The Joy of Looking, Chapter 62

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By Naughty Mommy

My mother tenderly held me in her arms, whispering little things in my ear, kissing my cheek, my nose, my chin, sometimes my lips, petting my hair, telling me how very much she loved me.

When I could breathe normally again, when the tremors that kept shimmering through my body had all subsided, I opened my eyes and turned to her, smiling, “Thank you, Mommy.”

She returned the smile and kissed my mouth.

“I want to do that now,” I whispered.

“Do what, baby?”

“You know, lick you that way. I want to do that now. I really, really do.”

She chuckled, “Oh, good. I was afraid you would never ask.”

We laughed together and hugged, kissing a few more times. Then I got up on my knees. She shifted around, putting her head on the pillows, lying on her back.

I leaned down between her legs, slowly pushing her thighs wide apart with my hands.

“Mommy, can you, like, move over a little more this way?”

I tugged at her legs, getting her to slide closer to the edge of the canopy bed, nearer to the table and the candles. The soft light in the room was certainly romantic, but it didn’t allow me to see as much as I wished to see.

“Wait, um, I want to turn on a lamp, okay? I really want to see everything,” I told her.

“Sure, sweetie, of course.”

I switched on the lamp beside the bed. That was much better. Now her lovely naked body was illuminated for me.

“Good,” I smiled. I reached between my own legs and rubbed myself for a few seconds before lying down on the bed between her outstretched thighs. I looked at her.

Like everything else about her, my mom has a beautiful pussy. She keeps her pubic hair short and neatly trimmed. Her outer labia are smooth and puffy and pink, especially when she is aroused as she was now. Her inner lips are thin and delicate, almost like butterfly wings. In the bright glow from the lamp, I could see fluids gleaming at the bottom of her slit, dripping from her vagina.

I kissed her inner thigh a few times, hearing her moan. I wasn’t going to tease her, though, at least not quite the same way she had teased me. What I really wanted to do before I began to lick her was take a very close look at my mother’s pussy.

I scooted in a little more, until my face was only a few inches from her crotch. Using my fingers, I pulled her outer labia apart. Her smell was strong, that familiar heady aroma from her cunt that told me how turned on she was. Strands of moisture glistened between her lips. Moving in even more, I gently separated her inner labia. Now I could see inside her, into her vagina. I could almost feel the heat radiating from within her. Her sexy hole gaped open, waiting for me.

“Mommy,” I sighed almost inaudibly, more to myself than to her. My mouth was watering as I stared at her tempting cunt.

I took the middle finger of my right hand into my mouth, sucking on it, lubricating it. Then I placed the tip of that finger at the opening of her vagina and slid it slowly inside. My mother groaned.

She was hot inside and very wet, extremely juicy. My finger slid in easily. It went all the way up, as far as I could reach. I wiggled it around inside, feeling her respond, hearing her whimper and moan.

I decided to add a second finger. Drawing the first one out, I looked at it. It was shiny and slick, as if it had been dipped in oil. I sucked the finger, tasting my mom’s delicious juices. Then I put my two middle fingers inside her. Again, they went in easily, except it was a tighter fit now. That seemed to excite her even more.

“God, yes,” she urged, “fuck your mommy’s pussy, little girl!”

I moved my fingers slowly in and out of her. Slowly at first, but then gradually faster and faster. She responded by throwing her legs wider apart, opening herself to me.

A thrill of realization suddenly washed over me, making me dizzy for a moment. I was actually doing this! I was in bed with my mom and I was fucking her pussy with my fingers!

Thinking about that made me want to come. I slid my other hand underneath myself so I could rub my clit while I fucked her.

Then I thought about my mother’s clit, and suddenly I wanted to see it. I had to see it up close, very close. I wanted to gaze at it, study it, love it, kiss it, lick it. I wanted to do everything with her, and I knew that I could. We could do it all, we would do everything, whatever we both wanted.

And we could take our time, too. There was no hurry. Gradually I slowed down the rapid motion of my fingers inside her. I gently drew them out of her vagina, sucking them and licking them. Right now I wanted to see her clit.

