Mommy’s New Girlfriend

  • Posted on May 12, 2015 at 12:50 pm

By JetBoy

Clara Sheppard was a happily married woman of thirty-two with a daughter who had just turned eight. Her husband Mitch was a structural engineer whose work sometimes took him away from home for extended periods. This week was one such time.

Clara was bisexual, and had an understanding with her husband that she could enjoy intimate pleasures with her girlfriend Linda when he was away from home. This week, however, Linda was out of town visiting relatives, so Clara would be spending the week alone with her daughter Sarah.

She and her husband had always taken a very enlightened approach when it came to raising their child. Sarah was taught the facts of life earlier than most kids, and the subject of sex and sexuality was always open for discussion. Sarah knew all about her mom’s relationship with Linda, and that sometimes, as Clara told her, “girls love girls and boys love boys.” Young as she was, the child understood that such feelings were perfectly natural.

That evening, while Sarah and her mother were watching a movie on TV, Linda called to chat with Clara.

As Clara shared a warm conversation with her girlfriend, exchanging affectionate words and, at one point, wistfully telling Linda how much she missed her, Sarah was staring at the television screen without even registering the movie’s plot, every bit of the little girl’s attention centered on what Mommy was saying. The young girl had just begun having sexual thoughts of her own, and her curiosity was piqued by the the relationship between her mother and Linda.

“I love you too… bye-bye,” Clara murmured to Linda, then gently returned the receiver to its cradle.

Sarah gazed up at her mother, giving her a smile of sympathy and understanding.

“You miss Linda, don’t you, Mommy?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetie, I do,” Clara sighed, “very much.” She gave her daughter a resigned smile. “It’s okay, honey. I’ll get to see her some other time.”

Sarah pondered the situation for a moment. Then she slowly stretched out on the couch, flashed her mother an impish smile, and uttered six words that shook Clara to her very core.

“Can I be your girlfriend, Mommy?”

A surge of astonishment coursed through Clara’s body as her daughter lay on the couch, coquettishly peering up at her. That warm tingly sensation she knew so well flared between her legs as she beheld her little Sarah in an altogether different light.

Having been attracted to women ever since reaching puberty, in addition to recently discovering a certain unexpected attraction to pretty young girls, the idea that she might become aroused by her own daughter one day had sometimes lingered in Clara’s mind. But she hadn’t expected that day to arrive so soon! After all, Sarah was only eight.

Gathering her thoughts, Clara took a long, deep breath in a vain attempt to calm her racing heart, then carefully sat on the floor before her little girl, pausing to admire her beauty. Sarah was a slender nymph with warm brown eyes, a pretty mouth and hair the color of raw honey. She had on a long white cotton nightie, and Clara knew that the child wore nothing underneath but panties.

Her eyes dancing with excitement, Sarah kicked off her fuzzy red slippers as she eagerly awaited her mommy’s reply.

“Sweetie… you know I love you, m-more than anything in the world,” Clara stammered, reaching out to take Sarah’s hand.

“I love you too, Mommy!” Sarah chimed in before her mother had a chance to continue. “And I really wanna be your girlfriend… just like Linda!” Grasping Clara’s hand in her two smaller ones, the child brought it to her lips to kiss, than pressed it to her chest.

Clara seemed to melt under the seductive gaze and smile of her darling little angel, growing more aroused than ever at the thought of the two of them becoming lovers. Of course, she couldn’t permit such a thing to actually happen…

Taking another deep breath, Clara shifted closer to her daughter, stroking her hair with trembling fingers. She moved to give the girl a peck on the cheek, then her eyes widened in surprise as Sarah turned her head, placed both hands on her mommy’s cheeks and kissed her firmly on the mouth.

When Sarah drew away, flashing that endearing, impish little smile of hers, Clara could only gape at her child. “Baby,” she gasped as she ran a hand down her daughter’s back, completely unnerved yet aroused beyond belief by Sarah’s kiss. She quivered inside as her fingers drifted dangerously close to the child’s soft bottom.

The temptation was there to give into madness, to take Sarah in her arms and give the little girl the forbidden love she seemed to want. Somehow, though, Clara managed to restrain herself.

