moving very fast on her mom’s face, rocking her nude little body up and down. I wasn’t sure an 8-year-old girl could have an orgasm, but it sure looked as though that was about to happen. Cindy was licking Shannon and also fucking her with her finger, and I noticed that Cindy’s other hand was between her own legs. The 10-year-old blonde was masturbating while she ate her mother’s cunt.

I was masturbating too.

My pussy was very wet, so very wet and so very hot. I knew I could quickly make myself come — and I decided I wanted to come on someone. But who?

I scanned the room, and then I had an idea.

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