“Mommy, um, will you show me your clit?”

“What, baby?” she panted.

“I want to see your clit. Show me where it is.”

“Oh, uh…” She seemed a little disoriented. Not surprising, I suppose, considering that I had just been fucking her almost to the point of orgasm and then stopped. As I said, I didn’t intend to tease her, I was just following my girlish impulses.

“I want to look at your clit, Mommy. Can you show it to me?”

“Well, uh, you know where it is, but… sure, okay.” Propping herself up on one elbow, she reached her other hand down and pulled back the skin at the top of her slit, pulling it back farther until a little pink bud emerged.

“Can I just look at it for a minute?”

“Of course, but —”

My mother seemed about to protest or complain, but then she caught herself. She smiled warmly at me. “You can do whatever you want, baby girl, anything you want. Whatever makes you happy.”

“Good. I just want to look at you first. Then I promise I’ll do more.”

“Sure, darling girl, you can look as much as you want. I like it when you look at me this way.” Using both hands, she pulled her lips back and apart, making her clit fully visible, a swollen pink bud shiny with moisture.

“Mm, nice,” I said to her. “I’ve never seen mine up close like that.”

“No, of course, you haven’t,” she giggled. “Although I suppose you could use a mirror.”

“Yeah, I could. But I couldn’t lick mine like I want to lick yours.”

“Ooh, fuck, I would love to have you lick my clit!”

“And can I suck on it too?”

“Yes, baby, you can suck on it just like you suck on my nipple. And put your finger inside me too. Goddamn, I want to come so bad.”

“Do I make you want to come, Mommy? Being naked with you in bed like this?” Now I was teasing her.

“You sure do…” she moaned.

“Sorry about the teasing,” I chuckled, looking up at her face. She smiled.

“Okay, I’ll lick you now. I’ll fuck you with my finger and lick your clit and make you come in my mouth. Is that what you want, Mommy?”

“Yes,” she whispered, “that is what I want.”

Without saying anything else, I lowered my face to my mother’s pussy. I looked closely at her pink clit and kissed her there. Just a little kiss, like a peck. Her body twitched and she gasped. I gave her another kiss, the same way, to see if it would get the same reaction, and it did. This was fun! I smiled to myself and kissed her that way a few more times.

Then I was ready to lick her. Except I had a request. “Mommy, keep holding yourself open like that, okay? I really like to look at you a lot. It’s like, um, that thing you said. The joy of looking. You know?”

“Yes, honey, I do know. I like having you look at me, and I love looking at your perfect body too.”

I didn’t think my body was perfect at all, but I was happy that my mom seemed to think it was. Anyway, as she said that, she pulled her fingers back even further, revealing her clit and opening her sex fully to me.

Instead of kissing her this time, I opened my mouth and placed my tongue on her clit, giving it a nice full lick.

She shivered all over, groaning loudly, “Ohh, fuck that’s nice…”

I licked her again and she groaned again. She tasted so good. I licked her one time from her vagina all the way up to her clit, coating my tongue with her wetness, swallowing her sweet juices. Oh my god, I thought to myself, I’m actually doing it! I’m licking a woman’s pussy! All that time, all that endless waiting and longing, and now I’m finally doing it!

After another long slow lick, all the way up through her slit, I drew my face away for just a moment, wanting to look at her again, wanting always to remember this, my first time licking a woman. And not just any woman, of course, but my own mother! I shivered with excitement as I realized the enormity of what I was doing.

I loved my mother so much. I loved everything about her — her face, her smile, her mouth, her eyes, her laugh, her intelligence, her warmth, her incredible body, her amazing sensuality — I loved this woman with all my being. And now I wanted to give her everything, give her the best orgasm of her life. I would do the best I could anyway, try to lick her and give her an orgasm she would never ever forget.

Moving my face down just a little, I looked at my mom’s vagina, gazing into her deep pink center. Sticking my tongue all the way out, I slid it inside her hole, inside her cunt, wiggling it around. I could hear her whimpering, could feel her body trembling beneath me.

My tongue felt so good inside her! It was hot inside her vagina, so hot and wet and perfect. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I pressed my face tightly against her sex, shoving my tongue inside as far as it would go.