“The thing is, honey,” she began, “there’s different kinds of love… and the love that mommies and their daughters share is very, very different from the love between girlfriends,” Clara explained, as her hands explored the softness of Sarah’s legs and her ticklish little feet. But as she breathed in the scent of her child’s baby-soft hair, Clara realized that this sudden unexpected attraction she felt for her Sarah was precisely because she was a little girl.

Thrusting that thought away, she managed to add, “I mean, baby… the things I do with Linda aren’t the kind of things mothers do with their children. They’re more for — for big girls.”

What things, Mommy?” Sarah asked curiously, then, before Clara could reply, “You mean like hugging and kissing and stuff?”

“Y-yes, sweetie,” Clara replied, her heart throbbing so hard that it echoed in her ears, “and — and stuff.”

“Oh, Mommy, I wanna be a big girl too!” Sarah pleaded. “Can we just be pretend girlfriends then? Oh please, please, pretty please with sugar on it an’ a cherry on top?”

Clara’s mind raced frantically. She wanted so badly to make her little girl happy. How to do that without going too far? she asked herself. Think. Think.

Silently, the thirty-two-year-old mother made her decision — all the while wondering, deep down inside, if “going too far,” wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do with Sarah.

“Okay, you little imp, we can pretend!” Clara sighed in mock exasperation, acting a hell of a lot more confident than she felt. “I’ll give you a nice ‘big girl’ back rub, just like I give Linda. How’s that, honey?”

“Yay!” Sarah excitedly squealed, and before Clara could say a word the child got onto her knees, reached down to grasp the hem of her nightie and tugged it up and off in a single fluid motion, leaving the adorable eight-year-old wearing nothing but panties.

Clara’s head swam as she drank in the sight of her daughter’s near nakedness. The girl was flawless; absolutely flawless. Honey-brown hair spilled over shoulders that were now bare, a few strands curling down to her boyish chest. Clara couldn’t keep her eyes from being drawn to Sarah’s nipples, the pink buds all but begging for the touch of a loving mouth. Her gaze journeyed further down the girl’s body — she’s letting me look, Clara realized with a start — finally resting on the slight rise of her daughter’s mound, only concealed by those snowy white panties.

Sarah knelt before her mother, giving her the chance to see almost everything before she lay down on her tummy, settling onto the couch with a blissful sigh. “Okay, Mommy, I’m ready for my back rub now,” she cooed, giving her bottom a playful wiggle.

Clara drew closer to Sarah, her hands trembling ever so slightly as she carefully placed them on the child’s smooth skin. Steadying herself as best she could, she began to stroke and gently knead her daughter’s bare body.

The young girl let out a feline-like “mmmmm,” all but melting from her mother’s touch as Clara’s hands moved freely about. They vigorously massaged Sarah’s shoulders, then worked their way down her back.

As for Clara, she was melting even more at the tactile loveliness of Sarah’s smooth, baby-soft skin. Then there was the sight of her little girl’s bottom, the pale cheeks peeking out from the bottom of her panties.

“Mmmmm…that feels so good, Mommy,” Sarah moaned as Clara’s hands rubbed her lower back. “Are you gonna do my legs, too? And my bottom?”

Taking a long, shaky breath, Clara complied with her daughter’s request — the first part, anyhow. I can’t let myself rub her bottom, she told herself. I can’t. If I touch her there, how will I be able to stop?

Instead, she began to rub the backs of Sarah’s thighs, working down her daughter’s legs until she reached the girl’s pretty little feet. Taking the left one in her hands, she began to fondle it.

“Oooh… that feels funny, Mommy!” Sarah gasped, wriggling happily as her mother’s fingers stroked the sole of her foot, then slipped between her toes.

Jittery as she was, Clara couldn’t help but feel amusement at her baby’s ticklishness. “It does, does it?” she laughed. Feeling a sudden crazy impulse, Clara brought Sarah’s foot to her mouth, nibbling lightly at the child’s toes.

Sarah squealed with delight at this, but that soon gave way to a pleasurable moan as Mommy kissed her delicately arched instep.

“Oh baby, I love you so much,” Clara breathed as she pressed her lips to the bottom of her daughter’s foot, carried away in the midst of her playful behavior. God, she marveled, even this turns me on, makes me want her even more!