Oh my god, I wanted to stay that way forever and ever if I could, stay there with my face in my mommy’s pussy, my tongue inside her cunt, just stay there for always and always.

But I also wanted to make her come. I wriggled my tongue around a little more, hearing her groan again, and then I pulled away. I licked my lips, tasting her. My whole face was covered with her juices. I loved it. I kissed her vagina, rubbed my lips around inside her sweet hole one more time, and then I slid my mouth slowly up until I reached her clit.

Mommy was still holding herself open for me with her fingers, letting me see her clit. I kissed her there, kissing her clit, kissing it and kissing it and then licking it. I concentrated on her clit, licking her more, licking her and licking her, kissing her clit again and again and sucking on it too.

It seemed to drive her wild when I sucked on her clit. She tried to keep holding her pussy open for me, as I’d asked, but it was obvious that she was nearly losing control of herself. I knew it was time to give her what she needed, give her an orgasm.

Still sucking on her clit, I slid my fingers down again, finding the opening to her vagina, and pushed two fingers deep inside her. She cried out, “God! Fuck me!!”

I did. I started fucking her as hard as I could with my fingers while continuing to suck and lick her clit. I fucked her fast and deep. She was gasping and groaning. She’d let go of her pussy lips and her hands were now on her breasts, tightly squeezing them, pinching her erect nipples.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! God, Julie, fuck me!!”

I shoved my fingers in even harder and deeper. If she wanted to be fucked, I really wanted to give it to her.

And then I took my mouth away from her clit. I had to talk to her, had to tell her what I was doing. “Mommy, I’m fucking you! I’m fucking your cunt with my fingers!”

“Fuck, yes!! Fuck me hard!!”

“Mommy, Mommy, I’m fucking you!!” By now I was shouting, my voice as loud as I could make it. I actually wanted Delia and Cassia to hear me, wherever they were. I wanted them to know what I was doing, whether they were in their own room making love, or somewhere else in the house, or even if they were outside, I wanted them to hear me.

“I’m fucking you with my fingers, Mommy!” I screamed. “I’m fucking your cunt!! I’m fucking you!!!”

She climaxed that way, and her screams were at least as loud as mine. It was a good thing we were the only guests that night, I remember thinking, although if someone else had been there, maybe they would have liked what they heard.

“Goddamn FUCK FUCK!! Fuck me Julie!!!”

My mother squirted then. I had never seen her squirt before. The only other time I’d seen a woman climax like that was Kim, on our trip to Sea World. But as my mom reached orgasm, a splash of liquid sprayed from her pussy, spraying all over my hand, onto my face, drenching the bed. She squirted a couple more times, still screaming, and then she was done.

“Oh! God!” she panted. Her skin was slick with sweat, her body as drenched from perspiration as were my hands and my face from her orgasm. I licked my lips, tasting the salty liquid that had sprung from her pussy at the moment of climax.

“God, god, god, god…” she sighed.

Slowly she began to calm down. I drew my fingers from inside her, putting them in my mouth, licking them clean. I moved up on top of her, lying on her, our naked bodies pressed together, and I kissed her.

Mommy wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezing me tightly to her as we kissed. I moaned, shoving my tongue into her mouth, loving her, lusting for her.

We kissed for a long time again, and as we continued kissing, I gradually began to move, sliding my body up and down just a bit. At first I was not consciously attempting to fuck her — or ‘trib’ with her, as I now know it’s called — it was just a natural action of wanting to get as close to my lover, to my mom, as I could get.

Soon, though, I realized what I was doing and how good it felt. Mommy sensed it too. She spread her thighs even wider apart, opening her crotch. Her ankles were crossed above me, over my bottom, and she tightened their grip, pulling me into her.

I shifted slightly, bringing my pussy lips into direct contact with hers. As I felt our bodies joining, making the most intimate connection, I ended the kiss and opened my eyes. I wanted to look at my mother’s face and see how she responded as I fucked her.

She opened her eyes too.

“I’m fucking you, Mommy,” I whispered. “Not with my fingers now but with my pussy. I’m fucking you with my cunt.”

I was moving faster now, panting and sweating. The contact between us was as close as it could be. We were both fully lubricated, our juices mingling, my lips sliding between her lips. With every thrust of my body, my clit was meeting and kissing hers.

My mother’s eyes were open wide, her moist lips parted, her face shiny with perspiration. She arched her pelvis, matching my actions, groaning as she pressed down with her ankles on my ass even harder, grinding my cunt into hers. “Fuck me, Julie. Fuck me! Fuck me, baby girl!”

I tried to say something in response but no words came out. Only a series of grunts, primitive sounds, expressions of pure lust and desire, of elemental need. I needed to be with her, to have her, to join with her, join with my lover. Mommy’s pussy was so hot and so wet, it was so hot it almost melted my sex into hers. This beautiful woman wanted me, she wanted everything I could give her. My mommy wanted me to fuck her!

I started coming.

This time somehow I was able to keep my eyes open. I stared into her face, squealing, panting, sobbing, as I creamed into her pussy, my whole body shuddering with each new spasm. I kept my eyes open and I stared at her, watching her receive me.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she hissed in rhythm with my climactic thrusts, “fuck Mommy’s cunt, fuck Mommy’s cunt!”

She kept urging me on, and I kept fucking her and fucking her. Even as I finished climaxing the first time, I wanted more. I wanted to come again on her, and I wanted to bring her too.

I kissed her, my mouth devouring hers. I grabbed her tits with my hands, squeezing her hard nipples between my fingers. And I kept fucking her, kept sliding my cunt up and down against hers. I wanted to bring her that way, a way I had never done before. She had fucked me one night in my bed, but I had never given her an orgasm with my cunt on hers. I had to do it now. I had to.

“Mommy, I want to make you come,” I whispered as we ended the kiss. “I want to fuck you and make you come.”

“Yes, baby girl. Mommy wants you to fuck her.” She uncrossed her ankles, lowering her legs from behind me, replacing them with her hands. She grabbed my ass, holding me tightly, pulling me into her. “Fuck Mommy’s pussy, little Julie. Goddamn, yes, I want you to fuck me and make me come.”

I pushed myself up on my hands, hovering over her. Sweat was literally dripping from my body onto hers. We were still moving fast together. I drew my knees up a bit, focusing all the contact on my pussy and hers. I watched her face closely, trying to see which position, which angle, which motion would give her the best response.

She closed her eyes, whispering almost to herself, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck Mommy’s cunt…”

Then I discovered something. I discovered that it doesn’t always have to be fast and hard. I saw that when I focused on finding just the right spot, the tightest, warmest, most intimate point of contact between us, and if I could hold it there, maintain it, just move slightly, just a little, and then a little more — that was exactly what she wanted and needed.

“Ohh…” she sighed, nearly breathless, “ohhh, Julie…”

I didn’t say anything at all as I continued my slight but steady movements. I just looked at her, watching her, feeling her sweet body in touch with mine, in synch with mine. I was still sweating, breathing hard, but intensely focused now, every part of me zeroed in on my mother’s cunt, on her clit, her arousal, her orgasm.

I could actually feel my own hard clit sliding between her lips. It was so amazing, that connection we had, our feminine juices blending, our bodies perfectly meshing, our excitement mounting.

Yes, my excitement was mounting too as I mounted her and tried to bring her to a climax. I thought about what we were doing at that moment — that I was a girl, a 12-year-old girl, and I was in bed with my mom. We were naked and I was fucking her. I was fucking my mother with my pussy, and I was about to give her an orgasm.

She was getting close, so very close. As I continued stimulating her, my body moving on hers, I could sense the approach of her climax, that look on her face, the panting, the little whimpers, and I knew I had done it. It was almost time.

Inside, I felt my own delicious climax approaching too, that wonderful swirling, building, climbing, singing, soaring — AHHH!!!

We came together.

“Julie!” she screamed.


It took several minutes at least for both of us to recover. We lay in the bed, hugging, hot together, wet together, occasionally shuddering as residual spasms rippled dizzily through us.