“I love you too, Mommy,” Sarah whispered back.

Helpless to stop what she had so hesitantly begun, Clara started working her way back up Sarah’s thin legs, every atom of her being alive with erotic hunger. Ankles, shins, calves, knees — all the way up to the little girl’s thighs.

She trembled, barely holding back an impassioned moan as her daughter parted both legs slightly, as if encouraging Clara to touch in between them.

No! the lightheaded mother quickly admonished herself. Don’t even think that. You mustn’t!

But as she kneaded Sarah’s soft, supple thighs, the beautiful mother felt the reservations she had about indulging in lesbian love with an eight-year-old girl — and her own daughter at that! — begin to slowly evaporate, like morning fog at sunrise.

Then Clara felt her arousal soar to even greater heights when she spied the merest hint of dampness between her daughter’s legs, a small, slightly darker patch on Sarah’s panties.

Sarah looked up at her mom, flashed an impish smile, and seductively wiggled her bottom. “Rub me there, Mommy… pleeease?”

Clara swallowed hard, braced herself, then began a slow, sensuous massage of her daughter’s pert little rump. Sarah’s girlish giggles quickly turned to ‘big girl’ sighs and moans. Clara was beside herself with a heady mixture of motherly love and incestuous lust.

As her fingers pressed into the soft yet firm flesh of her daughter’s supple bottom, they inched ever closer to her moistening flower. The urge to give way to temptation and touch that divine juncture between her child’s thighs raged in Clara’s soul.

Suddenly it was all too much. She had to make love to Sarah right this minute — or flee the room!

In the face of such desperate desire, Clara somehow decided on restraint; realizing that there was a way out, a means by which she could purge this overwhelming lust — and safely out of her daughter’s view.

“Sweetie… Mommy has to — to go to the bathroom,” she told Sarah, and hastily rose onto tottering legs. “I’ll be right back!” she added, exiting the room as quickly as she could without running.

The bathroom door closed and locked, Clara seated herself on the floor with her nightgown open, staring sightlessly at the ceiling. She leaned against the bathtub with a hand inside her panties, feverishly working herself toward climax as visions of Sarah flashed in her mind’s eye.

She pictured the little girl completely naked, seated between her parted legs and whimpering in ecstasy as Clara stroked the moist petals of the eight-year-old’s smooth sex.

“Oh my baby, my d-dear sweet baby girl, oh! I — I adore you, p-precious…” Clara gasped and panted, gulping for breath as her body rocked forward and back in a frenzied orgasm.

Little did she know, however, that Sarah was listening in at that very moment, her ear pressed carefully to the door’s other side. Mommy was trying very hard to be quiet, but her whispered words were easy to make out.

After reaching a momentary plateau of satisfaction — enough to take the edge off, at least! — Clara rose, wiped herself, washed her hands, then returned to join Sarah in the living room.

And there her daughter sat, in front of the couch. Only now she was clutching Clara’s pink scarf to her chin with both hands, the silken material draping down to spill on the floor between her spread legs.

Before she could ask Sarah what on earth she was up to, her daughter smiled… then let the scarf fall away.

Clara gaped in a confused mixture of desire, awe, and fear at what she saw. Her little girl was now completely naked, panties lying nearby on the floor, the child’s legs open to reveal the rosy cleft of her virgin sex.

And as Clara stood, riveted to the spot, Sarah slowly trailed a hand down the front of her body, finally tucking it between her thighs. “Look, Mommy… I can be a big girl too!” the girl proudly proclaimed with a seductive smile, brushing her bare slit with the tips of all four fingers. “See, I like touching my kitty, just like you..”

Clara began to shiver as Sarah gazed up at her with an expression that seemed positively angelic, all the while lightly touching the smooth, glistening pink flower. “Mmmmm, this feels nice…” the eight-year-old child sighed as she masturbated for Mommy.

Helpless to turn away, as she knew she ought to, Clara instead moved closer; thighs trembling as she knelt before her daughter, needing to see everything. I shouldn’t, it’s wrong, she thought, but to no avail — the sight of Sarah pleasuring herself was absolutely mesmerizing, its erotic pull too compelling to resist.

“Do you like watching me?” whispered Sarah, that busy hand pressing between her legs, more firmly now. “Ohhhh… d-do you think I look sexy, Mommy?”

As Sarah spoke those words, Clara’s reservations about lesbian incest were swiftly falling by the wayside. “Oh God yes, baby,” she gasped. “Don’t stop — show me what a sexy big girl you are.” We both want this so much, she told herself. It’s meant to be.

Clara’s fingers were unusually clumsy as she undid her nightgown, letting it slip over her shoulders and down to the floor. Sarah’s eyes widened as her mother’s ample breasts were exposed.

“Wow… you’re so bee-you-ti-ful!” Sarah exclaimed, the color rising in her cheeks as she used two fingers to stroke the petals of her glistening sex. “Um… wanna play sex stuff with me, Mommy? Like you do with Linda — pretty please?”

It was an open invitation to indulge in her most forbidden craving; to commit a sin that could tear her life and the lives of her loved ones apart if she and Sarah were found out. Nevertheless, Clara found herself unable to refuse.

“Yes, sweetie — I’ll play with you.” Clara slipped out of her panties, then stood completely nude before her little girl. Soon to be my lover, she marveled.

Smiling hugely, Sarah got up on all fours and turned away from her mother. “Catch me if you can, Mommy!” she squealed joyously, wiggling her cute little bottom as she crawled away, peering over a bare shoulder at her mother.

The thirty-two-year old mother stared at her child, feeling a wave of heat rise beneath her belly as Sarah played the coy young tease, the eight-year-old’s jiggling buttocks beckoning, taunting her. Catch me if you can…

Three steps brought the nude mother to her giggling daughter, and she bent down to encircle the girl’s waist with both arms. “Ha! Got you now, you sexy little girl!” she exclaimed as she lifted a squirming, laughing Sarah to her feet.

Kneeling before her, Clara drew the child into a lover’s embrace, nuzzling the sweet-smelling hair, her hands exploring as much of the baby-soft body as she could reach. Sarah cooed with delight, nestling into her mother’s arms.

Reaching under the girl’s chin, Clara gently tilted Sarah’s face up to hers, momentarily losing herself in those dark brown eyes.

“Sweet baby,” she whispered, “I love you more than — than anything.” She kissed the tender rosebud of her daughter’s mouth, lightly at first.

Clara’s rising lust could no longer be denied, no, not for another second — she deepened the kiss, her heart skipping a beat as she sensed the parting of the little girl’s lips, felt them open like a morning flower. Clara, now all but delirious with desire, reached down to cup her daughter’s small, soft bottom as she allowed her tongue to penetrate Sarah’s waiting mouth.

Sarah hesitantly began to join in the lovemaking, her tiny hands seeking out Clara’s breasts even as the child’s tongue emerged to play. Clara moaned when she felt curious fingers pluck at her nipples, making them throb almost painfully.

Now mother and daughter were embracing like lovers, tongues dancing in a true lover’s kiss.

Eager to take things further, Clara gently broke away, then guided Sarah’s face her down to her breasts. The little girl responded instinctively, taking an erect nipple between her lips to suckle.

“Oh yes, darling… yes,” Clara moaned, “that feels heavenly…”

Her hands were still cradling Sarah’s bottom — and as the girl continued to nurse, Clara began to fondle those delicate globes. She allowed her fingers to slip between the tender cheeks, teasing the cleft of her daughter’s anus.

A soft whimper escaped the child’s lips as she continued to shower affection on Mommy’s big, beautiful breasts, cupping one with her two small hands while she lovingly suckled the other.

“Mmm, I’m your little baby now… right, Mommy?” Sarah cooed as she let go of her mom’s breast, gazing adoringly into Carol’s lust-glazed eyes.

“Oh yes, Sarah,” Clara sighed, tears of joy welling in her eyes. “You’ll always be my sweet angel baby,” she continued, slipping her hand between the girl’s soft, supple thighs, fingers seeking and finding the warmth of her smooth slit. A new surge of arousal surged through Clara’s belly when she discovered that her daughter’s honey was flowing freely.

Bringing those wet fingers to her lips to taste the sweetness that coated them, a moaning Clara lay back on the thick shag carpet. Little Sarah happily crawled on top of her, squirming against Mommy’s naked body.