After a while we turned onto our sides, facing each other, gently kissing, softly touching, whispering little love notes between our kisses. I was so completely satisfied, so content, so deeply in love, the happiest girl there ever was or ever could be.

That didn’t mark the end of our passion that night, not even close. Soon my mother had me on my back and she was on top of me, but reversed, in a ‘69’ position. It was the first time we had been that way when we could actually do everything we wanted to do.

I’ll never forget how that felt, how it looked, how it smelled and tasted, the little noises we made, the whispers and sighs, the groans, the juicy wet sounds of our fingers in each other’s pussies, our mouths licking and sucking and kissing our clits. I was very glad I’d turned on the lamp because I loved being able to see her, looking so closely into her slippery wet pussy, seeing her pink flesh, pulling back her lips, staring into my mother’s cunt, taking her clit into my mouth, watching as my fingers slid inside her vagina — and feeling her do all those things to me too at the same time, her fingers touching me, all her kisses, my mommy’s warm kisses on my pussy, her mouth and her tongue and her lips loving me, getting me so hot, so excited.

We both came that way, though not exactly at the same time. She came first, and then she brought me, and then she brought me again.

At some point we rolled over and I was on top, still in a 69. This time I fastened my mouth over her pussy, gripping her thighs in my hands, pressing my face into her cunt, sucking her, tasting her, shoving my tongue as deep inside her as I could, licking her, fucking her, making her come in my mouth and swallowing all her liquids.

After that orgasm, I turned around again and lay on top of her. We kissed deeply, my lips smeared with her juices, our mouths sliding together so slickly that we both began to laugh. We hugged and squeezed, mother and daughter laughing and kissing, so very close that night in our bed, our first time really making love.

Finally we slept.

We took a long time drifting off, continually touching, it seemed, never wanting to end our little caresses and our tiny kisses. We drowsed a bit with the light still on until she reached over to turn it off.

Then we slept, except not the whole night through… I remember being awakened several times, awakened by the feel of my mother’s mouth sucking on my nipples or her fingers moving between my pussy lips… and I roused her a few times, too, as I came awake in the night and wanted her again, needed her, wanted to suck her tits or lick her clit, and so I did… for hours and hours we went on that way, alternating between sleep and lovemaking… I recall awakening deep in the night, feeling her warmth beside me in the bed, touching her skin, her soft skin, caressing her very tenderly, not yet enough to wake her… and then sliding down between her legs, finding her sex in the dark, smelling her, sensing her heat… and I began kissing and licking until she awoke, moaning as if in a dream, holding my head in her hands, accepting my tongue inside her, rocking against me, taking me in, coming again and again… we kissed when it was done, kissed and tasted, and then we fell asleep once more… until one of us would awaken and we would do it all again.

Morning came, and I did too. During one of our half-awake sessions, I realized it was getting light in the room. I was near a climax and didn’t care what time it was even though noticed it was morning. I closed my eyes again and came in my mother’s mouth and then I slept some more.

When I awoke the next time, it was bright outside. The sun seemed high in the sky. My mom had gotten up to use the toilet. I followed her and watched while she finished and wiped herself, and then I did the same. We returned hand in hand to bed, getting in, cuddling and nuzzling and kissing.

After a while she asked, “Are you hungry yet? Do you want breakfast? I’m sure they’ll make us whatever you want.”

I giggled. “No, I’m not really hungry. Not for food, that is.”

“Ooh, you bad girl!” She chuckled, tweaking my nose.

“Know what I wanna do?”


“I want us to go take a shower together and get nice and clean, and then I want to get back in bed and get all dirty, all hot and sweaty and sexy and juicy and everything, and then I want to take another shower and get nice and clean and then get back in bed and get all dirty again and…”

By this time we were both laughing at my proposal for a never-ending cycle of sex and showers.

“All day long? Just do that?” Mommy giggled.

“Yeah, but not only all day — forever!”

“Forever? A whole long life of nothing but making love with your mom and taking showers and making love again and taking more showers?”

I nodded, grinning ecstatically.

“That sounds wonderful to me.” She rolled on top of me and kissed me.

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