“Oooh… are we making love?” Sarah cooed, as she felt her mom’s hand delve once more between her quivering legs. “Mmmmm, I like that, Mommy…”

“Yes, my baby, we’re making love,” a dazed Clara replied as she trailed her middle finger between the moist petals of her little girl’s flower, then let the tip glide along the vaginal cleft until she was touching the tiny nubbin of Sarah’s love button. The child’s eyes widened in surprise, her lips parting to let out a choked whimper as Mommy lightly brushed the throbbing clit.

Sarah’s head rested on her mother’s breast, the girl’s tongue emerging to lick at a stiffened nipple as Clara masturbated her to the very edge of climax. “F-feels good, Mommy,” she stammered, “so good!”

Her own sex aching for release, Clara reached down to slide a hand between her thighs, plunging two fingers into the slippery canal. She probed herself hard and deep, waves of pleasure mounting steadily until she was panting and heaving in raw animal lust.

Sarah was mewling helplessly, lost in warm, wonderful new feelings as she rode her Mommy’s hand, both arms twined around Clara’s neck, face buried between her breasts.

“Oh, oh baby… I love you s-so much!” Clara cried as she sensed her little girl edging tantalizingly close to orgasm, desperately wanting to join Sarah in ecstasy. “Oh yes, baby, come for Mommy… that’s it… oh yes, yes, my s-sweet little lover girl… you make Mommy feel b-better than, than anything…” She was babbling now, on the verge of meltdown. “I adore you, sweetheart…”

“I love you too, Mommy,” Sarah gasped as those big good feelings got bigger and bigger inside… “I wanna be your lover girl forever an’ ever… I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!” The child was almost shrieking, every part of her shaking as she came.

Clara exploded in her own earth-shattering orgasm, teeth clenched tightly as she forced four fingers into her vagina, deep as they could go. With the other hand she continued to stimulate her daughter’s clitoris, taking Sarah and herself to the peak of rapture and beyond.

The next thing that Clara remembered was finding herself sprawled on the floor, spent and gasping for breath. Little Sarah was on top of her, showering her naked body with kisses. The child paused to briefly suckle each of her mother’s nipples, then eagerly nuzzled her way down Clara’s belly and to her moist, neatly trimmed bush.

As Clara stared at her daughter with awestruck eyes, Sarah lovingly caressed her mommy’s glistening vulva, then brought that hand to her lips to imbibe of the sticky love nectar.

“Mmmm… yummy good!” Sarah cooed as she tasted the sweet honey dripping from the vessel that had given her life. Licking her lips, she lowered her face between Clara’s legs; kissing, then licking at the tart flesh for a few divine seconds before popping up again, her eyes dancing excitedly, lips and chin glistening. “Mommy? Are we real girlfriends now?”

Gazing in wonder at her little girl, Clara found herself beginning to cry. Only somehow, it was mixed with joyous laughter. “Oh, yes, baby,” she replied, quickly brushing the tears away. “We are absolutely lovers, you and I.”

“Yayyyy!” Sarah cheered, thrusting her fists into the air. “I’m Mommy’s lo-ver, I’m Mommy’s lo-ver…” She suddenly paused, pursing her lips in thought. “Um… you won’t stop being girlfriends with Linda, will you? I really like her!”

“No, hon,” Clara replied. “I like her too.” She struggled into a sitting position. “Come on — let’s go up to my room now and get all cozy. We can rest for a little bit… then Mommy’s got lots more wonderful things to teach you about making love.”

Sarah quickly sprang to her feet, grinning hugely. “Ohboyohboyohboy! Let’s go!”

Clara slowly stood, then scooped a giddy little girl up and into her arms.

Padding through the house with this precious cargo, Clara kissed Sarah’s mouth again and again as she carried her to bed.

They spent the night in each other’s arms… a mother and daughter exploring the possibilities of their new love.


This originated as a brief, very arousing vignette by Leslita author and friend Rboy. Upon reading it, I asked him if he’d permit me to spin his idea into a longer story. Not only did he generously allow me to play with his words, Rboy became a partner in the creative process, adding ideas and input to the finished product. Much gratitude to him for making the creation of this story a joyful experience for me. I can only hope that the rest of you experience some of that joy for yourselves in the reading.



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